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Human evolutionary self domestication

The goal of this Research Topic is to shed light on the effects of human self-domestication on the evolution of our species, with a focus on our distinctive cognitive and behavioural phenotype. Compared to extant primates and extinct hominins, humans exhibit many of the features found in domesticated animals. Recent research suggests as well that the regions under positive selection in humans are enriched in candidate genes for domestication in mammals. Interestingly, morphological signatures of domestication have seemingly intensified from 50.000 years ago, when crucial changes in human behaviour and culture took place. According to some hypotheses, the less aggressive behaviour associated with self-domestication might have facilitated the creation of the niche that favoured the emergence of complex behaviours via cultural evolution, in particular, of more complex languages able to support more complex cultural practices. In turn, complex behaviours and cultural practices resulting from self-domestication might have had a feedback effect on our cognitive architecture, thus affecting to the evolution of our distinctive brain and cognition. Overall, it seems that most of the distinctive features of present-days humans can be related to (and perhaps explained by) our self-domestication.

Specific research questions to be addressed by this Research Topic include (but are not limited to):

- morphological, cognitive, and behavioural evidences of human self-domestication
- genetic signatures of domestication in our genome
- physiological signatures of human self-domestication
- effects of self-domestication on human cultural evolution
- effects of self-domestication on language complexity and diversity
- physical, behavioural, and cognitive consequences of aberrant self-domestication in humans

Because of the complex nature of the task, researchers from different fields with an interest in human evolution, cognition, and language, are welcome to contribute to this Research Topic, including (paleo)anthropologists, psychologists, ethologists, primatologists, physicians, biologists, sociologists, archaeologists, linguists, and more.

Keywords: self-domestication, human evolution, culture, language, cognition




B'nai B'rith


B’nai B’rith
B’nai B’rith (Hebrew: Bné Brit – Sons of the Covenant – a network of Jewish organizations following the example of the Masonic lodges, the functioning of which began with the establishment of a small charitable organisation in 1844 in New York. The organisation began to develop from 1865 onwards, when the Jewish humanitarian associations of America came up with a joint effort to provide support to the victims of cholera in Palestine. In 1897 a women’s organisation was established, followed by the Anti-Defamation League in 1913; from the 1920s onwards, youth and student organisations were also being set up (the Hillel Foundation). In Europe, the B’nai B’rith remained active since 1882 as the German Imperial Lodge (Berlin). In 1932, a total of 103 lodges of the B’nai B’rith remained active in Europe, with 13 thousand members in total. Among the 19 national districts, the Polish district carried the number 13. After World War II, the European organisation was reestablished in 1948 under the leadership of F. Leo Baeck.

The registered office of the organisation was established in Paris. In 1970, a total of 57 lodges remained active in 12 countries (apart from the USA, where the organisation enjoys a much greater popularity). In 1888, Z. Herzberg established the Jerusalem Lodge in Jerusalem. The beginnings of the B’nai B’rith in Poland can be traced back to 1895. The Cracow lodge was established at the initiative of the lodge in Vienna, led by doctor L. Lustgarten; its official name was the “Solidarity” Jewish Humanitarian Association. It enjoyed the status of a tolerated international organisation and operated according to the articles of association which had been approved by the national authorities. Much as was the case with other centres, the organisation’s members included all of the prominent members of the local Jewish communities, regardless of their political views. The Cracow lodge, along with the lodge in Lviv which was established a few years later as well as the local branches of the Alliance Israelite Universelle have managed to prove their worth in particular during the aid scheme for the Jewish refugees from Russia and Romania (from 1899 onwards); in 1918, the Aid Committee of Polish Jews was established at the initiative of the lodge, the activities of which were also extended to the territory of Eastern Galicia.

The Committee was subsequently transformed into the Union of Associations for the Support of War Orphans, which maintained close cooperation with the Centos organisation in Warsaw. The Warsaw lodge (the Brotherhood) was established shortly after World War I. In 1924, the Polish lodges of the B’nai B’rith joined to form the Great Lodge of the Polish District (13th District) of the B’nai B’rith; they were subsequently forced to disband pursuant to the decree of the President of the Republic of Poland of 22 XI 1938. B. Czajecka, Archiwum Związku Żydowskich Stowarzyszeń Humanitarnych „B'nei B'rith" w Krakowie (1892–1938) Zarys dziejów związku, historia zespołu i inwentarz[The Archive of the Association of Jewish Humanitarian Associations “B’nai B’rith” in Cracow (1892 – 1938). An Outline of the History of the Association, the Activities of the Group and the Inventory], Cracow 1994.

Andrzej Żbikowski

Quoted after: Tomaszewski J., Żbikowski A., Żydzi w Polsce. Dzieje i kultura. Leksykon. [Jews in Poland – Their History and Culture. A Lexicon.], , Warsaw 2001.




Let's take a look at Prussia in the time prior, and leading up, to the bishopric, beginning with the Enlightened Despot, Frederick II (the Great), king of Prussia, and leader of Prussian Freemasonry. Britannica itself (in case you have little confidence in internet articles) tells that he was a Freemason, and we can deduce on logic alone that since he was king, he led Prussian Freemasonry. It is reported that Voltaire said to this king:
"Lastly, when the whole body of the Church should be sufficiently weakened and infidelity strong enough, the final blow (is) to be dealt by the sword of open, relentless persecution. A reign of terror (is) to be spread over the whole earth, and...continue while a Christian should be found obstinate enough to adhere to Christianity."
Fortunately, the Bavarian Illuminati was discovered and persecuted in 1785, and Frederick died the following year. The Red Terror was brought about by Illuminati forces just a few years later anyway, and what if this murderous mentality remained within the Illuminati for another generation...right up until the pre-tribulation rapture was devised (1830) as a means to explain the disappearance of more "obstinate" Christians? Remember, Edward Irving had been preaching that the rapture would take place, not at the time the God Judges the nations, but at the time that God judges the apostate churches, which in his mind was every church but his own. It seems clear, if indeed the Irvingites had been secret Illuminatists, that the murderous plan disclosed by Voltaire would, when carried out, have been cloaked as God's will.

Frederick the Great was succeeded by his brother's son, Frederick William II, who joined the Rosicrucian branch of Johann Wöllner, an evangelist out of Grossbehnitz, near Berlin, who was given great license by the king in efforts to procure a Theocratic program. Frederick the Great had earlier instilled freedom of religion in Prussia so that, beside Wollner's reforms, the outcome was chaos. Secret societies competed against one another for top dog, most of them claiming to push Christianity in one way or another. Even the Bavarian Illuminati had presented itself to the public as a virtuous organization, but because it was Kabalistic and therefore anti-Christian at it's (hidden) core, it clashed with Wollner's goals.

The Illuminati was at that time supported by its public-relations and propaganda leader, bookseller and author, (Christoph) Friedrich Nicolay (usually "Nicolai"). From Berlin, he stood firm against Woolner's Rosicrucians (curious is that the Jews' Society furnished a John Nicolayson, also from Berlin. Hmmm). Where biographers tend to ignore his Illuminati involvement, Nicolai is portrayed more benignly as a defender of the Enlightenment. To help support the idea that the Jacobite Drummonds were either Rosicrucians or their supporters, "Christoph Nicolai claimed that Ashmole and [other Rosicrucians] used Masons' Hall, London, to conceal their secret political efforts to restore the exiled house of Stuart"(

As Ashmole was of the Bacon/Dee brand of Rosicrucianism, the above quote shows that the Stewart kings (of Britain) possessed the bloodline desired for a world ruled by Atlantean Rosicrucianism. Aside from a certain Gary L. Stewart who is today (since 1996) the Imperator of a Rosicrucian organization stemming from AMORC, there is a prince Michael Stewart now seeking recognition as a descendant of the Stewart kings. Michael is Head of the European Council of Princes, and with great personal interest he supports the book, Bloodline of the Holy Grail.

My take on the dispute between Woolner's Rosicrucianism and the Illuminati is that the latter, rather than representing anti-Rosicrucianism, was nearer to the root of Rosicrucianism, while Wollner with the support of the Prussian king had deviated into a new species of that is "Christian" and therefore dangerous to Christianity. One internet writer who seems to have extensive knowledge into these matters wrote: "As I pointed out in my 1982 article using original source material, the Bavarian Illuminate evidenced by their upper degrees system, clearly were an utopian Rosicrucian organization..." (

The article above goes on to say that "1782 tends to be seen as the moment when Jews captured Freemasonry...they abandoned the claim of descent from the Templars; and the Illuminati moved their headquarters to Frankfurt, which happened to be home to the Rothschild clan." And Friedrich Nicolai had written discrediting things against the Templars. One is left to believe that the Jewish Illuminati gave itself over completely to Kabalistic mysticism, and that Kabbala was being injected into Rosicrucianism at/by this time. That is, a Jewish Rosicrucianism was arising, in opposition to the "orthodox" Templar Rosicrucianism that existed in previous centuries. It is in this conflict that the Jew-versus-Aryan controversy probably began.

The date, 1782, was at the end of the Hessian-soldier rental period, and still during the freedom-of-religion Enlightenment period of Frederick the Great. After his death (1776), the Illuminati opposed Frederick William II, not only because it opposed monarchs in general, but because he supported the Aryan brand of Rosicrucianism upon which the Enlightenment had previously been based. The Illuminati would inject Jewish elements into the Enlightenment, beginning in Germany.

Like Rosicrucians before them, Jewish Illuminatists used the pen and libraries to control minds of the populace, and Nicolai was one such master while owning the largest library in Germany. But he had as his accomplice the pro-Jewish writer, Gotthold Lessing, the reputed leader of the German Enlightenment. It was leaked out that Lesser "was neither a Christian nor a deist, but a "Spinozist..." (

Baruch Spinoza (1632-77) was a Marrano Jew exiled (from Portugal) to Holland...the gathering place for Jewish international bankers. Spinoza is considered a precursor to the writings of many Enlightenment authors, and was philosophically into pantheism, teaching that God is mere Nature...a very Rosicrucian ideal and of course the very bottom line of witchcraft that, on a scientific front, leads to atheism and humanism. The Society of Unknown Philosophers comes to mind here.

Gottheld Lesser brought Moses Mendelssohn into his enlightenment task, the latter a Jewish banker according to some old reports. William Guy Carr claimed that Mendelssohn funded Weishaupt's Illuminati. Others claim that there were greater Jewish bankers above Mendelssohn. Seems logical, and, if true, it would make those bankers the true heads of the Illuminati (Weishaupt becomes merely their visible pawn). But there was also a money bag in Mayer Rothschild's boss, the landgrave of Hesse-Cassel, who may have been exploited by Mayer when the soldier-rental monies came funneling through from the British Treasury. Thus, the Drummond bankers of London can now not be ruled out as Illuminati financiers, even if only indirectly.

Prussian Rosicrucianism arose in Britain as the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia (SRIA, founded 1866), which then brought forth the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn" (1887). The Golden Dawn was the most influential occult group of the time, but, the question is, was it (and SRIA) of the Aryan, or Jewish, brand of Rosicrucianism? We could ask the same question concerning other British secret societies of the time, those spun in the Anglican circles of Brooke Westcott and Fenten Hort.

A co-founder of the Golden Dawn, and its primary mover initially, was William Wynn Westcott; he had also been a member of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia (became Magus in 1890). But that's not all, for he had been in the inner circle of Blavatsky's Theosophical Society (founded 1875), and Rosicrucians themselves tell us that, "together with Blavatsky's Theosophy, the Golden Dawn was one of the parents of the contemporary Western esotericism." This is important as we go to the next chapter, where we see Nazism founded on Rosicrucianism/Theosophy.

So, because Theosophy (meaning "Wisdom of God") and Golden Dawn were allied, one might at first glance attribute the both of them to an anti-Jewish, Aryan Rosicrucianism. But further study would suggest otherwise, that the two groups were tentacles of the Jewish Illuminati.

"The teachings of the Golden Dawn were diverse, and included Ceremonial Magic, Kabbalah, inner alchemy, Tarot, Enochian Magic, astrology, divination, and Egyptian Magic - all with the aim of performing the Great Work of self-realization." In other words, it was a cesspool for Satanism, but as you note that Kabbala is a part of its structure, Jewish involvement comes to mind. It's founder (William Westcott) said that it was an extension of a German Rosicrucian Order called, "Golden Dawn," and the Bavarian Illuminati now comes to mind, for it is reported that Weishaupt had formed a coven called the "Golden Dawn" a century prior to this British counterpart. This is believable in that Weishaupt was also dabbling in Kabalistic magic. The Golden Dawn coven has also been associated with the House of Rothschild.

William Westcott and a couple of other founders of the British counterpart were "under the direction of the Secret Chiefs of the Third Order who were entities of the astral plane." I think it's safe to conclude that these cosmic "Secret Chiefs" referred cleverly to the Illuminatists who ran the organization invisibly. Attesting to ties with Theosophy, we read further that "The Secret Chiefs of the Third Order were equivalent to the fanciful Mahamas of the Theosophical Society who could also be contacted in the astral plane."

This statement could be suggesting that the (human) leaders of Theosophy were also the leaders of the Golden Dawn. The Rothschilds and/or their British Ghost-Society/Fabian-Society associates do come to mind, for the Fabian Society was founded in 1883 and the Society for Psychical Research (previously the Ghost Society) in 1882, just four and five years prior to the founding of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Recall from a previous chapter that the founder of the Ghost Society (Brooke Westcott) had also founded the Hermes Club.

Aleister Crowley joined Golden Dawn in 1898, and was permitted entry by one founder (Samuel Mathers) into the Second Order; that founder, while running his Paris lodge, claimed to have been permitted into the Third Order (the French Rothschilds??). Crowley the magician was a lover of all manner of sin, and went so far in his lunacy as to claim association with the 666 beast of Revelation 13. Crowley was a fool of the highest order, for which reason he was expelled from the Golden Dawn. However, decades later, several British rock bands promoted the man as Tavistock and Stanford partnered with them in reducing a generation of hippies into similar "open sinners." From these hippies arose charismatic groups with Rosicrucians stripes, including some leaders of the Vineyard churches.

Researchers have suggested that the British extension of the Golden Dawn stemmed from the "Loge zur aufgehenden Morgenrothe," a Jewish-Masonic lodge in Frankfort. This makes sense, not only due to that title containing the phrase, "Rising Dawn," but because the Bavarian Illuminati had moved its headquarters to Frankfurt. And as evidence that the Bavarian Illuminati had established ties with English Freemasonry, we have this: "In 1817, a subsidiary Lodge [of the Frankfurt lodge] was formed in London by the Duke of Sussex, the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England" (

The United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) was formed in relation to British Freemasons coming out of the closet in 1717, and thus exposing themselves to the public for the first time. In that year, four lodges united into one. One of the first recorded Freemasons, during the earlier, secretive period, was Elias Ashmole (died 1692), an Englishman who had studied Kabbala and was an associate of the Atlantean Rosicrucian, John Dee. The very first recorded Freemason was Robert Moray; he and Ashmole both had roles in founding the Royal Society. Thus, the Freemasons of Britain were Rosicrucians, and as they promoted a New Atlantis, they were Pure-Aryan Rosicrucians, or "Aryans" for short.
"Historian Frances Yates, in her book The Rosicrucian Enlightenment, in a chapter entitled 'Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry', quotes one De Quincey, who states, 'Freemasonry is neither more nor less than Rosicrucianism as modified by those who transplanted it in England, whence it was re-exported to the other countries of Europe.'" (
De Quincey and others may be wrong on one point: Rosicrucianism was not likely transplanted into England from the European continent. For, Freemasons can be traced to the Rosslyn Chapel and its Sinclair Grand Masters, and, in my opinion, to Scottish kings (i.e. the Bruces) of the Rollo-Viking bloodline, and to the Norman kings of England, also from the Rollo bloodline. If true, the reality would be that it was merely the Kabbala aspect of Rosicrucianism that was transplanted/imported to English Freemasonry (e.g. to Fludd, Dee and Bacon). I would agree with that. The implication is that the British Rosicrucians/Freemasons contacted Jews at some point to rub minds.

Okay, so a subsidiary of the Loge zur aufgehenden Morgenrothe was set up in London by UGLE (1817). If that original lodge was that of the Bavarian Illuminati, then UGLE became tied to the Bavarian Illuminati by at least 1817. Recall that Nathan Rothschild was well entrenched in London in that he may have had everything to do with the forming of the subsidiary lodge. That is, Nathan was a friend/member of UGLE by that time. Whether or not the subsidiary was the starting point for the British branch of Golden Dawn, I do not know.

In 1897, William Westcott was replaced as Golden Dawn head (of the London lodge, anyway) by a woman, Florence Farr. It is pertinent here that she had formed a group (1896) within Golden Dawn that, to the discontent of other leaders, practiced "astral visualization," which obviously squares with the "remote viewing" practiced earlier in the Society for Psychical Research. For a solid history of Golden Dawn, see

After Crowley's expulsion from the Golden Dawn, the organization was ruined by scandals; it splintered and for all practical purposes became ineffective with the publicity of its secret rituals and activities. But through all this, an Anglo-German, Theodor Reuss, attempted to gather up an assortment of Illuminati groups, including Golden Dawn and the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, which he then united under the name, "Ordo Templi Orientis" (OTO). Reuss had also been a member of the SRIA (i.e. as was the Golden Dawn's founder, Westcott).

It is very telling when we combine these two facts: 1) William Westcott had claimed the Golden Dawn of Germany to have accepted a rarity in Freemasonry, the memberships of both men and women (whether or not women were permitted memberships in Germany is irrelevant here); 2) Reuss also admitted men and women in OTO. Apparently, then, OTO was intended as an extension of the German branch of Golden Dawn, but in any case was emphatically an extension of the British branch. Indeed, OTO should be viewed as the fixer-upper of the fallen and ailing Golden Dawn.

If it's true that the Golden Dawn of Germany had been the Weishaupt/Bavarian Illuminati, it is not surprising to learn the fact that Reuss, together with Leopold Engel, formed the "Order of the Illuminati" specifically after Adam Weishaupt's Illuminati!! None of this means that OTO and Golden Dawn were necessarily tied to the Rothschilds, but it certainly makes the possibility tempting.

The best date (in my opinion) for the founding of the Order of the Illuminati is 1901. But this occurred in Berlin...with Reuss announcing himself the big cheese. Westcott then joined the Order of the Illuminati. "In February [of 1902] Dr. William Wynn Westcott as Supreme Magus of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia authorized Reuss to form a Societas Rosicruciana High Council in Germany with Reuss as Magus." During this period, and from the late 1800s, the British Rothschilds were collaborating with the German Rothschilds in a conspiracy to bring about World War I. Did Rothschild secret intelligence transfer through inter-communication channels between SRIA peoples both in London and Berlin, and prior to that through Golden-Dawn channels between London and Frankfurt?

It wasn't until the time of Reuss' move to London, in 1906, that he, having control of quite a few occult organizations, set himself up as the Really Big Cheese of the whole lot, under "Ordo Templi Orientis." Now read this: "Rudolph Steiner (1861-1925), who was at the time the Secretary General of the German branch of the Theosophical Society, was chartered in 1906 as Deputy Grand Master of a subordinate O.T.O./Memphis/Mizraim Chapter and Grand Council called "Mystica Aeterna" in Berlin. (

Another Berlin branch of the British Golden Dawn/OTO boys! And the article goes on to say, "As a journalist, Reuss traveled frequently to England." Could a journalist traveling back and forth between England and Germany, while having Freemasonic lodges in Berlin and London, rate as a spy for the Rothschilds?

In name only, Reuss' OTO had been around since 1895, when Carl Kellner introduced his brand of Rosicrucianism to him. That brand was an extension of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light, which itself was rooted in the Asiatic Brethren...of the 18th century, the century that saw the rise of the Bavarian Illuminati. With that in mind, read this: "There are several strands that came into the Asiatic Brethren. One, the Gold RC; another the Martinist current; another the Bavarian Illuminati" (

There you have it!! The Bavarian Illuminati took part in forming the Asiatic Brethren, and the latter inspired Kellner to devise the OTO. Reuss knew that the Asiatic Brethren were a branch of Bavarian Illuminati, explaining why he formed the Order of the Illuminati.

One of the three groups mentioned above that merged to form the Asiatic Brethren was the "Gold RC," or Order of the Golden and Rosy Cross (under Samuel Richter). And because the other group, the Martinists, were also Rosicrucians, one could suspect that the Bavarian Illuminati was also a Rosicrucian organization, especially as the Asiatic Brethren produced the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light (i.e. yet another Rosicrucian group). The Martinists are traced back to southern France and Spain.

The article goes on to say that the Asiatic Brethren were "entirely Judaic," and that the "Asiatic" refers to what is now Turkey. Already I am beginning to form opinions as to their identification: 1) the Iberians, Hebrews who lived as neighbors to Avars, Bulgars, Khazars, and other Caucasian Aryans, but who moved to the Ebro river in Spain. Or, 2) the Cathars (gnostic "Christians" despised by the Vatican) thought by some to have been Khazars. If true, it's possible that the Cathars descended from Hebrew Khazars. The Cathars appear in southern France just as the Khazars are ousted from Khazaria (10-11th century AD)).

We could be talking Israelite-Gogi peoples, or, if you will, Hebrew-Aryans. But a Hebrew-Aryan peoples turning to Rosicrucianism would be labeled "pseudo-Rosicrucian" by their counterparts, the Aryan Rosicrucians. It's interesting that the Khazars were ousted from Khazaria by the Varangian Rus, for I believe that "Rosicrucian" was derived from "Rus." This is not to say that the Varangian Rus were Rosicrucians, but that their brothers, the Dane and Norman Rus, produced Rosicrucianism in Britain. However, as one line of the Varangian Rus ended up in Scotland with Scottish and English royals, that being the Drummond line, it may very well have joined the Rosicrucians upon arriving.

There is, in Aleister Crowley, a further connection between the Golden Dawn of England and OTO. For, Crowley would be appointed by Reuss to head the British lodges of O.T.O (1912) well as the OTO ecclesiastic arm, the Gnostic Catholic Church (understood as "Universal Gnostic Church"). You will note that this man, claiming to be the beast of Revelation 13, was set up in OTO just in time for World War I (1914). I found this description of the man: "Crowley was a pioneering mountain climber, a pioneering homoerotic poet, a pioneering ritual magician, a heroin addict (not so pioneering), a sleazy womanizer, a closet homosexual, a vocal feminist, a racist, a German collaborator, a British secret agent..." (

What's that? A German collaborator and a British secret agent, together?? Exactly what we would expect if the Rothschilds of both countries were conspiring! In 1914, Crowley transferred to New York, where "he wrote pro-German propaganda...working for British intelligence in this effort" (I kid you not, see website above if you don't believe it). And why was he climbing the Himalayas? Did it have anything to do with meeting the Aryan Brotherhood, the fellows that Blavatsky met in devising her German Theosophy?

His job in America was to overcome American Illuminatists/Freemasonry. He arranged (early 1930s) for an OTO lodge in California, and in 1941, Parsons joined it; later, Parsons would head that place. But even prior to meeting Parsons, which may have been the reason for meeting him, Parsons was collaborating with Socialists: "Parsons admitted he subscribed to Daily People's World, a West Coast Communist Party organ, in 1938"

Parson's father, a millionaire, had worked for Woodrow Wilson, a Rothschild agent!! There is little doubt in my mind that Parsons was likewise a Rothschild agent, especially as a spy in the field of rocketry. Parsons was, after all, given credit as the "father" of the space industry...and that includes activities in the

military space program. If you decide that "father" is a bit of a stretch, then know that he was among the many leaders of those industries; he is given credit for getting Apollo to the moon. Remember as you read all this that the False Prophet is prophesied to be a leader in the space industry, for he is to cause fire to come down from the sky (Revelation 13:13).

In an online FBI report, we read that in 1950 Parsons stole documents from Hughs Aircraft Company, pertaining to rocket motors and fuel, and left copies at a Palos Verdes (California) residence (resident not identified). When questioned by the FBI, he said that he was using the information to apply for a job in Israel. The Rothschilds comes to mind.

John Carter, who wrote a book on Parsons, "suggests that Parsons used jargon associated with the Manhattan Project. At this time Parsons had formed strong sympathetic contacts with the new-found state of Israel, the implication being that he could have been the target of a covert effort to help Israel build a nuclear weapon."

The Manhattan Project--the quest of the United States to build the first nuclear bombs--was supported by the elitist Bohemian Club, and I fully expect that Parsons was a member, as his lifestyle would have attracted him there.

Parson was friend to L. Ron Hubbard, whom we know was also involved in the spy business. Hubbard became involved with Parsons in sex-depraved occult activity, and these nuts, or so it is reported much, sought to give birth to a "moonchild," or a female Avatar messiah to couple with the anti-Christ. Crowley had considered himself the Avatar of the anti-Christ, but then wanted Parsons to become the next Great Beast. Parson wrote: "And thus was I Antichrist loosed in the world; and to this I am pledged, that the work of the Beast 666 shall be fulfilled."

After stealing Parson's OTO documents, Hubbard modified them to his own liking and started his own movement: Scientology!

You will recall from early chapters (in Part Four) that Stanford Research Institute, in California, was an arm of the Society for Psychical Research over in Britain (yes, the Ghost Society), and worked routinely for/with the US military and space programs. Stanford also hired Scientologists to conduct LSD and Remote Viewing experiments. Moreover, Edgar Mitchel, sixth man on the moon, founded the department at Stanford which housed these experiments and which worked with Tavistock (in England) to pollute a generation of children with Satanic filth along the lines of what Reuss, Crowley, Parsons, and a host of other bleep-bleeps were all into.

Although Reuss was impressed with Crowley's Gnostic Mass and other mystic inventions, by 1921 Crowley had made such an egotistic stench of himself that Reuss frowned on the man. It was also in 1921 that the first Imperator of AMORC (founded 1915 in New York), Harvey Spencer Lewis, began negotiations with Reuss concerning their merger into an international partnership. Lewis ended up frowning on the OTO organization, the more he heard from Reuss on it's secrets. Plus, while Spencer had also been influenced by Aleister Crowley, he likewise despised him by 1921, as his correspondence to Reuss reveals. The Spencer-Reuss alliance never happened.

Lewis, and therefore his creation, AMORC, may have been an over-the-Atlantic branch of the Ghost-Society wizards, and therefore of the Fabian Society, and therefore of Rothschild globalism. For, in 1904, while Reuss was re-organizing the Golden Dawn, and expanding it under OTO, Lewis founded the New York Institute for Psychical Research, reminding us of the Ghost Society's legal name, "Society for Psychical Research."

AMORC was formed by permission of French Rosicrucians, and claimed roots in the Cathars of ancient France. AMORC is also Masonic, meaning that it claims roots in the Templars. The historical fact was that the Vatican, after persecuting the Cathars to the ground, turned on the Templars as well. And that is why the Cathars and Templars had to form secret societies, to evade Vatican powers. The Cathars who hid for centuries come to my mind when I hear of modern Martinist Rosicrucians.

While AMORC was (and still is) promoting itself as a Christian group, the OTO did not take on Christian stripes. Perhaps this was intentional, so as to reach Christians by the one organization, and Satanists by the other, for efficient global-cause conditioning. Many Freemasonic lodges target all peoples, from a wide religious spectrum...from Christians to Satanists. To this day, Rosicrucian writings are adamant in their declaring that they will soon rule the world under a Luciferian Christ.

You might find the following interesting, written by Gary L. Stewart, the Imperator of a Rosicrucian organization:
I became the Imperator of a Rosicrucian Movement that perpetuated a lineage passed from Dr. H. Spencer Lewis, to his son, Ralph M. Lewis, to myself which was manifesting in an Organization called AMORC. AMORC was created by H. Spencer Lewis in 1915 after several years of preparation. According to the traditional dictates of that lineage (and most other Rosicrucian Lineages that I am aware of), I became Imperator through personal selection by my predecessor, Ralph Lewis, to become his successor after his death -- which occurred in January, 1987" (
If that website is no longer in service, see Stewart Imperator
This Imperator founded the Confraternity of the Rose Cross in 1996, just in time for Edgar Cayce's "prediction" to come true. The purpose of this organization is "to begin a new era of manifestation in accordance with the Rules and Codes of R+C as established in the 17th century." He's referring to the three Rosicrucian manifestos (1614-16). Plus, it would appear that Gary Stewart is even now attempting to unite Rosicrucian orgs for that purpose. Could Golden Dawn peoples today be huddling in a secret alliance with him, or with the new Imperator of AMORC (Gary Stewart lost that job in 1990), as we eat our meat and potatoes watching re-runs of Everyone Loves Raymond?

William Penn (the Quaker) wrote prolifically on political matters, including, An Essay Towards the Present and Future Peace of Europe "in which he proposed an international organization to prevent wars by arbitrating disputes" (Britannica: 1970; Vol. 17). Doesn't that sound just like the modern UN Security Council? But that Essay was way back in 1693!! Penn then invited some Amish-like Dutch and German Rosicrucians under John Zimmerman to join the Experiment, and these with Johannes Kelpius arrived to the Philadelphia area the very next year, in 1694.

The Bavarian Illuminati were known from the time of Weishaupt as the "Perfecti," for that is what Weishaupt wished to make of his initiates. But decades before Weishaupt, the above-mentioned Kelpius Rosicrucians were called the "Chapter of Perfection." If I'm not mistaken, the above-mentioned John Zimmerman sounds Jewish, while the Chapter of Perfection was based in London. Those nutty Rosicrucians were magicians and astrologers, and were announcing the return of Jesus for their lifetimes. Two years after they arrived to Pennsylvania, Penn, who owned the state thanks to a British grant from the Stewart rulers (Charles II and the next king, James II duke of York), "drafted the first plan for a union of the American colonies" (Britannica). In other words, not just Pennsylvania, but the United States itself, was intended as an Illuminati utopia, even as Ben Franklin supported the plot:
"In another book publishing collected writings, Hall agrees with Sachse that the Kelpius group were known as a Chapter of Perfection, and were 'representatives of Bacon's secret society.'...
"We all have wondered how it is known that Benjamin Franklin [1706-1790] was a Rosicrucian. Well, it is partly by reading what he wrote through his writing, we can recognize his Rosicrucianism. However, Manly P. Hall wrote that Franklin's signature appears on the ledger above that of Marquis de Lafayette, he pointed out at the Lodge of Perfection in France. That Lodge is considered to have been "the greatest of all French lodges" as Hall wrote it. In The Secret Destiny of America, he said of Franklin in America:
'Franklin spoke for the Order of the Quest, and most of the men who worked with him in the early days of the American Revolution were also members. The plan was working out, the New Atlantis was coming into being, in accordance with the program laid down by Francis Bacon a hundred and fifty years earlier...'
"Imperator Gary L. Stewart, in 1984, stated that it is known that both Rosicrucians and Martinists attended that French Lodge of Perfection [Gary is a leader in British Martinism]. The Order of the Quest is another of different spiritual Orders tied with the Rosicrucian movement of initiatic individuals, that functioned generally in connection with the western esoteric tradition.

"As stated earlier, we draw from Hall's and Sachse's work, that the theologically based Kelpius group was also known in Europe as a Rosicrucian Chapter of Perfection. Through translation, it has come down to us from Sasche as being a Chapter of Perfecti. In Europe at that time, members known as perfecti, the adepts of the Rosicrucian movement, had referred generally to their various affiliated groups as 'Chapters of Perfecti'. For the same reason, the chapter in Heidelberg, a Pietist collegium from which Zimmerman and Kelpius came, was known as a Chapter of Perfecti.

"It was the Lodge of Perfection in London, associated as The Philadelphia Society, that sponsored the Kelpius journey of Rosicrucian emissaries to America....

"This is fairly objective information linking Benjamin Franklin and the Rosicrucian movement..."


Because the Quatuor Coronati Lodge (in England) also keeps Kabbala in its framework, and especially because it is dedicated to Zionism, Jerusalem-Temple building, and general "ownership" (i.e. control) of Israel itself, the Rothschilds probably have some measure of oversight. Sir Walter Besant, a founding member of the Lodge, was the brother-in-law of Annie Besant, the second president of the Theosophical Society. A connection, even if only spiritual, would therefore appear to exist between the QC and the Golden Dawn people of the present time (mid 2004), whoever they may be. I can share this for now concerning the identity of QC leaders, that "In 1987 Lord Northampton held a London conference funded by his own Hermetic Research Trust to commemorated the 100th anniversary of the Golden Dawn" (


Chapter 2


I do not believe that Hitler was on side with the Illuminati if by that term we mean the Rothschild secret societies that came before him in Britain and France. It appears abundantly clear that the Rothschilds, who were working hard to re-populate Israel with Jews, were opposed by the Nazis in that very agenda. The Nazis were not only attempting to destroy the Jews, but they persecuted the Rothschilds as well, killing at least one of them.
At one time it confused me to learn that Hitler also persecuted/killed the Jehovah's Witnesses, but now I see that what I considered petty speaks again to Hitler's anti-Rothschild program, for the founder of the JW's was Charles Russell, an avid Illuminatist acting vigorously on behalf of Rothschild Zionism. Apparently, then, the JW's were yet a sufficient threat to the anti-Jewish forces of World War II that they were marked for elimination.

It is likely that the Nazis knew well beforehand the details of the 1948 Jewish-resettlement mandate. That year coincides with Rosicrucian/Illuminati plots for a New World Order on or about the year 2000. For, through a wildly faulty interpretation of the Daniel-9 prophecy, the leading Rosicrucian, Isaac Newton, had predicted -- three centuries ago! -- that Jesus would return 49 years after the establishment of Israel in Palestine. Rosicrucians of later generations must have taken Newton's scheme to heart because the 20th-century Rosicrucian psychic, Edgar Cayce, had predicted the return of Jesus immediately after the discovery of the so-called "Hall of Records" in 1996-98; note that 1948 plus 49 years lands smack dab between those dates, in 1997.

Cayce announced the 1996-98 period in 1930ish, long before 1948 arrived, meaning that 1948 had already been chosen, prior to the time of his announcement, as the year of Israeli Independence.

With peculiarity, if the following be true, Henry Sedgwick of the Rosicrucian/Rothschild Illuminati predicted, while yet in the 19th century, the beginning of the New Age for 2000.5, a date that conjures up 1997 plus 3.5 years. One could therefore get the impression that the year of Israel's re-establishment had been chosen, not by God, but by Illuminati groups, at least several decades ahead of time, to coincide with 2000.

As we will see in later chapters, the Rothschild Illuminati was wound up in Rosicrucianism, and because Hitler's people were Rosicrucians, he could have learned from Rothschild agents the details of the 1948 Zionist agenda. It may have been this agenda that broke the Nazi-Rothschild partnership, if ever there was one (some suggest there was). We see the rise of the Nazis very soon after the first World War in which Rothschild's pro-Zionist "Balfour Declaration of 1917" was announced. The second World War was thereby assured as a war between the Aryan Nazis and the Rothschilds, in a struggle to wrestle control of Europe away from the Rothschilds.

We might speculate that, on the one extreme, the Jewish Illuminati wanted a Biblical Millennium with Jews in the highest power structures, while at the other extreme, the Nazi-Atlantean Rosicrucians wanted something quite different, more along the lines of open paganism. One could estimate that this squabble hasn't gone away just because Hitler lost the war; the same divisions could exist today in Illuminata-land.

When I learned that the Nazis were affiliated with old-Norse paganism, I connected them to the Rose-Line cult simply because I had come to categorize the Rose Line primarily as an old-Norse cult seeking world conquest. Some have suggested that Hitler was an illegitimate Rothschild, but I dunno, although I would not be surprised if what amounts to an official world leader of the New World Order will one day to our future be a some other name to disguise it.

Because the Nazi leadership promoted a brand of world-conquest Aryanism, I wondered if they had been connected to the New Atlantis hoax as per the Edgar-Cayce Rosicrucians. Aryanism and Atlantis are hand-in-hand concepts that were promoted prior to the Nazis by the likes of Madame Blavatsky and her Theosophical Society. It is known that Theosophy was intricately entwined around the Golden Dawn cult of England, which itself was a branch of the Bavarian Illuminati to which the first Rothschilds committed themselves:
"Blavatsky claimed to have been party to revelations from Hidden Masters called the "Great White Brotherhood" who resided somewhere in the Himalayas. But Blavatsky later admitted in letters to her sister that this was a codename for the Rosicrucian hierarchy who funded her. It is clear her work is influenced, if not sourced, in the work of Masonic demagogue General Albert Pike - the American South's Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of the 33rd Degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry, Civil War war criminal, and leading member of the Ku Klux Klan - who revealed Rosicrucian/Masonic doctrine and its "Aryan heritage" in his unpublished pamphlet Morals & Dogma (1871) that was distributed to Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret (32nd degree) Scottish Rite initiates" (
Not only had Blavatsky been illuminated in the Atlantean world-conquest scheme by Rosicrucian priests of a Tibetan monastery, where she learned that "Atlantean" and "Aryan" were synonymous terms, but she picked the Nazi symbol up from that place so as to reveal the Rosicrucian nature of the Nazis:
Blavatsky was taught that the most powerful symbol of these esoteric ones was the Swastica. She wrote there were 7 stages of [human] evolution - she named them "route races". The race which should rise again to true spirit she named Aryans. In Tibet the Swastica was known as the "son of fire and creation", but in Madame Blavatsky's teachings the Swastica was the symbol of the Aryan race."
Guido von List (1848-1919)...was very fascinated by Madame Blavatsky's ideas, too, so he incorporated her occult teachings into his own teachings of German myth"

"Hitler and the Secret Societies," by Wes Penre,

The German myth that Penre speaks of was "the worship of the god Wotan" (or Odin), the chief Scandinavian god who, I believe, was an ancestral Gogi leader where the Scandinavians had been settled, in the Black-sea region. But not only the Scandinavians, for the ancient Germans were themselves relatives of the Scandinavians, for they too worshipped Odin. It is very interesting that the Bible calls end-time Gog an "Assyrian," while many German researchers claim ancestry in the Assyrians. I should add that both the Scandinavians and the Merovingian Franks are classified today as "Germanic" tribes, and that the Merovingians worshipped Odin very seriously.

Penre continues to tie the Nazis to the Scandinavians by saying: "Von List taught that the Swastica was '...the very act of creation' based on the Norse legend about the creation of the universe." Then, near the end of von List's life, the "Thule Society" was born (1918) after his teachings. Thule was the name of Scandinavia in ancient times, but has since become a mythical island referring to an ancient civilization. Atlantis comes to mind. Penre writes:
"Hitler now became a member of even another occult organization - the Vril Society. Vril was the language spoken by the Atlanteans, composed of sounds and clicks...vril was the power that woke up man's ability to be a Superhuman."
That sounds like "tongues" and the Manifest-Sons-of-God teachings now spreading in charismatic circles. In the next part of my book, I show charismatic connections to Illuminatists/Freemasons, and that Rosicrucian "alchemy," a spiritual transformation of the soul, is very similar to the manifest-Sons doctrine so that we all had better be very careful where the spirit comes from in the churches which teach these things. Penre writes: "The Thule society was an outspring from the Germanen Order, founded in 1912, which also was led by von Sebottendorf. He had published a strange booklet called "Die Praxis der alten türkischen Freimaurerei" [The practice of ancient Turkish Freemasonry]. It was about how alchemy could transformate mankind."

Turkish Freemasonry? For what it may be worth to you, let me tell that, in my attempts to identify the modern Gogi, I found that the Turks are one main branch. Put concisely, the Gogi were a branch of Scythians, and while some western Scythians evolved into the blue-eyed blonde Sarmations who brought forth the Germanic tribes known variously as Alans/Goths, other Scythians (in the far east) brought forth the Huns who in turn brought forth the Kok-Turks, the latter ruled by Khazars who ultimately produced the Seljuk Turks that in turn evolved into the Ottomans who came to rule Palestine for a long time...until the Rothschilds defeated them in 1917 en route to taking control of Palestine. I note that, also in 1917, the Rothschilds, via the Bolshevik Revolution, took control of the other Gogi, the Russians. The defeated Ottoman Gogi were left confined mainly to Turkey, and I doubt very much that they will put forth the Biblical end-time Gog.

In the 19th century, the English and German Rothschilds had been involved in, as I touch upon in another chapter (, the bishopric-of-Jerusalem scam (1842 onward), wherein the bishops of Jerusalem alternated between Anglican and Prussian bishops, may have been based on a partnership between the English and German Rothschilds. According to Britannica, the Germans, while yet in that 19th century, began to invest huge tax-dollar initiatives for the purpose of building the most skilled and powerful army in the world, as if planning to initiate World War I (1914) many years in advance. The fact that the English Rothschilds can be shown to have been secretly on side with the Germans during that War shows that the Rothschilds from both countries were brainwashing/using the German peoples from an early time to bring these initiatives to pass.

The Hitler attempt at supremacy becomes staggering, not only as we realize that Rosicrucianism is alive and powerful into the 20th century, but when we suspect that the Roslin Institute, which advances genetic-modification technology, is a Rosicrucian bastion attempting any number of insane possibilities toward "superhuman" world rule. The Roslin institute conducts gene-altering tests on animals as practice for altering human genes and the ultimate goal of successful human cloning. In theory, the blood and/or other body parts on the Shroud of Turin can possibly furnish a clone of the person once wrapped within it, and this clone can then be proclaimed as a resurrected Jesus.

It's staggering to learn that the father of human genetics/eugenics, Francis Galton, was associated with the scientific think tank, the Lunar Circle/Society (in England), no doubt a Rosicrucian organization after the Royal Society. One founder, if not the founder, of the Lunar Circle was the grandfather of Charles Darwin, and he, Erasmus Darwin, had been the initial promoter of the Origin-of-Species concept. Another member of the Lunar Circle was Samuel Galton, the grandfather of Francis.

The purpose of the Lunar Circle was to furnish a utopian world through scientific inventions, but, alas, all that it gave us was the smoke and greed of the Industrial Revolution, which even the modern pagans regret and lament. The Rosicrucian, Ben Franklin, was affiliated with members of the Lunar Society, and by and large, the members were advocates of the liberal-minded French and American Revolutions, the projects of various Illuminatists. "Interestingly enough, in an article by Lord Richie-Calder, Lunar Society members were assigned the very esoteric appellation of 'merchants of light.' This was precisely the same description used for the hypothetical society presented in Sir Francis Bacon's New Atlantis"
(this quote by Ian Taylor, the Creationist I presume, but borrowed from:

Half-cousin to Charles Darwin was Francis Galton, and he used Origin of Species in the way intended by its author, first to become an apostate, and then to attack Christianity. Evolution became "survival of the fittest," and the Nazis came to use just that concept when seeking their superhuman race. Francis had said, " would be quite practical to produce a highly gifted race of men by judicious marriages during several consecutive generations" (Britannica 1970 Vol. 8 pg. 815).

It could be important that Erasmus studied medicine at the University of Edinburgh, in the city where the Roslin Institute is now located. "Darwin himself was initiated at the St David's Lodge No 36, Edinburgh in 1754 at a time when Edinburgh was a center for enlightenment and medical knowledge. He was also a member of the Canongate Kilwinning Lodge No 2."

The Enlightenment was a Rosicrucian concept but disguised as Unitarian/Universalist Christianity, otherwise called "liberal" Christianity but known by myself as apostate Satanism, having the purpose of pulling as many Christian souls down as possible. According to, the precursors of the Enlightenment were the Polish Brethren, a brotherhood of Arians defined as those who reject the deity of Jesus; these spread to the Netherlands where also the Rosicrucians had been brooding. "The Polish Brethren advocated the separation of church and state and taught the equality and brotherhood of all people"
( In other words, the Unites States finds its roots in the Polish Brethren, for as the latter wormed their way into the mind of John Locke, he wormed into the mind of Thomas Jefferson. Erasmus Darwin was cut essentially from the same cloth; it was nothing less than a planned anti-Christian movement with a deliberate air of respectability. With Utopia in mind, "Locke himself declared that ‘in the beginning all the world was America.’

It would be hard for me to deny that this movement, still with us to this day, will provide the anti-Christ spirit of the last days under the designation, "False Prophet." The question is, which brand of Rosicrucians will put forth the False Prophet, the Rothschilds/Zionists, or the "Christian" apostates, or the neo-Nazis? Or will they all unite? It is perhaps due to the inability of the various Illuminatii to reach a compromise that the New World Order merely spins its wheels at this time. It's true that the New World Order is already upon us, but no official announcement has been made, no official ceremony to mark her commencement, and no set of laws unveiled to which her culture is to conform.

As the years pass by all the more beyond 2000, the pressure will mount to furnish a compromise. It may be that compromise is implied by the two horns of the False Prophet. The compromise will apparently tie Gog with Europe. But the underlying realities look grim. Firstly, my understanding is that the current right-wing Israeli leadership has for about the last decade snubbed its nose at the Rothschilds. This might cause some of the Rothschilds to abandon Israel, even if only temporarily. It may even turn out that the Rothschilds will send Gog into Israel as preliminary plans to initiate the Millennium by first getting a stranglehold on the nation.

Many voices have been telling us for quite some time that the ultimate goal of Illuminatists, at the time that they have what they believe is an irreversible handle on world power, is to eradicate Christianity absolutely. This common goal of persecuting Christianity could be the glue that bonds Gog and the West with some sincerity that otherwise would not be the case. Because most of Europe is of Gogi origin, we could view the Gog-Rome alliance as a Gog-Gog alliance.

Still, what will divide Europeans most, I think, is their divergent views on Israel. The Rothschild Illuminatists who think that they are the instruments of God for setting up the Biblical Millennium need/prefer a thriving Israel. The French rulers, perhaps from the French Rothschilds on down, seem to be pro-Palestinian more than pro-Israel, as can be ascertained, for example, by the fact that Arafat was checked into a French hospital just before he died. Will it be the French Illuminatists who give Gog the finest red-carpet treatment?

Don't we think that, while George Bush was on his hotline to Tony Blair, that the French were on their hotline to the Russians trying to figure out the best way to overcome Bush and so become top-cheeses in Iraq once again, as they had been when Saddam was in power? Both the French and the Russians lost a lot of money with the ousting of Saddam...and Bush don't care.

It's interesting that as the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, was in the throws of seizing, arresting and jailing Mikhail Khodorkovsky, this majority owner of the huge Russian oil company, Yukos, gave guardian control of his shares to Jacob Rothschild, head of the British branch of the Rothschilds and therefore the traditional/understood head of the European Rothschilds. That is, Khodorkovsky is using the powerful Jacob Rothschild to keep Putin's "grubby hands" off of his Yukos stake, suggesting that Khodorkovsky trusts Rothschild to oppose Putin. This could suggest that Putin and his fellow neo-KGBers now in power, and who may be in power (with or without Putin) for many years to come, are opposed by the Rothschilds.

This tends to support what I suspected, that Russia's leadership is no longer under the authority of the Rothschilds, even though the Rothschilds had created Russian Communism. But it also tends to explain why the anti-Christ will hate, betray and destroy Europe with fire in the end (after an alliance), as recorded in Revelation 17:16.

How could Gog continue to attack Jerusalem in the last half of the Week while he is a leader in the West, if not by a total betrayal of Israel by many members of the United Nations, something that is already apparent in current events. Certainly, if it comes to a choice between an abandonment of Israel or Armageddon, the West will choose to abandon Israel, even if the House of Rothschild opposes the new course. And can't we see even now that the Muslim terrorists are seeking to bring the United Nations to this choice by bringing on a world crisis?

Is it a coincidence that Vladimir Zhirinovsky has found courage enough to publicize his book my the same title as that of Hitler, "My Struggle"? Or is that a bold shot across the bow of the Rothschilds, signalling that the anti-Israeli Aryans are back on their feet for a new war?

Most members of the UN Security Council voted against Israel, and for Syria, in the latest (Oct 2003) skirmish between the two nations. The United States was alone among the major powers in voting for Israel's right to defend herself against Syria's terrorists. Yevgeny Primakov, as President Putin's political right arm, has issued statements recently calling for no less than the United Nations, the United States, the European Union and Russia to gang up on both the Israelis and the force the Israelis to make peace!!! Here's how Arab News put it on January 21, 2003:
JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia - Russia wants the international community to impose a settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli issue. According to former Russian Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov, Moscow now believes that with the peace process stalemated, the quartet--the United Nations, the United States, the European Union and Russia--should work out a final solution with moderate Arab states which the UN would then impose on the Israelis and Palestinians...
The solution, he said, should be based on the plan worked out by Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah, deputy premier: Israel must unconditionally withdraw to its pre-1967 borders; a Palestinian state must be created; and Arab governments must recognize Israel."

By Michel Cousins
full story at

Javier Solana, the High Representative of the European Union, during some publicized words with Colin Powell, said, "I think the work of the Quartet is going to continue being done. It will be fruitful and we will get a future for the [Israeli] region which is the one that we want..." (Washington, May 21, 2002). Oops, if that doesn't reveal the dictatorial attitude of the EU, telling Israel how to conduct it's national business according to EU dictates.

Israel cannot trust the Palestinians with their own state just next to Jerusalem. Some leaders in the Roman world are choosing to be ignorant of this danger, and may even pave the way for the biggest mouth of all to enter into the controversy: Gog. His solution is forthcoming: destroy the Jews and that will be the easy end of the story. Or so he thinks. And in attempting to stave off Armageddon by allowing Gog to desolate Israel, world leaders will actually bring on Armageddon, for YHWH is in ZION!!

Of course, Israel has pooped on the Quartet's imposing solution, called the "Road Map to peace," and wants it "modified," no doubt meaning that it wants it scrapped. And the extremist Muslims aren't buying into it either because they want nothing less than the removal of all Jews from Israel. But George Bush is himself deeply involved in the Road Map because it's his personal baby. George crosses God when, as per the deal, he favors a grant to the Palestinians for their own state in 2005!!

Mr. Bush, with all due respect, do you not know that YHWH is in ZION??

I imagine some readers supposing that this Road-Map peace arrangement will manufacture the infamous seven-year covenant of Daniel 9:27. I don't think so. Realize that, sooner or later, there is bound to be some peace initiative made between Israel and some Arab peoples, since much effort to this end is constantly on the go. But we shouldn't rush to conclusions when such a deal is finally put on the table or ratified. Had we proclaimed that the Camp David agreement of 1978 was the Daniel 9:27 covenant, we would have been wrong. Others claimed that it was the Oslo Accords of 1993, and they were wrong.

My perception of the Daniel 9:27 covenant -- as a war pact between many anti-Israeli peoples and Gog -- may seem strange to most readers in that all other prophecy educators interpret it as a peace treaty between the anti-Christ and many Israelis. As covenants are often based on good will between the parties, defining it as a peace treaty seems a good choice. Yet a covenant defined as a commitment to make all-out war is not strange in this case because, to Arabs, it's a blood-brother pact based on the highest goodness: to destroy Israel. Many Arabs have already made such war pacts; I only await for some Western Powers, to be followed by Gog, to step into (i.e. partake in) such a pact to give it muscle.

Speaking of Javier Solana, he has other top-dog posts in the EU, is allegedly about to receive the post of EU Foreign Secretary, and is vying for a leadership role in the UN Security Council. Consider the following connection between his mother and Francis Bacon, the latter having been a Rosicrucian leader of the 17th century...who viewed Europe and America as a New Atlantis:
"Her full name at the time of her death was Nieves Hayat de Madariaga Mathews. She was employed for upwards of 20 years by the FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization), a United Nations agency headquartered in Rome. Her Yale University-published book on the life of Sir Francis Bacon was released in 1996. The 606 page volume is entitled, Francis Bacon: The History of a Character Assassination. Interestingly, Nieves de Madariaga Mathews (Solana's mother) claimed in her acknowledgements that the book was suggested and blessed by 'my teacher, Osho, who thought highly of Francis Bacon and gave the book his blessing.' Osho is more commonly known in USA circles as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. Rajneesh gained extensive notoriety in the USA in the 1980s for his alleged Oregon cult compound. He was deported from the USA for its claimed excesses."

Constance E. Cumbey wrote that Solana's mother "was fascinated by the 'invisible college,'" that organization being the Bacon-backed (oops) Rosicrucian "institution" ("secret society" is more like it) that became the Royal Society (of London). The above article goes on to say that Solana is an "Atlanticist," defined as one involved in a European-American alliance in world affairs. Tony Blair (Prime Minister of Britain) is said to be an Atlanticist. This term not only seems couched in Atlantis, but perfectly describes a two-horned False Prophet as I've envisioned it (not at all suggesting that Blair and/or Solana is one of the two horns). Solana is, in my opinion, the Illuminati pawn in Europe.

The article also says that Solana's brother "was the first known Socialist party member to join the Trilateral Commission." The Trilateral Commission was allegedly founded by Rothschild Illuminati agents. It openly declares its specific purpose of bringing America, Europe and Japan together in world affairs...with obvious emphasis on ties between America and Europe. Thus, if Javier's brother, merely a chief in a telephone company, was brought into the Trilateral Commission's service, then Javier himself, now nearly the "king" of Europe, must be an Illuminati pawn: created, uplifted, and controlled by dragon forces disguised as lambs.

While it seems obvious by his mother's promotion of Francis Bacon that Rosicrucian powers are lifting him to his heights, Solana may be tied to Socialist/Fabian Rothschilds because he has been a 40-plus year member of the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party. "52 United States congressmen...telegraphically protested his appointment because of his alleged Marxism and open Castro sympathies." (website above). Moreover, the said Spanish Party is a member of Socialist International which has its executive department in London, while "Its members include the Labour Party (United Kingdom), SPD (Germany), the Democratic Socialists of America (USA), the Australian Labor Party, and New Democratic Party (Canada)."

That's a Rothschild-Illuminati beast if ever I heard one! Indeed, Socialists International is an out-cropping of Second International formed over a century ago in 1889, just a half dozen years after the founding of the Fabian Society (of Britain) to which certain Rothschilds were dedicated. The First International, officially called "International Workingmen's Association," was a product of Carl Marx, himself a Bavarian/Rothschild Illuminatist.

What makes this such an enormous point of concern is that a Socialist leader in Europe, when acting near-dictatorially under Rothschild powers, can with some good conscience, and perhaps with some rabid desire, furnish the Biblical tie (i.e. the Harlot on a Beast) between Europe and Gog (Rev. 17). Solana is already being called the "tzar" of the European military, even before taking on his highest post (slated for 2006). The Party of European Socialists (founded 1992), using a red-rose logo, is associated with Socialist International.

A European brother (whose name I won't mention), who has been digging to discover Solana's background, has been sharing some information with me on him. He shared this quote with me:
"The same year "Freedom From War" was issued, another Rhodes scholar, Richard Gardner, became Deputy Assistant Secretary of State and three years later, while still in that position, authored In Pursuit of World Order. The Foreword to this book was written by Rhodes scholar Harlan Cleveland, who has been a CFR member, Ambassador to NATO, Director of International Affairs at the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, and Chairman of the U.S. Weather Modification Advisory Board. Cleveland's books include The Third Try at World Order, Birth of a New World, and The Global Commons: Policy for the Planet."
Then, to that quote, my European brother added:
"How would 'World Order' be pursued? In the April 1974 edition of the CFR's Foreign Affairs, Richard Gardner wrote in 'The Hard Road to World Order,' that it would involve 'an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece.' He believed that approach would 'accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault,' and he further explained how GATT could be involved in the process. Gardner would eventually become an advisor on the United Nations to CFR member Bill Clinton's first presidential campaign, after which he would become U.S. Ambassador to Spain, from which would come Marxist Javier Solana as the head of NATO with the support of the Clinton administration."
So, Solana and American Illuminatists are working hand in hand toward a New World Order, and that to me spells "False Prophet," especially as Solana has been put in charge of Europe's military. The difficulty is that I tend to view the False Prophet as an anti-Israeli while the Rothschilds I see as pro-Israel. Perhaps the False Prophet will not be anti-Israeli; he could then join the anti-Christ in efforts to curb his war against Israel.

My friend also shared that he uncovered information telling that the initial flag/emblem of the European Union was initially going to be a red cross on a golden disk (this flag can be seen at However, Turkey opposed the cross portion so that, later in the 1950s, the red cross was re-fashioned into a red, four-pointed star (on a golden disk)...looking very much like a cross (see The red cross in this case was not a symbol of Jesus, but of "the emblem of European Movement."

In 1951, a flag with golden stars on blue (azur) background (see, the very basis of the current EU flag, was chosen by Salvador de Madariaga, Solana's grandfather on his mother's side! Thus, it could appear that Rosicrucians are much at the forefront of the effort to enforce upon us all the New World Order.

Madariaga's stars were eight-pointed, and that amounts to a double-cross (as for example in the British flag), an occult symbol. An example of a double-cross is a ship's wheel. And a double-cross is often fashioned as one four-pointed star superimposed upon another four-pointed star, a design often used in compasses. In fact, Madariaga proposed the eight-pointed star to symbolize the eight major directions of a compass, and compasses go hand in hand with navigation. Yet, one is in my opinion freely justified to discern that the eight points symbolize eight entities that are more dear to Rosicrucians than mere compass directions.

Moreover, at Madariaga's proposal, the stars of the European flag were to be positioned in the form of "a constellation," evoking sea-farers once again, not to mention Rosicrucian and/or Greek-myth occult. This brings to my mind John Dee, Rosicrucian pioneer who worked in navigation techniques during the America-discovery period. Dee promoted the New Atlantis along with Francis Bacon, an empire which was to be the United States as an extension of Rosicrucian-led Europe. Hence, early Atlanticism got away from the Rosicrucians, but to this day, while still using a Christian guise, they are still trying to make the two into one.

In 1952, an occult symbol, a crescent moon with single Venus-type star, having a larger six-pointed star in the background, was put forward for EU-flag consideration (

Also in that year was forwarded a design with the British flag conspicuously in the upper left corner. The remainder of the design included only golden stars arranged in two circles, an outer circle of six stars, and an inner circle of 9 stars. "Inner circle" is an Illuminati term, especially evocative of the Rhodes/Rothschild secret societies...and that would explain the British flag in the corner of that design (see design at In 1953, a single circle of 15 golden stars was forwarded, without a flag to indicate any country as primary. It had a blue background. In 1955, it became, as put forward by Madariaga, a circle of 12, five-pointed stars.

Now Madariaga's daughter married Solana's father, and my European brother explains to me that the Solana family itself (from the 16th century) had a coat of arms displaying a golden sun on deep blue field/background, and surrounding the sun were eight heads of serpents!

It's okay to weep for Israel, and to sing for the destruction of Gog.

For follow-up on Bush ancestry, see the 3rd Iraq update of October, 2015, where it starts off on the ancestry of Barabra Bush


Albert Mathiez 1920 ....

Bolshevism and Jacobinism
Source: Le Bolchevisme et le Jacobinisme. Paris, Librairie du Parti Socialiste et de l’Humanité. 1920;
Translated: for by Mitchell Abidor;
CopyLeft: Creative Commons (Attribute & ShareAlike) 2010.

The similarities between Jacobinism (by which I mean the government of the Montagnards between June 1793 and July 1794) and Bolshevism are not in the least factitious, since Lenin himself spoke of it in his speeches [1] and he recently had a statue of Robespierre raised. Lenin, like all the Russian socialists, is nourished by the history of our great revolution, is inspired by its example, and puts it into practice while adapting them to his country and the circumstances.

I would like to demonstrate by a brief analysis that the analogies between the methods of the Bolshevists and those of the Montagnards are not only apparent, but that there exist close ties and a logical kinship between them.

Jacobinism and Bolshevism are both dictatorships, born of civil and foreign war; two class dictatorships operating by the same methods: terror, requisition, and taxes, and proposing as a final outcome the same goal, the transformation of society. And not only of Russian or French society, but of universal society.

Both dictatorships grew out of defeat and were imposed by riots. It was the treason of Dumouriez, the disasters of Belgium, the retreat of the army on all fronts that allowed the Montagnards to crush the Girondins, held responsible by the events in Paris on May 31 and June 2, 1793. It was the failure of Kerensky’s offensive of July 1917 followed by Kornilov’s adventure that allowed the Soviet uprising of October 1917 in Petrograd to succeed. There is an apparent difference here. The Montagnards seized power in order to intensify the war and gain victory. On the contrary, the Bolshevists looked on war or peace as means of saving the revolution. In the face of the exhaustion of Russia and the general lassitude Lenin convinced himself that peace was a necessary “respite” in order to consolidate the results of his coup de force. On the contrary Robespierre, feeling the patriotism of the country and knowing its resources, believed that the salvation of the revolution was invincibly tied to immediate victory on the battlefield. By opposite paths the two dictatorships pursued the triumph of their party and the realization of their ideal. As soon as his government is a bit more stable Lenin will form the Red Army and will return to the offensive.

Both dictatorships base themselves on the lower classes but are led by renegades from the former ruling classes.

For the most part the people’s commissars are not the vile adventurers that they bought-off press has depicted. Vladimir Ulianov, called Lenin is, like Lunacharsky, the son of a state councilor with the rank of an Excellency. Chicherin, the commissar for foreign affairs is, like them, of noble birth. Bronstein, aliasTrotsky, is the son of an homme de letters. Zinoviev and Kamenev are bourgeois who have passed though the universities. Uritzky is and engineer, Rykov a certified translator of foreign languages, Mme Kollontai the wife of a colonel. Yoffe and Sukolnikov enjoy a considerable fortune.

In the same way Maximilien Robespierre belonged to a family of the robe, the chevalier de Saint Just to a family of the sword, Hérault de Séchelles to the old nobility, and Carnot, Couthon, Le Bas, the two Prieurs, and Robert Lindet to the bourgeoisie.

The origin and the strength of both dictatorships was drawn from the population of the cities, and in particular the capital. The Montagnard’ fortress was in Paris in the popular sections composed of artisans; the Bolshevists recruit their Red Guard from among the workers in the factories of Petrograd.

The peasantry who, in the France of 1793 as in the Russia of today, form the majority, are carried along by the advantages that the Bolshevists and the Montagnards were able to guarantee them. After their victory the Montagnards extirpated the last roots of feudalism by abolishing seigniorial charges based on ancient rights that were still in place. They laid hands on the properties of émigrés, a rich prey that served as their war treasury. The peasant who purchased noble or ecclesiastical land joined their cause. He was attached to Jacobinism by the strong ties of personal interest. For him the defeat of the revolution would mean spoliation and ruin.

In the same way the Bolsheviks enthroned themselves by tossing to the mouzhiks on the very night of October 25 the land of monasteries and large holdings. These confiscated domains, which they have administered by cantonal committees, are the formidable reserve that guarantees them the fidelity of the masses, while at the same time they facilitate the supplying of their supporters in the cities.

The two dictatorships, the French and the Russian, are eminently realistic. In the interests of public safety they don’t hesitate to violate the very principles they proclaim. Robespierre and Lenin justify terror by the needs of internal and external struggle. Both proclaim they will end it after victory. “Under the constitutional regime,” said Robespierre, “it suffices to protect individuals against the abuses of the public power. Under the revolutionary regime the public power itself is forced to defend itself against all the forces that attack it."( 5 Nivôse). Saint Just more crudely added: “What constitutes a republic is the total destruction of everything opposed to it” (8 Ventôse). Like an echo Lenin repeats, “It would be the greatest stupidity and the most absurd utopia to suppose that the passage from capitalism to socialism would be possible without constraint and dictatorship” (May 28, 1917). “It is impossible,” he continued, “to defeat and extirpate capitalism without the pitiless repression of the resistance of the exploiters, who cannot accept being suddenly deprived of their fortune, of their advantages in organization and knowledge, and who over a long period of time will consequently and inevitably attempt to shake off the domination of the poor.”

Robespierre and Lenin demanded the abolition of the death penalty. Once in power they made the ultimate penalty a method of governing. They had demanded the freedom of the press and they suppressed opposition newspapers.

In short, the ends justify the means and absolve all contradictions. In both cases the end is the happiness of the masses. Said Robespierre, “We desire an order of things where all low and cruel passions are enchained and where all beneficent and generous passions are awakened by the laws... where the fatherland ensures the welfare of every individual... where commerce is the source of public wealth and not just the monstrous opulence of a few houses” (18 Pluviôse). Saint Just added: “Our goal is to establish a sincere government that will render the people happy” (8 Ventôse). Trotsky said on the evening of October 25: “We are going to found a power that will propose no other goal than that of satisfying the needs of the soldiers, workers, and peasants. The state must be an instrument of the liberation of the masses from all forms of slavery.”

Let it not be objected that Robespierre respected private property while Lenin denied it. The difference in time periods explains the differences in theories and solutions, but the basis of things remains identical. In any event, Lenin did not suppress property. His measures are every bit as opportunistic as those of the Montagnards. They respond to the same necessities. There is no difference in nature between them.

The Bolshevists have nationalized the banks, inventoried the safes of private individuals, placed their contents in an account at the state bank, and fixed the amount allowed to be withdrawn, but they have not suppressed private property. The Jacobins didn’t hesitate to requisition bankers, to place a seal on their strongboxes, to subject them to strict rules, to close the stock exchange, etc. A decree of the Committee of Public Safety dated 23 Ventôse required the businessmen of Bourdeaux to provide an overseas draft of 20 million and to export a like amount of merchandise. This was not an exceptional act. We know that Robespierre subordinated property to the social interest and that he defined it as “the portion of property guaranteed by the law.”

The Bolshevists have laid hands on factories, which they administer by means of committees elected by the workers. The Jacobins preceded them on this road by requisitioning for purposes of war production many forges and workshops more or less administered by government controlled bodies.

The Bolshevists control agricultural production as they do industrial production. In each district they’ve organized committees for the inventorying, requisition, and distribution of merchandise that are connected to common centers: textile centers, steel producing centers, etc.

In order to apply their law of the maximum the Montagnards had already created in Paris the subsistence commission, the arms and powder commission, the transport commission, etc., which, under the orders of the Committee of Public Safety, tallied, distributed, and taxed goods of all natures by means of countless agents disseminated throughout France and supported by local committees.

It would be a mistake to think that the Bolshevist committees that administer factories or control agricultural production are sovereign. At present the Soviet Republic is as centralized and bureaucratic as the Jacobin republic was. The agrarian committees that administer the lands confiscated from large landowners [2] are unquestionably elected, but alongside them central power is represented by commissars armed with plenary powers to ensure subordination to the center. Similarly the committees elected by factory workers do not administer the enterprise, which most often remains confided to the former boss, become an agent of the center. Lenin doesn’t want proletarian power to remain in a “gelatinous state.” He strives to end disorganization and he practices a policy of the iron fist. “Any individual,” he says, “who violates labor discipline, in any enterprise at all, in no matter what affair, is to be brought before a tribunal and pitilessly punished.” The revolutionary tribunals of Soviet Russia, like those of Montagnard France, punish theft, sabotage, fraud, and violations of tax and inventory laws as counter-revolutionary crimes. An already old decree on the administration of railroads confides the administration of the networks to commissars with powers as extensive as those with which the proconsuls of the Convention were invested.

Robespierre had said that “the revolutionary government has nothing in common with anarchy. On the contrary its goal is to suppress it in order to ensure and solidify the reign of law” (25 Nivôse). Lenin is no more tender than he towards disorder: “If we aren’t anarchists we must accept the necessity for a state, i.e., of constraint, for the transitional phase from capitalism to socialism. Every large technical industry demands the most absolute unity of will and the most severe leadership of the work of hundreds, thousands, and tens of thousands of men. How can the most severe unity of will be ensured? By the submission of these thousands of wills to the will of only one” (May 28, 1918). He continues: “We don’t need any hysterical impulses. We need the cadenced march of the iron battalions of the proletariat.”

I read somewhere that Lenin was inspired by the methods of the Hébertists. All his acts and words protest against such a judgment. Like Robespierre he claims to be warding off the two excesses into which the revolution might fall, moderation and exaggeration. He declares in the already quoted speech that compromises are needed before reaching the communist order. In this way the decree on cooperative societies that he published in the spring of 1918 is a compromise elaborated between the representatives of bourgeois cooperatives and workers cooperatives. “In concluding such a compromise with the bourgeois cooperatives the Soviet power concretely determined its tactical problems and the methods of action particular to the given phase of development. In guiding and utilizing the bourgeois elements by having them make certain partial concessions we create the necessary conditions for an advance that is slower than we at first thought, but one that is more solid, with firmer guarantees for the base and the lines of communication, with better fortifications for the positions already taken.” This was precisely Robespierre’s tactics, as he also tried to rally and reassure the small merchants and landowners.

When Lenin and Trotsky created a new army after brest-Litovsk, from which they excluded politically doubtful elements, here too they did nothing but follow the teachings of Jacobinism. From the time of the Constituent Assembly Robespierre had proposed to dismiss the royal army in order to recreate it anew in order in this way to purge it of its leadership, which was full of nobles. His proposal was rejected, but the noble officers eliminated themselves through emigration and the sought for result was obtained.

No one professed distrust of militarism more than Robespierre or exercised a more suspicious surveillance over generals. He had predicted that the war would lead to the dictatorship of the sword, and yet it was the same Robespierre who gave this definition of military discipline: “Discipline is the soul of armies; discipline can supplement numbers, but numbers cannot supplement discipline. Without discipline there is no army, just an assembly of men without unity, without concert who cannot effectively lead their forces towards a common goal, like a body which has been abandoned by the life principle or a machine whose gears are broken.” The Committee of Public Safety, while according volunteers the right to elect their leaders by an ingenious graduated system, in practice arranged it so that strict obedience was imposed. The people’s commissars have done the same. In the Red Army the election of leaders has even been suppressed (April 23, 1918). In “Le Correspondent” of May 25, 1919 I read that this army today is subject to iron discipline.

It might be said in response to what I’ve said that the Montagnard dictatorship was a legal dictatorship, an organ of the National Convention, itself the expression of the country’s will, while the Bolshevist dictatorship is sullied by a fundamental illegality. It dissolved the Constituent Assembly and only maintains itself through force.

The difference between the two regimes shouldn’t be exaggerated. The Convention was elected during the troubled period of the September massacres. Most of the electoral assemblies that elected deputies were under the law of the popular clubs. Voting was carried out by voice vote. It’s a well-known fact that the Jacobins and their supporters were virtually the only ones to vote. But even more it shouldn’t be forgotten that the Montagnard dictatorship was established by the riot of June 2, 1793 that mutilated the Convention through the exclusion of the Girondin leaders, who were soon to be sent to the guillotine. The arrest of the seventy-three Girondins who protested against June 2 was enough to change the majority. The Montagnards governed by means of a purged Assembly. The Bolshevists preferred dissolving to mutilating. Where is legality in all this?

The Bolshevists replaced the Constituent by the Congress of Soviets. It’s as if the Committee of Public Safety had replaced the Convention with the Jacobin Society. The Soviets deprived a large category of citizens of the right to vote: monks, idlers, bosses, etc. Before them the Jacobins of the revolutionary committees drew up lists of suspects. The monarchical constitution of 1791 already deprived of their civil rights all those who wouldn’t take the civic oath. The Bolshevists have simply perfected the Jacobin methods.

The Montagnards had already established the system of food cards, but they hadn’t thought to use them as a political instrument. The Bolshevists, more ingenious than them, divided the population into four categories for the right to provisions. Suspects receive only half or a quarter rations. An effective and terrible means of developing a client base!

Since the wealthy farmers were reluctant to carry out the requisitions, in order to overcome their resistance the Bolshevists established Commissions of Poverty made up of the indigent and charged with carrying out measures to ensure provisioning. The Jacobins didn’t go this far, but they filled the revolutionary committees charged with overseeing the application of the maximum with Sans Culottes.

It would be vain to oppose the Jacobin’s individualism to the Bolshevists communism. The Jacobins proclaimed themselves the defenders of the right of property. They punished those who preached the “agrarian law,” i.e., the communists, with death. But in fact they confiscated, they expropriated, and they requisitioned. On the contrary, the Bolshevists profess communism and announce the imminent abolition of individual property, but in fact they allow it to survive.

In any event the Jacobins always placed the rights of society over those of the individual, and in this they are like the Bolshevists. Didn’t Saint-Just propose on 8 Ventôse to confiscate the property of all adversaries of the regime? “The revolution leads us to recognize the principle that he who has shown himself to be the enemy of his country cannot be a landowner here.” And on the motion the Convention voted this decree: “The property of patriots is inviolable and sacred. The goods of those individuals recognized as enemies of the revolution will be seized to the profit of the Republic. These individuals shall be detained until peace and then banished in perpetuity.” Violating property in this way was doubtless a form of recognizing it, but it means making property a privilege of civic spirit.

When the Bolshevists seize vacant lodgings in order to house the indigent in them, when they make the bourgeois perform forced labor, they remain more faithful to the Jacobin precedent than we imagine. Saint-Just said: “Do not allow there to be a single unfortunate or a single poor man in the state. It is only thus that you will have made a true revolution, a true republic... Force everyone to do something, to take up a profession useful to society... In the fatherland what rights do they have who do nothing?” (8 Ventôse). Their acts followed their words when they weren’t in advance of them. In many departments idlers were drafted for the production of saltpeter, for the gathering of wood for the fabrication of potassium, for harvests, and for the repair of roads.

The politicians of today, who have set themselves up as the heirs of Jacobinism, brag of their patriotism, which they oppose to the defeatism and internationalism of the Bolshevists. The opposition is entirely superficial and doesn’t stand up to examination.

To be sure, the Montagnards dedicated themselves with a sublime ardor to the task of national defense. Robespierre in particular can be taken for a chauvinist when we see him ceaselessly denounce foreigners taking refuge in France who he suspected, not without reason, of serving as enemy spies. One day he even cast a famous anathema on the English people from the tribune of the Jacobin club. But Robespierre didn’t make any distinction between the cause of France and that of the Revolution, and the triumph of our armies was for him the guarantee of and the prelude to the triumph of freedom around the world. He never repudiated the doctrine of the brotherhood of man. He wanted to have inscribed in the Declaration of the Rights of Man of 1793 the following articles:

Men of all countries are brothers and as far as is possible the different peoples should mutually assist each other as if they were citizens of the same state.
Whoever oppresses one nation declares himself the enemy of all.
Those who make war on a people to stop the progress of freedom and annihilate the rights of man should be pursued by all not as ordinary enemies, but as rebellious enemies and brigands.
Kings, aristocrats, and tyrants, whatever they might be, are slaves in revolt against the sovereign of earth, which is humankind, and against the legislator of the universe, which is nature.
(April 24, 1793)

Robespierre never renounced this class internationalism that Lenin would subscribe to. When the Dantonists, in their haste to make peace, proposed abandoning to their fate the inhabitants of the Rhine, the Belgians, the Savoyards, and the Niçois – all the peoples who had believed in our promises, Robespierre violently rose up against their defeatist proposal. If he proclaimed his hatred for the English it was because he hated what there was in them of slaves too docile to their masters. “There is something more contemptible still than a tyrant, and that is a slave!... It’s not for us to pay the costs of the English revolution. Let this people free itself and we will render it all our esteem and friendship” (11 Pluviôse). Attributing to Robespierre the mentality of the imperialists of today means strangely misunderstanding him.

Despite appearances the Jacobins and the Bolshevists do not have very different concepts of international relations. M. Antonelli said in a recent book that “the Bolshevists conceive of the rights of peoples as the right of the proletarian classes to organize themselves. They are led by the logic of their doctrine of proletarian interventionism to intervene wherever the proletarian cause seems to be in peril...Bolshevist interventionism is analogous to the republican interventionism of the French Revolution. But it is even more dangerous: it doesn’t take into account the moral and ethnic factors.”

In fact, it is certain that the Bolshevists only considered the peace of Brest-Litovsk a truce. As soon as they could they took up arms again to free the proletarians of Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, and the Ukraine, and along with this supported Spartakism and the Hungarian revolution. Their proselytism as much as their repudiation of the financial commitments of tsarism explains the clamor of hostility that greets their name in the countries that remain governed in the former style. The Jacobins caused the same fears and the same anger. At a distance of 125 years it would be a game both amusing and instructive to bring together and compare the judgments of the Jacobins and Bolshevists by the rulers and journalists charged with stopping the contagion.

It is misleading or people attempt to mislead when they represent the Bolshevist government, after the Jacobin government, as an artificial construction, issued through prikazes and decrees from the minds of a few crackpots and ambitious men. The reality is completely different. The Bolshevists did not create the soviets, which existed before they came to power. The Russian soldiers didn’t wait for Brest-Litovsk to make peace with Germany. The mouzhiks didn’t wait for the prikaze of October 25, 1917 to take ownership of the lands of monks and landlords. In the factories the workers had already organized committees of exploitation before Lenin succeeded in his coup de force.

The people’s commissars had to bring order out of disorder. They regulated the previous state of affairs by working at giving it a legal foundation. “Sometimes,” says M. Antonelli, “their intervention was in the direction of moderation, which elevated certain elements of the working class and peasant population.”

There is yet one more point of resemblance with Jacobinism. Most of the great revolutionary measures of the year II were not the result of an initiative by the Committee of Public Safety or even the deputies of the Convention. They were imposed on them under the pressure of the clubs. The maximum, that is the taxation of all basic products, was loudly called for by the sections before being inscribed in the law. The Montagnards at first strove to resist a measure they judged dangerous. The levée en masse or the first requisition, the revolutionary army charged with applying the laws on subsistence goods and dechristianization were the work of the leaders of the clubs and local administrations before being adopted and legalized by the Convention.

Jacobins and Bolshevists are carried along by a current stronger than themselves. These dictators obey their troops in order to be able to command them.

Why be surprised then that they run up against the same obstacles and are exposed to the same dangers?

For the Bolshevists the dictatorship of the proletariat is nothing but a step on way to communism; for many of their supporters it is a goal. From the top to the bottom of the scale the government of the Soviets runs up against the egoism of those it rules. The Russian peasant, like the French peasant of the year II, wants to keep his harvest. It is only with difficulty that he gives it up in exchange for depreciated paper money. They must sometimes resort to force to have him open the doors of his storehouse. The worker considers the factory his thing. He works as little as possible. He interprets the revolution as the right to be lazy. The bureaucrats who inventory, requisition, and parcel out goods traffic in their functions. The class dictatorship in practice is reduced to a vast pillaging operation by subaltern petty tyrants. Lenin’s chinovniks are as bad as those of Nicolas II.

Lenin knows this and attempts to react vigorously. In order to set an example thieves caught in the act during the revolution of October 25 were executed on the spot. Lenin isn’t far from saying that the motor force of the new regime must be virtue, in other words, the sacrifice of private interest to public interest. He insists on the absolute need to raise production by disciplining labor in order to intensify it. “The Russian,” he says, “is a poor worker when compared with the citizens of the advanced nations. Learning to work is the problem that Soviet power must pose in all its grandeur to the people.” And he doesn’t hesitate to advocate piece work and even the application of the Taylor system, which western unionists consider a form of slavery. He realizes that the problems of production and distribution cannot be resolved by administrative measures alone, but that they are to a certain extent of a moral order. Thus he has organized a vast organizational and educational propaganda program by means of newspapers and conferences at the Socialist Academy. He hopes in this way to elevate the cultural level of the masses and to make the revolution in their spirits. “The model communes must and will serve as educators, as professors, as support for the backward communes. The press must serve as an instrument in the building of socialism, making known in all their details the success of the model communes, studying the reasons for their success, the processes of their domestic economy, while placing on a black list those of communes that stubbornly preserve the traditions of capitalism, that is, of anarchy, laziness, disorder, and speculation.”

Here again the Bolshevists imitate the Jacobins, who placed morality on the order of the day and strove to educate the masses and put a brake on egoism by an entire system closely tied to civic festivals and social institutions, including an ad hoc periodical, the “Collection of Heroic and Civic Actions” was the organ. Like the Jacobins the Bolsheviks broke with the church, which they separated from the state. Until now they haven’t felt the need, like their predecessors, to replace the old cult by a new one adapted to their politics, but they are already on the road that leads there.

Lenin is already worried about the gradual invasion of the soviets by parliamentarism. “This must be fought against by using all the members of the soviets as active participants in the administration.” He doesn’t want the rule of the phrasemonger any more than he wants the rule of bureaucrats. Before him Saint-Just denounced the same peril: “The city is virtually usurped by the functionaries. In the assemblies they dispose of votes and jobs, in the popular societies of opinion. All of them procure independence and the most absolute power for themselves under the pretext of acting in a revolutionary way, as if the revolutionary power resided in them” (8 Ventôse) .

Nevertheless, the moist serious dangers that threaten the Soviet government are perhaps not those from within. Sabotage, attacks, jacqueries, and revolts are less formidable than the blockade and foreign war. The relationship between them is in any case obvious.

The Montagnards of the year II had to confront the same situation. They handled it through military victory. “Victory of Death” was their motto. The Bolshevists, borne to power by the exhaustion and lassitude of a people anxious for peace, at first surrendered to the torrent. Their defeatism was a tactic, but it was not only that. In order to defend their compromised revolution, to save their heads, they were forced to go back to war. The future of Bolshevism will be determined on the battlefield, as was the fate of Jacobinism.

After victory the Jacobins split, and their splits led to their defeat. The army became the arbiter of their quarrels and the Republic was finally confiscated by a victorious general.

Is it possible that Bolshevism will suffer the same fate? We’ll soon know if its armies are capable of fending off the external perils and triumph over the latest revolts. Will Trotsky and Lenin remain united? Will a Russian 9 Thermidor follow the May 31 of October 25, and will an 18 Brumaire successfully carried out by a more adroit Kornilov end in tragedy? These are the secrets held by the morrow.

History never repeats itself exactly. But the resemblances our analysis has brought out between the great crises of 1793 and 1917 are neither superficial nor fortuitous. The Russian revolutionaries willingly and knowingly imitate the French revolutionaries. They are animated by the same spirit. They move about amidst the same problems in an analogous atmosphere. The times are different. Civilization has advanced over the past century and a quarter. But Russia owes more to its backwards state than is ordinarily believed for its resemblance to the agricultural and illiterate France of the end of the 18th century.

It will be interesting to observe and will be rich matter for reflection to see if the two revolutions follow each other at the same cadence up to the end.

1. “If we take the scale of western revolutions, we are approximately at the level of what was reached in 1793 and 1870.” (Lenin’s speech of May 28, 1918)

2. “The lands of Cossacks and simple soldiers and peasants cannot be confiscated.” (Decree of October 26, 1917)

Albert Mathiez Archive


The Jewish Antinomian Origins of “Cultural Marxism”

the critical theory of the Frankfurt School ought to be understood as a continuation of the long tradition of Jewish antinomianism as it emphasizes a break from the ideology and norms of the existing modern order for the sake of redemption the members of the Frankfurt School drew inspiration from the Western canonical tradition with its blend of Jewish and Pagan precepts rather than seeking to destroy their animosity towards Western industrial capitalist society and the progress myth grew out of the historical disdainful attitudes of the goyim towards European Jewry culminating in a genocide characterized by hierarchical obedience and technical efficacy

if Q hating conspiracy theorist really knew anything about Jewish history and the Frankfurt School they'd bring up father Benjamin's mansion avenge his blood and his admitted interest in the Gnostics apathy and progress kerosene something he picked up from his good friend at theologian Gershom Scholem which consisted of a moral transcendence of Jewish law and ethics such as the consumption of enclosure foods ritual sodomy and orgies and porom etc

egalitarianism and female liberation of doctrines all in the name of teaching and messianic redemption the Duma

the loyal followers of shaveh types be publicly converted to Islam in the manner of the forced conversion of their machine all while secretly practicing their clandestine heretical Jewish faith replete with wife-swapping homosexuality and other Abrahamic kimonos

Sodoma situated in Turkey later infiltrated QC and Alevi orders as well as the Turkish Communist Party feminist and anarchist organization intent on subverting traditional Islamic morality and epistemology

critical theory follows in this wave of thought by throwing off the rigid chains and iron spits of the narrative which emerged from modernity and capitalism mythologies of progress and the gradual move toward a new golden age through the forces of technological developments

so-called capitalist freedom and unmarriable logic which had engulfed the Western mode of thought were in essence flip in the sense that they would be interpreted as elements of social control and an ongoing historical catastrophe leading humanity's straight to a torturous fascist death

Oral Torah and kabbalistic texts are littered with references to the existing world being under the domain of the evil side of God

that is the side of God which incorporates hatred punishment and unholiness

God fell into duality by the act of creation and must be reunified through the TIC beam of the people below who'd actions will dust bring about a reunification of God above and a return to the primordial harmony

then you mean was fully aware that Hashem evil side guides over this world gene and his portrayal of history and culture as products of continual barbarism as he had knowledge of oral torah and the teachings of Jewish mystics he was wise enough to understand that contrary to the ideology of both capitalism and Soviet economic determinism progress is a myth

as each generation declines in wisdom and spiritual insight despite huge advances in technology and societal complexity it is only when this progression is broken and has been attempted throughout history by figures by clones Rosa Luxemburg

when salvation can be ushered in following in the antinomian Catholic heritage of the 17th the Messiah described by Benjamin and his final essay

is not a moralism obsessed untouchable but one group in both memory as Jews are commanded to do in order to transcend good and evil and to stop history in order to bring forth the Messianic era

the hard determinants understanding of history is of no youth the Shia can arrive at any time the critique of progress is also found in Theodor Adorno

and mocks for Connors dialectic of enlightenment a scathing critique of Western human thought there sees the second many elements found in the work of traditionalist icons Julius II Rolla and Ravenna

and all that the Enlightenment did not succeed in wiping Western society free from tyranny and mythology but created new tyrannies and mythology

and by doing so throughout the West proverbially out of the frying pan and into the fire

the constrictions of rationality and scientism condition to the post enlightenment west into a state of perpetual amnesia concerning the limits of such thinking and enabled the atrocities of war human genocide and ecological destruction

Adorno and Horkheimer also took up the Jewish emphasis on memory as it appears in venues work as the memory of the subject in nature one cannot escape from nature as they cannot escape from past

therefore the deliberate neglect of the liberation of nature ultimately leads to a self-destructive concept of a more prominent target of their critique was the much celebrated popular culture of their time which they sourly denounced as a tool of capitalism to distract and deceive the masses it is not surprising that the left has been dismissed their work all while the conservative right has actually appropriated it Tara Berg mark who'sa became a hippie guru due to the utopianism sweep portrayed in his works but became very critical of the new left and their failure to generate a lasting anti-capitalist revolution the advocacy he first expressed a sexual promiscuity was intended as a form of rebellion against the perceived asexual culture of the 1950's later he would denounce the youth movement which he had once inspired as having no will to build a significant leftist alternative to capitalism in the text for which he is most known one-dimensional men he also repeats many of the same anti-progress modernity critical tropes centering on the forces of assimilation and formalization of late capitalist culture and the grand limits of logic the mechanization of capitalism through technology and hard social stratification mainly scientific management has led to the creation of a monolithic culture and thought which drains any form of creativity authenticity or social dissent in true gnostic reversal mark ruther denounces the fifth formalized nature of capitalism and its methods of organizing society while the system itself is very logical the outcomes it produces are highly illogical as they hold back social emancipation and only further the web of social control in all of this it can be stated that the intellectuals of the Frankfurt School were in no way trying to infiltrate culture but we're rather looking to retrieve the elements of what culture which gave us a sense of utopian isms within the commodified capitalist flood this can be seen in the ways been you mean utilized translation as a means of finding the lost holy sparks of God within language and literature and also within his know keep collecting and contrasting the artifacts of cultures he encounters whilst walking into the sphere of the profane it is also what led Adorno to praise old-school reactionary thinkers on the basis that such thought longed for a culture that was more authentic and mark Hooda to champion Buchwald literature as superior to the hippie aesthetics which he denounced as having little to no artistic values they all recognized that mainstream culture had been transformed into a decaying carcass as modernity and capitalism loomed over Western civilization when energized imide hastily bring up political correctness and the forms of language policing used by modern so-called leftist as proof of cultural Marxism existence they are in fact ignorantly referencing a very specific Jewish teaching regarding the role of language and creation and said theologies influence on a critical theory mystical texts reveal that Hashem created the world through language a fact repeated in the Christian Bible at the beginning of the Gospel of John each letter and each word contains an esoteric meaning and every word thus contains a hidden meaning behind is invisible meaning as the world below is a reflection of what is above language is fragmented as God has fallen into fragmentation due to the act of as God is sporadic and unpredictable language is for attic and unpredictable and reflects something which is otherwise unknown on the surface then you mean applied the sacred knowledge to his own writings on language it would be taken up a few decades later by imaging constructions the French post-structuralist who combined this idea with the genealogical method of previous Riccio the mantra of deconstruction follows the same path human existence the self perception and so on are all epiphenomena of language which is in turned inherently broken and multi-layered political correctness and the obsession many of the so-called left have with language emerged from a bastardization of deconstruction by the American postmodern academic class who took it on them to breed Western Christian moralism into this centrally Jewish school of thought as the Sabbath jeans were driven into a state of myrrh on ism by the repressive Ottoman state apparatus so were the intellectuals of the Frankfurt School by the conditions of modernity and it's perpetual killing of God the Judaic elements of their works are always hidden beneath the surface as metaphors allegories Orkin Umbra but are always there if there is any credence to the cultural Marxism hypothesis it's the Frankfurt School hidden origins in Jewish antinomian maybe intellectuals of the Frankfurt School all share a hefty portion in the world to come ohm angel



Marx plagiarism

Karl Marx has been dead for 130 years, yet his malign influence is perceptible throughout Western civilisation. He is still treated with deference in his latest biographies: Jonathan Sperber’s Karl Marx: A Nineteenth-Century Life (Liveright, £35) and Rolf Hosfeld’s Karl Marx: An Intellectual Biography (Berghahn, £18). Sperber sees him as a “backward-looking figure” like Luther, who projected the revolutionary past into the future, Hosfeld as a prophet, who asked the right questions but came up with the wrong answers. But both see Marx as a titan, thereby perpetuating the preposterous claim of Friedrich Engels, his chief collaborator and mythologist, in his graveside eulogy of Marx at Highgate Cemetery in 1883: “As Darwin discovered the law of the development of organic nature, so Marx discovered the law of development of human history.”

The only one of Marx’s books that became popular appeared in 1848: The Communist Manifesto, with its resounding peroration, “The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Workers of the world, unite!” In fact, the last sentence was borrowed from Karl Schapper, a minor German agitator, while the first sentence is lifted from Jean-Paul Marat, the most bloodthirsty of the Jacobins, who was himself indebted to Rousseau’s slogan: “Man was born free, and he is everywhere in chains.” Another adage Marx and Engels took from Marat was: “The workers have no country.” Years later, in 1875, they plagiarised another French revolutionary celebrity, Louis Blanc, in their Critique of the Gotha Programme: “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.” In that same text, Marx described the “transition period” between capitalism and Communism “during which the State can be nothing else than a revolutionary dictatorship of the proletariat”. That fatal phrase, ironically, he claimed to have borrowed from Auguste Blanqui, but seems in fact to have invented himself. 

