The Sandy Hook Trial in Cultural Marxist Perspective, article by Stephen Francis

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24. Steve Francis / The Sandy Hook Trial in Cultural Marxist Perspective

I write in support of James Fetzer in light of the ‘absurd’, as he describes it, $450,000 award to the plaintiff in the Sandy Hook defamation legal proceedings. It seriously reminds us once again that our justice system can be used as a weapon against citizens who challenge the status quo. It also includes information about a recent protest action I held at the University of Illinois where its consideration is affected by Jim’s case.

There is an insidious hidden hand in Jim's court proceedings. That status quo, the Deep State, NWO, whatever you want to call it, since at least the 1930s, has been shaped by a myriad of forces, but none as sinister and hidden as Cultural Marxism (CM). The most familiar form of CM is Political Correctness (the silencing of dissent, speech), but once the full spectrum of CM is considered, then gun control, police state tactics, loss of civil liberties, and outright Leftist revolution become apparent. America is in the grips of a soft Jewish-led Communist revolution and a vast swath of our society is basically unaware of this. Sandy Hook is part of that revolution. For that matter, the Russiagate and Trump's impeachment hoaxes definitely could be included. Even COVID-19 (CV) may be also. Jim's predicament with Sandy Hook is just the result of a constant stream of gun control psyops beginning with Columbine (or before) and his great effort to expose the falsehoods in this hoax event.

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Jim's high academic stature makes him a prime target. His defeat, as an example to the rest of society, is of great importance. They brazenly toss out standard court rules and procedures in the quest for power. Academics have a powerful effect on government policy through NGO's and think tanks. Any dissent from highly credible sources such as Jim is immediately countered and is a priority for MSM derision. But their flaws in the case are substantial.

Nowhere, in our society has CM become so entrenched as in academia. It was the first institution to be infiltrated in America in the 1930s by the predominantly Frankfurt School Jewish intellectuals of Nazi Germany. It was the Rockefellers and the American Jewish Committee that sponsored their escape to America as Hitler expelled them from Germany for seditious communist activities. First, the ideology infiltrated Columbia University, now the entire education system in America is affected. The Obama administration and Bush (neocon/Zionists) contributed greatly to the modern continuation of this takeover.


The word 'Jews'

A clarification is required concerning the controversial use of the term 'Jews'. It must be stated that the consideration of the Holocaust Hoax allows the use of the negative and monolithic (collective accusation) interpretation of that word, no matter what political or religious flavor. Obviously, the Jewish world is politically and religiously diverse, but 99.9% of Jews believe (outwardly?), witting or not, that the official Holocaust narrative is accurate and supports any action that benefits them monetarily or otherwise. This is the proverbial glue (and supremacist chosenness) that binds all Jews into one form. It is also used, importantly, to disingenuously define and exploit their propagandized 'victimhood' persecution classification in the context of CM. It's a criminal extortion syndicate ($90+ billion from Germany alone) that impacts all other Jewish / Israeli schemes including Sabbatean Frankism (SF) and CM. Jewish success in this agenda has emboldened them, to say the least.

The vast majority of major university soft science departments have come to be dominated by these Leftist Jews and their phyllo-Semitic comrades. CM is consistent with Marxism in that it targets the destruction of the traditional family unit, religion, any form of patriotic nationalism. Instead of economic or violent means of revolution, it is soft, slow and gradual by design. Critical Theory is the structural backbone of the agenda mandating the destruction and rebuilding of Western culture under Jewish megalomaniacal control.

It is all cloaked in fundamental changes to the soft science curriculum in these universities. Courses such as Black, Asian, Queer, and American (formerly History) Studies have emerged. Their ultimate aim is to target White Christian nationalists as bigots and racists in order that they be deliberately 'canceled'. It is a cynical, hypocritical and predicable tactic, in that the horrific treatment of the Palestinians by racist bigoted Jews in Israel is mainstream government policy. Nearly 25% of their population's basic civil rights have been denied. The recent 'Jewish nation-state laws' passed in Israel exemplify this. Jim Fetzer has been at the forefront in leading the charge by the Alt-Right in America to expose this situation, Sandy Hook and so much more. That is why he is being targeted. Court cases such as Jim's are part of this CM chipping-away process. The question now is how careless did they become in denying Jim's trial rights.

It spills over into the general society in many forms including the promotion of mass immigration policies designed to deracinate White Christian nationalist culture.

Gun control is a high priority of the Democrat Party for all the obvious reasons. Prior to the mass murder of tens of millions of Christian Russians in the Jewish Bolshevik revolution was the confiscation of all their weapons. In Sandy Hook, assault weapons are the prime targets of gun-grabbers, again for all the obvious reasons.