Much more serious than plagiarism is the fact of Marx’s anti-Semitism and racism. Many Marx scholars are still squeamish about this subject, but the evidence is undeniable. The authorities on this subject are Julius Carlebach and Robert Wistrich, neither of whom is cited by the new biographers, but who agree that Marx went beyond any previous expressions of anti-Semitism by blaming Jews for the corruption of Christian society and demanding their “abolition”. Marx’s early essays “On the Jewish Question” are, in the words of Carlebach, “a logical and indispensable link between Luther and Hitler”. Marx vilified Jews — “whose god is the bill of exchange” and who created Christianity in order “to attain world dominion” — and Judaism, a religion so “anti-social” that it “makes even the lavatory an object of divine law”. Later, his anti-Semitism became less Hegelian and more racist. His notorious description of his benefactor and rival Ferdinand Lassalle as “a Jewish nigger”, whom he accused of selling out the socialists to Bismarck, is all the more odious when one considers that Marx had in fact allowed himself to be used by the Austrian government as a source of intelligence on the exiled revolutionaries in London. He also demonised Jewish bankers in his 1856 article “The Russian Loan”: “Thus we find every tyrant is backed by a Jew, as is every Pope by a Jesuit.” Marx loved conspiracy theories: he believed, for instance, that the English ruling class, led by Lord Palmerston, was in the pay of tsarist Russia.

This unpalatable side of Marx is scarcely a secret. I have in front of me a copy of Aus dem literarischen Nachlass von Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels und Ferdinand Lassalle (Berlin 1913), in which is reprinted the notorious article “Hungary” of January 1849 from the Neue Rheinische Zeitung, of which Marx was editor. This piece, written by Engels but with Marx’s full approval, denounces the “ethnic trash” (Völkerabfälle) who will always support the counter-revolution “until their total extinction or loss of nationality”. The article continues: “The next world war will cause not only reactionary classes and dynasties, but entire reactionary peoples to disappear from the earth. That too is progress.” This warrant for genocide has been known for a century, yet Marx and Engels still get a good press.

Within living memory, indeed, the writings of Marx were studied like religious texts. That is why Stalin liquidated the editors of the Marx-Engels Historisch-Kritische Gesamtausgabe, Rjazanov and Adoratskij, as their work threatened to reveal that Marx had feet of clay. Sperber reminds us that strenuous efforts were made, both in his lifetime and for at least a century later, to conceal the fact that he had fathered an illegitimate son by his maid. The real scandal here, though, was the fact that the maid, Lenchen Demuth, was exploited throughout a life of unpaid service to the Marx family. She and her son Fred, whom he never acknowledged, were the only proletarians for whom Marx had personal responsibility. He failed to live up to it, just as he failed the workers and humanity in general



Was Kubrick aware of the pedophile elites long before it became mainstream knowledge?
>>242670857 (OP)
yes, and you get to watch nicole kidman, nude, in her prime
Anonymous (ID: ptIZVcsW) 02/06/20(Thu)15:14:05 No.242671771▶>>242689703
>>242670857 (OP)
yes. he "died" a couple of moths after publishing the movie
Anonymous (ID: gPyoLxlO) 02/06/20(Thu)15:15:03 No.242671899▶>>242688440 >>242690880
File: 8434596928454.jpg (178 KB, 787x586)
178 KB
He died of a (((heart attack))): [Embed]
Anonymous (ID: dZ/z47dv) 02/06/20(Thu)15:15:49 No.242672016▶>>242682652 >>242704086 >>242704174
File: 1557565185361.jpg (3.52 MB, 2608x1700)
3.52 MB
of course, he was one of them. he also faked the moon landing and i'm serious.
Anonymous (ID: 9k8ze0TP) 02/06/20(Thu)15:16:27 No.242672100▶>>242688440
Anonymous (ID: kawL3m82) 02/06/20(Thu)15:16:33 No.242672123▶
File: 1580774292091.jpg (1.59 MB, 1656x1243)
1.59 MB
fpbp [Embed]
don't worry, go take a nap
WASP gang (ID: GAL6DX3n) 02/06/20(Thu)15:25:40 No.242673387▶>>242676709 >>242677119 >>242684272 >>242687532
2001 a space odyssey is where space footage was invented. The earth is not a sphere, and most importantly, space as we know it is not real. You might think I'm just blurting this out, but if you want to understand what Kubrick was really about...that's it. That is the secret that he had to bare. He filmed and directed the moonlanding. The pedophilia trafficking and demonic ritual aspects all stand, but this is the noble lie that they have created and protected. You might not want to hear it, but I'll take every chance I have to wake people up to it.

Just look at this CGI [Embed]

it's right in your face. They are banking on your refusal to believe.
Anonymous (ID: wzTLBxXH) 02/06/20(Thu)15:34:04 No.242674555▶>>242688440
lord longford my arse

one of his ancestor got shot in the back during the land war

not suprised that pedos are amoung the scum that evicted irish people from their own lands in westmeath and longford
Anonymous (ID: LBIGuBbo) 02/06/20(Thu)15:39:05 No.242675246▶>>242689475
File: hmmmmmmmm.jpg (23 KB, 600x450)
23 KB
>>242670857 (OP)
>annnnd all of a sudden he died .....
Anonymous (ID: dZ/z47dv) 02/06/20(Thu)15:46:27 No.242676268▶>>242676709 >>242692663 >>242693452
File: moon gif same mountain ba(...).gif (194 KB, 600x447)
194 KB
WASP gang (ID: GAL6DX3n) 02/06/20(Thu)15:49:34 No.242676709▶
Anonymous (ID: BjG7MppH) 02/06/20(Thu)15:52:31 No.242677119▶>>242677449 >>242682945
What is a telescope? Take your pills Tripfag.
Anonymous (ID: L2MLel6K) 02/06/20(Thu)15:53:35 No.242677265▶>>242697788 >>242698143 >>242699230
The execs made him cut out the scene where children were running around at the orgy...... yet we all now know its all real
WASP gang (ID: GAL6DX3n) 02/06/20(Thu)15:54:54 No.242677449▶>>242677751
You seriously think a closer view of the celestial bodies in the firmament proves that the earth is a spinning globe hurdling around an atomic explosion in an infinite vacuum? Furthermore, you think telling me to take pills is some sort of additional evidence for that? You are dunning Kruger.
Anonymous (ID: 9xusanaX) 02/06/20(Thu)15:55:13 No.242677484▶
Well a mohel but his dick tip off in 1928 so might you say he was redpilled before your granddad
Anonymous (ID: s3yzXzXn) 02/06/20(Thu)15:55:38 No.242677540▶>>242681828
>>242670857 (OP)
Yes, because he was one
Anonymous (ID: mkO2otkv) 02/06/20(Thu)15:57:10 No.242677751▶>>242681906 >>242686764
shut your vpn and show real flag
Anonymous (ID: kawL3m82) 02/06/20(Thu)16:08:32 No.242679257▶>>242680404
File: tgtgv678gtuy.jpg (175 KB, 800x1093)
175 KB [Embed]
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)16:16:34 No.242680385▶>>242680767 >>242682518 >>242682780 >>242683853
File: 2d443e57-af3a-4f15-8c24-1(...).jpg (56 KB, 780x520)
56 KB
The movie and the book that it's based on are about the Frankist Kabbalah Jewish cult that rules the world.

Jacob Frank took Kabbalah/Jewish mysticism and introduced sex rituals and radical antinomianism, aka the belief that the most important obligation of every person was the transgression of every boundary.

The Rothchild family were some of the first Frankists, and Karl Marx and Moses Hess.

Marxism, modern art, pornography, Frankfurt School, Freudian psycho-analysis, these were all the projects of Frankist Jews.
Anonymous (ID: bxJHOOVb) 02/06/20(Thu)16:16:41 No.242680404▶
File: 1580582145056.jpg (117 KB, 1242x1230)
117 KB
Nicely done, Rick and Morty stinger aside
Anonymous (ID: vfgkGFe+) 02/06/20(Thu)16:17:57 No.242680562▶>>242680767 >>242682780 >>242686814
>>242670857 (OP)



Anonymous (ID: 0LqUWDN8) 02/06/20(Thu)16:19:10 No.242680728▶
>>242670857 (OP)
Is this your first time here? Are you sure you are 18?
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)16:19:18 No.242680743▶
File: download (1).jpg (6 KB, 121x160)
6 KB
Sacred Orgies: the Extremist Sabbatean Sect of Jacob Frank
By Ushi Derman

The main concept in Sabbatean theology was relying on the concept that after Shabtai Zvi entered the Jewish arena, the messianic era has started. In this new world, everything was turned upside down: the old law was cancelled, all the “do not” laws became “do” laws, even strong prohibitions such as Incest. The Sabbatean used to bless each other with this (twisted) verse: “Blessed art thou, Lord, who cancels and allows the prohibitions.”

The story of the Frankist sect started with the founder and leader, Jacob Frank. Born in Podolia in 1726 to a wealthy family from the inner circle of the Sabbatean, when he was 12 years old he joined his father on a business journey to Thessaloniki. It is assumed that he was introduced to Sabbatean circles in Thessaloniki and was deeply affected by this encounter.

Upon his return to Poland in 1755 he started to develop a severe megalomania, deeply convinced that he was the true successor of Shabtai Zvi.
Anonymous (ID: vfgkGFe+) 02/06/20(Thu)16:19:30 No.242680767▶>>242682780
this is 100% objective truth.

Our world is literally run by Satan and the energy of using rape-murder rituals to make people embrace the Satanic energies.
Anonymous (ID: a4f522z2) 02/06/20(Thu)16:20:09 No.242680857▶>>242686500
>>242670857 (OP)
Why do you think he died before finishing the damn movie ?
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)16:20:42 No.242680935▶>>242703247
File: SJSETOFEBEI6TKM5KT3RK4TRNE (1).jpg (668 KB, 2071x1440)
668 KB
"Frank addressed his followers: “I came not to elevate your spirits, but to humiliate you to the bottom of the abyss, where you can get no lower, and where no man can rise from by his own forces, but only God can pull him with his mighty hand from the depth.” By “abyss” he meant particularly sexual rituals that included sacred orgies with just a touch of incest. The sexual adventures reached the ears of the senior rabbis of Poland, after the Frankists held a rough sexual ceremony described by David Kahana in his “Book of Darkness”: on the 26th day of the month of Shvat in 1756, on a market day in the town of Lanzkron, Podolia, the people of the Frank sect gathered in the morning in an inn of one of their own, closed all the windows in secrecy, and took the rabbi’s wife, a beautiful and promiscuous woman, sat her down naked in a palanquin, placed a Torah crown upon her head and danced around her, playing instruments, falling on her and kissing her, while calling her “mezuzah”."
Anonymous (ID: zZEtW36o) 02/06/20(Thu)16:20:57 No.242680966▶>>242681998 >>242682351 >>242688440 >>242700597
>>242670857 (OP)
It's totally overrated and the only pedo in it is a Russian costume shop owner.
Anonymous (ID: VgCRYcTk) 02/06/20(Thu)16:23:46 No.242681296▶
File: Screen Shot 2020-02-06 at(...).png (66 KB, 1225x119)
66 KB
>>242670857 (OP)
Anonymous (ID: zZEtW36o) 02/06/20(Thu)16:25:51 No.242681562▶>>242681728 >>242690767 >>242700899
>>242670857 (OP)
What is it about Kubrick that brings the schizos running?
Anonymous (ID: kawL3m82) 02/06/20(Thu)16:27:06 No.242681728▶
THIS is an excellent question
Anonymous (ID: HpvYO4+N) 02/06/20(Thu)16:27:55 No.242681828▶
Probably this. All the themes were kike stuff: saturnian cult, "reeducation", sex cults, dying for the jews, pedo shit, jewish voodoo...
Anonymous (ID: kSEd5Sd9) 02/06/20(Thu)16:28:25 No.242681906▶>>242686764
Doubt it, that's pretty much murican brain trying out critical thinking.
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)16:29:13 No.242681998▶
File: dfasdfasdfasdfasd.png (249 KB, 657x333)
249 KB

Supposedly there's a missing 17 minutes from the movie or something. The pedo Russian costume shop owner and his daughter and their connection to the elite cult.

When Tom Cruise enters the orgy ritual, I believe that the Russian father and his 14 year old daughter are two of the characters wearing masks. They are up on the balcony, the 14 year old girl is probably the one in the purple mask on the left, at the 30 second mark in this video.

That orgy scene probably included pedophilia in the dircector's cut. [Embed]
Anonymous (ID: 1fqwHRrE) 02/06/20(Thu)16:31:53 No.242682351▶>>242682965

He's Moloch dumbass.
Name is Milich - what language removes vowels?
Anonymous (ID: QayvZQK7) 02/06/20(Thu)16:32:20 No.242682403▶
severe autist detected
Anonymous (ID: 04ZXAb/c) 02/06/20(Thu)16:33:09 No.242682518▶>>242683281 >>242683629 >>242683731 >>242696685 >>242699007
You got a good book or video on that?
Anonymous (ID: vb7Ue5ZQ) 02/06/20(Thu)16:34:26 No.242682652▶>>242687199
The moon landing was faked on the moon like that old 90s game Battlezone. They had to make the public think we got there in a tin can instead of probably swastika covered UFO type thing.
In fact I like the theory that the entire cold war was a game USA and USSR played to funnel $ to their shit.
Anonymous (ID: d+P0gpQ1) GN 02/06/20(Thu)16:35:38 No.242682780▶>>242683033 >>242684862 >>242692752 >>242704324
what god do they serve?
Anonymous (ID: vb7Ue5ZQ) 02/06/20(Thu)16:37:02 No.242682945▶
The Earth is 4 times larger then the moon. The Earth from the moon would appear 4x larger in the sky then the moon does from the Earth. It would be fuck all massive not a tiny blue marble.
I don't know if space is fake or gay but it's obvious they lie about it and do blue screens for supposed ISS stuff. If we have 5+ people on the ISS all the time why oh why would they ever need to fake anything?
Anonymous (ID: kawL3m82) 02/06/20(Thu)16:37:07 No.242682965▶
File: saturngatekeeper.png (276 KB, 425x917)
276 KB
Anonymous (ID: nai059yF) 02/06/20(Thu)16:37:34 No.242683033▶>>242683105 >>242683419 >>242688440
Satan/lucifer/demiurge/great deceiver.
Anonymous (ID: kawL3m82) 02/06/20(Thu)16:38:07 No.242683105▶
basedbong [Embed]
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)16:39:35 No.242683281▶

There's a bunch of good web pages, and probably some really good books.

Here's a segment of something you should read, link below:


Kabbalistic Jews believe that God was shattered by the act of Creation, and that His attributes lay as "holy sparks" imbedded in Creation which must be picked up in order for Him to be restored to oneness (known as the act of tikkun). The kabbalist therefore believes that the Jewsish Messiah will never arrive and thus Mankind will never be liberated until God is restored to oneness. The way to do this, according to the kabbalists, is to engage in acts of holiness and meditation in order to retrieve the sparks of God.

In the year 1666, a kabbalist and occultist named Sabbatai Zevi declared himself the Jewish Messiah. Upon his messiahship, he turned the Torah around by declaring that all sins were now considered "holy" and that the only way to "repair" God was to engage in acts of depravity. He lost several followers after the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire forced him to convert to Islam, however, several Jews still followed him. 100 years later, Jacob Frank declared himself to be the reincarnation of Sabbatai Zevi and took those ideas to an even more extreme level. In order for God to be fully repaired and for the Messianic Era to arrive, mankind must destroy all of its traditional moral values and go beyond good and evil. The Frankists, as they were called, engaged in every horrible thing you could imagine: black magic, wife-swapping, sex orgies, homosexuality, incest, pedophilia, and promoted a form of proto-feminism and proto-communism. Every one of these disgusting acts was considered to be a "holy tikkun" (restoration) of God if done with holy intent. They were entirely apocalyptic who despised the world of creation, seeking to bring about its early end and to bring forth a Messianic utopia.
Anonymous (ID: D/lP5SPi) 02/06/20(Thu)16:39:45 No.242683301▶
File: images (5).jpg (20 KB, 206x245)
20 KB
William Cooper explains. Youtube used to have his vids but it's current year and you new fags & goys might get smart to this saturn/black cube warship so:
> "oy vey shut it down"
Anonymous (ID: d+P0gpQ1) GN 02/06/20(Thu)16:40:40 No.242683419▶>>242684025 >>242684177
and what do they gain by serving the devil? they'll burn in hell
Anonymous (ID: hKGIdmds) 02/06/20(Thu)16:41:50 No.242683549▶
>>242670857 (OP)
>long before it became mainstream knowledge
People were saying Shirley Temple was abused. get a fucking clue
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)16:42:32 No.242683629▶>>242685027 >>242688526 >>242699285

Here we go, and it's from a Jewish source too:

Sabbatean Frankism As The Paradigm Of The Modern Left – The Rebbe Blog
by The Rebbe Blog

What do all these influential intellectuals all have in common?

1. Communism (Marx)
2. Sexual depravity (Freud)
3. Corporate Leftism (Bernays)
4. Multiculturalism (Horace Kallen)
5. Deconstructivism/Critical Theory (Walter Benjamin)
6. Frankfurt School (Adorno)
7. Radical jurisprudence (Brandeis, Frankfurter, and Cardozo)
8. Large-scale, non-selective immigration (Israel Zangwill, Emma Lazarus)

They are all linked to Sabbatean-Frankism, a distinct quasi-Satanic schism within Jewry. The extraordinary prevalence of Sabbatean-Frankist influence among top Jewish intellectuals from 1850-1950 makes it statistically impossible to deny its role because of the impossible coincidences.

The Sabbatean-Frankists sought to invert traditional Jewish-Christian values, including the 10 Commandments, restrictions on debauched sexuality, man’s dominion over the environment, etc. Further, given Sabbatean-Frankism’s apocalyptic nature, the modern Left is riven with irrational destructive impulses.
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)16:43:20 No.242683731▶>>242683885 >>242684356

Here's the full text, sorry:

Full text of "Sabbatean Frankism As The Paradigm Of The Modern Left – The Rebbe Blog"–%20TheRebbeBlog_djvu.txt
Anonymous (ID: ABH17OF9) 02/06/20(Thu)16:44:12 No.242683837▶>>242683993 >>242694644
>>242670857 (OP)
Isn't that the movie that they cut 26 mins out of right before Kubrick suddenly died?
Anonymous (ID: QXkkpZ3k) 02/06/20(Thu)16:44:18 No.242683853▶

This is an abomination
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)16:44:31 No.242683885▶>>242683992

“Neo-Frankist”: Following the death of Jakob Frank in 1791, his movement fell apart.
About a century later, “Neo-Frankism” and related Jewish mysticism became common
among Jewish intelligentsia . As German fascists found spiritual energy in neo-Paganism,
the radical Jewish Left found its muse in Sabbatean-Frankist thought. Although they don’t
technically practice Frankist custom and ritual, clearly they are linked to the ideas and
sub-culture of the Frankist movement, including marrying fellow Frankist.

Marx, Freud, Israel Zangwill, and the Frankfurt School , among others, all appear to be

We make war against all prevailing ideas of religion, of the state, of country, of patriotism.
The idea of God is the keynote of a perverted civilization. It must be destroyed.

-Karl Marx

The bizarre Frankist cult should have been a historical footnote, but they were able to
capture the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) and Western culture in the chaos
following WWi and WW2. Gramsci’s Long March allowed nearly all institutions of the
West (religious, political, and corporate) to be taken over by neo-Frankism.
2 - 4 - “Sabbatean-Frankists”: references Sabbateans, Frankists, and Neo-Frankists,

2-5. Frankist Paradigm: The “Frankist Paradigm” is the set of neo-Frankist beliefs that
have now metastasized across Western culture. These ideas find resonance in a multi¬
cultural society, where animosities brew under the surface and politics becomes a proxy
for ethnic warfare . Without traditionalism, society becomes insipid and narcissistic,

finding itself attracted to radical politics as a catharsis and a sadistic release . Without
unity, society divides into warring factions. The Frankist Paradigm weaponizes these
conflicts, producing a society of malcontents more interested in destruction and
animosity than collective progress.
Anonymous (ID: ABH17OF9) 02/06/20(Thu)16:45:00 No.242683944▶>>242688440
He was Epsteined for making this film
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)16:45:24 No.242683992▶>>242684089

Methodologies: Howto Identify Sabbatean-Frankists

Sabbatean-Frankists rarely reveal their interest in Zevi or Frank ( Israel Zangwill was an
exception ). Frankists were commanded: “a believer must not appear as he really is”. They
went so far as to destroy all public and personal records to conceal their prior association.
Why would they hitch themselves to discredited apocalyptic messiahs with bizarre sexual
proclivities? Indeed, the entire modem Leftist project to destroy the West would be
undermined if its hidden roots in apocalyptic quasi-Satanism were uncovered.

Sabbatean-Frankists were deeply cynical and relish deception. So, instead of saying that
they were influenced by Frank, they make up risible hagiography-worthy stories of their
profound altruism and humanity (Marx claiming that he was inspired to Communism by
seeing unneeded scrap wood not being shared to help keep the German locals warm).

To identify Sabbatean influence, Gershom Scholem used geographic loci to determine a
Sabbatean relationship. For example, if the Haskalah (the Jewish Enlightenment) popped
up in a region known as a nest of Sabbatean behavior, he drew a causal connection
between the Haskalah and earlier known Sabbatean activity. Thus, there is a pattern of
Sabbatean-Frankists linked to a few regions, such as Prague, Posen, and Frankfurt. Jewry
lacked a strong centralized governance, meaning that heresies could thrive in isolated

As Scholem demonstrated, there are techniques to identify potential linkages between an
individual or an activity and Sabbatean-Frankism. The “art and science” of identifying
Sabbateans has been going on for over 350 years and it’s a hit-or-miss affair .

Sabbatean-Frankists were anything but your “typical Jew”. They were distinctive with
unique backgrounds and commonalities. Using these patterns, we can determine if a given
intellectual could be characterized as “ Sabbatean-Frankist”.
Anonymous (ID: kawL3m82) 02/06/20(Thu)16:45:22 No.242683993▶>>242684701
File: 1515363066472.jpg (3.6 MB, 4448x3152)
3.6 MB
this is a goddamn David Wilcock meme
footage is cut from every movie
that being said, pic related
Anonymous (ID: ZQ0R/hEL) 02/06/20(Thu)16:45:40 No.242684025▶
Material gains- money and wealth, and power. They'll pay the price for being eternally damned of course, but while they're here, 99% of people involved in chasing the aforementioned things sell their soul to get it.
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)16:46:12 No.242684089▶>>242684653

Frankist Dynasty

If a given intellectual or activist comes from a family of Sabbatean-Frankists, this is a red
flag that he could be one as well. The Rothschilds and Jacob Schiff descended from
Frankists. Marx’ s father was rumored to have been one. Brandeis came from a high-
profile Frankist famib and Felix Frankfurter’s mother was one. Supreme Court Justice
Cardozo (and his cousin Emma Lazarus) were Sephardi Jews from the same dynasty as
the Sabbatean prophet, Cardoso . These dynasties produced extraordinarily talented men,
akin to Galtonian eminence.

Frankist families often did not revert to Judaism, but remained an endogenous community
where they regularly inter-married and maintained their distinct history and values.
Further, Orthodox Jews didn’t want the murdering pedophiles back in Judaism.
Anonymous (ID: nai059yF) 02/06/20(Thu)16:46:56 No.242684177▶>>242688440 >>242691134
Why do you think Jews fight so desperately to hold on to mortal life? All the baby penis succ happens as a vein attempt to steal life force from youth. That's why they formed all the occult shit. Freemason fraternities eventually just boil down to old Jewish men getting freaky with young men to steal life energy.
Anonymous (ID: jpfpeUMx) 02/06/20(Thu)16:47:44 No.242684272▶>>242685031 >>242687576 >>242699361
>The earth is not a sphere, and most importantly, space as we know it is not real.
Why is every flat earther an American flag.
Why is every christcuck an American flag.
Why can't you just be abnormal normally like the rest of us.
Anonymous (ID: 04ZXAb/c) 02/06/20(Thu)16:48:30 No.242684356▶>>242685520
Thanks. I've always interpreted the modern ruling elite as merely satanic. It helps to have a lot more detail about what they are and where they came from
Anonymous (ID: MsI252xy) 02/06/20(Thu)16:49:19 No.242684466▶>>242684690 >>242688440
File: eyes wide black death.png (1.37 MB, 1022x1592)
1.37 MB
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)16:50:48 No.242684653▶
Jacob Frank (creator of the modern Left's paradigm, "Labor Zionism")
Rothschild Dynasty (developed modern corrupt high finance)
Karl Marx (developed communism)
Josef Goldmark (leader, Austrian 1848 Revolt)
Jacob Schiff (funded Russian Revolution)
Sigmund Freud (developed psychology)
Brandeis (SCOTUS, son-in-law of Josef Goldmark. #1 US legal thinker)
Israel Zangwill ("Melting Pot"). #1 immigration proponent.
Benjamin Cordozo (another radical SCOTUS)
Stephen Wise (Radicalized US Jewry, most powerful rabbi, ever.)
Felix Frankfurter (another radical SCOTUS)
Edward Bernays (invented "Propoganda", modern PR, Freud's nephew)
Sulzberger Dynasty (New York Times owners)
Walter Bejamin (Frankfurt School: conquered the Ivies, academic Left)
Erich Fromm (Frankfurt School: conquered the Ivies, academic Left)
Theodor Adorno (Frankfurt School: conquered the Ivies, academic Left)
Horace Kallen (invented "Multi-Culturalism", Ivy professor)
NAACP founders (Wise and Schiff, above)
ACLU founders
Anonymous (ID: kawL3m82) 02/06/20(Thu)16:51:06 No.242684690▶>>242685062 >>242703636
File: 1580865730731.png (714 KB, 1280x612)
714 KB
Anonymous (ID: VgCRYcTk) 02/06/20(Thu)16:51:11 No.242684701▶>>242684756
i love kubrick movies and analyzing them, but what a god damn mess that image is
Anonymous (ID: XpMtouCZ) 02/06/20(Thu)16:51:30 No.242684740▶>>242684926 >>242691538
nice mentally ill thread you guys have here
Anonymous (ID: kawL3m82) 02/06/20(Thu)16:51:40 No.242684756▶
File: 1517076082548.png (551 KB, 1275x547)
551 KB
(that's part of the joke)
Anonymous (ID: /RmbvGbf) 02/06/20(Thu)16:52:39 No.242684862▶
in cash we trust.
Anonymous (ID: kawL3m82) 02/06/20(Thu)16:53:11 No.242684926▶>>242685157
thanks fren
you just got Kubrick'd [Embed]
Anonymous (ID: nd2fqV9w) 02/06/20(Thu)16:53:59 No.242685027▶
Interesting. I thought he was a shill, but this is true word from the schul.
Anonymous (ID: vb7Ue5ZQ) 02/06/20(Thu)16:54:01 No.242685031▶>>242697262
Why is ever Brit a servile simp?
Why is every peasant a bong?
Why are you even here if you don't question authority?
Just go watch the BBC Nigel and learn how history is a white wash. BBC says way crazier shit then the most schitzo person here.
Explain how having thought experiments with entertaining whimsical ideas is so painful to you?
Is it because you want us to be wage slaving and miserable instead?
Are you afraid that we'll figure something out?
Until Kopneeticus the entire world was convinced the universe rotated around the Earth until one guy thought differently
>Why is every Solar Centrist a Prussian flag
>Why is every scieniss a Prussian flag
>Why can't you just worship the pope like the rest of us
Anonymous (ID: TlHTsKFC) 02/06/20(Thu)16:54:24 No.242685062▶>>242685195
Who are those two
Anonymous (ID: XpMtouCZ) 02/06/20(Thu)16:55:17 No.242685157▶>>242685457 >>242685500 >>242687707
I know this makes some kind of symbolic sense to deranged people like you but to someone who's sane this is just nonsense
Anonymous (ID: kawL3m82) 02/06/20(Thu)16:55:35 No.242685195▶
sun/corona +
plague mask
Anonymous (ID: kawL3m82) 02/06/20(Thu)16:57:32 No.242685457▶>>242691657
File: gui.jpg (6 KB, 233x216)
6 KB
this guy gets it
thanks my droogs
i'm going to go eat a burger
Anonymous (ID: nd2fqV9w) 02/06/20(Thu)16:57:50 No.242685500▶>>242685683 >>242688440
T. Frankist

Do you like cheese pizza?
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)16:57:58 No.242685520▶
File: 220px-Jeffrey_Epstein,_27.jpg (12 KB, 220x191)
12 KB

Yeah, and B'Nai B'Rith is Frankist. That's the Jewish Masonic group that created the ADL.

They created the ADL after the Atlanta President of B'Nai B'Rith, Leo Frank, was finally roped for raping and murdering a 13 year old shiksa. And the reports were that Leo Frank would host orgies with child prostitutes in that sweat shop factory he owned.

Sacha Baron-Cohen's father was the president of B'Nai B'Rith's England branch. That's why Sacha became so famous, and that's why he just gave a big speech at the ADL about the need to kill the first amendment.
Anonymous (ID: XpMtouCZ) 02/06/20(Thu)16:59:16 No.242685683▶>>242687820 >>242691817
most people think this conspiracy theory shit is retarded dude, it's not just cultist satan jews
Anonymous (ID: otFwys4g) 02/06/20(Thu)16:59:25 No.242685708▶
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)17:00:37 No.242685848▶
File: sdfgsdfgsdfgsdfg.png (235 KB, 553x563)
235 KB
Anonymous (ID: a49yc7wP) 02/06/20(Thu)17:01:18 No.242685939▶>>242687158
File: 1552498211018.jpg (371 KB, 1000x2369)
371 KB
Anonymous (ID: EEgX43S1) 02/06/20(Thu)17:05:54 No.242686500▶>>242688440
more importantly what happened to the edited out part
WASP gang (ID: GAL6DX3n) 02/06/20(Thu)17:08:02 No.242686764▶
Neither of these comments are arguments.
WASP gang (ID: GAL6DX3n) 02/06/20(Thu)17:08:38 No.242686814▶>>242688298
All run by the Jesuit order.
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)17:10:07 No.242687005▶
Khabbalist Allusions

One of the easiest ways to identify a Sabbatean-Frankist is if they use allusions from the
Khabbalah, their holy book (while concealing the source).

a) Israel Zangwill’s famous “Melting Pot” metaphor appears to have been taken from a
scene from the Zohar where at the end of times all people’s meld into one. Zangwill
recreated this scene in his play, to which Teddy Roosevelt boomed (unknowingly) “ That’s

a great play, Mr. Zangwill! “.

b) Freud’s innovative ideas about the subconscious are similar to concepts already in the
Khabbala. Freud’s sexual morality is simply a copy of Jakob Frank’s, where sexual
repression is damaging and sexual desires should not go unfulfilled. Freud’s peculiar focus
on incest and pedophilia was distinctly Frankist . Further, extensive study has been made
of Freud’s innumerable allusions to Sabbatean thought .

c) Frankfurt School member Walter Benjamin’s Deconstructionism appears related to
the kabbalistic “shattering of the vessels” . Deconstructionism underlies the core Cultural
Marxist concept of Critical Theory.
d) According to historian Paul Johnson, Marx’s concept of histor was taken from
Khabbalistic theories from Nathan of Gaza, the mentor of Sabbati Zevi.
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)17:10:51 No.242687093▶
Intellectual Cabals

Statistical evidence can conclusively establish linkages between Sabbatean-Frankist ideas
and Leftist thought. For example, the first three “Jewish” Supreme Court Justices,
Cardozo, Frankfurter, and Brandeis, all came from Sabbatean or Frankist Dynasties . This
coincidence is statistically impossible since a tiny minority of Jews had such lineages.
Frankist Jews in the late 19th century were said to constitute a majority of the lawyers in
Prague and Warsaw . This would have terrible consequences as their subversive Frankist
Jurisprudence would ultimately turn the secular West’s greatest asset, its rule of law, into
its most subversive. Ultimately, through court fiat, most Western nations can now be
fairly described as Frankist theocracies .

Further, the three most significant immigration activists of the Victorian Era: Israel
Zangwill, Emma Lazarus, and Horace Kellen, are similarly all linked to Sabbatean-
Frankism. They even had a secretive Sabbatean-style Zionist organization where Horace Kallen, Stephen Wise, and Brandeis operated.
Anonymous (ID: 8UAUhghD) 02/06/20(Thu)17:11:22 No.242687158▶
Mike doesn't have fantasies. He is referred to as the shape for a reason.
WASP gang (ID: GAL6DX3n) 02/06/20(Thu)17:11:45 No.242687199▶>>242688440
It was faked because no one has ever been to the moon or space. It was faked because space is fake. I'm starting to find it funny that this is so hard for people to wrap their minds around.
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)17:12:07 No.242687245▶
Obsession with Destruction

Further, the Sabbatean-Frankists often held psychotic narcissistic fantasies of the West’s
destruction at their hands: Marx’s “Revolution” and Satanic poetry of destruction or
Freud fancying himself as Hannibal, conqueror of the West. This obsession with
destruction, as an end itself, stands in contrast to traditional “gentile” Leftism. Unitarians
oppose traditional Christian values, yet they do not seem obsessed with destroying all
sane, rational order.

Sabbatean-Frankists cynically feigned “secular humanism”, but they represent a distinct
ideology from, say, Robespierre, who sought a form of rational order . Even Marquis de
Sade is viewed as a satirist by Camille Paglia . But, there is nothing satirical about Freud or
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)17:13:17 No.242687401▶>>242691096 >>242699285
Labor Zionism

In 19th century Judaism, Zionism was widely viewed as Sabbatean (Herlz was even accused
of being one). Sabbatean Zionists sought control over the Holy Land to use the leverage of
Jerusalem to establish hegemony over all of Judaism (know that Zevi’s 17th century
movement was ultimately squelched by the Chief Rabbinate of Jerusalem calling him a

The Sabbatean-Frankist obsession with Zionism is similar to Islam’s obsession with
conquest over the Holy Land. The Holy Land holds no real connection to the Islam, yet
both faiths works tirelessly to establish hegemony over it to defile and humiliate the
Judeo-Christian faiths. In this sense, both faiths, Islam and Sabbatean-Frankism, share a
common ideal of destruction.
This “Labor Zionism” shouldn’t be confused with “Religious Zionism” (Jewish #NRx) or
“Revisionist Zionism” (Jewish Alt-Right), which are the opposite. In Israel today, “Labor”
represents the intellectual remnants of “Labor Zionism”, and Netanyahu’s government
represents a coalition of Religious and Revisionist Zionists. So, in Israeli politics, the
Left’s relationship with its Sabbatean roots is more clearly defined.
Anonymous (ID: lZw2pTAJ) 02/06/20(Thu)17:14:23 No.242687532▶>>242688216
take your meds schizo.

undergrad physics majors routinely perform experiments that prove the spherical earth.
Anonymous (ID: mfnS5YEu) 02/06/20(Thu)17:14:26 No.242687537▶
>>242670857 (OP)
post nude Nicole Kidman
WASP gang (ID: GAL6DX3n) 02/06/20(Thu)17:14:43 No.242687576▶>>242687635 >>242687803
Why is every reply to my posts not an argument?
Anonymous (ID: UsIbZEay) 02/06/20(Thu)17:15:11 No.242687635▶
i love you Dad
WASP gang (ID: GAL6DX3n) 02/06/20(Thu)17:15:48 No.242687707▶>>242693639
It makes sense to people with high IQ, and it doesn't make sense to low IQ average plebs like you.

There, fixed it for you.
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)17:16:01 No.242687735▶>>242687857
File: jay-z-harvey-weinstein.jpg (29 KB, 617x435)
29 KB
Misanthropy and Disorders

Sabbatean-Frankists engaged in patterns of behavior hostile to conventional norms of the
time (homosexuality, pedophilia, incest, drug addition, encouraging promiscuity). In the
case of Marx, knocking up his housekeeper, then kicking her out on the street . Freud,
similarly, was cocaine-addicted and preyed on his patient’s mental problems. Zevi himself
appears to have suffered from severe bipolar disorder.
Anonymous (ID: kSEd5Sd9) 02/06/20(Thu)17:16:32 No.242687803▶>>242688345
You can't make argument in first place, why do you expect one in return?
WASP gang (ID: GAL6DX3n) 02/06/20(Thu)17:16:42 No.242687820▶
Who cares what most people think? "Most people" having a say is why the world is in the state it is in now. Absolute democratic thinking, fucking yikes and a half.
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)17:17:07 No.242687857▶>>242693718
File: 160829-weiner-sexting-sca(...).jpg (794 KB, 3000x2002)
794 KB
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)17:17:32 No.242687898▶
File: mileva-maric.jpg (56 KB, 900x623)
56 KB
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)17:18:13 No.242687989▶
File: Tootsie-Video-Ad-1983.jpg (513 KB, 1206x1600)
513 KB
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)17:18:52 No.242688065▶
File: 4_PAY-Epstein-Maxwella.jpg (64 KB, 615x409)
64 KB
WASP gang (ID: GAL6DX3n) 02/06/20(Thu)17:19:59 No.242688216▶>>242700698 >>242701308
No they don't lmao. They are duped into thinking it's a proof. Proof is getting into a space ship, flying into space, and observing the earth as they claim it to be (as well as space). Science claims to be an empirical practice. Have you sensed that the earth is a sphere hurdling through a vacuum around a bomb with ANY of your senses? No, you haven't. Therefore, you have not experienced it empirically, therefore the supposed dominating "scientific" worldview is not constant with science. Most people can't handle it, it shatters everything you think you know. The bible is 100% real, and the entire purpose of secret societies was to fabricate evidence against it. They have clearly succeeded for the most part.
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)17:20:12 No.242688247▶
File: Milk-stamp1.jpg (33 KB, 300x300)
33 KB
Anonymous (ID: iCipvGA6) 02/06/20(Thu)17:20:32 No.242688298▶>>242688619
WASP gang (ID: GAL6DX3n) 02/06/20(Thu)17:20:52 No.242688345▶>>242688662
I have made many arguments, you are taking to a deans list philosopher who has read hundreds of books. Do you even know what an argument is? Go ahead and my a hypothetical syllogism right now.
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)17:21:12 No.242688395▶>>242688653 >>242690478 >>242692351 >>242693285
File: eva-green-roman-polanski-(...).jpg (180 KB, 1200x675)
180 KB
Anonymous (ID: +PbJOO7T) 02/06/20(Thu)17:21:36 No.242688440▶>>242693629
Checked and the god truth abounds
Anonymous (ID: Pf2xTo24) EU 02/06/20(Thu)17:22:19 No.242688526▶

This list omits:

analytical philosophy: Wittgenstein (Jew), Kripke (Jew)

phenomenology: Husserl (Jew), Heidegger (Jew lover [Arendt]), Sartre (Jew apologist)
WASP gang (ID: GAL6DX3n) 02/06/20(Thu)17:23:02 No.242688619▶>>242688922
>>242688298 [Embed]

Have fun
Anonymous (ID: Ah54MAoV) 02/06/20(Thu)17:23:17 No.242688653▶
God, I love Eva.
Anonymous (ID: kSEd5Sd9) 02/06/20(Thu)17:23:25 No.242688662▶
You didn't make a single argument but an opinion in which you went full retard. Which can be simply dismissed same as you'd dismiss anything going against it. Meaning, you're full of shit.
Anonymous (ID: joJVzpkG) 02/06/20(Thu)17:24:12 No.242688770▶
>>242670857 (OP)
Go back to
Anonymous (ID: iCipvGA6) 02/06/20(Thu)17:25:30 No.242688922▶

If you don't know that jews are the before-last stage of the piramid, you're fooling yourself with everything before.
But the very tip of the pyramid, of the fucking octupus, it's something else, no Christian, no Jew. Nothing near that.
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)17:26:26 No.242689037▶>>242690478
File: DL5WhOfU8AA4wYl.jpg (139 KB, 1200x798)
139 KB
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)17:29:07 No.242689387▶>>242690478
File: Sharon+Tate+Rosemary%27s+Baby.jpg (71 KB, 595x396)
71 KB
Sharon Tate on the Set of 'Rosemary's Baby,' 1967
Anonymous (ID: rGcJAZqk) 02/06/20(Thu)17:29:53 No.242689475▶
File: 237.jpg (101 KB, 1600x893)
101 KB
237,000 miles between the earth and moon
Anonymous (ID: mGOmIjii) 02/06/20(Thu)17:31:38 No.242689703▶
His cut was also butchered by the film studio and key scenes removed.
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)17:31:42 No.242689709▶>>242693481
File: Anton_LaVey_photo.jpg (25 KB, 277x356)
25 KB
The Church of Satan is a religious organization dedicated to Satanism as codified in The Satanic Bible. The Church of Satan was established at the Black House in San Francisco, California, on Walpurgisnacht, April 30, 1966, by Anton Szandor LaVey, who was the Church's High Priest until his death in 1997.
Anton Szandor LaVey[1] (born Howard Stanton Levey; April 11, 1930 – October 29, 1997) was an American author, musician, and occultist.[2] He was the founder of the Church of Satan and the religion of LaVeyan Satanism. He authored several books, including The Satanic Bible, The Satanic Rituals, The Satanic Witch, The Devil's Notebook, and Satan Speaks! In addition, he released three albums, including The Satanic Mass, Satan Takes a Holiday, and Strange Music.
Anonymous (ID: dwg0J2et) KN 02/06/20(Thu)17:37:39 No.242690449▶>>242690829
File: kek.gif (494 KB, 387x305)
494 KB
>>242670857 (OP)
If you think that was a trip. You're not ready for this.

"For every dark magician, there is a light magician." [Embed]
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)17:37:52 No.242690478▶
Levin's best-known novel is Rosemary's Baby, a horror story of modern-day Satanism and other occultisms, set in Manhattan's Upper West Side. In 1968, it was made into a film starring Mia Farrow and John Cassavetes.
Levin said in 2002, "I feel guilty that 'Rosemary's Baby' led to The Exorcist, The Omen. A whole generation has been exposed, has more belief in Satan.
Anonymous (ID: K9yv8eyP) 02/06/20(Thu)17:40:13 No.242690767▶

What is it about Kubrick exposing other jews the jews that brings the other jews running?
Anonymous (ID: kawL3m82) 02/06/20(Thu)17:40:41 No.242690829▶
>>242690449 [Embed]
Anonymous (ID: yVxt4lub) 02/06/20(Thu)17:40:41 No.242690831▶
>>242670857 (OP)
>Was Kubrick aware of the pedophile elites long before it became mainstream knowledge?

And he was killed because of it.
Anonymous (ID: SOF71l5o) 02/06/20(Thu)17:41:05 No.242690880▶>>242698300 >>242698593
Occultism was very popular among french nobility. Read about the Marquise de Montespan and the Black Masses. She was the favourite of Louis XIV and participated in black masses with children sacrifices.
Anonymous (ID: 5oc3Rwxf) 02/06/20(Thu)17:42:54 No.242691096▶>>242692542 >>242693184 >>242693467
Way to deflect the threat of Jewry onto only the Frankists. The Sephardim who helped the Moors conquer 9th century Spain sure as hell weren't Frankists, nor were the Jews who killed Christ. You even keep repeating the modern 'Judeo-Christian' trope. Gimme a break
Anonymous (ID: K9yv8eyP) 02/06/20(Thu)17:43:17 No.242691134▶

Are you lying or stupid? They literally drink the blood of gentile children!
Anonymous (ID: kawL3m82) 02/06/20(Thu)17:43:20 No.242691145▶
File: 1.png (300 KB, 643x581)
300 KB
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)17:44:36 No.242691282▶>>242692292
File: evans-kissinger_2734526c.jpg (38 KB, 460x287)
38 KB
Robert Evans (born Robert J. Shapera; June 29, 1930 – October 26, 2019) was an American film producer and studio executive, best known for his work on Rosemary's Baby, Love Story, The Godfather, and Chinatown. [Embed] [Embed]
Anonymous (ID: K9yv8eyP) 02/06/20(Thu)17:46:53 No.242691538▶>>242691864

Yes, jews try to pathologize their opposition.

What else is new, fool!
Anonymous (ID: K9yv8eyP) 02/06/20(Thu)17:47:50 No.242691657▶>>242691864

Yes, jews try to pathologize their opposition.

What else is new, fool!
Anonymous (ID: K9yv8eyP) 02/06/20(Thu)17:49:05 No.242691817▶

>conspiracy theory

Hey fuckface, the CIA wants its 2005 meme back, cocksucker!
Anonymous (ID: kawL3m82) 02/06/20(Thu)17:49:28 No.242691864▶
File: 3.png (501 KB, 1185x607)
501 KB
Anonymous (ID: hDtK3rVl) 02/06/20(Thu)17:50:35 No.242691997▶
>>242670857 (OP)
He’s a Jew Hollywood director how would he not be aware
Anonymous (ID: EEgX43S1) 02/06/20(Thu)17:52:59 No.242692292▶>>242692391 >>242692606 >>242692789
A funny story about Chinatown. Jack Nicholson played in it it was direct by roman Polanski 1 years after Polanski was convicted of rapping a girl in Nicholson house.
Anonymous (ID: K9yv8eyP) 02/06/20(Thu)17:53:28 No.242692351▶

Pathetic little manlet.
Anonymous (ID: EEgX43S1) 02/06/20(Thu)17:53:44 No.242692391▶
File: 1234214.jpg (151 KB, 640x769)
151 KB
oops sorry raping a child
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)17:54:24 No.242692482▶
ermanic Jews

The Sabbatean-Frankists were nearly always Germanic Jews. Germanic Jews comprise a
tiny portion of global Jewry (even before the Holocaust). As mentioned earlier, modern
neo-Frankists often had origins in specific areas historically known for Sabbatean-
Frankist activity: Posen, Warsaw, Prague, Vienna, Frankfurt. This regionality strengthens
the argument that this is a distinct intellectual movement.

Germanic Jews were uniquely-prone to Frankism. Wealthy, narcissistic, and brilliant, the
German elite was embarrassed by their Jewish roots and traditions. Felix Mendhellson was
so ashamed of his Jewish background that he played under a Christian name. They sought
to forge a new identity for Judaism and to establish dominion over Israel through their
Zionist project. They won more Nobel Prizes per capita than any group (by far) . Like the
similarly hubristic and talented ancient Greeks, their success was merely a flash and they
left the world stage as quickly as they entered.
Anonymous (ID: K9yv8eyP) 02/06/20(Thu)17:54:57 No.242692542▶

Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)17:55:18 No.242692577▶
James Bond Villains

Sabbatean-Frankists were charming, narcissistic, brilliant, and natural leaders, often
acquiring a cult-like following. The result of their conspiratorial minds and implacable
hatred was a larger-than-life cartoonish “James Bond villain” personality full of
megalomaniacal scheming.

Jacob Schiff undermined the Tsar (funding the Japanese navy in their shocking victor and
later Russian revolutionaries). Josef Goldmark led the Vienna Revolt of 1848 , lynched the
Austrian Defense Mister, fled to the United States where he fortuitously built a munitions
factory a year before the Civil War, and then he ultimately toppled the United States via
Frankist revolution-by-fiat through his son-in-law SCOTUS Louis Brandeis .
Anonymous (ID: kawL3m82) 02/06/20(Thu)17:55:37 No.242692606▶
this is interesting, man because THEY say Polanski filmed Apollo11/12 and Kubrick "had" to finish 14-17
Anonymous (ID: orOnV2W7) 02/06/20(Thu)17:56:01 No.242692663▶
File: 1580928508997.png (551 KB, 640x780)
551 KB
what about that yield sign looking thing in 20685 tho
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)17:56:20 No.242692696▶
Millions Dead

Any large-scale catastrophe is an indicator of Sabbatean-Frankist mischief and should
arouse suspicion.

1. 100MM dead stemming from Marx’s polemic incendiary communist writings: the
Cultural Revolution in China, the Khumer Rouge, etc.

2. The Donmeh, a Turkish Sabbatean cult, may have been behind the Armenian genocide .

3. The Holocaust appears linked to FDR’s Sabbatean Court Jews passive-aggressively
blocking the emigration of Jews from Europe , and thereby consigning them to their
inevitable deaths.
Anonymous (ID: rGcJAZqk) 02/06/20(Thu)17:56:48 No.242692752▶
File: moloch.png (587 KB, 938x1024)
587 KB
Anonymous (ID: K9yv8eyP) 02/06/20(Thu)17:57:07 No.242692789▶>>242693363

You left out ‘drugging’ and ‘anally’ raping!
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)17:57:31 No.242692831▶>>242693184
The Inexplicable Left

To show that the Frankist Paradigm explains the startling rise of the Left in the 20 th
century, it is implicit to show that conventional theories are unsatisfactory. To quote
Sherlock Holmes, when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however
improbable, must be the truth.

The Left of 2017 is raw demonic madness: roving savages of Antifa, unlimited and
unqualified Islamic immigration, 9-year old transgendered children, decriminalization of
Jihadi rape of teenage white girls , etc. This is self-evidently not a rationalist movement,
and therefore it must be a quasi-theological one, rooted in radical anti-nomianism
(inversion of moral rules).

Further, none of the existing theories from the Right can account for the equally Satanic
nature and peculiarity of the Left’s dominant Jewish intellectuals.
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)17:58:40 No.242692984▶
Christian Left

Many adopt a “Christian” version of the Sabbatean-Frankist thesis and blame the left-
wing Jesuits and Unitarians. While there is no doubt that these groups promoted far-left
ideas and had the power to promote them as left-wing Protestants controlled the Ivy
League, the Christian Left is marked by pathological altruism and naivete. They have
historically applied a more left-wing interpretation of the Gospels, but this is hardly the
ideology of today’s violent apocalyptic Antifa. The Christian Left has typically acted more
like useful idiots than prime movers.

In the 2010s, however, Pope Francis appears to be taking the mantle in leading the spread
of subversion by using the power and credibility of the Papacy as a weapon to destroy
Christianity and the West .
Anonymous (ID: kawL3m82) 02/06/20(Thu)17:59:21 No.242693070▶
File: coke bottle.png (9 KB, 1117x79)
9 KB
lol, auzzies
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)17:59:28 No.242693092▶
Frankfurt School or “Cultural Marxism”

Another explanation, promoted in Mein Kampf and accepted by the Paleocons, is that
Freud, Gramsci, and the Frankfurt School (Cultural Marxists) put forward a series of ideas
that formed the basis of the modern Left. To accept this argument, you have to believe
that a fully-formed intellectual/political movement somehow spontaneously developed
from 1900-1933 and then managed to sweep the West, utterly, within a few decades.

Further, the Frankfurt School itself was heavily influenced by Sabbatean-Frankist

thought . So, the Frankfurt School is significant as the first major openly subversive
Frankist institution, but not as the originator of the Left’s ideas.
Anonymous (ID: 5oc3Rwxf) 02/06/20(Thu)18:00:15 No.242693184▶
Hey sperg, see >>242691096
Anonymous (ID: airC6462) TM 02/06/20(Thu)18:00:37 No.242693214▶
The book is titled Lord Longford: A Life, or Lord Longford: An Authorised Life by Peter Stanford. I can't seem to find the PDF online, anyone have it and mind uploading it?
Anonymous (ID: 8UAUhghD) 02/06/20(Thu)18:01:16 No.242693285▶
File: unnamed.jpg (59 KB, 376x512)
59 KB
is this a shop? literally looks like the harry potter jew troll
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)18:01:20 No.242693296▶>>242693402 >>242693467
“Jewish Interest”

Kevin MacDonald , the guru behind the AltRight, explains the 20 th century Left’s
astonishing ascension as “Jewish Interest”. Jews act in a “group evolutionary strategy”,
and that’s the real reason why Western Civilization is in ruins. While MacDonald may be
correct that Orthodox Judaism is an “evolutionary strategy”, this ended with the collapse
of the Rabbinical order as a result of Zevi, Frank, and the French Revolution .

The Left was developed by neo-Frankist intellectuals, meaning that they were promoting
the inverse of traditional Talmudic/rabbinical Jewry. Indeed, neo-Frankists like Marx
were rabid anti-Semites and Jakob Frank rallied the Catholic Church against Orthodox
Jewry, culminating in Talmud burning . So, the radical Left seeks to manipulate Christians
as patsies against Orthodox Jewry.

Once Jewry became dominated by neo-Frankists, Jews went from being “history’s
greatest survivors” under the Rabbinical order, to being repeatedly on the cusp of
extermination. Since 1900: (a) Jews have been largely removed from Europe and
slaughtered by the millions, (b) Stalin was given the atomic bomb by Jewish communists
and could have destroyed New York, home of post WW2’s surviving Jewry, (c) Stalin
further sought to exterminate Soviet Jewry before he died, (d) Feminism obliterated
secular Jewish birth rates, and lastly, (e) Israel’s Sabbatean Leftists repeatedly pushed
their nation to the brink of ruin.
Anonymous (ID: EEgX43S1) 02/06/20(Thu)18:01:56 No.242693363▶>>242693904
No one ever asked any question to Nicholson and Polanski is still praised by jewlywood to this day.
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)18:02:21 No.242693402▶

One of the most shocking revelations in this series is the peculiar passive-aggressive
attitude of Sabbatean Rabbi Stephen Wise before and during the Holocaust . The most
powerful rabbi of the 20th century did nothing to help heavily Orthodox Eastern European
Jewry and actively sabotaged anyone who tried. So, the bete noire of the AltRight,
“Organized Jewry” (which is mostly neo-Frankist front groups) hardly acted in the
generalized “Jewish interest”.

Ironically, by describing radical Jewish Leftists as being riven with ethnic fidelity,
MacDonald is buying into their risible rhetoric. Following Occam’s Razor, subversive
Jewish intellectuals serve the interests of their fellow subversive Jewish intellectuals or
subvert their fellow Jews. In sum, MacDonald’s Culture of Critique becomes cogent when
you call the modern Left a “Jewish Neo-Frankist Intellectual Movement”.
Anonymous (ID: 0rFVzuoo) 02/06/20(Thu)18:02:49 No.242693452▶>>242699338
Those are clearly in two different locations given the change in the hill behind it. Do you know anything about perspective, or anything at all?
Anonymous (ID: 5oc3Rwxf) 02/06/20(Thu)18:02:54 No.242693467▶>>242693610 >>242702557
Hey pasta goblin, see >>242691096
Anonymous (ID: f5ur793u) CF 02/06/20(Thu)18:03:01 No.242693481▶
I dont know what he has to do with anything. I get the impression a lot of his writings seem made up and not based on any ancient occultism really. Can someone confirm? He comes off like a fraud as does the Satanism movement in general, seeming atheistic mostly.
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)18:03:12 No.242693503▶
Managerial Class

Like MacDonald, James Burham (the inspiration behind National Review) also describes
the decline of the West in rationalist and not theological terms. He blames a dysfunctional
technocratic managerial elite. The problem is that corporate or governmental rationality
isn’t suicide, and that’s the direction where they are leading us. Corporate and
governments push the immigrant invasion, debt, and debauchery to the point of
destabilizing the West. Their self-destructive actions ensure an eventual reckoning. So,
these parties aren’t acting in anything resembling a rational fashion to account for where
we are today.

Further, who exactly are our Elites? They were handpicked and screened by Frankfurt
School dominated Ivy League universities. France and the UK have similar gatekeeper elite
institutions fully-captured by the radical Left. The Elite are systematically indoctrinated
for years (perhaps up to 10). Anyone not agreeing to the propaganda doesn’t get promoted
and is thereby excluded from the Elite. Conservative students and professors learn to
either submit or remain in hiding.
Anonymous (ID: SHV9vWE/) 02/06/20(Thu)18:03:48 No.242693568▶>>242693693 >>242693699 >>242693747 >>242693963
>>242670857 (OP)
There's nothing to imply paedophilia in the film. It just depicts the elites as sexual degenerates, a trope as old as time.
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)18:04:12 No.242693610▶>>242693966

Seeth harder, kike.

>b-but what about Jesus?
>Why are you singling out Israel?
Anonymous (ID: AMnWQ+ql) 02/06/20(Thu)18:04:18 No.242693629▶
Giving the thread a bump and wanted to thank you for sharing these numbers. I believe in them and hopefully I roll to give energy to taking the pedos down
Anonymous (ID: uoOodwKZ) 02/06/20(Thu)18:04:23 No.242693639▶
You are a Goddamned idiot.
Anonymous (ID: BZx0MLsN) 02/06/20(Thu)18:04:54 No.242693693▶
Bro are you dense? The last scene their child disappears at the toy store. Whaaaaat?
Anonymous (ID: OpaK4OdQ) 02/06/20(Thu)18:04:57 No.242693699▶>>242695511
File: eyes-wide-shut1.jpg (18 KB, 400x245)
18 KB
Theres literally a guy running a costume shop and prostituting his underage daughter.
Anonymous (ID: AMnWQ+ql) 02/06/20(Thu)18:05:05 No.242693718▶
I can't blame him for trying if that's the girl he was texting
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)18:05:18 No.242693747▶>>242695511
>It merely depicts a 14 year old girl getting gang-banged by middle aged Japanese businessmen.
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)18:06:26 No.242693885▶
Managerial Class

Like MacDonald, James Burham (the inspiration behind National Review) also describes
the decline of the West in rationalist and not theological terms. He blames a dysfunctional
technocratic managerial elite. The problem is that corporate or governmental rationality
isn’t suicide, and that’s the direction where they are leading us. Corporate and
governments push the immigrant invasion, debt, and debauchery to the point of
destabilizing the West. Their self-destructive actions ensure an eventual reckoning. So,
these parties aren’t acting in anything resembling a rational fashion to account for where
we are today.

Further, who exactly are our Elites? They were handpicked and screened by Frankfurt
School dominated Ivy League universities. France and the UK have similar gatekeeper elite
institutions fully-captured by the radical Left. The Elite are systematically indoctrinated
for years (perhaps up to 10). Anyone not agreeing to the propaganda doesn’t get promoted and is thereby excluded from the Elite. Conservative students and professors learn to either submit or remain in hiding.
Anonymous (ID: K9yv8eyP) 02/06/20(Thu)18:06:35 No.242693904▶

Yeah, no shit, jews protect their own.

And their shabbos goyim usually do alright also... unless/until they’re ritualistically murdered or otherwise destroyed:

“The jews are like leeches... they do it on porpose” - M. Jackson.
Anonymous (ID: kawL3m82) 02/06/20(Thu)18:07:08 No.242693963▶>>242695486
File: 4.png (257 KB, 669x393)
257 KB
nice b8 m8
Anonymous (ID: 5oc3Rwxf) 02/06/20(Thu)18:07:10 No.242693966▶>>242694212 >>242694474 >>242697114
You're vomiting copypasta giving Jewry a pass while trying to convince everyone that it's just this one influential schismatic cult that has weaponized Christians against those poor Orthodox Jews. But I'm the kike. Uh-huh
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)18:07:31 No.242694011▶

The various theories above may have seemed plausible until just a few years ago. However,
the Left of today has been given full control of the culture and the organs of power. We can
now see the full depth of their madness: genocide of the West via immigration and
unlimited cultural degeneracy (e.g. gay marriage and transgender rights). Among the
subversive intellectual movements, the Sabbatean-Frankists are the only suspect with
this level of destructiveness and irrationality, i.e. a subversive cult. If the conventional
theories can all be dismissed, then the Sabbatean thesis, however improbable, must be accepted.
Anonymous (ID: bMi/WEZ4) 02/06/20(Thu)18:08:08 No.242694090▶
>>242670857 (OP)
you are a retard, that movie is almost 20 years old...
Anonymous (ID: z4Iajkqb) 02/06/20(Thu)18:08:56 No.242694179▶>>242694473
>>242670857 (OP)
The masked orgies is a red herring. The real part of the movie is the dialogue between Tom cruise and the powerful dude at the end.
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)18:09:12 No.242694212▶>>242694423
File: mj-and-geffen-in-1982.jpg (68 KB, 627x589)
68 KB
>But I'm the kike.
> I'm the kike.
Anonymous (ID: 5oc3Rwxf) 02/06/20(Thu)18:10:48 No.242694423▶
Try harder you busy busy goblin
Anonymous (ID: kawL3m82) 02/06/20(Thu)18:11:08 No.242694473▶
File: 5.png (887 KB, 1397x291)
887 KB
hot take. also the weird toy store.
Anonymous (ID: K9yv8eyP) 02/06/20(Thu)18:11:08 No.242694474▶>>242694873 >>242694996

Yeah this tactic is pretty standard. I think I possibly first became conscious of it back reading ‘ Veterans Today’ and (((Benjamin Fulford))).

It’s all so fucking tiresome!
Anonymous (ID: 0crOEpRo) 02/06/20(Thu)18:12:36 No.242694644▶>>242695081 >>242696237
no it's the movie he blatantly copied from another movie
Anonymous (ID: 5oc3Rwxf) 02/06/20(Thu)18:14:28 No.242694873▶
Just gotta keep calling it out. It's so obvious if you zero in on a couple points.
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)18:15:31 No.242694996▶>>242695469 >>242695808 >>242696406 >>242699285

What's tiresome is you falling for a classic Jew diversion tactic. He's literally telling me to shut up, and to only talk about Orthodox Jews and the killing of Jesus.

They use this tactic whenever Israel is criticized. They say, 'Why are you singling out Israel, and not talking about Iran and Syria?

Don't be a dupe.
Sabbatean Frankism As The Paradigm Of The Modern Left – The Rebbe Blog
by The Rebbe Blog

What do all these influential intellectuals all have in common?

1. Communism (Marx)
2. Sexual depravity (Freud)
3. Corporate Leftism (Bernays)
4. Multiculturalism (Horace Kallen)
5. Deconstructivism/Critical Theory (Walter Benjamin)
6. Frankfurt School (Adorno)
7. Radical jurisprudence (Brandeis, Frankfurter, and Cardozo)
8. Large-scale, non-selective immigration (Israel Zangwill, Emma Lazarus)

They are all linked to Sabbatean-Frankism, a distinct quasi-Satanic schism within Jewry. The extraordinary prevalence of Sabbatean-Frankist influence among top Jewish intellectuals from 1850-1950 makes it statistically impossible to deny its role because of the impossible coincidences.

The Sabbatean-Frankists sought to invert traditional Jewish-Christian values, including the 10 Commandments, restrictions on debauched sexuality, man’s dominion over the environment, etc. Further, given Sabbatean-Frankism’s apocalyptic nature, the modern Left is riven with irrational destructive impulses.
Anonymous (ID: kawL3m82) 02/06/20(Thu)18:16:19 No.242695081▶>>242695772
File: 345.png (484 KB, 712x455)
484 KB
this. kubrick was jewish and couldn't help but steal
Anonymous (ID: 5oc3Rwxf) 02/06/20(Thu)18:19:26 No.242695469▶>>242696060
You're pathetically bad at this. I would never downplay the importance of knowing about the Frankists. I'm calling you out for trying to make it all about them when there are innumerable instances of Jewish fuckery not involving them, and you even employed the 'Judeo-Christian' trope multiple times.
Anonymous (ID: UWBHiGEe) 02/06/20(Thu)18:19:32 No.242695486▶>>242696332
>A square around nothing
What the fuck is wrong with you
Anonymous (ID: SHV9vWE/) 02/06/20(Thu)18:19:46 No.242695511▶>>242696501
Forgot about that part. Don't think that had anything to do with the elites in the ritual though.
Anonymous (ID: ib8uNzs+) 02/06/20(Thu)18:20:44 No.242695632▶
>>242670857 (OP)
He was. Back in his youth, Kubrick attended many parties with people like Kenneth Anger. If you look up Anger and the type of movies he made, that is pretty much Eyes Wide Shut.
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)18:21:44 No.242695772▶
It's not stealing, it's literally based on a book by a Frankist Jew who comes from the same social circle as Sigmund Freud:

Eyes Wide Shut is a 1999 erotic mystery psychological drama film directed, produced and co-written by Stanley Kubrick. Based on the 1926 novella Traumnovelle (Dream Story) by Arthur Schnitzler, the story is transferred from early 20th-century Vienna to 1990s New York City.

Young Vienna (Jung-Wien) was a society of fin de siècle writers who met in Vienna's Café Griensteidl and other nearby coffeehouses in the late nineteenth century. [1]

The group turned away from the prevailing Naturalism of the time and experimented with various facets of Modernism, including Symbolism and Impressionism. In his review of turn of the century Vienna, historian Carl Schorske wrote of the movement that they "challenged the moralistic stance of nineteenth century literature in favor of sociological truth and psychological - especially sexual - openness."[1]

Hermann Bahr was considered the group's spokesman. Other members included Arthur Schnitzler, Felix Dörmann [de], Peter Altenberg, Richard Beer-Hofmann, Felix Salten, Raoul Auernheimer, Hugo von Hofmannsthal, and Karl Kraus.
Anonymous (ID: K9yv8eyP) 02/06/20(Thu)18:21:57 No.242695808▶

Yeah, keep flailing jew. It’s amusing to me.
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)18:23:53 No.242696060▶

So you're angry that I'm not listing every single Jewish trick throughout history? In a thread about Eyes Wide Shut?

Nice derail, kike. Anything to shut it down.
Anonymous (ID: UqCgllTr) 02/06/20(Thu)18:25:15 No.242696237▶
the movie was based on a book actually
Anonymous (ID: kawL3m82) 02/06/20(Thu)18:25:53 No.242696332▶>>242696860
bro, do you even wear tinfoil ? [Embed]
Anonymous (ID: 5oc3Rwxf) 02/06/20(Thu)18:26:25 No.242696406▶>>242696625
Also pretty funny that I didn't mention Israel once, and I'm very pro-Iran & Syria while I don't think the Zionist Occupational State established in 1948 has a right to exist. But like a kike, you lie compulsively.
Anonymous (ID: E98zSp4z) 02/06/20(Thu)18:26:47 No.242696437▶
>>242670857 (OP)
Yeah, funny how he died shortly after.
Anonymous (ID: ib8uNzs+) 02/06/20(Thu)18:27:21 No.242696501▶
Then how did she know which cloak Cruise's character should wear to the party.
Anonymous (ID: OLLLk18q) 02/06/20(Thu)18:28:23 No.242696613▶
>>242670857 (OP)
Kubrick was killed after he released it. Welcome to the rabbit hole.
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)18:28:28 No.242696625▶>>242697123
The Frankists created Israel, that's why the Supreme Court and Knesset architecture is Masonic/Frankist.

Labor Zionism

In 19th century Judaism, Zionism was widely viewed as Sabbatean (Herlz was even accused
of being one). Sabbatean Zionists sought control over the Holy Land to use the leverage of
Jerusalem to establish hegemony over all of Judaism (know that Zevi’s 17th century
movement was ultimately squelched by the Chief Rabbinate of Jerusalem calling him a

The Sabbatean-Frankist obsession with Zionism is similar to Islam’s obsession with
conquest over the Holy Land. The Holy Land holds no real connection to the Islam, yet
both faiths works tirelessly to establish hegemony over it to defile and humiliate the
Judeo-Christian faiths. In this sense, both faiths, Islam and Sabbatean-Frankism, share a
common ideal of destruction.
This “Labor Zionism” shouldn’t be confused with “Religious Zionism” (Jewish #NRx) or
“Revisionist Zionism” (Jewish Alt-Right), which are the opposite. In Israel today, “Labor”
represents the intellectual remnants of “Labor Zionism”, and Netanyahu’s government
represents a coalition of Religious and Revisionist Zionists. So, in Israeli politics, the
Left’s relationship with its Sabbatean roots is more clearly defined.
Anonymous (ID: E5RoyeEB) 02/06/20(Thu)18:28:53 No.242696685▶
David icke has a good rundown on his YT channel
Anonymous (ID: sBHUfh8N) 02/06/20(Thu)18:29:59 No.242696810▶>>242696938 >>242697231 >>242703211
File: 1581029448909.jpg (769 KB, 1080x1920)
769 KB
>>242670857 (OP)

fucking stupid
all "art" is fucking stupid
if he had something to actually say he would say it
hiding behind symbolism is for Jews and pussies
Anonymous (ID: UWBHiGEe) 02/06/20(Thu)18:30:25 No.242696860▶
File: 1571829441140.jpg (31 KB, 303x309)
31 KB
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)18:30:27 No.242696867▶>>242699156
File: otto-dix-metropolis-1928-(...).jpg (45 KB, 600x268)
45 KB

“The decay of moral values in all areas of life—the period of deepest German degradation—coincided exactly with the height of Jewish power in Germany.” — Dr Friederich Karl Wiehe, Germany and the Jewish Question.

No account of the Jewish Question in Germany can be complete without some mention of the tidal wave of sexual immorality that was to engulf the country during the period of the Weimar Republic (1919-1933) following World War One. This also happened to be the apogee of Jewish power in Germany. Every single sphere of major influence had now fallen under Jewish control.


Dr Karl Wiehe, in his Germany and the Jewish Question, is painstaking in the details he provides:

Well before 1933 the Jews had taken possession of the film industry even more thoroughly than of the theater. That was understandable, because the earnings in the film industry overshadow the earnings of any other artistic activity….
The biggest step in the direction of the decline of the German cultural life [however] was taken in the field of the light entertainment genre. Here—in the genre of musical comedy and above all in revue and burlesque—frivolity and lasciviousness were to rear their ugly heads. So much so that during these years Berlin was quite correctly considered the most immoral city in the world.
It was Jews who introduced this pornographic “art form” to Germany, a debased genre completely unknown before the Great War, and so it is the Jews who can be held responsible for the general decline in morals.
The Jewish sexologists Ivan Bloch and Magnus Hirschfeld became the representatives of “sex research” camouflaged as science—a bogus science that was merely an excuse for pornography and propaganda designed to destroy the institute of marriage and the sanctity of the family.
Anonymous (ID: bM7eeXm1) 02/06/20(Thu)18:30:58 No.242696938▶>>242697102
you're fucking stupid
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)18:32:16 No.242697084▶
File: 15.jpg (113 KB, 500x406)
113 KB
In 1931, over 60 percent of German films were produced by Jews and 82 percent of the film scripts were written by Jewish writers, though Jews made up less than 1 percent of the German population (0.9o%). A quick look at the names of directors, producers, stage managers, actors, script writers and critics, “revealed everywhere an overwhelming preponderance of Jews.”

A cursory survey of the film titles, Wiehe tells us, shows us that the Jews had only one thing on the brain: sex. Here are some typical titles: “Moral und Sinnlichkeit” (Morals and Sensuality); “Was kostet Liebe?” (What is the Price of Love); “Wenn ein Weib den Weg verliert” (When a Woman loses her Way); “Prostitution” (Prostitution); “Sündige Mutter” (Sinful Mama); “Das Buch des Lasters” (The Book of Vices).

“The sensational titles correspond to the sleazy contents,” Wiehe complains. “All wallow in filth and display with cynical frankness the vilest scenes of sexual perversion.” [3]
Anonymous (ID: sBHUfh8N) 02/06/20(Thu)18:32:23 No.242697102▶

I'm not
read Bergman about his films
same with Robbe-Grillet
symbolism is for kikes to hide their shit
Anonymous (ID: E5RoyeEB) 02/06/20(Thu)18:32:31 No.242697114▶>>242697731 >>242698615
The thing is calling “jews” jews is just as dumb as callin anti “jews” anti semites, none of it means anything anymore. The true jews who actualy follow the Torah are some tiny fraction of “jews” and the ones who you think of as Jews are. Or jews but “jews”.

Actual Jews are based especially the ones who believe Christ is the messiah and Israel should be peacefully dismantled. “Jews” like the ones we talk about here are not really jews, Jesus said this himself
Anonymous (ID: 5oc3Rwxf) 02/06/20(Thu)18:32:37 No.242697123▶>>242697421
I don't doubt the connections, but you've still attempted to divert attention from other Jews and push the idea of "Jewish-Christian" values multiple times. No Jews are to be trusted. The Frankists were simply highly capable due to their German admixture and positions in Germanic societies. The Sephardim involved in the Muslim conquest of Spain and later the Atlantic Slave Trade weren't Frankists, but you apparently don't think that's relevant.
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)18:32:44 No.242697140▶
Light entertainment (revue/burlesque) was a Jewish innovation. The revue theaters, all concentrated within great cities such as Berlin, were owned and run almost exclusively by Jews. Shows consisted of little more than excuses for sexual titillation involving the display of the female form in lascivious dances that were to degenerate later into striptease and scenes of public masturbation. “In these revues,” Wiehe notes indignantly, “the uninhibited sex drive surrendered itself to disgusting orgies. All life was reduced to a common denominator of lust and its satisfaction. Chastity and self-discipline were mocked as old-fashioned prejudices.”

The Jews had managed, in the space of a mere fourteen years, to bring about a major “transvaluation of values” [4] in Weimar Germany. The vices of the past were now its virtues. The only vice that remained was chastity.

A glance at the revue titles is again sufficient: “Zieh dich aus” (Get Undressed); “Tausend nackte Frauen” (One Thousand Naked Women); “Die Sünden der Welt” (The Sins of the World); “Häuser der Liebe” (The Houses of Love); “Streng Verboten!” (Strictly Forbidden!); “Sündig und Süss” (Sweet and Sinful).
Anonymous (ID: 5oc3Rwxf) 02/06/20(Thu)18:33:27 No.242697231▶>>242697296
Anonymous (ID: 0Sbo2ZBg) 02/06/20(Thu)18:33:43 No.242697262▶
File: Based and redpilled.png (479 KB, 1149x565)
479 KB
Lmao, great post.
Anonymous (ID: sBHUfh8N) 02/06/20(Thu)18:34:02 No.242697296▶

Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)18:35:03 No.242697421▶>>242699285
Quit lying, and quit using quotation marks to make up shit I never said, faggot.

Nobody said anything about "Judeo-Christian Values", faggot.
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)18:35:34 No.242697492▶
Finally, there was the rich field of sexology: a new science consisting largely of dubious “case histories” purporting to reveal the depraved sexual habits of various anonymous patients. In order to give an air of academic respectability and erudition to these masturbatory fantasies—thrilling adventure stories involving necrophilia, bestiality and handkerchief fetishism—the more exciting details were often given in vulgar Latin “in order to exclude the lay reader.” [6] However, it was not long before the Latin was diligently translated into the vernacular for the benefit of the unlatined lay reader, thus defeating the purpose of the prim “schoolmaster’s Latin”.

Wiehe reels off a long list of Jewish sexologists who he claims were in the forefront of writing such salacious treatises that were no more than pornography masquerading as science. Drs Magnus Hirschfeld [7] and Ivan Bloch [8] were the star writers in this field, their books still read avidly today by a gullible public hungry for details of the bizarre, the kinky and the perverse. Drs Ludwig Lewy-Lenz, Leo Schidrowitz, Franz Rabinowitsch, Georg Cohen, and Albert Eulenburg are some of the names Wiehe mentions.

Otto Dix, The Salon, 1921 Berlin prostitutes awaiting the pleasures of the evening
Otto Dix, The Salon, 1921
Berlin prostitutes awaiting the pleasures of the evening
Here are some of their depressing titles: “Sittengeschichte des Lasters” (The History of Perversions); “Sittengeschichte des Schamlosigkeit” (The History of Shamelessness); “Bilderlexikon der Erotic” (Picture Lexicon of Eroticism); “Sittengischichte des Geheime und Verbotene” (The History of the Secret and the Forbidden). And here are some of the titles published by Dr Magnus Hirschfeld’s Institute of Sexual Science in Berlin [9]: Aphrodisiacs, Prostitution, Sexual Catastrophes, Sexual Pathology, The Perverted. Wiehe describes all these books as “the filthy publications of these pseudo-scientists”
Anonymous (ID: kawL3m82) 02/06/20(Thu)18:35:53 No.242697539▶
oh, also pedo spiral on Milich's shop [Embed]
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)18:36:42 No.242697621▶
These books were allegedly supposed to be scientific treatises, their ostensible purpose being to “educate” the broad masses about the dangers of sexual excesses. Under the guise of science, however, they speculated in the lust and lower instincts of their audience. Criminals, prostitutes and homosexuals took center stage in their repertoire. One looks in vain for any known non-Jewish “sexual scientist”! [10]
Wiehe points out that masturbation, hitherto a hole-in-corner vice, began to be shamelessly promoted for the first time in Weimar Germany by Jewish-run organizations. He mentions Dr Max Hodan, Jewish medical officer for Berlin, and ticks him off for circulating a booklet recommending regular masturbation for the working classes.
Anonymous (ID: ripvKV1S) 02/06/20(Thu)18:36:42 No.242697622▶
she was far older than her prime in this movie like three times that.
Anonymous (ID: sBHUfh8N) 02/06/20(Thu)18:37:15 No.242697708▶
File: 1581013251207.jpg (80 KB, 1024x768)
80 KB
>>242670857 (OP)

this is why retards shouldn't try to watch films
it's metonymy, not symbolism
Anonymous (ID: 5oc3Rwxf) 02/06/20(Thu)18:37:24 No.242697731▶>>242697977
Even if that's a fair way to look at it, it doesn't matter. Your idea of "true Jews" are a tiny fraction of a fraction, while the larger group that is still seen as Jews are a massive threat and people need to be made aware of it. Good luck identifying & dealing with a threat while simultaneously splitting hairs on what to properly call it lmao
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)18:37:45 No.242697771▶
File: k5641-174x300.gif (26 KB, 174x300)
26 KB
It is worth noting that one of the world’s worst serial killers, Peter Kürten, committed all his crimes in Germany during the 1925-1930 period.

This was of course the heyday of the Weimar Republic when the German people lay completely under Jewish domination and when the first dress rehearsal for the later Sexual Revolution of the 1960s was arguably being run.

Significantly, when asked what his primary motive for murder was, Kürten replied: “to strike back at an oppressive society.” [11]

This was a society in which the serial killer was to become a popular icon, enough to create a whole genre of sensational sex crime literature.
Anonymous (ID: eAI7tLC5) 02/06/20(Thu)18:37:53 No.242697788▶>>242698143
ding di g ding!
Anonymous (ID: Ph0Nh62n) PR 02/06/20(Thu)18:39:10 No.242697949▶
File: MONARCH-kubrick-obsessive(...).jpg (60 KB, 755x503)
60 KB
<PIC RELATED> IN SHINING , google project monarch if u never heard of
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)18:39:25 No.242697977▶
File: the-child-rape-assembly-l(...).jpg (73 KB, 700x590)
73 KB

And those stupid "true Jews" are still Jewish supremacist parasites.

These Satmar Jews are "true Jews", and anti-Zionist:

Whistleblower Rabbi Claims ‘Child-Rape Assembly Line’ Exists Among Orthodox Jews
Anonymous (ID: kawL3m82) 02/06/20(Thu)18:40:41 No.242698143▶
File: 11.png (1.36 MB, 1240x1680)
1.36 MB
what's weird is that there are a bunch of kids at the orgy... they are just in the paintings
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)18:41:03 No.242698185▶

British historian Sir Arthur Bryant describes throngs of child prostitutes outside the doors of the great Berlin hotels and restaurants. He adds: “Most of them—the night clubs and vice resorts—were owned and managed by Jews. And it was the Jews among the promoters of this trade who were remembered in after years.” [13]

Arriving in Berlin during the hyperinflation crisis (1923), Klaus Mann—son of the great German novelist Thomas Mann—remembered walking past a group of dominatrices:

Some of them looked like fierce Amazons, strutting in high boots made of green, glossy leather. One of them brandished a supple cane and leered at me as I passed by. ‘Good evening, madam,’ I said. She whispered in my ear, ‘Want to be my slave? Costs only six billions and a cigarette.’ [14]
Georg Grosz, Before Sunrise. Prostitutes and their clients in the red-light district… this is how they actually dressed and paraded themselves in the garish, lamp-lit streets.

10-year-old children turned tricks in the railway stations. A group of 14-year-old Russian girls, refugees from the Red Terror in Stalin’s Communist slaughter house, managed to make a lucrative living in Berlin as dominatrices. Little girls were freely available for sex not only in child brothels and pharmacies but could be ordered by telephone and delivered to clients by taxi, like takeaway meals. Particularly bizarre were mother-and-daughter teams offering their services to the same client simultaneously. Mel Gordon writes: “One French journalist, Jean Galtier-Boissière, described, in sickly pornographic detail, the creeping horror of feeling a nine-year-old girl’s tiny, but proficient, fingers stroking his upper thigh while the broken-toothed mother covered his face with hot sucking kisses.”
Anonymous (ID: SlmE7d5V) 02/06/20(Thu)18:42:02 No.242698300▶>>242698593 >>242702052
please help with links.
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)18:42:20 No.242698335▶
There were no fewer than 17 different prostitute types in this Jew-created brothel city: eight outdoor types and nine indoor ones, each with their specialities and slang terminology.

Outdoor prostitutes: (1) Kontroll Girls: legal prostitutes checked for venereal disease. (2) Half-Silks: part-time amateurs with day jobs as office workers, secretaries and shopgirls; evening and weekend workers. (3) Grasshoppers: lowly streetwalkers who gave handjobs and standup sex in dark alleys. (4) Nuttes: Boyish teenage girls who worked for “pocket money” after school without their parents’ knowledge. (5) Boot-girls: dominas (or dominatrices) in shiny patent leather boots who offered to stamp all over their clients. (6) Tauentzien girls: Chic mother-and-daughter teams, fashionably dressed, who offered their services to men who wanted threesomes. (7) Münzis: Heavily pregnant women who waited under lampposts (very expensive, since they offered an erotic speciality). (8) Gravelstones: hideous hags with missing limbs, hunchbacks, midgets, and women with various deformities. “The most common German word for them was Kies. In other accounts, they were referred to as Steinhuren.”
Anonymous (ID: N7KGAKXd) 02/06/20(Thu)18:42:54 No.242698405▶
>>242670857 (OP)
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)18:42:57 No.242698409▶>>242699304
Indoor prostitutes: (1) Chontes: Low-grade Jewish prostitutes, mostly Polish, who picked up their clients in railway stations. (2) Fohses (French argot for “vaginas”): Elegant females who discreetly advertised in magazines and newspapers as private masseuses and manicurists. (3) Demi-castors (or “half-beavers”): Young women from good families who worked in high-class houses in the late afternoons and early evenings. (4) Table-ladies: Ravishingly beautiful escorts of exotic appearance who came with the reserved table in an exclusive nightclub. Clients had to be fabulously rich in order to afford the cultured conversation of these high-class call girls who accompanied the caviar and champagne and who later unveiled their charms in a sumptuously furnished chamber of delights. (5) Dominas: Leather-clad women, athletic and Amazonian, who specialized in whipping and erotic humiliation. They were often found in lesbian nightclubs which also catered for kinky males. (6) Minettes (French for “female cats”): Exclusive call girls who offered S&M fantasy scenes, foot worship, bondage, and enforced transvestism. They worked in top class hotels. (7) Race-horses: Masochistic prostitutes who let themselves be whipped in “schoolrooms” or “dungeons” liberally supplied with instruments of torture. Clients were carefully screened to make sure they didn’t go too far. (8) ‘Medicine’: Child prostitutes (age 12-16), so called because they were prescribed as “medicine” in pharmacies. All the client needed to do was tell the pharmacist how many years he had suffered from his ailment (e.g., 12), without mentioning what ailment it was, and request the color of the pill he preferred (e.g., red). He was then escorted to a cubicle where his “medicine” awaited him: a 12-year-old redhead. (9) Telephone-girls (often billed as “virgins”): expensive child prostitutes (ages 12-17) ordered by telephone like a takeaway meal;
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)18:43:51 No.242698500▶
Luigi Barzini, in his social memoir The Europeans, describes the saturnalian scene in the Tingel-Tangels or sleazy bordellos of sex-crazed Berlin in the 1920s, the Golden Age of the Jews:

I saw pimps offering anything to anybody: little boys, little girls, robust young men, libidinous women, animals. The story went the rounds that a male goose whose neck you cut at just the right ecstatic moment would give you the most delicious frisson of all—as it allowed you to enjoy sodomy, bestiality, homosexuality, necrophilia and sadism at one stroke. Gastronomy too, as one could eat the goose afterwards. [18]
In October 1923, when one US dollar could buy 4.2 billion marks and six wheelbarrows of banknotes could barely buy a loaf of bread, it was said that “the most exquisite blow job to be had in Berlin never cost an American tourist more than 30 cents.” [19]
Anonymous (ID: kawL3m82) 02/06/20(Thu)18:44:01 No.242698517▶
File: 12.png (626 KB, 1280x720)
626 KB
fun fact, these two were added to some versions after kubrick died because the lady in red is holding down a woman being fucked in the ass
Anonymous (ID: kLytmKiB) 02/06/20(Thu)18:44:31 No.242698593▶
Occult Forces [1943] [Embed]
Anonymous (ID: K9yv8eyP) 02/06/20(Thu)18:44:47 No.242698615▶>>242699494

>Actual jews are based especially the ones who believe Christ is the messiah and Israel should be peacefully dismantled

If such individuals actually exist then they are religiously ‘Christians’, moron... although racially/genetically they are still mongrels!
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)18:44:55 No.242698632▶

My own impression, though I could well be mistaken here, is that Weimar Germany can be seen as a trial run or dress rehearsal for the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s, a revolution in attitudes and behavior that was to convulse America and then spread like a moral virus to Europe and the rest of the world.

Recollect that it was in Germany during the Weimar period—in 1923 to be exact—that the Institut für Sozialforschung was set up at the University of Frankfurt. Financed by the Argentian Jew Felix Weil, this was later to become the infamous Frankfurt School. [23]

It is my own hypothesis that the Germans were to be the initial guinea pigs of these Cultural Marxists [24], all of them initially Jewish apart from Habermas. These were revolutionaries intent on complete social control by the imposition of their Marxist worldview on the rest of society. It is self-evident that there is no other way to get control of a society with strong moral values than to weaken those values. The formula is simple: destroy the belief system on which that society is founded, especially its religion and its traditional codes of honor and decency. Promote godlessness and a philosophy of despair. To put it in even plainer language: reduce men to beasts if you wish to control them.
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)18:45:49 No.242698723▶
It was George Lukács [25], one of the founding fathers of the Frankfurt School, who had called for “a culture of pessimism and a world abandoned by God.” [26] And it was one of their most fanatical ideologues, Willi Munzenberg [27], who had said he wanted to turn the world upside down and make life a hell on earth. His exact words:

We must organize the intellectuals and use them TO MAKE WESTERN CIVILIZATION STINK! Only then, after they have CORRUPTED ALL ITS VALUES AND MADE LIFE IMPOSSIBLE, can we impose the dictatorship of the proletariat. [28, emphasis added]
With Jewish intellectuals like this at the helm, doing their utmost to promote moral anarchy and create an Orwellian dystopia, is it any wonder that the Germans went helter-skelter down the slippery slope and ended up where they did?
Anonymous (ID: zjd+lp70) 02/06/20(Thu)18:46:22 No.242698784▶
>>242670857 (OP)
Clearly he was.
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)18:46:24 No.242698788▶
In America the Cultural Marxists were to apply a variation of their Weimar techniques, but refined and honed to a high degree. This time, they would use multiculturalism as a weapon of mass destruction in addition to moral corruption. They would flood the country with immigrants, legal as well as illegal. They would turn race against race (engineered ethnic conflict), parent against child (attack on authority), and man against woman (radical feminism). Above all, they would teach the non-White races to regard the White race as the ultimate evil: “the cancer of human history”, to quote Jewish feminist Susan Sontag.
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)18:46:57 No.242698858▶
What did the cultural Marxists learn from Weimar Germany?

They learned that the Sexual Revolution, in order to succeed, had to be a slow and gradual process. “Modern forms of subjection,” the Frankfurt School had learned, “are marked by mildness.” [30] Weimar had failed because the pace had been too frenetic. People were aware they were being corrupted. That was fatal.

To corrupt a nation effectively one must make sure that the descent into degradation is an infinitely slow and imperceptible process, one miniscule step at a time—just as those who wish to cook frogs alive in a saucepan, reducing them to a state of comatose stupor, are advised to place them in cold water and boil them to death as slowly as possible.
Anonymous (ID: kawL3m82) 02/06/20(Thu)18:47:27 No.242698914▶
File: Image2.jpg (89 KB, 1280x720)
89 KB
trump at orgy
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)18:48:08 No.242698991▶
Dr Manfred Reifer, and he is writing in a prestigious Jewish publication:

Whilst large sections of the German nation were struggling for the preservation of their race, we Jews filled the streets of Germany with our vociferations. We supplied the press with articles on the subject of its Christmas and Easter and administered to its religious beliefs in the manner we considered suitable. We ridiculed the highest ideals of the German nation and profaned the matters which it holds sacred.” — Dr Manfred Reifer, in the German Jewish magazine Czernowitzer Allegemeine Zeitung, September 1933
In the same month those words were written, September 1933, Adolf Hitler removed every single Jew from positions of influence in the mass media: from the fields of literature, art, music, journalism, the cinema, and popular entertainment in general [32]. The influence that the Jews had exerted on the German psyche was to be regarded henceforth, rightly or wrongly, as pernicious. And Kulturbolschewismus, or “Bolshevik culture”, a derogatory term for Jewish culture itself, became synonymous with moral anarchy and sexual decadence.
Anonymous (ID: sznSkgTX) 02/06/20(Thu)18:48:14 No.242699007▶
Robert Sepehr wrote a book on the subject, here is a vid about it from his yt channel [Embed]
Anonymous (ID: JRnM4//Y) 02/06/20(Thu)18:48:32 No.242699039▶>>242699316 >>242702993
The film is linked to the guy that got the pics of epsteins body. Shit runs deep.
Anonymous (ID: airC6462) TM 02/06/20(Thu)18:49:30 No.242699156▶
so basically the COOMER problem was the first catalyst that started the rift between the Germans and the Jews. History seems to be repeating itself.
Anonymous (ID: K9yv8eyP) 02/06/20(Thu)18:50:04 No.242699230▶>>242701427

Why would Kubrick not have made sure that intact copies of his film existed with trusted people for later exposure. Did he not organise a dead man’s switch?

Why have alleged ‘cut scenes’ never leaked?

I’m not trying to play ‘jew’s advocate’, it’s just frustrating!
Anonymous (ID: 5oc3Rwxf) 02/06/20(Thu)18:50:33 No.242699285▶>>242699603
Right here you lying faggot, but honestly it's not like you're the one who wrote the pasta anyway
Anonymous (ID: FAjiJfRz) 02/06/20(Thu)18:50:43 No.242699304▶
So you're saying girls are medicine.
Anonymous (ID: 7GoyQX6M) 02/06/20(Thu)18:50:48 No.242699312▶
Yes, goy, let's not talk about the pedo elites. Here, have another thread about white girls craving black cock instead.
Anonymous (ID: kawL3m82) 02/06/20(Thu)18:50:49 No.242699316▶>>242700971 >>242703072
File: 13.png (355 KB, 1280x720)
355 KB
Anonymous (ID: sXtBampM) 02/06/20(Thu)18:51:02 No.242699338▶>>242699722
persepectives or not, it looks like the same fucking hill to me dude, even the details and all the fucking craters and stuff
Anonymous (ID: eAI7tLC5) 02/06/20(Thu)18:51:13 No.242699361▶
because it's the truth.. my limelighter friend
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)18:51:19 No.242699370▶>>242699901 >>242700971
File: f1miiz79umh31.jpg (364 KB, 2016x1400)
364 KB
Journalist in Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut also Got “Epstein” Body Photos

In Eyes Wide Shut, there was an article shown about the dead prostitute written by Larry Celona. This is the same name of the man who wrote the article about Kubrick’s death shortly after as well as the Epstein article when he was allegedly found hanged in cell.


Looks like he got JFK Jr. death scoop as well
Anonymous (ID: dZ/z47dv) 02/06/20(Thu)18:51:39 No.242699406▶
that's a picture of Larry Silverstein
Anonymous (ID: 5oc3Rwxf) 02/06/20(Thu)18:52:28 No.242699494▶
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)18:53:25 No.242699603▶

Yeah, it's some kike rabbi spilling the beans about the Frankists. I don't really give a shit if everything the kike rabbi says about every single thing are perfectly accurate.

Only an autist or a Jew would flip out about that.

Of course a kike is gonna kike, but at least this kike gave us tons of info about the Frankists.
Anonymous (ID: EydvOpzA) 02/06/20(Thu)18:53:41 No.242699629▶
File: pasolini.jpg (7 KB, 223x300)
7 KB
Why was Pasolini murdered though?? Why did the elite not like 120 days of Sodom?
Anonymous (ID: 7YbHgHHQ) GN 02/06/20(Thu)18:53:56 No.242699667▶
>>242670857 (OP)
You think it's a coincidence that he died less than a week after screening it for the studio, and they re-cut the movie (violating his contract) and removed 20 minutes before they released it?
Anonymous (ID: XSluRdPt) 02/06/20(Thu)18:54:02 No.242699676▶>>242700025 >>242701117
File: 1515307368489.png (11 KB, 274x290)
11 KB
The original tile of the movie was:

Anonymous (ID: 0rFVzuoo) 02/06/20(Thu)18:54:29 No.242699722▶>>242699987
Yeah but it's from a different angle as you can clearly fucking tell. How far away do you think that is?
Anonymous (ID: K9yv8eyP) 02/06/20(Thu)18:55:57 No.242699901▶

Well, that seals it. Epstein isn’t even fucking dead!

No doubt still fucking underage White Russian sex slaves in israel!
Anonymous (ID: 0Sbo2ZBg) 02/06/20(Thu)18:56:38 No.242699987▶
File: iu.png (416 KB, 602x430)
416 KB
The moon sure is small you can so convenient land exactly where you landed before, for no apparent reason.
Anonymous (ID: rJgTetL4) 02/06/20(Thu)18:57:00 No.242700025▶>>242700213
Anonymous (ID: kawL3m82) 02/06/20(Thu)18:57:11 No.242700052▶>>242704933
File: longest continous film shoot.png (90 KB, 693x385)
90 KB
>movie about fucking
>Guinness record for longest movie shoot
what did they mean by that
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)18:58:28 No.242700200▶>>242700458 >>242700744 >>242700961
I think Kubrick was actually a sociopath, and possibly a pedophile too. Rumors about him raping the little girl who starred in his pedo movie "Lolita".

And during the filming of Eyes Wide Shut, Kubrick was really sadistic with Nichole Kidman and Tom Cruise. Kubrick was also really sadistic with Shelly Duval on the set of The Shining.

Also interesting to note that Nichole Kidman's father was a top Satanic pedophile in Australia, they would have cannibalism parties in cathedrals and stuff.

And Tom Cruise was a Scientologist, a group founded by a big-time Satanist.

So I guess Kubrick exposing the pedophile Frankist elite doesn't mean that he wasn't part of it, at least at one time in his life.
Anonymous (ID: +E1zVoAn) 02/06/20(Thu)18:58:31 No.242700205▶>>242700995
From wikipedia:

"Frederic Raphael, who co-authored the Eyes Wide Shut script with Kubrick, says that the director once remarked that "Hitler was right about almost everything", and insisted that any trace of Jewishness be expunged from the Eyes Wide Shut script."
Anonymous (ID: kawL3m82) 02/06/20(Thu)18:58:33 No.242700213▶
File: 32.png (257 KB, 397x625)
257 KB
that's just a meme
Anonymous (ID: 7YbHgHHQ) GN 02/06/20(Thu)18:59:45 No.242700364▶>>242701312
Serious question: would you guys be willing to pay money to learn the truth? One of the museums in London has the Stanley Kubrick Collection - literally ALL his documents and work taken from his home after his death. It hasn't been digitized and is available for inspection only by appointment. What if we raised the money to digitize it via crowdfunding? There's enough normies who love him that they might chip in too!
Anonymous (ID: 0Sbo2ZBg) 02/06/20(Thu)19:00:30 No.242700458▶
I suppose he had a reality check. Realized what he was doing to the world and decided to send it all to hell.
Anonymous (ID: 7GoyQX6M) 02/06/20(Thu)19:01:38 No.242700597▶
We're not evaluating its cinematic/artistic merits. We're considering its message. And even you know that the film was heavily bowdlerized after Kubrick's death.
Anonymous (ID: +kC7vaUH) 02/06/20(Thu)19:01:53 No.242700638▶
>>242670857 (OP)
>aware of the pedophile elites

No anon, he was one of them. He became disillusioned, so he sought to expose them. He knew he would die. Look up the interviews of the people starring about the movie.

Kubrick also directed the fake moon landing too
Anonymous (ID: eAI7tLC5) 02/06/20(Thu)19:02:28 No.242700698▶>>242701030
I agree. it is starting to bother me just how invested people are in the globe-earth model. They get aggressive, insulting, and downright childish when you counter it.
Anonymous (ID: 7YbHgHHQ) GN 02/06/20(Thu)19:02:53 No.242700744▶
This was the genius of his casting choices. Kidman's character was part of the group all along, and Cruise's character was the new hot shot being indoctrinated. So he chose an actress who was part of the cabal, and an actor who hadn't become scientology's poster boy yet. Fucking brilliant casting.
Anonymous (ID: 7GoyQX6M) 02/06/20(Thu)19:04:04 No.242700899▶
What is it about Kubrick that brings the deflect shills like you running?
Anonymous (ID: K9yv8eyP) 02/06/20(Thu)19:04:35 No.242700961▶

Kubrick was a jew. He was obviously involved to some extent (at some point), that’s why he had the insider knowledge to attempt to blow the whistle on this jewish shit in the first place.

He was going to do a holocaust film but realised that was all jew bullshit! He was your mythical ‘good jew’ unicorn!

Fuck off with your Sab. Fra. crap, jew... Nobody gives a shit!
Anonymous (ID: 7YbHgHHQ) GN 02/06/20(Thu)19:04:39 No.242700971▶
Holy fucking hell.
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)19:04:51 No.242700995▶
File: TheMcMartinTrial (1).jpg (16 KB, 271x367)
16 KB
There's always these mysterious Jews in the background of these projects.

"Indictment: The McMartin Trial is a film made for television that originally aired on HBO on May 20, 1995. Indictment is based on the true story of the McMartin preschool trial.

Oliver Stone and Abby Mann were executive producers of the film, which was directed by Mick Jackson."

Abby Mann (December 1, 1927 – March 25, 2008) was an American film writer and producer.[1]

Born to a Jewish family[2][3] as Abraham Goodman in Philadelphia, he grew up in East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was the son of Russian-Jewish immigrants. He was best known for his work on controversial subjects and social drama. His best known work is the screenplay for Judgment at Nuremberg (1961), which was initially a television drama that aired in 1959. Stanley Kramer directed the film adaptation, for which Mann received the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay. In his acceptance speech, he said:

Mann later adapted the play for a 2001 production on Broadway, which featured Maximilian Schell from the 1961 film in a different role.[5] In the introduction to the printed script, Mann credited a conversation with Abraham Pomerantz, U.S. Chief Deputy Counsel, for giving him the initial interest in Nuremberg.[6]

His other writing credits include the screenplays for the television films The Marcus-Nelson Murders, The Atlanta Child Murders,[8] Teamster Boss: The Jackie Presser Story,[9] and Indictment: The McMartin Trial

Personal life
Mann was married to Myra Maislin. His wife had two children from a previous marriage, Adrienne Cohen Isom and Aaron Cohen,[3] a former Israeli Special Forces operative.
Anonymous (ID: 0Sbo2ZBg) 02/06/20(Thu)19:05:07 No.242701030▶
It's actually amazing, to be quite honest. Literally a religion.
Anonymous (ID: FAjiJfRz) 02/06/20(Thu)19:05:50 No.242701117▶
Are we okay with this kind of thing if it's not kept solely to the elites, children are respected and protected, and it's not run by Jews? I could never have sex with a child, but they're already being abused in secret for power by the most corrupt. Even better, don't let money be involved at all beyond the control of the prostitutes, or demand marriage. You must know it's worse if it's kept entirely in the darkest corners where people can never monitor it.
Anonymous (ID: gsEBXpx5) 02/06/20(Thu)19:06:21 No.242701180▶
>>242670857 (OP)
nah m8 you are trippin there is no way stuff like this or "a serbian movie" stuff happens m8
Anonymous (ID: k89ZxUYo) 02/06/20(Thu)19:07:28 No.242701308▶>>242704010
So every other planet I've observed through a telescope is a sphere, but somehow Earth is not??
Anonymous (ID: K9yv8eyP) 02/06/20(Thu)19:07:29 No.242701312▶

>Suggesting the jews haven’t scoured his shit for anything worthwhile and incriminating!
Anonymous (ID: airC6462) TM 02/06/20(Thu)19:08:03 No.242701383▶>>242701572 >>242702144
so if Frankist jews believe that the best way to express oneself is through abolishing sexual barriers, what do they derive from it? Do they think by performing the most unsavory sexual acts they will derive power from it? Can someone explain this to a brainlet like me?
Anonymous (ID: ZAhrGYmO) 02/06/20(Thu)19:08:30 No.242701427▶>>242702835
>I’m not trying to play ‘jew’s advocate’, it’s just frustrating!
That’s a perfectly reasonable question, no reason to apologize. Perhaps the answer is that whoever he left it with is afraid of getting heart attacked next.
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)19:09:35 No.242701565▶
The corrupt Jewish prosecutor of the McMartin Trial was Ira Reiner, who was the lawyer for Manson Family killer Susan Atkins, another Satanic cover up trial. And just like the Manson murders, there were Jews all over the McMartin Satanic Pedo Ring. The prosecutor buried all of that evidence and charges though.

The McMartin preschool trial was a day care sexual abuse case in the 1980s, prosecuted by the Los Angeles District Attorney Ira Reiner.[1] Members of the McMartin family, who operated a preschool in Manhattan Beach, California, were charged with numerous acts of sexual abuse of children in their care. Accusations were made in 1983. Arrests and the pretrial investigation ran from 1984 to 1987, and the trial ran from 1987 to 1990. After six years of criminal trials, no convictions were obtained, and all charges were dropped in 1990. When the trial ended in 1990, it had been the longest and most expensive criminal trial in American history.[2] The case was part of day-care sex-abuse hysteria, a moral panic over alleged Satanic ritual abuse in the 1980s and early 1990s.
Anonymous (ID: 0Sbo2ZBg) 02/06/20(Thu)19:09:37 No.242701572▶
File: Porn jew.jpg (17 KB, 250x157)
17 KB
They're satanists, they wanna destroy all that derives from God and bring sin to the masses.
Anonymous (ID: SOF71l5o) 02/06/20(Thu)19:13:32 No.242702052▶
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)19:14:20 No.242702144▶>>242702331

Jews are like .000001% of the world's population. Subverting non-Jewish civilizations is 100% in the Jews' self-interest.

Subvert the religions
Subvert the laws
Subvert the morality
Subvert the sexuality
Divide the genders
Divide the old from young
Encourage minorities to genocide the majority population
Encourage transgenderism
Spread pornography everywhere

You get the idea.

Even Marxism was part of this project. Pretend that the rich and the middle class and the poor don't have any ethnic/tribal connections at all, while promoting Jewish tribalism to the extreme.
Anonymous (ID: airC6462) TM 02/06/20(Thu)19:15:56 No.242702331▶>>242702623
so by subverting all of these markets, do they intend on becoming the "suppliers" in a sense? I.e. if all of us are depraved and seeking larger thrills, they will supply it to us... at a cost? I think I understand the "merchant" meme now, lol.
Anonymous (ID: VZRBkuYg) 02/06/20(Thu)19:16:47 No.242702424▶
edgy as fuck bruh. good contribution
Anonymous (ID: vS6/lwlF) 02/06/20(Thu)19:17:42 No.242702526▶
>>242670857 (OP)

This movie unsettled me in terms of how brutally it represented female sexuality. Basically Tom Cruise's character is only attempting to cope with the ruthless nature of the female sexuality and inability to truly love. It's no surprise, considering his wife basically told him she was willing to not only cheat on him, but throw away him and her own child to get her pussy fucked. Kubrick was blackpilled.
Anonymous (ID: eAI7tLC5) 02/06/20(Thu)19:18:00 No.242702557▶
I agree, he is describing James Bond villain German (bold, writ large) Frankist jews... as if this subversion nation destroying shite is a product of elite Europeans of Aryan ancestry.

sneaky sneaky subversive Schlomo, why do you slide like a slug with your slime?
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)19:18:33 No.242702623▶>>242702775

Not sure if you noticed, but they're literally genociding all white non-Jews right now.

It's not about making money, it's about killing every potential rival to Jewish world domination.

That's why they give porn away for free on Pornhub and stuff.

They have convinced most white people to support their own genocide, through their subversive cultural Marxism and degeneracy.
Anonymous (ID: airC6462) TM 02/06/20(Thu)19:19:54 No.242702775▶>>242703039
So outside of quitting porn and depravity, how can we remain free from their influence?
Anonymous (ID: ifGh9P4B) 02/06/20(Thu)19:19:54 No.242702777▶>>242703780
>>242670857 (OP)
Yes. Something to note: The final version of the movie is unknown. He died before the release of the movie and there is about 45 minutes of scenes that were cut from the movie, never to be seen. I think this was what did him in.
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)19:20:18 No.242702833▶>>242703048
Look at how these Frankist Jews have made the term "Moral Panic" into a bad thing:

"A moral panic is a feeling of fear spread among many people that some evil threatens the well-being of society.[1][2] It is "the process of arousing social concern over an issue – usually the work of moral entrepreneurs and the mass media".[3]

In recent centuries the mass media have become important players in the dissemination of moral indignation, even when they do not appear to be consciously engaged in sensationalism or in muckraking. Simply reporting the facts can be enough to generate concern, anxiety, or panic.[4][need quotation to verify] Stanley Cohen states that moral panic happens when "a condition, episode, person or group of persons emerges to become defined as a threat to societal values and interests". Examples of moral panic include the belief in widespread abduction of children by predatory paedophiles,[5][6][7] belief in ritual abuse of women and children by satanic cults,[8] and concerns over the effects of music lyrics.[9]

Some moral panics can become embedded in standard political discourse, which include concepts such as "Red Scare"[10] and terrorism."
Anonymous (ID: K9yv8eyP) 02/06/20(Thu)19:20:19 No.242702835▶>>242702945

Obviously that would be the fear (my understanding is that they use cone shell venom/toxin [presumably synthesised by now] to induce these heart attacks).

At the height of internet freedom, however, the missing footage - even stills, surely could have been anonymously released.

Then again, Kubrick was surely being observed during filming EWS... (((they))) probably weren’t completely oblivious to what he was doing. They must have simply done a very thorough job of keeping the cat (mostly) in the bag.
Anonymous (ID: vS6/lwlF) 02/06/20(Thu)19:21:23 No.242702945▶>>242703157 >>242703202

Why would they even allow it to be released, then? If they have this much control, why wouldn't they just ensure that it was entirely suppressed permanently?
Anonymous (ID: eAI7tLC5) 02/06/20(Thu)19:21:51 No.242702993▶
.. AND wrote the article about the dead hooker/model that the scene at the party is based on (the real dead model who died ho-ing at an elite party).
its an anagram for PrinCe Andrew.... his military title.
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)19:22:13 No.242703039▶>>242704088
By remembering to be tribal with your kin folk and your race, and by keeping track of all the tricks of the Jew trade, and by red pilling people you know, when possible:

You could even just copy/paste this to your friends or something:

Sabbatean Frankism As The Paradigm Of The Modern Left – The Rebbe Blog
by The Rebbe Blog

What do all these influential intellectuals all have in common?

1. Communism (Marx)
2. Sexual depravity (Freud)
3. Corporate Leftism (Bernays)
4. Multiculturalism (Horace Kallen)
5. Deconstructivism/Critical Theory (Walter Benjamin)
6. Frankfurt School (Adorno)
7. Radical jurisprudence (Brandeis, Frankfurter, and Cardozo)
8. Large-scale, non-selective immigration (Israel Zangwill, Emma Lazarus)

They are all linked to Sabbatean-Frankism, a distinct quasi-Satanic schism within Jewry. The extraordinary prevalence of Sabbatean-Frankist influence among top Jewish intellectuals from 1850-1950 makes it statistically impossible to deny its role because of the impossible coincidences.

The Sabbatean-Frankists sought to invert traditional Jewish-Christian values, including the 10 Commandments, restrictions on debauched sexuality, man’s dominion over the environment, etc. Further, given Sabbatean-Frankism’s apocalyptic nature, the modern Left is riven with irrational destructive impulses.
Anonymous (ID: airC6462) TM 02/06/20(Thu)19:22:17 No.242703048▶
>Examples of moral panic include the belief in widespread abduction of children by predatory paedophiles,[5][6][7] belief in ritual abuse of women and children by satanic cults,[8] and concerns over the effects of music lyrics.[9]
Wow, they got REAL specific there didn't they? :)
Anonymous (ID: eAI7tLC5) 02/06/20(Thu)19:22:28 No.242703072▶
ROYAL LANCER... prince andrew
Anonymous (ID: waA6vLVM) 02/06/20(Thu)19:22:33 No.242703080▶
File: image.jpg (54 KB, 1154x608)
54 KB
Anonymous (ID: kawL3m82) 02/06/20(Thu)19:23:10 No.242703157▶
Stanley Kubrick's last film goes missing ? yeah right. oldfag here and they used to talk about this on the nightly news. "tom and nicole filming secret sex movie with Kubrick"
Anonymous (ID: K9yv8eyP) 02/06/20(Thu)19:23:38 No.242703202▶

Because completely suppressing a film that he was publicly known to be making might be a bit suspicious... don’t you think?!

Wew, lad!
Anonymous (ID: ggSSWUYw) 02/06/20(Thu)19:23:45 No.242703211▶
Moar please
Anonymous (ID: et0Uk0jE) 02/06/20(Thu)19:24:04 No.242703247▶

Oh look, its that faggot jew Steven Pinker standing behind Epstein. What a coincidence....
Anonymous (ID: FAjiJfRz) 02/06/20(Thu)19:24:38 No.242703317▶>>242703600 >>242703778 >>242703910
Nobody is answering the tough questions, like what you intend to do about it, or even how to start.
Anonymous (ID: kawL3m82) 02/06/20(Thu)19:26:55 No.242703600▶>>242704146
we should elect a guy that promises to round-up all the pedos ! .. shit, wait..
Anonymous (ID: 5RB1sPOo) 02/06/20(Thu)19:27:16 No.242703636▶
Oh fuck
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)19:28:20 No.242703778▶>>242704011
File: GijoeDuke.jpg (69 KB, 201x300)
69 KB
Knowing is half the battle.

And understanding their strategies and tactics gives a lot of clues about how to counter.
Anonymous (ID: /jmu+qsK) NB 02/06/20(Thu)19:28:20 No.242703780▶
Anonymous (ID: 0Sbo2ZBg) 02/06/20(Thu)19:29:35 No.242703910▶
File: Hmm today I will vote.jpg (110 KB, 500x472)
110 KB
Nothing, as anon said here somewhere. Things will happen just like the Bible said they will. We cannot stop them, maybe we can delay them but not stop them. The best thing you can do is make a name for yourself, make money, raise children and redpill them. This is the best way to fight them.
Anonymous (ID: wcql/O4j) 02/06/20(Thu)19:29:41 No.242703924▶>>242704088
File: fasafsf.png (1.36 MB, 1416x683)
1.36 MB
Sabbatai Zevi converted to Islam, creating the Dönmeh group, which are crypto-jews, they influentied mostly the Turkey political system, as well mix the Islamic Sufi with Kabbalah. A good example of political control of Turkey, it is the Ataturk, which is a Zionist,
Anonymous (ID: eAI7tLC5) 02/06/20(Thu)19:30:19 No.242704010▶>>242704929
you've seen circles, not spheres. one eye, through a lens, cannot show depth.
also you're lying, you haven't seen multiple spheres, I've looked, they twinkle like stars
Anonymous (ID: airC6462) TM 02/06/20(Thu)19:30:19 No.242704011▶>>242704178
Yeah but if they control almost every industry, our only plan of defense is to make our own businesses without taking """their""" loans.
Anonymous (ID: iSgVrqBS) 02/06/20(Thu)19:30:59 No.242704086▶>>242704414

Anyone know any deeper meaning or story for the bottom right pic where their doing hear/see/speak no evil? This image appears on many playgrounds that I take my kids to. Always found it odd to be on there
Anonymous (ID: wcql/O4j) 02/06/20(Thu)19:30:59 No.242704088▶
> >>242703039

" British Agent Mustafa Kemal Admits He Is An Ethnic Jew"
Anonymous (ID: FAjiJfRz) 02/06/20(Thu)19:31:33 No.242704146▶
How about this? We stop telling pedos that they must rely on the continued existence of corrupt Jews and governments and lower the age of consent to 14 with testing and required lifelong marriage to avoid the death sentence?
Anonymous (ID: wcql/O4j) 02/06/20(Thu)19:31:52 No.242704174▶
Oh, yeah, actors [Embed]
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)19:31:53 No.242704178▶>>242704398
Sounds like you've thought this through for a solid 45 seconds, and come to some firm conclusions.
Anonymous (ID: hXzKVNqw) 02/06/20(Thu)19:33:04 No.242704324▶
Themselves, their belief is to model themselves after Satan the Great Betrayer. They want to rise up like he did againist God and replace him as the object of worship. The whole child sacrifice/rape thing has no real religious significance to them, its just a way of testing loyalty in their ranks and gathering blackmail on their members.
Anonymous (ID: airC6462) TM 02/06/20(Thu)19:33:34 No.242704398▶
I'm not saying I'm right, I'm asking what we should do and just throwing ideas out...
Anonymous (ID: kawL3m82) 02/06/20(Thu)19:33:40 No.242704414▶
>The three wise monkeys are a Japanese pictorial maxim
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)19:34:46 No.242704535▶
File: Stanley_Cohen.jpg (22 KB, 280x356)
22 KB
Stanley Cohen states that moral panic happens when "a condition, episode, person or group of persons emerges to become defined as a threat to societal values and interests". Examples of moral panic include the belief in widespread abduction of children by predatory paedophiles,[5][6][7] belief in ritual abuse of women and children by satanic cults,[8] and concerns over the effects of music lyrics.
Cohen was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1942, son of a Lithuanian businessman. He grew up as a Zionist and intended to settle in Israel. He studied Sociology and Social Work as an undergraduate at the University of Witwatersrand, getting involved in anti-apartheid issues
In 1980, he moved with his family to Israel, where he became the Director of the Institute of Criminology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Cohen was a leading writer on Criminology and Sociology.

Folk Devils and Moral Panic (1972)
Cohen's 1972 study (Folk Devils and Moral Panics) of the UK popular media and social reaction to the Mods and Rockers phenomenon is widely regarded by British criminologists as one of the most influential works in the field in the last forty years. The work applied the concepts of labelling, societal reaction[4] and the notion of the Deviancy Amplification Spiral. It helped to shift the focus of Criminology away from the causes of crime towards social reaction, the sociology of crime and Social Control. Cohen suggested the media overreact to an aspect of behaviour which may be seen as a challenge to existing social norms. However, the media response and representation of that behaviour actually helps to define it, communicate it and portrays it as a model for outsiders to observe and adopt. So the moral panic by society represented in the media arguably fuels further socially unacceptable behaviour.[5] Cohen is credited with coining the term moral panic the term is quite old
Anonymous (ID: k89ZxUYo) 02/06/20(Thu)19:37:50 No.242704929▶
>Do you even telescope
I've seen Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. They were all spheres.
Anonymous (ID: hXzKVNqw) 02/06/20(Thu)19:37:51 No.242704933▶
>Given Kubrick's fear of flying
He knew about the plane hijacking technology before anyone else
Anonymous (ID: +MgN9IEa) 02/06/20(Thu)19:42:34 No.242705492▶
File: 79efe7590155e5db025903fc0(...).jpg (15 KB, 216x338)
15 KB
Basically the whole "Jewish Reformation" that created Reform Judaism was a Frankist project.

So any secular or Reform Jew might as well be considered to have probably come from Frankist families.

And the Chabad Lubbavich movement has ties to the Frankists as well, I'll look it up.

But all Jews ultimately worship Jewishness, and they have no problem joining together at synagogue, with some of them being devil worshippers and some of them being Torah Jews. The most important thing is Jews sticking together, and that is the real beginning and end of that religion


By 1928, Adorno and Benjamin (AB) ...the problem posed by Lukacs: how to give aesthetics a firmly materialistic basis.

It was a question of some importance, at the time. Official Soviet discussions of art and culture, with their wild gyrations into "socialist realism" and "proletkult," were idiotic, and only served to discredit Marxism's claim to philosophy among intellectuals. Karl Marx's own writings on the subject were sketchy and banal, at best.

AB: Leibniz had once again obliterated the centuries-old gnostic dualism dividing mind and body, by demonstrating that matter does not think.

A creative act in art or science apprehends the truth of the physical universe, but it is not determined by that physical universe.

By self-consciously concentrating the past in the present to effect the future, the creative act, properly defined, is as immortal as the soul which envisions the act.

This has fatal philosophical implications for Marxism, which rests entirely on the hypothesis that mental activity is determined by the social relations excreted by mankind's production of its physical existence.

Marx sidestepped the problem of Leibniz, as did Adorno and Benjamin, although the latter did it with a lot more panache.

It is wrong, said Benjamin in his first articles on the subject, to start with the reasonable, hypothesizing mind as the basis of the development of civilization; this is an unfortunate legacy of Socrates.

As an alternative, Benjamin posed an Aristotelian fable (Aristotle the "Poisoner" because he poisoned Alexander the Great, was an Agent of the Babylonian Secret Services) in interpretation of Genesis: Assume that Eden were given to Adam as the primordial physical state.

The origin of science and philosophy does not lie in the investigation and mastery of nature, says Aristotle, but in the "naming" of the objects of nature; in the primordial state, to name a thing was to say all there was to say about that thing.

In support of this, Benjamin cynically recalled the opening lines of the Gospel according to St. John, carefully avoiding the philosophically-broader Greek, and preferring the Vulgate (so that, in the phrase "In the beginning was the Word," the connotations of the original Greek word "logos"--speech, reason, ratiocination, translated as "Word"--are replaced by the narrower meaning of the Latin word "verbum").

After the expulsion from Eden and God's requirement that Adam eat his bread earned by the sweat of his face (Benjamin's Marxist metaphor for the development of economies), and God's further curse of Babel on Nimrod (that is, the development of nation-states with distinct languages, which Benjamin and Marx viewed as a negative process away from the "primitive communism" of Eden), humanity became "estranged" from the physical world.

Thus, Benjamin continued, objects still give off an "aura" of their primordial form, but the truth is now hopelessly elusive. In fact, speech, written language, art, creativity itself--that by which we master physicality-- merely furthers the estrangement by attempting, in Marxist jargon, to incorporate objects of nature into the social relations determined by the class structure dominant at that point in history.

The theory therefore is that the creative artist or scientist, therefore, is a vessel, like Ion the rhapsode as he described himself to Socrates, or like a modern "chaos theory" advocate: the creative act springs out of the hodgepodge of culture as if by magic. The more that bourgeois man tries to convey what he intends about an object, the less truthful he becomes; or, in one of Benjamin's most oft-quoted statements, "Truth is the death of intention."

Yes there is no need to intend when you know, when you have the truth. But if you don't have the truth then intention is the only way you will get it!!

This philosophical sleight-of-hand allows one to do several destructive things. By making creativity historically-specific, you rob it of both immortality and morality.

One cannot hypothesize universal truth, or natural law, for truth is completely relative to historical development. By discarding the idea of truth and error, you also may throw out the "obsolete" concept of good and evil; you are, in the words of Friedrich Nietzsche, "beyond good and evil."

Benjamin is able, for instance, to defend what he calls the "Satanism" of the French Symbolists and their Surrealist successors, for at the core of this Satanism "one finds the cult of evil as a political device .. . to disinfect and isolate against all moralizing dilettantism" of the bourgeoisie.

Thus, we are told by these satanists that to condemn the Satanism of Rimbaud as evil, is as incorrect as to extol a Beethoven quartet or a Schiller poem as good; for both judgments are blind to the historical forces working "unconsciously" on the artist.

Thus, we are told by these satanists that the late Beethoven's chord structure was striving to be atonal, but Beethoven could not bring himself "consciously" to break with the structured world of Congress of Vienna Europe (Adorno's thesis); similarly, Schiller really wanted to state that creativity was the liberation of the erotic, but as a true child of the Enlightenment and Immanuel Kant, he could not make the requisite renunciation of reason (Marcuse's thesis).

Thus, we are told by these satanists that Epistemology becomes a poor relation of public opinion, since the artist does not consciously create works in order to uplift society, but instead unconsciously transmits the ideological assumptions of the culture into which he was born. The issue is no longer what is universally true, but what can be plausibly interpreted by the self-appointed guardians of the "Zeitgeist".

"The Bad New Days"
Thus, for the Frankfurt School, the goal of a cultural elite in the modern, "capitalist" era must be to strip away the belief that art derives from the self-conscious emulation of God the Creator; "religious illumination," says Benjamin, must be shown to "reside in a profane illumination, a materialistic, anthropological inspiration, to which hashish, opium, or whatever else can give an introductory lesson."

At the same time, "new cultural forms must be found to increase the alienation of the population," in order for it to understand how truly alienated it is to live without satanism. "Do not build on the good old days, but on the bad new ones," said Benjamin.

Thus, we are told by these satanists that the proper direction in painting, therefore, is that taken by the late Van Gogh, who began to paint objects in disintegration, with the equivalent of a hashish-smoker's eye that "loosens and entices things out of their familiar world."

Thus, we are told by these satanists that in music, "it is not suggested that one can compose better today" than Mozart or Beethoven, said Adorno, but one must compose atonally, for atonalism is sick, and "the sickness, dialectically, is at the same time the cure....The extraordinarily violent reaction protest which such music confronts in the present society ... appears nonetheless to suggest that the dialectical function of this music can already be felt ... negatively, as destruction.'|"

Thus, we are told by these satanists that the purpose of modern art, literature, and music must be to destroy the uplifting--therefore, bourgeois -- potential of art, literature, and music, so that man, "bereft of his connection to the divine," sees his only creative option to be political revolt. " The creation of terrorists, atheistic agentur, those who can kill without turning a hair, psychopaths.."

Thus, we are told by these satanists that to organize pessimism means nothing other than to expel the moral metaphor from politics and to discover in political action a sphere reserved one hundred percent for images."

Thus, Benjamin collaborated with Brecht to work these theories into practical form, and their joint effort culminated in the "Verfremdungseffekt" ("estrangement effect"), Brecht's attempt to write his plays so as to make the audience leave the theatre demoralized and aimlessly angry.



Click here for pdf version


Freud’s reported interest in the Lurianic Kabbalah is explored from both theoretical and psychotherapeutic points of view. The Lurianic symbols are understood both as important historical antecedents to psychoanalysis and as a significant source of both insight and inspiration for contemporary psychotherapists.

David Bakan, in the paperback edition of his work, Sigmund Freud and The Jewish Mystical Tradition relates a story which, I believe, bears repeating. It’s a fascinating story. I'm not sure if it's true, but even as an apocryphal tale it should command our attention. The story involves two rabbis by the name of Chayyim, two rabbis by the name of Bloch, Bakan, and Sigmund Freud. In his book, first published in the 1950s, Bakan had argued that Freud had either consciously or unconsciously made use of Jewish mystical ideas in formulating psychoanalysis [1]. After the book’s publication Bakan received a letter from a Rabbi Chayyim Bloch, who had been an acquaintance of Freud some years back. Bloch had read Bakan's book and informed Bakan that he had some information that might be of interest to him. According to Bloch, many years earlier he had been asked by his own mentor, the eminent Rabbi Joseph Bloch, to do a German translation of the works of Chayyim Vital, a 16th century rabbi who had been the most important student of Isaac Luria, the great master of the theosophical Kabbalah [2]. Bloch told Bakan that he'd begun work on the translation but soon lost interest and ceased work altogether when Joseph Bloch died in 1923. Sometime later, however, Chayyim Bloch had a dream in which Joseph Bloch came to him and asked him why he had not finished the project. Chayyim Bloch then completed the translation but felt he needed someone to write a forward to the book and to help assume responsibility for its publication.

Apparently Bloch had some understanding of the psychological significance of Chayyim Vital's work, because he decided to approach his acquaintance, Sigmund Freud. Freud agreed to read the manuscript, and upon doing so exclaimed to Bloch "This is gold!" and wondered aloud why Chayyim Vital's work had never been brought to his attention in the past. Freud agreed to write the forward to the book and also agreed to assist in securing its publication. At this point, Freud informed Bloch that he too had written a book that was relevant to Judaism, and hurriedly presented Bloch with the manuscript of what was to become Moses and Monotheism. Freud and Bloch were meeting in Freud's library, and Bloch quickly perused Freud's manuscript. The work, however, incensed Bloch, who, saw that Freud had not only denied that Moses was Jewish but had placed responsibility for Moses' death on the Jewish people. Bloch exclaimed that the Christian world had always blamed the Jews for the death of their Christ, and now Freud would blame the Jews for the death of their own liberator, Moses. Freud himself was deeply angered by Bloch's reaction and left the room, leaving Bloch alone in Freud's library for a period of time. During that time Bloch reports that he had nothing to do but to browse through the books on Freud's shelf, amongst which was a French translation of the classical Kabbalistic text, the Zohar, as well as several German language books on Jewish mysticism [1].

What we might ask, was the gold that Freud had seen in the pages of Bloch's translation of Chayyim Vital's work? Interestingly, and somewhat surprisingly, David Bakan in his own book on Freud and Jewish mysticism work barely even mentions Vital or Luria. This is the case even though it should be plain to anyone familiar with the Lurianic Kabbalah that it is a system of thought which is far more dynamic and, I would daresay, far more psychoanalytic, than any other aspect of the Jewish tradition.

Chayyim Vital (1542-1620) was 20 years younger than Isaac Luria and outlived him by 50 years, but during the period of time when the two of them were together in Safed, Vital acted as Luria's Boswell, taking down his words as if they were the words of a prophet. Indeed, Luria was one of the greatest Kabbalistic masters, who taught his mystical and theosophical doctrine to a few select pupils in one of Judaism’s four holy cities. Those who have had an opportunity to visit Safed in modern day Israel cannot fail to be impressed. Perched above the Galilee it is a tranquil and remote site of ancient synagogues and mosaics. Luria himself was a poet whose odes to the Sabbath adorn even today's Jewish prayer books. On Friday nights he would lead his followers in spirited song greeting the "Sabbath Queen" outdoors as the sun set on the horizon of Palestine. Luria's ideas were little known outside orthodox Jewish circles, however, until Gershom Scholem brought them to the attention of western intellectuals in the 1930s [3,4,5]. Since that time, Scholem, a number of his students, and others have catalogued and commented upon the works of Luria's disciples including Vital [6]. Nevertheless, it is noteworthy that even Carl Jung , who himself professed more than a passing interest in the Kabbalah, and whose works are filled with references to Kabbalistic ideas, only became aware of the Lurianic Kabbalah in 1954. Judging from Jung's letters it is fair to say that he himself found gold in Luria's ideas, commenting in particular that he was impressed by Luria's notion that it is man's divinely appointed task to help restore the broken vessels of a shattered cosmos [7]. Several years later Jung commented that "a full understanding of the Jewish origins of psychoanalysis would carry us beyond Jewish Orthodoxy into the subterranean workings of Hasidism and then into the intricacies of the Kabbalah which still remain unexplored psychologically" [8].

The Lurianic Kabbalah is a relatively late development in Jewish mysticism. The locus classicus of the Kabbalah, is, of course, the Zohar which contemporary scholars date to the 13th century but which Jewish Orthodoxy insists goes back to the 2nd century and was authored by the rabbinic sage, Simeon Bar Yohai [9]. Many of the ideas in the Lurianic Kabbalah are dynamic developments of concepts and symbols that appear in the Zohar. One can also find many ancient Gnostic themes reappearing suddenly in the Lurianists, and the study of both Christian and Jewish Gnostic sources is invaluable as a background to the ideas of the Kabbalah [10,11,12] (see Gnosticism). Lurianic ideas are also prominent in the 17th century messianic movement surrounding Sabbatei Zevi in Poland [5]. They are also to be found amongst the Lubavitch Hasidim, whose psychological interpretation of the Kabbalah is invaluable for our own contemporary understanding of this tradition [13]. Those who wish to pursue a study of the Kabbalah are referred to the valuable works by Gershom Scholem and Isaiah Tishby[4,5,6,9]. The latter's recent compilation and translation of the Zohar is unparalleled, finally making this work truly accessible to the English speaking public. Unfortunately, none of the works of Chayyim Vital have as yet been translated into English. His Sefer Etz Chayyim is extremely rewarding in the original but requires a knowledge not only of Hebrew but also a familiarity with the specialized Kabbalistic terminology [2]. There is also a Christian Kabbalah, which is detailed in English in the esoteric Holy Kabbalah of Waite [14] and which, in the Latin writings of Knorr Von Rosenroth, was heavily relied upon by Jung in his interpretation of alchemy [15,16]. The Kabbalah also echoes and is echoed by many of the themes in Platonism and Neoplatonism, Christian mysticism, German Idealism (particularly Hegel); and, interestingly, both in Hindu and Buddhist thought (see Indian Philosophy). A full contemporary understanding of the Kabbalah would indeed take into consideration these and many other mystical, theological and philosophical movements. The Kabbalah is also, as I have intimated, a subtext to Jung's prolific work on alchemy. This is because the alchemists themselves were greatly influenced by, and implemented, Kabbalistic ideas in their work. Indeed it can be argued that Jung's spiritual and psychological reinterpretation of alchemy is nothing more than a return to alchemy's Kabbalistic roots.

There have, of course, been numerous works which treat of the presumed Jewish pedigree to psychoanalysis [1,17,18]. With the exception of Bakan none of them deal specifically with Jewish mysticism and most understand Freud's Judaism as a kind of general impetus to his work in psychoanalysis. Rice, for example, has argued that the social position of the Jew as an outsider enabled Freud to make a breakthrough in an otherwise conservative scientific climate [17]. Gay, in his book Freud: A Godless Jew, argues that it was not Freud's Judaism but rather his godlessness, his atheism, which enabled him to make the discoveries leading to psychoanalysis [18]. Gay comments that all of the comparisons between, for example, the methods of dream interpretation in the Talmud and psychoanalysis are superficial and coincidental, and that there is no real theoretical thread that can link psychoanalysis with any specific Jewish or other religious phenomenon. I am, unlike Bakan, not of the firm opinion that Freud consciously or unconsciously borrowed Kabbalistic or Jewish themes in creating psychoanalysis; this may or may not be the case. What is more interesting, however, is the light that can be shed both on psychoanalysis and Jewish mysticism through a dialog between them. It is nevertheless significant that Gay, neither in his work on Freud's Judaism nor in his major biography of Freud [19], takes any cognizance of the Lurianic Kabbalah and its potential relevance to psychoanalytic thought. The same is true for each of the other authors who have written about the impact of Judaism on psychoanalysis. However, if there is a specific convincing relationship between Jewish mysticism and psychoanalysis it is to be found in the work of Luria and Vital, the very work which Freud himself presumably declared to be gold.

The Lurianic Metaphors

The Lurianic Kabbalah is extremely complex. However, in basic outline it can be understood as a grand myth or metaphor about the origin and destiny of the universe [20,21]. According to Luria the creation of the universe is the manifestation of a cosmic drama involving the emanation, channeling, structuring, and containment of God's infinite energy or light. This light is referred to as Or Ein-sof, and is conceived of by Luria in sexual terms, as divine sexual energy. According to Luria, the original creation process, involved a contraction, withdrawal and concealment of God's infinite presence. This act is known in the Lurianic Kabbalah as Tzimtzum, a notion which expresses the view that creation is essentially a negative, rather than a positive act. The tzimtzum resulted in a void within which a finite world could be created. The initial act of creation involved a process which might be described as being analogous to the creation of a detailed scene by interposing obstructions (e.g. a series of "negatives" in an otherwise uniform plenum of light. In this manner, God is said to have emanated a series of ten archetypal structures known as the Sefirot which are understood as crystallized representations of God's intellectual, spiritual and emotional characteristics.

These structures were meant to become vessels for the further emanation of God's creative energy. But because they were disjoint, they were not strong enough to contain the light of the Infinite and a majority of them shattered, causing a portion of the Infinite’s light to cling to and become entrapped within the broken shards which were then dispersed throughout the world. The resulting pieces, known in Hebrew as Kellipot (nutshells or husks) become in the Lurianic system the metaphysical source of all that is dark, negative, alienated and evil. These kellipot are said to have exiled a portion of God's infinite light from its source and to have thus given rise to an alienated, evil realm, the sitra achra, what the Kabbalists call "the forces of the other side." At the same time, the breaking of the vessels resulted in a disruption of the flow of divine procreative energy throughout the cosmos, and, particularly, in a disturbance in the normal conjugal relations between the masculine and feminine aspects of the godhead. As a result, much of the divine sexual energy was entrapped in the “husks” of the “other side”. It is mankind's divinely appointed task, through proper ethical, spiritual and psychological conduct to discover the kellipot as they manifest themselves in our world, and to free or raise the sparks of light within them (known in Hebrew as netzotzim), in order that they may return to their proper place as forces serving the divine will. In so doing, mankind is said to liberate the “feminine waters” necessary for the renewed sexual union within God. The act of liberating the divine light or energy and restoring it to the service of the infinite God is known in the Lurianic literature as Tikkun ha-Olam , the restoration of the world. On a personal level, each individual is enjoined to liberate the sparks within his own soul in order that he may ultimately achieve his personal restoration and divine destiny.

The Kabbalists themselves recognize this cosmic drama, to be a metaphor for deeper theological and also psychological events, and if we examine this metaphor from a contemporary psychological perspective we discover it to be strikingly psychoanalytic in nature. Indeed, the metaphors of psychoanalysis and the Kabbalah are so similar that if it were not for the fact that the Lurianic Kabbalah antedated Freud by 300 years we would be tempted to call the entire scheme a "psychoanalysis of God".

Luria and Freud

According to Freud , the development of the individual involves the channeling of procreative energy, which is itself modified into structures, the ego and superego, whose function it is to channel and modulate further emanations of the individual's libido, much as the sefirot were designed as vessels for channeling the light and energy of God's light, energy and will. For reasons which are inherent in the structure of the conflict between instinct and culture these structures (the ego and the superego) are not consistently able to maintain and modulate the libidinous energy in ways that are most adaptive to the individual. There is, one might say, a partial shattering of each of these structures, which results in a splitting off or alienation of ideas and emotions from the main fabric of the individual's personality, just as, in the Lurianic system, divine sparks are separated or exiled from their main source in God. This psychological splitting of f occurs, for example, when the individual becomes aware of an impulse, thought, or desire which his conscious self finds unacceptable. The impulse or idea, and its associated affect, is repressed and subsequently exists in a nether psychological realm known as the unconscious, which is quite analogous to Luria's sitra achra or "other side". Once in the unconscious these complexes of thought and affect, which are akin to the Kabbalist's kellipot, are inaccessible to the individual. They are, in a sense, exiled psychosexual energy which becomes a source of all manner and variety of psychological mischief which the individual experiences as depression or other neurotic symptoms, in the same way as the kellipot entrap the divine sexuality and become the source of negativity and evil on a cosmic level. The job of the analyst is to make these unconscious complexes conscious and, more importantly, to free the libidinal energy attached to them so that it can again be made available to the individual for his life goals; just as in Kabbalah the energy trapped in the sitra achra must be freed and made available for the service of God. From a kabbalistic perspective, the psychoanalytic endeavor is itself a form of tikkun or restoration, which brings an end to a galut or exile of aspects of the individual's personality, and ushers in a geulah or psychological redemption.

Philosophy, Kabbalah and Psychoanalysis

We might be tempted, at this juncture, to look upon the Lurianic Kabbalah in the same way that Jung looked upon alchemy, that is, as a dimly understood projection of the Kabbalists' own psychological processes onto the cosmos as a whole. Indeed, the Hasidim understood the Lurianic Kabbalah in essentially this way. On their view the human mind, the microcosm, perfectly mirrors the divine mind or macrocosm, and the events which the Kabbalah had described as cosmic events were understood by the Hasidim as transpiring within the individual's own psyche or soul. While I believe that this is a fruitful approach, it is not the only one, and a reverse perspective, one which raises the application of psychoanalytic concepts to the cosmos as a whole, may be fruitful as well.

Such a perspective will be attractive to those who refuse to draw sharp distinctions between psychology, philosophy, and theology, and who hold, as did the Kabbalists, that our deepest psychological insights can also satisfy many of our philosophical and theological urgings as well. My experience is that many individuals who are attracted to psychoanalysis (as opposed, for example, to behavioral or cognitive psychology) hold just such a view, and, in spite of Freud's well known disavowal, regard psychoanalysis as a weltanschauung with profound cultural, political, and philosophical significance.

In this regard, it may be worth our while to compare our own intellectual situation with that of the 19th century in Germany, in the years, immediately prior to the advent of psychoanalysis. At that time, German philosophy had been dominated by the philosophical perspectives of Kant and Hegel. Kant had attempted to answer philosophical skepticism through a constructivist doctrine in which certain presumably universal categories such as space, time and causality were understood as invariant properties of the human mind, but completely inapplicable to the noumenal realm or the "things in themselves". Hegel had turned Kant on his head, arguing that the very categories of the human mind which Kant had held to be solely applicable to appearances were indeed applicable to the real world. Through an understanding of the dynamic or dialectical relationship amongst these categories, Hegel sought to obtain a synoptic view of the nature, origins and destiny of the cosmos as a whole. Hegel argued that it made no sense to confine the Kantian categories to the psychology of man. Any talk about "things in themselves" which lay behind or which cause our psychological experience, is itself conditioned by that experience, and it simply makes no sense to speak of such a presumably unknowable realm at all.

If we examine the psychologies of both Freud and Jung we discover that both take up a position which is very similar to Kant's, but whereas Kant regarded the categories of the conscious mind as the vehicles through which we construct our world, Freud and Jung argued that such construction is at least in part the result of unconscious mental activities, activities like displacement, condensation, projection, repression and symbolization (and the work of the archetypes in the case of Jung). I would argue that the psychoanalysis of Freud and Jung has yet to find its 20th or 21st century version of Hegel, one who would systematically draw the full philosophical and theological implications of the theory of the unconscious, and who would acknowledge what Hegel, if he were alive today, would have readily seen, but which Freud and Jung refused to consider, that the experience of a God archetype, for example, is all we can ever mean with the word "God", and that the depths of our own souls are the only conceivable windows we have into the depths of the world. Psychoanalysis strikes us as deep and profound precisely because its categories grant us insight not only into personal minds but (as the Kabbalists, in speaking of analogous ideas, intimated) into the nature of the cosmos as a whole. As James Hillman has affirmed, when we do psychoanalytic work we are not simply talking about 'you and I' but have an opportunity to enter into the soul of the world as well [22,23].

As psychotherapists I believe we can find something of considerable psychological interest in each of the Kabbalistic symbols, in each phase of their mythical account of the origin and destiny of the world. Consider, for example, the kabbalistic theme of exile and redemption, a theme which is not only prominent throughout Jewish history but which appears to be universal in our own time. That man is somehow exiled from himself is an assumption which not only pervades psychoanalytic interpretations of contemporary man but also existentialist and Marxist interpretations as well. That Freud himself identified with the Jewish theme of exile and redemption is made clear by his long-standing preoccupation with the liberator of the Jewish people, Moses. That analysis offers deliverance from man's self-alienated condition has led some to regard psychoanalysis as a redemptive movement in the tradition of Judaism [17]. Or consider Ein-sof, the Kabbalist’s term for the infinite unknowable God, the source of all energy, will and interest. Ein -sof has its analog in the notion of a primal unknowable unconscious, what Jacques Lacan sometimes refers to as "Little a," that primitive scintilla of desire which exists outside of the symbolic order and about which we therefore cannot speak. Tzimtzum, the withdrawal concealment and contraction, by which the Infinite is said by the Kabbalists to have created the world, has many psychological ramifications which I will discuss momentarily. The same, we shall see, can readily be said about the sefirot, the structures, dimensions or archetypes which are the building blocks of the cosmos and human personality, the shevirat-hakelim, the breaking of the vessels, or the necessary destructive process which is part of all creativity, and tikkun ha-olam, the process by which man raises the sparks of divine light which have been trapped in the "other side."

Tzimtzum: "Contraction and Concealment"

We can begin with the Lurianic notion of tzimtzum. This idea, which is unique in the history of religion and philosophy, involves the notion that creation is essentially a negative as opposed to a positive act. The Infinite God must withdraw, conceal, contract himself and, in effect, get himself out of the way in order to create, and ultimately reach out to a world. Without getting into the logical details of this doctrine I should note that the Kabbalists speak as if the very act of contraction involved in the tzimtzum is enough to allow a world (and particularly a Primordial Man, who embodies all of the characteristics of the universe) to emerge. The Hasidim interpreted this doctrine psychologically in their admonition that in relating to others, in particular our children, we must emulate the Infinite God and perform an act of tzimtzum whereby our own thoughts and desires, are contracted and concealed so that the other may emerge in his or her own individuality. Rotenberg, has created an entire social psychology based on the notion of tzimtzum, arguing that mutual I-Thou relationships and communal institutions must be based upon mutual contraction rather than the assertion which is taught by contemporary psychology [24]. I have often found that the most difficult task for a new psychotherapist is that of getting him or herself out of the way in order that the patient may emerge as an individual in his own right. Indeed, the psychotherapeutic relationship may be the one relationship in which patients can experience an other who is not asserting his or her will over against the patient's own. If this can truly be achieved, then perhaps the patient can emerge spontaneously in his or her own full being in much the same way as the Lurianic Kabbalists held that the Primordial Man emerged spontaneously with the tzimtzum or contraction and concealment of God. This is an attitude, it should be noted, which is even more difficult to take with respect to our own children, who we may be inclined to see as a narcissistic extension of ourselves. Yet it is only through an act of contraction in which we overcome our own narcissism that we are able to see either our patients or children in the context of their own desire.

How is such an act of tzimtzum with respect to our patients, our children and others possible? I do not have an easy answer to this question. but a few words and metaphors come to mind. Amongst these are becoming transparent as opposed opaque, naive instead of knowledgeable, and perhaps even foolish instead of wise. I think that those of us who are unable to allow ourselves to be fooled, manipulated or completely baffled by our patients have not reached the requisite state of humility to conduct meaningful psychotherapy. It is, I believe, also of interest that in the writings of Chayyim Vital, we learn that before God could contract Himself away from a point He first had to concentrate all of his energies upon it. This provides us with the insight that the very process of “contracting” with respect to our patients is not simply one of ignoring them or leaving them to their own devices, but rather involves an intense focus and interest upon them, and at the same time a restraint or withdrawal which allows them to emerge as themselves.

None of this is to say that there is no place for assertion, wisdom and knowledge, on the part of the therapist. The Lurianic Kabbalists recognized that the negative act of tzimtzum must be followed by a positive act of hitpashut or emanation, and that the relationship between God and the world, or between man and man, is an ebb and flow of contraction and expansion, withdrawal and assertion, retreat and encounter. In psychotherapy, however, there must first be a getting out of the patient's way before one can achieve the requisite understanding to make a useful interpretation. When the analytic hour is filled with the patient and his or her desire as opposed to the therapist's, then what, if anything, must be said will become quite evident, for the therapist will have succeeded in identifying himself as completely as possible with the feelings, thoughts and situation of the analysand. I believe that it is just such a contracted, naive kind of listening that enables a Hasidic rebbe to give such profound advice to his Hasidim, for such advice turns out to be simply a tracking or reflection of the Hasid’s own desire.

An act of tzimtzum is also required on the part of the analysand. The patient, in regressing to critical moments in his early life, by becoming absorbed in the world of his fantasies and dreams, and by taking a curious and naive interest in his own mental productions, performs an act of contraction or withdrawal with respect to his own ego or self. The dream is of particular interest in this regard. The Kabbalah (like the Vedanta) regarded the whole of creation as akin to a dream in the infinite mind of the Absolute. In withdrawing himself from himself and (what amounts to the same thing) by concealing himself from his own reality, the infinite God creates an illusion of finitude and multiplicity which is our world. Interestingly, this illusion is for the Kabbalists the very perfection and completion of the deity himself, for without man existing in a finite world, God would have no capacity to see or comprehend himself or to instantiate the values which are implicit in his infinite goodness.

We each perform an act of tzimtzum and, in effect, play God to dream worlds of our own creation each night. In dreaming we perform an act of contraction whereby we withdraw or remove our cathexis from the world and substitute a new world or reality in the dream. But, paradoxically, just as the world is said to complete God, our dreams can be said to complete ourselves, for it is only through our dreams and fantasies that we can achieve a perspicacious notion of who we really are. Jung who was far more theologically inclined than Freud, viewed the dream as our portal into "heaven", for in the dream we gain access to the archetypes which, according to Jung, are the psychological foundation for what were traditionally spoken of as the gods.

As I have already mentioned, the word tzimtzum has a connotation of concealment as well as contraction, and it is this connotation which is of particular relevance to an aspect of human creativity which has been much discussed in psychoanalysis: the origin of personality or character.. We might say that an act of tzimtzum or concealment lies at the very core of our character, for it is only through concealment and it's variants, i.e.: denial, repression, symbolization, displacement, condensation, etc. that a division is set up between the conscious and the unconscious mind and our personalities are born. As we know, it is the unconscious mind which adds depth and flavor to life, and is essential to the formation of an individual's character. Just as God, according to the Kabbalists, creates a world through an act of concealment (if you will a cosmic repression) man creates his own character, and, as Freud understood it, his culture, through an earthly concealment: the repressions of everyday life. We can see a Hegelian dialectic at work on both the theological and psychological levels, for in both instances we find that reality gives rise to illusions which are in turn productive of the very realities which gave rise to them. The "illusion" of a finite world is theologically the perfection and completion of God, and the "illusion" of a world of fantasies and dreams is the ground and the depths of the reality of man. This, by the way, is a wonderful example of the Kabbalistic notion of coincidentia oppositorum, the principle that profound opposites compliment and complete each other. It also illustrates the Kabbalistic (and psychoanalytic) principle that the unknown (or unconscious) is not simply the result of repression, but lies at the core of man's very being.

There is one more clinical theme that I would like to pursue with respect to the concept of tzimtzum, and this relates to the problem of getting ourselves and even our psychologies out of the way so that we as individuals can make room for an external world. Since the time of Copernicus man has become decentered within the physical universe while at the same time becoming far more essential in the spiritual world. Man has become spiritually central to such a degree that he himself has become completely coextensive with "soul"[23, p. 100]. The world itself has lost its soul and the hermeneutic method which was once used to find spiritual meaning in nature and cosmos has now been confined to the study of man. Indeed, one of Freud's greatest innovations, perhaps his greatest, was that at a time when Darwin had subjected an aspect of the world (the origin and nature of biological species) which had once been understood hermeneutically, to the methods of natural science, Freud subjected a phenomenon (neurosis and psychopathology), which in his day had been understood scientifically, to the methods of textual interpretation, the very methods, by the way, which formed the basis of the Jewish intellectual tradition. However, a consequence of these Darwinian and Freudian developments has been a further bifurcation between man and the world, between the humanities and the natural sciences; to the point where the soul has been taken out of the world and confined to man.

James Hillman, has spent the past 30 years bemoaning this occurrence, urging us to regard the world itself as well as our own productions in art, language, and science as filled with soul and spirit [22,23]. We have boxed ourselves into such a corner that the psyche is confined to ourselves and our relationships, and we are no longer as capable as previous generations of sensing the great depth and soul in the world at large. Indeed, our generation is one in which to be deep means to turn inward toward the self, and to be involved in such matters as politics, science or the natural world is deemed psychologically uninteresting. Many of the most creative minds of our own generation have spent the better part of their lives in self absorption on the analytic couch or in other primarily psychological activities. As such, we are in a position that is in some ways analogous to that of God before creation: we are narcissistically preoccupied and unable to get ourselves out of the way so that we may genuinely encounter an ensouled world. Perhaps another human act of contraction or tzimtzum is necessary at this stage to recognize that the hermeneutic categories which we have eagerly applied in psychoanalysis to ourselves are relevant to the world at large, and that there is as much psyche and depth in that world as there is within our own souls. When patients take a genuinely deep and abiding interest in the world around them and turn away from their own inner preoccupations I consider this a most hopeful sign. While such an interest can, on occasion, be a sign of resistance, it is very frequently also a sign that the patient has contracted himself, that, he has gotten himself out of the way to such an extent that he has permitted a world to emerge outside the confines of his own psyche. Achieving this might be considered a wonderful act of imitatio dei, and when it occurs the Kabbalists would find it as a warrant for the assertion that man was created in the image of God.

One more word on the function of the world in both the Kabbalah and in psychoanalysis. We know that according to Freud, each of us has a thanatic urge to return to the complete state of entropy, disorganization, or nothingness from which we arose. This is what I have elsewhere referred to as Freud's negative mysticism: a mysticism in which the goal, instead of being a union with the one resplendent God, is dissolution or death [25]. According to Freud, our attachment to the objects of the world prevents us from acting out on our thanatic urges. A similar theory is found in the Baal Shem Tov, the founder of Hasidism, who held that our interest in the objects of the material world is the one thing that prevents our soul from prematurely returning to its origins in God. I would say then that for both Freud and the Baal Shem that the world is a good thing, for Freud because it forestalls our entry into nothingness, and for the Baal Shem Tov because it prevents a premature unio mystico that would prevent us from accomplishing our work on earth. The world is also, according to the Kabbalists, in spite of its immense challenges, evils, and hardships, or (to be more precise) because of them, the perfect setting in which man can assume his life task. What this task is, I will discuss later, when we turn to the concept of tikkun haolam.

The Sefirot

Sefirah and its plural form sefirot have no clear linguistic derivation. The term has been variously interpreted as relating to Hebrew words meaning luminary, brilliance or sapphire, number, scribe and book (the Hebrew word for which is sefer) and each of these proposed derivations can provide us with some insight into the nature of the sefirot symbol. The Kabbalists indeed describe the sefirot as luminaries, dimensions, numbers or archetypes with which God has created or written the world. The sefirot are ten in number, and even their names (e.g. wisdom, kindness, beauty) suggest that they represent values, archetypes or dimensions of both the human soul and (according to the Kabbalists) the world. As we have seen, it is a fundamental tenet of Kabbalistic thought that the microcosm mirrors the macro-cosm, that the elements of the soul of man mirror the ultimate constituents of God and the universe. As we have already seen, these elements or sefirot are in a sense illusory in nature, having been brought into existence by the tzimtzum or concealment of the infinite unity of God, in much the same way as a multiplicity of mathematical equivalencies can appear to have a separate existence as a result of our ignorance of the fact that they are all, for example, equal to the number one.

The sefirot refer to such dimensions of existence as the ultimate will, ideal wisdom, and deepest understanding, as well as, love, power, and judgment, beauty and compassion, endurance, majesty, foundation, and kingship. These dimensions have been interpreted by the Kabbalists as instantiating the spiritual, psychological, and material dimensions of the known world. Beyond the four dimensions of space and time which are recognized by contemporary physics, the Kabbalists recognize six value and ideational dimensions which characterize an object's spiritual, conceptual, psychological, and physical properties. Moses Cordovero, a kabbalist who was a contemporary of Luria's in Safed, understood the sefirot as the constituent elements or "molecules" of the objects in the world, and held that each thing obtained its specific character through the relative admixture and dominance of sefirot which comprised it. The Kabbalists also held that the sefirot were organized into worlds, some of which (being spiritual) were dominated by such sefirot as will and wisdom while others (being more material) were dominated by less exalted sefiriotic archetypes. An interesting and important aspect of the sefirot doctrine is the existence of the so-called ten negative crowns or "counter sefirot ", which are said to exist in an infernal realm, providing an evil or negative counterpart to the sefirot which dominate the upper worlds. According to the Kabbalists man must pay his due to the world of the counter sefirot as well as to the upper realms. If he fails to recognize the negative forms of will, wisdom, strength and kindness within himself, he runs the risk of being dominated by these same forces emerging from the "other side".

An entire psychology can be developed on the basis of the sefirot doctrine. Not only can the sefirot be put to fascinating use in the understanding of character, but the kabbalistic doctrine of "Worlds" can be utilized in understanding such phenomenon as higher and lower states of consciousness and dreams. Freud himself well understood that a dream, after all, brings us into a realm which is dominated by dimensions of will and desire, and in which the material aspects of things are subordinated to desires and ideas. Such a realm corresponds very closely to some of the alternative worlds spoken of in the Kabbalah.

Several other aspects of the sefirot symbolism are striking from a psychoanalytic point of view. For example, the sefirot are organized in the Zohar into a series of parent and child personalities whose dynamic interactions and family romance are strikingly premonitory of the Oedipus and Elektra complexes. The Zohar describes how the "celestial father" has a particular fondness for his daughter which stirs the jealousy of the "celestial mother". In his love, the Zohar relates, he calls her daughter, but this is not enough for him and he calls her sister. This too is not enough for him and he calls her mother. An enraged supernal mother says to her daughter, "is it a small matter that you have taken away my husband, for all his love is centered on you?" But at the same time the mother is said to favor the son over her husband [9, Vol. 1, p. 299], thus, completing a sort of cosmic Oedipal triangle; a vision of the universe in which the world itself is conditioned by archetypical interest and desire, the very desire which contemporary psychoanalysts have discerned in the psychology of individual man and at the foundation of human society.

There is also a decidedly sexual connotation to the sefirot. The sefirot are spoken of in metaphors of sexual intercourse and love, and the Kabbalists affirmed that the harmony of all the worlds is dependent upon a sexual arousal and unification which occurs between the celestial beings (partzufim) which emerge as elements of the sefirotic system. Of course, the division of the godhead into a multiplicity of sefirot and further into several partzufim or personalities is, according to the Kabbalists, one of those paradoxically necessary real illusions, and the division amongst these entities and personas is a state of affairs which must ultimately be overcome. The unification of the sefirot is spoken of as zivvug or copulation between male and female aspects of the godhead, and in order for an appropriate unification to take place mutual male and female orgasms are deemed necessary. The "male waters" are derived from the grace of the heavens above, but, as we have seen, the "female waters" are to be supplied by mankind itself, who is often identified in the Kabbalah with the feminine aspect of the deity. While the Kabbalists warned against taking these sexual metaphors literally, it is clear that theirs is a highly eroticized universe, the dynamics of which are most perfectly expressed in the unification of man and woman in erotic love. That such erotic love is important for the psychological unity of individual man and woman is a plain inference from the Kabbalist’s cosmological theories. A Jungian, of course, is entitled to take the entire scheme of multiple personalities (male, female, young, old etc.) within the godhead as symbolic of the inherent multiplicity within the personality of man, and their various "unifications" as representing the dialectic between "animus" and "anima", and "senex" and "puer" within man's psyche.

The sefirot are ways in which we as individuals structure our lives and cope with the psychological energy radiating from our own psychic core. The Kabbalists adopted a view in which the perfection of each individual soul involves the full recognition and development of each of seven sefirot, which they regarded to be the seven basic emotions of the human psyche. Each of these "emotional sefirot" is said to be comprised of both itself and each of the other six so that a scheme is developed in which there exists, for example, the love of love, the strength of love, the beauty of love, the endurance of love, etc. All forty-nine combinations are necessary in order to achieve the full human potential. There is also a dialectical relationship amongst a number of the sefirot. One such relationship, in particular, that between Chesed (love or kindness) and Din (strength or judgment), forms a critical moment in kabbalistic psychology. It is only when love is modified by judgment, and judgment modified by love, resulting in the sefirot Rachamim (compassion), that the human soul can be said to be complete. Indeed, it is a severing of judgment from love which is said to give rise to the "other side" and the infernal realm of the kellipot; this providing an analogy to the Freudian notion that repression and neurosis results when the harsh judgments of the super ego are unmodified by erotic or compassionate trends within the personality. Psychotherapeutically, the Kabbalists, and particularly the Hasidim who succeeded them, sought to obtain a balance between kindness and judgment, such that neither dominates and overwhelms the psyche. This balance is expressed in the sefirah Rachamim, which connotes "compassion". Those who are familiar with the Yiddish word rachmones will understand that it is precisely the deeply felt empathy and compassion expressed by this term which is critical to the psychotherapeutic attitude.

I should note, if only in passing, that the Hasidim developed a sefirotic psychology which antedates Freud by more than 150 years, but which anticipates many of the elements of psychoanalysis, including the view that the psychology of the average man is characterized by extreme inner conflict, that such conflict can be partially ameliorated only through the sublimation of emotions in creative activity, and that one can only ascend psychologically by first descending into the rejected aspects of one's soul [25]. The psychological theories of the Lubavitcher or Chabad Hasidim, who take their name from the first three spiritual and intellectual sefirot Chochmah, Binah, and Da'at, (knowledge, wisdom and understanding) is a subject of considerable interest in itself, one, by the way, which can be studied in vivo even today in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn where the Lubavitcher Hasidim have their world headquarters. I think it is fair to say that these and other contemporary Hasidim are in some ways a living representative of the Kabbalah.

The "Breaking of the Vessels"

The sefirot, we should recall, are spoken of by the Kabbalists as kelim or vessels which are designed to structure the light or energy of the Infinite God. Interestingly, these vessels are composed of the very energy which they are meant to contain. However, as a result of their disunification, of their failure to allow their energy to pass freely between them, the sefirot were unable to contain the immensity of the "cosmic libido." As a result many of the sefirot, shattered, resulting in the metaphysical and psychological event known in the Lurianic writings as the shevirat hakelim, the breaking of the vessels. With the advent of the shevirah, or “breakage” the harmony of the cosmos is destroyed. According to Vital, as a result of the breaking of the vessels the “Celestial Mother and Father”, who had hitherto existed “face to face” in coniunctio, turn their backs on each other and the divine energy, embodied in the sefirot, becomes entrapped in “the other side” [2,21].

The "shevirah" is regarded as an event which occurs in every sphere of human and cosmic activity and which inevitably repeats itself in each historical age and in the life of each individual. The breaking of the vessels is perhaps the most important Lurianic symbol. It is a second symbol of negation (tzimtzum being the first) and it teaches us that there is a destructive aspect to all creativity. Old structures must, in effect, be shattered before new ones can be reorganized to transcend them. This principle holds true for the history and development of nations, for transitions in the history of science and ideas, for the ontogenetic development of human cognitive capacities, and, most significantly for our purposes, for the personal growth of the men and women who we psychotherapists encounter in the consulting room. The cognitive, ethical and spiritual structures which contained our own psychic energies at age 19 or 21 may be totally insufficient to contain them at 25 or 30 and those same containers which worked well for us in our 30s may not work well at all in the 40s, 50s and beyond. While many will be able to make gradual modifications in their personal sefirot, others will experience what can only be described as a tectonic upheaval in their lives when old forms of thinking, feeling, and behaving shatter in the face of new life experiences. This is not such a bad thing, and, as James Hillman has pointed out, as therapists we should not always be in the business of preventing our patients from falling apart [22]. Sometimes the breaking of the vessels which occurs in our personal lives is an entree into the deepening of the self and soul. When the structures shatter, a bit of genuine desire, or a glimpse of what Winnicott speaks of as the "true self" is visible through the cracks. Usually, this truth is experienced as a fall into chaos or the unknown, and it might well be analogized to the terrifying dark nights of the soul which for ages have been reported by the mystics and which, on my reading, served as the basis for the initial insights of psychoanalysis. When such a crack becomes visible in the personas of our patients, we have an important decision to make. Do we rush in to close it off and "heal it", or do we decide to ride out the storm and watch as elements of our patient's persona fall in pieces before our therapeutic eyes? What to do in such situations is, on my view, one of the most difficult decisions a psychotherapist ever has to make, and it is the mark of a sensitive and wise clinician that he or she is able to judge when to withdraw and observe and when to suggest, for example, psychopharmacological treatment in the face an apparent psychological breakdown. When an individual experiences the breaking of the vessels, it is, from a psychiatric perspective, a portent of depression, anxiety, or perhaps psychosis. From a theological perspective, however, it is akin to a test from the gods. We must remember that man does not pass all such tests and that sometimes more than a sure and compassionate hand is necessary to assist the patient in emerging from the breaking of the vessels to the next stage, knows as tikkun: repair or restoration.

Before moving on, however, I wish to dwell a bit more on the theme of disintegration, in psychotherapy. Why, we might ask, should we ever welcome our patients' falling apart, ever wait out the storm of their pathology with an anticipation of creativity and progress coming in its wake? I have a few thoughts on these questions. The first of these (which I have already intimated) is that psychopathology is very often a clue to desire. A man who finds himself with the impulse to suddenly drive his car into oncoming traffic, or a woman who suddenly stops acting as a wife and mother and secludes herself in the corner of a dark room, may each be registering a protest against a life in which they are not acting from their true desire, or conversely they may be trying to destroy or incapacitate themselves before desires which are unacceptable to them have a chance to show their face. Pathology is often an indication of that kernel of light which is hidden inside the "husk of darkness" (to use the Lurianic metaphor) and which may not, in fact, become available for extraction or release, unless the pathology is, so to speak, permitted to run its course. The "falling apart" which is pathology can be valuable in other ways as well; it can serve as a humbling experience, and the means for transcending or disintegrating our own narcissism. In breaking up the structures and securities of which we were once so sure, pathology can also lead to moral development as we take a fresh perspective on ourselves and our relationships. Finally, in bringing ourselves face to face with the darkest corners of our experience we become deeper and more complete as individuals. With Jung, I cannot help but feel that the man or woman who has come to recognize the murderer within is somehow more complete as a human being than another whose murderous impulses are unconsciously manifest in biting sarcasm and extreme competitiveness.

The sefirot have shattered and the broken shards go hurtling through the cosmic void, trapping sparks of divine light which attach themselves to the shards like drops of oil that cling to the pieces of a shattered clay vessel. These sparks, surrounded by the dead shards, comprise, as we have seen, what the Kabbalists refer to as the sitra achra or the "other side." It is incumbent upon the individual to discover those sparks which are relevant to his own life, to free the divine light contained within them, and, in effect to assemble the vessels in a manner which is superior to the way they were assembled originally by God himself. Theologically speaking, mankind is enjoined to complete and perfect creation. Psychologically speaking, the individual is responsible for the re-formation of his own character, and, particularly, for the transcendence of the personality formed by his heredity and early life. As James Hillman has pointed out, it is the "falling apart" of psychopathology which provides the opportunity for this transcendence.

There is an analogy to the dynamic of the breaking of the vessels in the psychoanalytic interpretation of dreams. We have already seen how, in dreaming, the individual performs a miniature tzimtzum (concealment, contraction) which enables him or her to withdraw cathexis from the external world and create a new reality which is dominated by will and desire. The dreamwork furthers this process through the use of displacement, substitution, condensation and symbolization which further conceals the inner meaning of the dream from the dreamer. In order for this meaning to be restored the dream itself must, according to Freud, be broken up into its component parts and reorganized in a manner which, in effect, recaptures the original spark of creativity entering into the dream's formation. The kabbalistic process of tikkun might be said to be akin to this interpretive process, only on a much wider scale. As a result of the cosmic tzimtzum or concealment, the world itself is a distortion of the original divine light or essence. This cosmic distortion, like the manifest dream, must itself be broken apart into constituent elements which, having fallen into a nether world akin to the unconscious, must then be restored by man through the process of tikkun in order that he may discover and complete the divine essence or purpose. This process is perfectly analogous to the alchemical solve et coagulum which Jung understood to be the means through which an individual attains wholeness of self [15]. The alchemists, in their quest to create gold from common substances, themselves adopted the Kabbalistic concepts of shevirat and tikkun, holding that base elements must first be dissolved or broken apart before being reassembled (with the aid of the philosopher's stone) into gold.

Tikkun: The Restoration

The process of tikkun was a continuous source of fascination for the Kabbalists who created a far ranging set of symbols to express its essence. We have already encountered several of these symbols in our discussion of the raising of the sparks, the unification of the masculine and feminine aspects of God and the soul, the integration of sefirot, the modification of judgment by kindness and the consequent emergence of Rachamim or compassion, the sublimation of instinct into intellectual and spiritual activity, and the descent into the infernal world of the kellipot for the purpose of extracting the divine essence and reconciliation with one's true self. Amongst the other similes with which the Kabbalists described the process of tikkun are the "discovery of the roots of one's own soul", "development in the womb of the celestial mother", and "the reunification of the trees of life and knowledge". Each of the Kabbalistic metaphors are extremely suggestive and, looked at from the point of view of contemporary psychoanalysis, we can discover amongst these metaphors economic, dynamic, structural, developmental and even object-relations themes.

A discussion of each of these metaphors is beyond the scope of this essay. However, as an illustration, it may be worth our while to focus upon one of these metaphors, "the development in the womb of the celestial mother". In the Lurianic Kabbalah, several world personalities or partzufim are said to have emerged spontaneously as a result of the breaking of the vessels. Psychologically, these partzufim can be understood to be distinct personas or aspects of a fragmented self, such fragmentation being inevitable in the course of human development. One of these partzufim, Zeir Anpin the "short faced" or "impatient one" is, according to the Kabbalists of Safed, connected with the phase of tikkun which involves the efforts of mankind. Of interest to us here is the fact that Zeir Anpin himself is described as developing within the womb of another of the partzufim, Imma, the celestial mother. Theologically we have, as Scholem has pointed out, a myth of God giving birth to himself [3, p. 141]. Psychologically, we have an account of a self initiated rebirth or personal development. Within the celestial mother, Zeir Anpin, is said to progress through five distinct stages: conception, pregnancy, birth, childhood and godolot or maturity. This final stage is reflective of mankind's own intellectual and moral maturity. Of great significance is the fact that the partzufim Imma, within which Zeir Anpin's development takes place, is dominated by the sefirah Binah which is representative of divine understanding. Before the six emotional sefirot which are embodied in Zeir Anpin can achieve their tikkun or restoration they must undergo a developmental process whereby they come under the guidance of a motherly understanding which is internal to God or, psychologically speaking, internal to the individual. Through such a process of understanding an individual becomes a mother to himself, one who empathically understands the various emotional aspects of his or her personality.

By now it should be evident that for Kabbalists our contemporary distinctions between such disciplines as psychology, theology, philosophy and even politics make little or no sense. For the Kabbalists a self restorative act is at the same time a world restorative act, and the individual who discovers the roots of his own soul also discovers his purpose in life in the world at large. I think that we as contemporary psychotherapists would do well to keep this message in mind in our work with our own patients. One sure sign that treatment is resolving to good effect is that the patient shows a deep and abiding interest not only towards others but towards some aspect of the world at large where he or she feels satisfaction in making a distinctive contribution. In getting to know and understand my patients I oftentimes ask myself what sparks are there in the world that this individual is destined to raise, and by this I mean no more than "how can this individual actualize his or her unique talents in a manner which is deeply satisfying to himself and beneficial to others". The Hasidim affirmed that there are divine sparks in all things; in the substance of earth, food and air, the laws of society, the thoughts and emotions of men. A sculptor, for example, by imposing a form on formless clay or marble, can be said to raise sparks in transforming an earthly material into a human or divine symbol. Each of us is enjoined to a similar task appropriate to our own talents and abilities. In listening empathically to our patient's passions, desires and all but forgotten aspirations we are in a position to help them grasp their tikkun and, by creating an environment in which those aspirations are nurtured, direct them to those sparks which they themselves can raise. In this regard I take particular interest in my patient's earliest loves, asking straight out in the beginning of the therapy if they have ever been in love and listening intently upon the answer. For falling in love is more likely to emanate from the true self than any other experience or passion; one can hardly fall in love out of obligation. Once our patients have re-experienced and genuinely grasped the nature of their love life, they are in a far better position to enter into the very essence of their desire and the nature of their tikkun. While this is by no means always true, there are enough cases in which an individual's rediscovery of a sense of romantic passion ignites him or her in creative and intellectual pursuits so as to make this avenue a worthwhile one to explore.

In some ways, the Kabbalists' psychology is perhaps closer to Jung than to Freud, yet the Kabbalists remain quite Freudian in their energic model of the psyche, in their emphasis upon sexuality and, their view of the family romance as an ultimate imperative in the human and cosmic realms. That the kabbalistic psychology is imbedded within the context of a world view which (though it recognizes the significance of negative forces and the dissolution of the spirit) affirms mankind's role as the completer of creation, should only make it that more attractive to psychotherapists of a humanist and world affirming outlook. If I have indeed recovered some of the gold which Freud himself seems to have recognized as being buried in this age old tradition, then perhaps I myself have raised a spark and performed a piece of my own tikkun as well.


The author considers the report of a Lithuanian rabbi, Chayyim Bloch, that Freud exclaimed “This is gold” when presented with a German translation of one of the works of Chayyim Vital, a 17th century Kabbalist and disciple of Isaac Luria. The psychological significance of the Lurianic Kabbalah is explored, and the Kabbalah is shown to be an important historical antecedent to psychoanalysis, and source for contemporary psychotherapeutic practice. Specifically, the Kabbalists, in their theory of the concealment, shattering, and restoration of the light of the infinite God, provide a theosophical analog to the psychoanalytic theory of libido, repression, and therapy. The Kabbalistic symbol of “the other side” is seen to be a theosophical version of the unconscious. Further, the notion of tikkun haolom, the “restoration of the world”, through which divine sexual energy, entrapped in the “husks” of the other side, is restored to God’s service, is interpreted as a metaphor for the therapeutic processes of “making the unconscious conscious” and restoring the libido to the service of the individual. Finally, the psychotherapeutic implications of several Lurianic symbols, including Ein-sof (the infinite godhead), tzimtzum (concealment/ contraction), the sefirot (the archetypes of creation), shevirat hakelim (the breaking of the vessels) and tikkun haolom (the restoration of the world) are explored.


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The Lurianic Kabbalah is treated in detail in Sanford Drob's Symbols of the Kabbalah and Kabbalistic Metaphors .

Sanford L. Drob is in the Core Faculty of the Clinical Psychology doctoral program at Fielding Graduate University. He is the author of Symbols of the Kabbalah: Philosophical and Psychological Perspectives, and Kabbalistic Metaphors: Jewish Mystical Themes in Ancient and Modern Thought (both published by Jason Aronson, 1999). He is currently completing a book on Carl Jung, Jewish Mysticism, and Anti-Semitism, working on a study on the Kabbalah and Postmodern thought, and developing a Kabbalistic "Tree of Life," "axiology" or "firmament of values" (progress on which appaers periodically on this website). Dr. Drob served as head psychologist on the Bellevue Forensic Psychiatry Service from 1984-2003 and was for many years the Director of Psychological Testing at Bellevue Hospital in New York City. He is also on the clinical faculty of New York University Medical School, consults on the Bellevue Forensic Psychiatry Service and maintains an active practice as a psychologist a in Brooklyn and Manhattan. He can be reached by email at or by phone at 718-783-1769.

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Satanists from every walk of life and possible profession you can imagine.
Law enforcement, legal field, fine arts, computer technology. What have
you. You name it. I can guarantee you, there is a Satanist working in that
The culture of hi-tech contains a growing community of souls who
have either lost their faith or been deceived into believing the nonexistence
of God and Satan. Ironically the manmade theories which have misled so
many away from Jesus Christ have been created by individuals who pub-
licly worship Lucifer [Satan]. Tech is an appropriate vestibule to disobedience
considering the "world wide web" [www] is one and the same. It's fitting for
the fact that Hebrew letters each have a numerical value and the letter 'w'
happens to be '6', so even though www equals 18 it reads "666". The Holy
Bible warns Christians about the "number of the beast" in Revelation 13:18,
"Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the
beast for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred three-
score and six [666]".

With the above-mentioned knowledge in mind consider Church of
Satan founder Anton Lavey's warning that Satanists will utilize media as a way
to deceive Christians away from God stating:

"The religious war is being waged between media vs. churches. We can use
TV as a potent propaganda machine."
- Anton Lavey, The Devil's Notebook, p. 85

Former U.S. National Security General for the Army specializing in
intelligence and psychological warfare, Church of Satan member, founder of
Temple of Set and alleged child molester, Michael Aquino, who in his thesis
"From Psyop to Mind War the Psychology of Victory" states:

" ... the enemy populations [Christians] could be subdued by inflicting a state
of psychological terror and feelings of eminent destruction."

With Lavey and Aquino's threats in mind, consider the fact that the
"National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences," created in 1955 to ad-
vance the arts and sciences of television, is (N.A.T.A.S.) or SATAN in re-
verse. N.A.T.A.S.'s President Don DeFore arranged for the Emmy Awards
to be broadcast on national TV for the first time on March 7, 1955. Defore
belonged to the Jewish cult of Freemasonry created c.962 B.C. and pub-
licly boasted his 33rd degree status. DeFore's intentions for the N.A.T.A.S.
will make complete sense after you have examined a quote made by Grand
Commander of the Supreme Council 33rd degree of Freemasonry, British
spy and founder of the Klu Klux Klan (KKK) ''Albert Pike" regarding the
complete elimination of all Christians, atheists and anarchists in preparation
for the return of his god Lucifer [Satan] in subsequent pages. DeFore and
his family were good friends with Satanist Walt Disney and operated the
"Silver Banjo Barbecue," [1957-1962] in Frontierland at Disneyland Park in
Anaheim, California. DeFore served as the American delegate at the Moscow
International Film Festival In July 1969. For those readers whose minds are
reeling at the notion that Walt Disney is a Satanist, please read my book at,, pgs. 169-226 to learn the truth. A long time Republican,
33rd degree Freemason DeFore was good friends with actor turned Republi-
can President Ronald Reagan, so much so that Reagan appointed DeFore to
the Presidential Advisory Council to the Peace Corp.

Anton Lavey's book, The Devil's Notebook, contains a total of
forty-one essays, in which he bloviates about: artificial human companions
[sex-robots], cannibalism, Nazism, nonconformity, erotic politics, pedophil-
ia, magical evocation, etc.

With Anton Lavey's threat in mind regarding Satanic elites inten-
tion of using "media" to "wage war" on Christianity, consider the cosmetic
changes that have occurred to home televisions since the 1960s.


1960s TV 2014 TV Scrying J\furor
Today's flat screen television is an exact replica of what Satanists
refer to as, "Scrying Mirrors". Here's how a popular witchcraft site describes
Scrying Mirrors:

"Samhain is a time to do some serious divination - it's the time of year
when the veil between our world and that of the spirits [demons] is at its
thinnest, and that means it's the perfect season to look for messages from
the metaphysical. Scrying is one of the best known forms of divination."

According to Satanists, and the above physical evidence, the vast ma-
jority of Christian homes throughout America have "one of the best known
forms of divination" sitting in their living rooms, bedrooms, etc. Read what
the Holy Bible has to say about Scrying Mirrors and 'divination':

"There shall not be found among you [any one] that maketh his son or his
daughter to pass through the fire, [or] that useth divination, [or] an observer
of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, Or a charmer, or a consulter with
familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. For all that do these things
[are] an abomination unto the LORD" - Deuteronomy 18:9-12
Centralization of credit in the
hands of the state, by means of a
national bank with state capital
and an exclusive monopoly.

IQ ttlXB tit) f\) IA1qtnll ti MflB 'l ·t \t
Scientific based thought provoking examinations and their conclu-
sions are often labeled "racist," "xenophobic" or "anti-Semitic," by those
whose supremacy relies entirely on concealment and deception. The vast
majority of individuals who wield the above broadsword condemnations,
and the victims upon which they're imposed, are by and large uninformed
about their origins. For this reason, I have provided the following observ-
able, testable, and repeatable evidence which demonstrates how these man-
made words are nothing more than a human exploitation trigger, designed
by foreign invaders to shame, marginalize, control, and ultimately genocide
particular racial groups and cultures.

The word "racist'' was invented by
Jewish Marxist, "Leon Trotsky"
whose real name was Lev Davidm·-
ich Bronstein [1879-1940]. Trotsky
was the creator of the 74-year long
U.S.S.R., founder and leader of the
Communist Red Army and heavily
involved in Freudian circles while
in Vienna prior to the revolution.
Trotsky's Soviet Union admired
Freud, and Freud was supportive of
the Bolshevik scheme, whose activi-
ties were reported to Freud through
the "Moscow Institute" and dur-
ing the "International Psychoanalytic Association" (IPA) which was held in
Berlin on September 25-27, 1922. Trotsky and all of his party leaders were
proponents of Sigmund Freud's psychoanalysis, in fact the state controlled
publishing house liberally published and distributed Freud's psychoanalytic
books. What's more, Trotsky financially endorsed Freudian operated chil-
dren's schools in the capital, this was at a time when the entire educational
system was under party control, establishing a clear alliance between Trotsky
and Sigmund Freud. Moscow's "Psychoanalytic Institute" and "Charter of
the Psychoanalytic Society'' could not have existed without support from
Trotsky's party.

What is purposely omitted from public school history books in the
U.S. is the fact that both Trotsky and his idol Karl Marx [1818-1883], whose
writings would ultimately replace the Holy Bible throughout the
U.S.S.R, were the offspring of militant anti-Christian Jews, who 1
espoused the teachings found throughout the Jewish Babylonian Talmud.

The Talmud is a 12,800 page collection of books that contain an-
tichrist proselytizing, mockery towards Jesus Christ and vitriol against those
who 'believeth' on Him [1 John 5:1, John 3:16, John 3:18, John 5:24, John
6:40, Romans 4:5, Romans 9:33, Romans 10:11, 1 Peter 2:6]. A short-list of
the types of blasphemous Christians will find throughout the Talmud in-

• ''Jesus is in hell where he is boiling in hot excrement." - Jewish Talmud,
Gittin 57a
• ''All gentile [non-Jewish] children are animals." - Jewish Talmud, Ye-
bamoth 98a
• "Gentile [non-Jewish] girls are in a state of niddah (filth) from birth .
Christian women are regarded as slaves, heathen and whores." - Jewish
Talmud, Abodah Zarah 36b
• Do not worship false gods [Jesus Christ] - Jewish Talmud, Avodah zarah .
• "The Jews are called human beings, but the non-Jews are not humans.
They are beasts." - Jewish Talmud, Baba Mezia 114b
• "The Akum [non-Jew] is like a dog. Yes, the scripture teaches to honor
the dog more than the Akum [Christian]." - Jewish Talmud, Ereget Ra-
schi Erod. 22 30
• "Even though God created the non-Jew they are still animals in human
form. It is not becoming for a Jew to be served by an animal. Therefore
he will be served by animals in human form." - Jewish Talmud, Midrasch
Talpioth, p. 255, Warsaw 1855
• ''A pregnant non-Jew is no better than a pregnant animal." -Jewish Tal-
mud, Coschen Hamischpat 405
• "The souls of non-Jews come from impure spirits and are called pigs." -
Jewish Talmud, Jalkut Rubeni gadol 12b
• ''Although the non-Jew has the same body structure as the Jew, they
compare with the Jew like a monkey to a human." - Jewish Talmud,
Schene Luchoth Haberith, p. 250b
• "Sexual intercourse between non-Jews is like intercourse between ani-
mals." - Jewish Talmud, Sanhedrin 74b
• "If a Jew has a non-Jewish servant of maid who dies, one should not
express sympathy to the Jew. You should tell to the Jew: God will replace
your loss,' just as if one of his oxen or asses had died." - Jewish Talmud,
Jore Dea 377, 1
• "It is permitted to take the body and the life of a non-Jew." - Jewish
Talmud, Sepher Ikkarim Ille, 25
• "Every Jew, who spills the blood of the godless (non-Jew), is doing the
same as making a sacrifice to God." -Jewish Talmud, Bammid-
2 her Raba, c 21 & Jalkut 772
In Trotsky's 1930s book, "The History of the Russian Revolution,"
he writes "PACNCTOB" which means "racistov'' or "racist". Trotsky's book
is the first time in history that this word is ever used.

Why did Trotsky impose the word "racist" on Western civilization?
In order to understand the meaning behind his creation, we'll examine a por-
tion of text from his aforementioned book, which reads:

"Slavophilism, the messianism of backwardness, has based its philosophy
upon the assumption that the Russian people and their church are demo-
cratic through and through, whereas official Russia is a German bureaucra-
cy imposed upon them by Peter the Great. Mark remarked upon this theme:
"In the same way the Teutonic jackasses blamed the despotism of Frederick
the Second upon the French, as though backward slaves were not always in
need of civilised slaves to train them." This brief comment completely fin-
ishes off not only the old philosophy of the Slavophiles, but also the latest
revelations of the 'racists."'