In CM, one's identity no longer is based on an individual's beliefs, characteristics or accomplishments, but rather whether they are or not they are affiliated to Leftist ideologies. This is all cloaked in academic jargon, but of great importance to Jews. Mass control of beliefs is ultimately the most effective and cheapest way to control populations. It is an attempt to combat antiSemitism.

But, is it possible that antiSemitism is just a cost of their doing business as usual? Feigned outrage? I believe this juggernaut of academic power and influence is a factor in Jim's case as well as an issue for me in reference to my protest actions at the University of Illinois over the last few years. More on this later.

In Jim's court case, there appears to be plenty of grounds for an appeal even to a person with very limited legal expertise. It is very possible that the plaintiff’s legal team was unconcerned with gross violations of fairness practices, knowing that a complicit legal system would protect their every move. Russiagate operatives (Brennan, Clapper, Clinton.. et al still walk the streets of our two-tiered justice system in America. Maybe that's what CV is about? Fomenting chaos has always been a tactic in exacting cultural and economic changes. Recent dramatic changes to the Federal Reserve reflect this tactic. Blackrock, the largest Jewish-run asset manager in the world now has a significant role in the Federal Reserve's policies and actions. They have been appointed as managers of the Fed's bond buyout and credit availability programs (a very big development). What was Trump's role in this? Was it snuck in under the radar? Yes.

The real story behind Charlottesville is completely buried and is stuffed with CMist connotations. It was utterly a CM originated tactic to allow the free reign of Antifa, while blaming 'White nationalists' for the chaos. It was an effort to connect conservative (Christians) to NeoNazis. AntiSemitism was an underlying theme. On the surface, Sandy Hook is a gun control psyop, but at the deepest levels of politics and power (as in Charlottesville), it is about revolution. They can't allow Jim to win?

In Kevin Barrett’s article entitled 'The Legal Lynching of a TruthSeeker', valuable insight and analysis of the missteps of the trial are presented as follows:

As I understand it, at no point during the two phases of the trial was Jim Fetzer ever allowed to present to a jury the evidence that led him to believe that Sandy Hook was an Operation Gladio style psy-op (which those who have read Daniel Ganser’s NATO’s Secret Armies know is entirely plausible) and that there was no actual school shooting … How could he present a truth defense without showing the evidence that led him to believe his allegedly libelous statements were in fact truthful?

And, according to the 7th Amendment of the Constitution: IN SUITS AT COMMON LAW, WHERE THE VALUE IN CONTROVERSY SHALL EXCEED TWENTY DOLLARS, THE RIGHT OF TRIAL BY JURY SHALL BE PRESERVED…Jim Fetzer was never given the right of trial by jury to determine whether he had or had not committed libel. Instead, an obviously biased judge presided over that crucial first phase of the case, denying Jim’s Constitutionally-guaranteed right to a trial by jury. The same judge prevented Jim from presenting his truth defense, which would have entailed giving Jim full scope to present the evidence that led him to believe his statements were truthful and therefore not libelous.

And with just a cursory search on the subject of defamation lawsuits and burden of proof, the following guidelines were found on Google:

In order to win a defamation case, a plaintiff must prove three elements to the court. Prove that the defendant made a defamatory statement about the plaintiff. A defamatory statement is one that damages a plaintiff’s reputation for good character. … Prove that the defendant knew that the defamatory statement was false.

It’s inconceivable that any judicial body could find that James Fetzer believed that his research and conclusions were false without resorting to some sort of duplicitous motive and actions. It just doesn’t make sense. Jim has spent years gathering and analyzing mountains of evidence that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Sandy Hook was a staged gun-grab psyop. His work on Sandy Hook is completely consistent with an incredibly large body of work that is directly relevant to a myriad of related topics. En masse, they reflect a genuine search for the truth based on scientifically derived evidence gathered by a renowned intellectual. This verdict is a pure and simple political hit. Jim is only guilty of being a nationally recognized figure ripe for being exploited as an example to attempt to silence dissent in the US.

It is well known that defamation lawsuits are exceedingly difficult to be successful. The figure is around 13% according to one study. The burden of proof has a high bar unless corruption and deceit in the legal system are involved, which is exactly the case here.

After reading about the case, I immediately cruised my own website ( for content that may be susceptible to similar legal threats. I reluctantly deleted a couple of pages where the threat of legal action outweighed the value of the information, not without thinking that this is a common response happening all over the webosphere for those familiar with this case.


The University of Illinois Protest and how it relates to the Fetzer case.