Slavophiles were viewed by Marxists in the same way self deter-
mined, American constitutionalists or classical libertarians are viewed in
2017. Like constitutionalists, Slavs cherished their freedom, culture, and way
of life and like socialists and communists in America today, Trotsky viewed
Slavs as a barrier to ushering in global communism or what globalists like
John D. Rockefeller, David Rockefeller, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush,
Barack Hussein Obama, Henry Kissinger, John Kerry [Kohn] and Bill and
Hillary Clinton refer to as a "New World Order''. Individuals who consider
a nation's language, borders, and culture a "crime" are the same miscreants
who see the U.S. Constitution as "backwards" and its admirers "racist" or in
the words of Barack Hussein Obama; Americans are "bitter clingers to guns
and religion" and "just stupid". This is the same Marxist U.S. President who
on March 23, 2016, at the ''Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative Town
Hall," while in Buenos Aires, Argentina, referred to Americans as, ''Yankee
Dogs" while at the same time proclaiming, "There's little difference between
communism and capitalism."

The Russian "Pan-Slavic" ideology was originally conceived by Jew-
ish elites. According to A.H. Granger, the author of, England World Empire,
1916, p. 173, this ideology called for the elimination of Austria and Germany,
then the conquest of India and Persia and ends with the words: " ... which
will ensure the subjugation of Europe." In order for the plans of the interna-
tional Talmudist cabal to be brought to fruition, Russia, Germany, Japan and
the United States would have to be brought to their knees in unconditional
surrender, poverty and ignominy.
With the above-mentioned history regarding the origins and pur-
pose of the word "racist," in mind we're now going to examine the genesis
and objective of Marxism, Leninism, Ceausescuism, Maoism, etc. It's critical
for readers to possess an understanding of the historical progression of the
Cult of Communism in order to grasp the atavistic hatred Jewish psychoana-
lysts have had for generations of non-Jews. For centuries their marauding
spirit has driven them to provoke violence against non-Jews, covertly using
the selfless imaginations of inventors to cruelly influence, malign and extin-
guish the life-force of billions of human beings around the world.

The Evolution of Communism:

• In 1795 the "Father of Modern Geology" Scottish geologist, physician,
chemical manufacturer, naturalist, and Jewish Freemason, James Hut-
ton writes, "Theory of the Earth," deceiving millions of Christians into
doubting the Holy Bible, which states that the earth's age is approxi-
mately 6,000 - 10,000 years old.

• In 1830, Scottish lawyer and Jewish Freemason, "Sir Charles Lyell,"
whose stated goal was to "destroy Christianity," writes the book, "Prin-
ciples of Geology," deceiving millions of people into doubting Noah's

• In 1859, Charles Darwin writes the book, "On the Origin of Species by
Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in
the Struggle for Life" deceiving millions of people into doubting The
Creator [God].

It was Charles Darwin's "Cult of Evolutionism" that inspired Ash-
kenazi Jew Karl Marx, Ashkenazi Jew Friedrich Engels and Ashkenazi Jew
Sigmund Freud. Marx's maternal grandfather was a Dutch rabbi, while his
paternal line contained rabbis since 1723. Friedreich Engels was also the
offspring of rabbis. Together Marx and Engels created, "The Communist
Manifesto," appearing in London in 1848. The Jewish Babylonian Talmud is
the source from which Marx and Engels communist philosophy originated.
Marx', Engels' and Freud's writings are the fountainhead from which Com-
munism, Socialism, Nazism, and Freudian victimhood has sprung. Collec-
tively these cults have destroyed and taken more human life than all world
religions, famines, diseases and wars combined.


Sigmund Freud:

Jewish psychoanalyst Sigmund
Freud [1856-1939) was married
to Ashkenazi Jew Martha Bernays.
Martha's grandfather Isaac Bernays
was Chief Rabbi and Babylonian
Talmudic scholar of Hamburg, Ger-
many. Sigmund Freud is the founder
of 'psychoanalysis,' the study and
manipulation of the unconscious
mind, analyzing dreams, etc. and
was influenced by Ashkenazi Jewish
physician, physiologist, philosopher,
and professor Wilhelm Maximilian
Wundt [1832-1920), a founding father of the pseudoscience of psychology,
whose symbol is the trident of the Greek god Zeus, son of Kronos, a baby-
eating monster identified in classic antiquity with the Roman cult of Saturn
[Satan). While in Vienna, Freud's version of psychoanalysis was created to
cover-up the fact that the epidemic of so-called "mental illness" was in fact
being caused by the rampant sexual mistreatment of young girls throughout
Vienna, a circumstance which caused Freud's own antisocial, mental instabil-

Rather than exposing the scourge of pedophilia throughout Vienna
to the world, Freud chose to conceal his findings with the lie that young
women were having unconscious fantasies about a parent of the opposite
sex, labeling these sexually abused girls with an "Oedipus Complex" which
was based on an ancient Greek fairy-tale. Jewish psychologist Carl Gustav
Jung termed it "Electra complex". Oedipus is the 5th century B.C. Greek
mythological character who kills his father and marries his mother. Freud's
mental instability coupled with his selfish nature compelled him to cover-up
the crisis of pedophilia and in keeping with his cult of psychology's associa-
tion with the Greek god Kronos has resulted in the death and destruction of
millions of innocent young lives.

Christians are empowered with knowledge regarding false prophets
like Freud who promise wisdom through dreams in Jeremiah 23:32:

''Behold, I [am) against them that prophesy false dreams, saith the LORD,
and do tell them, and cause my people to err by their lies, and by their light-
ness; yet I sent them not, nor commanded them: therefore they shall not
profit this people at all, saith the LORD."
The unholy trinity of Charles Darwin [Darwinism], Karl Marx
[Communism] and Sigmund Freud's mental Darwinism [psychoanalysis] has
indeed not profited the American people, in fact America's Christian major-
ity has paid dearly for culturally embracing Freud's psychological Darwinism,
which states that God's creation's Adam and Eve, were mere animals driven
by monkey like urges. This philosophy is not only consistent with Freud's
own hatred of America and Jesus Christ, it too is in-line with Freud's Rab-
binic ancestor's Jewish Babylonian Talmud Yebamoth 98a which teaches, ''All
gentile [Christian] children are animals." And Talmud Abodah Zarah 36b
which teaches, "Gentile [Christian] girls are in a state of niddah (filth) from

Four-hundred, seventy-one years ago, Dr. Martin Luther warned the
Christian world about the "venomous" nature of Jews whose inner "devils"
seek to venerate their father, the Devil, and drive them to provoke violence
against Christians.

To illustrate Martin Luther's warning regarding the, "Jews' malice, ly-
ing, and cursing" and the threat Judaism poses to Christianity, simply ask any
Christian their interpretation of the title, ''Judea-Christianity" and whether
or not this term is biblical. What the vast majority of Christian Americans
do not realize is that before 1941 there is no record of a single Christian or
Christian organization throughout the entire world ascribing the significance
of Lord Jesus Christ' promises to 'Judea-Christianity,' most certainly the big-
gest spiritual contradiction in terms that has ever been expressed by men.
This truth is so evident, even those who are directly responsible for propa-
gating this 'Big-Lie' publicly mock spiritually weak, biblically inexperienced
Christians whenever possible.

Talmudic scholar, Jacob Neusner, says the following about the de-
ception of ''Judea-Christianity'':

"Theologically and historically, there is no such thing as the Judea-Christian
tradition. It's a secular myth favoured by people who are not really believers

In 1972 Talmudist Rabbi, Martin Siegel, declared his excitement for
this obvious ruse in New York Magazine. He stated:

"I am devoting my lecture in this seminar to a discussion of the possibil-
ity that we are now entering a Jewish century, a time when the spirit of the
community, the non-ideological blend of the emotional and rational and
the resistance to categories and forms will emerge through the
6 forces of anti-nationalism to provide us with a new kind of
society. I call this process the Judaization of Christianity because Christian-
ity will be the vehicle through which this society becomes Jewish."

The Holy Bible commands Christians to "have no fellowship with
the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them" [Ephesians 5:11]
and are cautioned regarding, "them which say they are Jews, and are not,
but are the synagogue of Satan" [Revelation 2:9]. Woefully anemic in these
basic biblical edicts, Christians have unwittingly become proselytizers for the
synagogue of Satan. Through vanity and "doctrines the commandments of
men" [M:atthew 15:9], Christians have been tricked into believing salvation is
obtained through the worship of Israel and its inhabits, ignoring God's divine
proscription which states:

" ... the LORD had said unto Abram [Abraham], I will bless THEE, and
make THY name great. I will bless them that bless THEE, and curse him
that curseth THEE: and in THEE shall all families of the earth be blessed."
- Genesis 12:1-3

The Holy Bible clearly states in Genesis 12:1-3 that God's blessing is
bestowed upon Abraham. The beneficiary of God's promises is further clari-
fied in Galatians 3:16 which states:

"Now to Abraham [Abram] and HIS seed were the promises made. He
saith not, And to seeds, as of many; but as of one, And to THY seed,

What the above-mentioned scripture is communicating to believers
is that Abraham's seed [singular] has been granted God's promises and the
only way we are to receive God's promises is when we 'believeth' on Lord Je-
sus Christ [John 3:16;John 14:6;John 6:47;John 5:24;John 3:36; Acts 16:31;
John 8:24; Romans 10:9; Ephesians 2:10; Romans 8:28; 2 Peter 3:9; 1 John
1:7]. Contrary to modernist false prophets who promote One World Religion
Cults such as 'Chrislam' [Christianity/Islam] and 'Judeo-Christianity', salva-
tion is neither gained through faith in Baal, Moloch, Remphan, nor is it found
in the ruse of Israel, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. All of these
said cults have one thing in common, infidelity towards God. To substantiate
my assertion read what The Holy Bible teaches about those who deny Jesus

"Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist,
that denieth the Father and the Son." - 1 John 2:22

To learn more about Christianity's most ancient enemy
please read, "On The Jews and Their Lies: 9/11" at 7
When Sigmund Freud's pseudo-science of 'psychoanalysis' was first
revealed to the public it was rightly mocked and ridiculed by what was at the
time a relatively upright society. However, shortly after injecting his victim-
hood psychology into Christian organizations, chaos, and dysfunction en-
sued. Freud was incredibly disparaging towards God's creation, describing
hwnan beings as slaves to their desires and servile to the behavior of others
around them. Freud believed that a human being's innate "group think" was
commanded by "unconscious aggressive forces" and this inherent instability
made individual freedom, which is the comer stone of America's Republic,

According to Jewish Professor of American history at Aberdeen
University in the U.K Nathan Abrams, Freud's inability to empathize with
non-Jewish hwnan beings is an "atavistic" [genetic] defect. In an article the
Professor wrote for the Jewish Quarterly, winter 2004, Abrams boasts about
the Jewish created and controlled pornographic industry and how it was in-
vented for the specific goal of destroying Christian morals:

"Is there a deeper reason beyond the mere financial as to why Jews in par-
ticular have become involved in porn? Pornography thus becomes a way of
defiling Christian culture. Jewish involvement in porn by this argument is
the result of an atavistic [genetic] hatred of Christian authority. They [Jews]
are trying to weaken the dominant culture in America by moral subversion."

Professor Abrams's assertion regarding Freud's genetic deficiency is
reinforced by Freud's wanton cruelty towards and destruction of mankind
and his despotic vision of a world order in which all non-Jewish hwnan
beings would be mentally and physically restrained from freely expressing
themselves. According to the Jewish Psychoanalyst Freud American liberty
was a hazard.

Four-hundred, seventy-one years ago Dr. Martin Luther [1483-1546]
warned the Christian West about the ''Jews' malice, lying, and cursing" and
Judaism's goal of controlling the masses every behavior through world gov-

"For the Jews, these very learned saints, look upon God as a poor cobbler
equipped with only a left last for making shoes. This is to say that he is to
kill and exterminate all of us Goyim [Christians] through their Messiah
[Antichrist], so that they can lay their hands on the land, the goods, and
the government of the whole world." - On The Jews And their Lies: 9 /11,
pg.125, at

The antichristian German Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche's [1844-
1900] subjective consciousness, existentialism and Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung
[187 5-1961] were both influenced by the Ashkenazi Jewish German philoso-
pher Arthur Schopenhauer [1788-1860]. Through Nietzsche, Schopenhauer's
"atheistic blind and insatiable metaphysical will" theory complimented Karl
Marx and Sigmund Freud's genetic hatred for Christianity. Collectively Marx,
Freud, Nietzsche, and Schopenhauer's antichrist objective has conspired to
create a disintegrating importance upon the minds of Christians. Nietzsche
once said about his insatiable desire to destroy Christianity:

"This eternal indictment of Christianity I will write on all walls, wher-
ever there are walls ... I call it the one immortal blemish on mankind."
- Friedrich Nietzsche

Like Nietzsche, Karl Marx was very public about his hatred for Jesus
Christ and admiration for Satan. Most people are unaware that Marx was a
Satanist and not an atheist. The core difference between the two is that an
atheist does not believe in the existence of God or Satan, whereas a Satanist
believes in the existence of God in Heaven and Satan in Hell. A Satanist with
his/her free will has made a conscious decision to follow Satan. Shortly after
Karl Marx left high school, he wrote a poem which stated in part, "I wish
to avenge myself against the one [God] who rules above." Marx's proclama-
tion against God is consistent with a satanic declaration to stand with Satan
against God.

Like Marx and Nietzsche, Sigmund Freud reviled God and His cre-
ation [mankind]. Freud considered non-Jewish thought subhuman and be-
lieved that non-Jews were "not human. They are beasts" [Jewish Talmud:
Baba Mezia 114b]. This popular Jewish thought is prevalent throughout the
Jewish Babylonian Talmud. Examples of the kinds of hateful rhetoric that
can be found inside the Jewish Talmud may be reviewed on pages 2-3.

When Freud's genetic hatred towards Christianity was combined
with that of antichrist Nietzsche it conspired with Freud's inner most de-
monic forces of division and hostility towards the Holy Bible's unifying mes-
sage of salvation, peace, and wisdom. An example of Freud channeling anti-
christ Nietzsche involves Freud's refutation that men are created equal as the
Holy Bible states in Acts 17:26:

"And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the
face of the earth, and hath determined the times before
appointed, and the bounds of their habitation".

" r-•"'"'" ·-......,
.-- .
1a~J.tts~'9 9M!w Y&an ligsrt.

CQtfflNUAJ1t.>N OI


CE!l &U I IJ iiU" 11 KD lJ ,_, lfU l) IJ h
Earlier we examined how scientific based thought provoking exami-
nations and their conclusions are often labeled "racist," "xenophobic" or
"anti-Semitic," by those whose supremacy relies entirely on concealment and
deception. There is, however, another means in which dissent is marginalized
and that is through the label of "Conspiracy Theorist". In April 1967, the
CI.A., under the tutorage of Jewish psychoanalyst Edward Bernays, wrote
a dispatch titled "psych" [pg. 10] which is short for "psychological opera-
tions". This CI.A. disinformation campaign created the term "Conspiracy
Theorist" to discredit anyone who challenged Edward Bernays created pro-
paganda. We'll investigate some of Bernays most prolific national and inter-
national campaigns in subsequent pages. First let's examine some of the tac-
tics Edward Bernays SEP 1976, CI.A. dispatch document number 1035-960,
"Countering Criticism of the OFKJ Warren Report" recommended. This is
the same JFK assassination report this author's relative, Hale Boggs, Con-
gressional House Majority leader [1971], was murdered over. Hale Boggs said
about the JKF assassination report, "I had strong doubts about it." Shortly
after dissenting to the Allen Dulles managed Warren Commission's majority
which supported the ridiculous "single bullet theory" that took President
Kennedy's life, CI.A. associates of George H.W Bush and Allen Dulles dis-
appeared Hale Boggs' twin engine Cessna 310 during a flight from Anchor-
age to Juneau. In the 1979 novel titled: 'The Matarese Circle', author Robert
Ludlum portrayed Boggs as having been murdered to stop his investigation
of the Kennedy assassination. After you've had an opportunity to examine
the following Edward Bernays, CI.A. developed methods of discrediting
"Conspiracy Theorists," we'll examine the historical significance of Edward

Promote the idea that a large "conspiracy" would be impossible to cover-
Interview "friendly elite [CI.A.] contacts" and have them attack the
'conspiracy' pointing back to the C.I.A.'s "official" report.
• Discredit the "theorists" and his/her "conspiracy" by accusing them of
being "wedded to theories adopted before the evidence was in. Accuse
"theorists" of being "financially interested" or "politically interested".
Discredit all eyewitness testimonies.
• Ignore the existence of a 'conspiracy' unless it's actively being discussed
by the public.
Program the public to believe that it's irresponsible to pro- 11
mote 'conspiracies' or to speculate about such things.
• Discredit 'Conspiracy Theorists' by promoting the idea that they're wed-
ded to an infatuated with their own theories.
• Discredit the 'Conspiracy Theorist' by accusing them of being politically

Edward Bernays:

The Jewish "Father of Public Re-
lations" Edward Louis Bernays
[1891-1995] is the Nephew of Jew-
ish psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud
and Sigmund's Jewish wife, Martha
Bernays. Martha is the granddaugh-
ter of Issac Bernays the chief Rabbi
of Hamburg, Germany. As you will
learn in subsequent pages, Edward
Bernays utilized his uncle Freud's
human exploitation psychology to
methodically corrupt the Christian
American majority, an ambition of
his uncle Freud. According to Ed-
ward Bernays daughter Ann Bernays, Edward Bernays hated the American
people and believed the populace was "stupid" and "dopes".

Edward Bernays was the first person to leverage Freudian theo-
ries specifically for the purpose of controlling the unconscious mind. Us-
ing Freud's philosophy, Bernays was able to emotionally link American con-
sumers with mass produced products, war, and occultism. America's leading
Corporations hired Bernays to develop advertising that unconsciously ma-
nipulated the minds of the American population. Freudian techniques aided
Bernays in developing propaganda which successfully created an egotistical
Christian American consumer class enthusiastically buying goods they either
didn't need, or products that were harmful to their health. As we'll discuss
shortly, Bernays used these same principles to psychologically coordinate and
control geopolitical warfare.

"No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love
the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot
serve God and mammon." - Luke 16:13


Bernays' Darkness On The World:

The Holy Bible warns Christians of the methods used by the "rulers
of the darkness of this world" [Ephesians 3:12], and that we should judge
all people "by their fruits" [J\.fatthew 7:20] to determine whether or not we
should be associated with them. Jesus Christ tells His followers that He is
"the light of the world" and "he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness,
but shall have the light of life." [John 8:12]. Jesus tells those who 'believeth'
in Him that they are "light of the world" !_:Matthew 5:14] and what "commu-
nion hath light with darkness?" [2 Corinthians 6:14].

While examining the following events surrounding Edward Bernays,
I ask that you judge his clandestine methods and resulting works against
God's above-mentioned qualifications of light and darkness, good and evil
and whether Christians in the past should have associated themselves with
anything Bernays created. More importantly, should Christians in 2017 and
beyond be associated with anything resembling a Bernays' influenced life-

A chief component of Bernays' success was his unemotional, willful
disregard for, or violation of, the rights of others. Like his uncle Sigmund
Freud, Bernays hatred for mankind left him with an inability to empathize
with non-Jewish human beings, a genetic defect not found in the vast major-
ity of people. For this reason, the greater part of America's Christian citi-
zenry during the 1900s were the unwitting participants in their own spiritual,
financial, and physical decline. Even though the majority of Christian Ameri-
can's back in the 1900s were familiar with Philippians 2:3, which reads, "[Let]
nothing [be done] through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let
each esteem other better than themselves," Christians deposed the light in
their lives for Bernays darkness of selfish desires.

During the early 1900s one of Bernays' clients was American opera
singer Enrico Caruso. Between 1902-1920 Caruso released 260 recordings
and was connected within the Italian American mafia. Bernays' partnership
with Caruso was logical considering the fact that Jews created the Luciferian
cult of Freemasonry c.962 B.C. and the founder of the Italian mafia Gi-
useppe Mazzini, originally brought Freemasonry into the country of Italy. In
addition to being a 33rd degree Freemason, Mazzini was also a close friend
of Grand Commander of the Supreme Council 33rd degree of Freemasonry,
British spy and founder of the Klu Klux Klan (KKK), Jewish sodomite Al-
bert Pike (pg.14]. In 1871 Pike sent a letter to Mazzini describing how Jew-
ish Freemasonry will use those they have deceived away from God through
unconscious mind manipulation to destroy Christianity so that
Jewish Freemasonry's god Lucifer can reign over the world: 13
"In the third World War we shall
unleash the nihilist and the atheists,
and we shall provoke a formidable
social catechism which in all its
horror will show clearly to the na-
tions the effect of absolute atheism,
origin of savagery. And of the most
bloody turmoil then everywhere the
citizens obliged to defend them-
selves against the world minority
of revolutionaries will exterminate
those destroyers of civilization
[Islam]. And the multitudes disillu-
sioned with Christianity whose deis-
tic spirits will from that moment be without compass, or direction, anxious
for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive
the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of
Lucifer [Satan] brought finally out into the public view. This manifestation
will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the
destruction of Christianity and atheism both conquered and exterminated
at the same time."

In 1917 Bernays moral flexibility attracted the attention of "spiritual
wickedness in high places" [Ephesians 6:12], at the newly formed "Com-
mittee for Public Information" (CPI) in Washington D.C. [1917-1919]. The
"independent" Jewish elite controlled CPI was created specifically for the
purpose of manipulating the unconscious minds of millions of unsuspecting
Americans. One of Bernays first successful propaganda movements for the
CPI was his, "Make The World Safe For Democracy'' crusade. Provoked by
Bernays invented propaganda, American's unwittingly agreed to enter World
War I (WWI) to fight against Austria and Germany. Bernays WWI lasted
from July 1914 to November 1918 and caused the deaths of more than 16
million human beings.

During the recruiting process of WWI, over two million would be
soldiers were exposed to a massive psychological operation under the guise
of personality and intelligence tests. These tests were influenced by Edward
Bernays and inspired by Wilhelm Maximilian Wundt [1832-1920], the Jew-
ish founder of experimental psychology and the force behind its dissemina-
tion throughout the Western world. In 1879 Wundt established the first ex-
perimental laboratory of psychology at the University of Leipzig, Germany.
Wundt is credited with establishing psychology as an academic discipline.
Wundt's students included James McKeen, Emil Kraepelin, and
14 G. Stanley Hall. Wilhelm Wundt's father was Maximilian Wundt
a member of the Jewish mysticism based "Masonic Order of the Mustard
Seed." Maximilian concealed his Masonic allegiance under the veil of Luther-
anism for which he was a pastor. Wundt's grandfather Friedrich Peter Wundt,
was a Lutheran pastor in Wieblingen and member of Adam Weishaupt's Lu-
ciferian cult known as the "Illuminati".

The psychological operation against our WWI American soldiers
utilized "Operant Conditioning" (0.P.) an unconscious programming expres-
sion used to strengthen or modify behavior through "discriminative stimuli".
The resulting consequence of "OP." is manipulation through pleasure and
pain. This form of psychological manipulation was used to convince over
two million U.S. soldiers that their mental development was that of a teenag-
er, aged thirteen. This intelligence evaluation disillusioned the minds of every
U.S. citizen, effectively establishing Jewish pseudoscience supremacy over the
mental stability of the masses. Following this operation, propaganda regard-
ing the mental health benefits of psychology was disseminated throughout
America and maintained a stronghold on the masses until America's stock
market crash and "Great Depression". In subsequent pages we'll examine
how these two catastrophic events in U.S. history were financed by the Jewish
Rothschild Family and orchestrated by Jewish psychoanalyst Edward Ber-

Bernays psychological operation of "O.P." and Hegelian Dialectic
encompass Marxism's "Hope" and "Change" for our American children and
the standard through which our American youth have been measured since
WWI. In truth, the psychological terrorism waged against our WWI soldiers
began what has been a long term clandestine strategic plan of tax exempt
foundations - financed and controlled by Jewish Elites - to transform Amer-
ica from a nation of rugged individualists, problem solvers and Christians to
a country of servile, atheistic, brainwashed minions who simply regurgitate
whatever they're told.

"The State has the supreme right against the individual, whose supreme
duty is to be a member of the State. For the right of the world spirit is
above all special privileges." - Georg Hegel

The following is a historical time line for the implementation of
Skinnerian's, Pavlovian's, and Wilhelm Maximilian Wundt's 'Performance-
Based' methods designed to dissolve the once great American educational
system in exchange for a Communist based educational system. It's notewor-
thy to mention that Wundt's grandfather was a member of the Bavarian lliu-
minati which called for the elimination of Christianity, the "Nuclear Family"
and borders between Nations. Furthermore, Wundt was him-
self directly involved with the infamous organization "Skull & 15
Bones". The first American pupil of Wilhelm Wundt was an avowed Marxist
by the name of Stanley G. Hall, who also happened to be a member of "Skull
& Bones." Hall's writings included psychology and its relations to physiology,
anthropology, sociology, sex, crime, religion and education.

• 1832: Wilhelm Wundt, founder of experimental psychology and the
force behind its dissemination throughout the Western world:

"To Wundt, a thing made sense and was worth pursuing if it could be
measured, quantified, and scientifically demonstrated. Seeing no way to do
this with the human soul, he proposed that psychology concern itself solely
with experience." - The Leipzig Connection: The Systematic Destruction of
American Education" by Paolo Lionni

"The conditioning of modem American society began with John Dewey, a
psychologist, a Fabian Socialist and the 'Father of Progressive Education.'
Dewey used the psychology developed in Leipzig by Wilhelm Wundt, and
believed that through a stimulus-response approach (like Pavlov) students
could be conditioned for a new social order." - The Christian News, New
Haven, Mo., December 11, 1989

• 1862: The first experiment with "Outcome-based Education (OBE) was
conducted in England in 1862. Teacher opposition resulted in abandon-
ment of the experiment. "The call for 'sound and cheap' elementary
instruction was answered by legislation, passed by Parliament during
1862, known as The Revised Code. This was the legislation that pro-
duced payment-for-results, the nineteenth century English accountability
system. The opposition to the English payment-for-results system which
arose at the time of its introduction was particularly interesting. Teachers
provided the bulk of the resistance, and they based their objections on
both educational and economic grounds. They abhorred the narrowness
and mechanical character the system imposed on the educational pro-
cess. They also objected to the economic burden forced upon them by
basing their pay on student performance." - Accountability in American
Education: A Critique

• 1933: Carnegie Corporation's "Eight-Year Study", referred to by the
Education Commission of the States in the nineteen nineties as the fore-
runner of OBE.

• 1934: Conclusions and Recommendations for the Social Studies, pub-
lished by American Historical Association, funded by Carnegie Corpora-
tion. Professor Harold Laski, philosopher of British socialism,
16 said of this Report: ''At bottom and stripped of its carefully
neutral phrases, the report is an educational program for a socialist
America". This Report lays bare the education agenda for the United
States for the next 100 years.

1965: ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act, spawned as
part of President Lyndon Johnson's "Great Society") calls for perfor-
mance based education and it funds BSTEP (Behavioral Science Teacher
Education Program) which calls for teacher to be a psychiatrist and a
"trainer," not a "teacher."

• 1968: Siegfried Engelmann's DISTAR (Direct Instruction program), for
underprivileged Title I children. This was the first Direct Instruction
program funded by the U.S. Office of Education. Engelmann received
federal funding for the promotion of this program for at least thirty

• 1968: Ethna Reid, Utah, ECRI (Exemplary Center for Reading Instruc-
tion) which, according to parents, teachers, and doctors, makes students
sick, has been thoroughly researched by elementary school teacher Ann
Herzer. Her excellent critiques of the program, can be studied at: delib-

• 1968: Chicago Mastery Learning, funded by the U.S. Department of
Education, 1968-1980, which after 12 years was described by Education
Week as a "human tragedy."

1971: "Performance-Based Teacher Education ...What is the State of the
Art?" by Stanley Elam, Phi Delta Kappa Publications, can also be studied
at: This paper was prepared for the Com-
mittee on Performance-based Teacher Education pursuant to a contract
with the U.S. Office of Education through the Texas Education Agency,
Austin, Texas. One important excerpt: "Many aspects of the PBTE ap-
proach could be conceived as Skinnerian, dehumanizing, etc."

• 1977: Washington Post article dated August 1, 1977 entitled "Competen-
cy Tests Set in 26 Schools" reads: "Guines said that the new curriculum
is based on the work in behavioral psychology of Harvard University's
B.F. Skinner who developed teaching machines and even trained pigeons
during World War II to pilot and detonate bombs and torpedoes. The
basic idea, Guines said, is to break down complicated learning into a
sequence of clear and simple skills that virtually everyone can master,
although at different rates of speed. If you can train a pigeon to fly up
there and press a button and set off a bomb," Guines re-
marked, "why can't you teach human beings to behave in an 17
effective and rational way? We know that we can modify human behav-
ior. We're not scared of that. This is the biggest thing that's happening
in education today." The article went on to say ''According to Thomas
B. Sticht, Associate Director for Basic Skills of the National Institute of
Education, similar techniques, called competency education or mastery
teaching, are now being used in many parts of the country."

• 1982: Thomas Sticht, who worked on the failed D.C. Mastery Learning
project, was quoted in a Washington Post article dated August 8, 1982 as
follows: "Ending discrimination and changing values are probably more
important than reading in moving low income families into the middle
class." This statement was probably in response to an outcry from par-
ents of students in the failed D.C. Mastery Learning program.

• 1984: Utah "Excellence in Instructional Delivery Systems: Research and
Dissemination of Exemplary Outcome-Based Programs". This feder-
ally-funded program conducted by William Spady was, the first one to
use the term outcome-based education: OBE The change name change
from ML to OBE was due to the mastery learning disaster in Chicago
and in Washington, D.C.

• 1985: United States-USSR education Agreement (President Reagan-
Gorbachev) and Carnegie-Soviet Academy of Science Agreement.

• 1992: President George W. Bush speaks regarding National Youth Ap-
prenticeship Act, Congressional Record, May 3, 1992. President Bush
calls for Soviet-style workforce training.

• 1996: A Canadian produced video titled: "Failing Grades" is released
which relates to use of Direct Instruction and Charter Schools - proof
that neoconservatives from USA and Canada were promoting Skinner
method for use in work force training. Also this video shows strong sup-
port for charter schools (publicly-funded private schools) and makes ref-
erence to charter schools in Russia. It also discusses "Effective Schools"
which is extensively covered at and dis-
cusses the role of change agents in Russia, with regards to their role in
creating "Effective Schools". Effective Schools use the Skinner method.

• 1998: Reading Excellence Act calls for Direct Instruction. Engelmann's
Direct Instruction is resurrected, due to public uproars regarding fail-
ures of mastery learning and outcomes-based education, primarily in
inner city schools. The "destined-to-fail" programs have been intention-
ally attaching to "reading" programs, since reading is the key
18 ingredient of education about which the population was and
is concerned. The school administrators, acting as educational changf
agents, can get away with just about anything if the public thinks it will
help children read.

• 1999: Before Cynthia Weatherly put the book to bed in 1999, she called
Siegfried Engelmann's (Direct Instruction - DISTAR) office in Oregon
and ordered the direct instruction (DISTAR) teacher training video
She wanted to make sure her arguments in opposition to the Pavlovian
method made in her book were in fact correct. The video arrived and shf
was stunned watching the teacher training: hand signals, etc. One of he1
good education researchers, who couldn't believe "Direct Instruction'
was based on the Skinner/Pavlov method, called the DISTAR officf
and talked to Engelmann's top assistant regarding the DI method. Shf
asked her directly: "Is Charlotte Iserbyt correct when she says that DI i~
Skinner/Pavlov?" Her response was: ''Yes, Charlotte Iserbyt is correct."

The Chinese/Soviet atheist, communist system of education, in-
cluding the Pavlovian method, is being implemented right now in the Unitec
States of America, as recommended by William Foster, former chairman of
the U.S. Communist Party, in his 1930 book: "Toward a Soviet America.'
Foster, who was buried with honors in the Kremlin, stated that this condi-
tioning method is necessary for work force training, as well as political brain-
washing. Communist governments are atheist, so they consider their citizern
as nothing but animals, with no soul, conscience, or free will. The Americar
educational system has adopted the same atheistic view of its citizens?

The agreements between the United States, USSR, and China art
simply the full realization of the merger of the United States and the Sovie
Union, as clearly spelled out by Rowan Gaither, President of the Ford Foun·
dation in 1953:

"All of us here at the policy making level of the foundation have at one
time or another served in the OSS (Office of Strategic Services, CIA
forerunner) or the European Economic Administration, operating under
directives from the White House. We operate under those same directives.
The substance under which we operate is that we shall use our grant mak-
ing power to so alter life in the United States that we can be comfortably
merged with the Soviet Union."

"I don't want a nation of thinkers. I want a nation of workers."
- John D. Rockefeller

Not only is Bernays associated with a number of America's most
significant historical events, his propaganda indelibly defiles the chronicles
of nations around the world. Prior and subsequent to WWI there were a
number of movements coordinated by Bernays that radically weakened the
power Christian Americans had over their spiritual, financial, and physical
wellbeing. America's financial independence was changed forever just seven
years prior to WWI. During this time in American history, Jewish elites with
the assistance of Edward Bernays developed propaganda, began manipulat-
ing the unconscious minds of Americans for a psychological operation that
would become known as the financial "Panic of 1907". This orchestrated
event allowed Bernays clients', the Jewish Rothschild family, J.P. Morgan and
the Rockefeller family to take absolute control of America's entire U.S. bank-
ing system.

"By dividing the people we can get them to expend their energies in fighting
over questions of no importance to us." - J.P. Morgan

Six years after Bernays helped the Rothschilds, Morgan, and Rock-
efeller take control of America's national network of banks, Bernays helped
to develop propaganda that would convince Americans to relinquish all fi-
nancial management of their nation just two days before Christmas and just
eight days remaining until the end of the year on December 23, 1913. On this
date, President Woodrow Wilson signed the Rothschilds, J.P. Morgan, Rock-
efeller designed "Federal Reserve Act". Wilson's unconstitutional act illegally
empowered the Rothschild Family, J.P. Morgan, and Rockefeller to create the
privately owned Federal Reserve Bank Inc. After signing the unconstitutional
"Federal Reserve Act," the President aid:

"I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great
industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit
is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities
are in the hands of a few men [Jewish Rothschild Family and J.P. Morgan].
We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely
controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world - no longer
a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and
the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a
small group of dominant men."

President Wilson described the control by Rothschild, Morgan, and
Rockefeller over America in a speech as follows:

"There is a power so organized so subtle so complete so pervasive that
they better not speak above their breadth when they speak in
20 condemnation of it."
Three years after the start of \VW'I, the "Balfour Declaration" was
produced and financed by the Jewish Rothschild Family in 1917. The Balfour
Declaration committed the British and American people to supporting the
establishment in Palestine of "a National Home for the Jewish people," [Isra-
el] financially, logistically, and militarily. The Balfour Declaration was merely
Great Britain's promise to pay the Jewish Rothschild Family what they had
agreed upon as a consideration for getting the United States into the war. In
order to free future generations of Christian Americans, it's vital that Chris-
tian parents teach their children how the Jewish Rothschild Family's creation
of modern day Israel steals $30,000 from every American household each
year. What could you do with an extra $30k per annum?

• EXAMPLE #1: According to the health insurance industry, the aver-
age family's annual health insurance costs approximately $16,000, which
means just half of the U.S. population could use their $30,000 to pay
the annual health insurance for the entire U.S. population.

• EXAMPLE #2: According to the Small Business Administration
(SBA) the average cost for starting a business is $30,000.

As an aside, I have created a book for Christian children regard-
ing this topic. To give your child the gift of spiritual, financial and physical
freedom from Judaism, please visit, The Jewish Roth-
schild created Balfour Declaration is the wellspring from which modern day
conflict [Holy War] between Christianity and Islam has sprung. To learn how
Jewish elites have used their invention of Islam as a proxy army to fight
against Christianity for the past 1,317 years, please visit,

After Bernays invented phrase "propaganda" had successfully killed
16 million human beings during \VW'I, the international community devel-
oped an aversion for the expression. The moral chameleon that Bernays was,
he promptly changed the color of his expression to "Council On Public
Relations," this is first time in history the term "Public Relations" had been
used. At home in New York City, Bernays founded the "Public Relations
Council" (PRC) near Broadway. From his NY headquarters Bernays began
developing social controls based on his Uncle Freud's victimhood based, hu-
man exploitation psychology. Bernays new unsuspecting prey would grow to
be the millions of Americans who since the 19th century had become adapt-
ed to America's industrial culture. Through Freudian based techniques of
manipulating the unconscious mind, Bernays began exploiting the "irrational
forces" that Bernays believed existed when an American 'consumer' engaged
in the process of purchasing a new product or service. To maximize his prey
base Bernays began conducting psychological operations using
those in American culture who attracted the most attention. 21
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I iJ Aih\tSi\l ell ti &1,111 I IIBP I•
One of Bernays most deadly misinformation campaigns was the
psychological program he developed to "brainwash" American women into
believing cancer causing cigarettes represented independence and freedom.
From the founding of America in 1776 to 1929, it was considered taboo for
a woman to smoke cigarettes, however Bernays' propaganda abolished this
healthy 153 year tradition. It all began when the President of "The American
Tobacco Corporation" (ATC), George Hill, entered into an agreement with
Bernays' Public Relations Council to develop free-associated propaganda
that would reprogram the unconscious minds of American women into ac-
cepting the irrational belief that cigarettes were empowering.

Bernays achieved this goal in several ways, however one of his
most effective methods was when he leveraged the Jewish Elite orchestrated
"Women's Liberation Movement". During this period, Bernays associated
New York's Statue of Liberty with cigarettes by labeling them, "Torches of

As an aside, most "feminist" American women believe that the wom-
en's liberation movement was an organic movement created to free women
from the shackles of raising a family, financial, and physical independence,
this was not the case. Isolated 'feminist' acts existed during the 1920s, how-
ever, the 1960s-1970s feminist movement was not a spontaneous movement,
in fact it was engineered by Edward Bernays and financed by the Rothschild
and Rockefeller Families for the purpose of destroying the "nuclear family".
The motivation behind the Rothschild's and Rockefeller's "Women's Libera-
tion Movement" had nothing to do with 'liberation,' and everything to do
with income tax. The banking cartel knew that if they could destroy the
tradition family and unconsciously manipulate American women to adopt
the irrational belief that the power of creating life and raising a family was
disempowering, and working for thirty-years was empowering, the banking
cartel would double their tax generation. Like he did with cigarettes, Edward
Bernays helped the Rothschilds and Rockefellers to develop a psychological
operation that would convince American women that it was empowering to
kill their children in the womb [abortion] and eschew marriage and the cre-
ation of a family.


To not only gain national, but international acclaim, Edward Bernays
coordinated his "Torches of Freedom" movement to coincide with New
York's annual Easter Day Parade in 1929. Bernays paid young women to
march in the parade and at an appropriate time pull out their "Torches of
Freedom," fire-up and begin smoking. Working in concert with Bernays' cli-
ent "The American Tobacco Corporation," Jewish owned newspapers across
the United States printed Bernays written announcement that read, "Group
of Girls Puff at Cigarettes as a Gesture of "Freedom". Keep in mind that
the Jewish, God hating, anti-Christian Edward Bernays intentionally chose
the day which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ to deceive Christian
American women, into what was a cult of disease and death. To an unsus-
pecting 1920s American populace, Bernays' engineered movement seemed
natural and for that reason it became socially acceptable for American women
to inhale toxins into their bodies, producing lung cancer, diabetes, high blood
pressure, amputated limbs, and the slow agonizing death that followed. Ber-
nays unemotional, willful disregard for, or violation of, the life and rights of
others aided Sigmund Freud's nephew in his pursuit to prove that a deceived
populace could in fact behave irrational and destructive if he unconsciously
linked his client's products to their emotions.

Bernays is responsible for injecting numerous toxic products and
programs into America. One of the most devastating was his propaganda
related to the so-called 'safe and effective' benefits of fluoridating America's
water supply. Fluoride is a highly toxic substance, more toxic than lead. In his
book, The Fluoride Deception, Christopher Bryson explains how fluoride
has been used in pesticides since the 1800s. The disastrous side effects associ-
ated with fluoride exposure include: gastrointestinal disease, hypersensitivity,
kidney disease, infertility, calcification of the pineal gland, skeletal fluorosis,
thyroid disease, endocrine disruption, diabetes cardiovascular disease, cancer,
bone fractures, arthritis, reduced IQ and so forth. During the 1930s, Andres
Mellon's 'The Aluminum Company of America' (ALCOA) was America's
largest Fluoride polluter, killing off vegetation and livestock in nearby farms.
The individual within the U.S. Federal Government who officially endorsed
the introduction of Mellon's toxic fluoride into America's water supply was
President Harry S. Truman's federal security administrator Oscar R. Ewing,
ALCOA's top Wall Street attorney. To gain a better understanding of fluo-
ride's deadly history, please watch Paul Wittenberger's documentary 'Fluo-
ride: Poison On Tap' at

Applying Biblical teaching regarding the "rulers of the darkness of
this world" [Ephesians 3:12], and judging all people "by their fruits" [Mat-
thew 7:20] to determine whether those individuals are children of God or
children of the devil, let's examine the fruits produced from Ed-
24 ward Bernays' psychological operation against American worn-
en to smoke cigarettes. Since 1964, over 20 million Americans have died from
smoking cigarettes, that's four million more people than died during W\VI.
Bernays' smoking propaganda has also killed more than 100,000 American
babies in the last 50 years from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), com-
plications from prematurity, complications from low birth weight, and other
pregnancy problems resulting from parents that smoke cigarettes.

Bernays' Corporate Temptation:

After successfully luring millions of young healthy Christian Ameri-
can women into his death cult of cigarettes, setting in motion a campaign
that would kill over 20 million, 100,000 Americans, Edward Bernays' Public
Relations Council began replicating his techniques for the rest of Corporate
America. In an emerging supply and demand economy, Corporate America's
executive officers' biggest concern was the overabundance of supply. Execu-
tives across America were alarmed at the thought that demand for their prod-
ucts would eventually cease to exist. During this time in American history
there existed a cavernous divide between the 'haves and have nots'. America's
rich had always had access to lavish high-quality products, whereas the prole-
tariat or waged people were more familiar with practical products known for
their resilience. Working class targeted advertising in the 1920s had tradition-
ally been logic based, containing none of Bernays irrational and destructive
unconsciously linked emotions.

During the 1920s a delegate for the Rothschild, J.P. Morgan, and
Rockefeller controlled banking system, decreed "We must shift America from
a needs, to a desires culture. People must be trained to desire, to want new
things even before the old had been entirely consumed. We must shape a new
mentality in America. Man's desires must overshadow his needs." Wall Street
Banker Paul Mazur's proclamation of a newly designed emotionally driven
merchandising complex began to materialize straight away under the guid-
ance of Edward Bernays. One of the first "department stores" in the world
was named Bennett's in Derbyshire, England which opened its doors in 1734.
One-hundred, eighty-six years later the Jewish owned and controlled New
York Banks would fund the first concept of a "department store chain" in
the 1920s. Capitalizing on Bernays' irrational and destructive unconsciously
linked emotionally based psychologically programmed consumer base, Jew-
ish elites would funnel their needless mass produced merchandize through
their newly developed department store chains.

Using his company as an influence to recruit new members into
Bernays' irrational and destructive unconsciously linked emotional lifestyle,
Bernays partnered with 1920s media mogul William Randolph
Hearst. After his mother Phoebe Elizabeth Hearst's death in 25
1919, William inherited a $10 million dollar fortune that his mother had
passed down after William's father's death in 1891. As an aside, it's impor-
tant for readers to understand that William's mother Phoebe's religion was
the satanic cult of "Baha'i" founded by Bah:i'u'llah in 19th-century Persia.
Baha'u'llah was imprisoned and exiled from Persia to the Ottoman Empire
because he was associated with the "Babi movement". The "Babi move-
ment'' was founded by Ali Muhammad Shirazi, who took the titled "Bab"
(meaning: "gate") out of the belief that he was the gate to Islam's "Twelfth
Imam" known as the "Mahdi". Islam's Mahdi is revealed in The Holy Bible
as The Antichrist [Lucifer]. Based on Jewish mystery schools, Phoebe's cult
of Baha'i espoused the Jewish elite's goal of uniting all religions in order to
create a One World Religion ruled over by The Antichrist [Lucifer].

William Randolph Hearst's family's relationship with the cult Baha'i
which was founded by "Bab" the gate to Islam's Mahdi [Lucifer], is an im-
portant connection to understand because Edward Bernays' lineage was con-
nected to the cult of Judaism. Like Judaism, Islam is based on the "Cult of
Saturn" [Satan]. The Jewish Talmud commands Jews to wear a 'Tefillin' cube
of Saturn [Satan] on their head and body, while praying to Lucifer [below,
left]. This cube of Satan is identical to Islam's 'Kaaba' which means "cube"
[below, right]. This similarity exists between these two satanic cults because
Jews invented the cult of 'Kabbalah' and Islam. Edward Bernays, William
Randolph Hearst, the cult of Baha'i, Islam and Judaism all "despiseth" Jesus
Christ [Luke 10:16].

With the collective ambition of further eroding the Christian foun-
dation of America, William Randolph Hearst permitted Edward Bernays to
propagandize Hearst's twenty-million readers into Bernays' irrational and de-
structive unconsciously linked emotional lifestyle. Bernays initially targeted
Hearst's female readership through Hearst's women's magazine. Through this
publication Bernays linked product advertisements associated with Bernays'
corporate clientele with famous American movie stars that Bernays repre-
sented. Not only was Bernays being compensated by Hearst, he too was
profiting off the advertisement revenues paid by the New York Jewish bank
owned department store chains and the consultation fees associated with his
movie star clientele. Bernays was the first person to successfully manipulate
the unconscious emotions of Americans by associating his clients' products
with famous people. In addition to compensating his movie star clientele
with money from his corporate clients, Bernays would pay famous people to
appear in Bernays' coordinated fashion shows held inside of Bernays clients'
department store chains. One of Bernays celebrity guests was Jewish Aviator
"Ms. Stillman" who would read a script containing all of Bernays' uncon-
scious emotional triggers. Ms. Stillman would read the following
26 to unsuspecting Christian American women:
"There is a psychology of dress, have you ever thought about it? How it
can express your character. You all have interesting characters, but some of
them are all hidden. I wonder why you all want to dress always the same,
with the same hat and the same coats. I'm sure all of you are interesting
and have wonderful things about you, but looking at you in the street, you
all look so much the same. And that's why I'm talking to you about the psy-
chology of dress. Try and express yourselves, better in your dress. Bring out
certain things you think are hidden. I wonder if you've thought about this
angle of your personality''

To once again illustrate Bernays unemotional, willful disregard for,
or violation of, the life and rights of others, Sigmund Freud's nephew illegally
bribed numerous American physicians to create, release and publicly endorse
supposed "unbiased" and "Independent" studies. Bernays' bogus analysis ef-
fectively deceived millions of Americans into believing Bernays corporate
clients' toxic products were safe and effective. Bernays' Hollywood hypocrite
client base and network of doctors, oblivious to Hippocrates' oath of "pri-
mum non nocere" (first do no harm), helped redefine American patriotism.
Bernays new mind control was branded "consumptionism" in 1927 by an
American journalist, he wrote:

"Change has come over our democracy, it is called consumptionism. The
American citizen first importance to his country is now no longer that of
citizen, but that of consumer."

As predicted by the Jewish Rothschild, J.P. Morgan and Rockefeller
controlled New York Banks in the 1920s, their needless mass produced mer-
chandize department store chain distribution system and Bernays' irrational
and destructive unconsciously linked emotionally based psychologically pro-
grammed "consumerism" base has caused a significant rise in the American
stock market. A consummate predictive predator, Bernays was geared up to
begin influencing his American consumer base on how best to buy stocks in
corporations Bernays himself represented.

Let's examine the significance of this point in time in American his-
tory, specifically the sway two militant anti-Christians, Freud and Bernays,
held over the unsuspecting Christian American majority during the 1920s.
Bernays enriched his corporate clients by leveraging his network of Holly-
wood hypocrites. Bernays' Jewish banking clients used that wealth to develop
chain department stores, Bernays again used Hollywood to further indoctri-
nate Americans into consumerism. Bernays then convinced Americans who
had enriched his Hollywood clients and corporations through his imposed
consumerism to further enrich his corporate clients by convinc-
ing Americans to purchase his corporate clients' stocks on the 27
Jewish elite controlled New York Stock Market, with money Bernays per-
suaded them to borrow from Jewish controlled banks that Bernays repre-

Bernays unconscious emotional Hol-
lywood triggers were so significant
during the 1920s they influenced
the office of the President of the
United States. During President
Calvin Coolidge's Presidency
[1923-1929], he was perceived by the
public as being a recluse. To coun-
teract his declining popularity and
confidence levels, Edward Bernays'
' band of Hollywood hypocrites de-
scended onto Washington. In a way
only Bernays' moral flexibility could
device, Coolidge's shut-in persona
was revitalized after 34 of Bernays' Hollywood hypocrites visited President
Coolidge [above] for what was billed a hang-out at the people's house. To
amplify the power of perception, Bernays conspired with Jewish owned and
controlled newspapers nationwide to carry the news story of Hollywood at
the White House. The headlines read, "FAMOUS FRIENDS VISIT PRES.
COOLIDGE". The turnaround of President Coolidge's declining popularity
was a turning point for Bernays Public Relations programming techniques
and it marked the beginning of Bernays' human exploitation psychology be-
coming a fixture in American politics.

From time immemorial the children of the devil have conspired
against God's creation to fulfill Lucifer's futile desire of ascending, "above
the heights of the clouds" and his delusion of being, "like the most high
[God]" (Isaiah 14:14). Satan's motivation has always been to avoid his im-
minent appointment "down to hell" [Isaiah 14:15]. Being aware of the devil's
fear is vital to understanding his children's paranoia. Since their insistence
of, "Crucify him, crucify him" [Luke 23:21] 33 A.D., Jews have planned for
a time when the whole world would be under their control. Four-hundred,
seventy-one years ago, Dr. Martin Luther warned the Christian world of the
Jews scheme of world government stating:

"Further, they presume to instruct God and prescribe the manner in which
he is to redeem them. For the Jews, these very learned saints, look upon
God as a poor cobbler equipped with only a left last for making shoes.
This is to say that he is to kill and exterminate all of us Goyim
28 through their Messiah, so that they can lay their hands on the
land, the goods, and the government of the whole world " - Dr. Martin
Luther, On The Jews And Their Lies: 9/11, pg. 125,

It was the genetically flawed Jewish psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud
who developed the theory that an unconscious aggressive force existed
within the minds of Americans. Freud's bigoted idea toward the Christian
American majority directed his paranoid nephew Edward Bernays, to de-
velop unconscious, irrational, fear based programming that would keep the
American people from rising up and destroying their Jewish elite controllers.
Bernays underestimated America's founding fathers' "Republic" where the
rights of the individual are protected from the oppressive will of the major-
ity. Throughout history, so-called "Democratic" or mob-rule governments
have ruled over its citizenry through fear and violence. "Democide" is a term
created by anti-Communist, political scientist R.J. Rummel [1932-2014] as
"the murder of any person or people by their government, including geno-
cide, politicide and mass murder". According to Rummel, "Democide" sur-
passed war as the leading cause of non-natural death in the 20th century.

A proponent of Bernays' paranoid,
terrorist form of government was
the 1920s "Father of Modern Jour-
nalism," Jewish writer, reporter
and political commentator Walter
Lippmann [1889-1974]. Lippmann
[right] introduced the concept of
"Cold War" and coined the term
"Stereotype". The author of "Public
Opinion," Lippmann railed against
"self-serving individual behavior,"
then had an affair with co-author
for the Council on Foreign Rela-
tions (CFR), Hamilton Fish Arm-
strong's wife. The organization that
Lippmann was a notable author for
was created to destroy U.S. sover-
eignty. On February 17, 1950, 33rd
degree Freemason and CPR mem-
ber, James Warburg, publicly announced that the CFR's goal was to destroy
U.S. sovereignty in exchange for a New World Order, stating:

"We shall have world government whether or not you like it, by conquest or

CFR member, Richard Gardner, writing in the April 1974 issue of
the CFRs journal, Foreign Affairs states:

"The New World Order will have to be built from the bottom up rather
than from the top down... but in the end run around national sovereignty,
eroding it piece by piece will accomplish much more than the old fashioned
frontal assault."

Professors Laurence H. Shoup and William Minter, writing in their
study of the CFR, "Imperial Brain Trust: The CFR and United States Foreign
Policy." (M:onthly Review Press, 1977) state:

"The planning of UN can be traced to the secret steering committee
established by Secretary [of State Cordell] Hull in January 1943. All of the
members of this secret committee, with the exception of Hull, a Tennessee
politician, were members of the Council on Foreign Relations. They saw
Hull regularly to plan, select, and guide the labors of the [State] Depart-
ments Advisory Committee. It was, in effect, the coordinating agency for all
the State Departments postwar planning."

"Father of Modern Journalism," Jewish writer, reporter and political com-
mentator Walter Lippmann was an active participant in the Jewish globalist's
goal of creating a New World Order. Lippmann publicly promoted the idea

"If human beings were in reality driven by unconscious irrational forces,
then it was necessary to rethink democracy."

Lippmann believed that a Jewish elite class of intellectuals was need-
ed to rule over the "bewildered" Christian American "herd". To place the
''herd" into a perpetually malleable trance like state, Bernays introduced new
human exploitation techniques designed to excite an individual's every want
and then provide an infinite supply of needless things. Bernays provided
elites with a new catch phrase for his new method of unconsciously stimulat-
ing the irrational forces of America's citizenry he called it ''The Engineering
of Consent," otherwise known as tolerant tyranny.

It will be remembered that the turnaround of President Coolidge's
declining popularity was a defining moment for Bernays' Public Relations
programming techniques and it marked the beginning of Bernays human
exploitation psychology becoming a fixture in American politics. In 1929
Jewish elites called upon Bernays once again to work with President Herbert
Clark Hoover (August 10, 1874-0ctober 20, 1964) who served
30 as the 31st President of the United States from 1929 to 1933
during the Jewish elite orchestrated Great Depression. Hoover was a propo-
nent of Bernays, actively promoting his theology of consumerism. In fact
Hoover proselytized Bernays' theology across the U.S. to the point where it
had unconsciously become the new religion of America. President Hoover
was such an advocate of Bernays' psychological doorway to a New World
Order, he announced to Bernays' Public Relations associates:

"You have taken over the job of creating desire and have transformed
people into constantly moving happiness machines, machines which have
become the key to economic progress".

As an aside, former CJ.A. Director/President George H.W. Bush
signed into existence the United Nation's New World Order "tolerant tyran-
ny" system known as ''Agenda 21 Protocol" on June 29, 1992. Bush did this
while sitting on global elite Prince Charles' yacht, as it floated offshore, near
Rio de Janeiro. Shorty after President Bill Clinton's election, Clinton signed
Executive Order No. 12852 in 1993, ejecting the Constitution killing agenda
21 into America's bloodstream. President of the UN Foundation and under
Secretary of State for Democracy and Global Affairs under President Bill
Clinton, Timothy Wirth, made the following statement regarding the Roth-
schild Family's manufactured fraud of "global warming":

"We've got to ride this global warming issue. Even if the theory of global
warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing in terms of economic
and environmental policy."

"The First Global Revolution" was written by Club of Rome co-
founder, Agenda 21 architect, New World Order advocate and· Scottish sci-
entist Alexander King [1991]. King's book is a continuation of The Club of
Rome's 1972 work titled "The Limits to Growth". The tagline of "The First
Global Revolution" is, A Report by the Council of the Club of Rome. King's
book, The First Global Revolution was an instructional manual on how best
to fulfill the globalist's goal of eliminating 90% of the worldwide population.
What's more, King's book provided a blueprint on how to force the global
community into a New World Order. On page 102 King writes:

"In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we suggested that pollution; the
threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the
bill. In their totality and in their interactions, these phenomena constitute a
common threat which demands the solidarity of all peoples. But in desig-
nating them as the enemy, we fall into the trap about which we have already
warned, namely mistaking symptoms for causes. All these dangers are
caused by human intervention and it is only through changed
attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real 31
enemy then is humanity itself "

Co-founder of Green Peace Paul Watson, revealed the following
truth regarding the control methods global elites like the Rothschild Family,
Rockefeller, Prince Charles, Henry Kissinger, Zbigiew Brzezinski Presidents
George H.W Bush, George W Bush, Clinton, etc. have used for generations
to control the "herd".

"It doesn't matter what is true,
it only matters what people believe is true."

An appendage of Agenda 21 is "LC.LE.I." whose catch phrase
is, "Healthy, Happy and Inclusive Communities". In the 1920s President
Hoover bloviated to Edward Bernays' public relations associates that they
had, "transformed people into constantly moving happiness machines," an
important revelation considering the fact that it's LC.LE.L's goal to replace
all current forms of measuring an individual's success and wellbeing with the
LC.LE.I. "Happy Index". If you would like to educate yourself about this
communist control system please visit Tom DeWeese's website at American-

''Yes, we are on our way back- not just by pure chance, my friends, not
just by a turn of the wheel, of the cycle. We are coming back more soundly
than ever before because we are planning it that way. Don't let anybody tell
you differently."

- Franklin D. Roosevelt, XXXII President of the United States, Remarks at
the Citadel, Charleston, South Carolina October 23, 1935

Back in the 1920s, Jewish elites recognized the potential of Edward
Bernays' unemotional, willful disregard for human life and how effective his
human exploitation psychology programs were at violating the rights of the
American people. They realized how helpful his unconscious irrational fear
and desire based programming would be at manipulating the emotions of the
populace and how the Presidents, Governors, Senators, Congressman, etc.
they controlled could leverage this knowledge to gain absolute power over
their uninformed electorate.

It will be remembered that during the 1920s Bernays used his Hol-
lywood clientele to manipulate the emotions of America, while at the same
time enriching himself and his corporate and Jewish banking clients. Those
same banking clients then used that wealth to develop chain department
stores. Within these chains, Bernays again used Hollywood to
32 further indoctrinate Americans into consumerism. Bernays then
convinced those same Americans who had enriched his Hollywood, Cor-
porate, and banking clientele to further enrich his corporate clients by pur-
chasing their stocks on the Jewish elite controlled New York Stock Market.
Bernays then persuaded those same Americans to borrow money from his
Jewish banking clients in order buy stocks. On October 29, 1929, Edward
Bernays' years of scheming and swindling the American people reached its
zenith. The millions of Americans that Bernays manipulated into borrowing
money they couldn't afford, to purchase useless stocks in worthless corpora-
tions created "The Great Depression" [1929-1933].


1931 Chicago soup kitchen opened by Chicago mob boss .\1 Capone "Scarface"

The complexity of the "Great Depression" psychological operation
gave Rothschild, Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, and Bernays enormous control
over the emotional thoughts and reactions of the American people. In 2017
if you were to ask the average American what the term "Great Depression"
signifies, they will most likely connect its meaning with a financial down-
turn, however, its designers created this term to evoke a perpetual sense of •
foreboding. On a massive scale, what elite bankers were doing was stripping
all faith, hopefulness, and sense of Liberty from the "herd". Through fi-
nancial terrorism, banking elites had effectively prepared unconscious fertile
grounds for them to implant the belief that their Federal Reserve Bank, Inc.
was America's salvation. To reinforce this programming, the Rothschilds,
Rockefellers, and J.P. Morgan raised reserve requirements, causing a mone-
tary contraction that helped to prevent a financial recovery until
1938. 33
Before we continue, I would like for readers to understand the psy-
chological and 'spiritual' personality of the Rothschild Family's and Bernays'
Judaic cult of Saturn [Satan]. Jews believe, in order to "be gods," it is required
of them that they know "good and evil" [Genesis 3:5]. Outwardly a Jew will
appear good by seemingly helping the "herd," while at the same time they're
secretly programming the herd mentally and manipulating the herd's environ-
ment in way that will predictably cause the herd to become more dangerous
and more dysfunctional. With the above-mentioned knowledge in mind, con-
sider the fact that prior to the "Great Depression" psychological operation,
Rothschild, Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, and Bernays held an occult ceremony
foreshadowing the pending depression. In addition to John D. Rockefeller,
President Hoover and all leaders of major corporations were in attendance.
During Bernays occult ritual it was announced that the New York stock ex-
change was imploding.

Bernays coordinated this event un-
der the guise of a SOth anniversary
"celebration" for the light bulb, one
of the hundreds of "inventions"
Thomas Edison [left] stole from
Nikola Tesla and others. A few of the
inventions Edison stole include: The
Movie Camera, The Electric Chair,
The Power Generator, The Storage
Battery, the X-Ray Photographs (flu-
oroscope), Wax Paper, The Record
Player and The Telegraph. Thomas
Edison bloviated about his pilfering

"Keep on the lookout for novel ideas that others have used successfully.
Your idea has to be original only in its adaptation to the problem you're
working on."

Just as Thomas Edison had stolen his movie camera 'invention'
from others, German Jew Carl Laemmle and others stole Edison's invention
from him. In total, Edison spent more than $300K on legal fees, filing more
than 289 lawsuits. No matter how many lawsuits Edison filed, Laemmle and
other Jews were illegally duplicating his camera technology and the exclusive
Kodak film used in the cameras throughout Europe. In America, Edison's
enforcement bureau, which was called the "Trust," would travel around and
destroy counterfeit equipment and film. A competing technology known as
the "pictograph" system which contained rapidly moving cards
34 featuring short scenes became the Jews' medium of choice for
moving pictures. Within Jewish owned homes and businesses, Jews created
"Nickelodeons," the first porn theaters in America, where they would feature
naked women or couples engaging in sex acts.

It will be remembered that Jewish Professor of American history at
Aberdeen University in the U.K., Nathan Abrams, wrote about Jews' "atavis-
tic" [genetic] defect, specifically their inability to empathize with non-Jewish
human beings. In an article the Professor wrote for the Jewish Quarterly,
winter 2004, Abrams boasts about the Jewish created and controlled porno-
graphic industry and how it was invented for the specific goal of destroying
Christian morals:

"Is there a deeper reason beyond the mere financial as to why Jews in par-
ticular have become involved in porn? Pornography thus becomes a way of
defiling Christian culture. Jewish involvement in porn by this argument is
the result of an atavistic [genetic] hatred of Christian authority. They Oews]
are trying to weaken the dominant culture in America by moral subversion."

Jewish author Neal Gabler, in his book, "In An Empire of Their
Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood," supports Professor Abrams
assertion that Jews are intentionally waging war against the Christian West
through Hollywood. Gabler writes:

" ... But one major reason Edison and his cohorts lost their hegemony was
that they misinterpreted what was at stake. They never seemed to under-
stand that they were engaged in much more than an economic battle to
determine who would control the profits of the nascent film industry; their
battle was also generational, cultural, philosophical, even, in some ways,
religious. The Trust's members were primarily older white Anglo-Saxon
Protestants who had entered the film industry in its infancy by inventing,
bankrolling, or tinkering with movie hardware: cameras and projectors. For
them, the movies themselves would always be novelties. The Independents,
on the other hand were largely, Jews who had entered the industry by open-
ing and operating its theaters."

Laemmle's Jewish invented Nickelodeons became what would be-
come the Jewish owned and controlled sales distribution for all film products.
Although there were a few "goyim" [non-Jews], the majority of investors
within the 300+ Nickelodeon distribution network were Jewish. Defeated by
Edison's "Trust" on the east coast, Jews moved their network to Hollywood
where they murdered this author's ancestor Scottish/Irish American Francis
Boggs [pg.36]. Boggs is credited with creating what he originally named
"Hollyrood" which means, "Scottish Government," however, it
was changed to Hollywood following his murder. Francis Boggs 35
is recognized as being the person
who discovered Scottish American
actor Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle. Jews
murdered Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle
with a morphine overdose in 1933.
The scandal of a woman's death in
~\rbuckle's San Francisco hotel room
was used to institute the Jewish in-
yented movie rating system. This led
to the rated PG-13, "R" and ''X"
film rating system, which has al-
lowed Jews to erode the morality of
America. In his book, "Walt Disney
Hollywood's Evil Prince," Marc Eliot

"The Jewish power faction in Hollywood hoped choosing a Christian to
regulate the moral content of their films would improve the overall image
of its industry."

As you'll read in subsequent pages, Freud's human exploitation psy-
chology made it possible for Jews to manipulate the unconscious minds and
morality of Americans, thus making pornography socially acceptable. Fol-
lowing the murder of Francis Boggs, his wholesome creation "Hollyrood"
was consumed by parasitic Jews then used by Edward Bernays to manipulate
the unconscious desires of the American people.

In 1929, U.S. Senator Smith Brookhart summed up the Jewish com-
munist majority in Hollywood as a battle between competing studios led by
"bunches of Jews."

Those who worked with Thomas Edison, such as Tesla, believed
him to be a charlatan sweatshop landlord who preyed on technologically and
scientifically gifted people. Edison was notorious for stealing the inventions
of resident inventors through manipulation and intimidation.

In 1943 a Freudian psychoanalyst cult member working with Ed-
ward Bernays and Jewish psychologist Kurt Lewin [pg.37] at the O.S.S., the
predecessor to the CI.A., created a "Top Secret" psychological report titled
"The Mind of Adolf Hitler". This report was Top Secret wartime informa-
tion written by Walter C. Langer, for ''Wild Bill" Donovan of the O.S.S. with
"uncanny accuracy". Among other accuracies, the report stated that Adolf
Hitler was not only financed by the Rothschild Family, he was
36 a Rothschild. Psychoanalyst Walter Langer's report contained
an "uncanny accuracy" because it
contained the script that the Jewish
Rothschild Family had created years
preceding WWI and everything that
would occur prior, during, and after
WWII. Included in the Rothschild
script was Hitler's "suicide". Any-
body knowledgeable about Hitler's
"suicide" has concluded that Hitler
in fact escaped to South America
where he died of old age. Not only
was Walter C. Langer an O.S.S. psy-
choanalyst, his brother William was
head of the "Research and Analysis"
department of the O.S.S. Langer's
mother was from the AshkenaziJewish Rockenbach bloodline, however, she
promoted the idea that she was born to a Lutheran household in Zweibriick-
en, Germany. What few people knew about Langer's mother is that her fam-
ily were members of the Jewish secret society known as Moravians. Langer's
father Charles Rudolph was also a member of the Jewish Masonic secret
society of "Moravian Brethren" (Bohemian Brethren) which was founded
1457 in Silesian, Germany.

Masonic dictionaries contain a category titled ''Moravian Masonry,"
which was founded in 1939 and is officially referred to as the "Confraternity
of Moravian Brothers of the Order of the Religious Freemasons". Moravian
Freemasons believe that they will become Christ and that the world's collec-
tive consciousness will evolve into Godhood. This is one of Satan's oldest
lies, that men and women can become gods. Jewish invented "secret societ-
ies" use the exact same method Satan used in the Garden of Eden to cast
doubt in the mind of Even. In Genesis 3:5 Satan asks Eve, "Yea, hath God
said;' this caused Eve to doubt God's word. Satan then deceives Eve into
believing that she and Adam can become "as gods". Those who join Jewish
invented "secret societies" have been stripped of their "armour of God"
and no longer have power to repel "the wiles of the devil" [Ephesians 6:11]
because they have lost the power to "discern both good and evil" [Hebrews

During the 17th century, power over the Moravians was given to
Count Nikolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf [pg.38], the head of the "Rose
Croix" (Rosicrucian) from 1744-1749. The Rosicrucians are a secret society
of mystics whose doctrine is based on esoteric truth and "secret doctrines"
dedicated to establishing a New World Order and One World
Religion controlled by The Antichrist. Their entire cult is anath- 37
ema to Lord Jesus Christ who said, " ... in secret have I said nothing" [John
18:20]. Zinzendorf was also the founder of the Jewish mysticism based "Ma-
sonic Order of the Mustard Seed" which has sought to deceive the blood-
lines of ancient Christian Celts away from Jesus Christ. The Parable of the
Mustard Seed is one of the parables of Jesus Christ in Matthew 13:31-32,
Mark 4:30-32 and Luke 13:18-19. The parable from Matthew reads in part:

"The kingdom of heaven is like to a grain of mustard seed, which a man
took, and sowed in his field: Which indeed is the least of all seeds: but
when it is grown, it is the greatest among herbs, and becometh a tree, so
that the birds of the air come and lodge in the branches thereof."

Like many modern day apostate Christian pastors in 2017, Zinzen-
dorf concealed his Masonic allegiance under the veil of Lutheranism. Jude
1:4 warns Christians to be watchful for men like Zinzendorf who have:

" ... crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemna-
tion, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and
denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ."

The collective brotherhood and sisterhood of the Mustard Seed are
called "Cymbrogi" [koom-BRO-gee], a word taken from the Ancient Chris-
tian Celts which means "sword brothers". Arthurian legend refers to the
brotherhood of knights committed to Arthur, as Cymbrogi. Ancient Celtic
chronicles portray Arthur as a descendant of Christian Galatians [Gaul], who
received one of Apostle Paul's letters [c.40 AD], and a Gaul military com-
mander who slaughtered demon possessed witches and marauding giants.

Earlier I stated that Psychoanalyst Walter Langer had created a Top
Secret report titled, "The Mind of Adolf Hitler" and that all claims made by
the media and U.S. Government regarding his "uncanny accuracy" to predict
past, present, and future events regarding WWI and WWII was based on a
script he had received from the Rothschild Family through Edward Bernays.
What Langer conveniently omitted from his report was how the Rothschild
family fomented the desperate and rebellious environment throughout 1930s
Germany to ensure the outcome of WWII. The following is an account of
the event which led up to the rise of Nazi Germany.


1111 AAll IAll A1\i 11111AA11IAIll'1111 it'I
WW1 began in the summer of 1914. That was waged on one side
by Great Britain, France, and Russia; and on the other side by Germany,
Austria-Hungry, and Turkey. After just two years Germany had won. Ger-
many's surprise technology "submarines" had obliterated all vessels in the
Atlantic Ocean, leaving Great Britain's soldiers powerless with no munitions
and no food. During that time France had lost over 600,000 of its country-
men defending Verdun on the Somme and Russian and Italian forces were
decimated physically and psychologically. Not a single shot had been fired
on German soil, nor had a single foreign soldier walked on Germany soil,
yet Germany offered England terms of peace. Germany offered what was
known as a "status quo ante basis," in other words all parties would for-
give and forget. In the summer of 1916 England was considering Germany's
terms of peace until the Jewish Zionists in Germany, who represented the
Jewish Zionists in Eastern Europe, went to the British War Cabinet and told
them that they could win the WWI if the United States became an ally.

At this time in American history, the
United States was spiritually, cul-
turally, fiscally, and militarily stable,
Pf.11.lSlfED AT "CHULOTTI. ,.E with the exception of the Jewish in-
CHARLOTTE. N. C.. SUNDAY M flicted history of African and Irish
Slavery. The Jewish Zionists told
.llEITY-CENTURY DREAM! England, ''we will guarantee to bring
the United States into the war as
1 OF ISRIEL MAY BE REALIZED. your ally, to fight with you on your
side, if you will promise us Palestine
:9y llERICl'S ENTRY IN 118:
after you win the war". The Jewish
Zionists asking England to relin-
Charlotte Sunday Observer, Charlotte quish ownership of Palestine to the
N.C. Sunday Morning, May 27, 1917 Jews would be like the United States
handing Ireland over to Japan.

After accepting the Jewish Zionists' deal, The Rothschild Family in
England began funneling their agenda through their Jewish psychoanalyst
Edward Bernays in the United States. Immediately, Bernays' nationwide net-
work of Jewish newspaper and bank owners began promoting anti-German
propaganda. America, however, had a large German population and they
wanted to see Germany defeat the Russian Czar. The Jews didn't
40 like the Czar and they didn't want Russia to win the war, so the
German Jewish bankers, "Kuhn Loeb" and other firms in the U.S. refused to
finance France or England because they were tied up with Russia, but they
heavily financed Germany in order to defeat the Russian Czar.

Keep in mind that those same Jews who were financially backing
the Germans against the Russian Czar were the same Jews that approached
England's War Cabinet. As soon as the Jewish Zionists deal was forged with
Britain, all of the propaganda that had been championing German's efforts
against the Russian Czar changed. All Jewish newspapers around the world
began promoting the idea that all Germans were evil. Germans were shoot-
ing Red Cross nurses, cutting off babies' hands, etc.

Soon after capturing the unconscious minds of Americans through
Edward Bernays' irrational fear based programming, President Woodrow
Wilson declared war on Germany. Jewish Rothschild's proxies in London
sent cables to Edward Bernays in the United States which read, "Go to work
on President Wilson. We're getting from England what we want. Now you
go to work on President Wilson and get the United States into the war."
Soon after those cables, President Wilson established the "Committee on
Public Information (CPI) through executive order 2594 on 4/13/1917. The
CPI consisted of George Creel, a former Confederate States Army Cap-
tain under brigadier general Albert Pike and employee of William Randolph
Hearst; Robert Lansing who in 1890 married Eleanor Foster, the daughter
of Secretary of State John W Foster and sister to Edith Foster the mother of
U.S. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles under President Eisenhower and
Allen Welsh Dulles CI.A. Director under President Eisenhower and John
F. Kennedy; Newton D. Baker Secretary of War under Woodrow Wilson,
Baker was a leading proponent of the Jewish created "League of Nations". ,
Baker's father was a Confederate Army cavalryman under brigadier general
Albert Pike. Baker was also private secretary to Postmaster General William
L. Wilson who served with Baker's father in the Confederate cavalry. Baker
argued before the U.S. Supreme court [Village of Euclid v. Ambler Realty
Co.], a landmark case which established the government's control of zoning

If not for the Jewish Rothschild Family, Jewish psychoanalyst Ed-
ward Bernays and the CPI, the United States of America would not have en-
tered into WWI against Germany. After the Jewish Zionists psychologically
bulldozed the American people into war with Germany, they revisited the
British and demanded a written guarantee for Palestine. The note and guar-
antee was drafted by the Jewish Rothschild Family in Great Britain and they
called it the "Balfour Declaration," [pg.42] a document that's worth about as
much as bathroom toilet paper.
Dear I.Ord IO\baebU.d.
l have mueb pleasure in conveying to 1ou. on
behalf Of H18 MajUt.y'S GOVlnwtnt., fOllOW1Dg
declara,1on o! aympa~ Wlt.b z1on1ai aap1rat1ona

wttch l'l8S been aullmltt.ed t.o. and approved bY. cab1Mt
'H1a MaJtat.y•s oovernment view wtt.b favour tile
tsiat>l.1ahmen1. ln Paleaune of a oat.1oua1 home tor the
.Jewish people. ana "111 use tbtU' beat tndeavoun to
f&eUlte.te tbe acbuv01ent. of Ult& obJect. 11. being
c11ar11 Undera1.ooct Ula\ notb1D& ebal.l be done ""1cb
mt11 prejudice tilt c1vu a::id relJ.gtoua rtsbte of
eX1st.1ng non-~ew18hcQ1'lllllitt1ea tn Paleatlae. or \be
right.a amt poll ttcal siaiue enloVff bl' Jen tn anv
otllei· couwr•
1 ahould be sratttul 1f you would wing tb18
declar&tlon t.o tile knowledge of tb• z1on11t rec1erat.1on.


Balfour Declaration, created November 2, 1917, author(s) Walter Roth-
schild, Arthur Balfour, Leo Amery, Lord Milner. Confirming support for
the British government for the establishment in Palestine of a "national
home" for the Jewish people.

After the U.S. entered the war Germany was defeated. Following
their surrender, Germany met in Paris at the 1919 "The Treaty of Versailles"
(Paris Peace Conference). In attendance were 117 Jews representing the Ber-
nard Baruch headed Jewish delegation. During the parceling of Europe, the
Jews said, "How about Palestine for us?" This is when the Jews produced the
Rothschild created Balfour Declaration, it too is the first time the Germans
had ever heard about or seen the document. Immediately the Germans said
to themselves "that was the game!?" That's why the United States came into
the war?" For the first time, the Germans realized that they suffered this ter-
rific reparation because the Jewish Zionists wanted Palestine.
When the Germans realized that the terms of peace they
had offered to Britain were derailed by Zionist Jews seeking
control over Palestine, and that Jewish psychopathic desires had caused over
38 million casualties during WWI, it suffices to say that the Germans devel-
oped a visceral resentment towards the Jews. These facts coupled with the
knowledge that Jews had never been better off in any country in the world
than they had been in Germany, made Germans hate the Jews.

Prominent Jews in Germany at that were the Rathenau family,
who was maybe 100 ti.mes as important in industry and finance as Bernard
Baruch was in America. The Balin family owned the two big steamship lines,
the North German Lloyd's and the Hamburg-American Lines. The Bleich-
roder family was the banker for the Hohenzollern family. The Warburgs in
Hamburg were the largest merchant bankers in the world. The Jews were
doing very well in Germany. Now, the Germans felt: "Well, that was quite a

It was a sellout on the same level as if the United States was at
war with Russia in 2017, and the U.S. was winning. And the U.S. told the
Soviet Union: ''Well, let's quit. We offer you peace terms. Let's forget the
whole thing." All of a sudden Jewish Zionists negotiate terms for Commu-
nist China to enter the war as an ally of the Soviet Union. Because Zionist
Jews convinced Communist China into the war, the U.S. is defeated, and with
it reparations the likes of which man's imagination cannot encompass. Next,
imagine after the defeat Americans discovered that it was Chinese Americans
who we thought were loyal citizens, were in fact selling us out to the Soviet
Union, and it was through them that Communist China was brought into the
war against America. How would Americans feel about Chinese Americans
in 2017? Well, that's how the German people felt towards the Jews in the
1930s. The Germans thought, "We've been so nice to them;' and from 1905
on, when the first Communist revolution in Russia failed, and the Jews had to
scramble out of Russia, they all fled to Germany. And Germany gave them
refuge. And they were treated very nicely. And here they sold Germany
down the river for no reason at all other than they wanted Palestine as a so-
called "Jewish commonwealth."

After the true agenda of the wars had been reveled, all the big names
connected with Zionism e.g., Nahum Sokolow, etc., in 1919, 1920, '21, '22,
and '23, promoted propaganda in all their Jewish owned papers that "the
feeling against the Jews in Germany was due to the fact that they realized
that this great defeat was brought about by our intercession and bringing the
United States into the war against them". The Jews themselves admitted that.
It wasn't that the Germans in 1919 discovered that a glass of Jewish blood
tasted better than Coca-Cola or Muenschner Beer. There was no religious
feeling. There was no sentiment against Jews merely on account
of their religious belief. It was purely political and economic. It 43
was anything but religious.

In 1930s Germany nobody cared if a Jew went home and pulled
down the shades and said "Shema' Yisrael" or "Our Father." No one cared
in Germany any more than they do in the United States. Now this feeling
that developed later in Germany was due to one thing: that the Germans held
the Jews responsible for their crushing defeat, for no reason at all, because
WWI was started against Germany for no reason for which they [Germans]
were responsible. They were guilty of nothing. Only of being successful.
They built up a big navy. They built up world trade.

Germany, at the time of Napoleon, at the time of the French Revo-
lution, was what the German Reich consisted of three hundred, small city-
states, principalities, dukedoms, and so forth. Three hundred little separate
political entities. Between the period of Napoleon and Bismarck, they were
consolidated into one state. Within 50 years they became one of the world's
great powers. Their navy was rivaling Great Britain's, they were doing busi-
ness all over the world they could undersell anybody and make better prod-
ucts. And what happened? What happened as a result of that?

There was a conspiracy between England, France, and Russia that:
"We must slap down Germany", because there isn't one historian in the
world who can find a valid reason why those three countries decided to wipe
Germany off the map politically. Now, what happened after that?

When Germany realized that the Jews were responsible for her de-
feat, they naturally resented it. But not a hair on the head of any Jew was
harmed. Not a single hair. Professor Tansill of Georgetown University,
who had access to all the secret papers of the State Department, wrote in
his book, and quoted from a State Department document written by Hugo
Schoenfelt, a Jew who Cordell Hull sent to Europe in 1933 to investigate the
so-called camps of political prisoners. And he wrote back that he found them
in very fine condition.

They were in excellent shape; everybody treated well. And they were
filled with Communists. Well, a lot of them were Jews, because the Jews hap-
pened to be 98% of the Communists in Europe at that time. And there were
some priests there, and ministers, and labor leaders, Masons, and others who
had international affiliations. The Jews tried to keep the lid on this fact. They
didn't want the world to really understand that they had sold out Germany,
and that the Germans resented that. So Germans did take appropriate action
against Jews. Germans discriminated against them wherever they could. They
shunned them. The same as we would the Chinese, or anyone
44 in this country who had sold us out to an enemy and brought
about our defeat.

After a while, the Jews of the world didn't know what to do, so they
called a meeting in Amsterdam. Jews from every country in the world at-
tended in July 1933. Jews said to Germany: ''You fire Hitler! And you put
every Jew back into his former position, whether he was a Communist, no
matter what he was. You can't treat us that way! And we, the Jews of the
world, are calling upon you, and serving this ultimatum upon you." Well, the
Germans told them ... you can imagine. So what did they [the Jews] do?

In 1917, the Communists took over Germany for a few days. Rosa
Luxembourg and Karl Liebknecht, and a group of Jews in Germany took
over the government for three days. When Kaiser ended the war, he fled to
Holland because he thought the Communists were going to take over Ger-
many as they did over Russia, and that he was going to meet the same fate
that the Czar did in Russia. So he left and went to Holland for safety and
for security. Now, at that time, when the Communist threat in Germany was
quashed, it was quiet, the Jews were working, still trying to get back into their
former - their status - and the Germans fought them in every way they
could, without hurting a hair on anyone's head. The same as one group, the
Prohibitionists, fought the people who were interested in liquor, and they
didn't fight one another with pistols, they did it every way they could.

In 1930s Germany there were 80 to 90 million Germans and there
were only 460,000 Jews. Less than one half of one percent of Germany
were Jews and yet Jews controlled all of the press and most of the economy,
because Jews had come in and bought up practically everything after the
Deutsche Mark had been devalued.

In 1933 when Germany refused to surrender to the World Confer-
ence of Jews in Amsterdam, they broke up and Mr. Untermeyer came back to
the United States. Untermeyer was the head of the American delegation and
the president of the whole conference. With a script that had been written
for him by Edward Bernays, Untermeyer went from the steamer to ABC and
made a radio broadcast throughout the United States in which he said:

"The Jews of the world now declare a Holy War against Germany. We are
now engaged in a sacred conflict against the Germans. And we are going
to starve them into surrender. We are going to use a world-wide boycott
against them that will destroy them because they are dependent upon their
export business."

It is a fact that two thirds of Germany's food supply had to be im-
ported, and it could only be imported with the proceeds that were gained
through exports created by German labor. If Germany could not export,
two thirds of Germany's population would starve. Germany's farms could
only produce enough food for approximately 1/3 of its population.

In the Edward Bernays' created declaration presented by Samuel
Untermyer in the New York Times on August 7, 1933, Untermyer stated:
"This economic boycott is our means of self-defense. President Roosevelt
has advocated its use in the NRA [National Recovery Administration]".

Under the NRA everybody was to be boycotted unless they followed
the rules laid down by the New Deal, which of course was declared uncon-
stitutional by the Supreme Court at that time. Nevertheless, the Jews of the
world declared a boycott against Germany, and it was so effective that you
couldn't find one thing in any store anywhere in the world with the words
"Made in Germany" on it. In fact, an executive of the Woolworth Company
had to dump millions of dollars worth of crockery and dishes into the river;
else their stores would be boycotted. Jewish elites sent informants into all
U.S. stores and if any of them found a dish marked "Made in Germany," that
store was picketed with signs that read: "Hitler", "murderer", etc.

R.H. Macy & Co. [1-facy's Department Store] was controlled by the
communist Jewish Strauss family. This is why the Macy's logo is a communist
red star. During the boycott of German products, R.H. Macy & Co., a client
of Edward Bernays, helped to exploit the unconscious irrational forces of
Americans that Edward Bernays' misinformation helped to create. In one
propaganda piece it was reported that a women came into an R.H. Macy
store to purchase stockings and found a pair from Chemnitz, marked "Made
in Germany". The stockings had to be at least 13 years, because Edward
Bernays' ''Psychology of Dress" and Hollywood clientele had programmed
American women back in the 1920s to wear alternative leggings. Nonetheless
R.H. Macy was publicly boycotted and picketed, with hundreds of people
walking around with signs that read: "MURDERS," "HITI..ERITES", etc.

Up to this point in Germany's history, not one Jew had ever been
hurt. There was no suffering, there was no starvation, there was no murder,
there was nothing. However, after the Jewish created and lead global boycott
of Germany products and the resulting suffering and starvation in Germany,
the Germans said, "who do these Jews think they are to declare a boycott
against Germany and throw all of our German people out of work, caus-
ing our industries to grind to a halt? Who are they to do that to us?" The
Germans resented the Jews after that and they began expressing
46 their hatred by painting swastikas on stores owned by Jews. The
German people thought to themselves, "Why should German citizens go
into a Jewish owned store and give their money to a Jewish storekeeper who
was part of a boycott that was starving German citizens? Why would a Ger-
man citizens help fund the starvation of his/her fellow citizen? Using history
as their guide, Germans realized that this kind of acquiescence or surrender
to Zionist Jews would produce nothing more than a Jewish controlled gov-
ernment that would dictate who Germany's premier or chancellor was to be?
Jewish Rothschild scripted tension between the German population and Jews
continued to rise. Then in 1938, a psychologically manipulated Jewish teen-
ager from Poland named Herschel Grynszpan walked into the German em-
bassy in Paris and assassinated German diplomat Ernst Eduard vom Rath.
Immediately following Rath's assassination, Germans began treated the Jews
harshly. Germans took to the streets and began beating up Jews and de-
stroying all Jewish owned facilities, e.g., homes, hospitals, schools, stores, and
synagogues. This event is known as the Kristallnacht ("Crystal Night") or
Reichskristallnacht also referred to as the Night of Broken Glass, Reichspo-
gromnacht or simply Pogromnacht. The pogrom against Jews throughout
Nazi Germany in November 1938 was carried out by SA paramilitary forces
and German civilians. German authorities looked on without intervening.

What revisionist historians and communist public schools in Amer-
ica omit inside of their Jewish developed, manufactured, and distributed
text books, is the fact that all of the Jewish hatred throughout Germany in
the 1930s existed because Germans had physical evidence [Balfour Declara-
tion] that the Jews were responsible for Germany's defeat in WWI, which
caused more than 38 million casualties. What's more, Germans had physical
evidence that Jews had orchestrated and promoted a global boycott against
Germany, leading to the starvation and death of countless Germans and the
German economy. In the beginning, Germany's hatred towards the Jews had
absolutely nothing to do with their Judaic cult of Saturn [Satan] and every-
thing to do with Jewish treason.

At the beginning of the uprising, Germany's majority was Chris-
tian. As tensions began rising and paganism, communism, etc. began being
promoted as an alternative to the Christian majority, Germans began arm-
ing themselves and demanded that Germany retain its Christian heritage.
Germany's Christian majority would ultimately become infiltrated by Jewish
secret societies and overruled by a militant anti-Christian Rothschild named
Adolf Hitler who hated Christianity so much that he once said:

"I regard Christianity as the most fatal, seductive lie that ever existed"

In 1933, Hitler's hatred for Christianity intensified. I an interview
with Hermann Rauschning, Hitler stated that he intended to, "stamp out
Christianity root and branch".

Prior to WWII, Ashkenazi Jew,
Hans, Baron von Wangerheim
[left) was a diplomat for Imperial
Germany. Born in Gotha [1859],
Hans was married to Ashkenazi
Jew Johanna von Spitzemberg, the
daughter of Carl, Baron von Spit-
zenberg. During WWI Wanger-
heim conspired with Max von Op-
penheim, a member of the Jewish
Oppenheim banking dynasty, to
convince the Muslim Ottoman Ca-
liph Mehmed V to declare ''Jihad"
against the "Triple Entente," a con-
sortium of nations which included
the Russian Empire, French Repub-
lic, United Kingdom of Great Brit-
ain, Ireland, Japan, and Portugal.
Jewish author Henry Morgenthau wrote in his book, ''Ambassador Morgen-
thau's Story" [1918] that Wangerheim was complicit in the Muslim Turk-
ish orchestrated genocide of one-million, five-hundred thousand Armenian
Christians. In an interview with an American journalist, Wangerheim stated:

"I do not blame the Turks for what they are doing to the Armenians [Chris-
tiansJ... They are entirely justified".

Wangerheim was also associated with the Jewish Turkish, revolu-
tionary arms dealer Alexander Parvus whose real name was "Israel Laza-
revich Gelfand". The Jewish Rothschild and Oppenheim Banking Dynasties
worked through Wangerheim and Parvus to finance Vladamir Lenin's [Vladi-
mir llyich UlyanovJ and Alexander Bogdanov's Marxist "Bolsheviks". Both
Lenin and Bogdanov were of Jewish ancestry. The banking dynasty's orders
were to topple the Russian Empire and massacre the Christian Russian Em-
peror Nicholas II and his entire family.

A principal architect of WWI and WWII propaganda, Edward Ber-
nays' unconscious irrational fear based psychology operation against the
German population was so effective, Germans were convinced that a dark-
haired, brown-eyed militant anti-Christian Jew [Hitler] wanted
48 to create a "Master Race" of blue-eyed, blonde-haired people.
Sensing a pending disaster, Germany's Christian majority began arm-
ing themselves. Germans thought to themselves that by the time the United
States recognized the Soviet Union in November 1933, the Soviet Union was
becoming very powerful. Germans began discussing the logical conclusion,
"our turn is going to come soon, unless we are strong." These are the same
conversations that are taking place throughout America in 2017 as Americans
are saying about Saudi Arabia controlled Islam, China, Russia, etc. "Our turn
is going to come soon, unless we are strong."

As an aside, to illustrate how manipulative Edward Bernays' uncon-
scious irrational fear based programming can be on a population, consider
the fact that in the 1960s the American populace allowed the U.S. Gov't to
spend $84 billion dollars for "defense". Defense against 40,000 Jews in Mos-
cow that took over Russia, then stole America's nuclear secrets. These are the
same devious Jews who had taken over control of many other governments
of the world. Now, because of the genetic deficiency and unconscious ir-
rational desires of Jews, the U.S. has been under constant threat of WWIII,
from which the non-Jewish human race cannot emerge a victor.

So, what do we face now? If we trigger a world war that may de-
velop into a nuclear war, humanity is finished. And why will it take place? It
will take place because Act III. .. the curtain goes up on Act III. Act I was
World War I. Act II was World War IL Act III is going to be World War III.
The Zionist Jews of the world and their co-religionists everywhere are de-
termined that they are going to again use the United States to help them
permanently retain Palestine as their foothold for their world government.
Now, what are we going to do? The life you save may be your son's or
daughter's. Your American boys and girls may be on their way to that war
soon; and Americans won't know it any more than Americans knew that in
1916 in London the Zionists made a deal with the British War Cabinet to
send America's sons to war in Europe. Not a single non-Jewish person in
the United States knew it. According to the Rothschild's script and Edward
Bernays' psychological operation, Americans weren't permitted to know it.

President Woodrow Wilson knew the truth, Colonel House knew
the truth, and Jewish elites knew the truth. Jewish businessman Benjamin
Freedman was a "Confidential Man" to Henry Morgenthau, Sr., in the 1912
campaign when President Wilson was elected, and Freedman publicly stated
that there was talk around the office about the Jewish Zionists' plans. Freed-
man stated,

"I was 'confidential man' to Henry Morgenthau, Sr., who was chairman
of the Finance Committee, and I was liaison between him
and Rollo Wells, the treasurer. So I sat in these meetings with 49
President Wilson at the head of the table, and all the others, and I heard
them drum into President Wilson's brain the graduated income tax and
what has become the Federal Reserve, and also indoctrinate him with the
Zionist movement. Justice Brandeis and President Wilson were just as close
as the two fingers on this hand, and President Woodrow Wilson was just as
incompetent when it came to determining what was going on as a newborn
baby. And that's how they got us into World War I, while we all slept.

Now, at this moment ... at this moment they may be planning this World
War III, in which we don't stand a chance even if they don't use nuclear
bombs. How can the United States - about five percent of the world
- go out and fight eighty to ninety percent of the world on their home
ground? How can we do it ... send our boys over there to be slaughtered?
For what? So the Jews can have Palestine as their 'commonwealth'? They've
fooled you so much that you don't know whether you're coming or going."

Inside of America's court system the judge instructs the jury, "Gen-
tlemen, any witness that you find has told a single lie, you can disregard all his
testimony." If that witness has presented a single lie to the jury, all of his or
her testimony is to be disregarded. Why should anybody including the Jews
be judged by a lesser standard?

The eastern European Jews, who form 92 percent of the world's
population of those people who call themselves Jews, were originally Kha-
zars. They were a warlike tribe that lived deep in the heart of Asia. The
Khazars were so warlike that even the Asiatics drove them out of Asia into
Eastern Europe. To limit any confusion regarding the history of Eastern
Europe, they set up a Khazar kingdom within 800,000 square miles. At that
time there was no Russia, there were no other countries, and the Khazar
kingdom was the biggest country in all Europe. The Khazarian kingdom was
so big and powerful that when the other monarchs wanted to go to war, the
Khazars would lend them 40,000 soldiers. That's how big and powerful they
were. (fhe Thirteenth Tribe: The Khazar Empire, Arthur Koestler)

Khazars were phallic worshippers, which is filthy. I don't want to go
into the details of that now. It was their religion the way it was the religion of
many other Pagans or Barbarians elsewhere in the world. The Khazar king
became so disgusted with the degeneracy of his kingdom that he decided to
adopt a so-called monotheistic faith. His choices were Christianity or Juda-
ism, which is actually the cult of Saturn [Satan]. The Khazar king chose the
cult of Saturn [Satan] as their governing body and later his offspring would
create Islam to act as their proxy army to attack Christianity. Both the Khaz-
arian cult of 'Judiasm' and Islam worship the black cube of Sat-
50 urn [Satan].
After choosing Judaism as his kingdom's 'religion,' the Khazar king
brought thousands of rabbis from Babylonian Talmudic schools in Pumbed-
ita and Sura, then opened up synagogues and schools in his kingdom of
800,000 people and 800,000 thousand square miles. These people became
what are popularly referred to in 2017 as "Jews". Not one of these Khazar-
ian phallic worshipers had an ancestor from Israel's "Holy Land," not only
in Old Testament history, but back to the beginning of time. Not one of
them! Yet Khazarians [so-called ''Jews'1 have deceived Christians in 2017
into believing that they are part of ''Judeo-Christianity". Furthermore, these
Khazarian phallic worshiping barbarians come to the unassuming Christian
American majority and ask them to support their armed insurrection in Pal-
estine by saying:

"Well, you want to certainly help repatriate God's chosen people to their
Promised Land, their ancestral homeland, It's your Christian duty. We gave
you one of our boys as your Lord and Savior. You now go to church on
Sunday, and kneel and you worship a Jew, and we're Jews."

There is zero genetic evidence to prove so-called Jews in Israel are
related to biblical Hebrews. So-called Jews in Israel are pagan Khazars who
were converted the same way ancient pagan Celts were converted to Chris-
tianity. It's ridiculous to call so-called Jews "people of the Holy Land" or
"God's chosen people". It would be like calling the millions of Muslims in
China, who live 2,000 miles away from Mecca, Arabs. Anyone who believes
that those millions of Chinese are Arabs must be crazy. All they did was
adopt as a religious faith; a belief that had its origin in Mecca, in Arabia.
Equally crazy are Christians who refer to themselves as "Judeo-Christians".
Through vanity and "doctrines the commandments of men" [Matthew 15:9),
Christians have been tricked by Khazarian, cult of Saturn [Satan], phallic
worshipers ["so-called Jews'1 into believing salvation is obtained through the
worship of Israel and its Khazarian inhabits, ignoring God's divine proscrip-
tion which states,

" ... the LORD had said unto Abram [Abraham], I will bless THEE, and
make THY name great. I will bless them that bless THEE, and curse him
that curseth THEE: and in THEE shall all families of the earth be blessed."
- Genesis 12:1-3

The Holy Bible clearly states in Genesis 12:1-3 that God's blessing
is bestowed upon Abraham. The beneficiary of God's promises is further
clarified in Galatians 3:16 which reads: "Now to Abraham [Abram] and HIS
seed were the promises made. He saith not, And to seeds, as of many; but as
of one, And to THY seed, WHICH IS CHRIST."
What the above-mentioned scripture is communicating to believers
is that Abraham's seed [singular] has been granted God's promises and the
only way we are to receive God's promises is when we 'believeth' on Lord Je-
sus Christ Oohn 3:16;John 14:6;John 6:47;John 5:24;John 3:36; Acts 16:31;
John 8:24; Romans 10:9; Ephesians 2:10; Romans 8:28; 2 Peter 3:9; 1 John
1: 7]. Contrary to modernist false prophets who promote One World Religion
Cults such as 'Chrislam' [Christianity/Islam] and '.Judea-Christianity', salva-
tion is neither gained through faith in Baal, Moloch, Remphan, nor is it found
in the ruse of Israel, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. All of these
said cults have one thing in common, infidelity towards God. To substantiate
my assertion read what The Holy Bible teaches about those who deny Jesus

''Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist,
that denieth the Father and the Son." -1 John 2:22

Khazarian Pagans, these Asiatics, these Turko-Finns were a Mon-
goloid race who were forced out of Asia into eastern Europe. They likewise,
because their king adopted the cult of Saturn [Satan] had no choice. Just the
same as in Spain: if the king was Catholic, everybody had to be a Catholic. If
not, you had to get out of Spain. So everybody lived on the land just like the
trees and the bushes; a human being belonged to the land under their feudal
system so they [Khazars] all became what we call today, Jews.

With the aforementioned knowledge in mind, consider how ridicu-
lous it was for the great Christian countries of the world to say, ''We're going
to use our power, our prestige to repatriate 'God's chosen people' to their
ancestral homeland, their Promised Land". Could there be a bigger lie than

Because so-called Jews control the newspapers, the magazines, the
radio, the television, the book publishing companies, they have the ministers
in the pulpit, they have the politicians on the soap boxes talking the same lan-
guage, so naturally you'd believe black is white, up is down, the sky is pink not
blue if you heard it often enough. You wouldn't call black, black anymore
you'd start to call black white.

The "big-lie" regarding "God's chosen people" and ''.Judea-Christi-
anity" is one of the greatest lies perpetuated against the Christian American
majority. This "big-lie" is the wellspring from which all misery that has befall-
en the U.S. has sprung. I can't understand yet how the Christians in Europe
could have been that dumb because every theologian and every history teach-
er knew the things that you've just read. Naturally theologians,
52 teachers, politicians were bribed by Jewish elites to shut them
up. What matters is that you have all these facts now. It's now your responsi-
bility to share this knowledge with as many people as you can in order to stop
future Jewish orchestrated wars that our American children will be sent off
to die in, just like they died in Europe, Korea, Japan, and all over the world.
For what? So that the cult of Saturn [Satan] so-called Jews can move closer to
their One World Government and to help Khazarian crooks hold on to what
they stole from innocent people who had been in peaceful possession of that
land, those farms, those homes for hundreds and maybe thousands of years?
Is that why American men and women must go to war and die?

In 1960s New York City there were 400,000 members of the liberal
party, all Zionist Jews and their co-religionists. New York State went for
President Kennedy by 400,000 votes. Many people thought President Ken-
nedy was a great man and that he could correct many of the problems in
America if only he had all the facts. Many believed that President Kennedy
knew a great deal more than his appointments indicated he knew, but he
was playing with the enemy. Mr. Kennedy's father was well informed on this
whole subject of Jewish supremacy, and President Kennedy was close to his
father, so he wasn't at all in the dark regarding the Jews. President Kennedy
was no angel, however towards the end of his life he chose to expose the Jew-
ish Shadow Government that controls America in order to be on the right
side of history. In that respect, President Kennedy laid down his life for the
American people. Like President Kennedy believed, it is the duty of every
Christian and every person in America that regards the defense of this coun-
try as a sacred right that they communicate, not with their congressman, not
with their senator, but with President Donald Trump directly and tell him,
"I do not think you should send our boys and girls, wearing the uniform of
the United States of America, and under the American flag to fight in Jewish
Israeli Mossad orchestrated wars in the middle east and around the world, in
order for Khazarian barbarians to keep their hands on land Jews have sto-
len". Don't just contact President Trump once, but keep writing and get your
friends to write.

I've already explained earlier how Jews are not "God's chosen peo-
ple" and how the Holy Bible, Christian American's follow, explains in the
most simplest terms why so-called ''Jews" are not "God's chosen people". To
those Christians who still believe Jews are spiritually associated with Christi-
anity and say, "we got Christianity from the Jews and the Jews gave us Jesus,
and the Jews gave us our religion". I want Christians to realize that on Jews'
"Day of Atonement" they walk into their synagogues and repeat three times
a short prayer called the, "Kol Nidre". In that prayer, Jews enter into an
agreement with their god [Satan] that any oath, vow, or pledge that Jews make
during the next twelve months, or any oath, vow or pledge that
Jews take during the next twelve months shall be null and void. 53
"The oath shall not be an oath; the vow shall not be a vow; the
pledge shall not be a pledge. They shall have no force and effect," and so
forth and so on. And further than that, the militant antichristian Babylonian
Talmud teaches:

"Don't forget whenever you take an oath, vow, and pledge remember the
Kol Nidre prayer that you recited on the Day of Atonement, and that ex-
empts you from fulfilling that".

How can any citizen from any Country in the world believe that their
Jewish citizens are loyal? Americans can depend upon Jewish loyalty as much
as the Germans depended upon it in 1916. If America's non-Jewish popula-
tion do not wake-up and eliminate Jewish influence in Government, military,
law enforcement, Hollywood, Corporate America, and Banking, America will
suffer the same fate as Germany suffered, and for the same reason. It's logi-
cal to conclude that Americans cannot depend on the insecurity of Jewish
leadership that is not obliged to respect an oath, vow, or pledge.

Another major deception concocted by Khazarian phallic worship-
ers Oews] is the "big-lie" that Lord Jesus Christ was a Jew. In the time of Bible
history, there was a geographic area known as Judea. Judea was a province of
the Roman Empire. A person who lived in Judea was known as a Judean, and
in Latin it was Judaeus; in Greek it was Judaius. Those are the two words, in
Greek and Latin, for a Judean. In Latin and Greek there is no such letter as
'j', and the first syllable of Judaeus and Judaius starts 'ghu'. When the Bible
was written, it was first written in Greek, Latin, Panantic, Syriac, Aramaic, etc.
Never Was the word Jew in any of them because the word didn't exist. Judea
was the country, and the people were Judeans, and Jesus was referred to only
as aJudean.

In 1345, a man by the name of Wycliffe in England translated the
Bible into English. There was no English edition of the Bible because the
reading population was limited, only the educated church people could read
Latin, Greek, Syriac, Aramaic, and the other languages. When Wycliffe trans-
lated the Bible into English he had to look around for some words for Ju-
daeas and Judaius. There was no English word because Judea had passed out
of existence. There was no Judea. People had long ago forgotten that. So in
the first translation he used the word, in referring to Jesus, as 'gyu', "jew". At
the time, there was no printing press. Then, between the 14th and the 17th
century, when Johannes Gutenberg's "Movable-Type Printing Press" came
into use, that word passed through so many changes. That word 'gyu' which
was in the Wycliffe Bible became 'gyu', then 'giu', then 'iu' (because the 'i'
in Latin is pronounced like the 'j'. Julius Caesar is 'Iul' because
54 there is no 'j' in Latin) then 'iuw', then 'ieuu', then 'ieuy', then
'iwe', then 'iow', then 'iewe', all in Bibles as time went on. Then 'ieue', then
'iue', then 'ive', and then 'ivw', and finally in the 18th century 'jew'.

Now, there was no such thing as 'Jew', and the most prominent theo-
logical seminaries in this country, and two in Europe agree that there was no
such word as Jew. There only was Judea, and Jesus was a Judean and the first
English use of a word in an English bible to describe him was 'gyu' Gew.] A
contracted and shortened form of Judaeus, just the same as we call a labora-
tory a 'lab', and gasoline 'gas'.

In England there were no public schools; people didn't know how to
read; it looked like a scrambled alphabet so they made a short word out of it.
Now for a theologian to say that you can't harm the Jews, is just ridiculous.
I'd like to know where in the scriptures it read that Jews are protected from
any and all punishment. So-called "Jews" were Eastern Europeans who had
been converted to the cult of Saturn [Satan] referred to in 2017 as Judaism.
There was no such thing as Judaism. Judaism was a name given in recent
years to this religion known in Bible history as Torah. No Jew or no educated
person ever heard of Judaism. It didn't exist. They pulled it out of the air.
It's a meaningless word. Just like the unconscious irrational fear based human
exploitation phrase "anti-Semitic". The Arab is a Semite. And the Christians
talk about people who don't like Jews as anti-Semites, and they call all the Ar-
abs anti-Semites. The only Semites in the world are the Arabs. There isn't one
Jew who's a Semite. They're all Turkothean Mongoloids, Eastern European
Jews. However, Jewish owned and controlled media brainwashed the public,
into believing this "big-lie".

For those Christians who believe that all Jews are loyal to each is
wrong. The Eastern European Jews outnumber all the rest by so many that
they create the impression that they are the Jewish 'race'; that they are the
Jewish nation; that they are the Jewish people and the Christians swallow it
like a cream puf£ In 1844 the German rabbis called a conference of rabbis
from all over the world for the purpose of abolishing the "Kol Nidre" from
the Day of Atonement religious ceremony. In Brunswick, Germany, where
that conference was held in 1844, there was almost a civil war. The Eastern
European Jews said, "What the hell. We should give up Kol Nidre? That
gives us our grip on our people. We give them a franchise so they can tell the
Christians, "Go to hell. We'll make any deal you want, but they don't have to
carry it out. That gives us our grip on our people".


During the 1960s in New York City, in the garment center, there
were twelve manufacturers in the building. And when the drive is on to sell
Israel Bonds, the United Jewish Drive, they put a big scoreboard with the
names of the firms and opposite them, as you make the amount they put
you down for, they put a gold star after the name. Then, the buyers are told,
''When you come into that building to call on someone and they haven't got
a gold star, tell them that you won't buy from them until they have the gold
star," this is called blackmail.

The U.S. Government tells the American population that all the
money it sends overseas is for "Humanitarian Purposes," and they send eight
billion dollars to Israel, tax exempt, tax deductible. If they hadn't sent that
eight billion dollars to Israel, seven billion of it would have gone into the U.S.
Treasury as income tax. Now that seven billion dollars deficit has to be made
whole by the gullible Christian American majority. The U.S. Government put
a bigger tax on gas or bread or corporation tax. Somebody has to pay the
housekeeping expenses for the government. Why do Americans let Khazar-
ian phallic worshipers [Jews] send their money over to the Rothschild's Israel
so that Jews can buy more guns, bullets, etc. to kill people in their ancient
homeland? Christians say "The poor Jews, they have no place to go and
they've been persecuted all their lives". Khazarian phallic worshipers [Jews]
have never been persecuted for their religion. I'll meet with every Rabbi and
Christian leader in America to prove this point. Never once, in all of history,
have they been persecuted for their religion.

Do you know why the Jews were driven out of England? King Ed-
ward the First in 1285 drove them out, and they never came back until the
Jewish secret society orchestrated Cromwell Revolution which was financed
by the Rothschild Family. For four-hundred years there wasn't a Jew. In the
Christian faith "Usury" [charging interest on money] is a sin punishable by
death. The Jews had a monopoly in England and they charged so much inter-
est, and when the Lords and Dukes couldn't pay, they [Jews] foreclosed. And
they were creating so much trouble that the king of England finally made
himself their partner, because when they came to foreclose, some of these
dukes killed the Jewish money-lenders. When the king found out what the
trouble was all about, and how much money they were making, he declared
himself a fifty-percent partner of the money lenders. For many years, one~
third of the revenues of the British Treasury came from the fifty-percent
interest in money-lending by the Jews. But Jewish usury got so much worse
that when the Lords and Dukes kept killing the money-lenders, the King
then said, "I declare myself the heir of all the money-lenders. If they're killed
you have to pay me, because I'm his sole heir". That made so much trouble,
because the King had to go out and collect the money with an
56 army, so he told the Jews to get out. There were 15,000 of them,
and they had to get out, and they went across to Ireland, and that's how Ire-
land got to be part of the United Kingdom.

When King Edward found out what the Jews were doing, he decided
to take Ireland for himself before someone else did. He sent Robert South-
gard with a mercenary army and conquered Ireland. There is zero evidence
that so-called Jews were persecuted in any country because of their religion.
So-called Jews have been evicted from just about every nation because of
their negative impact on the political, social, or economic customs and tradi-
tions of the community in which they settle.

In 920 A.D. when Russia was formed, and gradually surrounded the
Khazar Kingdom, and absorbed, most of the well-to-do Khazars fled to
Western Europe and brought with them the very things to which you object
and I object and a lot of other people object. The customs, the habits, the
instincts with which they were endowed e.g., debauchery, violence, perver-
sions, pornography, pedophilia, rimal sacrifice of Christian children, Satan-
ism, usury, etc. When Benjamin Franklin referred to them as Jews because
that's the name that they went by, and when the Christians first heard that
these people who were fleeing from Russia and that they had practiced this
Talmudic faith, the Christians in Western Europe assumed, "They must be
the remnants of the lost ten tribes!"

One of the greatest historians amongst the Jews, Mr. Grutz, said
that when Ben Franklin came to Europe in the 18th century, he already saw
the results of what these people had done after they left their homeland. And
every word of it is true, they say it themselves. I can give you half a dozen
books they've written in which they say the same thing: When Jews have
money they become tyrants. When Jews become defeated, they become ruth-
less. Jews are only barbarians. Jews are the descendants of Asiatic Mongols
and they will do anything to accomplish their agenda.

What right did Jews have to take over Russia the way they did? The
Czar had abdicated nine or ten months before that. There was no need for
them, they were going to have a constitutional monarchy. But Jews didn't
want that. When the constimtional monarchy was to assemble in November,
they mowed them all down and established the Soviet Union. There was no
need for that. But Jews predators thought, "Now is the time", and if you will
look in the Encyclopedia Britannica under the word "Bolshevism", you'll
find the five laws there that Lenin put down for a successful revolution. One
of them is, ''Wait for the right time, and then give them everything you've
got". It would be wise for all non-Jewish Americans to read Cleon Skousen's
book, ''The Naked Communist".
Oltatrmaa of. AJnerloan. Job\\
Dl•bibuUon Oommll\ee
~·Appeal to Oana.

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&Olllonal . r11n«s .lll'O nol col·
leotod 117 thv American Joint DI••
~tloll Cotnmlll4MI to · '""~ u
..UO.Ud bl!4W Of •t.I00.000 UU•
,.,..,.lnleil hAYOO .ad IQl..17 will
nla · to the OYttiUUlll' tlhamo ot'7 at 1&rlf4, Rabbi .Joaah
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...,. . "' Jlontm1l Jowlall oommuael
llfa· a& a l\t•oll•Oll moellns at the
~·· . OJvti, Oii>' 11teot, ,...


TO STOP POGROMS ,._..; llorrtllfll• .,.,. . . .

Commission to Visit Europe and
DOOM or guJt.,rr.A!'l .aS\VS
. IS St:EH rr HITLER \Ynf8
Prepare a Memorandum for 'NEW YORK. June 24.--cA'l-
Dr. Nahum Gcldm•ni, admmlstra•
President Wilson. tM eomm1t1u malrmtin of tu
eWll~ f.;()l'lll't'H. said tDdl)'

M•n Meeting Hears That 127,000
.Jewa Have Been Killed and
Are in Peril.
NflW Yott Tlllles (1851·1!!22).tw


'' 1ta ''' 1"'WM1 "'I"''''' 1111 ug
Now that readers have an understanding of the Jewish and German
population's motivations behind W\VI and W\VII, next we're going to exam-
ine America's participation in the war and how instrumental Edward Bernays
was in promoting these wars.

It will be remembered that the Rothschild Family took control of
America's entire banking system December 23, 1913 through their robber
baron proxy J.P. Morgan, establishing the unconstitutional, privately owned
and controlled, "Federal Reserve Bank, Inc." Readers will also recall the fact
that Edward Bernays' engineered stock market crash and "Great Depression"
of 1929 occurred at time when the Rothschild Family controlled America's
entire banking system and that Edward Bernays worked for the Rothschild
Family's network of U.S. banks.

The Jewish Rothschild Family's psychological operations special-
ist, Edward Bernays, manipulated the unconscious minds of the masses in
America to embrace a futile economic system, this helped Bernays and his
Jewish banker handlers to bring to fruition their planned stock market crash
and "great depression". The socioeconomic factors in America assisted Ber-
nays' psychoanalyst colleagues in Germany to manipulate the unconscious
irrational forces of the German people. One of Adolf Hitler's primary psy-
chological operations against the German people necessitated an irrational
fear towards Democracy.

Hitler's "big-lie" propaganda technique was the product of Jewish
psychoanalyst Edward Bernays, in fact many high ranking Nazis were admir-
ers of Bernays. Hitler said to use a lie so "colossal" that no one would believe
that someone "could have impudence to distort the truth so infamously."
Hitler stated that the Jews used this "big-lie" technique to blame Germany's
loss in W\VI on German general Erich Ludendorff, who was a prominent
nationalist and "anti-Semitic" political leader in the Weimar Republic. Ad-
olf Hitler's "big-lie" technique played a major role during Nazi Party events
where they avoided the truth that America was a "Republic". Instead Nazi
leaders repeated the fictitious claim that America was a democratic system,
and that America's Democratic policies had failed due to the uncontrollable
ego driven individualists the Democratic system had created. Hitler's "Na-
tionalist Socialist Party" promised Germans that they would dispose of De-
mocracy because of the inherent danger it posed to a nation's
economic and societal stability. Bernays irrational forces style 59
advertising appeared in every German movie theatre. Ads read:

"The democratic parties promised a heaven on earth, 38 parties,
6 million unemployed".

Keep in mind how the above movie ad claims, "6 million unem-
ployed". The number "6 million" was used by Jews years before the "Holo-
caust''. American Zionist leader, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise let slip the Zionist
agenda behind the "6 million" Jews that would be reported after WWII.

• On June 11, 1900 Wise wrote in The New York Times, "There are
6,000,000 living, bleeding, suffering arguments in favor of Zionism".
• The New York Times reported the following about the Chief prosecu-
tor of the Holy synod most hated man in Russia Mr. Pobiedonostzeff
on November 1, 1905, "From 1890 to 1902 he caused 6,000,000 Jew-
ish families to be expelled from Russia and sent thousands of Poles to
• On March 25, 1906 The New York Times featured an article titled "Dr.
Paul Nathan's View of Russian Massacre". In the article a Jewish pub-
licist states, "Startling reports of the condition and future of Russia's
6,000,000 Jews were made on March 12 in Berlin to the annual meeting
of the Central Jewish Relief League of Germany by Dr. Paul Nathan, a
well-known Berlin publicist .... He left St. Peters berg with the firm con-
viction that the Russian Government's studied policy for the "solution"
of the Jewish question is systematic and murderous extermination."
A Jewish Rabbi declared on January 29, 1905, " ... a free and a happy
Russia, with its 6,000,000 Jews, would possibly mean the end of Zion-
ism, since the abolition of the autocracy would practically eliminate the
causes that brought Zionism into existence".
• "The American Jewish Year Book 5672" dated September 23, 1911, to
September 11, 1912 states on page 308, "Russia has since 1890 adopted
a deliberate plan to expel or exterminate six millions of its people".
• Inside the 1911 book, "Perfidy" by Jewish author Ben Hecht, the author
quotes Max Nordau, co-founder of the "World Zionist Organization"
together with Theodore Herzl on page 254. Nordau and Herzl make an
astonishing pronouncement at the tenth Zionist Congress in Basle, Swit-
zerland that 6,000,000 Jews would be annihilated. This was twenty-two
years before Hitler came to power and three years before World War I
• New York Times featured an article titled ''.APPEAL FOR AID FOR
JEWS" on Dec. 2, 1914. The article read, "The American Jewish Relief
Committee, called into being at a conference of more than 100 national
Jewish organizations which was held at Temple Emanu-El on
60 Oct. 25 to consider the plight of more than 6,000,000 Jews."
• The New York Times featured an article on January 14, 1915 which read,
''Jewish leader Louis Marshall proclaims: "In the world today there are
about 13,000,000 Jews, of whom more than 6,000,000 are in the heart of
the war zone: Jews whose lives are at stake and who today are subjected
to every manner of suffering and sorrow."

1915 was the same year crypto-Jewish ''Young Turks" orchestrated
a mass murder of 1.5 million Armenian Christians, as well as 250,000 Greek
and Assyrian Christians.

• New York Times featured an article on October 18, 1918 which read,
"$1,000,000,000 FUND TO REBUILD JEWRY, Six Million Souls Will
Need Help to Resume Normal Life When War Is Ended, Committee of
American Jews Lays Plans for the Greatest Humanitarian Task in His-
tory." The article overtly commits the Christian American majority in
1918 to financing "Jewry." It states, "The American people will soon be
asked to lend or contribute the larger part of a fund of approximately
$1,000,000,000 to carry out plans for the reconstruction of the Jewry of
the entire world. Announcement to this effect, together with the general
plan of procedure, was made public last night, following a meeting held
yesterday in the office of Felix M. Warburg of Kuhn, Loeb & Co., Chair-
man of the Joint Distribution Committee of the American Funds for
Jewish War Sufferers."
• "The American Hebrew" on October 31, 1919 featured an article by
Martin H. Glynn, in which he claims a "Holocaust" of "Six Million
Jews" is imminent in Europe in a deceitful campaign to raise money for
Jewish charities and also distract public attention from the Jewish origins
of Communism, the Bolshevik atrocities in Russia and the Armenian
Christian Genocide.
The San Francisco Chronicle on October 19, 1919 featured an article by
Jewish Zionist Nathan Straus which read, "6,000,000 JEWS IN BREAD
• New York Times on September 8, 1919 featured an articles titled,
Hears That 127,000 Jews Have Been Killed and 6,000,000 Are in Peril."
The article continues, "This fact that the population of 6,000,000 souls
in Ukrainia and in Poland have received notice through action and by
word that they are going to be completely exterminated - this fact stands
before the whole world as the paramount issue of the present day."
• The Tulsa Daily World on Sunday, April 11th, 1920 Section B. Page 14,
featured an article which read, "Today 6,000,000 Jews Are Facing the
Darkest Days Ever Known in the Long History of the Race, $35,000,000
New York Times on July 20, 1921 featured an article titled, 61
"BEGS AMERICA SAVE 6,000,000 IN RUSSIA, Russia's 6,000,000
Jews are facing extermination by massacre."
• On Monday, February 25, 1935 the Chicago American Newspaper fea-
tured an article titled, "SIX MILLION PERISH IN SOVIET FAM-
INE, Peasants' Crops Seized, They and Their Animals Starve". In 1922,
fourteen republics form Union of Soviet Socialistic Republics, "USSR"
[Dec, 20]; Khazarian "Jewish" Babylonian Talmudist, Vladimir Lenin
dictates his "Political testament" [Dec, 25]; Soviet Union organized as
federation of RSFSR, Ukrainian SSR, Belorussian SSR & Transcauca-
sian SSR [Dec, 30]. Just ten years after Lenin's "testament" [1932-1933]
Khazarian Babylonian Talmudist, Joseph Stalin carried out his Holodo-
mor "Extermination by hunger" [genocide]. Through Stalin's man-made
famine in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, an estimated 12 million
Ukrainians, many of those Christians, were murdered. An additional 6.1
million birth deficit was created by Stalin's genocide as well. A Ukrainian
Christian majority had existed throughout the Ukraine since its accep-
tance [988 AD] by Vladimir the Great [Volodymyr the Great]. The fam-
ine had been predicted as far back as 1930 by academics and advisors to
the Soviet Socialist Republic government, but no preventive action was
• On December 11, 1936 Jewish Zionists, who had coined the phrase,
"Final Solution of The Jewish Question" knew exactly 6,000,000 were
to be killed. "The Jewish Western Bulletin" featured an article by World
Zionist Organization Chairman and first Israeli President, Dr. Weizmann
who declared "6,000,000 Jews are destined to be imprisoned, where they
are unwanted."
• On May 31, 1936, The New York Times featured an article were Jewish
Zionists were lobbying Christian American majority leaders, demanding
they help finance the creation of a "Jewish nation in Palestine" to save
the Jews from "The European Holocaust." These Jewish Zionists' de-
mands occurred four years before the creation of Auschwitz, over three
years before Germany invaded Poland and years before the creation of
Jewish ghettos or concentration camps.
• On Saturday, August 8, 1936, The Gazette Montreal featured an article
GENEVA, Delegates of 32 Nations Represent Six Million Hebrew."
Seven years before the end of WWII, Jewish Zionists claim six-million
victims. On January 9, 1938, New York Times featured an article titled,
With Report of Rise in Europe of Those Deprived of Rights, 6,000,000
VICTIMS NOTED, Rumania [Romania] Menaces 800,000 With Anti.-

More than a half year before WWII, Zionist Jews were promoting
6,000,000 persecuted Jews. On Wednesday, February 22, 1939, "The
Evening Independent" from St. Petersburg, Florida, featured an article
titled, ''Jewish Relief Appeal Starts Here Tomorrow, six million Jews in
Europe today fighting desperately against intolerance and despair. For
them the support of the united appeal is crucial".
• On Thursday, October 6, 1938, the "Turtle Mountain Star, Rolla, N. Da-
kota featured an article that read, "FNE or six million Jews, uprooted
by dictatorships and tossed about by economic storms, may have to de-
pend upon the development of the Holy Land, under British mandated,
as a solution to their difficulties. But they face the hostility of the Arabs
living there, whose economic and religious interests conflict with theirs.
In North Palestine the Jews fence themselves in armed settlements as
a protection against marauding Arab bands, while they try to work the
poor land. With Britain anxious to get rid of her mandate, and with
enemies in nearly every corner of the world, these "people without a
country" are in a sorry plight."
• On October 13, 1939, "The Jewish Criterion in Pittsburgh feature and
article that read, "In his book entitled, 'Juden und der Weltkrieg,' that
one of the worth-while results of the coming world war would be the
annihilation of the six million Jews in East and Central Europe. Other
warnings of the same dire character have been uttered by Nazi officials
and publications for the past several years."
• On June 25, 1940, "The Palm Beach Post" featured an article by Jew-
ish Zionist leader Nahum Goldman which read, "Dr. Nahum Goldman,
administrative committee chairman of the World Jewish Congress, said
today that if the Nazis should achieve final victory "6,000,000 Jews in
Europe are doomed to destruction.""
• A pamphlet titled, ''Let My People Go," was written in 1942 by British
Jew, Victor Gollancz and it predicted, "six million Jews will all be dead".
• In 1943 the Jewish Zionist organization, "The American Jewish Com-
mittee," claimed, "Nazis had decreed the complete extinction of six mil-
lion Jews."
In February of 1943, Hollywood screenwriter and Zionist Jew, Ben
Hecht, wrote an article in "The Reader's Digest" promoting the "Six
Million" big-lie. Hecht's article read, "Of these 6,000,000 Jews almost a
third have already been massacred."
• In September of 1944, eight-months before the end of WWII, U.S., Jew-
ish Communist Union Leaders prematurely proclaim, "almost six mil-
lion Jews having been murdered in cold blood."
• On November 28, 1944 both "The Pittsburg Press" and "The Palestine
Post" printed stories that programmed the Christian American majority
into believing the myth that "six million Jews" died. These
articles were written half year before the end of WWII. The 63
articles were based on lies perpetuated by llya Ehrenburg, a Jewish com-
munist propagandist in the U.S.S.R.
• On January 8, 1945, many months prior to the end of the war and before
any official body count could be calculated, Jewish Zionists claim exactly
"6,000,000 JEWS DEAD, Jacob Lestchinsky Estimates Reduction in
Europe Since '39". The article goes on to read, "The Jewish popula-
tion in Europe has been reduced from 9,500,000 in 1939 to 3,500,000,
it was estimated yesterday by Jacob Lestchinsky, exiled economist and
newspaper man, in an address at the nineteenth annual conference of
the Yiddish Scientific Institute." Other Jewish Zionist speakers at the
conference included, "Dr. Harry Orlinsky, Professor of Bible at the Jew-
ish of Religion; Professor Abraham Heschel of Hebrew Union College,
Cincinnati and Joseph Opatoshu, vice president of the Yiddish Scientific
Institute's executive board.
• On March 15, 1945 "The English Language London Weekly, Soviet War
News" printed Jewish communist U.S.S.R. propagandist, Ilya Ehren-
burg's premature proclamation that, "the world now knows that Ger-
many has killed Six Million Jews". Ehrenburg is the communist Jew
who called for the genocide of the entire German race and incited mass
rape of German women by the U.S.S.R. "Red Army". Ehrenburg and
fellow communist Jew propagandist Vasily Grossman, are considered to
be the creators of the "Holocaust Hoax". Ehrenburg and Grossman
wrote "The Black Book," which was filled with anti-German hate propa-
ganda and discredited fictional accounts of horror stories that have been
proven to be physically impossible.
• In May of 1945 the New York Times discredited all of the aforemen-
tioned propaganda regarding the "Holocaust" and murder of "Six Mil-
lion Jews," when they announced, "More than six million of them have
been liberated".
• In 1991, Ian J. Kagedan, a high ranking Jewish Freemason and official
for the Canadian branch of Bnai B'rith (a secretive organization founded
in New York City in 1843 by Jewish Freemasons) told ""
the agenda behind the Religion of Holocaustism [Holocaust religion],
Kagedan wrote:

"Memory of the Holocaust is central to the new world order.... Achieving
our quest of a "new world order" depends on our
learning the Holocaust's lessons."

The aforementioned extensive list of Jewish owned newspapers, au-
thors, etc. prematurely forecasting the "Holocaust" of 6,000,000 Jews is a
technique was created by secret societies thousands of years ago and
perfected by Jewish psychoanalyst Edward Bernays during his
64 time at America's O.S.S. (forerunner to the CI.A.) to prepare
the unconscious mind for a preordained outcome, this "brainwashing" is
called, "Predictive Programming". Predictive programming is critical to the
success of the cult of Saturn's Kabalistic Gematria [Satanism], specifically
the numerological predetermined "6,000,000" and the so-called Jews that
died in the holocaust, and so forth. The book, "Holocaust Dogma of Juda-
ism," by Ben Weintraub, examines the Kabalistic gematria and occultism in-
volved in the number "6,000,000". To the cult of Saturn [Saturn] the number
"6,000,000" is the number of the Sephiroth, Judaism's divine emanations of
"god" as seen in the Kabala. In reality, demonology is at the root of Kab-
bala. In fact, Kabbala is nothing more than black magic or Satanism. Its
deceived members are taught that King Solomon's 72 Names of Demons
are 72 different names for "god". In other words the dark conjuring rites of
"6,000,000" that manipulated the unconscious irrational forces of millions
of Christian American's prior, during and after WWI and WWII were evok-
ing the Jew's "god" [Satan].

In the text of the Jewish "Torah Codes Messiah Prophecy" the letter
"'V" or ''VAU" is absent, as Hebrew does not contain numbers; the letter V
stands for the number 6. The meaning of this missing letter is "6,000,000"
[Satan]. What's more, the Hebrew letter for V (Van) is "Nail" which is one
of the secret titles of Satan within the brotherhood of Satanism. The ''V"
also symbolizes the pentagram and the five-fold salute used in Masonry and
Witchcraft. The ''V'' hand-sign represents Adam Weishaupt's Illuminati and
the "Law of Fives."

The ''V" sign also signifies the Vulcan sun deity who was associated
with fire, thunderbolts and light. The Vulcan deity was made popular during
the original Star Trek series 1966-1969 [666 x2]. The creator of Star Trek,
Gene Roddenberry, was both a Babylonian Talmudist [mother, Caroline
Goleman] and 33rd degree Scottish-Rite Freemason. Babylonian Talmudist,
Leonard Nimoy, played the half-Vulcan character, " Spock," on the origi-
nal Star Trek television series where he devised the ''Vulcan Salute" hand-sign
which is a ''V" representing the Hebrew letter for V (Van) or "Nail" the title
of Satan within Satanism. Roddenberry named his central Star Trek charac-
ter, "Captain Kirk," because "Kirk" is a Scottish word meaning a Church and
Roddenberry's Church was the Church of Vulcan or Church of Satan.

The festival in honor of the Vulcan sun deity was called the Vulcania
in which human sacrifices were offered. Vulcan also bears a family relation-
ship to the Christian devil. Vulcan married Venus, another name for Lucifer
or the devil. Vulcan is adored in Masonry under the name of Tubal Cain. In
the Masonic Quiz Book the question is asked: "Who was Tubal Cain?" The
answer is: "He is the Vulcan of the pagans." In Masonry, Tubal
Cain is the name of the password for the Master Mason (or 65
third) degree. In regards to Vulcan's influence over Masonry, occultist and
Freemason, Manly Palmer Hall, states, ''When the Mason learns that the key
to the warrior on the block is the proper application of the dynamo of liv-
ing power, he has learned the mastery of his craft. The seething energies of
Lucifer are in his hands and before he may step onward and upward, he must
prove his ability to properly apply energy. He must follow in the footsteps
of his forefather, Tubal-Cain, who with the mighty strength of the war god
hammered his sword into a ploughshare."

There is also a sexual connotation associated with Vulcan and Tubal
Cain. Former Mason, Bill Schnoebelen, explains:

"For Masons who wish to conceal their membership from non-Masons, but
still advertise it to their Lodge brothers, there is a special pin (or tie tack)
they can wear. It looks like an upside down golf club with two balls near the
top....Many people assume the person is a golfing enthusiast, but it is actu-
ally a visual Masonic pun. This is called the 'Two Ball Cane,' and is a pun on
the secret password of a Master Mason, 'Tubalcain'.. .It is also an all-too-
obvious pun on the 'god' of Masonry, the male reproductive organ. Nice,
eh? ... especially when many men wear these wretched things to church on
Sunday!" - Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated, pp. 233-238, 2008.

To the cult of Saturn [Satan] or so-called Jews, predictive program-
ming represents an even more profound principle. When Jewish elites e.g.,
Secret Societies, The Illuminati, Freemasons, Satanists, Pagans, Luciferians,
etc. ritually repeat and publicly promote to the "herd" their predictive pro-
gramming through movies, papers, television, Internet, etc. of what they're
planning for the future, this unconscious spiritual assault manipulates the
inherit light all Christians possess and transforms that light into a more sinis-
ter, darker life force which provides sustenance for the children of the Devil
Oews). Jewish elites have known for over two thousand years that they cannot
place binding spells on Christians who "believeth" on Lord Jesus Christ, so
they trap Christians through logos, sporting events, movies, music, predictive
programming, etc. to place spells on themselves.


Occult Pyramid financed by the Rothschild Family near Grand Central Ter-
minal, New York, 1918, using ~~I German military helmets.
111iIMAlJtjJ311 ki If i\1 I cN kj\1 I
Returning back to our examination of Hitler's method of manu-
facturing a "colossal" deception so big no one would believe it to be a lie.
While the offspring of Rothschild [Hitler] was manipulating the unconscious
irrational forces of the German people, he was hypocritically taking control
of the same German businesses, manufacturers and banks that were once
controlled by Jewish elites. During Hitler's infrastructure conquest, he and
his Nazi Party repeatedly referenced America's "Great Depression" and so-
cial struggle during their propaganda rallies. Ironically, what Hitler and his
Nazi Party omitted during these rallies was the fact that the United States
banking system had been imploded deliberately, then taken over by the Jew-
ish Rothschild Family, and that America's once free-market capitalist system
and wholesome Christian nuclear family had been corrupted by Jewish psy-
choanalyst Edward Bernays' unconscious desire based human exploitation

To ensure absolute psychological
power over the German people,
Hitler's National Socialist Party
established organizations like,
"Strength Through Joy" a cult
of personality which promoted
the New-Age occult philosophy
of "Service Not Self". Through
Bernays style unconscious pro- ·
gramming, Hitler manipulated the
feelings and desires ["selfish indi-
vidualism'1 of the German people.
Hitler's Minister of Propaganda
or what Bernays called a "Public Relations Officer'' was Joseph Goebbels
[above]. The Nazi Goebbels, who publicly denounced everything Jewish,
once told an American reporter, that he was inspired by the writings of Jew-
ish psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud's nephew, Edward Bernays. One of the
first laws Goebbels instituted was that Germany civilians would surrender
their person weapons. Under Hitler's Nazi cult gun ownership was illegal
throughout Germany. In one speech Goebbels stated:

"It may be a good thing to hold power based on guns, it is far better if you
win the heart of the nation and keep its affection!"
A consummate Freudian psychoan-
alyst, one of Joseph Goebbel's prin-
cipal control techniques was based
on Freud's unconscious stimulation
"deep libidinal forces of desire".
Goebbel's was a master at manipu-
lating the unconscious irrational
fears of Germans. He learned from
reading Freud's writings that if he
was able to convince the German
male population to renounce their
"Libidinal forces of desire" [sexual
energy] to "The Fuhrer" [Hitler],
their aggressive power would be
weaponized and directed at outside forces. Hitler and his Nazi Party tem-
porarily exploited this "Libidinal force" through massive occult sex rituals
and maintained their control over the population through radio broadcasting,
which is based on an agricultural term meaning "scattering seeds widely".
The dispersion of Goebbel's propaganda was finely tunned when on his
birthday in 1938 Goebbel's distributed "free" radios to all German citizens
[above, right].

Adolf Hitler was a proponent of the Jewish Masonic cult of Saturn
[Satan]; in fact the vast majority of Nazi iconography emulated ancient Sat-
urn cult relics. Hitler voiced his admiration for these elements, stating:

''All the supposed abominations, the skeletons and death's head, the coffins
and the mysteries, are mere bogeys for children. But there is one dangerous
element and that is the element I have copied from them. They form a sort
of priestly nobility. They have developed an esoteric doctrine more merely
formulated, but imparted through the symbols and mysteries in degrees
of initiation [Babylonian god Nimrod]. The hierarchical organization and
the initiation through symbolic rites, that is to say, without bothering the
brain by working on the imagination through magic and the symbols of
a cult, all this has a dangerous element, and the element I have taken over
[Babylonian demon god Pazuzu]. Don't you see that our party must be of
this character? An Order, the hierarchical Order of a secular priesthood."
- Adolf Hitler c.1938, from the book titled: 'Conversations with Hitler' by
Hermann Rauschning

Because Rauschning portrayed Hitler as an admirer of Jewish free-
masonry, Swiss historian and Zionist Jew, Wolfgang Haenel in 1983 an-
nounced at a revisionist "history conference" in West Germany,
that 'Conversations with Hitler', was a total fraud. To accom- 69
plish this, the Journal of Historical Review, for instance, uses Hitler's eco-
nomic advisor Otto Wagener who wrote, "Hitler: Memoirs of a Confidant"
[1929-1932] while being held in a Rothschild controlled British prison. Wa-
gener's memoirs weren't published until 1977, forty-five years after Raus-
chning wrote his memoirs.

In truth, Rauschning' account of Hitler hearing voices, waking at
night with convulsive shrieks, and pointing in terror at demons in empty cor-
ners, while shouting "There, there, in the corner!" is consistent with accounts
made by other historical figures who have offered up their souls to Satan. It
suggests that Hitler's attempt at controlling the 'dangerous element' [Satan]

Earlier we examined the psychological and 'spiritual' personality of
the Judaic cult of Saturn [Satan] and learned that Jews believe, in order to
"be gods," it is required that they know "good and evil" [Genesis 3:5]. What's
more, we explored how the number "six million" represented Satan in the
Jewish occult religion of Kabbalah and that Jews ritually repeat and publicly
promote to the "herd" their predictive programming through movies, papers,
television, Internet, etc. Outwardly Jews appear good by seemingly helping
the "herd," while at the same time secretly programming the herd mentally
and manipulating the herd's environment in ways that will predictably cause
the herd to become unstable and dysfunctional. With the above-mentioned
knowledge in mind, consider the fact that in 1918 Jewish Elites held an occult
ceremony near Grand Central Terminal in New York after the end of WWI.
Using the helmets of dead German soldiers, Jews created an occult pyramid,
with the goddess of victory "Nike" atop [pg. 67].


Rothschild Controlled "\rden iliall, Sac, C\. Rothschild Controlled
IRS flc:ad9u:..~rters Owner iliark Friedman Bank of England
I J,
The Israeli supreme court building ~eft] con-
structed by Rothschild in 1992, under the
following stipulations: (i) they would choose
the location, (ii) they would use their person-
al architect; and (iii) no one, other than the
Rothschild's, would know the total cost of
the facility, which we're told was ample.
I ij '"'''"""I ',·,?'-· j (11 I Kull BuEIB 1~$1
Back in the United States the Roth-
schild Family financed, Edward Ber-
nays orchestrated "Great Depres-
sion" has been running rampant for
over four years [1929-1933]. As pre-
dicted, it has produced a nationwide
epidemic of "herd" aggression. On
March 4, 1933 Jewish President
Franklin Delano Roosevelt peft]
was appointed CEO of the United
States Inc., by Jewish elites. To un-
derstand President Roosevelt's mo-
tivations and complicity in the sub-
sequent crimes against humanity, it's important to have an understanding of
President Roosevelt's ancestry. President Roosevelt's ancestor "Claes Rosen-
velt" was married and entered the New York cloth business in 1682. Accord-
ing to "The Corvallis Gazette Times of Corballis, Oregon," Claes changed
his last name to Roosevelt after accumulating a massive amount of wealth.
The Jewish Roosevelt Family founded the Bank of New York in 1790. Presi-
dent Roosevelt's mother Sarah Delano is a descendant of an Italian/Spanish
Jewish family. The Jewish Delano family drafted an agreement with the West
Indies Co., in 1687 regarding the colonization of the island of Curacao. The
Roosevelt Family's wealth had been obtained through textiles, banking, and
dealing in narcotics [opium] through China trade.

Shortly after being appointed CEO of the United States Inc., by
Jewish elites, President Roosevelt exercised "broad executive power" similar
to that of Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany, to control America's free market
through his "New Deal" Democratic Socialist scheme. Unsurprisingly, Jew-
ish Rothschild offspring Adolf Hitler's Nazi party publicly praised Jewish
President Roosevelt's socialist "New Deal" aspirations. Hitler's :Minister of
Propaganda Joseph Goebbels, who it will be remembered was an Edward
Bernays enthusiast, publicly announced the following regarding Roosevelt

"I am very interested in social developments in America. I believe that
President Roosevelt has chosen the right path. We are dealing with the
greatest social problems ever known. :M:illions of unemployed must get
their jobs back and this cannot be left to private initiative. It is
72 the government that must tackle the problem".
Publicly, President Roosevelt portrayed himself as a champion of
free market capitalism, unlike Hitler who openly advocated for the destruc-
tion of the free market and absolute control over all human activity to pro-
tect the "herd" from their irrational nature. Unlike Hitler, Roosevelt's role
playing consisted of executing a competing world view whereby America's
collective unsuspecting natural and ego would be exploited. In contrast to
Hitler's overt control methods, Roosevelt would lead his constituency to be-
lieve they were sensible and their participation in Government actually made
a difference. It was now the perception of the "herd" that their opinions
mattered. In order to appear convincing to the American people, Roosevelt
and his handlers recruited American Social Scientist George Gallup and his
"Survey of Public Opinion," along with Elmo Roper, a distinguished analyst
for Fortune Magazine. The purpose of the Gallup Poll was to "tell the na-
tion what it was thinking". It will be remembered that Jewish occultists rely
heavily on public rituals in order to control the unconscious "herd". Through
ritual repetitiveness predictive programmers would achieve absolute compli-
ance, even though the data being promoted was completely irrational.

A modern day example of predictive programming in polls was the
2016 Presidential elections. For more than one year every major pollster in
the United States featured Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Rod-
ham Clinton "Chance of Winning Presidency" at 85% and Republican Presi-
dential candidate, Donald J. Trump's "Chance of Winning Presidency" at
20%, then within a few hours on election night Donald Trump's chance of
winning rocketed up to greater than 95%. Election Day 2016, The New York
Times predicted Hillary Rodham Clinton's chance of winning at 85%. The
Los Angeles Times/University of South California tracking poll predicted a
''landslide victory" for Democratic candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton with
352 electoral votes.

Since the 1920s the relationship between politics and corporate
America has been a dramatized performance inspired by the unconscious
irrational fears, sexual energy, and selfish individualism of the American peo-
ple. Roosevelt's brand of Political Corporatism was designed by predictive
programmer Edward Bernays and advanced through ritual repetitiveness.
During Roosevelt's choreographed presidency, corporate America played the
role of villain, while Roosevelt was the brave hero with all of the dangers
inherent to that profession. In its opening performance, Edward Bernays
corporate clientele publicly accused Roosevelt of being a tyrant whose med-
dling in private industry was creating generational debt. By and large, the
true nature of political corporatism is ignored by the performance based
mainstream media in order to sustain and promote the willing suspension of
disbelief for the "herd" by maintaining the appearance of being
real. 73
Capitalizing on the illusion of choice that exists within America's
free market, Bernays directed his corporate clients to increase their rhetoric
against Roosevelt's socialist "New Deal" program. Leveraging the "National
Association of Manufacturers" (NAM), which included every major corpo-
rate client of Bernays, Bernays designed propaganda that would link the un-
conscious emotions of Americans to corporate logos, product catch phrases
and jingles. Bernays' propaganda intended to manipulate Americans into be-
lieving that corporate America, not the individual, constructed the United
States. In response to Bernays own anti-Government propaganda, Bernays
anti-Corporation propaganda advanced against the unconscious irrational
fears of the American public. Through Government films, Bernays scripted
cautionary tales of corporate America's control over the mainstream media
and the manipulation of the free market. Bernays dramatized performance
between corporations and the government gave birth to Bernays newest cre-
ation, the "Public Relations Man". One Government film stated:

"They tried to achieve their ends by working entirely behinds the scenes,
corrupting and deceiving the public. The aims of such group may be either
good or bad, so far as the public interest is concerned, but their methods
are a grave danger to Democratic institutions."

To further indoctrinate Americans into the illusion that their voice
was a contributing factor, Bernays scripted Government films coaching
Americans on how they could monitor the mainstream media. Appealing to
logic based citizens, Bernays' propaganda instructed Americans on how to
create analytics charts so that they could identity any unfairness that existed
in mainstream media reporting.

Edward Bernays' reaction to his own Government attacks resulted
in the creation of propaganda which evoked visions of a technological and
economic Elysium in the unconscious minds of Americans. Bernays' visions
of grandeur manifested themselves in the creation of the 1939 ''World's
Fair'' for which Bernays was chief consultant. Bernays principal objective for
the fair was a public normalization of Political Corporatism. A central ex-
hibit at the fair was a large General Motors Corporation (GM) globe Bernays
designated as ''Democracity" a physical representation of Bernays' heaven
on earth, a future capable of fulfilling every desire of the American people.
In President Roosevelt's system the American people were controlled by
their false sense of belonging and contribution. In Bernays' heaven on earth,
America's citizenry were controlled by their unconscious irrational desires
and in reality possessed no real decision making power. Through Bernays'
control system, Political Corporatism would simply manipulate the herd's
environment and inner most desires in order to produce a pre-
74 ferred result.

After successfully orchestrating the
overthrow of America's banking
system and "Great Depression;"
carrying out psychological terrorism
on America's nuclear family, indoc-
trinating women into his ego based
"psychology of fashion," deceiving
American women into the death
cult of smoking, developing and
implementing a domestic propagan-
da campaign which lead to the U.S.
entering WWI and WWII, influenc-
ing Adolf Hitler's Nazi Party and
successfully normalizing Political
Corporatism through the World's
Fair, Bernays was brought into the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) to
streamline its domestic and international psychological operations. Working
in cooperation with Bernays was Sigmund Freud's Jewish daughter Anna
Freud [above]. Together Edward and Anna would develop widespread gov-
ernment agencies and psychological programs that would infiltrate, influence,
and devastate Christian American households. Llke her father, Anna Freud
believed dreams were a doorway into the unconscious mind stating:

''Dreams are thoughts we never knew we had. They are two uncomfortable,
too incompatible with our adult self to be remembered, yet they often too
disturbing, rumbling under the service like lava in a volcano. The dream is
the royal road to these thoughts, the royal road to the unconcious".

According to Anna's nephew Anton Freud, Anna was an extremely
cold human being, void of normal human compassion. Anton stated in an

"she was rather forbidding, she was not to me a warm person, not an aunt
you could kiss or put your arms around, not at all. Her whole life rotated
around spreading of psychoanalysis."


The genetically deficient Bernays and "forbidding" Anna Freud's ex-
tensive psychological programs were developed using Government coffers,
replenished by generations of Christian American tax dollars. The duos prin-
cipal mission was to collapse Christian morality and independent thought,
then meld the unconscious masses by using "Geospatial Intelligence," intel-
ligence derived from the exploitation and analysis of geographically refer-
enced activities on Earth, into an omnipresent predictive "Hive 11ind". Elite
Jewish power in America believed the only way they could destroy Chris-
tian America's Republic and the rights of the individual was to deceive the
U.S. population into believing America was a Democracy and the only way
for their Jewish Democratic fairy-tale to successfully construct a compli-
ant "Hive Mind" was to suppress the brutal, uncivilized quality, prowling
within the unconscious mind of God fearing, crime free, educated, morally
conscious, happily married suburban Christian American families. In reality
what Jewish Elites in America sought to achieve were programs that would
exploit the unconscious irrational forces and inner most desires of the Chris-
tian American majority, transforming America from being a morally upright
"light of the world" and "city on a hill" [Matthew 5:14] into a dark libertine
abyss sated with Godlessness, depravity, social and financial instability.

Bernays's and Anna's government programs were a broadsword mo-
bilization effort meant to destroy America's nuclear family, however, the Jew-
ess Anna Freud was loyal to her Baal or Moloch worshiping ancestors who
would torture and sacrifice Children, placing them into a brass furnace that
slowly roasted them while their screams were drown out by pagan drums.
From time, immemorial writings featuring accounts of Jewish ritual murders
of Christian children have existed. Throughout his book, "BLOOD RITU-
AL'' author Philip de Vier examines 200 cases of Jewish ritual murders. One
of the most illustrative works on the subject "Ruin of the Hebraic Religion,"
was written by a former Grand Rabbi "Teofito" who later became a Christian
monk c.1803, he writes:

"The secret of the blood is not known to all Jews, but only to the chakim
[doctors] or the Rabbis and the scholars, who therefore carry the title "Con-
servatori del Mistero del Sangue" [Conservators or Guardians of the Blood
Mysteries]. They pass it on by word of mouth [oral tradition] to the Jewish
fathers. They in turn reveal it to their sons [as a rite of passage as well as a
cult initiation ritual] who regard this as a great honor. They make terrible
threats of punishment in one of them betrays this secret. [Very common in
secret societies - Masonic ceremonies involve similar death threats]. When I
was thirteen years old ... they took me aside [tnitiatory secrets are revealed]
and described to me the hatred of Christianity [revealing the target and pur-
pose of the sect] ... and that God ordered the Christians to be
slaughtered and to collect their blood ... My Son, he said as he 77
kissed me, I have placed my trust in you. With these words he put a crown
on my head [symbolizing the formal rite of passage into the cult] and ex-
plained to me the Blood Secret, adding that Jehovah had revealed it to the
Hebres and commanded them to practice it. I was in the future, [transgen-
erational transmission of the traditions] possessor of the most important
secret of the Hebrew religion."

Anna Freud's human exploitation vampirism fed off the life-force of
innocent children by twisting their unconscious minds. Through the manipu-
lation of a child's "inner drives," Anna made children more susceptible to her
partner Edward Bernays' generational selfish individualism ["ego'j program-
ming, a New-Age worldly discipline based on Hinduism, a cult whose entire
religion is based upon the worship of "the cosmic serpent" [Satan] who is
"the god of death, born among the demons" according to Hinduism's "holy
book" the "Bhagavad Gita" Chapter 10, versus 28-30:

''Among words, I am the syllable 'Om' [AumJ. I am the cow that fulfills all
desires. I am the cosmic serpent. I am the god of death.
I am born among the demons."

Anna's "spider to the fly'' trickery was based on the principle that if
a child's world view, personality, lifestyle, etc. conformed to developing social
traditions, the child's unconscious mind r'ego'1 would be fortified in its ef-
fort to resist their rebellious unconscious mind. Conversely, if a child resisted
social norms, the child's sense of self would be delicate and unable to resist
the rebellious forces of his/her unconscious mind.

While Anna Freud publicly fancied
herself a virginal prude, she was a
libertine, engaging in a long term
lesbian relationship with her 'part-
ner' Dorothy Burlingham [left),
who kept Anna in nice standing, fi-
nancing her lifestyle and private re-
search. Burlingham was the wealthy
granddaughter of Charles Lewis
Tiffany, the founder of Tiffany &
Co.; Charles Lewis Burlingham was
business partners with Thomas Edi-
son the "inventor" who stole doz-
ens of inventions from Nikola Tesla
including: The light-bulb, The Mov-
ie Camera, The Electric Chair, The
Power Generator, The Storage Bat-
tery, the X-Ray Photographs (fluoroscope), Wax Paper, The Record Player,
and The Telegraph.

In addition to being her homosexual lover, Dorothy Burlingham
served another purpose in their relationship, she allowed Anna Freud to per-
form lethal human exploitation psychology on her children which proved
to be fatal. When Dorothy's children became adults, the toxic effects of the
"Pioneer of Child Psychoanalysis" Anna Freud's exploitation therapy, which
targeted millions of American children, was revealed. Dorothy's children's
marriages were exceedingly dysfunctional, resulting in divorce and addic-
tions to drugs and alcohol. Dorothy's son Bob died of alcoholism and in
1973 Dorothy's daughter Mabbie committed suicide in Sigmund Freud's old
house, shortly after receiving additional analysis from Anna Freud. This was
the same house Sigmund Freud died in from mouth cancer.

Sigmund's and Anna Freud's cult of psychiatry turned Dorothy
Burlingham's children into completely dysfunctional human beings and con-
trary to what Freudian cult members in 2017 might tell you, Anna Freud's
'treatment' worked flawlessly. Earlier I shared with you the psychological and
'spiritual' personality of the Saturn [Satan] cult of Judaism which believes,
in order to "be gods," they must know "good and evil" [Genesis 3:5]. Out-
wardly, Sigmund and Anna Freud appeared benevolent to the world around
them, harmless psychoanalysts working towards the goal of eradicating men-
tal health disabilities. In reality, the Freud's were implanting mental disabilities
into the minds of relatively healthy children, while at the same time program-
ming these children's minds in a distorted and suppressed manner that would
predictably cause them to become more dangerous and more dysfunctional
in the future.

It will be remembered that Anna Freud developed a principle where-
by a child's world view, personality, lifestyle, etc. would be manipulated to
conform to his or her own developing social traditions, in this way the child's
unconscious mind ["ego"] would be fortified in its effort to resist their re-
bellious unconscious mind. Conversely, if a child resisted social norms, the
child's sense of self would be weakened and unable to resist the rebellious
forces of his/her unconscious mind. The challenge with Anna's "ego" de-
ception was that while she had been teaching parents around the world that
their children should be following the rules of accepted social conduct, her
partner Edward Bernays was altering the rules of accepted social conduct

Anna Freud's "ego" deception is similar to The Holy Bible's story re-
garding Aaron castings lots upon the two goats; "one lot for the LORD, and
the other lot for the scapegoat" [Leviticus 16:8]. To the Saturn
[Satan] cult of Judaism innocent 'Goyim' [Christian] children 79
represent the 'Scapegoat' and you can't spell scapegoat without ego. As is
the case with all Jewish trickery, Anna's "ego" deception is anathema to Jesus
Christ's teachings. Jesus tells us in Matthew 15:9, ''But in vain they do wor-
ship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men." And in Luke
6:26 Jesus reminds us about the deception of 'ego' stating, 'Woe unto you,
when all men shall speak well of you! for so did their fathers to the false
prophets." Finally in Matthew 5:11,Jesus tells us, "Blessed are ye, when men
shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against
you falsely, for my sake." Christian parents and Christian children shouldn't
deceived into following Edward Bernays changing rules of society or Anna
Freud "ego" deception, rather we must stay focused on the promises of Jesus

Using Anna Freud's theories about child development, Jewish elites
in America began destroying the morally conscious Christian majority in or-
der to create a culture of mentally and physically retarded deviant misfits
commonly referred to in 2017 as "Social Justice Warriors". Abstract art for
example e.g., paintings, sculpture, etc. was considered abnormal prior to Ber-
nays and Anna Freud's CIA program to destroy beautifully detailed paintings
and sculptures, an effort embraced by the Jewish fathers' of communism
Karl Marx and Friedrick Engels. On Jan. 10, 1963, U.S. Congressman Albert
S. Herlong Jr. of Florida read a list of 45 Communist goals into the Congres-
sional Record. The list was derived from researcher Cleon Skousen's book
"The Naked Communist." They included the following:

• Communist goal #22 reads, "Continue discrediting American culture by
degrading all form of artistic expression. Eliminate all good sculpture
from parks and buildings, substituting shapeless, awkward and meaning-
less forms."
• Communist goal #23 reads, "Control art critics and directors of art mu-
seums. Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art."
• Communist goal #24 reads, "Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by
calling them "censorship" and a violation of free speech and free press."
• Communist goal #25 reads, "Break down cultural standards of morality
by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion
pictures, radio and 1V
Communist goal #26 reads, Present homosexuality, degeneracy and pro-
miscuity as "normal, natural and healthy."
• Communist goal #27 reads, Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed
religion with "social" religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the
need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a "religious crutch."
• Communist goal #28 reads, Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious
expression in the schools on the grounds that it violates the
80 principle of "separation of church and state".
Communist goal #29 reads, Discredit the American Constitution by call-
ing it inadequate, old fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hin-
drance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.
Communist goal #30 reads, Discredit the American founding fathers.
Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the "com-
mon man."
Communist goal #31 reads, Belittle all forms of American culture and
discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was
only a minor part of "the big picture." Give more emphasis to Russian
history since the Communists took over."

"The Jews, I find are very selfish ... When they have power, physical or po-
litical, neither Hitler nor Stalin has anything on them for cruelty or mistreat-
ment to the underdog."
- President Harry Truman Personal Diary (entry dated July 21, 1947)

In 1946 the 33rd President of the United States Harry S. Tru-
man a 33rd degree Freemason [pg. 82], helped Jewish elites Edward
Bernays and Anna Freud to create a massive social experiment to control
the inner mental life of the Christian American majority. Before we review
the types of experiments Bernays and Anna Freud conducted on the U.S., I
would like for readers to have an understanding of President Truman Lucife-
rian scheming.

"I do conscientiously and sincerely believe that the order of Freemasonry,
if not the greatest, is one of the greatest moral and political evils." - 6th
U.S. President John Quincy Adams

Inside the 'The George Washington Masonic National Memorial' in
Alexandria, VA. stands a 17ft statue of George Washington, it is dedicated
to the first President of the U.S. and a 33 degree Freemason. Washington's
statue was unveiled on 2/22/1950 by 33 degree Freemason President Harry
S. Truman, the only United States Freemason President to be awarded a Free-
mason fifty-year award.

The most unique feature of this 17ft tall statue of President Wash-
ington is its connection with the "sons of God" [Genesis 6:2]. The "sons of
God" were fallen angels [demons] who defied God and impregnated human
females. This unholy union produced giant offspring standing 13ft-30ft tall.
The Book of Genesis reads, "There were giants in the earth in those days;
and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of
men, and they bare children to them." Matthew 24:37 prophecy reads, ''But
as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be."
Two Biblical accounts of giants include, "Og the
king of Bashan" [Psalms 136:20] and "the sons
of Anak" [Numbers 13:33]. What's more, the
dome behind Washington contains a tessellation
pattern known as the 'Sacred Geometry of the
Flower of Life'.

"I've got every degree in the masons that there
is" - 33rd U.S. President, Harry S. Truman,

President Truman was also a member of the ''An-
cient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic
Shrine," (A.A.O.N.M.S.) commonly known as
"Shriners". Established in 1870, Shriners is an
appendant body to Freemasonry, based in the
U.S. The organization is best known for its Shri-
ners Hospitals for Children they administer and
the red "fez" hats" with black tassel.

The "fez" represents barbarism and the subjuga-
tion and slaughter of Christians. The name fez
is taken from the ancient Moroccan City Fez,
founded 789 AD by the Idrisid Dynasty. Prior to
its founding, this area consisted of tribes which
were mostly Christian, Jewish, Khariji [Muslim]
or Pagan. The founder of the Idrisid Dynasty
was a man named, "Idris ibn Abdallah" [788-
791], who traced his ancestry back to, ''Ali ibn
Abi Talib" and his wife, "Fatimah," daughter of
the Islamic prophet, Muhammad.

In an account dating back to 8th century AD, Muslims ascended
onto a Christian settlement within Fez, Morocco, murdering an estimated
50,000 Christians. Following the slaughter of these Christian men, women,
and children, Muslims dipped their caps into the blood soaked streets as a
testimony to their god Allah. These Christian blood soaked caps were con-
sidered a badge of honor and eventually became what we know today as the
fez cap. According to the book, "The Mystic Shrine, An illustrated Ritual of
the Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the Shrine, (1975 Ed., pp. 20-22), the
Shriners' blood oath and confession of Allah as god is advocated. In other
words, Shriner members worship the god of Islam [Satan], not the God of
the Holy Bible, Jesus Christ.
Harry S. Truman was also a member of the Council of Foreign Rela-
tions (CFR). On February 17, 1950 fellow 33rd degree Freemason and CFR
member, Jew James Warburg, publicly announced that the CFR's goal was
to destroy U.S. sovereignty in exchange for a Luciferian, New World Order
stating, "We shall have world government whether or not you like it, '
by conquest or consent."

CFR member, Richard Gardner, writing in the April 1974 issue of
the CFRs journal, Foreign Affairs states, "The New World Order will have
to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down... but in the
end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece will accomplish
much more than the old fashioned frontal assault."

Professors Laurence H. Shoup and William Minter, writing in their
study of the CFR, "Imperial Brain Trust: The CFR and United States For-
eign Policy." (Monthly Review Press, 1977) states, "The planning of UN can
be traced to the secret steering committee established by Secretary [of State
Cordell] Hull in January 1943. All of the members of this secret committee,
with the exception of Hull, a Tennessee politician, were members of the
Council on Foreign Relations. They saw Hull regularly to plan, select, and
guide the labors of the [State] Departments Advisory Committee. It was, in
effect, the coordinating agency for all the State Departments postwar plan-

Harry S. Truman's Presidency was full of Jewish elite puppets, but
none were more beloved by Jews than the President. Like most U.S. Presi-
dents, Truman was a good "Goy'' (derogatory term for non-Jews), directing
his Bernays' conditioned CIA agents to assassinate U.S. leaders who were
aware of the Jewish New World Order agenda. Jews especially liked President
Truman's goal to turn America into a socialist/ communist country and his
allegiance to Communist dictator and mass murderer Joseph Stalin. What
Jews liked most about Truman was the fact that in 1948, President Truman
recognized the Rothschild created Israel as an independent state and issued a
declaration announcing that Israel was a new nation in the Middle East.

The admiration President Truman had for the Jews is unsurprising
considering the fact that Jews invented the cult of Freemasonry c.962 B.C.
with the primary goal in mind of deceiving "Goy'' away from God. After
Jews demanded the crucifixion of Jesus Christ thrice [Matthew 27:23; Luke
23:21], Freemasonry became a principal tool of deception against those w~o
believeth in Jesus Christ. It will be remembered from pages 13-14 that Jewish
Freemasonry's ancient goal of destroying Christianity was outlined by sover-
eign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council 33rd degree
of Freemasonry, British spy, Ku Klux Klan (KKK) founder, 83
Grand Dragon and "Knights of the Golden Circle" founder [Albert Pike]
- in an 1871 letter to Giuseppe Mazzini - a 33 degree Grand Master Freema-
son, founder of Italian Freemasonry, Revolutionary Terrorist Leader, Sicilian
Gangster and founder of the "Mafia". In the book, "Conspiracy of the Six
Pointed Star," Texe Marrs writes about President Truman:

" ... [Jewish] Zionist powerbroker, Abraham Feinberg, had, just months
before, given the President a two-million dollar bribe--$100 bills packed in
suitcases-to recognize Israel. This bribe to Truman, confirmed by recently
released FBI archives, means that Israel is today and always has been an il-
legitimate state established on the basis of a criminal act."

President Truman's Presidency was
inundated with elite Jewish puppet
bureaucrats, communists and Israeli
advocates who all hated The United
States of America and its Christian
majority. One of the most destruc-
tive double-agents within the Tru-
man Presidency was soviet agent
Harry Hopkins who gave Joseph Sta-
lin's Soviet Union Top Secret nuclear
secrets. The Rothschild's state of Is-
rael was also given Top Secret Amer-
ican nuclear secrets. There were,
however, two American Patriots dur-
ing Truman's Presidency who didn't
go along with his Jewish handlers
plans to destroy America. Secretary
of Defense James Forrestal who was
thrown out of a sixteenth floor window and Scottish American General
George S. Patton [above] sacrificed 12/21/1945.

Patton was best known for his command of the 7th United States
Army. Contrary to television celebrity Bill O'Reilly's book titled 'Killing Pat-
ton,' General Patton was not killed by the Russians, nor was he killed mys-
teriously in a 'car accident'. If you've been one of the unfortunate people
to have purchased this propaganda piece which props up and propagates
Bernays' and Anna Freud's Jewish human exploitation psychology, you have
unwittingly been indoctrinated into believing a number of historical misno-
mers, not the least of which is the word 'Holocaust' which didn't become a
mind meme until 1978, 33 years after Patton's sacrifice. The word 'Holocaust'
is a so called Jewish word meaning "Holy offering in fire". It's
84 no coincidence that The Jewish Rothschild Family believe that
their direct ancestor was the Babylonian god Nimrod who taught man to
worship fire. You never read anything in O'Reilly's book about the 66 million
Christians that were slaughtered during the war(s), but are subjected to a large
opinion piece, 20 pages in two chapters to be exact, on Auschwitz which is
curious because there is zero historical evidence that Patton had anything to
do with Auschwitz.

Suffering and death are fundamental to the death cult of Judaism
and its creation Freemasonry. To fulfill its essential desires, Jewish elite han-
dlers of President Truman ordered him to use nuclear weapons on Japan's
city of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent
Japanese citizens. Creators of American history text books omit the truth
that an American nuclear response was unnecessary do to the fact that Japan's
Emperor and generals had submitted a petition of surrender to America.
Truman's Jewish billionaire handlers 'Morgenthau' and 'Baruch' also ordered
that millions of German men, women, and children be starved, frozen, and
shot. Truman's Jewish handlers also ordered Truman to allow American sol-
dier Prisoners of War [POWs] be handed over to Joseph Stalin's soviet mon-
sters. Stalin's troops proceeded to torture our American servicemen to death.
Under the "Morgenthau Plan," President Truman and Joseph Stalin rounded
up millions of surrendered German soldiers and their innocent wives and
children, and placed them in camps where Jewish officers and guards starved,
beat, whipped, tortured, and murdered them. American patriot George S.
Patton vehemently objected Truman's "Morgenthau Plan" and promised to
tell the American public about the Jewish elite's plan, for this reason Jewish
elites assassinated George S. Patton. The exact details of the "Morgenthau
Plan" are vividly illustrated in the book, 'An Eye For An Eye' by John Sacks.
Additional war crimes and genocide by President Truman included his order
to hand over China to the Communist, mass murderer Mao Tse Tung, who
proceeded to murder 80 million innocent Chinese citizens.

With the aforementioned sadistic profile of our 33rd President who
was a 33rd degree Freemason in mind, let's examine the vast secret U.S. Gov-
ernment programs President Truman authorized to be unleashed against the
unsuspecting, tax paying, Christian American majority, to control their inner
mental life, using psychological war techniques created by Edward Bernays
and Anna Freud.
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-~-.:.::: : i;, ' t:· :, 1:"'.i"k ·>

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<: ; . . ,..
. ·. .·:....•. · . ·• ... · ·T
·E·.. · ·•.·•·. · ·.··.. ·.··. ...· .· ·. ·•.··. · .·.··. ·•·. .•. .·.··.•.·. ·.··.····....· .· ·. . ·•.· ·. . . ·. ···. .•. ·. · .......•. ·.·. ··· ·· ·". ".·. ·:·.··. . ·.··. • . ·.··.··· ·.·. . .· ·.·. .
. ·:. ' '.---. :
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.. ·1. ·1. . . ··c····.·. E·· ._..
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-~>.·.... _'' ·'·.:._ ···... _• ::<.. ·'"·i' ·.··::':-:<_:\:'
> :'·~~.·-.;, . ·.·',. :· . < •,..·•.;_--,', ·. .-,:•._- ·.·- __. .; .·' ·.-_-:'..': . ;~: '• . ', :;

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. . -- -' - f~ - ,} . ' - - . : · ,. .'.' ..



. DR. ·
-~· · RONlhJ·.• · s.·
. ...
I IJ ij 1Q\tf IM 1111111N111 ll lJ Mt) i
President Truman signed "The National Mental HealthAct"(NMHA)
in 1946. The NMHA was developed using data collected by Freudian psycho-
analysts during human exploitation experiments on U.S. Soldiers through-
out and following WWII. As an aside, England's "National Health Service"
(NHS) was formed two years after America's NMHA on July 5, 1948. In 2017
the NHS is the largest and oldest "free" single-payer healthcare system in the
world. England's NHS was incited by the book, "The Citadel" [1937] written
by Scottish physician and novelist A.J. Cronin.

It will be remembered that during the recruiting process of WWI,
over two million would be soldiers were exposed to a massive psychologi-
cal operation under the guise of personality and intelligence tests. The psy-
chological operation against our WWI American soldiers utilized "Oper-
ant Conditioning" (O.P.), an unconscious programming expression used to
strengthen or modify behavior through "discriminative stimuli". The result-
ing consequence of "O.P." is manipulation through pleasure and pain. This
form of psychological manipulation was used to convince over two million
U.S. soldiers that their mental development was that of a teenager, aged thir-
teen. This intelligence evaluation disillusioned the minds of every U.S. citi-
zen, effectively establishing Jewish pseudoscience supremacy over the mental
stability of the masses.

The aim of the NMHA was to combat the irrational unconscious
forces that Edward Bernays had conjured up through his generational hu-
man exploitation psychological programs and by ritually repeating and pub-
licly promoting to the "herd" their predictive programming through mov-
ies, papers, television, Bernays and Freud's NMHA was able to successfully
convince the American public that "Mental Illness Is A National Problem".
Publicly, the Scottish Rite Freemason Director of the NMHA, Dr. Robert H.
Felix, a recipient of a "Rockefeller Public Service Award" and member of
the World Health Organization's advisory panel, stated the following about
Bernays' and Anna Freud's program:

"A primary objective of the National Mental Health Program is to increase
our fund of scientific knowledge about mental health and about mental ill-
ness. We're not doing this. why? Because there are all too few skilled mental
health workers."

Two of the principal architects behind the creation of Bernays' and
Anna Freud's NMHA psychological army, were brothers' Will and Carl Men-
ninger. Will Menninger was the designer behind the human exploitation psy-
chotherapy experiments that were performed on unwary U.S. soldiers during
and after WWII. It was Carl and Will who trained hundreds of new psy-
chological operatives (PSYOP) for Bernays' and Anna Freud's new psycho-
logical army. These hundreds of new PSYOP soldiers were responsible for
injecting Bernays' and Anna Freud's designed unconscious imttional mental
disorders into the minds of millions of unsuspecting American adults and
children. Anna Freud's and Edward Bernays' communicable mental diseases
were transmitted through psychoanalyst staffed ''Psychological Guidance
Centers" (PGCs) which were deployed throughout America's heartland.

Edward Bernays' and Anna Freud's PGC tentacles pierced directly
into the heart of Christian American families through their new psychologi-
cal abominations known as, "Marriage Guidance Counselors" and "Social
Workers" whose ranks include pedophiles who regularly allow sexual preda-
tors unrestricted access to children. PSYOP invaders representing these new
miscreant organizations, with the full force of the U.S. Government behind
them, intimidated their way into Christian family homes to "advice" unsus-
pecting Christian Parents on how best to manipulate their Christian children's
world view, personality, lifestyle, etc. in order to conform to Bernays' pre-
meditated rebellious and immoral rules of accepted social conduct.

While Anna promoted the hoax that a child's mind would keep at bay
the underbelly of civilization so long as they adhered to social trends, Ber-
nays was creating a society in which the adoration of mass produced goods,
the occult, selfish desires, war, depravity, and all things unseemly were in
vogue. Anna Freud was establishing a psychological infrastructure through-
out America that would enable Jewish elites to slowly devolve "exceptive pat-
terns of family and social life" into a deviant, wicked wasteland most Chris-
tians would not have adopted were it not for Bernays' and Freud's human
exploitation trickery and overwhelming onslaught of ritually repetitive, pub-
licly promoted predictive programming through movies, papers, magazines,
public schools, television, social workers, marriage guidance counselors, etc.
After successfully infiltrating the marriages and families of America through
their government enforced Psychological Guidance Centers and social work-
ers, Bernays and Anna Freud began using product advertising to further in-
fluence the lives of American families. A partner in Bernays' and Freud's
newest psychological conquest was Jewish psychologist and "father of moti-
vational research" Ernest Dichter who wrote in his 1960s book, "The Strat-
egy of Desire":

''You would be amazed to find how often we mislead ourselves, regardless
of how smart we think we are, when we attempt to explain why we are be-
having the way we do. What people actually spend their money on in most
instances are psychological differences, illusory brand images".

In his book, "The Hidden Persuaders" Vance Packard wrote about
the predatorial nature of Dichter's behavioral techniques. Packard states that
while observing Dichter's techniques at his castle, he witnessed a group of
young children who were studying television shows. At this same time, Dich-
ter and a stable of male voyeurs concealed themselves behind blinds that
Dichter had placed around his estate. During these sessions, the observers se-
cretly studied and filmed the children's behavior. Dichter used these record-
ings to create propaganda to manipulate the unconscious minds of American
children. Dichter referred to his castle as his "living laboratory". Dichter's
observations led to the invention of the ''Barbie Doll," Dichter stated that
young American Christian girls:

" ... wanted someone sexy looking, someone they wanted to grow up to be
like, long legs, big breasts, glamorous."

Parents, next time you're considering purchasing your daughter a
"Barbie Doll" imagine a pedophile, voyeur Jew goggling innocent little girls
in his "living laboratory" castle. Dichter then infected these little girls with
the empty goal of growing up to simply be "sexy and big breasted". When
you couple Dieter's ''Barbie Doll" programming with Anna Freud's principle
of manipulating a child's worldview, personality, lifestyle, etc. to conform to
her own developing social traditions, it's easy to see why American women
in 2017 consume more antidepressants than any other female population on

The Holy Bible contains 177 verses which instruct Christians how
and why husbands and wives should cherish the sanctity of their marriage.
However, the Jewish elites who own and control the entertainment indus-
try have for generations sought to undermine and destroy each and every
one of those sacred verses. One of Hollywood's most successful human
exploitation, psychological operations against America's female population
was the widely popular 1V show and movie "Sex and the City". The series
featured four desperate aging women seeking husbands. The recurring theme
throughout this show was that the characters are emotionally and spiritually
incompatible with all of the men they come across. Anyone who is keen to
the programming of Hollywood will see the blatant feminist/lesbian under-
tones that men and women are identical.

The "Sex and the City" characters found themselves in a very con-
fusing lifestyle, mainly because they wanted to control the men they were
pursuing, while at the same time wanting to be possessed. Like many Ameri-
can women today, these characters have been programmed by Jewish elites to
resist their God given femininity. The resulting effect is a group of depressed,
angry, emotionally, and physically unfulfilled women, who engage in fruit-
less sex acts with countless men, all the while growing older and bitterer.
The overarching unconscious programming of the show is that it's OK that
you're a childless, shallow, materialistic whore so long as you have your barren
girlfriends to sit with in a coffee shop, complaining about what's wrong with
everyone else.

It should come as no surprise that the creator of "Sex and the City"
was Darren Starr, a homosexual. It's through shows like "Sex and the City"
that heterosexual Americans have been brainwashed into accepting the afore-
said toxic existence and why "couch potatoes" and moviegoers will never
find Hollywood story lines which promote:

''Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing,
and obtaineth favour of the LORD." - Proverbs 18:22

Instead anti-Christian theosophists throughout Hollywood inspire
promiscuity and instigate the idea that marriage is unrewarding, miserable,
etc. Why won't Hollywood promote:

"For by means of a whorish woman a man is brought to a piece of bread:
and the adulteress will hunt for the precious life."
- Proverbs 6:26

"Husbands, love your wives, and do not be harsh with them."
- Colossians 3:19

"Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church
and gave himself up for her,"
- Ephesians 5:25

"Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be un-
defiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous."
- Hebrews 13:4

Instead, the psychological warfare research and Freudian Psycho-
therapy based Tavistock Institute, through funding and support by the Rock-
efeller Foundation, Stanford Research Institute, The U.S. Office
90 of Naval Research, the Science Policy Research Unit in England,
MIT, Heritage Foundation, U.S. Air Force Intelligence, Wharton School, In-
stitute for Policy Studies, Hudson Institute, Brookings Institute, and Rand
Corporation, a group who was once accused of being commissioned by the
USSR (Russia) to work out terms of surrender of the United States Gov-
ernment have all supported initiatives necessary to maintain dominion over
the Christian American majority. Social manipulation, moral decline, and de-
industrialization has all been achieved through TV programming and has
resulted in the growing rate of illegitimacy, petty lawlessness, drug addiction,
welfare, STDs, and mental illness. One of Tavistock's key methods of de-
stabilizing a victim's character and inducing a target with mental illness was
repeatedly shown throughout the "Sex and the City" program. For instance,
victims were repeatedly advised throughout the show to "establish new ritu-
als of personal interaction," that is, to indulge in brief sexual encounters
which actually set the subjects adrift with no stable personal relationships
in their lives, destroying their ability to establish or maintain a family. What's
more, the show repeatedly characterized married women as nagging, cheat-
ing, materialistic whores who cannot be trusted. This message is parroted
throughout Hollywood which promotes the idea that men should physically
and mentally abuse women and that sharing their marriage bed with multiple
partners is healthy. Men are characterized as being weak, impotent, stupid
animals which Hollywood programmers know sow the seeds of low self
esteem and self hatred. Unsurprisingly, the percentage of American women
using antidepressant drugs is higher than that of any women in any other
nations in the world Drugs containing warnings such as "suicidal thoughts"
should be expected. Predictably, these drugs kill more people than car acci-
dents every year. Why doesn't Hollywood promote:

"Nevertheless let every one of you in particular so love his wife even as
himself; and the wife see that she reverence her husband."
- Ephesians 5:33

"So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies.
He that loveth his wife loveth himself."
- Ephesians 5:28

The lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGB1) agenda promoted by
Jewish controlled Hollywood sponsors the idea that women should look at
their girlfriends as "soul-mates" and men as something to just have fun with.
Because of the selfish, whorish lifestyle funded and facilitated by Hollywood,
men and women no longer see value in marriage or relationships. Young
girls and women have been conditioned to seek out random sexual partners,
while leveraging their girlfriends for emotional related topics. This toxic pro-
gramming has shaped American men into an army of children
suffering from arrested development, whose eternal goal it is to 91
extend their adolescence as long as possible. This American male condition-
ing by anti-Christian Hollywood is intentionally undermining and emasculat-
ing our American male population. Why? Because Satan and his children hate
God and men are made in God's image. What's more, the enemy knows this
lifestyle will rob our- American men of their ability to gain a woman's trust.
No trust + No Relationship = No Children.
Why doesn't Hollywood promote:

"Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil,
and he will flee from you."
- James 4:7

Hollywood promotes a lifestyle filled with militant anti-Christian,
satanic imagery, and story lines, because Satan is who they serve. Most Chris-
tian Americans are unfamiliar with the Jewish Babylonian Talmud which
originates in Nimrod's Babylon. Nimrod like Satan rebelled against God and
promoted the idea of becoming God. For this reason none of Christ's vir-
tues will ever appear in Jewish owned and created Hollywood films. The
question all Christians should be asking themselves is... If Hollywood isn't
investing in Christian imagery and messaging, why are Christian Americans
investing in Hollywood?

"But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her
hath committed adultery with her already in his heart."
- Matthew 5:28

"The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her,
so that he shall have no need of spoil."
- Proverbs 31:11

"That they may teach the young women to be sober,
to love their husbands, to love their children,"
-Titus 2:4

"Train up a child in the way he should go:
and when he is old, he will not depart from it."
- Proverbs 22:6

''.And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath:
but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord."
- Ephesians 6:4

"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in
92 truth." - 3 John 1:4
Return now to Author Vance Packard's evaluation of Ernest
Dichter and his mansion which Packard described as a "sinister factory"
manufacturing and implanting self-destructive desires into the minds of
American children. Like Bernays and Freud, Dichter believed that Chris-
tian Americans were fundamentally irrational beings that could not be
trusted and the real reason behind product purchasing was rooted in their
unconscious desires. Dichter's market research was designed to uncover an
individual's "Secret Self," a process which led to the creation of, "The Focus

Borrowing from Bernays' 1920s corporate propaganda, Ernest
Dichter became the new face of psychological programming within Ameri-
can business. Dichter's "Focus Groups" infiltrated every major corporation
in America including: Procter & Gamble (P&G), The Rockefeller's EXXON,
General Mills, DuPont, Chrysler, etc.

Dichter's commercial grade psychological programming was a con-
tinuation of Anna Freud's theory of manipulating a viewer's worldview, per-
sonality, lifestyle, etc. to conform to his or her own developing social tradi-
tions. The challenge with Dichter's "ego" deception was that while Dichter
had been programming the unconscious minds of American viewers through
commercials, etc. with products that promoted a communal identity and ad-
hered to the rules of accepted social conduct, something Dich ter referred to
as "The Strategy of Desire," Bernays was busy manipulating the worldview,
personalities, lifestyles, etc. of the individual to conform to Bernays' pre-
meditated rebellious and immoral rules of accepted social conduct.
I ()
I iJ A\US\.i I11 ilfl11&11i Atlj) IM I
On June 19, 1953 Ashkenazi Jews'
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg [right]
were put on trial by 23 year old chief
council of Joseph McCarthy, "Roy
Cohn" and charged with "Conspiracy
to commit espionage" and executed.
The Rosenberg's were used by Jewish
elites as patsies to transmit informa-
tion regarding top-secret U.S. military
technology and prototypes associated
with America's nuclear program to
the Soviet Union. Working in cooper-
ation with ''1be Tavistock Institute,"
America's most powerful public rela-
tions man Edward Bernays, the C.I.A., and Roy Cohn unleashed the psy-
chological operation involving the Rosenberg's onto the American populace,
which was meant to foment the paranoiac terror of the "Red Scare" that fol-
lowed. In subsequent pages, we'll examine the history of the Tavistock Insti-
tute, which is an appendage of the Freudian cult based ''British Psychological
Society". Its charter is to bring about a New World Order through "The Sci-
ence of Mass Manipulation through Crisis Creation". The Tavistock Institute
was created at Oxford in 1921 by the ''Royal Institute for International Af-
fairs," with funding from the Rockefeller Foundation. Tavistock Institute is
the nerve center for the global manipulation of human consciousness. While
it was true that Communists had penetrated high-level government positions
during the McCarthy era, what has been omitted by revisionist historians is
the fact that it was elite Jews who placed them into those positions. Fol-
lowing Roy Cohn's successful prosecution and execution of the Rosenberg
patsies, Cohn was rewarded with the position of U.S. Attorney.

On January 20, 1953 Edward Bernays "off the record" went to work
for America's Jewish 34th President of the United States, Dwight D. Eisen-
hower. Eisenhower, who graduated last in his class at West Point, was dubbed
in his 1915 West Point yearbook "Ike, the terrible Swedish Jew". Before we
review the types of experiments Edward Bernays and Ann Freud used on
Christian America during this period of American history, I want readers to
understand the satanic scheming of America's 34th President Eisenhower.
The Jewish President Dwight D. Eisenhower [left] ordered the
murder of 1.7 million German prisoners of war. Through his 95
policy of extermination, German
soldiers, who had in many cases
been drafted into WWII, were taken
into massive barbwire camps, with-
out bathrooms, food, or shelter and
made to stand in mud until they died
from starvation, gangrene, or froze
to death. When American guards at
Eisenhower's German extermina-
tion camps attempted to give food
to the starving and cold German
soldiers, they were threatened with
imprisonment or death.

"God, I hate the Germans."
(Dwight David Eisenhower in a let-
ter to his wife in September, 1944)

Eisenhower's policy was in direct violation of the 1864, 1906, 1926
and 1939-45 Geneva Convention, the standards of international law for the
humanitarian treatment of prisoners during war. One month prior to the
end of WWII, then General Eisenhower issued the following order concern-
ing the treatment of German prisoners, "Prison enclosures are to provide
no shelter or other comforts." Eisenhower's biographer Stephen Ambrose
discovered in Eisenhower's personal writings that the General wanted to ex-
terminate not only thousands of German staff after the war had ended, but
the entire German people. Jewish General Eisenhower didn't merely hate
the Nazis, he hated the entire German race. Knowing this was illegal under
International law, Eisenhower issued an order March 10, 1948, stating that
German prisoners of war were to be designated as "Disarmed Enemy Forc-
es" referred to as "DEF". Eisenhower's designation of German prisoners
avoided Geneva Convention rules, so prisoners were not given water, food,
medical treatment, shelter, etc., even though allied forces had stockpiles of
medicine and food. The Red Cross were not allowed to visit the camps under
Eisenhower's designation either.

Unlike Jewish General Eisenhower, General George S. Patton
turned his German prisoners of war loose, to find food and return home.
In fact Patton was one of the only Generals to defy Eisenhower's policy and
released his prisoners. Eisenhower was extremely angry with Patton, ordering
Patton to hand his German prisoners over to one of Eisenhower's extermi-
nation 'DEF' camps. Patton ignored the Jewish General Eisenhower. General
Patton wasn't the only American commander who hated Eisen-
96 hower. General Douglas MacArthur said about his subordinate
Eisenhower that he was incompetent and that he didn't want him on his staff
General Patton was assassinated not long after these events, however, his as-
sassination had to do with a much ancient Jewish scheme. If you're interested
to learn the real reason behind General Patton's assassination please read my
book at,

After reading the book, "Other Losses" by James Bacque, news re-
porter for Canada's Ottawa Sun, Peter Worthington, wrote a September 12,
1989 article which read: " is hard to escape the conclusion that Dwight
Eisenhower was a war criminal of epic proportions. His (DEF) policy killed
more Germans in peace than were killed in the European Theater. For years
we have blamed the 1. 7 million missing German POW's on the Russians.
Until now, no one dug too deeply ... Witnesses and survivors have been in-
terviewed by the author; one Allied officer compared the American camps to

The 1953 Jewish elite orchestrated transfer of top-secret U.S. mili-
tary technology and prototypes associated with America's nuclear program
through their patsies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg to the Soviet Union, result-
ed in the Soviet Union's first hydrogen bomb detonation in 1953. The Com-
munist Soviet Union crisis creation initiated The Tavistock Institute's sci-
ence of mass manipulation over the United States. Flashing forward to 2008
for a moment, after the 2008 President Election, President Barack Hussein
Obama appointed Ashkenazi Jew Rahm Emanuel to serve as White house
Chief of Staff. In a Wall Street Journal interview, Emanuel trumpeted The
Tavistock's motto," ... you never want a serious crisis to go to waste." During
the selection process for Donald J. Trump's cabinet, Chicago Mayor, Rahm
Emanue~ met with President-elect Trump on 12/7 /2016 to "discuss some
concerns he had,". Rahm is the brother of Trump's Hollywood based agent
Ari Emanuel. Ari is the Jewish CEO of William Morris Endeavor (WME).
Murdered FBI agent, John O'neill discovered that Rahm was allegedly linked
to Israeli Intelligence (MOSSAD). Ari and Rahm's father, Benjamin Emanu-
el, was allegedly associated with the Israeli terrorist group, 'Irgun'. The afore-
mentioned Trump/MOSSAD connection should concern every U.S. Citizen,
given the revelation of NSA whistle-blower, Edward Snowden, in 2014, that
the so-called "Caliph," or leader of the Muslim terrorist group, "ISIS," Abu
Bakr Al Baghdadi, is in fact an Israeli Intelligence MOSSAD agent named
Elliot Shimon.

With the above-mentioned example of Jewish elites not wanting to
let their artificial crisis' "go to waste," we return back to our examination
of President Eisenhower who in the 1950s wanted to maximize his return
on "Red Scare". Who better than the head shepherd of Hades
Edward Bernays, to compel the American herd. Moonlighting 97
as head of psychological operations for the CI.A., Bernays began scripting
propaganda that would suppress logic while at the same time enhance the
public's irrational emotions regarding "Cold War" communism, effectively
linking Eisenhower government's ambitions with the American population's
fears and desires. This weaponized misinformation would be disseminated
through Bernays extensive network of Jewish controlled media, banks, cor-
porations, etc., and would fulfill Eisenhower's goal of controlling the irra-
tional forces within the unconscious minds of Americans that Bernays had
implanted during the 1920s.

The company Bernays' CI.A., Free-
mason President Truman, and Jew-
ish President Eisenhower worked
through to achieve absolute mind-
control of the U.S. population was
a CJ.A. front group named, "The
United Fruit Company, Inc." (UFC)
which owned a half million acres of
land filled with massive banana plan-
tations throughout Guatemala and
Central America. UFC was founded
in 1899 by .Minor C Keith's banana-
trading concerns with Andrew W.
Preston's Boston Fruit Company.
i>1inor Cooper Keith (1848 -1929)
was an American businessman and
Freemason who controlled all of
the national economies of Central
America through his railroads, ag-
riculture, and shipping. His South
American banana monopoly was acquired by UFC which is known today
as "Chiquita Brands International," formerly controlled by Cincinnati bil-
lionaire businessman Carl H. Lindner. Lindner, a '"Baptist," was awarded the
"Tree of Life Award" from the Israeli "Institute for Intelligence and Special
Operations" (MOSSAD) controlled "Jewish National Fund" and was the
largest non-Jewish purchaser of Rothschild Family controlled Israeli bonds.
Lindner's early financing came from Sir Isaac Wolfson, 1st Baronet, a militant
antichristian, Zionist Jew connected to "Israel's founding father" David Ben-
Gurion . .Minor C. Keith's banana plantations entered into his portfolio when
the Costa Rican government defaulted on its payments to Keith and could
no longer meet its financial obligations to the Rothschild Family controlled
London, England banks, from which the Costa Rican government had bor-
rowed to pay for its railroad system. To complete the project, the
98 Costa Rican government gave Keith 800,000 acres of tax-free
land and these terms were negotiated and agreed upon by former two times
President of Costa Rica and Keith's father-in-law, Jose Maria Castro Madriz,
a 33rd degree Freemason who established antichristian legislation within the
Costa Rican Government.

A central character in Bernays
CI.A.'s "Shadow Government" or-
chestrated 1950s South American
"Red Scare" psychological opera-
tion was Guatemalan Democratic
Presidential candidate Jacobo lu-
benz Guzman, nicknamed "The
Big Blonde Swiss" for his Swiss
ancestry. Having grown up under
The United Fruit Company's dicta-
tor financed and controlled "Banana
Republic," Guzman's primary Presi-
dential promise was to return con-
trol of Guatemala's natural resourc-
es and economy back to the people,
a promise Bernays' CI.A. would use
to connect Guzman with the General Secretary of the Central Committee
of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin.
To convince the American public that Stalin had moved into South Amer-
ica, Bernays met with key Jewish owned media companies to select CJ.A.
friendly journalists who would travel to South America to meet with CI.A.
friendly cabinet members associated with Guatemalan Presidential candidate
Guzman. These cabinet members parroted Bernays' scripted misinformation
to the Bernays' picked American journalists that Guzman was allied with Sta-
lin's communist Soviet Union. At the same time, Bernays' arranged meetings
were taking place, Bernays scheduled violent anti-American demonstrations
to break out in Guatemala's Capitol, these phony protests were then publi-
cized through Bernays' fake "independent" news agency in America, "The
Middle American Information Bureau" (MAIB). Articles created by Bernays'
MAIB were broadcasted via Bernays' Jewish American Radio Station and
Newspaper clients with headlines promoting the irrational idea that Joseph
Stalin's Red Army was amassing on America's southern border.

Co-conspirators in Bernays' "Shadow Government" were the U.S.
Secretary of State John Foster Dulles [pg. 100], who was also the senior part-
ner of "Sullivan & Cromwell" a firm which advised John Pierpont Morgan
G.P. Morgan) and the formation of J.P. Morgan's U.S. Steel. Sullivan & Crom-
well were also advisors to Thomas Alva Edison's "Edison Gen-
eral Electric". Cromwell had a reputation for turning around 99
financially ailing companies and was
given the moniker the "physician
of Wall Street," however, when we
examine Cromwell's close ties to
individuals such as J.P. Morgan, the
Rothschild and Rockefeller Fami-
lies, who collectively had unlimited
wealth, it becomes clear that Crom-
well's genius stemmed from his abil-
ity to quickly borrow vast amounts
of money from said money lenders.
It will be remembered that J.P. Mor-
gan was a co-founder of the private-
Secretary of State, John Dulles with ly owned Federal Reserve Bank, Inc.
President Eisenhower, 1956 along with The Rockefeller Family
and the Jewish Rothschild Family.
You will also recall that Edward Bernays was an advisor to the J.P. Morgan,
Rockefeller and Rothschild banking dynasty.

U.S. Secretary of State John Dull-
es [left], was also associated with a
group of attorneys that represented
the CJ.A. front group The United
Fruit Company and helped to estab-
lish a Banana Republic Dictatorship
and "Red Scare" in Guatemala.John
Dulles brother, CIA Director Alan
Dulles {left], who worked with Ed-
ward Bernays fake "independent"
news agency in America, ''The Mid-
dle American Information Bureau"
(MAIB) to create and promote the
national scare campaign, ''DUILES
"Red Peril" referred to Joseph Stalin's Communist Soviet Union and on
March 5, 1954 Alan Dulles made the following speech to the American peo-
ple stating:

"This conference was shocked by the dastardly attack on members of
the United States Congress by those who professed to be patriots. They
had been subjected to the inflammatory influence of communism, which
avowedly uses measures of extreme Nationalism as one of its tools."
The C.I.A.'s psychological operation (PSYOP) in Guatemala
100 was supported in large part by the militant antichristian "Su-
perior General of the Society of
Jesuits," otherwise known as the
"Black Pope". The Jesuits are so
incredibly satanic, their "Christo-
gram of the Jesuits" or "IHS em-
blem of the Jesuits" contains three
letters "IHS" [right] and what most
Catholics believe is a cross, in real-
ity the Jesuit emblem contains four
letters "S.H.I.T." During the C.I.A.'s
PSYOP against the peoples of Gua-
temala and the United States of
America, the Jesuit Catholic Church
worked under the codename "PBSUCCESS". It was through the Jesuit or-
der that South American peasants were brainwashed and convinced to fight
against and attempt to assassinate Guatemalan Presidential candidate Jaco-
bo Arbenz Guzman, a man who was attempting to eliminate the control
Edward Bernays' United Fruit Company "Banana Republic" and American
"Shadow Government" had over the Guatemalan people. Guzman publicly
announced that if elected President of Guatemala he would give the people
of Guatemala control over their financial and natural resources.

During an interview regarding the C.I.A's PSYOP methods and goal
in Guatemala, the C.I.A. Chief for Mexico, Howard Hunt, stated:

"have a terror campaign. To terrify Arbenz particularly and terrify his
troops, much as the Germans terrified the population of Holland, Belgium
and Poland at the onset of WWII and just rendered everybody paralyzed."

On August 28, 1922, The New York Times featured an article by
militant antichristian, Jewish Zionist leader, Dr. Nahum Sokolow titled,
to read that while at a Jewish Zionist conference in Carlsbad, California, Dr.
Nahum Sokolow bloviated about organized Jewry's globalist ambitions stat-

"The League of Nations is a Jewish idea, and Jerusalem some day will be-
come the capital of the world's peace."

I've cited the aforementioned 1922 quote from Zionist leader Dr.
Sokolow, because according to the United Nation's website [] the fore-
runner of the United Nations was the "Jewish idea" known as the League
of Nations [1920-1946] and on June 18, 1954, while C.I.A. pi-
lots were bombing Guatemala with C.I.A. owned airplanes, an- 101
tichristian Jesuit recruited and CI.A. trained Honduran insurgents attacked
from Guatemala's southern border, members of the "Jewish Idea" known as
the United Nations were called into emergency session at the behest of Jews
Edward Bernays and President Eisenhower to implicate the Soviet Union
Communist Party leader Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev as the one behind
the uprising in Guatemala. To further aggrandize the C.I.A.'s PSYOP, U.S.
Ambassador to the U.N. made a speech through which he pointedly stated to
the Soviet Union's ambassador:

" ... stay out of this hemisphere and don't try to start your plans and your
conspiracies over here".

Even though America's 33rd degree
Freemason President Harry Tru-
man was pictured in 1950 signing
the document which authorized
Edward Bernays and the C.I.A. to
set in motion a coup d'etat in Gua-
temala in 1952 Ueft], Bernays ad-
vised the Jewish President Dwight
D. Eisenhower to deny any involve-
ment in South America, a practice
which is condoned by the Jewish
"Kol Nidre". In that Jewish prayer,
Jews enter into an agreement with
their god [Satan] that any oath, vow,
or pledge that Jews make during the
next twelve months, or any oath,
vow or pledge that Jews take dur-
ing the next twelve months shall be
null and void. "The oath shall not be an oath; the vow shall not be a vow;
the pledge shall not be a pledge. They shall have no force and effect," and
so forth and so on. And further than that, the militant antichristian Jewish
Talmud teaches:

''Don't forget whenever you take an oath, vow, and pledge remember the
Kol Nidre prayer that you recited on the Day of Atonement, and that ex-
empts you from fulfilling that''.

Jacobo Arbenz Guzman and his wife were banished from Guate-
mala and thousands of Guzman's allies were imprisoned or shot. Edward
Bernays' and C.I.A. Director Dulles' psychological operation in South Amer-
ica produced communist revolutionary Che Guevara, who prior
102 to becoming a violent radical, supported Abenz's nonviolent
democratic Presidency and nationalist views. After Bernays' and the CIA's
overthrow of Guatemala, Guevara fled to Mexico where he met Cuban Dic-
tator Fidel Castro. The Guevara and Castro coalition gave birth to Castro and
Guevara's "Cuban Revolution" in 1959, Castro's Communist Party in 1965
and the 13-day "Cuban Missile Crisis" in 1962 in which the United States and
the Soviet Union clashed over Soviet ballistic missile deployment in Cuba
and the threat of "full-scale nuclear war" as scripted by The Tavistock Insti-
tute's "Science of Mass Manipulation through Crisis Creation," a Freudian
cult based organization that will be discussed in subsequent pages.

Bernays' and CJ.A. Director Dulles' destabilization of South Amer-
ica and monopoly on narcotics trafficking gave birth to a number of drug
lords. Shortly after Bernays' and the CI.A's 1950s overthrow and attempted
assassination of Guatemalan Democratic Presidential candidate Jacobo Ar-
benz Guzman, the "most powerful drug trafficker in the world," Joaquin "El
Chapo" Guzman would be born in1954. El Chapo Guzman would grow up
to head the "Sinaloa Drug Cartel" and according to the U.S. Drug Enforce-
ment Administration (DEA), El Chapo Guzman is "the godfather of the
drug world". With a net worth of over $1 billion, "the most ruthless, danger-
ous, and feared man on the planet," this according to the U.S. Government
that created him, has shipped more than 500 tons of cocaine into the U.S.,
along with methamphetamine, marijuana, ecstasy, and heroin. These drugs
kill tens of thousands of Americans each year, and costs U.S. taxpayers more
than $40 billion annually. According to Mexico's Instituto Nacional de Esta-
distica, Geografia, e Informatica, 164,345 civilians died between 2007-2014
as a result of Mexico's war against drug cartels. Bernays' and CI.A. Dulles'
1950s PSYOP also triggered the thirty-six-year Guatemalan Civil War be-
tween the U.S.-backed military government of Guatemala and leftist insur-
gencies that frequently had a large degree of popular support. The civil war
ran from 1960 to 1996, costing the lives of 200,000 civilians. During the civil
war, though atrocities against civilians were committed by both sides, 93% of
these violations were committed by the United States-backed military, includ-
ing the genocide of the indigenous Maya population in the 1980s.

After Jacobo Arbenz Guzman's and his wife's banishment from
Guatemala in 1954, a CI.A. backed arms dealer by the name of Carlos Cas-
tillo Armas was given power over Guatemala. Like all of the actors involved
in Bernays' and Dulles' C.I.A. PSYOP, Armas was an occultist born in "Santa
Lucia" near the "El Baul" archaeological site. Armas's occult affiliation and
birth place are significant because they play a role in the Cult of Saturn's
[Satan] ritual sacrifice, predictive programming, and ultimate orchestration
of the destabilization of South America and senseless murder of thousands
of human beings. Armas's birthplace of "Santa Lucia" is named
after Saint Lucia, who died c.304 A.D. during Roman Emperors 103
Diocletian, Maximian, Galerius, and Constantius series of edicts rescinding
the legal rights of Christians, resulting in the murder of countless Christians.
Armas's birthplace is also named after a figure ["Santa'1 which is in no way
rooted in Christianity, rather it was created by the Cult of Saturn, in fact the
letters in "Santa" spell Satan. The physical representation of Santa Christians
flock to is based on the Pagan Germanic figure "Odin," who is associated
with the gallows, death, battle, sorcery, etc. This is the Santa which replaced
the 3rd century "Saint Nicholas" who was associated with Jesus Christ's
teaching of anonymous and selfless giving in Matthew 6:3:

"But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand
know what thy right hand doeth:"

Saint Nicholas' nameless, altruistic persona is a stark contrast to our
modem "Santa Claus" and "Christmas" which is now based on Edward Ber-
nays' selfish consumerism. The custom of gifting to children at Christmas
was introduced by the father of the Protestant Reformation Martin Luther
as an alternative to the previous very popular custom of praising St. Nicho-
las. Luther's goal was to shift focus away from the worship of Saints and
back onto Jesus Christ. Martin Luther first suggested the Christ kind as the
bringer of gifts, however St. Nicholas remained popular as gifts bearer for
the people.

As early as 1804 the American Patriot and founder of the "New
York Historical Society," John Pintard, promoted Saint Nicholas as the pa-
tron saint of both the society and New York City. In 1823 an Episcopalian
named Clement Clarke Moore indoctrinated Americans with visions of a
rotund, pipe-smoking occult elf in his poem "A Visit from St. Nicholas"
which would later become known as "Twas the Night Before Christmas".
The stout, red suited, black belt wearing "Merry Old Santa Claus" found in
every U.S. mall in 2017 was popularized during the 19th century by Harper's
Weekly political cartoonist Thomas Nast whose father, Joseph Thomas Nast,
was a member of Adam Weishaupt's Illuminati in Bavaria [1846]. Nast's vi-
sual war propaganda was called by President Abraham Lincoln, "our best
recruiting sergeant." In 1902, Jewish President Franklin Delano Roosevelt
was an admirer of the Nast's visual propaganda and offered him an appoint-
ment as the United States' Consul General to Guayaquil, Ecuador in South

Lastly, Armas's birthplace near the "El Baul" [Baal] archaeological
site was important to the Cult of Saturn [Satan] because in the Satanic Jew-
ish religion of "Judaism," Baal was the god worshipped by Israelites. During
the 14th-12th century B.C. the cult of Baal would sacrifice their
104 children to their god Baal, by placing them in fire. The "Priests
of Baal " are referred to as Cohen or Kohen or plural: Cohanim or Kohanim,
which is a Hebrew word for priest or king, and the word Bal-Khan, specifi-
cally refers to the Priests of Baal. In early Israelite history, their God "Yah-
weh" was Baal. In 2017 many Christians have been deceived by the Cult of
Saturn [Satan] to turn away from Lord Jesus Christ and follow their god
Yahweh [Baal], which is the Devil, Beelzebub, Satan.

''And I have seen folly in the prophets of Samaria; they prophesied in Baal
and caused my people Israel to err" Deremiah 23:13]. "Will ye steal, murde;,
and commit adultery, and swear falsely, and burn incense unto Baal, and
walk after other gods whom ye know not;" Deremiah 7:9]. "The priests said
not, Where [is] the LORD? and they that handle the law knew me not: the
pastors also transgressed against me, and the prophets prophesied by Baal,
and walked after [things that] do not profit" Deremiah 2:8]. ''And he put
down the idolatrous priests, whom the kings of Judah had ordained to burn
incense in the high places in the cities of Judah, and in the places round
about Jerusalem; them also that burned incense unto Baal, to the sun, and
to the moon, and to the planets, and to all the host of heaven." [2 Kings
23:5). ''And they left all the commandments of the LORD their God, and
made them molten images, [even] two calves, and made a grove, and wor-
shipped all the host of heaven, and served Baal" [2 Kings 17:16).

For three years the CI.A's Guatemala dictator Carlos Castillo Armas
created an enemies list that included 10% of Guatemala, leading to the arrest
and murder of thousands of innocent men, women, and children in Guate-
mala, most of which were the very Jesuit recruited, CJ.A. trained peasants
who led the charge against Jacobo Arbenz Guzman. Armas's CJ.A. backed
campaign of terror on the Guatemalan people led to significant internal re-
sistance, which on the advice of the CI.A. was once again associated with the
specter of communism. After successfully imploding Guatemala's economy,
Armas's socialist dictatorship became reliant on the U.S. financially. Having
achieved the CJ.A. Shadow Government's goal of making Guatemala de-
pendent on U.S. taxpayers, a CI.A. recruited and tr~ed palace guard named
Romeo Vasquez Sanchez assassinated Castillo Armas in 1957. Sanchez com-
mitted suicide with the help of the CI.A. shortly thereafter.

After being placed in his position, Armas assisted Bernays and CI.A.
Dulles with another U.S. targeted psychological operation. During an inter-
nationally televised event, Vice President Richard Nixon and Carlos Armas
appeared in the Presidential Palace, standing in front of a mountain of com-
munist literature which had been placed there by Bernays and the CI.A. Dur-
ing his speech Vice President Nixon stated:

"This is the first time in the history of the world that the Communist Gov-
ernment has been overthrown by the people, and for that we congratulate
you and the people of Guatemala for the support they have given and we
are sure under your leadership, supported by the people whom I have met
by the hundreds on my visit to Guatemala that Guatemala is going to enter
a new era in which there will be prosperity for the people, together with lib-
erty for the people. Thank you very much for allowing us to see this exhibit
of communism in Guatemala."

Following Bernays' successful beta-test which demonstrated the lev-
el of control one could achieve through the course of a mass manipulation,
crisis creation psychological operation, Bernays' unconscious irrational pro-
gramming became more intricately designed and covert. Riding his wave of
"Red Scare" hysteria, while projecting the red-herring that the Soviet Union
was developing undetectable mind controlled slaves, Bernays began develop-
ing techniques that would effectively "Brainwash," a term Bernays himself
coined, the whole of American. Bernays' efforts were illegally financed using
American taxpayer dollars and green-lighted by treasonous unelected C.I.A.
shadow government officials. C.I.A. Chief Psychologist, Dr. John Gittinger
[1950-1974] said Bernays human exploitation psychological operations were
creating "automatons" [robots]:

" ... a great deal of vulnerability and that vulnerability could be manipulated
to program somebody to be something that I wanted them to be and they
didn't want to be. That you could manipulate people in such a way that they
could be automatons for whatever your own purposes were".


Terrorism, War & Bankruptcy
are caused by the privatization
of money, issued as a debt and
compounded by interest.

The Battle of Waterloo was
caused when Napoleon cancelled
Jewish controlled debt ["Usury"]
in France. This war allowed the
Rothschild Family to purchase
the Bank of England.


(~81\l)'fEll 11
IJ ! [ID N1iql IM IH!h I trn Ii Iii t1
During the 1950s, Edward Bernays'
unelected C.I.A. Shadow Govern-
ment officials illegally directed mil-
lions of taxpayer dollars into Uni-
versity psychological departments
throughout America to encourage
deadly experimental pseudoscience
based on the theories of Wilhelm
Wundt and Sigmund Freud. Bernays
was tasked with the goal of develop-
ing an effective method for hacking
into and controlling a human com-
puter. O ne of Bernays' most infa-
mous CI.A. programmers was D r.
Ewan Cameron, who mentally and
physically tortured countless Ameri-
can citizens through the C.I.A.'s il-
licit mind control program dubbed
"l\IK-Ultra". Dr. Ewan Cameron's
disguise as President of the Ameri-
can Psychiatric .Association (1952-1953), Canadian Psychiatric As-
sociation (1958-1959), American Psychopathological Associa-
tion (1963), Society of Biological Psychiatry (1965), and
World Psychiatric Association (1961-1966) allowed him
to victimize people throughout the world.

Dr. Ewan proved his loyalty when in 1945 he par-
ticipated in the Rothschild Family's, Freemason
President Truman's and Edward Bernays' orches-
trated "Nazi Nuremberg Trials". Dr. Ewan was
assigned the duty of evaluating Adolf Hitler's
deputy Fuhrer Rudolph Hess. Hess was born in
Alexandria, Egypt, and was the offspring of the
Fritz Hess bloodline, a wealthy merchant family
from Bavaria with ties to Adam Weishaupt's "lliumi-
nati". If you would like to learn about Hitler's obses-
sion with the Jewish Cult of Saturn [Satan]
108 please read my book at,
Dr. Cameron's professional pseudoscientific diagnosis was that Rudolph
Hess was suffering from "amnesia" and ''hysteria" following a relatively short
interview. Hess would later disclose that his "amnesia" was faked.

Prior to arriving at the Nazi Nurem-
berg trials, Dr. Cameron published
"The Social Reorganization of Ger-
many," In it Dr. Cameron recom-
mended that the entire nation of
Germany be subjected to re-educa-
tion camps where their penchant for
nationalism and orderliness would
be wiped-away. Applying the same
pseudoscientific wisdom he used to
establish Rudolph Hess' misdiagno-
sis, Dr. Cameron argued that if his
suggested course of action was not
met, the offspring of 1940s Ger-
mans would restructure themselves back into the Nazi party within 30 years.
Dr. Cameron associated all historical carnage with Germanic tribes and their
German offspring. Dr. Cameron's thesis ignored all of the historical evidence
that showed Khazarians and their so-called "Jewish" descendants were in
fact responsible for every major war throughout history, including the "Holy
Wars," and all slaughter leading up to and including WWI and WWII, a fact
corroborated by Gude Schnaper Rothschild [above] when she stated, "If
my sons did not want wars, there would be none". Gude was the wife of
Jewish banker Mayer Amschel Rothschild, founder of the banking
house Rothschild. Gude Rothschild was born on 23 August
1753 in the Frankfurter Judengasse as a daughter of Wolf
Salomon Schnapper, presumably in the "Haus zur
Oule". Her father was a merchant for the Principal-
ity of Saxony-Meiningen one of the oldest dynasties
in Europe. At the age of 17, Gude married Mayer
Amschel Rothschild on August 29, 1770 and gave
birth to a total of twenty children, ten of which
survived to adulthood.

The C.I.A.'s chief :MK-Ultra mind control pro-
grammer Dr. Ewan Cameron was so devoted to
his field of pseudoscientific wisdom which pro-
duced Rudolph Hess' misdiagnosis, torture through
human exploitation psychology, and the elimination
of national sovereignty, that he believed
the entire world should be subjected to his 109
"Social Reorganization". Hess proposed the only way the C.I.A.'s Shadow
Government would achieve this goal was to appoint adherents of Wundt and
Freudian cultism and MK-Ultra mind control slaves to positions of influ-
ence within government institutions with an emphasis on politics. Cameron
believed the only way to ensure a coherent scientific end to the world's social
challenges was to place all political decision making power in the hands of
CI.A. psychological programmers. Cameron believed the pseudoscience of
psychoanalysis could ferret out what was best for people. Some of the tech-
niques Cameron thought were suitable for the general population included
cocaine and LSD treatments, Electro Convulsive Therapy (ECT) otherwise
known as Electric Shock Therapy (EST). Cameron's treatment schedule par-
titioned a subject's mind into many different "Trauma Centers," similar to
that of a computer hard-drive which is separated into various folders. Within
each of these different "Trauma Centers" or mental folders a myriad of di-
verse personalities were shaped. To achieve complete control over a sub-
ject's mind, Cameron would administer the aforementioned treatments to
first erase all recollection a subject might have of a specific life experience,
else Cameron would completely erase all of a subjects memories, to the point
where a subject was placed into a vegetative state of consciousness. This re-
formatted human robot would then be reprogrammed by placing Cameron's
''Psychic Driving" tapes under a subject's pillow while they slept. Cameron's
automatons would be recreated in his image, executing what he and Bernays
deemed spiritually, morally, and socially acceptable.

Following Bernays' and Cameron's
success in developing undetectable
mind control slaves, the duo enlisted
the assistance of Sigmund Freud's
daughter Anna Freud to begin con-
ditioning Jewish elites controlled
assets throughout Hollywood. Us-
ing their newly develop C.I.A. MK-
Cltra "Trauma Center" formation
and mental reprogramming through
"Psychic Driving," the trio began
"Brainwashing" leading Hollywood
actors and actresses, Hollywood
Studio leadership, and so forth. A close ally of Anna Freud was Jewish Psy-
chiatrist Ralph R. Greenson (born Greenschpoon). Greenson worked
with the who's who in Hollywood, including Frank Sinatra, Tony Curtis, and
Marilyn Monroe. Using Bernays' and Cameron's "Trama Center" MK-Ultra
techniques, Greenson moved Monroe into his home, then proceeded to ef-
fectively reprogram Marilyn Monroe's mind through "Psychic
110 Driving," turning Monroe into Greenson's undetectable sex-
slave. Jewish elites literally fed off of Marilyn Monroe's life force. In fact
Ralph Greenson programmed Monroe to fall in love with and marry Ed-
ward Bernays' Jewish playwright friend Arthur Miller [below]. Monroe and
Miller divorced shortly before Monroe was sacrificed.

"My argument with so much
psychoanalysis is the preconcep-
tion that suffering is a mistake, or
a sign of weakness, or a sign even
of illness. When in fact, possibly
the greatest truths we know have
come out of people's suffering.
That the problem is to not undo
suffering or to wipe it off the face
of the earth but to make it inform
our lives, instead of trying to cure
ourselves of it constantly and avoid
it. And avoid anything but that
lobotomized sense of what they
call happiness. There's too much of
an attempt it seems to me to think in terms of controlling man, rather than
freeing him of defining him rather than letting him go. And it's part of this
whole ideology of this age which is power mad."

Edward Bernays' and Dr. Ewan Cameron's C.l.A. Shadow Gov-
ernment all played a role in the cover-up of Marilyn Monroe's sacrifice on
August 5, 1962, and the sacrifice of President John F. Kennedy on Novem-
ber 22, 1963. If you would like to learn the truth behind Marilyn Monroe's
and President John F. Kennedy's sacrifices, please read my book at, Killin- Frank Sinatra and Ralph Greenson were close friends due to
Greenson's Jewish Talmudic Rabbi lineage and Sinatra's close ties to the Ital-
ian Mafia. It will be remembered that Jews invented the "mystery schools"
today known as "Freemasonry" c.962 B.C. to deceive "Goyim" (non-Jews)
away from God. Beginning around c.33 A.D. Jewish "Mystery Schools" be-
gan deceiving Christians away from God, and have been doing so ever since.
Freemasonry became prominent throughout the world c.962 A.D., when ~e
oldest Freemason lodge in the world was opened on the British Isles; this
unknown history is covered in my book at, From the
central location of the British Isles, Jewish Freemasonry's tentacles spread
throughout the world. A prominent 33rd degree Freemason and founder _of
the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) Albert Pike was a mentor to the founder of Italian
Freemasonry, Revolutionary Terrorist Leader, Sicilian Gangster and founder
of the "Mafia" Giuseppe Mazzini.
K y
Assassin Flees After Shooting
'. ' ' . 1 i
It will be remembered that during the 1950s Bernays and unelected
CJ.A. Shadow Government officials coordinated the destabilization of Gua-
temala and out of that country's political and financial decline Cuban revolu-
tionaries Fidel Castro and Che Guevara were created. Flash forward to 1961
and the same C.I.A. Shadow Government which destabilized South America
and Cuba are placing blame for the unrest in these regions on U.S. President
John F. Kennedy's reduction in the number of airplanes, etc. in the Cuban
"Bay of Pigs" planned invasion and overall lack of support for the C.I.A.'s
Bay of Pigs failure. Having been educated by his father regarding the Jewish
Elite controlled C.I.A. Shadow Government threat and recent blackmail of
his Presidency, JFK fires one of the architects behind the 1950s destabiliza-
tion of South America, C.I.A. head Allen Dulles and a number of other
high-ranking C.I.A. employees following intelligence Kennedy had received
on Dulles that Dulles had lied to President Kennedy repeatedly.


President Lyndon B. Johnson meeting with
House Majority Whip Hale Boggs Oeft)

President Kennedy enlisted the help of the EB.I. to disassemble
C.I.A. operations and rake possession of C.I.A. weaponry. In addition to
reversing JFK's executive Order 11110, which stripped all power from the
Rothschild, Rockefeller and JP Morgan founded and controlled Federal Re-
serve Corporation, Inc., a client of both Edward Bernays and John Foster
Dulles. Following JFK's assassination, President Lyndon B. Johnson reas-
signed the former C.I.A. head [Allen Dulles) who President John F. Kennedy
had fired and who was a logical accomplice in the murder of JFK, to head up
the Warren Commission investigation into President Kennedy's Assassina-
tion. The same Warren Commission and "single bullet theory'' that Congres-
sional House Majority leader and this author's cousin Hale Boggs said:

"I had strong doubts about it." 113
Shortly after dissenting to the Allen Dulles managed Warren Com-
mission's majority which supported the ridiculous 'single bullet theory' that
took President Kennedy's life, CJ.A. Shadow Government associates of
future CJ.A. Director and President George H.W. Bush and Dulles disap-
peared Hale Boggs' twin engine Cessna 310 during a flight from Anchor-
age to Juneau. In the 1979 novel titled: 'The Matarese Circle', author Robert
Ludlum portrayed Boggs as having been murdered to stop his investigation
of the Kennedy assassination.

During the planning of the Bay of Pigs, Col. Fletcher Prouty com-
mented that the two ships to be used for the invasion were named "Houston"
and "Barbara", coincidently, future CI.A. Director and President George
H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara were living inside of Houston at that time.
Furthermore, the top secret code name for the Bay of Pigs was 'Operation
Zapata,' the name of George H.W. Bush's oil company. Moreover, in 1977
and 1978, the U.S. government released nearly 100,000 pages on the Ken-
nedy assassination, one of those documents disclosed the fact that intel-
ligence had been given to 'George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency'
the day after Kennedy's assassination. The coincidental lynch pin associating
George H.W. Bush with Kennedy's assassination was wealthy Texas Russian
oil tycoon George de Mohrenschildt who was both a high-level CI.A. Bush
colleague and control officer for Kennedy patsy Lee Harvey Oswald. The
Warren Commission, namely Scottish American Hale Boggs [Congressional
House Majority 1971], described George de Mohrenschildt and his wife as
two of the closest people to Oswald at the time of Kennedy's assassination,
and that it was the Mohrenschildts who funded Oswald's move to Dallas.
Shortly before his appearance at the House Select Committee investigating
Kennedy's assassination in the late 1970s, Mohrenschildt was found dead of
a gunshot wound. Forensic investigators discovered Mohrenschildt's address
book which contained the following name and address: 'Bush, George H.W.
[Poppy] 1412 W. Ohio also Zapata Petroleum Midland'. Lastly CI.A. intel-
ligence revealed de Mohrenschildt travelled frequently to Houston George
H.W. Bush's headquarters. De Mohrenschildt told people that he was meet-
ing with the Brown Brothers who coincidently were close friends and finan-
cial backers of Lyndon B. Johnson. The mistress of Lyndon B. Johnson said
that LBJ told her: "It was the CIA and the Oil boys". Who murdered JFK?
George H.W. Bush was both an "Oil boy" and "CIA'' official.

It will be remembered that under Sigmund Freud's nephew Edward
Bernays and daughter Anna Freud, Wundt and Freudian human exploitation
psychology manipulated the minds of U.S. soldiers and consumers through-
out the 1900s, however during the 1930s a competing force challenged Sig-
mund Freud's theories, replacing them with a new philosophy
114 based upon Satanist Aleister Crowley's law of "do what thou
wilt, ". Its creator taught that if an individual fulfilled his or her inner most
carnal desires and felt good about it, then they should embrace that habit
or weakness. The creator of this theory believed that this new form of ex-
pression would empower the individual and in-turn strengthen society as a
whole. Like Sigmund Freud's psychology of failure, this new programming
technique would ultimately twist the minds and morals of its subjects into a
weaker version of their original selves. It created emotionally helpless, glut-
tonous human beings, cut off from society. Through this new control sys-
tem, its creator believed that control would no longer be gained through
subjugation but by way of hedonism.

The inventor of the abovemen-
tioned hedonistic control system
was the radical Marxist Jewish psy-
choanalyst Wilhelm Reich. Reich
was a mentally dysfunctional human
being of the highest order. During
his childhood Reich was the vic-
tim of sexual abuse. In his writings
Reich communicated his sexual fan-
tasies featuring his mother, a woman
who cheated on his father regularly,
carrying on affairs with many men
until she was caught and committed
suicide. Reich also wrote about his
sexual encounters with animals [beastiality]. Reich used all of the aforemen-
tioned deviant behavior to develop a gun, powered by orgasms that he pub-
licly announced could make clouds rain and blow-up UFOs. This is the man
Jewish elites and American intellectuals chose as their life coach and architect
of a better society. The core premise of Reich's control method was based on
the human libido and in a phrase he coined, "The Sexual Revolution" a slo-
gan and control method the CI.A. used to further destabilize the Christian
American majority during the 1960s. Like other Jewish Saturn [Satan] cult
members, Reich's theories sought to destroy Christian morality, the Christian
family, and Christian nation of America. Reich was so demon possessed that
he would drive his grungy mobile clinic around town, promoting pedophilia,
adolescent sexuality, abortion, divorce, and pornography, an industry which
was created by Jews to destroy Christian morality throughout America.

Jewish Professor Nathan Abrams teaches American history at Ab-
erdeen University in the U.K In an article he wrote for the Jewish Quarterly,
winter 2004, Professor Abrams boasts about the Jewish created and con-
trolled pornographic industry and how it was invented for the
specific goal of destroying Christian morals: 115
"ls there a deeper reason beyond the mere financial as to why Jews in par-
ticular have become involved in porn? Pornography thus becomes a way of
defiling Christian culture. Jewish involvement in porn by this argument is
the result of an atavistic [genetic] hatred of Christian authority. They [fews]
are trying to weaken the dominant culture in America by moral subversion."

In the Israeli Intelligence (Mossad) controlled 'HAARETZ' maga-
zine February 3, 2014 an article titled, "Dirty Jews and the Christian Right".
The article reads in part:

''Brilliant actors like Larry David and Sarah Silverman are challenging
America's powerful religious, family-friendly culture and asserting their Jew-
ishness by glorifying obscenity."

The person Israel's HAARETZ magazine called 'brilliant' [fewess
Sarah Silverman], is the same person who in her 2006 Movie Titled: ''.Jesus is
Magic" states:

"Good! I hope the Jews did kill Christ, I'd do it again.
I'd F***ing do it again in a second!"

The person Israel's HAARETZ
magazine called 'brilliant' Jew Larry
David is the creator of both 'Sein-
feld' and 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'.
In October 25, 2009, an episode of
Curb Your Enthusiasm aired titled
"The Bare Midriff". In this episode
Larry David features himself uri-
nating on a picture of Lord Jesus
Christ. This is obviously an endorse-
ment of the Satanic Jewish Talmud,
which reads:

"Jesus is in hell where he is boiling in hot excrement."
- Talmud, Gittin 57a

Jew Reuben Sturman is the "father of porn" according to the U.S.
Department of Justice. Throughout the 1970s Sturman controlled the vast
majority of the pornography circulating in the country. By the mid-80s he
owned over 200+ adult bookstores. It was said that Sturman did not simply
control the adult-entertainment industry, he was the industry.

Jew Al Goldstein, the publisher of 'Screw Magazine', said on luk- ''The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think
that Christ sucks. We don't believe in authoritarianism." Pornography thus
becomes a way of defiling Christian culture and, as it penetrates to the very
heart of the American mainstream.

Like all Cult of Saturn [Satan] worshipers before him, Marxist Jewish
psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich's war against Jesus Christ led him into madness
and eventual led to his death. Reich's insanity reached its pinnacle when he in-
vented the term "Orgone Enery," a term to describe the source of "libidinal
energy". Along with his newly coined term, Reich constructed a large gun he
believed could capture energy from an individual's libido in the atmosphere,
then directing that individual's "Libidinal energy" onto clouds to produce
rain. Reich also believed his "Orgone Gun" could destroy Unidentified Fly-
ing Objects (UFOs) he believed were a threat to the human race. Reich's
tour de cuckoo came to an abrupt end when in 1956 Reich was arrested by
the Federal Government for selling his "Orgone Gun" to cure cancer. Reich
discovered the hard way that the U.S. Government is fine with human beings
raping animals and children, but claim to have a cure for cancer and you're
labeled a "madman". The U.S. Government burned tons of Reich's books
and pseudoscientific doodles. A short time after being placed in prison, Reich
was found dead in his cell. Unfortunately, the Cult of Saturn [Satan] demons
which possessed Reich's life and theories didn't die with him. Jewish elites
across the Christian West weaponized Reich's demonic theories and used
them to 'brainwash' and unconsciously control the masses. Sigmund Freud's,
Anna Freud's, and Edward Bernays' generational weakening of America's
unconscious mind, coupled with Reich's weaponized perversion, will become
the Jewish elite's demonic master opus, leading to a critically weakened im-
moral Western civilization.

During the 1960s, a newer genera-
tion of victimized Americans were
coming of age, seemingly awake 1
to their predecessor's generational
abuse. Embedded with an upgraded
version of unconscious irrational
fear based programming, this new-
est generation of mentally perse-
cuted attacked the psychological
techniques that had been used on
previous generations and on their
own. Much like what we're seeing
across America in 2017, protests
broke out across America in univer- 117
sity and college campuses. These protestors accused corporate America of
"brainwashing" the American public. It will be remembered that the C.I.A.
coined this phrase and used the mythical threat of a Communist Soviet Union
"Banana Republic" in Guatemala and "brainwashing" to develop Dr. Ewan
Cameron's C.I.A., MK-Ultra mind control program in the 1950s. It is by no
coincidence that the leader of these "spontaneous" campus protests across
America in the 1960s was another Jewish Marxist named Herbert Marcuse
[pg. 117), author of the 1958 book "Soviet Marxism: A Critical Analysis. All
of the research for Marcuse's book was based on the work he was involved
in during his time at the American O.S.S., this was the intelligence agency of
the U.S. during WWII and the predecessor of the modern day Central Intel-
ligence Agency (C.I.A). During his time at the O.S.S. Marcuse worked closely
with Jewish psychoanalyst Edward Bernays and Jewish President Franklin
Roosevelt. Marcuse was what is known as "Controlled Opposition" within
the C.I.A.'s Shadow Government.

Following the guidance of Edward Bernays' protegee and C.I.A.
"Controlled Opposition" Jewish Marxist Herbert Marcuse, young American
leftists began physically attacking what they perceived to be the source of
their social oppression. Their Bernays created unconscious irrational forces
stimulating slogan was, "There is a policeman inside all our heads he must
be destroyed". Under the guise of "Corporate oppression", leftists began ex-
ecuting their C.I.A. programming flawlessly. Marcuse's Leftists began attack-
ing the United States of America, The Constitution, etc. and the Christian
foundation upo!1 which these entities were constructed. One of the most
ruthless communist revolutionary groups inspired by Marcuse's Marxist
programming was a group named the ''Weatherman" or ''Weather Under-
ground". The anti-capitalistic Weatherman and many of their allies were cu-
riously upper class Jewish individuals who saw white working class Christian
Americans as the enemy and referred to them as "white skin privilege". The
Weather Underground leadership was comprised of murderers such as Llnda
Sue Evans, sentenced in 1987 to 40 years in prison for slaughtering two inno-
cent police officers and a Brinks armored truck guard. President Bill Clinton
commuted Evan's sentence in 2001. Before murdering three human beings
over greed and selfishness, radical terrorist Evans stated during a television
interview her agenda for "asserting positive values of life":

''We want to live a life that isn't based on materialistic values and yet the
whole system of Government and the economy of America is based on
profit, on personal greed and selfishness. So that in order to be human,
in order to love each other and be equal to each other and not place each
other in roles we have to destroy the kind of government that keeps us
from asserting our positive values of life."
In a 9/4/2001 article titled ''Pardoned, but unforgiving, "
Jewish Editor-in-Chief of «FrontPage Magazine" David Horowitz, profiles
Linda Evans. Horowitz writes:

'"On May 11, 1985, she was arrested again, charged and then convicted of
acquiring weapons, fake IDs and safe houses, and of terrorist actions. Her
targets included the U.S. Capitol Building, the National War College, the
Navy Yard Computer Center, the Navy Yard Officers Club, Israeli Aircraft
Industries, the FBI and the New York Patrolman's Benevolent Association.
In her possession were 740 pounds of dynamite. Evans was sentenced to
40 years in prison. But then her Clinton patrons intervened."

Upon being released from prison, Evans has carried on her anti-
American activities by supporting communism in Central America and fight-
ing against, «racism/white supremacy and Zionism". The article goes on to
share Evans' sympathy for a «race war" stating:

''As their pamphlet makes clear, the new radicalism is the old Weatherman
race war brought up to date (if a reactionary religious fanaticism can ever
be said to be «up to date'')."

Horowitz' article goes on to describe Evan's compassion for a black,
Muslim Imam in Atlanta, GA., H. Rap Brown, who shot and killed a police
officer. Evans suggests that race was a motive in this case even though the
police officer was black, the police chief was a black woman, and the mayor
was black.

Horowitz' article has all of the hall-
marks we see in thousands of other
Tavistock Institute based «Science
of Mass Manipulation through Cri-
sis Creation" misinformation. Con-
sider the fact that Linda Sue Evans
[right] is the product of Jewish
Marxist Herbert Marcuse; she hates
white people even though she's
white and she's defending the inno-
cence of a murderous black Muslim
Imam while protesting 'racism'. The
Irony here is that Jews invented the
«Slave-Triangle" which purchased
twenty-million black Africans from
Arab Muslims, then shipped 700,000
of those black Africans to ''British
America," which would become "The United States of America" [1776]. It
was in fact white Christian men who freed the offspring of British America's
700,000 black African slaves. Juxtapose The United States of America's freed
700,000 black African slaves with that of Pagan Arab and Muslim Arabs who
kinapped, castrated, turned into sex slaves, referred to blacks as "raisinheads,
"Satan," etc., and murdered an estimated 150 million black Africans, accord-
ing to David Wood's website at: Actsl, and the book, "The Legacy of
Arab-Islam In Africa," by John Allembillah Azumah, a black Professor and
Director of International Programs at Columbia Theological Seminary.

President Barack Hussein Obama's attorney general, Eric Holder,
was reportedly instrumental in securing Evans' pardon. Linda Evans is a
recipient of the Jewish billionaire investor, philanthropist and "Holocaust
survivor'' George Soros' "Justice Fellowship" and worked alongside Barack
Hussein Obama's, George Soros' funded ''Association of Community Orga-
nization for Reform Now (ACORN)". George's sons Alexander and Jona-
than are carbon copies of their militant antichristian father. Jonathan Soros
is connected to Bo Cutter (W. Bowman Cutter), a former senior economic
policy advisor in the Clinton administration, member of President Obama's
transition team, Rhodes Scholar, and managing director of "Warburg Pincus
[1996-2009]. Warburg Pincus traces its roots back to Eric Warbug [1939].
Eric was the offspring of the Warburg banking family, the same family who
controlled "Interessen Gemeinschaft Farben" or LG. Farben, the giant Ger-
man chemical firm which manufactured "Zyklon B," a cyanide-based pesti-
cide, which the cult of Holocaustism promotes as the poison Nazis used to
kill Jews during WWII.

It will be remembered that "Marxism" [Communism] was invent-
ed by Jews Carl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Interestingly, the author of the
aforementioned article, David Horowitz, was raised by Jewish parents Phil
and Blanche Horowitz who were high school teachers and members of the
Communist Party U.S.A., during the Edward Bernays', Rothschild Family's
orchestrated "Great Depression". According to Horowitz:

"Underneath the ordinary surfaces of their lives, my parents and their
friends thought of themselves as secret agents. The mission they had
undertaken, and about which they could not speak freely except with each
other, was not just an idea to them. It was more important to their sense
of themselves than anything else they did. Nor were its tasks of a kind they
could attend or ignore, depending on their moods. They were more like
the obligations of a religious faith. Except that their faith was secular, and
the millennium they awaited was being instituted, at that moment, in the
very country that had become America's enemy. It was this
120 fact that made their ordinary lives precarious and their secrecy
necessary. If they lived under a cloud of suspicion, it was the result of
more than just their political passions. The dropping of the atomic bomb
on Hiroshima had created a terror in the minds of ordinary people. News-
papers reported on American spy rings working to steal atomic secrets for
the Soviet state. When people read these stories, they inevitably thought of
progressives like us. And so did we ourselves. Even if we never encountered
a Soviet agent or engaged in a single illegal act, each of us knew that our
commitment to socialism implied the obligation to commit treason, too."

Additional key members of ''Weath-
er Underground" were Bill Ayers
[right], a mentor to President Barack
Hussein Obama (1/20/2009-
1/20/2017) and Jewish Attorney
Bernadine Dohrn (real last name,
Ohrnstein) who in a television in-
terview stated,

"There's no way to be committed
to non-violence in the middle of
the most violent society history has
ever created. I'm not committed to
non-violence in any way".

In 1969 The Weather Underground executed a number of terrorist
attacks using ''Weapons of Mass Destruction" [bombs] on American com-
panies they claimed were "brainwashing" people through their products.
Weather Underground's leadership justified their bomb attacks based on
their conclusion that these companies were developing bombs, etc. for the
war in Vietnam.

An interesting fact regarding the
Leader of The Weather Under-
ground Bernadine Dohrn (Ohrn-
stein) is that her Jewish mother,
Dorothy Soderberg, became a fol-
lower of Satanist Mary Baker Ed-
dy's " Science" cult which
was created and controlled by Jew-
ish Freemasonry. If you would like
to learn more about the Jewish de-
monology which is the foundation
upon which "Christian Science" was
constructed and how Walt Disney
was involved with this organization please read my book at, Killinglreland.
com, pgs. 169-226.

Failing to bring down the U.S. with physical violence, Bernays Shad-
ow Government operative, Jewish Marxist Herbert Marcuse's cult exchanged
its violent radical ideology for the sexual deviancy of radical Marxist Jewish
psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich, unarguably the most depraved psychiatrist in
the history of Wundt and Freudian pseudoscience. It will be remembered
that while in Vienna, Freud's pseudoscience of Psychology was created to
cover-up the fact that the epidemic of so-called "mental illness" was in fact
being caused by the rampant sexual mistreatment of young girls throughout
Vienna, a circumstance which caused Freud's own antisocial, mental instabil-
ity. Rather than exposing the scourge of pedophilia throughout Vienna to
the world, Freud chose to conceal his findings with the lie that young women
were having unconscious fantasies about a parent of the opposite sex, label-
ing these sexually abused girls with an "Oedipus Complex," which was based
on an ancient Greek fairytale. Like so many of the young victims of sexual
predation Freud failed to help throughout Vienna, Wilhelm Reich was him-
self the victim of his mother who sexually abused him when he was a young
boy. It will be remembered that in his writings Reich graphically recounted
his household's sexually deviate matriarch, including how his mother cheated
on Wilhelm's father, prostituting herself to many other men inside of the
family home. Wilhelm then describes how after being caught in the act of
infidelity, his mother committed suicide.

Reich's incredibly perverse childhood produced a malformed adult
who considered sexual interactions with animals [bestiality], homosexuality,
sadomasochism, pedophilia, and so forth natural behaviors. Reich's mental
illness possessed him to develop a "gun" Reich believed could cultivate a
human being's orgasms, then redirect those organisms towards clouds to
make them rain. Reich also believed his orgasm powered weapon could shoot
down Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) in the sky that were sent here to
destroy earth. The aforementioned profile was who elite inbred, syphilitic
intelligentsia chose as America's manager of society, creator of high culture
and moral bellwether.

A product of Reich's high culture was Jewish political radical and
C.I.A. front man for the '<\'ippies" movement during the 1960s Stew Al-
bert [pg.123, top]. One of Albert's radical colleagues was C.I.A. operative
"poet" and Jewish homosexual Buddhist Allen Ginsberg. During the 1950s,
Ginsberg was a central figure within the C.I.A.'s social control movement
known as the ''Beat Generation". Advocates for the Beat Generation were
known as ''Beatniks". Allen Ginsberg was a mirror image of
122 his morally deformed mentor Wilhelm Reich. Ginsberg champi-
oned the importation of New-Age,
Luciferian based, Eastern religions
into America's Christian majority,
promoted sexual deviancy, pushed '
psychedelic drug use, encouraged
pedophilia and bestiality, publicized
pornography and homosexuality
at a time when sodomy laws made
homosexuality a crime in every
U.S. state. Ginsberg's ''Beat Gen-
eration" counterculture movement
gave birth to another CI.A. social
control movement known as the
"Hippie Movement". As this is too
complex of a history to expand on in this book, I recommend that you read
my book at pgs. 147-162 to gain an in-depth understand-
ing of which musicians, Hollywood stars, producers, and politicians were
involved in the C.1.A.'s "Hippie" human exploitation program during the

Allen Ginsberg [right] was good
friends with :MK-Ultra mind control
slave and musician John Lennon of
The Beatles. In fact Ginsberg and
mathematician Charles Lutwidge
Dodgson's !_Lewis Carroll] poem
"The Walrus and the Carpenter"
(from the book "Through the Look-
ing-Glass), the sequel to ''Alice's Ad-
ventures in Wonderland" was John
Lennon's inspiration for the song "I
Am The Walrus".

Bear in mind that Edward
Bernays' and Ewan Cameron's
CI.A. :MK-Ultra mind control slave
program pulled characters from
the pages of Alice's Adventures in
Wonderland and Walt Disney movies, using these persons and creatures to
reprogram their human robots, simply for the mere fact that Alice in Won-
derland creator Dodgson "Lewis Carroll" [pg.124] was himself a member
of the Illuminati and practitioner of pedophilia. Like his character ']\lice,"
Dodgson lived a life of illusion, promoting himself publicly as
a Christian and member of the Church of England. When a 123
friend asked Dodgson about his commitment to Jesus Christ, he responded:

"I believe that when you and I
come to lie down for the last time,
if only we can keep furn hold
of the great truths Christ taught
us-our own utter worthlessness
and His infinite worth; and that
He has brought us back to our one
Father, and made us His brethren,
and so brethren to one another-
we shall have all we need to guide
us through the shadows. Most
assuredly I accept to the full the
doctrines you refer to---that Christ
died to save us, that we have no
other way of salvation open to us
but through His death, and that it
is by faith in Him, and through no
merit of ours, that we are recon-
ciled to God; and most assuredly I can cordially say, "I owe all to Him who
loved me, and died on the Cross of Calvary."

In reality, when we study Dodgson's writings, photography, and
mentors we gain a glimpse of his true nature. In 1856, Dodgson took up
the new art form of photography under the influence first of his uncle Skef-
fington Lutwidge, and later of his Oxford friend Reginald Southey. Both his
friend Reginald and His uncle Skeffington were "Commissioners in Lunacy"
a U.K public body established by the "Lunacy Act of 1845," the predecessor
of this act was the "Madhouses Act of 1774," which was notoriously used by
elites as a tool to subjugate their critics by simply labeling them "insane".

Dodgson's pedophilia leanings were exposed during an exhaustive
study of his work, which revealed that over half of his surviving photogra-
phy depicted female children in unseemly settings. Coincidently over 60%
of Dodgson's portfolio has disappeared. Many of Dodgson's "child-friends"
were teenagers and his friendship would end when these girls reached the age
of fourteen.

Years before writing ''Alice in Wonderland" in 1865, Dodgson pho-
tographed his inspiration for Alice, an eleven year old girl named "Alice Lid-
dell". The photograph features the preteen with the top of her tattered dress
pulled down, exposing her chest. Dodgson also photographed
124 many of his preteen female subjects fully nude. One of these
young girls was Beatrice Hatch who is said to have been Dodgson's "muse".
Beatrice Hatch was the daughter of Edwin Hatch, who like Dodgson pro-
moted himself publicly as a "Christian Theologian". Edwin Hatch too was
the vice-principal of St. May Hall Oxford and later a university reader in
Ecclesiastical history. Edwin was close friends with Thomas Henry Hux-
ley and Aldous Huxley, the grandson of Thomas Henry Huxley, who was
known as "Charles Darwin's Bulldog". Aldous was also brother to Julian
Huxley, the first Director of the Jewish founded "United Nations Educa-
tional, Scientific and Cultural Organization" (UNESCO). Julian co-founded
the ''World Wildlife Fund (WWF) along with 33rd Degree Freemason Prince
Philip and Prince Bernhard Prince Philip is the husband of The Queen of
England [Queen Elizabeth]. Prince Philip is also a majority shareholder in
Archer Daniels Midland Co. [ADM:], one of the largest food distributors in
the world. What should concern the global Christian community is that while
he controls a large portion of the world's food supply, he also harbors psy-
chopathic tendencies namely the extermination of billions of human beings,
. in fact Prince Philip once said:

"If I could be reincarnated, I would wish to return to Earth
as a killer virus to lower human population levels."
- Prince Philip

Consider the fact that one day Prince Philip, or one of his colleg-
ueages, may decide to place a virus into the global food supply. For this rea-
son, it's vital that the Christian American majority take back control of their
local Organic food supply.

World Wildlife Fund co-founder Prince Hernhard was a former
Nazi SS officer and husband of Queen Betrice of the Netherlands, who
stepped down to make her son King 4/30/2013. Betrice's son has attended
every Bilderberg Conference that's been held since his coronation. The Bil-
derberg Group is a well documented consortium of global elitists who literal-
ly control every Nation and major Corporation and Company on the planet.
These are the same wicked individuals who concocted the idea of vaccinating
our Christian children with brain damaging, cancer causing toxins, fluoridat-
ing, and chlorinating our minds into oblivion and slow killing America with
the Jewish founded Monsanto Corporation's genetically modified organisms
[GMOs] which cause endocrine system shutdown and colon cancer.

The first time Fluoride was placed into a water supply was in the
Communist U.S.S.R. Soviets mixed fluoride into prison water supplies to
make prisoners more compliant. Think about this next time you're about
to purchase toothpaste at the grocery store or drink water with
fluoride or allow your dentist to clean your teeth with fluoride. 125
World Wildlife Fund co-founder Prince Bernhard had dozens of
mistresses throughout Europe and was so motivated to support his ring of
prostitutes that he joined forces with Julian Huxley and Prince Philip to cre-
ate what is today known as The World Wild Fund [WWF]. His public pro-
paganda promoted the idea that he founded the World Wildlife Fund to save
exotic animals from being slaughtered. He then sued the World Wrestling
Federation to capture the name.

Under close scrutiny of Bernhard's operation it became apparent
that the WWF he founded was actually being used principally to run clandes-
tine operations throughout Africa, Asia, etc. Contrary to the public motto of
this organization to "protect nature", Prince Bernhard would make tens of
millions of dollars, on a monthly basis, by simply orchestrating the poach-
ing operations of exotic animals. This included his warm and fuzzy, save the
animals, World Wild Llfe Fund, which facilitated the actual killing of these
exotic animals. The tens of millions of dollars Bernhard made on poaching
animals were paid to his extensive network of European prostitutes.

Aldous Huxley is also the author of "Brave New World" a novel
which sets forth Jewish elite's plan to condition America's Christian Ameri-
can majority to accept "reproductive technology" [abortion, genetic manipu-
lation, reproductive lotteries, etc.] sleep-learning which is used in the C.I.A.'s
MK-Ultra mind control slave programs, psychological manipulation, and
classical conditioning all created by Wilhehn Wundt and Sigmund Freud.

Return now to our examination of Allen Ginsberg's friend John
Lennon and his music. Lennon's famous song "Imagine" contains the term,
"I'm-A-Gin". A Jinn or Genie is a demon. What's more, The Beatles' song
"Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" contains the acronym for the CI.A. cre-
ated drug "Lysergic acid diethylamide" (LSD).

While we're on the subject of John Lennon's promotion of imagina-
tion, I'd like to point out here that it was Walt Disney who emboldened the
idea of imagination in the minds of Christian America's children. This is the
same Walt Disney who once said:

''To be honest about the matter, when our gang goes into a huddle and
come out with a new Mickey Mouse story, we will not have worried one bit
as to whether the picture will make the children better men and women."

- Overland Monthly, published 1933, titled: "The Cartoon's Contribution to
Children, by Walt Disney.

This too is the same Walt Disney
who struck down the idea of con-
structing a Christian Church on Walt
Disney property, while at the same
time maintaining a membership
at Mary Baker Eddy's "Church
of Christ, Scientists" founded in
1879. Eddy [right] based her so-
called "Christian" belief system on
Hinduism which in fact believes
man can become God and that the
material world is an illusion. " ... and
ye shall be as Gods." [Satan] - Gen-
esis 3:5. The idea that the material
world is an illusion is fundamental
to Walt Disney's universe, the idea
that humans can do anything if they
just believe in themselves and ignore God, "hath god said" [Satan] - Genesis
3:1, instead of believing in Jesus Christ's promise that, "With men this is im-
possible; but with God all things are possible," [Matthew 19:26].

Walt Disney's ''When You Wish Upon a Star" encapsulates what I
refer to as the religion of Disneyism, parroted by ''New-Age" pastors such
as Oral Roberts, John and Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, Benny Hinn, and thou-
sands of others. These men are all too willing to deliver whatever a listen-
ers "itching ears" [2 Timothy 4:3] want to hear as long as you, "give until it
hurts!" After all, pain is what salvation is all about right? No, actually the Holy
Bible tells readers that salvation in Jesus Christ is "rest'', "Quietness" and

Mary Baker Eddy's affinity
for the occult is unsurprising con-
sidering Freemason Henry Steele
Olcott, co-founder of Helena Bla-
vatsky's ''Theosophical Society" was
an associate of Mary Baker Eddy.
Blavatsky and Olcott met at one of
the Eddy Brother's seances to com-
municate with the dead. Eddy's son,
George Washington Glover II
[right], was a Freemason and mem-
ber of the Illuminati. In this picture
Glover II is displaying the hidden
hand of the Illuminati.
Mary Baker Eddy herself was married to a Satanic Freemason, in
fact the only secret society Eddy allowed her Christian Science members to
join was Freemasonry. The darling of Freemasonry, Eddy's Christian Sci-
ence material was published in the Freemason's Monthly Magazine. Several
Christian Science directors, board members and editors were Freemasons,
including the President of the "Mother Church" in 1922-23 and 1923-24.

The connection between Christian Science, Freemasonry, and the
Knights Templars may be seen in the Christian Science insignia of a cross
and crown. Since antiquity, the cross and crown logo has been associated
with the historical degrees in freemasonry, knighthood of York, Scottish
rites, and so forth.

Walt's decision to place man's imagination above God, while at the
same time denying a Christian Church, would have surely garnered praise
from his Knights Templar handlers. The following are a few of the many
Biblical verses that warn us of the eminent risk associated with being obedi-
ent to the exaltation of Imagination.

"Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against
the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the
obedience of Christ;" - 2 Corinthians 10:5

''And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that
every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually."
- Genesis 6:5

''Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither
were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart
was darkened." - Romans 1:21

"They say still unto them that despise me, The LORD hath said, Ye shall
have peace; and they say unto every one that walketh after the imagination
of his own heart, No evil shall come upon you." - Jeremiah 23:17

''And they said, There is no hope: but we will walk after our own devices,
and we will every one do the imagination of his evil heart." - Jeremiah
"Thou hast heard their reproach, 0 LORD, and all their imaginations
against me;" - Lamentations 3:60

To learn how Walt Disney's empire was constructed upon Satanism and to
this day promotes Luciferiansim, please read my book at, Kill-
Like Walt Disney, John Lennon and the rest of The Beatles were fol-
lowers of Satanist Aleister Crowley. Lennon and his Director friend Roman
Polanski were also good friends with Church of Satan founder Anton Lavey.
Polanski was the husband of Scottish American Actress Sharon Tate who
was sacrificed on 8/9 /1969 [666] aged 26 by the Manson family.

The patriarch of the Manson Fam-
ily was Scottish American Charles
Manson [right]. Born Charles
Miles Maddox, Charles' biologi-
cal father was Scottish American
Walker Scott. What made Charles
[Scott] 1fanson such a stimulating
instrument for the Church of Baby-
lon was that his father was a descen-
dent of the Christian Dalriada who
migrated from Ireland to Scotland
c.500 A.D. These were ancient Celts
who fought against and destroyed
the unholy trinity of the Church of
Babylon which includes, The Ser-
pent Cult of Dann, Nimrod and
1.fasonic Babylonian Talmudism. 1bis is why the demons, who still have pos-
session of Manson, carved the mark of Dann [Swastika] or "X" of Nimrod
into Charles [Scott] Manson's forehead. To learn more about the ancient Cult
of Dann's vendetta against the ancient Christian Celts, please read my book

Contrary to the generational pro-
gramming surrounding the murder
of Sharon Tate [right], "Charles
1.fanson's Family" and so forth, Sha-
ron Tate's sacrifice was orchestrated
by her husband of less than one
year, Jewish pedophile, rapist, and
sodomite director Roman Polan-
ski [pg.130], who was conveniently


~ ~
out of the Country during the sacri-
fice of Sharon, who was eight-and- tit


a-half months pregnant at the time. " .·•.. .··•..·····.i!..


Like all Jewish elites, Polanski loved -,}-


to molest, sodomize, rape, torture
and murder children, particularly
ones of Irish and Scottish ancestry.
In 1977, Polanski was arrested for
the statutory rape of a 13-year-old
girl named Samantha Geimer, who
he raped inside of the Jacuzzi at
Hollywood Actor Jack Nicholson's
home on Mulholland. Dr. Polanski
directed a number of Satanic films,
most notably 'Rosemary's Baby'

Rosemary's Baby was filmed in the
Dakota building where Irishman
John Lennon, who again was good ·
friends with Polanski, was shot
to death. In the movie, the elites,
including a cameo by Church of
Satan's founder, Anton LeVay, de-
mand Rosemary's baby for success
and fame. One year after, Polanski's pregnant wife Sharon Tate was murdered
by Charles Manson's followers. Manson was seen frantically waving Masonic
gestures during his trial. The technical advisor for Rosemary's Baby was An-
ton Lavey who died age 67 [6+7=13]. Sharon Tates' last completed film was
titled 12+1, which equals 13.

Sharon's 12+1 film co-star was Or-
son Welles [left]. Orson was the ra-
dio broadcaster of the first electronic
mass media psychological operation
(psyops) created by Princeton Uni-
versity Radio Project, under the su-
pervision of psychologist Dr. Paul
F. Lazarsfeld, Frank Stanton (later
the head of CBS Radio and Televi-
sion and RAND Corporation). The
psyop was financed by The Rocke-
feller Family and program was titled
''War of the Worlds," a radio ver-
sion of H.G. Welles 1897 book of
the same name. H.G. Welles book
was based on Social Darwinism, in
that the aliens exercise over humans
their 'rights' as a superior race. Welles' world view was shaped by Thomas
Henry Huxley, who it will be remembered was given the name
130 "Darwin's Bulldog" for his fervent support of Charles Darwin;
as a matter of fact, Huxley was a pallbearer at the funeral of Charles Darwin
[4/26/1882]. In 1864 Henry launched an dining club named,
"The X Club" venerating the Serpent Cult of Dann. Henry Huxley was the
grandfather of the future director of UNESCO, Julian Huxley, an enthusiast
of the USSR dictator Joseph Stalin. Julian Huxley once said that he admired
the social and economic planning results achieved by Stalin. It was Stalin's
planning that Huxley so admired, which led to the starvation and murder of
more than 14 million Ukrainians, nearly fourteen times the number
of Jews murdered by Hitler. Huxley also said:

"The lowest strata are reproducing too fast. Therefore ... they must not
have too easy access to relief or hospital treatment lest the removal of the
last check on natural selection should make it too easy for children to
be produced or to survive; long unemployment
should be a ground for sterilization."

"I suppose the reason why we leapt at the Origin of Species [Darwin's
Theory] was that the idea of God interfered with our sexual mores" - Sir
Julian Huxley, Head of UNESCO

A bonafide success, War of the World's reached more than 6 million
people. The Rockefellers used this Invasion scenario to develop a
''Psychology of Panic" system of measure which cross-referenced a demo-
graphic, psycho-graphic, and statics database to judge susceptibility to pho-
bias, fatalism, and fear of war. Just two years after the success of ''War of
the Worlds" The Rockefeller Family financed The Office of Public Opinion
Research (OPOR) at Princeton, which was run by Dr. Hadley Cantril. One of
OPOR's major studies was analyzing the effectiveness of propaganda devel-
oped by the forerunner of the CIA, known as the (OSS) Office of Strategic
Services. The fear of an 'Alien Invasion' hoax has been used for generations
by the Church of Babylon to control those who have been deceived away
from God. In 1917 Marxist John Dewey was the first 'public servant' to
promote the fear of an Alien threat stating, "Some one remarked that the
best way to unite all the nations on this globe would be an attack from some
other planet. In the face of such an alien enemy, people would respond with
a sense of their unity of interest and purpose." Decades later on 9/21/1987,
President Ronald Reagan continued this psyop in a speech made to the 42nd
General Assembly of the United Nati.on stating:

"In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how
much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside,
universal threat to make us realize this common bond. I occasionally think
how quickly our differences would vanish if we were facing an
alien threat from outside this world." 131
Irishman Musician, John Lennon
[left], was sacrificed 12/8/1980, at
age 40, by .MK-Ultra mind control
slave, Mark David Chapman. Mark
was programmed at Frank Zappa's
CIA controlled MK-Ultra program-
ming site named "The Log Cabin"
located in Southern California's,
Laurel Canyon. I explain in detail
the significance of Jim Morrison's
and Frank Zappa's Laurel Canyon
on the 1960s "Hippie Movement"
throughout my book at, Killinglre-

The connection between the CIA programming site and John Len-
non's sacrifice is the popular 1960s singer and member of Zappa's Laurel
Canyon, Jackson Browne, whose manager was militant antichristian, Jewish
media mogul, David Geffen, who in 1971 became Browne's agent. Coinci-
dently, David Geffen was present immediately following Lennon's sacrifice
and escorted alleged co-conspirator, Yoko Ono, away from Roosevelt Hospi-
tal. David Geffen later issued a statement on Ono's behalf:

''John loved and prayed for the human race. Please do the same for him."

Geffen's request was nonsensical considering John Lennon's hatred
for prayer, Christianity, and God. Perhaps Ono wanted people to pray to
Lennon's god, Lucifer? After all, John Lennon regularly flashed the devil
horns hand-sign. Lennon was also a big fan of the most evil man in the
world, so much so that he placed Satanist Aleister Crowley on the cover of
The Beatles' album titled, "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Band". Just fourteen-
years prior to being gunned down; Lennon had this to say about Christianity:

"Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. I needn't argue about that;
I'm right and I'll be proven right. We're more popular than Jesus now; I
don't know which will go first-rock 'n' roll or Christianity. Jesus was all
right but his disciples were thick and ordinary. It's them twisting it that ruins
it for me." - John Lennon 1966

To illustrate how creative demons are at deceiving men and women
into trusting them, we're going to examine John Lennon's sacrificial profile.
I'm sure you would agree that in a war planning scenario it's important to
understand the profile of the General you're fighting against,
132 only then are you able to determine his capabilities. The oldest
available record to us which describes the skill of this particular General is
found inside of the King James Holy Bible, it's here that we read, Satan was
a "cherub" [angel] "full of wisdom," and "perfect in beauty and in thy ways"
[Ezekiel 28:12, 14] and that he " ... hast been in Eden the garden of God;
every precious stone was thy covering," [Ezekiel 28:13]. After reading Satan's
profile it's logical to conclude that this General is a highly intelligent created
being, who possesses an advanced understanding of the Universe, including
the elements it's comprised of and the laws in which these elements follow.
It too is logical to conclude that this advanced understanding of the created
Universe would allow Satan or any one of his fallen angels [demons] to ma-
nipulate these forces, creating what human beings would interpret as miracu-
lous. Modern day "magicians" such as Criss Angel, David Blaine, Hans Klok,
Cyril, Yif, Justin Flom, Keith Berry, and others deceive people into believing
that they, like Jesus Christ, can turn water into wine and ascend into the air,
trickery meant to sow the seeds of doubt in the minds of human beings re-
garding Jesus Christ's miracles. Magicians perform these illusions while under
the influence of demonic energy. Many of the "how-to" books and guides
online instruct would-be magicians to wait for spirit energy to make itself
known to them in order to complete the last step required for them to be-
come a "true magician." To see with your own eyes watch Xendrius ''Demon
Magicians" on Youtube.

"And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles
which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that
dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had
the wound by a sword, and did live. And he had power to give life unto
the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and
cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should
be killed. And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and
bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that
no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the
beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath un-
derstanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man;
and his number is Six hundred threescore and six [666]."
Revelation 13:13-18

With the aforementioned knowledge in mind, let's examine the illu-
sion [magic] of satanic numerology and how John Lennon's obsession with
this demonic trickery cost him his life. After reading the occult book, "Chei-
ro's Book of Numbers," Lennon became fanatical with the idea that nu-
merology influenced his destiny and contained "secret wisdom" capable _of
protecting his life. Using Cheiro's formula's, Lennon spent his days creating
notes on "birth numbers" and "name numbers." Lennon was
obsessed with the number 9, his wife was born 2/18 [2x9=18. 133
In addition [6+6+6=18 or 666], his band mate, Paul McCartney, was born
6/18 [666], according to Cheiro's law the name John equals 18 [666] and the
Dakota Bldg, on West 72nd Street, where Lennon was shot, was built in 1881,
which according to Cheiro's law equals 18 [666]. Cheiro's law also claimed
that the number 27 [3x9] was a lucky number for Lennon stating:

" ... it indicates that reward will come... It is a fortunate number." The man
who sacrificed Lennon was named Mark David Chapman and according to
Cheiro's law, Mark calculates to 9 and Chapman calculates to 27 [3x9]. To
the occult 6s are concealed using 9s, therefore Chapman calculates to 666.

It would appear that 9 or 6 was a "fortunate number," which ulti-
mately yielded a reward, not for John Lennon, but for the demon who de-
ceived him.

''.And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave
them over to a reprobate [evil] mind, to do those things which are not con-
venient;" - Romans 1:28

The majority of famous musi-
cians during the C.I.A. PSYOP of
the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s have
been followers of Satanist Aleister
Crowley, including Jimmy Page of
Led Zepplin fame. Page ~eft] actu-
ally purchased Crowley's "Boleskine
House" a manor on the south-east
side of Loch Ness in the Scottish
Highlands. Jimmy Page's publish-
ing house, "The Equinox Book-
sellers and Publishers" in London
published a facsimile of Aleister
Crowley's Satanic 1904 edition of
"The Goetia". Page has been a fan
of Crowley for many years stating:

"I feel Aleister Crowley is a misunderstood genius of the 20th century. It is
because his whole thing was liberation of the person, of the entity and that
restrictions would foul you up, lead to frustration which leads to violence,
crime., mental breakdown, depending on what sort of makeup you have un-
derneath. The further this age we're in now gets into technology and alien-
ation, a lot of the points he's made seem to manifest themselves all down
the line. ... I'm not saying it's a system for anybody to follow. I
134 don't agree with everything but I find a lot of it relevant and
it's those things that people attacked him on, so he was misunderstood .... I'm
not trying to interest anyone in Aleister Crowley any more than I am in
Charles Dickens. All it was, was that at a particular time he was expound-
ing a theory of self-liberation, which is something which is so important.
He was like an eye to the world, into the forthcoming situation. My studies
have been quite intensive, but I don't particularly want to go into it because
it's a personal thing and isn't in relation to anything apart from the fact that
I've employed his system in my own day to day life.... The thing is to come
to terms with one's free will, discover one's place and what one is, and from
that you can go ahead and do it and not spend your whole life suppressed
and frustrated. It's very basically coming to terms with yourself."

Jimmy Page also wrote the soundtrack music for the Satanic film
"Lucifer Rising" which was directed by fellow Aleister Crowley cult member
Kenneth Anger. Four symbols on the jacket of Led Zeppelin's fourth album
are linked to Jimmy Page's interest in the occult. The four symbols repre-
sented each member of the band. Page's own so-called "Zoso" symbol origi-
nated in Ars Magica Arteficii (1557) by Gerolamo Cardano, an old alchemical
grimoire, where it has been identified as a "Saturn [Satan] Sigil". The sigil is
reproduced in the "Dictionary of Occult, Hermetic and Alchemical Sigils"
by Fred Gettings.

During performances, Jimmy Page showcased his "Saturn [Satan] Si-
gil" [Zoso] which was embroidered on his clothing. These were visible most
notably on his "Dragon Suit", which included the signs for Page's Sun, As-
cendant and Moon signs. As I've mentioned earlier, the Cult of Saturn [Sa-
tan], otherwise known as Judaism Uews], created Islam and the logo for Islam
is the crescent moon. The moon is associated with the Cult of Baal and both
the cult of Saturn and Baal worship Satan and both the religions of Judaism
and Islam worship a black cube.

To illustrate how the cults of Judaism and Islam both worship Satan,
consider the fact that the Talmud commands Jews to wear a 'Tefillin' cube
of Saturn [Satan] on their head and body, while praying to Lucifer [pg. 136]].
This cube of Satan is identical to Islam's 'Kaaba' which means "cube" fpg.
136]. Jews invented the cult of 'Kabbalah' and Islam. All of these satanic
cults "despiseth" Jesus Christ [Luke 10:16]. One last bit of information re-
gardingJews all Christians should know about is that on ''Passover" Jews eat
fish to represent the eating of "leviathan," and when we read Isaiah 27:21
and Job 41, leviathan is Satan. Jews believe that when their anti-Christ [false
Christ] comes they will eat Leviathan's flesh or Satan's flesh.

If • •
Jewish Black Cube of Saturn [Satan] Islam's Black Cube of Saturn [Satan]
"Tefillin" "Kaaba"

"I believe that if these writings were read by the common man and the
youth they would stone all their rabbis and hate them more violently than
they do us Christians." - Martin Luther, On The Jews And Their Lies: 9/11,
pg. 39,

Additional famous musicians who
were followers of Aleister Crowley
include David Bowie, Jim Mor-
rison of "The Doors" and Jim's
father, Navy rear admiral, George
Morrison. George Morrison was so
indoctrinated into Satanism he as-
sisted Jewish elites and their puppet,
President Lyndon B. Johnson, with
the Gulf of Tonkin "false flag" op-
eration, ["Tonkin Gulf Incident'1
which resulted in the escalation of
the Vietnam War and the murder of
more than 58,193 American Soldiers
[54,556 U.S. Christians]. Jim's frac-
tured personalities were so deceived by the cult of Saturn [Satan], of which
his father George was a member, that he named himself 'The Lizard King'
and 'Crawling King Snake' after the serpent cult of Dann and dedicated his
life to the study of 16th and 17th century Demonology. In addition to being
influenced by Satanists, Aleister Crowley, Jim was also an admirer of Aldous
Huxley, Friedrich Nietzsche, and the Apollonian and Dionysian duality. This
is a philosophical concept, based on the 'god of the Sun' [Shamash] who ap-
peared regularly in Jim's conversations, poetry, and songs. Mor-
136 rison married his wife in' a Wicca ceremony, standing inside a
pentagram, drinking one another's blood. Jim once said:
"I met the Spirit of Music, an appearance of the devil in a Venice canal.
Running, I saw Satan or Satyr [Pan], moving beside me, a fleshly shadow of
my secret mind ..." - The Lost Writings of Jim Morrison, p.36-38.

Jim's favorite photograph was of him holding a lamb [the symbol for
Jesus Christ] because Jim said he 'looked satanic' in it. Jim was sacrificed by
the Church of Saturn [Satan] on 7 /3/1971 (aged 27) with a heroin overdose.
Morrison's grave at Pere Lachaise contains the Greek inscription: 'KATA
TON MIMONA EAYTOY' which translates: 'Demons In Me'. Many of
Morrison's fans, who consider themselves Christian, will be surprised by the
above information, mainly because it was never promoted by the Jewish elite
controlled mainstream media. Lke his father, Jim often provided his fol-
lowers with grand symbols that exposed their false reality. For instance, Jim
would regularly enlighten admirers with the statement:

''Whoever controls the media, controls the mind." - Jim Morrison

Thanks to former CIA Director, William Colby, we know who con-
trols the media. After all it was Colby who once said:

"The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the Major Media."

CIA Director Colby's revelation is interesting when you consider
the fact that radio and television personality Glenn Beck's 1V/Radio Show
'THE BLAZE' National Security Editor, Buck Sexton, is an ex-CIA Agent
FOX News regularly features CIA contributors on their newscasts.

As I've detailed inside of my book, Deception: The Ancient Mystery
That holds The Secret of Newgrange at,, Jim Morrison
was instrumental in the creation of one of the most profound, culture chang-
ing events in U.S. history, the 60s "hippie movement". The following is a
short quote from my book:

"While Jim's father was carrying out his programming in Vietnam,
a sophisticated, serpent cult social distortion psyop was being injected into
the bloodstream of America's youth by :MK-Ultra slave, Jim Morrison, in
Southern California's Laurel Canyon. Under the guidance of high-level
serpent cult leaders, it was here in the 1960s where Jim Morrison began as-
sembling musicians, singers, and songwriters to set in motion a movement
that would irrevocably compromise the Christian American majority's moral
barometer. Designed for the purpose of inspiring a "bloody revolution",
the "Hippie Flower Child Movement" was established. Key actors were the
most influential, chemically engineered "Rock Superstars" in
American history, they included: "The Byrds" [David Crosby] 137
whose debut creation "Mr. Tambourine Man." The "Mamas and the Papas"
would soon follow Q"ohn Phillips], "Love" [Author Lee]. "Frank Zappa
and the Mothers of Invention" [Freak Out", 1966]; "Buffalo Springfield"
[Stephen Stills & Neil Young] and the "Lizard King" Jim Morrison's "The
Doors", which would emerge from behind the scenes in 1967 to take center

A key associate to Jim the "Lizard King," Morrison and his serpent
cult handlers was militant Antichristian, Frank Zappa, who was allegedly a
high-level CIA, :MK-Ultra mind control programmer. As a matter of fact,
many of Frank's mind-controlled slaves considered Zappa a "father figure".
The headquarters for the CIA's 1965 :MK-Ultra, "Hippie Flower Child"
social experiment was allegedly located inside of Frank Zappa's five story
house named "The Log Cabin". Positioned in Laurel Canyon, his property
contained caves and tunnel systems, which made for an ideal environment
for CIA programmers. It's important for readers to understand that virtually
every popular musician [1965-1970s] visited Zappa's "Log Cabin," including
Scottish American superstar Alice Cooper who Zappa signed to his Laurel
Canyon record label."

Combining all of the intelligence that had been gathered during Ber-
nays' 40 years of manipulating America's unconscious irrational fears and
selfish desires; Dr. Ewan Cameron's C.I.A., :MK-Ultra mind control program
in the 1950s;Jewish Attorney Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers' "Weather Un-
derground" Science of Mass Manipulation through Crisis Creation; the sex-
ual deviancy of radical Marxist Jewish psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich and the
C.I.A.'s Beatnik and Hippie Generation programming, the CI.A. commer-
cialized "Brainwashing" through a group on the coast of California named
"The Esalen Institute" in the 1960s. Programmers within Esalen included
radical Jewish Marxist Fritz Pearls, Michael Murphy and Jewish "Beatnik"
Buddhist Richard "Dick" Price who was heavily influenced by Wilhelm
Reich and his friend Jewish, Homosexual Buddhist Allen Ginsberg.

In 1956 Price [pg. 139] was involuntarily committed to a mental treat-
ment facility in Connecticut where he was diagnosed as a schizophrenic and
subjected to numerous electroconvulsive shock treatments. Dick also used
psychotropic drugs such as LSD, these are techniques and tools used by Dr.
Ewan Cameron, the head of the C.I.A.'s :MK-Ultra mind control program.
Dick's "Schizophrenia Research Project" at Agnews State Hospital in San
Jose, CA was funded by the Esalen Institute. The project involved 80 young
males diagnosed with Schizophrenia. The double blind study demonstrat-
ed that placebo had a 75% lower re-hospitalization rate and much healthier
outcomes than men who received anti-psychotic medications.
138 Dick's project's results were justification for medication-free
programs. Disgruntled over Dick's
"medication-free" prognosis, rep-
resentatives from the U.S. Govern-
ment's medical industrial complex
"accidently" crushed Dick with a
boulder while he was on a hike.

Dick Price's father was
an Eastern European Jew named
Herman Price. Herman was close
friends with French-born Jewish
Freemason and ''The Father of In-
dustrial Design", Raymond Loewy.
Loewy was good friends with the
Luciferian Rockefeller Family who
it will be remembered co-found-
ed the Federal Reserve Bank, Inc.
along with the Luciferian Jewish
Rothschild Family and J.P. Morgan.
Loewy was the man who designed the Rockefeller's "EXXON" logo. As an
aside, the 'XX' means to double-cross or betray. Fundamentally speaking, it
indicates one's willingness to betray on behalf of Satan. When individuals,
companies, corporations, etc., feature the 'XX' on their person or in their
logo, they are invoking satanic energy. For instance, the members of the
Rockefeller Family are fully aware of the 'XX' meaning, which is why the
family of Standard Oil fame named their Corporation "Exxon". The Thule
Society also featured the double-cross [XX] in their logo. The Thule Society
was a German occultist group which was later reorganized by Adolf Hitler
into the Nazi Party. Dick Price was heavily involved in "Altered State Re-
search" at Esalen Institute, techniques which were developed by Dr. Ewan
Cameron, the head of the C.I.A.'s :MK-Ultra Mind Control program. Keep-
ing in mind Dick Price's Father's association with Loewy, Rockefeller and the
Nazis, it will be remembered that Dr. Ewan Cameron was invited to the Nazi
Nuremberg Trials in 1945 by Edward Bernays and President Harry S. Tru-
man for a psychiatric evaluation of Rudolph Hess, deputy Fuhrer to Adolf

Programmers at Esalen Institute read like a veritable who's who in
the world of C.I.A. Mind Control technicians and New-Age militant anti-
christian Luciferians. These include: Joan Baez, Ray Bradbury, Deepak Cho-
pra, Buck.minster Fuller, B.F. Skinner, and Aldous Huxley, the author of the
dystopian novel, "Brave New World". Aldous was the grandson of Thomas
Henry Huxley who was a member of Adam Weishaupt's "Il-
luminati". Thomas was also known as "Darwin's Bulldog" for 139
his advocacy of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. Aldous brother, Julian
Huxley, was an advocate of sexual deviancy and publicly stated that the only
reason he and many intelligencia were working to destroy Christianity was
because it interfered with their perverted lifestyles:

"I suppose the reason why we leapt at the Origin of Species [Darwin's
Theory] was that the idea of God interfered with our sexual mores".

Julian was also the Director of UNESCO. Julian Huxley was an en-
thusiast of the USSR dictator Joseph Stalin. Huxley said that he admired
the social and economic planning results achieved by Stalin. It was Stalin's
planning that Huxley so admired, which led to the starvation and murder of
more than 14 million Ukrainians, nearly fourteen times the number of Jews
murdered by the Rothschild Family puppet Adolf Hitler. Julian Huxley hated
Christianity and the human race stating:

"The lowest strata are reproducing too fast. Therefore ... they must not
have too easy access to relief or hospital treatment lest the removal of the
last check on natural selection should make it too easy for children
to be produced or to survive; long unemployment
should be a ground for sterilization."

During the late 1960s and 1970s Esalen Institute birthed "The Hu-
man Potential Movement". Within seven years there were two-hundred Es-
alen centers throughout America. With a national footprint, Esalen began in-
jecting their human exploitation psychology into political movements. Esalen
promoted the congruent Luciferian Hindu based philosophy of personal and
social transformation. The leaders of Esalen used their teclmiques to solve
the Jewish elite created unconscious irrational fear associated with so-called
"racism" in America. Creating Edward Bernays' style "Focus Groups," Es-
alen leaders brought angry black and white people together to opening and
honestly express their feelings about each other. To the general public Es-
alen's interracial program was a failure, however, to its psychological pro-
grammers the program was a smashing success. The Jerry Springer, Geraldo
Rivera style program generated more hatred and frustration between the
races, who since the 18th century have collectively been exploited physically
and psychologically.

Following Esalen's successful Al Sharpton like race-baiting pro-
gram, the "Human Potential Movement" directed Esalen's highly concen-
trated Satanic forces onto another social group they believed would ben-
efit from personal transformation, one of the largest convents in America,
"The Immaculate Heart" located in Los Angeles, CA. This is a
140 group of radical sexually deviant, militant antichristian, Jewish
psychotherapists from Esalen's "Human Potential Movement" armed with
Edward Bernay's and Dr. Ewan Cameron's C.I.A. MK-Ultra Mind Control
techniques; Jewish Wilhem Reich's dysfunction incest, bestiality, UFO kill-
ing orgasm gun therapy; Jewish homosexual Buddhist Stew Albert's pedo-
phile, bestiality, pornography and homosexuality based therapy and Jewish
Buddhist, schizophrenic, LSD using Richard "Dick" Price's therapy which
was heavily influenced by Wilhem Reich and Allen Ginsberg, who headed to
'help' Catholic nuns replace their faith in Jesus Christ with the Jewish cult of

The leader of this effort was psy-
chologist Dr. William Coulson
[right], who first convinced the
nuns to discard their nun clothing
[habits] in exchange for socially ac-
cepted clothing. This led the nuns
to participate in other Bernays' de-
veloped socially acceptable behavior
as well. Coulson had taken pious
women who had dedicated their
lives to God and turned them into
whores. The demons who Coulson
had brought with him into the convent where wildly successful. Many of the
nuns at the convent became homosexuals and within 12 months, 300 nuns,
more than half the convent petitioned the Vatican to be released from their
vows and quite. Six-months after that, the convent closed its doors. All that
was left at the convent was a small group of nuns that had become radical
lesbians. One would think that Satan would have been finished with "The
Immaculate Heart" after completely decimating the convent. To illustrate the
voracious, self-indulgently immoral nature of Satan and his children [Jews]
consider the fact that after Satan's weapon of psychology had laid waste to
the convent, Satan sent an individual who had sold her soul to him to pur-
chase the property. In 2016 exhibitionist of Jewish Freemasonry, Illuminati,
Oculusism, Satanism, etc. Katie Perry, announced her intention to purchase
"The Immaculate Heart'' convent for $15 million. Katie Perry is the demon
possessed Hollywood whore who publicly announced in an interview:

"I wanted to be the Amy Grant of music... It did not work out. So, I sold
my soul to the devil."

Throughout Dr William Coulson's career in psychology he worked
with the biggest names in the Jewish pseudoscience of psychology, includ-
ing: Jewish Columbia University psychology professor Abraham
Maslow, who was classified as "mentally unstable" as a child by 141
a psychologist. :Maslow coined the phrase, "If all you have is a hammer, ev-
erything looks like a nail". Maslow's iconic occult pyramid "Needs Hierar-
chy" illustration features a Luciferian Illuminati capstone with the following
requirements for what Maslow referred to as "Self-Actualization": Morality,
Creativity, Spontaneity, Problem Solving, Lack of Prejudice and Acceptance
of Facts. Ironically every one of Maslow's requisites to "Self-Actualization"
are anathema to the Jewish cult of psychology. Another associate of Coulson
was Carl Rogers, a person who left his Christian faith after visiting the com-
munist country of China in 1922, whose cult of communism was created by
Satanic Jews Karl Marx and Friedrick Engels, a cult which is responsible for
the murder of more than 80 million innocent Chinese citizens.

Together, William Coulson, Abraham Maslow, and Carl Rogers in-
jected the Jewish human exploitation, pseudoscience of psychology into
America's public, private, and Christian school system. Coulson admitted
early on that the men's efforts were a mistake. Rogers referred to his own
work as a "pattern of failure". Coulson further stated, "I started this damn
thing and look where it is taking us ... places where we may regret." Maslow
said " ... finally I smell insanity and death." Coulson agrees with his colleagues
and apologizes everywhere the opportunity arises. He spent much of his lat-
ter career trying to undo the damage the Jewish pseudoscience of psychology
has wrought upon hundreds of millions of human beings.

During the C.I.A.'s 1960s "Hippie Movement" the idea of self ex-
ploration unsurprisingly became a challenge for Corporate America because
the herd was no longer behaving predictably. One industry that suffered con-
siderably was life insurance, due to the trend "hippie" young people aban-
doning the tradition of planning for the future. To help identify a root cause
and process for a resolution, the Llfe Insurance industry sought the advice
of New York University, Senior Fellow at the J.F. Kennedy School of Gov-
ernment at Harvard and America's leading Jewish market researcher Daniel
Yankelovich. Yankelovich's research revealed that America's Llfe Insurance
industry was suffering because it had relied so heavily on Jesus Christ's prin-
ciple of sacrifice. For generations the Christian American majority had sacri-
ficed when they were young to ensure their loved ones were cared for in the
future, however, those living the C.I.A.'s "Hippie" lifestyle were no longer
adhering to this standard. The financial decline of the life insurance industry
during the 1960s would act as an indicator of future developments specifi-
cally how Edward Bernays generational disintegration of Christian morals
and social values would spiritually, financially and culturally cause American
society to self-destruct.

Yankelovich's research also revealed that "Hippies" and
142 their offsprings could still be coerced into America's capitalist
system, however, they would no longer be directed by the traditional frequen-
cy of consumerism. From their psychedelic, paisley, peace-sign Volkswagens
and clothing to their LSD, Cocaine, and Marijuana inspired musicians, hip-
pies were programmed to believe they were individuals and that they should
express themselves uniquely and this criterion would be expected in the kinds
of products hippies would purchase and consume. Relabeling the "father
of motivational research," Ernest Dichter's "Focus Group," into something
they referred to as "Operating Groups" psychological programmers created
a new concept for programming the unconscious minds of "hippies".

During the late 1960s, a Jewish "critical thinker" named John Paul
Rosenberg changed his name to "Werner Hans Erhard" and began promot-
ing his free thinking, individualism to groups across America. Rosenberg's
latest human exploitation programming had been inspired by Jewish psy-
chologist Abraham Maslow, psychologist Carl Rogers, and Alexander Ever-
ett's 1968 seminar "Mind Dynamics". Due to Everett being investigated by
the F.B.I. for fraud, practicing medicine without a license, and the death of
his business partner Penn Patrick, "Mind Dynamics" went out of business
in 1973. Undeterred by fraud, medical malpractice, and an alleged murder,
Erhard continued teaching his own form of "Mind Dynamics" he labeled
"Erhard Seminar Training" (EST). Erhard was also associated with Scientol-
ogy whose founder was L. Ron Hubbard. Hubbard was very close friends
with self described "great beast 666" and "most evil man on earth," Jewish
Satanist Aleister Crowley. Hubbard was such good friends with Crowley, he
publicly referred to Crowley as, "My very good friend". Jewish Satanist Aleis-
ter Crowley embraced his seed of Satan lineage, promoting ideologies such
as, "I want blasphemy, murder, rape, revolution, anything, bad or good, but
strong". Crowley also embraced his Satanic Jewish ancestor's obsession with
kidnapping and sacrificing children belonging to the lineage of Japeth [White
people] and Ham [black people].

''A white male child of perfect innocence and
intelligence makes the most suitable victim."
-Aleister Crowley

As an aside, the offspring of Shem Dews] and offspring of Ishmael
[Arabs] have for millennia hated the offspring of Ham [black people] so
much they coordinated the kidnapping, castrating, sexual enslavement, and
murder of approximately 150 million black Africans. This fact is not taught in
U.S. communist indoctrination centers [public schools], instead black Ameri-
can children are taught that the bloodline of Japeth [white people] were the
protagonists of the U.S. slave trade. As I mentioned earlier, the offspring of
Shem Dews] created the "Slave-Triangle" which transported an
estimated 20 million Hamites [black Africans] around the world 143
and that 700,000 of these Hamites [black Africans] were inherited by "British
America". After America's liberation from Great Britain [1776], white Chris-
tian men freed the offspring of America's 700,000 Hamites [black African]
slaves. Juxtapose this fact with Arab Islam and Judaism who murdered an
estimated 150 million black Africans and who still maintain black Africans as
workforce and sex slaves throughout Saudi Arabia in 2017.

For twenty-five years of his life, Werner Hans Erhard was known
as John Rosenberg, then in 1960 Rosenberg abandoned his wife Patricia Fry
and their four children, changed his name to Werner Erhard and moved
to St Louis with a woman named June Bryde. His wife Patricia and their
children relied on welfare to survive. Erhard's E.S.T. attracted hundreds of
unconsciously incompetent people to weekend sessions where they learned
how to be themselves, including Hollywood movie stars and musicians such
as John Denver. Erhard's techniques came from Esalen Institute's "Human
Potential Movement", however, Erhard criticized Esalen for not going far
enough. Erhard programmed his followers to believe that an individual was
non-static and that a person could be whatever they desired after they had
been emotionally and psychologically wiped clean and reeducated. Edward
Bernays' and Dr. Ewan Cameron's 1fl<-Ultra Mind Control program were an
integral part of The Esalen Institutes programming, therefore, the founda-
tion upon which Werner Erhard's "E.S.T." training was constructed is based
on the C.I.A.'s MK-Ultra Mind Control program, specifically, the removal of
an individual's mental and physical identity, creating a human robot [automa-
ton] wiped clean and ready to be reprogrammed in someone else's image.
Like the virus it was, Werner Erhard's E.S.T. infected all walks of life, with
the idea that selfish individualism was paramount. During the 1970s, between
3-5% of America's populace were aware of E.S.T. and programs like it, by
the 1980s this C.I.A. MK-Ultra based cult had infiltrated at least 80% of the
American population.

During the late 1960s Jewish Communist Jerry Rubin co-founded
the ''Youth International Party" [Yippies], along with Stew Albert It will
be remembered that one of Albert's radical colleagues was CI.A. operative
"poet" and Jewish homosexual Buddhist Allen Ginsberg. Rubin was an icon
of the CI.A's 1960s "Hippie" and "Black Power" movement and a graduate
of Werner Erhard's "E.S.T." training. In addition to being a counterculture
icon, Rubin was a citizen of Israel and graduate of the Jewish Rothschild
Family's "Hebrew University" in Jerusalem. It was during this time that Jerry
Rubin was recruited and trained by Israeli Intelligence (:M:ossad], on the Sci-
ence of Mass Manipulation through Crisis Creation. This is the same Jewish
Intelligence group which orchestrated and executed the attacks on Septem-
ber 11, 2001, which murdered nearly 3,000 innocent Americans
144 in New York City. If you would like to learn how Israeli Mossad
carried out these attacks on America, please read my book, "On The Jews
And Their Lies: 9/11" at, Both E.S.T.'s founder Werner Erhard
and "Yippies" founder Jerry Rubin were admirers and advocates of Charles
Manson ["The Manson Family], who is associated with the brutal stabbing
deaths of an eight-and-a-half months pregnant Sharon Tate, along with four
others on August 9, 1969; Tate's murder is chronicled in the 2004 film "Hel-
ter Skelter". Charles Manson was an outspoken supporter of L. Ron Hub-
bard's Scientology. Like Erhard and Rubin, Charles Manson was the product
of CI.A.'s :MK-Ultra Mind Control programming. Manson's "brainwashing"
sessions took place in a CI.A. compound located in Southern California's
Laurel Canyon. To learn how the CI.A. "brainwashed" Charles Manson and
the entire United States &om Laurel Canyon during the 1960s, please read my
book at,, pgs. 147-162.

Using data collected through Edward Bernays' fifty-eight years of
human exploitation programming, and Dr. Ewan Cameron's newest :MK.-
Ultra "Self Actualization" Mind Control methods, Jewish elite controlled
corporations hired the most influential economists and psychologists at the
"Stanford Research Institute" (SRI) in California in 1978 to develop new un-
conscious programming methods to fulfill the selfish desires of Werner Hans
Erhard's newly created E.S.T. herd. SRI was a key element in the success of
many private U.S. corporations and government agencies, including the U.S.
department of defense's "Star Wars Project". Key programmers involved in
developing this new human exploitation psychology was Jay Ogilvy, the Di-
rector of "Psychological Values Research" at S.R.I. [1979-88]; he co-founded
"Global Business Network" [GBN] with Stewart Brand, Peter Schwartz, Na-
pier Collyns, and Lawrence Wilkinson. Stewart Brand is known for among
other things, participating in developing L5D for the CI.A.'s 1960s :MK-Ul-
tra Mind Control program, serving as "Special Advisor" to California's "hip-
pie" socialist Governor Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown [1977-79], campaigning
NASA to release rumored satellite images of the entire earth as seen &om
space. He sold and distributed buttons for 25 cents that read, "Why haven't
we seen a photograph of the whole earth yet?" During his campaign Stew-
art Brand met Buckminister Fuller, a teacher at Esalen Institute's "Human
Potential Movement". In one of Stewart Brand's social media pictures he
featured with a smile next to a book featuring a Nazi Swastika. Another co-
founder of Jay Ogilvy's GBN is Jewish 'futurist' Peter Schwartz, the Senior
VP strategic planning for, Director Strategic Envirorunent
Center [S.E.C] at S.RI., board member of the Center for a New American
Security, Asia Internet Coalition and consultant for movies such as Minority
Report, Sneakers, and War Games. Finally, Napier Collyns worked for th.e
Rockefeller family controlled "Royal Dutch/Shell Group" and senior assoCl-
ate of the New York Mercantile Exchange, a commodity futures
exchange owned by "CME Group of Chicago" which owns the 145
Dow Jones stock and financial indexes. The economist describes CME as
"The biggest financial exchange you have never heard of". CME Group is
the leading derivatives marketplace handling 3 billion contracts worth of ap-
prox. $1 quadrillion annually.

A leading advisor to SRI was Jewish psychologist Abraham Maslow,
one of Richard "Dick" Price's Esalen Institute's Self Actualization, Self Lib-
eration "Human Potential Movement" programmers. It will be remembered
that Maslow was classified as "mentally unstable" as a child by a psychologist
and is the creator of the "hierarchy of needs". Through his analysis, Maslow
speculated that a person's identity was shaped by fundamental internal forces,
a central premise of Maslow's "hierarchy of needs" theory. Given mankind's
inherent instinct to be free, it comes as no surprise to learn that Maslow's
study placed the S.R.l.'s "Inner Directives" at the top. It will be remembered
that "Inner Directives" were self motivated and independent individuals, the
exact profile of America's founding fathers and the vast majority of Ameri-
cans who defeated the British and created the United States. America was
comprised of self sufficient and independent people until Edward Bernays
began brainwashing its citizenry in the 1920s.

S.R.I.'s new predictive programming would define "Inner Direc-
tives" by their pattern of behavior. S.R.I. programmers determined that an
individual's fundamental internal forces were able to be compartmentalized
into what S.R.I. called, "Life Styles". S.R.l.'s human exploitation program-
mers had developed a system that would allow their clients to manipulate self
governing individuals through a system they called, ''Values and Lifestyles"
(VALs). S.R.l.'s new control system was presented to their corporate clients
in an instructional video. The narrator explained how their corporate clients
should go about targeting the individual classes within S.R.l.'s ''Values and

''At the forefront of this new system were three new VALs groups known
as "Inter-Directives" these are people whom personal satisfaction is more
important than status or money. This class is self expressive, complex and
individualistic. Then there are the "I-Am-Me" class which are constantly
searching for new values, breaking away from traditions and inventing their
own standards. Then there are "experientials" this is a group seeking inner
growth through direct experience. Experientials aren't in one place much,
this is the try anything once crowd, and all that activity takes goods and ser-
vices. Their hobbies are hands on and their possessions are simple, but not
always simply priced. Then there are, "Societally Concious," who perhaps
own a business and are making money in that space but are not particularly
excited about capitalism."
It will be remembered that Edward Bernays' O.S.S. (CI.A.) created
all of the propaganda films for WWI and WWII, which led to the deaths of
tens of millions of human beings. These films exploited what Bernays re-
ferred to as "unconscious irrational forces". Bernays also created the "Torch-
es of Freedom" campaign which convinced American women to smoke can-
cer causing cigarettes. Bernays' propaganda made women believe that cancer
causing cigarettes made women more powerful and independent, which was
in reality irrational. It will also be remembered that Bernays, working with
William Randolph Hearst, took control over Hollywood psychologically back
in the 1920s, working with most of Hollywood's biggest names. In the 1950s
and 1960s, Bernays' and Dr. Ewan Cameron's MK-Ultra :Mind Control pro-
gram was prevalent throughout Hollywood and working with Jewish psy-
chologist Ralph R. Greenson (Greenschpoon), the Jewish elite mafia which
controls Hollywood sacrificed Marilyn Monroe to intimidate the rest of Hol-

One of Edward Bernays' and Dr. Ewan Cameron's principal MK.-
Ultra :Mind Control Hollywood assets during this period was actor Ronald
Reagan, appearing in Bernays' created cigarette commercials and WWII War
Department propaganda films such as: Jap Zero, Official Training Film: At-
tacks and Escort and the Army Air Forces Special Film Project 151: WINGS
FOR THIS MAN. Encoded with Bernays' and Dr. Ewan Cameron's new-
est MK-Ultra :Mind, S.R.I., VALs program, Ronald Reagan became the 40th
President of the U.S. January 20, 1981-January 20, 1989 by appealing to an
American citizenry "brainwashed" by the C.I.A.'s MK-Ultra "Human Po-
tential Movement" and by utilizing detailed information about individual
Americans compiled by S.R.I.'s VALs algorithm. Reagan's speechwriter Jef-
frey Bell [1976-81] used this data to design speeches that were pleasing to
VALs. Bell's speeches contained messages which programmed the listener to
believe that the individual would have decision making power over the elec-
toral process, not the government. To reinforce their unconscious irrational
programming, Ronald Reagan would choose speech titles such as, "Let The
People Rule" which manipulated the herd into believing that Reagan was
going to take power away from the Jewish elite controlled "Shadow Govern-
ment" and place all decision making authority into the hands of the people.
If you were following the 2016 Presidential elections, this was the exact mod-
el that President Donald J. Trump followed. One of Ronald Reagan's most
famous speeches contained the words, "Government is not the solution to
our problem,Government is the problem". All of these mind control trigger
words are central components of the C.I.A.'s MK-Ultra Mind Control "Hu-
man Potential Movement".

According to America's Jewish President Roosevelt's
friends Edward Bernays, American Social Scientist George Gal- 147
lup [Gallup Poll] and analyst Elmo Roper's "Survey of Public Opinion," the
CI.A. Shadow Government's MK-Ultra undetectable mind control slave
Ronald Reagan's unconscious irrational fear and desire based messaging has
exceeded the expectations of the programmers that created the ''VALs al-
gorithm". Creators of the VAL algorithm were confident that Reagan in the
United States and Margaret Thatcher in Great Britain would both be elected
because S.R.I. had control over both U.S. and British messaging making it
possible to predict that their "Personal Freedom" propaganda would be ef-
fective at motivating self actualizing "Inter-Directive" groups, at the top of
their predictive programming hierarchy, to vote for Reagan and Thatcher.

It will be remembered that it was this same self actualizing "Inter-
Directive" group in America that Bernays had manipulated into the cult of
cigarettes back in the 1920s, WWI in the 1930s, WWII in the 1940s, "The
Cold War" in the 1950s, and now his CJ.A. human exploitation psychol-
ogy based "Personal Freedom" messaging would become the motivating fac-
tor behind the elections of a President in the U.S. and Prime Minister in
Great Britain in the 1980s, while at the same time providing his client The
Rothschild Family, with the illusionary cover story that Americans had pulled
themselves out of one of the worst recessions since the Bernays, Rothschild,
J.P. Morgan, and Rockefeller orchestrated 1930s "Great Depression".
The vast majority of Americans in 2017 believe that MK-Ultra Mind
Control actor and President, Ronald and Nancy Reagan were wholesome
Christians, who willingly sacrificed their private lives for public services be-
cause of their patriotism, this is simply not the case.

Consider the fact that Ronald Reagan signed into law the "Immigra-
tion Reform and Control Act", section 100, which authorizes identification
methods such as invisible tattoos or electronic media under the skin "Mark
of The Beast" [Revelation 13:16-18]. Reagan was a member of the satanic
Bohemian Grove in Northern California. Reagan signed reverse mortgage
insurance legislation on Feb 5, 1988 knowing that it would increase U.S. debt.
Moreover, global elites knew that reverse mortgages would allow the U.S.
Government [Federal Reserve] to buy back large numbers of privately owned
properties from aging U.S. citizens. An intended consequence of this pro-
gram was that it would eliminate the biblical tradition of leaving children an

"A good [man] leaveth an inheritance to his children's children: and the
wealth of the sinner [is] laid up for the just" - Proverbs 13:22

The reverse mortgage program is one of many tools being
148 leveraged by government to realize George H.W Bush's anti-
constitutional 'Agenda 21 ',which calls for the elimination of private property
ownership throughout America.


I realize that Irish American President Ronald Reagan to this day
is a sacred cow for millions of mentally enslaved Christian Americans. None-
theless, it doesn't erase the fact that President and Mrs. Reagan were occult
practitioners while in the White House, which explains the pictures below of
Ronald Reagan holding up devil horns and the 666 hand-sign [above]. Dur-
ing Ronald Reagan's Presidency (1981-1989) Mrs. Reagan sought astrological
advice on a regular basis from Irish American Joan Quigley. The Reagan
Presidency was so dependent on the advice of their New Age, anti-Christian
Theosophist; Nancy Reagan would hold regular conference calls with Quig-
ley. It was during these calls where Quigley would advice America's President
and First Lady when and where to hold Presidential events, etc. In a book
titled 'What Does Joan Say?' Occult practitioner Joan Quigley wrote the fol-
lowing about her experience with the Reagans:

"Not since the days of the Roman Emperors lNero] - and never in the
history of the United States Presidency- has an astrologer played such a
significant role in the nation's affairs of State." - Joan Quigley

"Reagan was responsible for implementing Communist directives." - Char-
lotte Iserbyt, Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research
and Improvement (OERI), U.S. Department of Education, during the first
Reagan Administration.

Consider the fact that when the Reagans retired, they moved into a
house on "666 St. Cloud Road'' in Southern California.

At the beginning of this book we examined a histori-
cal time line for the implementation of Skinnerian's, Pavlovian's, 149
and Wilhelm Maximilian Wundt's 'Performance-Based' methods designed
to dissolve the once great American educational system in exchange for a
Communist based educational system an agenda President Ronald Reagan
participated in along with former CIA Director, VP President to Ronald Rea-
gan and President George H.W. Bush. G.H.W Bush was and is such an evil
human being, he not only worked to turn our educational system over to
communism, he assassinated President JFK while working for the CI.A.,
and coordinated the assassination of President Ronald Reagan, in fact the
Bush family was close personal friends with Ronald Reagan's Assassin John
Hinckley, Jr. whose father was a wealthy oil man close to George H.W. Bush.
These are all facts contained throughout my book at,
The following are two examples of the aforementioned timeline:

• 1985: United States-USSR education Agreement (President Reagan-
Gorbachev) and Carnegie-Soviet Academy of Science Agreement.
1992: President George W. Bush speaks regarding National Youth Ap-
prenticeship Act, Congressional Record, May 3, 1992. President Bush
calls for Soviet-style workforce training.

Appointed to President Bill Clinton's National Security Council in
1993, at age 28, Susan Rice rose to Assistant Secretary of State for African
affairs in 1997 as Rwanda and Uganda were swarming across the eastern
Congo, seizing control of mineral resources amid a sea of blood. She is
known to be personally close to Rwanda's minority Tutsi leadership, includ-
ing President Paul Kagame, a ruthless soldier trained at the United States
Army's Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas,
and mentored by Ugandan strongman (and Reagan administration favorite)
Yoweri Museveni, who is believed to have pioneered the use of child soldiers
in modern African conflicts.

Another interesting link between Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, and
the booming "self expressive" dominated economy that was now dependent
on the very Corporate America "hippies" and "unique individuals" hated,
an economy inspired by Jewish psychoanalyst Edward Bernays, Dr. Ewan
Cameron's C.I.A.'s MK-Ultra Mind Control program, Jewish Orgasm UFO
gun inventor Wilhelm Reich, Jewish "Beatnik" Buddhist Richard "Dick"
Price's "Esalen Institute" and Werner Hans Erhard's E.S.T. is admirer of
the "triumph of the self" Jewish economist, pro-homosexual, pro-abortion,
member of Democratic President Bill Clinton's cabinet [1993-1997] Robert
Bernard Reich. Reich stated his purpose in life to "fight the bullies, to protect
the powerless, to make sure that the people without a voice have a voice,"[
was defined as a young man when his Jewish friend Michael Schwerner was
killed by the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) in 1964 for registering black
150 Americans to vote. It will be remembered that Jewish Freema-
son, Albert Pike, created the KKK and the democratic party was respon-
sible for its success. In 1940, Hillary Rodham Clinton's friend and mentor
Democratic Senator from West Virginia, Robert "Bob" Byrd was an ambi~
tious member of Albert Pike's KKK, recruiting many new members in So-
phia West Virginia. In 1944, Hillary Clinton's friend and mentor Robert Byrd
wrote to :Mississippi Senator Theodore G. Bilbo:

"I shall never fight in the armed forces with a negro by my side ... Rather I
should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never
to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race
mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds."

In 1946 Hillary Rodham Clinton's friend and mentor Robert Byrd
wrote a letter to a Grand Wizard stating:

"The Klan is needed today as never before, and I am anxious to see its
rebirth here in West Virginia and in every state in the nation."

Like Bill Clinton [real name Bill Blythe III], Robert Bernard Reich
was awarded a "Rhodes Scholarship" at the University of Oxford and dated
Jewish undergraduate Wellesley College student, Hillary Rodham Clinton.
While at Yale University, he was classmates with Bill and Hillary Clinton, Jew-
ish Democratic Senator from Connecticut Richard "Dick" Blumenthal and
Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. For those readers who are unaware
of the origins and Luciferian goals of the "Rhodes Scholarship" the follow-
ing is a short history.

It will be remembered that there were a number of important events
which occurred shortly before, during, and after WWI that drastically weak-
ened the Christian American majority's power over its financial independence
and wellbeing.

• EVENT #1: Seven years prior to WWI, the Jewish Edward Bernays' or-
chestrated financial 'Panic of 1907' manipulated the unconscious minds
of Christian Americans to allow the Jewish Rothschild Family's Ameri-
can based robber baron J.P. Morgan to take financial control of all U.S.
• EVENT #2: Six years after the Rothschild Family and J.P. Morgan took
control of America's banking system, Bernays produced propaganda
which manipulated the unconscious minds of Christian Americans to
relinquish control of their banking system to the Jewish Rothschild Fam-
ily and J.P. Morgan. President Woodrow Wilson signed into law the un-
constitutional "Federal Reserve Act" just two days before
Christmas, and just eight days remaining until the end of 151
the year on December 23, 1913. President Woodrow Wilson was Friends
with Colonel Edward Mandell House who was a founder of the Ameri-
can Institute of International Affairs, known today as the Council on
Foreign Relations, an outer layer of the Royal Institute of International
Affairs (RIIA), whose purpose was to retake the United States as a Brit-
ish Colony. RIIA is the outer layer of the main core of a secret establish-
ment called the Circle of Initiates founded by Luciferian cult member
Cecil Rhodes. Cecil's "Rhodes Scholarship" gets its name from the an-
cient "Colossus of Rhodes" c.280 BC, a statue of the Greek titan-god
of the sun "Helios" or Apollyon otherwise known as "The Beast from
the pit" - Revelation 9:11. In one of Cecil Rhodes' wills [1877] he be-
queathed his enormous wealth to trustee Lord Nathan Rothschild, with
the instructions to establish the Rhodes Scholarship Program at Oxford.
Rothschild appointed Lord Alfred Milner to implement the Rhodes plan.
The Rhodes' and Rothschild's financed secret society [RIIA] branched
out to become the Bilderbergers, Council on Foreign Relations [CFR],
Trilateral, etc. Woodrow Wilson is best known for signing the Rothschild,
Rockefeller and JP Morgan designed Federal Reserve Act. Following this
decision, President Wilson is quoted as saying: 'I have unwittingly ruined
my Country'. A complete history of the formation of The Federal Re-
serve Corporation can be read in the book titled: 'The Creature From
Jekyll Island.'

In an interview, Rhodes Scholar Robert Bernard Reich, who had
served under President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, stated:

"It was the triumph of the self, the triumph of a certain self indulgence.
A view that everything in the world and all moral judgment was appropri-
ately viewed through the lens of personal satisfaction. Indeed, the ultimate
ending point of that logic is that there is no society. There is only a bunch
of individual people, making individual choices to promote their own
individual well being. It goes back to the earlier part of the 20th century to
Freud, to notions of the unconscious, the assumptions that we are, in terms
of our rational mind, we're little corks bobbing around on this great sea
of hopes and fears and desires of which we are only dimly aware and that
the role of a marketer, the role of someone selling something, including a
politician is to appeal to this great swamp of desire, of unconscious desire.
Candidates for the Presidency of the United States had been pre-packaged
and designed for many, many years. What was new was an attempt to use
very sophisticated or pseudo-sophisticated techniques to plumb the public
psychology to find out precisely what the desires of the individuals were,
and then to come up with a candidate and a platform and images and words
that exactly responded to an individual's deep desires. This was
152 packaging at a new level, this was polling at an extreme."
One last interesting connection between Bill and Hillary Clinton and
the MK-Ultra Mind Control "Self Actualization" movement is Tony Rob-
bins, Deepak Chopra, and Dr. Wayne Dyer, three of the leading gurus within
the "Self Actualization" movement. Tony Robbins is not only a practitio-
ner of the programming methods which evolved from Edward Bernays and
Dr. Ewan Cameron's MK-Ultra :Mind Control program, he is also a "Neuro
Lingquistic Programmer (NLP) specializing in human exploitation psychol-
ogy. Tony Robbins has taught many powerful people like Bill and Hillary
Clinton how to put people in a virtual trance. Bill Clinton said about Rob-
bins, "He has a great gift He has the gift to inspire". Tony Robbins was also
featured in the Kobe Bryant commercial cKOBESYSTEM' that readers may
examine inside of my book at,, pgs 94-95. Byrant's com-
mercial is filled with Satanic symbolism such as his Baphomet logo. It is Lu-
ciferians such as the aforesaid who are placing new recruits on the doorstep
of Luciferianism every day by promoting the concept of being able to obtain
God like powers. "and ye shall be as gods" [Satan] - Genesis 3:5.

The Billionaire activist investor and endorser of Donald J. Trump
for President, special advisor to the President for financial regulatory reform,
Carl Icahn, had this to say about Tony Robbins' book, "Unshakeable: Your
Financial Freedom Playbook Creating Peace Of Mind In A World Of Vola-

"Tony Robbins needs no introduction. He is committed to helping make
life better for every investor. Every investor will find this book extremely
interesting and illuminating."

Billionaire Las Vegas Casino magnate and Endorser, Donald J.
Trump for President, Steve Wynn, has bragged about Robbins:

"Tony Robbins is a genius ... His ability to strategically guide people
through any challenge is unparalleled."

CEO of JP Morgan, Mary Callahan, also lends credence to Tony
Robbin's book:

"Tony masterfully weaves anecdote and expertise to simplify the process
of investor for readers-printing their financial education and helping them
effectively plan frothier future."


Emmy Award-winning media magnate Oprah Winfrey [net worth
$3.2B) is the "black-face" of Satan's New World Order. Winfrey is the Judas
Goat who for decades has lured black Africans and African Americans to
their death for her globalist slave masters and who for the past twenty-six
years has met in secret with the most elite Luciferians on planet earth includ-
ing, Jewish Lord Rothschild [net worth $100 Trillion], David Rockefeller [net
worth $11 Trillion], Bill & Melinda Gates [net worth $86.SB], George Soros
[net worth $25.2B], Ted Turner [net worth $2.2BJ, Michael Bloomberg [net
worth $36.SB], etc. to create a "One World Religion" and ''New World Or-
der" government program designed to reduce the global population by 50%.
Winfrey's had this to say about Tony Robbins: "Tony's power is superhu-
man ... He is a catalyst for getting people to change." As an aside, on Decem-
ber 12, 2016, while sitting in front of a large occult, Illuminati pyramid, Jew-
ish co-founder of "The Carlyle Group" David Rubenstein [net worth $2.SB],
during his "The David Rubenstein Show: Peer-to-Peer Conversations" on
Bloomberg Television owned by Ashkenazi Jew Michael Bloomberg, asked
Oprah if she will challenge President Donald J. Trump for the Presidency in
2020, to which she ambiguously responded.

Rubenstein's Carlyle Group was profiled in two documentaries. In
Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11," Moore focused on Carlyle's connections
with former CI.A. Director and 41st President of the United States George
H. W. Bush and his Secretary of State James Baker, both of whom had at
times served as advisers to the firm. In July 2008, The Carlyle Group ac-
quired major CI.A. contractor, Booz Allen Hamilton. Michael Moore's Fahr-
enheit 9/11 quotes author Dan Briody, who claimed that the Carlyle Group
"gained" from the September 11 attacks because it owned "United Defense,"
a military contractor, who produced the firm's $11 billion "Crusader artil-
lery rocket system". Carlyle also has provided detail on its links with the Bin
Laden family, specifically the investments by Osama bin Laden's half brother.
In William Karel's "The World According to Bush," Karel interviewed Frank
Carlucci to discuss the presence of Shafiq bin Laden, Osama bin Laden's
brother, at Carlyle's annual investor conference while the September 11 at-
tacks were occurring. To learn how Jewish Israeli Intelligence [MOSSAD]
orchestrated the attacks on 9 /11, please read "One The Jews And Their Lies:
9/11" at

The following is a short list of both current and former employees
and advisors of The Carlyle Group:

• Ashkenazi Jew Karl Otto Pohl - President of the Bundesbank,
former senior advisor to the Carlyle Group. Pohl was a partner in the pri-
vate bank Sal. Oppenheim, founded in 1789 by German Jewish
154 banker Salomon Oppenheim, Jr.; Sal. Oppenheim, is now a sub-
sidiary of Deutsche Bank.
• Ashkenazi Jew Norman Pearlstine - editor-in-chief of Time
magazine from 1995-2005, senior advisor telecommunications and media
group [2006-2008]. Pearlstine joined Michael Bloomberg's "Bloomberg L.P."
in June 2008 as Chief Content Officer and served as Chairman of Bloom-
berg Businessweek. Pearlstine returned to Time Inc. in October 2013 as
Chief Content Officer.
• George H. W. Bush - former C.I.A. Director and U.S. President, se-
nior advisor to the Carlyle Asia Advisory Board from April 1998 to October
• Randal K. Quarles - former Under Secretary of the U.S. Treasury
under President George W. Bush, now a Carlyle managing director
• James Baker III - former United States Secretary of State under
George H. W. Bush, Staff member under Ronald Reagan and George W.
Bush, Carlyle senior counselor, served in this capacity from 1993 to 2005.
Richard G. Darman - director of the Office of Management and
Budget in the Bush Administration; managing director from 1993, later se-
nior advisor
Ashkenazi Jew Arthur Levitt - chairman of the U.S. Securities and
Exchange Commission (SEC) under President Bill Clinton, Carlyle senior
advisor from 2001 to the present. Levitt previously served as a policy advisor
to Goldman Sachs and is a Director of Bloomberg LP, parent of Bloomberg
• Joaquin Avila - former managing director at Lehman Brothers,
Managing director at Carlyle
David M. Moffett - CEO of Freddie Mac, former senior advisor to
the Carlyle
• Olivier Sarkozy (half-brother of Nicolas Sarkozy, former Presi-
dent of France) - co-head and managing director of Carlyle Group's global
financial services division, since March 2008. Oliver is married to Mary-Kate
Olsen, a close friend of late actor Heath Ledger. After discovering Ledger's
dead body, Ledger's masseuse called Mary-Kate twice before contacting po-
lice. Mary-Kate sent a private security guard to the scene. Olsen denied any
knowledge regarding the origins of the drugs which caused Ledger's death.
To understand why Heath Ledger was sacrificed, please read my book at,, pgs. 100-104.
• G. Allen Andreas - chairman of the Archer Daniels Midland Com-
pany, Carlyle European Advisory Board
• Daniel Akerson - CEO of General Motors, board member at 7
companies, managing director at Carlyle
• Laurent Beaudoin - CEO of Bombardier (1979-), former member
of Carlyle's Canadian Advisory board. In June 2000, Beaudoin was a member
of the Advisory Board or Lazard Canada. Lazard was founded
July 12, 1848 by three Jewish French brothers, Alexandre, Laz- 155
are, and Simon Lazard (Lazard Freres & Co. founded in New Orleans, Loui-
siana). In the economic boom following World War II, the American opera-
tions of Lazard expanded significantly under the leadership of the Jewish
financier Andre Meyer. David Rockefeller called Meyer, "the most creative
financial genius of our time in the investment banking world". Lazard's larg-
est office is at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York City, NY; this is the same loca-
tion which contains a large sculpture of Prometheus [Lucifer] in front of the
building. Meyer was close friends with 36th President of the United States
Lyndon B. Johnson. Meyer too was close friend with President John F. Ken-
nedy, whose assassination was orchestrated by President Johnson and at the
time CI.A. agent George H.W. Bush. Meyer and Lazard's partner Ashkena.zi
Jew Felix Rohatyn have been credited with inventing the modem mergers
and acquisitions (M&A) market. Rohatyn, a Clinton Administration Ambas-
sador, shamelessly delivered a speech to D-Day veterans at Omaha Beach
in 1999. He told them that a "democratic, prosperous Europe is the finest
monument". This is the same man whose Jewish banking ancestors orches-
trated and financed WWI and WWII.
• Peter Cornelius - managing director of Nielsen Australia.
• Paul Desmarais [net worth $4.5B] - chairman of the Power Cor-
poration of Canada, former member of Carlyle's Canadian Advisory board.
At Desmarais' funeral George H. W. Bush stated: "Paul was that rarest of
men, who possess not only the drive, the integrity and the vision to succeed
spectacularly in business, but also a tremendous capacity for friendship. He
was what I would call a true point of light, helping and usually leading many
worthwhile causes. So, yes, I liked and I respected this good man immensely.
At age 89 and a half, I recognize more than ever the importance and the
blessings of friendship."
• Frank C. Carlucci - former Deputy Director of the CI.A. in the
Jimmy Carter administration, United States Secretary of Defense [1987-
1989] during the Ronald Reagan administration, Carlyle chairman and chair-
man emeritus from 1989 to 2005. In 1952 Carlucci attended Princeton Uni-
versity where he roomed with Donald Rumsfeld, the future 13th Secretary
of Defense [1975-1977] under President Gerald Ford, and future 21st Sec-
retary of Defense [2001-2006] under President George W. Bush. Carlucci
is allegedly the CI.A. agent who facilitated the assassination of Congolese
leaders Lumumba, Mobutu Sese, and Joseph Kasa-Vubu [1961] after de-
veloping a psychological operation which spread propaganda that the men
where "Communists" during the Cold War. Lumumba was central to Congo
being granted independence from Belgium, and was a founder and leader
of the mainstream "Mouvement National Congolais" (MNC) party. In De-
cember 2013, the U.S. State Department admitted that President Eisenhower
authorized the murder of Lumumba. CIA Chief Allan Dulles had allocated
$100,000 to accomplish the act. According to Jewish Secretary
156 of Defense [1973-1975] James Schlesinger, following the assas-
sination of Patrice Lumumba, the new Prime Minister of the Congo, Cyrille
Adoula, began a meeting with President John F. Kennedy with the question
"Ou est Carlucci?" (\Vhere is Carlucci?), since Carlucci was suspected to be
one of the CIA officials who oversaw the murder of Lumumba. Kennedy
first responded "Who the hell is Carlucci?"' and then sent Dean Rusk to find
William E. Kennard - chairman of the Federal Communications
Commission from 1997 to 2001 and United States Ambassador to the Euro-
pean Union; Carlyle managing director from 2001to2009. A Yale University
graduate, Kennard currently serves on the boards of directors of AT&T
Inc., Ford Motor Company, MetLife Inc., and Duke Energy. Previously, he
served on the boards of directors of The New York Times Company, Sprint
Nextel Corporation (national U.S. wireless carrier), Handspring, Inc. (manu-
facturer of the Treo and other wireless devices), eAccess Ltd. (national Japa-
nese wireless carrier), as well as on the boards of several companies owned
by The Carlyle Group.
Luis Tellez Kuenzler - Mexican economist, former Secretary of
Communications and Transportation under the Felipe Calderon adminis-
tration and former Secretary of Energy under the Zedillo administration.
Member of the Cl.A. backed Communist "Institutional Revolutionary Party
(PRI) since 1980. The current president of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto, is
also a member of the PRI which has been a symbol of corruption and elec-
toral fraud since its founding in 1929.
Julius Genachowski - former Jewish chairman of the Federal
Communications Commission. Julius attended "yeshiva" which is a Jewish
institution that studies the antichristian "Talmud". Julius also studied in Is-
rael. After working for Jewish New York Congressman Chuck Schumer, he
entered Harvard Law School where he was a Notes Editor at the Harvard
Law Review when his classmate Barack Hussein Obama was its President.
• Frank McKenna - former Premier of New Brunswick, Canadian
Ambassador to the United States between 2005 and 2006 and current deputy
chairman of Toronto-Dominion Bank; served on Carlyle's Canadian advisory
board. McKenna is good friends with former CJ.A. Director and President
George H.W Bush. McKenna was appointed as Deputy Chair, TD Bank
Financial Group May 1, 2006. In Peter Schweizer's book, "Clinton Cash"
examines McKenna's association with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and
the Keystone Pipeline and the monetary involvement with TD Bank. Sch-
weizer points out the fact TD Bank, with McKenna as Vice Chairman "paid
Bill [Clinton] more than any other financial institution for Lectures. More
than Goldman Sachs, UBS, JP Morgan, or anyone on Wall Street". Schweizer
goes on to write, "TD Bank paid Bill $1.8 million for ten speeches over
a roughly two-and-half-year period from late 2008 to mid-2011." And that
"At several of the speeches, (Bill) Clinton was introduced, or
interviewed by TD Bank vice chairman Frank McKenna. Frank 157
McKenna is described as a "good friend of both Bill and Hillary Clinton".
• Mack McLarty - Carlyle Group Senior Advisor (from 2003), White
House Chief of Staff to President Bill Clinton from [1993-1994], who ad-
vised both Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush. Serving as Clinton's "spe-
cial envoy for the Americas,'' he was a key figure in the creation of the North
American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Free Trade Area of the
Americas CfTAA), which was supported by the "Council of the Americas,"
(COA) established by David Rockefeller, in 1965. McLarty was a top official
at the 1994 Miami Summit of the Americas, which laid the groundwork for
this Trade bloc; as well as serving as a key liaison to Clinton for Rockefeller's
Council in the implementation of this trade agreement. Rockefeller's COA is
affiliated with Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Carlyle Group, Cato In-
stitute, Union Pacific Railroad, Religions for Peace: International Council of
Trustees, Center for the Study of the Presidency Trustee, New Democratic
Network Advisory Board, America Abroad Media Advisory Board, United
States-Mexico Binational Council member, Diligence LLC (Intelligence and
Risk Management Consulting) advisory board, Inter-American Dialogue Co-
Vice Chair, Leeds Equity Partners advisory board and Acxiom Corporation
• Sir John Major - former British Prime Minister, chairman, Car-
lyle Europe from 2001 to 2004. Major was a cabinet minister from 1987,
he served Margaret Thatcher in the Treasury and Foreign Office during her
third ministry. Major presided over President George H.W. Bush's Gulf War
and negotiated the 1991 "Maastricht Treaty" [Treaty on European Union
or TEU] which led to the "euro" and "Black Wednesday,'' the premeditated
financial collapse of the Bank of England, designed by its owners The Roth-
schild Family and orchestrated by their proxy a Jewish Banker named George
Soros [net worth $25.2BJ on September 16, 1992.
• Anand Panyarachun - former Prime Minister of Thailand (twice),
former member of the Carlyle Asia Advisory Board until the board was dis-
banded in 2004. Anand was a member of "American International Group"
(AIG) and a member of the "Trilateral Commission" a non-governmental,
group founded by Zbigniew Brzezinski and David Rockefeller in July 1973 to
orchestrate a One World Government.

On 2/28/1972 Republican President Richard Nixon established
the American economy killing 'Shanghai Communique'. This diplomatic
document allowed the Communist Chinese Government to begin stealing
America's manufacturing and patent wealth. The Communique shifted into
overdrive during Democratic President Jimmy Carter's four year term. Be-
friending Communist China through the Communique was a major priority
of Carter's National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski. U.S. Secretary
of State Henry Kissinger oversaw the American side of the ne-
158 gotiations. Flash forward 44 years to May 19, 2016 and Mika
Brzezinski, Zbigniew Brzezinski's daughter - an individual who mocked on
several occasions Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump on her
MSNBC talk show "Morning Joe" - over his logical antidotes regarding the
massive $366 Billion dollar trade deficit that exists with China - is speaking
with her guest, former CIA Director and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.
Paying Gates a compliment Mika states:

"some say you should be the crisis candidate, some very smart and intel-
ligent people, like my dad".

Mika then asks Gates to analyze Donald Trump's tweet that EgyptAir
Flight MS804 [Paris to Cairo] was another Muslim terrorist attack. For those
readers who may not be aware, in Robert Gates' memoir, he discusses how
U.S. intelligence assistance resulted in the rise of Afghanistan's Mujahadeen,
a few short months before the Soviet Union intervened. Mika's "smart and
intelligent" dad, Zbigniew Brzezinski - Jimmy Carter's National Security Ad-
visor - revealed to France's 'Le Nouvel Observateur' in 1998 that this was
all true. Zbigniew further states that creating the Mujahadeen, in his opinion,
was an "excellent idea" and that "I'd do it again". Salon had a phone inter-
view with Zbigniew from his office inside of "The Center for Strategic and
International Studies", The George Soros founded and financed commu-
nist foreign policy think tank. During the interview Brzezinski promoted his
book, "Strategic Vision" about communist China taking over America's role
in world affairs. President Barack Hussein Obama said about Zbigniew:

"Brzezinski is someone I have learned an immense amount from", and
"one of our most outstanding scholars and thinkers"

For those readers who are unfamiliar with the Mujahadeen, this is
the group which would become Saudi Arabian born Osama bin Laden's al-
Qaeda, The Taliban, and in 2016 Isis. Zbigniew Brzezinski is featured in
one historic photograph, aside bin Laden, teaching Osama how to properly
shoot his rifle. For those who may not completely understand how the mod-
ern day 'Radical Muslim' phenomenon began, here's a short history. Wealth
generated by the Rockefeller Family and Saudi Arabian 1921 Aramco joint
venture helped birth the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928. As an aside, this is
the same militant antichristian Muslim Brotherhood who Antichrist Pope
Francis recently referred to as the 'Brothers and Sisters' of Christians. Just 44
years after the Muslim Brotherhood's formation in 1928, Zbigniew recruited
and trained Osama bin Laden. Twenty-nine years later, bin Laden would be
blamed for the murder of 2,996 Americans and the injury of 6,000 on S~p­
tember 11, 2001. Please keep in mind that MSNBC's television personality,
Mika Brzezinski's "smart and intelligent" dad Zbigniew consid-
ered these groups that have murdered more than 400,000 an 159
"excellent idea." Americans should bear in mind that Zbigniew Brzezinski's
son, Mark Brzezinski, served as President Bill Clinton's National Security
Expert on Russia and Southeastern Europe. This is the same President Bill
Clinton who signed into existence "HB 1274" - Death penalty; guillotine
provision. The U.S. Army's inventory of 30,000 guillotines was confirmed by
both retired FBI agent Ted Gunderso and ex-CIA official Bill Pawelec.

" ... and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of
Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast,
neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in
their hands ... " - Revelation 20:4.

The above-mentioned information is even more compelling when
you consider the allegations that Hillary Clinton's aide and State Department
Deputy Chief of Staff, Huma Abedin's mother and brother have ties to the
Muslim Brotherhood. Abedin is also the wife of former sexual deviant Con-
gressman Anthony Weiner, who was shamed out of office in June 2011 after
being caught 'sexting' with underage girls. Former Palestinian terrorist and
former member of The Muslim Brotherhood, Walid Shoebat, claims that
Abedin's mother, Saleha Abedin, is a member of the Brotherhood's secret
women division known as the 'Muslim Sisterhood' also known as 'The Inter-
national Women's Organization'. Shoebat further states that Abedin's broth-
er, 'Hassan' is a fellow of the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies and partners
with a number of Muslim Brotherhood members. Shoebat also claims that
al-Qaeda associate, 'Omar Naseef' and Muslim Brotherhood leader, 'Sheikh
Youssef Qaradawi' are trustees for the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies.
None of the aforementioned information is comforting when you consider
the allegations that America's former CIA Director, John Brennan, converted
to Islam while traveling through Saudi Arabia. It certainly would explain the
seemingly open-door-policy of the U.S. Government, allowing 358 Wahabist
Syrian Muslim refugees into America every week. Voters should consider
the fact that Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump was the only
candidate who consistency spoke out against globalism, militant Islam, the
invasion of America by illegal immigrants, The North American Union, Bill
Clinton's NAFTA. Donald Trump too is the only candidate who has consis-
tency promoted the idea of an American Camelot wherein America's eco-
nomic, military and energy prowess is unmatched. Above all else is Trump's
repeated promise to ensure the Christian American majority's God given
right to life, liberty, and the pursuit [not guarantee] of happiness is insured
through the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. Juxtapose Trump's afore-
mentioned position with that of elites such as Mitt Romney, whose father
tried to undermine Ronald Reagan; Billionaire George Soros, who after
being rescued by America from the Nazis, has spent his entire
160 life destroying the very nation which saved his life; 'America's
Pastor' Max Lucado, who has generated hundreds of millions of dollars
through book publishing companies founded by Nazis and Satanists; Ted &
Heidi Cruz who support the ''North American Union" which will eliminate
American sovereignty; Marco Rubio, an alleged homosexual with ties to
cocaine kingpins and Cuban mafia; Bill & Hillary Clinton, the second most
corrupt politicians in American history; The first is George H.W. Bush
whose father, Prescott Bush, along with the Rothschild Family, financed the
Nazi party. George H.W. Bush was also a central figure in the JFK assassina-
tion, the creation of America's drug and prison culture and 9I11. George
H.W. Bush demonstrated how twisted of a human being he really is during a
Trump speech in which he makes a chopping motion to his neck, a globally
recognized motion suggesting that he wants Donald Trump killed for fight-
ing against the global elites orchestrated, "New World Order" and "Secret
Societies that George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Barack Hussein Obama,
Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich, John Kerry [K.ohn] and Roth-
schilds have promoted publicly for decades. Former Mexico President,
Vicente Fox, is another critic of Donald Trump. Responding to Trump's
comments that "Mexico will pay for the wall" Vicente Fox responded, "I'm
not paying for this f**king wall". 33rd degree, Prince Hall Freemason
and race-pimp, Al Sharpton is another critic of Trump. The offspring of
Babylonian Talmudists Michael Bloomberg is another critic of the Chris-
tian Republican front-runner. This is the ex-New York Governor who is
constructing, "Bloomberg Place" in England, which will be used as his cor-
porate headquarters. What's interesting is that the building site houses one of
the oldest and largest "Temples of Mithras," an ancient pagan site, once used
to sacrifice Christians. Another critic of Trump is offspring of Babylonian
Talmudists, Democratic socialist [communist] candidate, Bernie Sanders,
who had not earned a steady paycheck until age 40 and when he was working
he wrote about masturbation and rape for left-wing rags. Rockefeller backed,
Wahabbi [radical Islam] financier, second largest owner of News Corp.
[FOX News] and social media giant Twitter and militant antichristian, Saudi
Prince Alwaleed bin Talat, is another critic of Donald Trump. Senator
John McCain is another critic of Trump. This is the Senator who covered
for Hillary Clinton and lied about Benghazi Arms Deal. Bill Gates is another
critic of Trump. This is the man who is pumping cancer causing vaccines
into children around the world and calling for the elimination of America's
2nd Amendment. Pope Francis, a man who lives behind lOOft walls, has
also been critical of Donald Trump's 'Build The Wall' border security policy.
This is the same antichrist pope Francis who publically announced that Jesus
Christ was like the Muslim terrorist group ISIS and that Christian Europeans
should breed with Muslim migrants to solve the EU's low birthrate problem.
If we're using the Holy Bible's measure of a 'false prophet,' Luke 6:26 reads:

''Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you! for so did their
fathers to the false prophets."

Donald Trump was certainly not spoken well of during the 2016
elections. Why? Because self ascribed Christian Republican Donald Trump
portrayed himself as a staunch adversary to the New World Order, antichrist
"Beast System," that's been promoted by the Rothschild and Rockefeller'
Families, George H.W Bush, Henry Kissinger, George W Bush, Barrack
Hussein Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Ted and Heidi Cruz, Marco Rubio,
Mitt Romney, The Pope, Vincente Fox, George Soros, The Koch Brothers,
Bill Gates, Facebook founder and the offspring of Babylonian Talmudists,
Mark Zuckerberg, who calls his facebook users 'Dumb F**ks' and publicly
announced that he loves the book written by Communist China's President,
Xi Jinping, the leader of a country which has murdered 80 million of its own
citizens. Zuckerberg has also criticized Donald Trump publicly for his stance
on Muslim immigrants and building walls. Zuckerberg says we Americans
can 'build bridges' by welcoming militant antichristian Wahabist Muslims
into America and that 'Love' will defeat ISIS. Other elites who promote the
"Beast System" are Google's, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. These are the same
Google founders whose 'Google Desktop' icon is a 69. The number 69 is
important to Satanists because it venerates Satanist Aleister Crowley's, "The
Book of Lies, chapter 69 titled, "The Way to Succeed-and the Way to Suck
Eggs!" which is a pun for the 69 sex position. Google is also known to have
funneled $8.9 billion through a Bermuda Post Office box numbered, "666".
Recently the offspring of Babylonian Talmudists co-founders at Google
honored Asian-American Yuri Kockiyama, a violent communist Maoist who
admired Osama bin Laden.

"Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the
beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred three-
score and six. [666] - Revelation 13:18

Continuing with our short list of both current and former employ-
ees and advisors of The Carlyle Group:

• Fidel V. Ramos - former president of the Philippines, Carlyle Asia
advisor board member until the board was disbanded in 2004. In 1972 Ra-
mos was responsible for human rights abuses committed under Martial Law
as head of the Philippine Constabulary chief; the unit responsible in the ar-
rest tortures of civilians. Ramos was appointed Chief of Staff of the Armed
Forces of the Philippines by President Aquino [1986-1988], and later Secre-
tary of National Defense and Chairman of the National Disaster Coordinat-
ing Council [1988-1991]. Ramos became the 12th President of
162 the Philippines [1992-1998].
• Thaksin Shinawatra - former Prime Minister of Thailand (twice),
former member of the Carlyle Asia Advisory Board until 2001 when he re-
signed upon being elected prime minister. Shinawatra was overthrown in a
military coup on September 19, 2006. His party was outlawed and he was
barred from political activity. He was sentenced to two years in jail for abuse
of power.
Peter Chung - former associate at Carlyle Group Korea, who 're-
signed' in 2001 after just two weeks on the job after an inappropriate e-
mail to friends was circulated around the world, but not before bragging,
"CHUNG is KING!". Chung's email read:

"So I've been in Korea for about a week and a half now and what can I say,
LIFE IS GOOD.... I've got a spanking brand new 2,000 sq. foot 3 bedroom
apt. with a 200 sq. foot terrace running the entire length of my apartment
with a view overlooking Korea's main river and nightline ......Why do I need
3 bedrooms? Good question, .... the main bedroom is for my queen size
bed, ...where CHUNG is going to f**k every hot chick in Korea over the
next 2 years (5 down, 1,000,000,000 left to go) .... the second bedroom is for
my harem of chickies, and the third bedroom is for all of you f****rs when
you come out to visit my ass in Korea. I go out to Korea's finest clubs, bars
and lounges pretty much every other night on the weekdays and everyday
on the weekends to (I think in about 2 months, after I learn a little bit of
the buyside business I'll probably go out every night on the weekdays). I
know I was a stud in NYC but I pretty much get about, on average, 5-8
phone numbers a night and at least 3 hot chicks that say that they want to
go home with me every night I go out. I love the buyside, .... I have bankers
calling me everyday with opportunties and they pretty much cater to my ev-
ery whim - you know (golfing events, lavish dinners, a night out clubbing).
The guys I work with are also all chilli - I live in the same apt building as my
VP and he drives me around in his Porsche (1 of 3 in all of Korea) to work
and when we go out. What can I say, .... life is good, ... CHUNG is KING of
his domain here in Seoul.... .
So, .... all of you f***ers better keep in touch and start making plans to come
out and visit my ass ASAP, I'll show you guys an unbelievable time.... My
contact info is below. ... Oh, by the way, ... someone's gotta start fedexing me
boxes of domes [condoms] .. .! brought out about 40 but I think I'll run out
of them by Saturday..... "

Peter Chung
The Carlyle Group
Suite 1009, CCMM Bldg.
12, Yoido-dong, Youngdeungpo-ku 163
Seoul 150-010, Korea
Tel: (822) 2004-8412
Fax: (822) 2004-8440

Deepak Chopra, a programmer for the C.I.A.'s :MK-Ultra Mind
Control Institute "Esalen" is a long time "spiritual teacher" of Bill and Hill-
ary Clinton. In the documentary, "The Enemies of Reason" atheist Richard
Dawkins points out that Deepak Chopra was Hillary Clinton's spiritual advi-
sor. In one of Deepak's articles "Can dying be a peak experience? Chopra
states that he believes Jesus Christ is a "folk tale" and "Primitive". John the
Apostle warns leaders and followers of Jesus Christ in 2 John 1:7:

"For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus
Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist."

Fox News' The Alan Colmes Show featured New Age guru, Deepak
Chopra, who described Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump
as the representation of the "Darkest Demons" of America's "collective
psyche". Chopra goes on to state that Trump is, "Emotionally Retarded,
Maybe Mentally Retarded."

"I would never say this unless I believed it was 100% true, but he represents
the racist, the bigot, the one who's prejudiced, the one who is full of fear
and hatred, the one who represents emotional retardation of a three-year
old," Chopra said of Trump. ''And yet he's so popular because he's given
permission to our collective psyche to express their darkest demons."

Llke all New World Order Luciferians, "Esalen" C.I.A. MK-Ultra
Mind Control programmer Deepak Chopra is spiritually aligned with the an-
cient, satanic serpent cult, one of the oldest Luciferian proxies on earth. The
second oldest is the 'Brotherhood of the Wolf' or 'Daci'. Both of these cults
are nothing more than a manifestation of demonic energy and both have
been enemies of ancient Christian Celts for over two thousand years. For
this reason it's important for Christian Americans to understand the spiritual
significance of Donald Trump's Christian Celtic bloodline. While there has
been a great deal of attention paid to Mr. Trump's ancient German 'Drumph'
ancestry, the serpent cult controlled mainstream media has omitted the fact
that Donald Trump is the offspring of the ancient Scottish Macleod Clan.
The Macleod Clan bloodline were one of many ancient Celtic/Pictish Clans
who fought against and defeated the old world order of Nimrod. It is to the
ancient bloodline of this Babylonian figure that the Satanic Rothschild Fam-
ily, George Soros, Saudi Arabian 'Donmeh' Prince Alaweed bin
164 Talal and others claim alliance. Those readers who are interested
in learning about the genesis of this spiritual battle between God and Satan,
please read my book at,

"Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and
over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you."
-Luke 10:19

A native of India, "Esalen" CI.A. MK-Ultra Mind Control pro-
grammer Deepak Chopra is familiar with the Hindu serpent cult figure
named "Nagas" and the prophesy of human beings merging with female
Nagas. This demonic cult's prophesy is the reason why Hollywood venerates
the serpent cult throughout movies and television. It too is the reason why
the Religion of Transgenderism has been so prevalent in 2017. If you would
like to learn why the Religion of Transgenderism was invented, please read
my article at, Someone who best represents the ancient
serpent cult is Rap 'Star' Lil Wayne and his Satanic Music Video, 'Bitches
Love Me'. In it he raps "hoes love me like Satan," while wearing a Lucifer
costume. 1 min 27 sec into rapper Lil Wayne's video it features an amphibi-
ous reptile half-woman. This is a creature associated with the Serpent cult of
Dann [Genesis 49:17].

When we read about the 12 tribes of Israel, Dann was one of them
however in [Revelation 7:5] Dann is no longer mentioned. I believe Dann's
tribe is the men mentioned in Uude 1:4] which reads:

"For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old
ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God
into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus

Modern day artists use the 'Scales of Justice" to represent the Tribe
of Dann due to [Genesis 49: 16-17] which states:

"Dan shall judge his people, as one of the tribes of Israel. Dan shall be a
serpent by the way, an adder in the path, that biteth the horse heels, so that
his rider shall fall backward."

. I address the Serpent Cult of Dann and its war with ancient Chris-
t:lan Celts in detail, throughout my book at,

It is written in ancient Hindu texts that this demigod was banished
by the creator to the underworld with unimaginable riches and is allied with
demons, a tradition which mirrors the legends associated with
the Church of Babylon's god Nimrod. One of the most notable 165
Egyptian deities is the serpent god 'Sobek' [c.2181 B.C], a half-man, half-
reptile figure commonly associated with "Isis" Osiris and Ra.

With the above-mentioned knowledge in mind, Chopra understood
the meaning behind Trump's recent public recital of Aesop's Fable of "The
Farmer and the Viper," and that it was a warning to the ancient Serpent Cult.
"Esalen" CI.A. MK-Ultra Mind Control programmer Deepak Chopra re-
alizes that Donald Trump's so-called, "fear and hatred" is in fact Trump's
transformation into becoming a strong leader like Charles "The Hammer"
Martel [c.686 A.D. - 741 A.D.] who defended his homeland of France from
marauding Baal [Satan] worshiping Saracens [Muslims] or what Prophet Isa-
iah warns are "beasts, come to devour" [Isaiah 59:9-11]; unlike our former
Baal worshiping Muslim CIA Director, John Brennan, who was a willfully
"blind Watchmen" for the beasts and the vast majority of the U.S. Gov't who

"dumb dogs, they cannot bark; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber. Yea,
they are greedy dogs which can never have enough, and they are shepherds
that cannot understand: they all look to their own way, every one for his
gain, from his quarter." - Isaiah 56:9-11

Does an honest appraisal of Donald Trump's lifelong political ac-
tion reveal a slumbering watchman who conforms to Isaiah's description of
a "dumb dog" who can't bark?


I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of
England to rule the Empire. The man who con-
trols Britain's money supply controls the British
Empire and I control the British money supply."

- NATHAN ROTHSCHILD, 1777-1836 ' '


f~D1.\11 'I1Ell 12
Before people get too excited about President Donald J. Trump's
"Drain The Swamp" mantra and comparing him with MK.-Ultra .Mind
Control actor Ronald Reagan, they should consider the fact that Trump's
new swamp is "HCGE" and it's inhabited by America's most sadistic Jew-
ish predators. In this way, President Trump and Ronald Reagan are kindred
spirits. President Reagan was such a fan of Jews that he once wore a Jewish
"yarmulke" while eating chicken cutlets and noodle pudding at Rabbi Morris
Friedman's home, after Reagan had given a speech at Temple Hillel where
he bloviated about the antichristian, Jewish interpretation of the separation
between church and state.

The following is a short list of Jewish predators one can expect to
see next time they visit President Trump's new swamp in Washington D.C.
While you're reading the positions of power President Donald Trump has
placed the following Jews in, please keep in mind that each of these Jewish
cabinet appoinunents have taken an "oath" to protect and defend the U.S.
Constitution and the American people. Unfortunately, many of these Jews
on their "Day of Atonement'' walk into a "synagogue of Satan" [Revelation
3:9] and repeat three times a short prayer called the, "Kol Nidre". In that
prayer Jews enter into an agreement with their god [Satan] that any oath, vow,
or pledge that Jews make during the next twelve months, or any oath, vow or
pledge that Jews take during the next twelve months shall be null and void.
"The oath shall not be an oath; the vow shall not be a vow; the pledge shall
not be a pledge. They shall have no force and effect," and so forth and so on.
And further than that, the militant antichristian Jewish Babylonian Talmud

''Don't forget whenever you take an oath, vow, and pledge remember the
Kol Nidre prayer that you recited on the Day of Atonement, and that ex-
empts you from fulfilling that''.

• Roy Marcus Cohn - Donald Trump's alleged 'mentor' [AshkenaziJew].
Roy Cohn [pg. 169] was the 23 year old chief council of Joseph Mc-
Carthy. Cohn prosecuted CI.A. invented Jewish spies Julius and Ethel
Rosenberg, American citizens convicted of conspiring to give secret
information regarding America's atomic bomb program to the Soviet
Union. Cohn aided the C.I.A.'s paranoiac terror of the "Red Scare" that
followed. The Rosenbergs were executed and Cohn was pro-
168 mated to U.S. Attorney. Cohn was a fixture within Ronald Rea-
gan's White House and helped
make Donald Trump's sister
"Maryanne Trump Barry" a
Federal judge in 1983. Mary-
anne was then nominated by
Bill Clinton to be a judge on
the United States Court of Ap-
peals for the Third Circuit by
Democratic President Bill Clin-
ton on June 17, 1999. Cohn was
a virulent homosexual with a
penchant for young males, yet
he was publicly hostile towards
homosexuals. Cohn was the at-
torney for all five major organized crime families in New York, and was
connected to Nicky Scarfo's Philadelphia crime family, one of the most
violent mobs in America which controlled Atlantic City. Scarfo con-
trolled Teamsters union local 54 which was the hotel workers union and
when the workers went on strike, they never picketed Donald Trump's
properties. Cohn would host all five NY crime families inside of Cohn's
office, because the government couldn't wiretap an attorney's office due
to 'attorney-client' privilege. While Cohn led people to believe he had
no income, he received a massive amount of tax free income through his
underground parking lots that were near the waterfront in New York.
This underground real estate was released to him by the "Bureau of
l'vlarine and Aviation". Cohn controlled the companies that managed his
parking lots in the city and he never paid taxes on any of the revenue
that he received. A man associated with Cohn's parking lots, ''Rick Ba-
zio," was under federal investigation when his dead body was discovered
in the trunk of a car. Roy Cohn was the middle man between notorious
New York union leader and racketeer John A. Cody and Donald Trump.
Cody was the President of the Teamsters union local 282 [1976-1984],
during which time he worked with the Gambino crime family and Paul
Castellano to intimidate developers which gained him a fearsome repu-
tation. Cody purchased the suite directly below Donald Trump's suite
inside of "Trump Tower". Cohn's legal practices were so unethical and
dishonest that he was eventually disbarred. Esquire dubbed him "a legal
executioner."Cohn died of AIDS in 1996.
• Yael Kushner (lvanka Trump) - daughter of President Donald J.
Trump, executive VP for The Trump Organization, Senior Advisor
Donald J. Trump for President, executive committee member, Trump
Presidential transition team [fewish Convert]. Ivanka Trump raised
Christian by her "Christian" father, before her 2009 wed-
ding converted to Orthodox Judaism and took the name 169
''Yael''. She described her regression from Jesus Christ to the cult of
Saturn [Satan] that murdered Jesus Christ as an "amazing and beautiful
journey" which she says "Christian" Donald J. Trump supported her
conversion to Satanism "from day one," adding that he had "tremendous
respect" for the Jewish cult of Saturn [Satan].
• Yoel Chaim Oared Kushner) - Senior Advisor Donald J. Trump for
President, executive committee member Trump Presidential transition
team [Ashkenazi Jew]. Kushner engineered the appointment of Egyp-
tian born Dina Habib Powell as Deputy National Security Advisor for
Strategy. Dina served as a managing director and partner for Goldman
Sachs following service in the Bush administration. Dina is listed as a
member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Rothschild
and Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission. In 2007, Jared Kushner made
the most expensive single-building purchase in U.S. history, acquiring
"666 Fifth Avenue" for $1.8 billion. In 2014 Jared launched "Cadre,"
an online marketplace connecting investors and operators of real estate.
George Soros provided Cadre with a $259 million line of credit. Accord-
ing to a 4/15/2017 Jewish Business News article: "Soros has had a long
and productive relationship with the Kushner family". Jared hired a hor-
ror movie promoter to lead communications for Trump's White House.
Josh Raffel is a horror movie publicist for Jewish controlled Blumhouse
Productions, which produced Satanic films such as: Insidious, Paranor-
mal Activity, Get Out, and The Purge: Election Year whose tagline reads,
"Keep America Great," the same slogan Trump plans to use in 2020 .

According to a February 11, 2017 New York Times article, Jared
Kushner was seventeen years old in 1998 when he attended a speech by
Israeli's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The militant antichristian war
criminal led "thousands of Oewish] teenagers waving Israeli flags in a pro-
cession through ... the ruins of an Auschwitz-Birkenau crematory". It's here
where the Netanyahu, the architect of September 11, 2001 announced, "The
Holocaust could have been prevented. We know it could not have taken place
had the Jewish state been established a few years earlier,"

Following Netanyahu's Cult of Saturn [Satan] ritual, Jared Kushner
flew back to Israel with Netanyahu. Jared Kushner received special treatment
for several reasons, including the fact that Jared's father was friend and donor
to Benjamin Netanyahu. According to the same 2/11/2017 New York Times
article, "Mr. Netanyahu had even stayed at the Kushners' home in New Jer-
sey, sleeping in Jared's bedroom."

The New York Times article goes on to state that Jared's visit to
Auschwitz was "stark" and that Jared's grandmother "survived
170 the Holocaust by crawling through a tunnel in Poland" and that
Jared's Grandfa?1er "esca~ed ~e massacres by hiding in a hole fo~ years."
According to this same arncle: 'An Orthodox Jew, Mr. Kushner was mstruct-
ed to protect Israel, remember the genocide and assure the survival of the
Jewish people, those close to him say".

Like all Jewish children, Jared was indoctrinated into the Cult of
Saturn and Holocaustism as a young age. The New York Times article states
that Jared was:

" ... educated at Jewish schools where second graders were expected to draw
maps of Israel from memory and the West Bank was often referred to by
its biblical names, Judea and Samaria, a practice that emphasizes Jewish
claims to the land His family used its real estate fortune to donate millions
of dollars to American Jewish and Israeli hospitals, schools and other insti-
tutions .... The Kushners' Judaism and support of Israel were one and the
same, friends said: about ensuring survival. ... The major Jewish institutions
of Mr. Kushner's life - school and synagogue - emphasized the connec-
tion between religion and Zionism. "In the modern Orthodox community,
the state of Israel has an important place in identity, as a religious ideal, not
only a political reality," said Elie Weinstock, rabbi at Kehilath Jeshurun, the
Manhattan synagogue Mr. Kushner joined. At his elementary school, the
Hebrew Youth Academy in Livingston, N.J., it was impossible to walk the
halls "without seeing the flags of Israel and Israeli historical figures and
how the kids celebrate Israeli holidays," said Stephen Flatow, whose daugh-
ter Ilana was in Mr. Kushner's grade."

On March 27, 2017 President Trump announced that his Jewish
son-in-law Jared Kushner will oversee a broad effort to overhaul the federal
government. Jared stated in a Washington Post interview:

"The government should be run like a great American company. Our hope
is that we can achieve successes and efficiencies for our customers, who are
the citizens,"

The Post's article went on to explain that Kushner's "innovation
team" is working with key corporate executives at companies like IBM Corp
which innovatively developed the IBM Code Numbering system associated
with the tattoos Adolf Hitler's Nazis placed on concentration camp prison-
ers. Author Edwin Black's book, "IBM and the Holocaust," examines how
IBM machines were used to automate the Rothschild Family invented "Final
Solution," a Jewish Zionist fairytale that has been debunked by a variety of
historians and experts specializing in the design and operation of execution
chambers and crematories.
One such expert that has endured twenty-nine years of bigoted cam-
paigns to discredit his work and reputation by members of the Zionist Jew-
ish religion of Holocaustism is Fred A. Leuchter, author of the 1988 report
titled, "The Leuchter Report". Leuchter is a graduate of Boston University
[1964], post graduate student in celestial navigation mechanics at the Har-
vard-Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Leuchter worked as an electrical, optical, mechanical, and navigational en-
gineer; holds several patents within the fields of navigation, optics, encod-
ing, geodetic surveying, and surveying instrumentation, including patents on
sextants, surveying instruments, and optical instrument encoders. Leuchter
was a technical director for a Boston firm [1965-1970] specializing in opto-
electronic and photographic surveillance equipment within the aeronautics
industry. Leuchter's low-level, color, stereo-mapping system used in helicop-
ters is an airborne standard. In 1970, Leuchter was asked by the U.S. Govern-
ment to develop the U.S. Navy's first electronic sextant and astro-trackers
used in Intercontinental Ballistic Missle systems (ICBM:) for the U.S. Gov-
ernment. Leuchter's expertise helped him develop the first cost efficient tele-
phone monitor for personal use. Leuchter is a forensic engineer consultant
and been called to testify in U.S. and Canadian courts as an expert witness, in
fact Leuchter's expertise in the field of execution equipment is a matter of
public record.

Until his "Leuchter Report;' Fred was recognized by industry ex-
perts as the foremost U.S. expert on the design and fabrication of gas cham-
bers and other hardware used to execute criminals with hydrogen cyanide
gas, the same gas allegedly used to kill hundreds of thousands of Jews at
Auschwitz. During his sworn testimony, the warden of Missouri's State Peni-
tentiary, William Armontrout, testified during the 1988 "Holocaust Trial"
of Ernst Zundel. Warden, Armontrout supervised the state's execution gas
chamber and testified under oath that Leuchter's design, maintenance, and
operation consultancy of the Missouri gas chamber was significant. Warden
Armontrout also confirmed that, to the best of his knowledge, Leuchter
was the only such consultant in the United States. Leuchter's expertise has
been recognized by prominent publications such as "The Atlantic" [Febru-
ary 1990], "Insight" [July 2, 1990] in an article which called Leuchter, " ... the
nation's leading expert in the mechanics of execution". Leuchter was also
featured on an ABC Television news program, "Prime Time Live," [May
10th, 1990] and "The New York Times" in an article and front page photo
[October 13, 1990].

Even though the U.S. Government had entrusted our nation's top
secret weapon's systems to Leuchter and that he had been the most highly
qualified consultant in the design and development of execution
172 equipment in America, Leuchter became an incompetent dolt
after being hired as a consultant to investigate Auschwitz, Majdanek, and
Birkenau to determine whether these facilities met the design criteria for gas
chamber and crematory operation. Leuchter concluded that no evidence at
the above-mentioned alleged execution sites were ever used in this capacity.
Leuchter further concluded that the design and fabrication of said locations
could not have not have been utilized to execute human beings with "Zyk-
lon B," a cyanide-based pesticide that was financed by the Jewish Warburg
Family who controlled "Interessen Gemeinschaft Farben" or LG. Farben,
the giant German chemical firm which manufactured Zyklon B. Leuchter's
evaluation of the crematory facilities at the above-mentioned locations pro-
duced conclusive evidence that contradicts the alleged volume of corpses
cremated in the generally alleged time frame. It was Leuchter's professional
opinion that none of the facilities he examined could have supported the
alleged work load attributed to them. In fact, it would have taken more than
70 years to incinerate the Jewish Zionist fairytale of "millions". Leuchter's
findings have been corroborated by "The Institute of Forensic Research"
in Krakow, Poland [1990]. Walter Liiftl, an engineer in Germany, endorsed
Leuchter's findings [March 1992]. German engineer Germar Rudolf too sup-
ported Leuchter's results. German engineer, Wolfgang Schuster (Dipl.Ing.),
defended the validity of Leuchter's report against the criticisms of French
pharmacist Jean-Claude Pressac in a five-page essay published in the Ger-
man quarterly journal Deutschland in Geschichte und Gegenwart (fuebin-
gen, June 1991 ). Lastly, Dr. William B. Lindsey, an American research chemist
who was employed for 33 years by the Dupont Corporation, and based on
his own careful on-site examination of the alleged extermination gas cham-
bers at Auschwitz, Birkenau, and Majdanek, and on his years of experience
as a chemist, Lindsey declared under oath:

"I have come to the conclusion that no one was willfully or purposefully
killed with Zyklon B [hydrogen cyanide gas] in this manner. I consider it
absolutely impossible."

(The Globe and Mail, Toronto, Feb. 12, 1985, p. M3.)

In spite of the vicious campaign against him, Leuchter has remained
defiant and confident of ultimate vindication, stating:

"I have been vilified by the caretakers of the Holocaust dogma whose
desperate tactics prove the failure of their arguments. My livelihood has
been destroyed, my character has been impugned and my life turned upside
down. But I will not bend the knee: Not now, not tomorrow, not ever. Time
and reason will vindicate the Leuchter Report."

Additional key companies working with Jared Kushner include: Tes-
la Inc.; Apple Inc. and Inc. It will be remembered that data
collected through Edward Bernays' fifty-eight years of human exploitation
programming and Dr. Ewan Cameron's CI.A., MK-Ultra "Self Actualiza-
tion" mind control methods went into developing Stanford Research Insti-
tute's (SRI) advanced unconscious consumer programming for American
corporations in 1978, and a key programmer involved in developed this new
human exploitation psychology was Jay Ogilvy, the Director of "Psychologi-
cal Values Research" at S.R.I. [1979-88].

Ogilvy co-founded "Global Business Network" [GBN] with Peter
Schwartz, Stewart Brand, Napier Collyns, and Lawrence Wilkinson. Jewish
'futurist' Peter Schwartz is the Senior VP of Strategic Planning for Sales-, Director Strategic Environment Center [S.E.C.] at S.R.I., board
member of the Center for a New American Security, Asia Internet Coali-
tion and consultant for movies such as: Minority Report, Sneakers and War
Games. Colleagues of Schwartz include Stewart Brand, known for among
other things participating in developing LSD for the C.I.A.'s 1960s MK-Ultra
Mind Control program, serving as "Special Advisor" to California's "hip-
pie" socialist Governor Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown [1977-79], and campaign-
ing NASA to release rumored satellite images of the entire earth as seen
from space. He sold and distributed buttons for 25 cents that read, "Why
haven't we seen a photograph of the whole earth yet?" During his cam-
paign, Stewart Brand met Buckminister Fuller, a teacher at Richard ''Dick"
Price's Esalen Institute's "Human Potential Movement". In one of Stewart
Brand's social media pictures he featured with a smile next to a book featur-
ing a Nazi Swastika. Finally, Napier Collyns worked for the Rockefeller fam-
ily controlled "Royal Dutch/Shell Group" and senior associate of the New
York Mercantile Exchange a commodity futures exchange owned by "CME
Group of Chicago" which owns the Dow Jones stock and financial indexes.
The economist describes CME as "The biggest financial exchange you have
never heard 0£" CME Group is the leading derivatives marketplace handling
3 billion contracts worth approximately $1 quadrillion annually.

It too will be remembered that a leading advisor to SRI was Jewish
psychologist Abraham Maslow, one of Richard "Dick" Price's Esalen In-
stitute's Self Actualization, Self Liberati.on "Human Potential Movement"
programmers. Maslow was classified as "mentally unstable" as a child by a
psychologist and is the creator of the "hierarchy of needs". Through his
analysis, Maslow speculated that a person's identity was shaped by fundamen-
tal internal forces a central premise of Maslow's "hierarchy of needs" theory.
Given mankind's inherent instinct to be free, it comes as no surprise to learn
that Maslow's study placed the S.R.I.'s "Inner Directives" at the
174 top. It will be remembered that "Inner Directives" were self
motivated and independent individuals, the exact profile of America's found-
ing fathers and the vast majority of Americans who defeated the British and
created the United States. America was comprised of self sufficient and in-
dependent people until Edward Bernays began brainwashing its citizenry in
the 1920s.

• Charles Kushner endorser Donald J. Trump for President, Donor
Make American Great Again Pac [Ashkenazi Jew]. In 2005 Charles was
convicted of illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion, and witness
tampering, and served time in federal prison. Charles Kushner is the fa-
ther of Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of and senior advisor to President
Donald Trump.

Steven Mnuchin - National Finance Chairman, Donald J. Trump for
President, 77th United States Secretary of the Treasury [AshkenaziJew].
Mnuchin was the CIO of Goldman Sachs and member of Yale's Sa-
tanic "Skull and Bones" society, an elite recruiting agency of the Satanic
Jewish Rothschild Family. Former CI.A. Director and President George
H.W. Bush and Former Jewish Secretary of State John Kerry (real last
name Kohn) were also members of the "Skull and Bones Society". It
will be remembered that the Jewish founder of the pseudoscience of
psychology Wilhelm Maximilian Wundt, was associated with "Skull and
Bones" and that Wilhelm's father Maximilian Wundt was a member of
the Jewish mysticism based "Masonic Order of the Mustard Seed". Max-
imilian concealed his Masonic allegiance under the veil of Lutheranism
for which he was a pastor. Wundt's grandfather Friedrich Peter Wundt,
was a Lutheran pastor in Wieblingen and member of Adam Weishaupt's
Luciferian cult known as the "Illuminati". Mnuchin is a Hollywood fi-
nancier funding movies such as the X-men franchise, Avatar, The Lego
Movie, American Sniper, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Central
Intelligence, Suicide Squad, Storks, etc.
RodJ. Rosenstein was nominated by President Donald Trump to serve
as Deputy Attorney General for the United States Department of Justice
on January 13, 2017. Like President Trump, Rosenstein graduated from
The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. The Wharton
School is closely linked to "The Tavistock Institute," providing financial
support as well as human intelligence ["HU:MINT'l Additional Tavis-
tock investors include: The Rockefeller Foundation, Stanford Research
Institute, The U.S. Office of Naval Research, the Science Policy Research
Unit in England, MIT, Heritage Foundation, U.S. Air Force Intelligence,
Institute for Policy Studies, Hudson Institute, Brookings Institute and
Rand Corporation, a group who was once accused of being commis-
sioned by the USSR (Russia) to work out terms of surrender
of the United States Government. The following is a short 175
history of the Tavistock Institute, which is an appendage of "The British
Psychological Society" and its charter to bring about a New World Order
through "The Science of Mass Manipulation through Crisis Creation."

The Tavistock Institute was created at Oxford in 1921 by the "Royal
Institute for International Affairs," with funding from the Rockefeller Foun-
dation. Tavistock Institute is the nerve center for the global manipulation of
human consciousness. Shortly after its founding, co-creator John Rawlings
Rees and his partners became a central component of Great Britain's "Psy-
chological Warfare Bureau," (PWB). This is the same British war cabinet that
in the summer of 1916 received a visit from Jewish Zionist elites in Germany,
representing the Jewish Zionists in Eastern Europe, telling them that Great
Britain could win WWI if the United States became an ally. The Jewish Zion-
ists told England, "we will guarantee to bring the United States into the war
as your ally, to fight with you on your side, if you will promise us Palestine
after you win the war."

After accepting the Jewish Zionists' deal, The Rothschild Family in
England began funneling their agenda through their Jewish psychoanalyst
Edward Bernays in the United States. Immediately, Bernays' nationwide net-
work of Jewish newspaper and bank owners began promoting anti-German
propaganda. America, however, had a large German population and they
wanted to see Germany defeat the Russian Czar. The Jews didn't like the Czar
and they didn't want Russia to win the war, so the German Jewish bankers,
"Kuhn Loeb" and other firms in the U.S. refused to finance France or Eng-
land because they were tied up with Russia, but they heavily financed Ger-
many in order to defeat the Russian Czar. It will be remembered that those
same Jews who were financially backing the Germans against the Russian
Czar were the same Jews that approached England's War Cabinet. As soon as
the Jewish Zionists deal was forged with Britain, all of the propaganda that
had been championing German's efforts against the Russian Czar changed.
All Jewish newspapers around the world began promoting the idea that all
Germans were evil. Germans were shooting Red Cross nurses, cutting off
baby's hands, etc.

The Tavistock Institute played a key role in the establishment of
the United States "Office of Strategic Services" (O.S.S.), the predecessor of
the C.I.A. The O.S.S. was heavily influenced by Edward Bernays, Jewish Zi-
onist psychologist Kurt Lewis, Allen Dulles, the German Nazis Scientists
from "Project Paperclip," and the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staf£ Research associ-
ated with "microwave weapons" and their ability to control the unconscious
minds of human beings originated within The Tavistock Institute during the
19 50s. What was understood back in the 19 50s was that micro-
176 wave networks caused physical and mental disease. A Defense
Intelligence Agency (DIA) document entitled: "Biological Effects Of Elec-
tromagnetic Radiation (Radiowaves and Microwaves) Eurasian Communist
Countries," reveal that the microwave frequencies used by cellular phones
cause disease in a person's Blood, Cardiovascular System, Cells, Central Ner-
vous System, Digestive System, Glands, Metabolism, Reproduction, Visual
System, and Internal Sound Perception. In addition to helping create the
CI.A., The Tavistock Institute was a major force behind the formation of
"The North Atlantic Treaty Organization" (NATO) and is deeply connected
to the Club of Rome. Many Club of Rome executives have been drawn from
NATO and are the primary policymakers for the organization. Club of Rome
co-founder Alexander King once stated:

"My own doubts came when DDT was introduced. In Guyana, within two
years, it had almost eliminated malaria. So my chief quarrel with DDT, in
hindsight, is that it has greatly added to the population problem."

The Club of Rome works hand-in-glove with The Tavistock In-
stitute to create propaganda and crisis in order to manipulate the world's
population in a pre-determined direction, toward a collectivist, one world
socialistic dictatorship. Under the direction of the Jewish psychologist Kurt
Lewin, Tavistock pioneered the concept of deprogramming an individual of
their traditional beliefs through trauma to allow for reprogramming accord-
ing to the controllers' wishes. Lewin's program would become the origin for
the concept of "Future Shock," written about and popularized by Jewish
writer and "futurist" Alvin Toffler in his book of the same title. Toffler's
ideas and writings were a significant influence to Donald Trump support-
er Newt Gingrich, the SOth Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives,
Council on Foreign Relation (CFR) member and North American Free Trade
Agreement (NAFTA) supporter which cost the loss of more than 7 million
jobs to Americans. Gingrich publicly lauded's ideas about the future,
and urged members of Congress to read's book, "Creating a New
Civilization" (1995). In 1994, Gingrich described himself as a "Conservative
Futurist". Gingrich said anyone trying to define him should look no further
than's book, ''The Third Wave" [1980], which describes America as
a post-industrial society in which homosexuality, abortion, promiscuity, and
divorce are virtuous. describes America's Constitution as obsolete, a
relic in need of abolition. Others influenced by include: China's Zhao
Ziyang, the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist
Party of China, CNN founder Ted Turner, Mikhail Gorbachev who once
said: "We cannot expect the Americans to jump from Capitalism to Commu-
nism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses
of Socialism until they suddenly awaken to find they have Communism"·

George H.W. Bush too was an admirer of Toffler, as was Margaret
Thatcher, Carl Sagan, and Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim.

In 2017, The Tavistock Institute operates through a vast network of
think tanks non-government organization (NGOs), universities, and media
outlets to influence public opinion, while breaking down the moral fabric
that has held the West together using Wilhelm Wundt, Sigmund Freud, and
Edward Bernays' scientifically-crafted techniques of manipulation. Tavistock
played an important role in the creation of several institutional centers, includ-
ing: Stanford Research Institute, The Wharton School at the University of
Pennsylvania, and The Sloan School at MIT. Other groups that work closely
with Tavistock include: The Heritage Foundation, The RAND Corporation,
The Hudson Institute, Esalen, Brookings Institute, MIT, Institute for Policy
Studies, Walden Research. MIT, one of Tavistock's largest U.S. institutions,
in turn works through several clients, including: NASA, U.S. Navy/Army/
Treasury/Dept. of State, National Council of Churches, National Academy
of Sciences, Sylvania. An important role Tavistock has played in the cor-
porate world, via the National Training Laboratories, is the sponsoring of
"Group Sensitivity" and "Diversity Programs" designed to erase a person's
indivi~uality so that they become a "Global Citizen". The Holy Bible warns
Christians about those who would "oppress" a man's heritage in Micah 2:2:

''And they covet fields, and take them by violence; and houses, and take
them away: so they oppress a man and his house,
even a man and his heritage."

Political correctness is all about creating uniformity. Individualism is
one of the biggest obstacles in the way of the New World Order. They want
a public that is predictable and conditioned to do as it's told, without asking
questions. The principal business and philanthropic advisor to the major oil
industrialist and philanthropist John D. Rockefeller, Sr. once said:

"In our dreams, people yield themselves with perfect docility to our mold-
ing hands." - Frederick Gates, Chairman of the Rockefeller funded and
founded General Education Board, (The World's Work, August 1912).

During Gates' advisory role to Rockefeller Sr. [1891-1923], Gates
steered Rockefeller money predominantly to syndicates arranged by the Jew-
ish owned and controlled investment house of Kuhn, Loeb & Co., and, to
the house of J.P. Morgan. In 1977, Kuhn, Loeb & Co. merged with Lehman
Brothers and acquired American Express in 1984. Jewish supremacy through
intermarriage among the German-Jewish elites has been a cornerstone to
Jewish elite domination in banking, entertainment, etc.. Con-
178 sequently, the partners of Kuhn, Loeb were closely related by
blood and marriage to the partners of J & W Seligman, Speyer & Co., Gold-
man, Sachs & Co., Lehman Brothers, and other prominent German-Jewish
firms. Prior to the Second World War, a particularly close relationship existed
between the partners of Kuhn, Loeb and M. M. Warburg & Co. of Hamburg,
Germany, through Paul and Felix, who were Kuhn, Loeb partners. Later on,
following World War II, their cousin Sigmund Warburg would briefly con-
tinue this relationship as a partner and Executive Director of the firm.

The Jewish Warburgs originated as the Venetian Jewish del Banco
family, the wealthiest Venetian family in the early 16th century. Following
restrictions imposed on banking and the Jewish community, they fled to Bo-
logna, and then to Warburg, in Germany, in the 16th century, after which they
took their name. The family re-established itself in Altona, near Hamburg
in the 17th century, and it was there that M. M. Warburg & Co. was estab-
lished in 1798, among the oldest still existing investment banks in the world.
Other banks created by members of the family include: M.M.Warburg &
Co., Warburg Pincus, S. G. Warburg & Co. (becoming UBS Warburg). Before
Edward Bernays propagandized, Rothschild Family scripted and financed
World War II, Max Warburg served on the board of directors of Interessen
Gemeinschaft Farben or I.G. Farben, the giant German chemical firm that
produced "Zyklon B Gas," a chemical that the Jewish controlled media in
America erroneously promoted as being used to kill Jews in Nazi internment
camps. Max' brother, Paul Warburg, served on the board of directors of l.G.
Farben's wholly owned American subsidiary, which was also associated with
John D. Rockefeller Sr.'s Standard Oil.

Max Warburg served on the board of Adolf Hitler's Nazi Party's
Reichsbank, reporting directly to Hjalmar Schacht. The Warburg controlled
"l.G. Farben" in Auschwitz, founded in Katowice, had its own corporate
slave camp called Buna/Monowitz, where prisoners from Auschwitz were
put to work. The Kilgore Committee Report of 1942 claimed that all l.G.
Farben board members had precise and prior knowledge that Zyklon B was
being used to allegedly murder civilians in concentration camps, with no at-
tempt made to halt production of the insecticide after such murders were
understood. The Warburg controlled l.G. Farben, financed through Wall
Street, was instrumental in channeling funds for the rise to power of the
Nazi Party along with Prescott Bush. Prescott is the father of former CI.A.
Director and U.S. President, George H.W. Bush, and grandfather to former
U.S. President George W. Bush. It was claimed I. G. Farben also built up
the industrial and war-making capabilities of Germany once the Nazis were
in power while simultaneously attempting to restrict industrial production
materials to countries marked for invasion by Nazi Germany, all of this to
such a degree that all German board members other than Max
Warburg were charged after World War II as war criminals. The 179
LG. Farben factories were carefully avoided by Allied bombers indicating
they were protected, as was Max Warburg.

Virtually all members of the German Warburg family fled to the
United States or Great Britain by 1938. Max Warburg's brother, Fritz War-
burg, was already living in exile in Sweden, where his daughter Eva joined him
in 1938. Eva Warburg came to organize the emigration for 500 German Jew-
ish children from Germany and Austria to Sweden in 1938 and 1939. These
are the very same German Jewish children in 2017 who have orchestrated the
Muslim invasion of Sweden. Consummate propaganda artists, the Warburgs
claimed family members such as Helena Julia died in German "Concentra-
tion Camps" in 1942, however this lie was debunked after a life size portrait
of Helene Julie by the Norwegian artist Edvard Munch was discovered to
have been painted long after WWII. The painting hangs today in the Kun-
zhaus in Zurich and is titled, "The Lady in White". Eric Warburg, son of Max
Warburg, returned to Germany and was influential in restoring Germany's
reputation after the Second World War through his international business as-
sociations. Eric's son, also called Max, is currently a partner in M.M. Warburg
& CO. in Hamburg. Felix Warburg married Frieda Schiff, daughter of Jacob
H. Schiff, a banker who grew up in Frankfurt. Schiff financed parts of the
Alnerican rail system through his investment bank Kuhn Loeb.

Schiff's great great grandson Drew married former Vice President
of the U.S. Al Gore's daughter Karenna. Felix Warburg's house in New York
City is now the Jewish Museum, and Kfar Warburg in Israel is named for him.
His brother Paul Warburg married Nina Loeb, daughter, of Solomon Loeb;
they met at the wedding of Paul's brother Felix to Nina's niece Frieda. Paul
Warburg was a planner for the Rothschild Family, Rockefeller Family, and
J.P. Morgan's Federal Reserve Bank Inc. Paul also attended as the American
representative, at the Treaty of Versailles conference, where his brother Max
was on the German side of the bargaining table along with 117 other Jewish
elites representing the Bernard Baruch headed Jewish delegation. It will be
remembered that during the parceling of Europe, the Jews said, "How about
Palestine for us?" This is when the Jews produced the Rothschild created Bal-
four Declaration, it too is the first time the Germans had ever heard about or
seen the document. Immediately the Germans said to themselves "that was
the game!?" That's why the United States came into the war?" For the first
time, the Germans realized that they suffered this terrific reparation because
the Jewish Zionists wanted Palestine.

Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) member, James Warburg, pub-
licly announced that the CFR's goal was to d~stroy U.S. sovereignty in ex-
change for a Luciferian, New World Order, stating:
"We shall have world government
whether or not you like it, by conquest or consent."

• Gary Cohn - Director of the United States National Economic Council,
globalist ex-President and COO of Goldman Sachs [AshkenaziJew].
Michael Cohen - Executive Vice-President and special council the
Trump Organization [AshkenaziJew].
• Paul Achleitner - Goldman Sachs consulting, Chairman/ supervisory
board Deutsche Bank Donald Trump's largest lender [Ashkenazi Jew].
• Alan Fishman - Chairman Ladder Capita~ Donald Trump's second
largest lender [Ashkenazi Jew].
• Kevin Hassett - President Donald Trump picked pro-immigration,
pro-outsourcing Hassett to be his top economic advisor. Trump's deci-
sion to hire Hassett negates his "buy American, hire American" anti-
globalism campaign promises. Hassett was an economist in the Jewish
elite controlled swamp known as the ''.American Enterprise Institute"
(AEI). A short list of Hassett's AEI colleagues includes:

Frederick W. Kagan [Ashkenazi Jew], is a resident scholar at the
AEI and former professor of military history at the U.S. Military Academy
at West Point. Kagen earned a Ph.D in Russian and Soviet military history
from Yale University. Kagan's brother is foreign policy analyst Robert Kagan,
whose wife is Victoria Nuland, Assistant Secretary of State for European and
Eurasian Affairs. Frederick Kagan is married to Kimberly Kagan, president
of the Institute for the Study of War. Frederick Kagan and his father Don-
ald Kagan, who is a professor at Yale and a fellow at the Hudson Institute,
together authored While America Sleeps: Self-Delusion, Military Weakness,
and the Threat to Peace Today (2000). Kagan strongly influenced President
George W Bush's, "surge" plan for changing the course of the Iraq War.
More than twenty AEI scholars and fellows served in a Bush administration
policy post or on one of the government's many panels and commissions.
Along with retired Gen. Jack Keane, retired Col. Joel Armstrong, and retired
Maj. Daniel Dwyer, Kagan is credited as one of the "intellectual architects"
of the surge plan. In 2010, U.S. Army General David H. Petraeus - Bilder-
berg Group member appointed by President Barack Obama to head interna-
tional forces in Afghanistan - hired Kagan.

John Bolton [Ashkenazi Jew], is a lawyer and diplomat who has
served in several Republican administrations. Bolton served as the U.S. am-
bassador to the United Nations [2005-2006] as a recess appointee by Presi-
dent George W Bush. Bolton is currently a senior fellow at the AEI, senior
advisor for Freedom Capital Investment Management, a Fox News Channel
commentator, and of counsel to the Washington, D.C. law firm
Kirkland & Ellis. Bolton was a foreign policy adviser to 2012 181
presidential candidate .Mitt Romney. Bolton is also involved with politically
conservative think tanks, The Institute of East-West Dynamics, the National
Rifle Association, the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom,
the Council for National Policy (CNP) and the Gatestone Institute, where he
serves as the organization Chairman. Bolton is a prominent participant in the
"Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs" (JINSA).

Paul Wolfowitz (Ashkenazi Jew], is a visiting scholar at the AEI.
Wolfowitz served in the administration of George H. W Bush as Under
Secretary of Defense for Policy, under then US Secretary of Defense Dick
Cheney [1989- 1993].

Leon Kass [Ashkenazi Jew], is a fellow at the AEI. According to
Kass he was raised in a ''Yiddish speaking, socialist" family. Kass completed a
Ph.D. in biochemistry at Harvard University [1967] and has been given hon-
orary degrees by the Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies [2001], and Yeshiva
University [2003]. Kass' early interest in bioethics was stimulated by Aldous
Huxley's Brave New World. At St. John's, Kass taught in the Great Books
program as well as in-depth studies of Darwin's On the Origin of Species.
At the University of Chicago, Kass taught courses across the humanities and
sciences, including both undergraduate and graduate seminars in Darwinism.
Kass led President George W Bush's "President's Council on Bioethics" to
"monitor stem cell research, to recommend appropriate guidelines and regu-
lations". Kass was accused of "stacking the deck" with philosophers, scien-
tists, and public intellectuals likely to oppose "unfettered medical research in
the area of stem cells, therapeutic cloning, and reproductive cloning.

Norman Ornstein (AshkenaziJew], resident at the AEI. Ornstein
is a professor of Political Science at Catholic University in Washington DC.
Ornstein is a member of the Advisory Board of the Future of American
Democracy Foundation, a non-profit, nonpartisan foundation in partnership
with Yale University Press, and long-time friend of U.S. Senator and left-wing
Jewish comedian Al Franken.

Richard Perle [AshkenaziJew], is a member of the AEI and Jew-
ish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA). Until December 2015,
Perle was a member of the Steering Committee of the Rothschild and Rock-
efeller Family's Bilderberg Group. Perle was heavily involved with 1!K-Ultra
Mind Control Slave President, Ronald Reagan's administration. Perle worked
with Paul Wolfowitz to draft a report on ballistic missile defense. Perle was
allegedly involved in creating the heavily exaggerated claims of "weapons of
mass destruction" in Iraq and terrorist ties to Al Qaeda which were never
validated by U.S. intelligence units. In 1996, during the Clinton
182 administration, Perle lead a study group with David Wurmser
that produced a report on balancing power in the Middle East, specifically in
Israel's favor. Moreover, Perle personally delivered the report to the incom-
ing Likud-led government in hopes of influencing the new Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu. Perle advocates pre-emptive strikes, such as in Iraq,
as an extension of America's right to self-defense. For example, Perle has
expressed support for a theoretical first strike on North Korean and Iranian
nuclear facilities. Perle has on occasion been accused of being an Israeli agent
of influence. It has been reported that, while he was working for Jackson,
"An FBI summary of a 1970 wiretap recorded Perle discussing classified
information with someone at the Israeli embassy". From 1981 to 1987, Perle
was Assistant Secretary of Defense for international security policy in the
Reagan administration. In a New York Times article, Perle was criticized for
recommending that the Army purchase an armaments system from an Israeli
company that a year earlier had paid him $50,000 in consulting fees. As a
member of the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based consulting firm Monitor
Group, Perle was an advisor to Libyan dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi in 2006.
[28) "Perle traveled to Libya twice in 2006 and met with Vice President Dick
Cheney after the trips." According to Monitor documents, Perle traveled to
Libya with several other advisers to hold lectures and workshops, and pro-
mote the image of Libya and its ruler." In July 2008, The Wall Street Journal
reported that Perle had made plans to invest in oil interests in Iraq, in col-
laboration with Iraqi Kurdish leaders in northern Iraq.

Radoslaw Sikorski [Ashkenazi Jew], a resident fellow of the
AEI in Washington, D.C. Radoslaw Sikorski studied Philosophy, Politics,
and Economics at Pembroke College, University of Oxford, where Zbig-
niew Pekzynski was his tutor. Pekzynski was also the politics tutor at Ox-
ford University for the Rhodes Scholar and future President Bill Clinton.
On November 6, 2015, Radoslaw Sikorski was appointed a Senior Fellow at
Harvard University's Center for European Studies. He is also a distinguished
statesman with militant antichristian Jewish terrorist Zbigniew Brzezinski's
"Brzezinski Institute on Geostrategy" at "Center For Strategic & Interna-
tional Studies" (CSIS), which is an appending branch of the largest and most
secret Jewish controlled global intelligence agency "The National Geospatial-
Intelligence Agency" (NGA). The NGA building is cloaked in the "Star of
Remphan" [pg. 184) (Acts 7:43)) whose geometric properties create the Mark
of the Beast "666" [Revelation 13:18). NGA provided support to the SEAL
Team Six operation that led to the shooting death of Osama bin Laden's
body double in May 2011.

Remember the seventeen Navy Seals whose helicopter was "shot down with
a [magical] rocket launcher''? The truth is the Navy Seals' helicopter was
boarded by a CIA, Al Qaeda operative who then proceeded to
blow up the Seals who participated in the 2011 shooting of Osa- 183
ma Bin Laden's body double. The prob-
lem with the Bin Laden story is that in
2007 Prime :Minister of Pakistan Benazir
Bhutto said in a television interview that
Osama Bin Laden had been murdered
in 2001. In response to the interviewer's
question whether any of the assassins
had links with the government, Pakistan
Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto said:
"Yes but one of them is a very key figure
in security, he is a former military officer
4 ... and had dealings with Omar Sheikh,
the man who murdered Osama bin
Laden." - Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, 2007

Taking into account the credible aforesaid statement by Prime Min-
ister Bhutto, it's clear that the thirty Navy Seals who were murdered had intel-
ligence contrary to what President Barack Hussein Obama had shared with
the American people in 2011. The fact of the matter is Osama Bin Laden had
in fact been murdered ten years prior to President Barack Hussein Obama's
television announcement. Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was as-
sassinated shortly after her television interview on December 27, 2007 in a
bomb attack. As Bhutto was leaving an election rally in Rawalpindi, a gunman
shot her in the neck then set off a bomb. Until recently the public was told
that she had been blown up and not shot, that is until a video surfaced show-
ing Prime :Minister Bhutto being shot several times.

Radoslaw Sikorski's wife is Anne Applebaum [AshkenaziJew]. Anne
attended the "Sidwell Friends School" [1982) a "highly selective" Quaker
school located in Bethesda, Maryland and Washington D.C., whose Illumi-
nati motto is "Let the light shine out from all". Sidwell Friends School is
described as "the Harvard of Washington's private schools". Both of for-
mer United States President Barack Obama's daughters, Sasha and Malia,
and former Vice President Joe Biden's grandchildren attend the school. Tu-
ition for Sidwell's 2015-2016 school year was $37,750. President Theodore
Roosevelt's son Archibald, Richard Nixon's daughter Tricia, Bill Clinton's
daughter Chelsea Clinton, and Vice President Al Gore's son, Albert Gore
III, graduated from Sidwell Friends. Anne also attended Yale University and
is the daughter of Jewish attorney Harvey M. Applebaum, a partner in the
C.I.A. linked "Covington and Burling Law Firm". Covington was founded
in 1919 by 33rd Degree Freemason Harry Covington, who was good friends
with President Woodrow Wilson. Covington Burling is the old-
184 est law firm in Washington, D.C., maintaining a staff of more
than 800 attorneys and operating regional offices in New York, San Diego,
and San Francisco, as well as international offices in the United Kingdom,
China, Belgium, and South Korea. The Covington and Burling Law Firm has
represented a number of CJ.A., Rothschild Family linked organizations, a
short-list of these includes:

Chiquita International Brands: In 2007, Partner Eric Holder de-
fended Chiquita International Brands against lawsuits brought by relatives
of people slain by terrorists and paramilitia belonging to the United Self-
Defense Forces of Colombia, which Chiquita paid for protection. It will be
remembered that Chiquita International was named "United Fruit Company,
Inc." The CI.A. Shadow Government controlled group directed by Edward
Bernays created a "Banana Republic" in South America and fomented the
1950s "Red Scare".

Halliburton: In 2003, Halliburton hired the firm to lobby Wash-
ington on behalf of its KBR Government Operations division, the same
division being pummeled by the media, the Pentagon and Congress for its
handling of Iraq contracts. Covington & Burling was paid $520,000 to handle
"inquiries concerning company's construction and service contracts in Iraq,"
the firm said in a filing.

Blackwater Worldwide (Xe Services): In April 2010, The Hill
newspaper reported that Xe Services, formerly known as Blackwater World-
wide, hired Covington & Burling to lobby on "government contracts," ac-
cording to a lobbying disclosure filing.

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey: Covington & Burl-
ing is representing David Samson who serves as the Chairman of the Port
Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) and is a partner and
founding member of the law firm Wolff & Samson. In January 2014, it was
revealed that Samson was the direct supervisor of Bill Baroni, who resigned
from the PANYNJ in December, 2013 for his role in creating a traffic hazard
in Fort Lee, New Jersey. This fueled speculation that Samson was involved in
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's scandal known as "Bridgegate".

Philip Morris group of companies: Covington & Burling also
served as corporate affairs consultant to the Philip Morris group of compa-
nies, according to a 1993 internal budget review document which indicated
the firm was paid $280,000 to "serve as general counsel to the Consumer
Products Company Tort Coalition, agree the legal objectives with member
company litigators, draft legislation and amendments, prepare lobby papers
and testimony for legislative committees and administer the co-
alition's budget". 185
Attorneys at Covington & Burling have been Guantanamo Bay at-
torneys for Muslim terrorists.

Southern Peru Copper Corporation: According to a September
2003 press release from the firm, Covington & Burling successfully argued
on behalf of the Southern Peru Copper Corporation to drop a lawsuit
brought against it under the Alien Tort Claims Act (ATCA) by Peruvian citi-
zens charging the copper company with polluting communities and caus-
ing health problems. ATCA has been used to address serious human rights
violations in places like Burma and East Timor. In their release, Covington
& Burling decried the "aggressive, expansionist plaintiffs' litigation" under

Institution Quraysh for Law & Policy (iQ): In 2008, Covington
entered into a strategic alliance with Institution Quraysh for Law & Policy
(iQ), a Qatar-based transnational law firm and think-tank, for the joint pro-
vision of legal and consulting services in the :Middle East. As of mid-2009,
both firms share the same London office premises. Covington represents
many major companies, including: :Microsoft Corporation, Apple, IBM Cor-
poration, General Electric Company, Bank of America, Verizon, Eli Lilly,
Morgan Stanley, Procter & Gamble, the original Big East Conference (be-
coming the American Athletic Conference in July 2013), Bunge, Deere &
Company, Eastman Kodak Company, Giorgio Armani, Harley-Davidson,, NASCAR, National Basketball Association and the National
Football League.

In a blog post in September 2009, Anne Applebaum called the arrest
of Jewish pedophile film director Roman Polanski in Switzerland "outra-
geous". It will be remembered that Roman Polanski was a fugitive from jus-
tice, having fled the United States some 36 years earlier after being convicted
of sexually abusing a thirteen-year-old. Anne's husband Radoslaw Sikorski,
then the foreign minister of Poland, appealed to U.S. authorities to seek Ro-
man Polanski's release.

Anne Applebaum was given the "Hungarian Pet6fi Prize" in Buda-
pest's "House of Terror Museum," which was praised by Zbigniew Brzezin-
ski, the founder of the "Brzezinski Institute on Geostrategy" at "Center For
Strategic & International Studies" (CSIS), an appending branch of the largest
and most secret Jewish controlled global intelligence agency "The National
Geospatial-Intelligence Agency" (NGA), to which Anne's husband is a dis-
tinguished statesman.

Since 2011 Anne has been the director at the "Legatum Institute".
The Institute's CEO Philippa Stroud is the former CEO of the "Centre for
Social Justice". Stroud was also associated with Triad gang members through-
out Hong Kong and Macau. The Chairman for Legatum Alan McCormick
was a Vice President for J.P. Morgan and is Managing Director for "Lega-
tum Limited," a private investment firm headquarted in Dubai, United Arab
Emirates. In 2007, Legatum established The Legatum Center for Entrepre-
neurship at MIT to promote economic and social change.

In 2017 the prestigious MIT Press released a book titled, "Com-
munism for Kids" featuring whimsical communist revolutionaries teaching
children alternatives to the failed Capit.alist system. Rachel Kushner, author
of "The Flamethrowers," writes about the book:

" .. .is in fact for everyone, an inspired and necessary book especially now, a
moment when people feel that we are on the verge of the destruction of
the world, and without any 'New World' [Order] to hope for, or believe in."

According to a United Nation's archived document titled "Items-in-
Secretary-General's Statements 10/1/197 5 (S-0985-0005-05-00001, Satanist
David Spangler is listed as the Director of the Jewish invented "United Na-
tions Planetary Initiative". In 1975 Spangler said about Lucifer's New World

"No one will enter the 'New World Order' unless he or she will make a
pledge to worship Lucifer [Satan]. No one will enter the 'New Age' unless
he will take a Luciferian initiation."

Cultural Marxist Fredric R. Jamesonis the Director of the "Institute
for Critical Theory" at Duke University. Jameson writes the following regard-
ing MI.T.'s communist propaganda book "Communism for Kids":

"This delightful little book may be helpful in showing youngsters there
are other forms of life and living than the one we currently 'enjoy'; and
even some adults might learn from it as well. At a time when our younger
generations are not only dissatisfied but active enough to have some new
thoughts of their own and to look around seriously for alternatives, political
pedagogy has a real function and might well, as here, be reinvented in new


In 2013, the Legatum Foundation co-founded the Freedom Fund
which aims to raise $100 million to help abolish modern-day slavery. Ironi-
cally, Pagan Arabs, Arab Islam, and Jews created the global slave trade. It
will be remembered that Arabs kidnapped, castrated, and killed 150 million
black African slaves and in cooperation with Jews distributed 20 million black
Africans using the Jewish invented "Slave-Triangle". In 2017 Arab Muslims
still maintain a steady stream of sex and work slaves from around the world.

One of the Board of Trustees members for Legatum is Richard Bri-
ance. Richard was C.E.O. of the Rothschild Family's "Edmond de Rothschild
Ltd." [2010-2015].

Lastly, in July 2016, before the U.S. election, Anne was one of the
first American journalists to write about the significance of Russia's ties to
Donald Trump.

• Wilbur Ross - Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President [Ashkenazi
Jew]. In the late 1970s, Ross began 24 years at the New York City office
of the Satanic Jewish Rothschild Family's "N M Rothschild & Sons Lim-
ited (Rothschild Group)". In the 1980s, Donald Trump's casinos in At-
lantic City were under foreclosure threat from lenders. Wilbur Ross, then
senior managing director of Rothschild Inc., represented investors in the
casino. Along with Carl Icahn, Ross convinced bondholders to strike a
deal with Trump that allowed Trump to keep control of the casinos.
Elliot Broidy - Vice-Chairman of the Trump Victory Fund, finance
Chair and Board of Trustees of the Republican Jewish Coalition, found-
er of private equity firm Markstone Capital which invested in Israeli
economy, pleaded guilty to a felony in 2009 for bribing former New York
State Comptroller Alan Hevesi spared from jail after paying $48 million
bail [AshkenaziJew].
• Gil Dezer - President Trump Dezer Development, Gil's father Michael
Dezer born in Tel Aviv Israel, served in Israeli Air Force, partnered with
Donald Trump to develop $900 million Trump Towers, $600 million
Trump Grande Ocean Resort and Residences, $166 million Trump In-
ternational Hotel and Tower in Fort Lauderdale, Florida [Ashkenazi Jew].
• David Friedman - co-chairman Israel committee for Donald Trump,
United States Ambassador to Israel, Trump's "high-stakes" bankruptcy
lawyer representing Trump when his Atlantic City casino went through
bankruptcy [Ashkenazi Jew]. Friedman is the son of a militant antichris-
tian Orthodox Babylonian Talmudist Rabbi. Friedman's bar mitzvah was
at the Western Wall in Jerusalem where Friedman owns a home, Fried-
man has said Trump will "take his cues from Israel's wishes" (The Wash-
ington Times 12/26/2016), despite Palestinians' claim to East
188 Jerusalem Friedman is focused on moving the U.S. Embassy
from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem acknowledging Jerusalem as Israel's capital.
• Lewis Eisenberg - Chairman Trump Victory Conunittee, Finance Co-
Chairman, Trump Presidential inaugural conunittee, Chairman of the
Port Authority of New York and New Jersey at the time when Israeli
Mossad coordinated the attacks of the World Trade Center on Septem-
ber 11, 2001 which Lewis Eisenberg's Port Authority operated [Ashke-
nazi Jew]. To learn how Israeli Mossad coordinated the attacks on 9/11
please read my book at,
Bennett LeBow - donor, Trump Victory Fund [Ashkenazi Jew). Ben-
nett's computer company installed data systems at the Pentagon.
• Steve Feinberg - Donor Trump Victory Fund, member Trump Eco-
nomic Advisory Council, in 2007 Feinberg told Cerberus shareholders,
"If anyone at Cerberus has his picture in the paper and a picture of his
apartment, we will do more than fire that person. We will kill him. The
jail sentence will be worth it." [Ashkenazi Jew].
Vincent Harris - Digital strategy manager Donald J. Trump for Presi-
dent, former top aide for Republican senator Rand Paul, who worked
with Senate leader Mitch McConnell's (R-Ky) reelection campaign and
Senator Ted Cruz's (R-Texas) 2012 Senate bid. Worked for Israeli Prime
Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud political party according to The
Jerusalem Post [Ashkenazi Jew]. "I love Israel, and I am excited to be
here to help the Likud and the prime minister use digital media in an ef-
fective and forward-looking manner," Vincent Harris told The Jerusalem
Post. To learn how Benjamin Netanyahu helped orchestrate the attacks
on September 11, 2001 read my book at,
• Thomas Hicks Sr. - finance vice-chairman Trump Presidential inau-
gural committee [Ashkenazi Jew]. Hicks Sr. received the 2000 Henry
Cohn Humanitarian Award from the Anti Defamation League of B'nai
B'rith (ADL). The ADL was founded in 1919 as an adjunct to the inter-
national Jewish fraternal order and secret society "B'nai Brith," whose
name translated literally from Hebrew means "sons of the cut" referring
to circumcision. Posing as "civil rights" group, they have worked for
decades to destroy the Second Amendment and establish a One World
Robert Iger - President Trump strategic and policy forum, CEO of
The Walt Disney Company succeeded Jew Michael Eisner, former ABC
Television COO [Ashkenazi Jew].
• Melvin Sembler - Vice Chairman, Trump Victory Conunittee, Sembler
served on the National Steering Conunittee and the National Finance
Conunittee for former CI.A. Director, Skull & Bones society member,
George H.W Bush for President campaign, Honorary Chairman of the
Republican Jewish Coalition, board member of the Florida Holocaust
Museum [Ashkenazi Jew].
• Ronald Weiser - Vice Chairman, Trump Victory Commit- 189
tee [AshkenaziJew]. Weiser previously served as Ambassador to Slovakia
under President George W Bush (2001 to 2005). Weiser served as the
Michigan Finance Chair of Bush for President in 1999 and 2000. Weiser
is the Treasurer and Finance Chair of The Henry Ford Museum. Henry
Ford hated Jewish elites and wrote "The International Jew," a four vol-
ume set of booklets in the 1920s, warning America's Christian majority
about the ''Jewish Menace" which seeks to destroy the Christian Ameri-
can majority and whose ultimate goal is a "One World Government".
Four-hundred and seventy-one years ago, Dr. Martin Luther warned the
Christian West about the ''Jews' malice, lying, and cursing" and the threat
Judaism poses to Christianity stating: "For the Jews, these very learned
saints, look upon God as a poor cobbler equipped with only a left last
for making shoes. This is to say that he is to kill and exterminate all of us
Goyim through their Messiah [antichrist], so that they can lay their hands
on the land, the goods, and the government of the whole world".
• Allen Weisselberg - Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Offi-
cer, The Trump Organization, worked for Donald Trump's father 'Fred'
and the Trump organization, in 2000 Weisselberg was named VP of
Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts [Ashkenazi Jew].
• Lawrence Weitzner - Adviser, Donald]. Trump for President, CEO of
Jamestown Associates. Weitzner is the CEO Jamestown Associates, ac-
cording to his website it's "one of the nation's premier political consult-
ing firms specializing in television advertising, campaign strategy, direct
mail and issue communications." [Ashkenazi Jew].
• Felix Sater - Former Senior Adviser, The Trump Organization [Ash-
kenazi Jew]. The Russian emigre is a twice-convicted felon with ties the
Mafia, Sater pleaded guilty in 1998 to racketeering in a fraud scheme
involving the Genovese and Bonanno crime families. In 2007, Sater
spent time as the senior advisor of Sembol Construction, a privately-
held construction company based in Istanbul, Turkey. In January 2008,
he joined the Russian real estate company Mirax Group as a senior advi-
sor to Sergei Polansky, Polansky is currently awaiting trial in Moscow on
charges of fraud. Felix Sater pleaded guilty in 1998 to racketeering in a
fraud scheme involving the Genovese and Bonanno Italian Mafia crime
• Jason Greenblatt - U.S. Special Representative for International Nego-
tiations, co-chairman Israeli advisory committee, former executive VP
and chief legal officer to Donald Trump and The Trump Organization,
[Ashkenazi Jew]. Jason Greenblatt's wife, Dr. Naomi Greenblatt, is a
Jewish Freudian pseudo-science psychiatrist. Jason is cousin of anti-war
activist Robert Greenblatt, founding co-chairman and national coordina-
tor of the 1967 ''National Mobilization Committee to End the War in
Vietnam" informally known as "The Mabe".
The Mobe was an appendage of Jewish Marxist Herbert Marcuse. It
will be remembered that Marcuse was the author of the 1958 book "Soviet
Marxism: A Critical Analysis. All of the research for his book was based on
Marcuse's work for the American O.S.S., which was the intelligence agency of
the U.S. during WWII and the predecessor of the modern day Central Intel-
ligence Agency (CI.A). During his time at the O.S.S., Marcuse worked closely
with Jewish psychoanalyst Edward Bernays and Jewish President Franklin
Roosevelt. Marcuse was what is known as "Controlled Opposition" for Jew-
ish elites and the CI.A. Following the guidance of Edward Bernays protegee
and CI.A. "Controlled Opposition,'' Jewish Marxist Herbert Marcuse, young
American leftists began physically attacking what they perceived to be the
source of their social oppression. Their Bernays' created unconscious irratio-
nal forces stimulating slogan was, "There is a policemen inside all our heads
he must be destroyed".

To illustrate how the cult of Saturn [Satan] have used Judaic occult
symbolism to mark major sacrificial events throughout world history, consid-
er the fact that D-Day in Normandy, France occurred on the 6th month of
that year Qune) on the 6th Day of that Month at 6am in the morning [666].
What's more, WWII's D-Day occurred in the year 1944 [1 +9+4+4=18)
6+6+6=18. Dismissing the month, day, time and year of D-day as mere
coincidence would be based upon an irrational basis.

Under the guise of "Corporate oppression", leftists began execut-
ing their Jewish Elite, CI.A. programming flawlessly. Marcuse's Leftists
began attacking the United States of America, The Constitution, etc. and
the Christian foundation upon which these entities were constructed. One
of Marcuse's communist revolutionary inspired groups named itself the
''Weatherman" or ''Weather Underground". Key members of ''Weather Un-
derground" were Bill Ayers, a mentor to President Barack Hussein Obama
(1/20/2009-1/20/2017) and Jewish Attorney Bernadine Dohrn (real last
name, Ohrnstein) who in a television interview stated, "There's no way to be
committed to non-violence in the middle of the most violent society history
has ever created. I'm not committed to non-violence in any way".

Jason Greenblatt's anti-war activist cousin, founder of "The Mobe,"
Robert Greenblatt, was also associated with the CI.A. coordinated "March
on the Pentagon" which included Allen Ginsberg and Jerry Rubin, the co-
founder of the CI.A's 1967 "Yippies". It will be remembered that Jewish
political activist Stew Albert was a co-founder of the "Yippies" and an im-
portant figure in the C.I.A.'s "New Left" movement of the 1960s. Albert
was friends with CI.A. operative "poet" Jewish, Homosexual Buddhist Al-
len Ginsberg, a leading figure of the "Beat Generation" of the
1950s and the counterculture that followed such as the CI.A. 191
created and controlled "Hippie" movement. Allen Ginsberg was a degenerate
mirror image of his sexually deviant mentor, psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich,
a proponent of incest, beastiality, homosexuality, abortion, divorce, and the
inventor of an organism gun he said could shoot down UFOs. Like Wilhelm
Reich, Ginsberg championed the importation of New-Age, Luciferian based,
Eastern religions into America's Christian majority, sexual deviancy, psyche-
delic drug use, pedophilia, beastiality, pornography, and homosexuality at a
time when sodomy laws made homosexuality a crime in every U.S. state.
During the 1960s, the "New Left" incubated Wilhelm Reich's belief system
in the CJ.A's "Esalen Institute". Central figures of Esalen were radical Jewish
Marxist Fritz Pearls, Michael Murphy, and Jewish "Beatnik" Buddhist Rich-
ard "Dick" Price who was heavily influenced by Wilhelm Reich and friends
with Jewish, Homosexual Buddhist Allen Ginsberg.

• Andrew Weiss - Executive Vice President, The Trump Organization
[Ashkenazi Jew].
• Michael Abboud - Communications coordinator Donald J. Trump for
President (Sephardi Jew).
• Miriam Ochsom - donor Donald ]. Trump for President, Vice-Chair-
man Trump inauguration committee, wife of Sheldon Adelson [Ashke-
nazi Jew].
• Sheldon Adelson - net worth $32B donor for Donald ]. Trump for
President, finance vice-chairman Trump inauguration committee [Ash-
kenazi Jew].
• Paul Atkins - President Trumps strategic policy forum [Ashkenazi Jew].
• Brian Ballard - finance vice-chairman, Trump Presidency inaugural
committee (Ashkenazi Jew].
• Safra Catz - executive committee member Trump Presidential transition
team, born in Holon Israel [AshkenaziJew].
• Delos Marshal "Toby" Cosgrove - President Trump's strategic policy
forum [Ashkenazi Jew].
• Boris Epshteyn - senior advisor Donald]. Trump for President [Ash-
kenazi Jew].
• Laurence Fink- member President Trump strategic policy forum, CEO
of BlackRock investment management the largest money-management
firm in the world [Ashkenazi Jew].
Samuel Fox -vice-chairman Trump victory committee [AshkenaziJew].
• Alan Garten - Executive Vice-President and general counsel The Trump
Organization [Ashkenazi Jew].
• Michael Glassner - Deputy Campaign Manager and National Political
Director Donald]. Trump for President, Special Advisor for Operations,
Trump Presidential transition team, former aide to GOP VP Sarah Palin
[Ashkenazi Jew].
192 • Laurence Gluck - Executive VP of strategic development
The Trump Organization, Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer opposed
Gluck's purchase of a 33-story Tivoli Towers in Crown Heights Brook-
lyn [AshkenaziJew].
• Carl & Gail Icahn - endorser Donald]. Trump for President, special
advisor to the President for financial regulatory reform [Ashkenazi Jews],
Icahn developed a reputation as a "corporate raider," in 2010, Icahn
joined the "Giving Pledge" founded by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett,
members include: Larry Ellison, Michael Bloomberg, Paul Allen, Elon
Musk, David Rockefeller, Arthur Blank, Ted Turner, T. Boone Pickens,
Richard Branson, etc.
• Travis Kalanick - President Trump's strategic policy forum, co-founder
of Uber a mobile app that connects passengers with drivers of vehicles
for hire and ridesharing services. Uber will be used by Jewish elites to
eliminate an individual's ability to travel freely, itwill be used to track your
every move and it will substantially increase costs associated with travel
[Ashkenazi Jew].
• Peter Kalikow - donor Trump Victory Fund [Ashkenazi Jew]. Kalikow
is the former chairman of the Metro Transport Authority (MTA), for-
mer commissioner of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
and past owner of the New York Post which he bought from Rupert
Murdoch in 1988, Board member of the Museum of Jewish Heritage
and Temple Emanu-EI, awarded Israel Peace Award Israel's highest civil-
ian award for assisting the nations development.
• Daniel Kowalewski - deputy policy director Donald]. Trump for presi-
dent, member Trump economy advisory council [AshkenaziJew].
• Richard LeFrak- Donor, Trump Victory Fund [AshkenaziJew] .
• Ronald Lieberman Executive Vice President of Management & Devel-
opment, The Trump Organization [Ashkenazic Jew].
• Howard Lorber - Member, Trump Economic Advisory Council; Do-
nor, Trump Victory Fund [Ashkenazic Jew].
• David Malpass - Member, Trump Economic Advisory Council [Ash-
kenazi Jew].
• Douglas Manchester - Donor, Make America Great Again PAC [Ash-
kenazi Jew]. Manchester finances the ''National Conference of Chris-
tians and Jews" which is a Jewish One World Religion propaganda orga-
• Bernard Marcus - Endorser, Donald]. Trump for President [Ashkenazi
Jew]. Marcus co-founded Home Depot.
• Rebekah Mercer - Donor, Make America Number One PAC [Ashke-
• Robert Mercer - Donor, Make America Number One PAC [Ashkenazi
• Amanda Miller - Vice President of Marketing, The Trump
Organization [Ashkenazi Jew]. 193
Eli Miller - Chief Operating Officer, Donald J. Trump for President
[Ashkenazi Jew).
• Jason Miller - Senior Communications Adviser, Donald ]. Trump for
President, Ted Cruz's 2016 presidential campaign senior communica-
tions advisor [Ashkenazi Jew).
• Stephen Miller - National Policy Director, Donald]. Trump for Presi-
dent [Ashkenazi Jew].
• Samuel Nunberg - Former Policy Adviser, Donald]. Trump for Presi-
dent [Ashkenazi Jew].
• David Orowitz - Senior Vice President of Acquisitions and Develop-
ment, The Trump Organization [Ashkenazi Jew].
• Geoffrey Palmer - Donor, Rebuilding America Now PAC [Ashkenazi
• John Paulson - Member, Trump Economic Advisory Council, "a man
who made one of the biggest fortunes in Wall Street history," Paulson
has an older sister named Theodora Bar-El, an Israeli biologist. [Ashke-
nazic Jew].
• Stewart Rahr - Endorser, Donald ]. Trump for President [Ashkenazi
Jew]. In 2012, Rahr donated $640,000 to the Israel Cancer Research
Fund, the single largest source of private funds for cancer research in
Israel. In January 2014, Rahr sponsored the flight of 64 members of
the Rothschild's Satanic "Knesset" to the memorial service at Auschwitz
for Holocaust Remembrance Day. On a visit to Israel, Rahr donated 50
ambulances to United Hatzalah, an organization dedicated to improving
response time to those in medical need throughout Israel.
• Richard Roberts - Vice Chairman, Israel Advisory Committee for
Donald Trump, He credits the principles of Orthodox Judaism as help-
ing him to be a success [AshkenaziJew].
• George Ross - Executive Vice President and Senior Counsel, The
Trump Organization, advisor to Donald Trump on the NBC reality tele-
vision program The Apprentice [Ashkenazi Jew].
• Steven Roth - Member, Trump Economic Advisory Council; Donor,
Trump Victory Fund [Ashkenazi Jew]. Roth funded the Roth Center for
Jewish Life at Dartmouth.
• Keith Schiller - Director of Security, The Trump Organization [Ashke-
nazi Jew].
• Lara Yunaska - Eric Trump's wife. Endorser, Donald ]. Trump for
President [Ashkenazi Jew].
• Vanessa Trump - Endorser, Donald]. Trump for President, studied the
Jewish pseudo-science of psychology at Marymount Manhattan College
[Ashkenazi Jew].
• Steven Witkoff - Donor, Trump Victory Fund [Ashkenazi Jew] .
• Stephen Wynn - Endorser, Donald]. Trump for President
194 [Ashkenazi Jew].
Many of Donald Trump's current advisors and past mentors are
from the antichristian Jewish Kohn bloodline, which have held key positions
within world government throughout recorded history. Consider the fact
that the Kohn family controlled America's unconstitutional Department of
Homeland Security. What readers must understand is that the antichristian
Jewish Kohn a.k.a. Cohen, Cohn, etc. bloodline is one of the oldest and most
Satanic Jewish lineages. In Judaism the 'Priests of Baal' are referred to as
Cohen or Kohen or plural: Cohanim or Kohanim, which is a Hebrew word
for priest or king, and the word Bol-Khan, specifically refers to the Priests of

For over two millennia the Satanic Kohn/Cohn/Cohen bloodline
has plotted against Christianity, leaving millions of dead Christians in their
wake. Consider the following influence the offspring of Kohn/Cohen/Cohn
has secretly had over the United States of America:

• Secretary of State John Kerry's real last name is Kohn .
• Assistant Secretary for Department of Homeland Security lDHS] Alan
• Tennessee's Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen worked with Department
of Homeland Security's Alan Cohen to develop reeducation camps for
American Patriots, Christians, etc.
• Jared Cohen - In 2010, the CEO of Google Eric Schmidt, hired Jared
Cohen to be President of "Google Ideas" which was recently renamed
''Jigsaw". Jared is an adjunct Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign
Relations [CPR] and an advisor to Condoleeza Rice and Hillary Clinton.
Sally Kohn is an influential CNN host and lesbian activist.

It will be remembered that Republican President Donald Trump's
current attorney is :Michael Cohen and Trump's mentor and past attorney
was Roy Cohn. Roy Cohn was also the legal counsel to Senator Joseph Mc-
Carthy. Roy Cohn prosecuted Jewish spies, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg,
American citizens convicted of conspiring to give top U.S. nuclear secrets
about the atomic bomb to the Soviet Union. They were executed, and Cohn
was promoted to assistant U.S. Attorney. During the selection process for his
cabinet, President Elect Trump's transition team met with Goldman Sachs
Group Inc. President & COO, Gary Cohn. Goldman Sach's is an alleged ac-
complice in the attacks of 9/11, which is explained throughout my book at,

If you're a cynic like me, and distrustful of worldly men and women,
as we're commanded to be [Prov. 29:2; Eph. 6:12], allow me to present an
alternative ending to what I pray will be a successful 'America
First' Trump Presidency, focused on among other things, the 195
elimination of Talmudic influence over the U.S. Government. Given all of
the aforementioned intelligence regarding President Trump's cabinet, do-
nors, business associates, etc. I do not believe President Trump will "Drain
The Swamp" or deviate from his Jewish elite controller's plan to establish a
one world government.

All evidence points to the fact that the drama surrounding the 2016
Presidential elections was an Edward Bernays' style ruse, orchestrated by the
ancient antichristian Jewish Kohn bloodline, to gain complete control of
the United States? Donald Trump's placement as America Inc.'s CEO, was
pre-ordained because Donald J. Trump is the alpha Jew. Consider Trump's
paternal lineage 'Drumpf' a German-Jewish surname. Conversely, Trump's
maternal lineage is from the honorable Christian Celtic/Pictish MacLeod
Clan. There is a miniscule possibility Donald Trump is aware of his Christian
Celtic ancestry, namely thousands of years of Christian Celtic persecution
and life-force vampirism by Jews; a fact that I've detailed throughout my
book at, If this is the case, this means that for the past
SO years Donald Trump has pulled off what every major political figure in
America history has failed to do. Trump has deceived one of Satan's oldest
proxies into believing he's one of them, which I pray is the case.

An interesting fact to consider is that Trump's personal $100M
penthouse home on Fifth Ave, contains paintings featuring the Son of Zeus
[Mercury] Helios or Apollyon, otherwise known as The Beast from the pit

''And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit,
whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue
hath his name Apollyon" - Revelation 9:11

Couple the aforementioned with the fact that two SO-foot arches
that once formed the entrance of the 2,000 year old: 'Temple of Baal' are be-
ing placed nearby Trump's penthouse home. It will be remembered that Jews
worship Moloch/Remphan/Baal [Satan] and that Jews sacrificed children to
Moloch/Remphan/Baal. It too will be remembered that both Jews and Mus-
lims worship the black cube of Satan. The cult of Islam too is based on Baal
worship. In fact, the symbol for Islam is the exact same symbol used by the
Cult of Baal.

If President Donald J. Trump is aligned with the Satanic Jewish
Kohn bloodline, then his "I Want Peace!" proclamation, throughout the 2016
Presidential election will instead produce war, death and suffering. Daniel
8:24-2S reads:
''And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power: and he shall
destroy wonderfully, and shall prosper, and practise, and shall destroy the
mighty and the holy people. And through his policy also he shall cause
craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and
by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of
princes; but he shall be broken without hand."

Another member of the Satanic Jewish Cohen bloodline is Lyor Co-
hen. Lyor is an Israeli American who for the past 30 years has controlled
the "gangsta-rap" culture, mentoring rapers such as Jay-Z who together with
Dame Dash founded: "Roe-a-fella-Records," named after the Luciferian
Rockefeller Family. In 2014, Dame Dash blamed Lyor Cohen for the break
up Roe-a-fella-Records amongst many other things.

After graduating from the University of Miami in 1981, he worked
for the Beverly Hills office of Bank Leumi, an Israeli Mafia MOSSAD finan-
cial apparatus lead by Ivan Boesky. This Mossad controlled network included
philanthropies such as the 'United Jewish Appeal' (UJA) and the '.Jewish Na-
tional Fund'. Who is Ivan Boesky?

Ivan Boesky was an employee for the U.S. Information Agency
(USIA) in Tehran, Iran. It's here where Boesky established a partnership with
Israeli Mossad arms smuggler, 'Yacob Nimrodi' in Teheran, Iran. Did you
catch his last name? 'Nimrod' ... If you would like to understand the ancient
relationship between Talmudists and the Luciferian, Babylonian Nimrod
please read my book at, Yacob Nimrodi was the main
weapons supplier for the Shah and Khomeini. Nimrodi was also a central
figure in Israeli General, Avraham Bar-Am's, arms smuggling network.

This is the general who in a New Yorker interview said about the
whole of Palestine, "we have to kill them all". What should concern every
non-Jewish American Citizen is the fact that this general is a major share-
holder in "Genie Israel Holdings, Ltd." along with News Corp. [Fox News]
founder, Rupert Murdoch, and Satanist, Lord Jacob Rothschild. It's note-
worthy to mention that News Carp's second largest shareholder is Donmeh
Saudi Prince, Alaweed bin Talal. Americans must realize that the Luciferian
Israeli MOSSAD, Rupert Murdoch, and their Satanic Rothschild handlers
have a vested interest in perpetual war between western civilization and the
entire Middle East. This is why the Talmudist owned and controlled movie,
television, and music industry continue to associate the Christian West with
satanic, godless logos, namely the so-called: ''All-Seeing-Eye" of Satan. To
examine Rupert Murdoch's history of depravity please read my book, DE-
CEPTION: The Ancient Mystery That Holds The Secret of
Newgrange, pg., 237, 'Rupert Murdoch's Empire of Remphan'. 197
Ivan Boesky married into the Jewish Silberstein Family who were
instrumental in the successful career of Jewish Mafia kingpin, Max Fisher.
Fisher was associated with Chicago's 'Purple Gang' and instrumental in mo-
ney laundering to Israel and drug trafficking. Fisher also had close ties to
Hugh Rodham and Dan Rostenkowski who both took over the Chicago mob
from Al Capone. For readers who are unaware, Hugh Rodham was the fa-
ther of Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate, Hill-
ary Rodham Clinton. What's extraordinary is the fact that the morning after
Donald Trump's 2016 landslide victory over Jewess Hillary Rodham Clinton,
Hillary paraded her alleged child molesting, violent rapist husband, Bill Clin-
ton, into the New Yorker Hotel ball room, where they presented themselves
adorned in purple attire. 1bis spectacle was in fact a strategy concocted by
Jewess Hillary Clinton and Jew /Nazi Billionaire, George Soros, to launch
Soros' 'Purple Revolution'. The color purple is popular among Satanic Jews
because it celebrates their crucifixion of God who stepped into His creation,
Jesus Christ.

"And they clothed him with purple, and platted a crown of thorns, and put
it about his head, And began to salute him, Hail, King of the Jews! And
they smote him on the head with a reed, and did spit upon him, and bowing
their knees worshipped him. And when they had mocked him, they took
off the purple from him, and put his own clothes on him, and led him out
to crucify him." - Mark 51:17-20

Applying the history and connection between Hillary Rodham's fa-
ther and the murderous Jewish 'Purple Gang,' George Soros' 'Purple Rev-
olution' and the Jews' crucifixion of Jesus Christ, it would seem that the
underlying message here by the Clintons and Soros is that they intend to
crucify Trump. Alternatively, if we apply the aforementioned knowledge re-
garding Trump's possible collusion with the ancient Baal worshiping Jewish
Kohn bloodline and Israeli MOSSAD, perhaps the Clinton/Soros "Purple
Gang" symbolizes the absolute takeover of America by Talmudists and their
pending crucifixion of America, a distinct possibility when you consider a
10/28/2004 article by the Chicago Tribune's, Thomas A. Corfman, which

"Donald Trump has lined up three New York hedge funds, including
money from billionaire George Soros, to invest $160 million in his Chicago
skyscraper, the largest construction financing in the city's history."

One final thought regarding Trump's potential association with
Israeli Intelligence (MOSSAD). During the selection process for Trump's
cabinet, Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, met with President-
198 elect Trump on 12/7 /2016 to "discuss some concerns he had"
Rahm is the brother of Trump's Hollywood based agent Ari Emanuel. Ari
is the CEO of William Morris Endeavor (WME). Murdered FBI agent,
John O'neill discovered that Rahm was allegedly linked to Israeli Intelligence
(MOSSAD). Ari and Rahm's father, Benjamin Emanuel, was allegedly asso-
ciated with the Israeli terrorist group, 'Irgun'. The aforementioned Trump/
MOSSAD connection should concern every U.S. Citizen, given the revelation
of NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden, in 2014, that the so-called "Ca-
liph," or leader of the Muslim terrorist group, "ISIS," Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi,
is in fact an Israeli Intelligence MOSSAD agent named Elliot Shimon.

It's also noteworthy to mention the fact that Donald Trump's grand-
father, Friedrich Trump, is second cousin to John Henry Heinz, the father of
Henry J. Heinz [H.J. Heinz Company]. As an aside, on June 18 [6+6+6=18]
2015, Rothschild Family associate, Warren Buffett's, Berkshire Hathaway be-
came a majority 52.5% owner of Heinz. Both the Trump and Heinz families
are from Kallstadt, Germany, Kingdom of Bavaria. Bavaria is where Adam
Weishaupt, son of Jewish Rabbi George Weishaupt, founded the Luciferian
based cult 'The Illuminati' in 1776.

A member of Weishaupt's Illuminati was the grandfather of Wil-
helm Maximilian Wundt. W.M. Wundt was the creator of "Performance-
Based Education," (PBE). W.M. Wundt's PBE was designed to dissolve
the once great American educational system in exchange for a Communist
based educational system. The Bavaian Illuminati founded by W.M. Wundt's
grandfather, not only called for the elimination of Christianity, it called for
the destruction of the family and borders between Nations. Further, Wundt
was himself directly involved with Yale University's infamous organization
'Skull & Bones,' the alma mater of Nazi financier, Prescott Bush and his son,
U.S. President, George H.W. Bush, and U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry
[Kohn]. The first American pupil of Wilhelm Wundt was an avowed Marxist
by the name of Stanley G. Hall, who also happened to be a member of 'Skull
& Bones.' Hall's writings included psychology and its relations to physiology,
anthropology, sociology, sex, crime, religion, and education. I expand more
further on the topic of PBE in my book, 'AMERIKA: The Re-Mastered
Christian Majority at,

Now that you've considered Trump's Bavarian roots and his possible
collusion with Adam Weishaupt's Illuminati, I'd like for you to weigh another
possibility. Weishaupt's lluminati was based in large part on his studying of
the ''.Acts of Union" [1707], this is when the Scottish people were forced
to merge with England. The Acts of Union was so hated by the Scottish
people that widespread civil unrest resulted in the Scottish Parliament impos-
ing Martial Law. I examine Talmudists hatred for Christian Celts
[Irish] and Picts [Scottish] throughout my books at, ThinkA- 199 and It will be remembered that Trump is the
offspring of Christian Celts [Irish] and Picts [Scottish], perhaps he harbors
an atavistic [genetic] animosity towards Weishaupt.

It too is a possibility that Trump's Bavarian roots, instead of being
connected to Weishaupt, were allied with the ruler of Bavaria, Duke Carl
Theodore, who issued several edicts against Weishaupt's Illuminati. Through
arrests and sleuthing, the Bavarian authorities garnered a treasure trove of
Illuminati documentation. This information was placed into two books,
"Proofs of a Conspiracy Against All The Religions and Governments" and
"Memoirs Illustrating The History of Jacobinism". If Donald J. Trump be-
gins to arrest Illuminists e.g., Bill and Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Bill
Gates, Warren Buffet, The Rockefellers, The Rothschilds, etc. and abolishes
Wilhelm Maximilian Wundt's, "Performance-Based Education" (PBE) e.g.,
Common Core, etc., Agenda 21, The North American Union, and strength-
ens our borders, Christian American roots, and national sovereignty, Donald
J. Trump will have proven himself to be an ally of God's innate Liberty and
the greatest leader in American history.

Jewish Democratic Presidential candidate, Hillary "Rodham" Clin-
ton is also connected to the Satanic Jewish Cohen bloodline. Hillary "Rod-
ham" Clinton's father "Hugh Rodham" and former House Ways and Means
speaker Dan Rostenkowski took over the Chicago Mob from Al Capone.
Biographer "Richard Cohen" wrote the book, "Rostenknowski's: The Pur-
suit of Power and the End of the Old Politics". Mob Boss, Meyer Harris Co-
hen [Mickey Cohen) moved to Chicago where he ran a gambling operation
aside Al Capone. :Mikey Cohen also worked for Meyer Lansky and both Ted
Cruz' father and Marco Rubio's parents were allegedly affiliated with the Jew-
ish Mob Boss, Meyer Lanski. It is alleged that Ted Cruz' father was associated
with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

The connection between Jewish Democratic Presidential candidate
Hillary "Rodham" Clinton and the mafia is interesting given the fact that
Jews created the religion of Freemasonry, which believes Lucifer [Satan] is
god. It will be remembered that a Freemason named Giuseppe Mazzini cre-
ated the so-called Italian 'Mafia'. This would explain why Hillary "Rodham"
Clinton was so passionate for the communist Jew, Saul Alinsky, who dedi-
cated his 1971 book, "Rules For Radicals" to Lucifer.. In his book, Alinsky

"Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very
first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to
know where mythology leaves off and history begins - or
200 which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled
against the establishment and did
it so effectively that he at least won
his own kingdom. - Lucifer."

Alinsky stated during an interview
that his Jewish upbringing was:

"strict Orthodox" and that his
entire life "revolved around work
and synagogue... I remember as a
kid being told how important it was
to study. Whenever anyone asks
me my religion, I always say - and
always will say - Jewish"

An early advocate of Alinsky was Il-
linois governor, U.S. Ambassador to
the Jewish created United Nations
under President John F. Kennedy and Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson and
friend of 33rd degree Freemason President Harry Truman, Adlai Steven-
son. Adlai is pictured [right] with President Truman in the oval office [1952].
Adlai's grandfather Adlai Stevenson I was a 33rd degree master freemason
[Metamora Lodge No. 82 and Bloomington, Illinois Lodge No. 43], first as-
sistant postmaster general and Vice President of the United States under
President Grover Clevland [1893-1897]. Adlai's maternal great-grandfather,
Jesse W Fell, had been a close friend - .
and campaign manager for Abra-
ham Lincoln in his 1858 U.S. Senate
Illinois governor, U.N. Am-
bassador and offspring of satanic
Freemasons Adlai Stevenson said
that Alinsky's Luciferian aims:

"most faithfully reflect our ideals
of brotherhood, tolerance, charity
and dignity of the individual."

One last association between the
Jewish Secretary of State and Presi-
dential candidate Hillary "Rodham"
Clinton and the endgame of Judiasm that every Christian should keep in
mind, is the fact that it was President Bill Clinton who signed
into law "HB 1274" - Death penalty; guillotine provision. Un- 201
derstand that the Talmud's penalty for disobeying the Satanic Babylonian
Talmud and Islam's Koran is death by decapitation. Both of these demonic
Cults believe the same thing, because Talmudists created Islam to act as a
proxy army to attack Christianity. Talmud, Sanhedrin 57A states:

"One additional element of greater severity is that violation of any one of
the seven [Noahide] laws subjects the Noahide to capital punishment by
decapitation - Sanhedrin 57A."

The U.S. Army's inventory of 30,000 guillotines was confirmed
by both retired FBI agent Ted Gunderso and ex-CIA official Bill Pawelec.
Further, there are 500,000 caskets outside of Atlanta; 2.2 billion rounds of
ammo at the Department of Homeland Security, and 2, 700 armored DHS
personnel carriers.

" ... and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of
Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast,
neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in
their hands ... " - Revelation 20:4

Keep in mind that Hillary Clinton's would-be Chief of Staff, Hu-
man Abedin, is the daughter of a Muslim Brotherhood leader. What's more,
Talmudist Hillary Clinton has publicly announced her intention to increase
the number of Syrians Muslim migrants into the U.S. by 550%. If you're in-
terested to learn the Satanic connection between the destruction of America
and Talmudism, please read my books at, and Amerika-

During Donald Trump's coup de grace (deathblow) to Hillary's cam-
paign, Clinton leaned heavily on Communist, Luciferian ideologues. Included
in this group was billionaire rapper, )ay-Z'. Jay-Z is an individual who goes
out of his way to associate himself with individuals known for their anti-
Christian philosophy. For instance,Jay-Z created an album called "The Black
Album," the opposite of the Beatles White Album. An associate of Jay-Z
named "DJ Dangermouse", a hip-hop producer, combined the White and
Black albums to create the "Grey Album." In the Grey Album one can clearly
hear the voice of Jay-Z saying: "Murder, Murder Jesus 666" and "Kill Catho-
lics." It will be remembered that the militant anti-Christian Jew who helped
shape Jay-Z's multi-billion dollar empire of Remphan is Israeli American and
alleged Mossad agent, Lyor Cohen.

Like many of the above-mentioned individuals whose motivations
I've deconstructed, the following is an overview of Deepak
202 Chopra's own inner demons. First let's begin with what Deepak
Chopra's Satanic Hindu, Buddhist, Jainism, Sikh, "New-Age" god proclaims
about himself in the 700-verse Hindu scripture "Bhagavad Gita" Chapter 10,
versus 28-30:

''Among words, I am the syllable 'Om' [Awn]. I am the cow that fulfills all
desires. I am the cosmic serpent. I am the god of death. I am born among
the demons."

Let's read who Deepak Chopra's "serpent god" is in the Holy Bible,
Revelation 12:9:

''And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and
Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and
his angels were cast out with him."

The Club of Rome admits that it's a globalist think tank. And the
aim of this group is to assist with the construction of a Satanic Theosophical
One World Government. In 2009, the Club of Rome held the "Future of
The American Hemisphere Conference". Francesco Stipo opened the con-
ference. Stipo is a member of the United States Club of Rome and he wrote
"The Manifesto of World Federalism, Globalization, Political Globalization,
Balanced Contribution Theory". In it, he states:

"Political globalization is the creation of the world government which regu-
lates the relationships among governments"

Ervin Laszlo, who is also a member of the Club of Rome, partnered
with the revered New Age author and speaker Deepak Chopra, who was a
student of Jiddu Krishnamurti. Krishnamurti, who died in 1986, was the
Indian born speaker and writer once promoted by the Satanic Theosophical
society as "The Christ" and Helena Blavatsky's prophesized anti-Christ uni-
fier of all the worlds' religions. Unfortunately for Satanic Theosophy, their
manufactured 'Christ' got cold feet and decided that he didn't want to be
'The Christ'. Both Ervin and Chopra would go on to form a partnership with
former communist leader :Mikhail Gorbachev.

In 1980, Edward Bernays' and Dr. Ewan Cameron's CI.A. MK.-
Ultra Mind Control program at The Esalen Institute in Northern California
began the Soviet-American "Brainwashing" Exchange Program. In 1988, Es-
alen brought Abel Aganbegyan, one of Mikhail Gorbachev's chief economic
advisors, to the United States. In 1989, Esalen brought Boris Yeltsin on his
first trip to the United States. Esalen also arranged meetings for Yeltsin with
then President George H. W. Bush. After Mikhail Gorbachev
dissolved the Soviet Union, Esalen established "The State of 203
the World Forum," with Mikhail Gorbachev as its convening chairman. Es-
alen also arranged diplomacy programs with China and a program which
promoted the Jewish Elite's antichrist "One World Religion," bringing Jews,
Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Seihks, Buddhists, Satanists, etc. together.

Following his encounters with the C.I.A. MK-Ultra Mind Control
Institute at Esalen, Gorbachev became a supporter of the Satanic Theo-
sophical anti-Christ "Maitreya" and Agenda 21. Together Ervin Laszlo, "Es-
alen" C.I.A. MK-Ultra Mind Control programmer Deepak Chopra and Gor-
bachev authored a book titled 'Worldshift 2012' - Making Green Business,
New Politics & Higher Consciousness Work Together'. In their book, they
encourage hypothetical circumstances for 2012. Based on documented facts,
there is no question the Satanic Theosophical elites have a vested interest in
the successful implementation of Agenda 21 and the manufactured illusion
of 2012 hysteria. What's concerning is that they were willing to do, say, and
spend anything to make this a reality for billions of human beings.

Ervin Laszlo of Club of Rome fame would go onto to create a
spinoff named "The Club of Budapest". This organization encouraged the
same type of hypothetical circumstances for 2012. Satanic Theosophical
'New Age' members at the Club of Budapest include Robert Muller, who
was a former Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations, and Bar-
bara Marx Hubbard. Laszlo, Muller and Marx commented:

"We have been projecting the transformation in 2012. It is happening now."
The vast majority of Christian Americans who subscribe to "Esalen" C.I.A.
MK-Ultra Mind Control programmer Deepak Chopra's Satanic New-Age
human exploitation psychology are unaware that he is a practitioner of Ma-
harishi Mahesh Yogi's "Transcendental Meditation," an antichristian concept
which is based on the religion of Hinduism. Deepak Chopra possesses so
much hatred for Lord Jesus Christ that he refers to Him as a "folk tale" and
"Primitive" in an article he wrote titled, "Can dying be a peak experience?,"
it reads in part:

"The sad truth is that most people never think about dying in any positive
sense. They learn a few folk tales about God and the devil, heaven and hell
about age five, after which they forget the entire subject. This reliance on
primitive, unfounded beliefs makes the dying process immensely more dif-
ficult." - Deepak Chopra, November 3, 2009

Christians who practice the Hindu concept of Yoga should know
that when they are chanting Yoga "Mantras" they are invoking Satan himsel£
The reality is that Hinduism, Transcendental Mediation, Yoga,
204 etc., all deceive men and women into believing that they can be-
come god, the oldest lie ever told to man, "and ye shall be as gods." - [Satan]
Genesis 3:5. Take Yoga's Kundalini Mantra for instance. This is considered
the "Yoga of the :Mind". A mantra is a syllable, word or phrase in one of the
"sacred" Hindu and Buddhist languages such as Sanskrit & Ghurmeki. One
of these mantra chants is "SA TA NA MA'' [Panj Shabad] which is one of
the most frequently used mantras in Kundalini Yoga. In Greek SA-TA-NA
means SATAN. In Spanish Satanasa means female devil, and to the children
of the devil [Jews] this female demon represents the Babylonian demon god-
dess Lilith.

You won't hear the above-mentioned information from the main-
stream media e.g., CNN, MSNBC, BBC, FOX, etc. because the leadership
of these organizations are all proponents of a One World Religion "Beast
System". Take for instance, Bill O'Reilly, who has hosted "Esalen" CI.A.
MK-Ultra :Mind Control programmer Deepak Chopra on his "O'Reilly Fac-
tor" on a number of occasions to discuss among other topics, "The Mus-
lim Problem". This is ironic considering the fact that Wahabism [Radical
Islam] is financed by The Saudi Arabian Government and the Saudi Prince,
Alaweed bin Talal is the second largest owner of News Corp. [Fox News].
Then there's the interview between Bill O'Reilly and Russell Simmons, Co-
founder of 'Def Jam' and proponent of Transcendental Meditation ['TM1

Simmons: "I want to put meditation in schools".
Bill O'Reilly: "I agree with you on that and I support the David Lynch
Foundation, which does just that".
Simmons: "I'm on the board".
O'Reilly: ''And I give you a ton of money".

Bill O'Reilly then asks Simmons his opinion on 'forcing' children to
participate in 'TM' in schools to which Simmons responds:

"There is no religious ... Or any kind of agenda that should separate you
from any religious ideas".

Christians should be aware of the fact that The David Lynch foun-
dation teaches children the religion of Transcendental Meditation ['TM1
a.k.a. The 'Science of Creative Intelligence', as promoted by Yogi Maharishi
Mahesh in U.S. public schools where Christian prayer is not allowed. What
Bill O'Reilly has failed to mention to his Christian viewers is that he is invest-
ing 'a ton of money' in antichristian 'New-Age' concepts which are firmly
rooted in Hindu principles and practices which contradict The Holy Bible.
For example, Judges 2:17 warns Christians to not go "a whoring
after other gods": 205
"And yet they would not hearken unto their judges, but they went a whoring
after other gods, and bowed themselves unto them: they turned quickly out
of the way which their fathers walked in, obeying the commandments of
the LORD; but they did not so."

Christians must understand that performing any mental or physical
techniques, religious, or health protocols which invoke the idea that you are
'God' is "whoring" and blasphemous," ... and ye shall be as gods" - [Satan],
Genesis 3:5. Yet this is a fundamental concept of Hinduism and the theory
on which Yogi Mahesh' TM is based.

"Malnak v. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The 'Science of Creative Intelligence -
Transcendental Meditation' was 'religious in nature' ... " - Harvard Journal
of Law and Public Policy.

"Under the most recent Supreme Court pronouncement in this area, Com-
mittee for Public Education v. Nyquist, 413 U.S. 756, 773, 93 S.Ct. 2955,
37L.Ed.2d 948 (1973), the Court reiterated the three criteria within which to
scrutinize the involved governmental action. To pass muster, the action in
question must: (1) reflect a clearly secular legislative purpose; (2) have a pri-
mary effect that neither advances nor inhibits religion; and (3) avoid exces-
sive government entanglement with religion. The district court applied the
Nyquist test and determined that the SCI/TM course has a primary effect
of advancing religion and religious concepts, School District of Abington
Township v. Schempp, 374 U.S. 203, 83 S.Ct. 1560, 10 L.Ed.2d 844 (1963);
Engel v. Vitale, 370 U.S. 421, 82 S.Ct. 1261, 8 L.Ed.2d 601 (1962), and that
the government aid given to teach the course and the use of public school
facilities constituted excessive governmental entanglement with religion.
Lemon v. Kurtzman, 403 U.S. 602, 91 S.Ct. 2105, 29 L.Ed.2d 745 (1971)."
- Malnak v. Yogi.

"Essential to the practice of Transcendental Meditation is the "mantra"; a
mantra is a sound aid used while meditating ... a meditator must attend a
ceremony called a "puja." During the puja the student stood or sat in front
of a table while the teacher sang a chant and made offerings to a deified
"Guru Dev" ... the chant invoke the deified teach, who also was a Hindu
monk, of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi." - Malnak v. Yogi

"Once SCI/TM is found to be a religion, the establishment resulting from
direct government support of that religion through the propagation of its
religious ideas in the public school system is clear. Whatever its merits the
program under consideration here, endorsed, as it is, by the State of New
Jersey and the Department of Health, Education and Welfare,
206 is forbidden by the first amendment. As such, it cannot stand."
- Malnak v. Yogi

Like Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer's main tool of
influence is his suggestion that people have power over the Universe [God]
if they simply harness what he calls "The Power of Intention," a recycled
adaptation of Edward Bernays' unconscious irrational selfish individualistic
programming. Like Bernays, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, and Wayne Dy-
ers' human exploitation psychology completely negates the role of God and
in-turn indoctrinates the herd into Satan's big lie that man can become God
[Genesis 3:5].

Prior to launching our examination of Freudianism and its many
contributors and supporters, I quoted John Swinton, the chief editorial writ-
er of The New York Times who in 1860 exposed the "workers of iniquity"
[Psalms 6:8], who from immemorial have cowardly hid in the shadows,
manipulating reality, stating:

"There is no such a thing in America as an independent press ... We are
the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are jumping-jacks.
They pull the string and we dance. Our, our talents, our lives, our pos-
sibilities, are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes."

A profound change occurred five-years after Swinton's disclosure
to the nation in 1865. Contrary to Marxist revisionist history and professors
at fill-in-the-blank College or University, America was founded on
principles and was considered a "Christian Nati.on". In 1865, the 16th Presi-
dent of The United States, Abraham Lincoln, changed America's label of
being a "Christian Nation" to "This Nation Under God" to appease Jews.
In 1809 there were only 3,000 Jews in America, by 1865 there were 150,000.
The "synagogue of Satan" Trojan horse was pulled into America by Abra-
ham Lincoln, who appointed many Jews to public office. In fact, Lincoln
disregarded the important role Jews played, in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ
,"Crucify him, crucify him" (Luke 23:21) and "His blood be on us, and on
our children" (Matthew 27:25). What was Lincoln's response to these in-
criminatory statements? In 1862, Lincoln overturned Ulysses S. Grant's order
expelling "Jews as a class". Lincoln stated, "I do not like to hear a class or
nationality condemned on account of a few sinners." (Lincoln and the Jews,
Jonathan D. Sarna, pg. xii. Sarna 'is a leading commentator on American Jew-
ish history, religion and life.')

One-hundred and thirty-one years after Swinton's 1860 warning,
the son of John D. Rockefeller, David Rockefeller, who entered into hell on
March 20, 2017, aged 101, confirmed Swinton's statement that
"rich men" control everything we see and read in the media, 207
during his speech at the June 1991 "Bilderberg Conference" in Baden-Baden,
Germany. This was the same Bilderberg meeting then Arkansas Governor
Bill Clinton attended along with 44th Vice President of The United States
Dan Quayle. David Rockefeller bloviated:

''We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time
Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our
meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty-years.
It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if
we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the
world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world gov-
ernment. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world
bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in
past centuries."

Eleven years after his 1991 Bilderberg speech, David Rockefeller re-
leased his book "Memoirs" on October 15th 2002. On pg. 405, the puppet
master of J.P. Morgan Chase [DBA Chase], arrogantly reiterates his family's
participation in the intentional destruction of Christian America stating:

"For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of the politi-
cal spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encoun-
ter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence
they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions.
Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best
interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as interna-
tionalists and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more
integrated global political and economic structure-one world order, if you
will, if that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it."


Dear Reader,

Thank you for investing your valuable time into reading my book. I
compiled this collection of intelligence to warn the American people of the
very real threat facing our Nation in 2017. My aim is to strengthen the United
States by exposing the seditious evil that has for 241 years sought to deceive
and destroy our exceptional Christian nation. I hope that in some measure
I've achieved this goal.

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mend its content to those you care about in person and on social media. I
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If you are a non-Christian and the information inside of this book
has opened your eyes, to the deceptions of Satan and inspired you to know
the real message and meaning of Lord Jesus Christ, please pray with me now.

"Father, I know that I have broken your laws and my sins have separated
me from you. I am truly sorry. I want to turn away from my past sinful life
toward you. Please forgive me, and help me avoid sinning again. I believe
that your son, Jesus Christ died for my sins, was resurrected from the dead,
is alive, and hears my prayer. I invite Jesus Christ, to become the Lord of
my life, to rule and reign in my heart from this day forward. Please send
your Holy Ghost to help me obey You, and to do Your will for the rest of
my life. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen."

"Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under
heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved."
-Acts 4:12

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This book provides the Christian American majority with evidence
which will show that their socioeconomic, physical, and intellectual disin-
tegration has been orchestrated by Luciferians. The author demonstrates,
through never before seen data, how Christians' exploitable weakness is and
has always been, their exposure to toxic, Luciferian engineered education,
media, food, water, etc. This book addresses what fake, main-
210 stream media cannot. BUY NOW AT:

The multifaceted legends concealing the source of oppression for
ancient Christian Galatians [Celts] have been a millennia long masquerade.
A deception orchestrated by beguiling scholars complicit in constructing
one of the largest conspiracies in world history and a mural of distraction
which has gone unnoticed until now. Drawing from a wealth of never before
seen evidence, Paul Boggs reveals the truth related to one of the
darkest, most mysterious episodes in ancient Irish and Scottish 211
history. BUY NOW AT:
Four-hundred and fifty-years before the murder of 2,996 Americans
on 9/11, Dr. Martin Luther warned the world about the "venomous" nature
of Jews whose inner "devils" seek to venerate their father the Devil and
drive them to provoke violence against non-Jews. This book presents read-
ers with intelligence that shows how the offspring of Martin Luther's Judaic
devils coordinated both WWII and the attacks on 9/11. With these patterns
of Jewish hatred towards Christ in mind, I ask readers to examine Martin
Luther's subsequent prophetic essay, "On The Jews and Their Lies," then
consider whether it's spiritually or physically prudent for non-Jews to encour-
age a passionate attachment or sympathy for those who follow
212 the Talmud. BUY NOW AT:

Max's History Adventures provides Christian Children (7+) the
tools necessary to negotiate around and through the many tricks and traps
that exist within a fallen world, a world which is controlled by the cult of
Saturn [Satan]. In Vol. 1 ''Jews" children examine one of the most success-
ful attacks on the Christian American majority through a Christian lens and
are provided many ideas on how to prevent this from happening to future
generations. BUY NOW AT:
Index Allen Weisselberg 190
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man 80
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British War Cabinet 40 Christian Dalriada 129
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Colossus of Rhodes (c.280 215
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Fidel V. Ramos 163 Gil Dezer 188
Focus Groups, Ernest Dichter 93 Giuseppe Mazzini, mafia founder 13,
Ford Foundation 19 84, 111, 200
Francesco Stipo (Club of Rome) 203 Giving Pledge (Bill Gates & Warren
Francis Boggs 35 Buffett) 193
Frank C. Carlucci 156 Glenn Beck (THE BLAZE) 137
Franklin Delano Roosevelt 72 Global Business Network (GBN) 145,
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Future of The American Hemisphere G. Stanley Hall 14
Conference 203 Gutle Schnaper Rothschild 109

H Control Act (President Reagan)
Hale Boggs 11, 113 Imperial Brain Trust: The CFR and
Halliburton 185 United States Foreign Policy 30
Hans, Baron von Wangerheim 48 Inner Directives 146
Harry Hopkins, Soviet Spy 84 Institute for Policy Studies 178
Harry S. Truman 81, 83 Institution Quraysh for Law & Policy
Harvey M. Applebawn 185 (iQ) 186
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nities 32 Farben) 120, 173
Hebrew University 144 International Psychoanalytic Associa-
Helena Blavatsky 203 tion (IPA) 1
Henry Huxley 130 Irgun (Israeli terrorist group) 97
Henry J. Heinz (H.J. Heinz Company) Irish Slavery 40
199 IRS Headquarters 70
Henry Kissinger 3, 32, 159 Isaac Bernays, Chief Rabbi 5
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Henry Steele Olcott 127 Israel 7
Herbert Marcuse 118, 191 Israeli Mossad 189
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James McKeen 14
I James Warburg 83
James Warburg, CFR 29
IBM and the Holocaust (Edwin Black) Jap Zero, Official Training Film 147
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202 Justice Brandeis 50
Jerry Rubin 144, 191
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Affairs (JINSA) 182
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Jewish National Fund 197 Kabbalah 70, 135
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JFK's executive Order 11110 113 Karl Marx 1, 4, 6, 80, 142
Jiddu Krishnamurti 203 Karl Otto Pohl 155
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JKF assassination l l Kenneth Anger 13 5
Joan Quigley 149 Kevin Hassett 18 l
Joaquin Avila 15 5 kingdom 50
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Johanna von Spitzemberg 48 King Edward (1285) 56
John A. Cody 169 Kobe Bryant 153
John Allembillah Azumah 120 Kohn bloodline 195
John Bolton (AEI) 181 Kol Nidre 53, 168
John Brennan, CIA Director 160 Kol Nidre, Jewish prayer 102
John Dewey 131 Kristallnacht ("Crystal Night") 47
John D. Rockefeller 3, 19, 178, 208 Kronos 5
John Foster Dulles, Secretary of State Kuhn Loeb, Banker 41
99 Ku Klux Klan 83
John Henry Heinz 199 Ku Klux Klan (KKK) 151
John Kerry (Kohn) 175, 195 KurtLewin(l943) 36
John Kerry [Kohn] 3 Kurt Lewin, Psychologist 177
John Lennon 126, 130, 132, 133
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John Paul Rosenberg 143
John Paulson 194 Lara Yunaska 194
John Pierpont Morgan (J.P. Morgan) 99Larry David 116
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Society 104 Laurel Canyon 132, 145
John Rosenberg 144 Laurence Fink 192
John Swinton X, 207 Laurence Gluck 193
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Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin 99 Lee Harvey Oswald 114
J.P. Morgan 20, 33, 59, 152, 180, 187, Legatum Institute 187
208 Legatum Limited 187
J.P. Morgan's U.S. Steel 99 Leonard Nimoy 65
Judaism 7 Leon Kass (AEI) 182
Judeo-Christianity 6 Leon Trotsky 1
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg 95, 168, Leuchter Report 172
195 Lev Davidovich Bronstein
Julius Genachowski 157 1
leviathan 135 200
Lewis Eisenberg 189 Meyer Harris Cohen (Mickey Cohen)
Libidinal forces of desire 69 200
Lil Wayne (rapper) 165 Meyer Lansky 200
Linda Sue Evans 118 Michael Abboud 192
Lord Jacob Rothschild 197 Michael Aquino XII
Lord Rothschild 154 Michael Bloomberg 154, 161
L. Ron Hubbard 143 Michael Cohen 181, 195
LSD 110, 126, 138, 174 Michael Eisner 189
Luis Tellez Kuenzler 157 Michael Glassner 192
Lunacy Act of 1845 124 Michael Moore 154
Lyor Cohen 197 Mika Brzezinski 159, 160
Mikhail Gorbachev 203
M Mind Dynamics 143
Minor C. Keith 98
Mack McLarty 158
Miriam Ochsom 192
Macleod Clan (Donald Trump) 165
MIT 178, 187
MacLeod Clan (Donald Trump) 196
Madhouses Act of 1774 124 MIT Press 187
Maitreya 204 Mitt Romney 161
Malnak v. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi 206 MK-Ultra 108, 110, 123, 126, 132,
Malnak v. Yogi 206 138, 139, 144, 147, 150, 153,
Manly Palmer Hall 66 174, 204
Marc Eliot 36 Moloch 7, 77
Moravian Brethren, Charles Rudolph
Marco Rubio 161, 200
Margaret Thatcher 178 37
Marilyn Monroe 110 Moravian Masonry (1939) 37
Mark David Chapman 132 Morgenthau Plan 85
Mark Friedman, Arden Mall 70 Movable-Type Printing Press 54
Mark Zuckerberg 162 Muammar al-Gaddafi 183
Marriage Guidance Councilors 88 Mujahadeen 159
Martha Bernays 5, 12 Muslim Brotherhood (1928) 160
Martin Luther 104
Martin Siegel, Rabbi 6
Marxism 120 Nagasaki 85
Maryanne Trump Barry 169 Nagas (Hindu Serpent Cult) 165
Mary Baker Eddy 127 Nahum Sokolow 43, 101
Mary Baker Eddy (Christian Science) Nancy Reagan 149
121 Napier Collyns 145
Mary Callahan 154 Napoleon 44
Masonic Order of the Mustard Seed 15,NathanAbrams 35
175 Nathan Abrams, Jewish Professor, Ab-
Max Fisher 198 erdeen University 8
Max Lucado, "America's Pastor" 161 National Academy of Television Arts &
Max Warburg 179 Sciences (N.A.T.A.S.) XII
Mayer Amschel Rothschild 109 National Association of Manufacturers
Melvin Sembler 189 (NAM) 74
220 Memoirs Illustrating The National Conference of Christians and
History ofJacobinism Jews 193
National Council of Churches 178 Orgone Gun 117
National Health Service (NHS) 87 Orson Welles 130
National Mobilization Committee to Osama bin Laden 154, 183
End the War in Vietnam ("The Ottoman Caliph Mehmed V 48
Mobe") 191 Otto Wagener 70
National Socialist Party 68 Outcome-based Education (OBE) 16
National Youth Apprenticeship Act 18
Nazi Nuremberg Trials 108 P
Nazi Party 68 Panic of 1907 20
Neal Gabler 35 Paolo Lionni 16
Needs Jierarchy, Abraham Maslow 142 Paul Achleitner 181
Neuro Lingquistic Programmer (NLP) Paul Atkins 192
153 Paul Desmarais 156
New Deal, FDR 72 Paul Mazur, Banker 25
News Corp. [Fox News] 197 Paul McCartney 134
Newt Gingrich 177 Paul Warburg 180
New World Order 187 Paul Watson, Co-founder of Green
New York Historical Society, John Peace 32
Pintard 104 Paul Wolfowitz (AEI) 182
Nickelodeons 35 PBSUCCESS 101
Nicky Scarfo 169 Performance-Based Education (PBE)
Nike 70 199,200
N~ita Sergeyevich Khrushchev 102 Peter Chung 163
Nikola Tesla 34 Peter Cornelius 156
Nimrod 197 Peter H. Gilmore Church of Satan XI
NM Rothschild & Sons Limited (Roth- Peter Kalikow 193
schild Group) 188 Peter Schwartz 145
Non-Government Organization (NGOs) Philip de Vier, BLOOD RITUAL 77
178 Philip Morris 186
Norman Ornstein (AEI) 182 Philippa Stroud 187
Norman Pearlstine 155 Phoebe Elizabeth Hearst 25
0 Pope Francis 162
Port Authority of New York and New
Odin 104 Jersey 185
Oedipus Complex 5, 122 Prescott Bush 179, 199
Office of Public Opinion Research President Abraham Lincoln 207
(OPOR) 131 President Barack Hussein Obama 97,
Office of Strategic Services (OSS) 131 121, 159, 191
Og the king of Bashan 82 President Barack Obama 184
Olivier Sarkozy 155 President Bill Clinton 118, 150, 160,
Omar Naseef 160 169, 183
Operant Conditioning 87 President Calvin Coolidge 28
Operant Conditioning (O.P.) 15 President Donald J. Trump 154, 168,
Operating Groups 143 196, 197
Oppenheim Banking Dynasties 48 President Dwight D. Eisenhower 102
Oprah Winfrey 154 President Franklin Roos-
Oral Roberts 127 evelt 118 221
Orgone Enery 117 President George H. W.
Bush 154, 204 Radoslaw Sikorski (AEI) 183
President George H.W. Bush 175 Rahm Emanuel 97, 199
President, George H. W. Bush 179 Ralph R. Greenson, Psychiatrist 110
President George W. Bush 179, 190 Randal K. Quarles 155
President Harry Truman 81 Rand Corporation 91
President Jimmy Carter 159 RAND Corporation 130, 178
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President Lyndon B. Johnson 113, 136 Rebekah Mercer 193
President Lyndon Johnson 17 Red Scare 95, 97, 99, 106, 168
President Paul Kagame 150 Remphan 7
President Richard Nixon 106, 159 Reuben Sturman, "Father of Porn" 116
President Ronald Reagan 131, 149 R. H. Macy & Co. 46
President Theodore Roosevelt 184 Rhodes Scholar 120, 183
President Woodrow Wilson 20, 41, 49, Rhodes Scholarship 151, 152
152, 185 Richard Briance (Rothschild) 188
Priests of Baal (Kohen) 195 Richard Cohen 200
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Richard Dawkins 164
183 Richard "Dick" Blumenthal 151
Prince Charles 32 Richard "Dick" Price 138, 146, 174
Prince Hernhard (Nazi) 125 Richard Gardner, CFR 83
Prince Philip 125 Richard G. Darman 155
Professor Harold Laski 16 Richard LeFrak 193
Professor Laurence H. Shoup 30 Richard Nixon 184
Professor Nathan Abrams 115 Richard Perle (AEI) 182
Professor Tansill 44 Richard Roberts 194
Professor William Minter 30 Rick Bazio 169
Proofs of a Conspiracy Against All The Rick Warren 127
Religions and Governments 200 R.J. Rummel (Democide) 29
psychoanalysis 6 Robert Bernard Reich 151, 152
Psychological Guidance Centers Robert "Bob" Byrd 151
(PGCs) 88 Robert Gates, CIA Director 159
Psychological Values Research 145 Robert Greenblatt ("The Mobe") 191
Psychology of Dress, Edward Bernays Robert lger 189
46 Robert Ludlum 11
Psychology of Fashion, Edward Ber- Robert Mercer 194
nays 76 Robert Muller (UN) 204
Public Relations Council (PRC) 21 Roe-a-fella-Records 197
Rockefeller Family 159
Q Rockefeller Foundation 90
Queen Elizabeth 125 Rod J. Rosenstein 175
Roman Polanski 129, 186
R Romeo Vasquez Sanchez 105
Ronald Lieberman 193
Rabbi George Weishaupt 199 Ronald Reagan 168
Rabbi Morris Friedman 168 Ronald Reagan (actor) 147
Rachel Kushner 187 Ronald Weiser 190
racist 1 Rosa Luxembourg 45
222 Radoslaw Sikorski 186 Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle 36
Rose Croix (Rosicrucian) 37 Nixon) 159
Rosemary's Baby (1968) 130 Sharon Tate 129
Rothschild 83 Sheldon Adelson 192
Rothschild Family 20, 21, 98, 152 Sidwell Friends School 184
Rowan Gaither 19 Siegfried Engelmann's DISTAR 17
Royal Institute for International Affairs Sigmond Freud 1, 5, 8, 12, 76, 108, 178
95 Silberstein Family 198
Royal Institute of International Affairs Silver Banjo Barbecue XII
(RIIA) 152 Sinaloa Drug Cartel 103
Roy Cohn 95, 195 single bullet theory 11
Roy Marcus Cohn 168 Sir Charles Lyell, "Principles of Geol-
Rudolph Hess, Nazi Deputy Fuhrer 108 ogy" 4
Rupert Murdoch 197 Sir Isaac Wolfson 98
Russell Simmons 205 Sir John Major 158
Russian Czar 41 Skeffington Lutwidge 124
Skull and Bones 175
s Skull & Bones 15, 199
Sacred Geometry of the Flower of Life Slave-Triangle 119
82 Slavophilism 3
Safra Catz 192 Sobek (serpent god) 166
Saint Lucia 104 Social Justice Warriors 80
Saint Nicholas 104 Social Workers 88
Sally Kohn (CNN) 195 Southern Peru Copper Corporation 186
Samantha Geimer 130 Soviet Union 97
Samuel Fox 192 Stanford Research Institute 90
Samuel Nunberg 194 Stanford Research Institute (SRI) 145,
Samuel Untermyer 46 174
Sarah Silverman 116 Stanley G. Hall 199
Saudi Arabia 49 Star Trek 65
Saudi Prince, Alaweed bin Talal 197 status quo ante basis 40
Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal 161 Stephen Ambrose, Eisenhower's biog-
Saxony-Meiningen 109 rapher 96
Science Policy Research Unit in Eng- Stephen Miller 194
land 90 Stephen Wynn 195
Scottish inventor John Logie Baird XI Steve Cohen 195
Scrying Mirrors XIII Steve Feinberg 189
Secretary of State John Foster Dulles Steven Mnuchin (Skull & Bones) 175
99 Steven Roth 194
Senator John McCain 161 Steven Witkoff 195
Senator Smith Brookhart (1929) 36 Steve Wynn 153
Sergey Brin, Google 162 Stew Albert, Yippies 122
Serpent Cult of Dann 129 Stewart Brand 145
Service Not Self, Nazi Party 68 Stewart Rahr 194
Sex and the City 89 Stooky Bill XI
Shadow Government 99, 101, 108, 110,Strauss family 46
122, 148 Strength Through Joy,
Shafiq bin Laden 154 Nazi Party 68 223
Shanghai Communique (President Sullivan & Cromwell 99
Susan Rice, Assistant Secretary of State The Matarese Circle 11
for African affairs ( 1997) 150 The Middle American Information
synagogue of Satan 7 Bureau (MAIB) 99, 100
The Mind of Adolf Hitler, Kurt Lewin
T 36
The Naked Communist 57, 80
Taliban 159
The National Geospatial-Intelligence
Talmud 2
Agency (NGA) 183, 187
Tavistock Institute 90, 95, 97, 119
The National Mental Health Act
Ted Cruz 200
(NMHA) 87
Ted & Heidi Cruz 161
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Ted Turner 154
(NATO) 177
Temple of Baal 196
The number "6 million" 60
Texe Marrs, Conspiracy of the Six
Theosophical Society 127
Pointed Star 84
The Sexual Revolution 115
Thaksin Shinawatra 163
The Strategy of Desire, Ernest Dichter
The Alan Colmes Show (Fox News)
The American Tobacco Corporation The Tavistock Institute 103, 176, 178
(ATC) 23 The Treaty of Versailles (1919) 42
The Bilderberg Group 125 Thomas A. Corfman 198
The Carlyle Group 154 Thomas B. Sticht 18
The Center for Strategic and Intema- Thomas Edison 34, 78, 99
tional Studies (George Soros) Thomas Herny Huxley 125
159 Thomas Hicks Sr. 189
The Citadel, A.J. Cronin 87 Thomas Nast 104
The Clinton Chronicles 152 Tom Deweese 32
The Communist Manifesto 4 Tonkin Gulf Incident 136
1848. XIV ' Tony Robbins 153, 207
The Esalen Institute 138, 164 Torah Codes Messiah Prophecy 65
The Evolution of Communism 4 Torches of Freedom 23, 147
The George Washington Masonic Na- Toward a Soviet America, William
tional Memorial 81 Foster 19
The Goetia, Aleister Crowley 134 Travis Kalanick 193
The Great Depression (1929-1933) 33 Triple Entente 48
The Henry Ford Museum 190 Tubal-Cain 66
The Heritage Foundation 178 Turko-Finns 52
The Hidden Persuaders, Vance Packard
89 u
The History of the Russian Revolution UNESCO 140
(Trotsky) 3 Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs)
The Hudson Institute 178 122
The Human Potential Movement 140 United Fruit Company, Inc. (UFC) 98
The Immaculate Heart 141 United Jewish Appeal (UJA) 197
The Manifesto of World Federalism United Nations Educational, Scien-
Globalization, Political tific and Cultural Organization
224 Globalization, Balanced (UNESCO) 125
Contribution Theory 203 U.S. Air Force Intelligence 91
U.S. Office of Naval Research 90 Will Menninger 88
USSR 19 Wolfgang Haenel 69
Usury 56 Wolf Salomon Sclmapper l 09
Women's Liberation Movement 23
v World's Fair (1939) 74
world wide web [666] XII
Values and Lifestyles (VALs) 146
Vance Packard, The Hidden Persuad- World Wildlife Fund (WWF) 125
ers 89 WWI 21,40,43,47,48,59, 70, 76,87,
109, 147, 148, 151
Vanessa Trump 194
Vicente Fox, Mexico President 161 WWII 48,59, 76, 109, 118, 120, 147,
148, 191
Vice President Al Gore 185
Vice President Joe Biden 184
Vietnam War 136
Vincent Harris 189
Vladamir Lenin 48 xenophobic
Vladimir llyich Ulyanov 48 Xi Jinping, Communist China's Presi-
Vulcan sun deity 65 dent 162

w y
Walden Research 178 Yacob Nimrodi 197
Walid Shoebat 160 Yael Kushner (Ivanka Trump) 169
Walt Disney XII,XIIl, 121, 127, 189 Yippies 122, 144, 191
Walter Lippmann 29, 30 Yoel Chaim (Jared Kushner) 170
Warburg banking family 120 Yoga's Kundalini Mantra 205
Warburg family 180 Yogi Mahesh 206
Warburg Family 43 Yoko Ono 132
Warren Buffet 199 Young Leaders of the Americas Initia-
Warren Commission 114 tive Town Hall 3
Warren Report 11 Yoweri Museveni 150
Wayne Dyer 207
W. Bowman Cutter 120 z
Weather Underground 118, 191 Zapata Petrolewn Midland 114
Werner Hans Erhard 143, 144, 150 Zbigiew Brzezinski 32
Wharton School 91
Zbigniew Brzezinski 159, 183, 187
Wilbur • ki 183
'lh Ross 188. .. zb·igruew
· p e1czyns
Wi em 1 Maxlffi11ian Wundt 5, 14, 175, Zyklon B 120, 173
Wilhelm Reich 122, 138, 192
Wilhelm Reich, Psychoanalyst 115
Wilhelm Wundt 16, 108, 126, 178
William Colby (CIA Director) 137
William E. Kennard 157
William Foster 19
William Morris Endeavor (WME) 97,
William Randolph Hearst 25, 26, 147
William Spady 18 225
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