In the fall of 2019, I engaged in a Holocaust Hoax/9/11 Truth protest (actually for the last five years) action on the quad at the University of Illinois that may also come under the umbrella of this threat as per Kevin Barrett’s thoughts, namely that any action that ‘hurts the feelings’ of a person may be able to be exploited as a libel or slander lawsuit. Here’s Barrett’s paragraph:

"One of the most dangerous repercussions of Pozner-vs.-Fetzer is its potential chilling effect on free speech. The decision awarded nearly half a million dollars in “damages” based on the premise that a book presenting an alternative interpretation of a historical event hurt someone’s feelings. There was no tangible connection between the “libelous” statements in the book and any actual damages—loss of income, medical bills, etc. It was all about emotions: “This tearjerking Hollywood-style courtroom spectacle has whipped us into tearful sympathy with Pozner and two minutes of hate for Fetzer. Let’s express our emotions with a damage award.”

uiuc, protest, stephen francis, holocaust, quadFrom Times of Israel article

My protest was spread over two days, on the 18th anniversary of 9/11 involved the display of posters that read “Holocaust Hoax” and “Israel (Zionists in small print) Nuked the WTC on 9/11” respectively. The posters could be read from hundreds of feet away and this occurred when thousands of students were switching classes.

At first glance, this may seem like just some whacky guy out there acting crazy, but a little more scrutiny reveals that it had some important connotations. First, It occurred in a so-called 'free speech' zone. The 'quad' on university campuses is such a zone, nowhere else on those campuses is anyone free to 'protest'. The concept of a 'free speech zone" in itself is an abomination of the First Amendment. That description is in itself disingenuous. These zones were originally created, according to Wikipedia as "First Amendment zones, free speech cages, and protest zones". This phenomenon was created by Cultural Marxists to suppress free speech. The Frankfurt School Communist intellectuals who inspired this were all Jewish. It has been said that gun control is about control, not guns. Free speech zones are in exactly the same category. My protest on campus engaged these principles.

All major gun control laws passed since 1968 were sponsord by Jewish legislators, including: 1968 (Celler), 1968 (Metzenbaum), 1990 (Kohl), 1994 (Metzenbaum), 1994 (Schumer, Feinstein), 1995 (Feinstein, Lautenberg, Specter), 1996 (Lautenberg), 1997 (Feinstein), 1999 (Boxer, Kohl), 1999 (Lautenberg), 2000 (Feinstein, Schumer), 2001 ( Feinstein, Schumer, Boxer), 2003 ( Feinstein, Schumer, Boxer), 2005 (Feinstein, Lautenberg).

The First and Second Amendments to our Constitution are and have been under attack as long as CMists have been in America.


The Issues

My first thought after reading about the Fetzer damage award was can the whacky consternation of the Jewish students who cry ‘anti-Semitism’ at the protest be turned into a lawsuit. The answer is probably not because the campus police have a duty to protect such activities — but the thought definitely crossed my mind and possibly the people from Hillel who were also present on the quad…with their ice cream stand … in response to my presence. That's right, they could do no more than create an icecream stand in opposition to the protest. A group of Jewish students would change that.

Another important point about this action on the quad was that it was not anonymous. Usually, any protest having to do with the Holocaust, the activist is never known. Just swastikas or desecrated tombstones (well, if not faked).

My protest is minuscule in comparison to the international impact of Sandy Hook and Jim's trial, but it did make a small mention in the Times of Israel. The UIUC police were involved in the incident and took actions to stop the protest when a group of about a dozen angry Jewish students surrounded me. At that moment the police stepped in because the students (and not me) were perceived as likely to become violent. The police were somewhat fair but went out of their way to make it appear that I was the cause of the disturbance which was actually opposite the case. The final outcome of Jim's case will immediately appear in the New York Times, well probably not, when he is successful.



I would like this quad protest idea to become an event duplicated across the country, but there is a rather severe obstacle that actually has an analog with SH and Jim's case. Just as Leftists academics dominate major universities, Democrats (university support populations) dominate the campus towns nearby universities. It absolutely appears that political affiliation is tied to employment...gee surprise here. These campus towns have disproportionate numbers of Jews and the pool of opposition to the Leftism is too small. Even what opposition exists is Leftist. In the case of the down-state campus of the University of Illinois, it is a bastion of Democrats surrounded by conservative agricultural/industrial bases that are at least 20-30 miles away. The local conservatives are far who might want to join in are outnumbered and 'quiet'.

The manner in which it relates to SH and Jim is at least two-fold. First, Newtown, Connecticut is now and for the foreseeable future defined by the Sandy Hook Hoax. Tens of millions of (bribery?) dollars from the federal government has thoroughly transformed that city into an occupied camp. Just as Washington D.C. is a Leftist cesspool where Democrats can literally get away with murder (Clintons), so is Newtown. Justice is not available. Second, could this type of bias be the case for James Fetzer? Is this what he is facing or has faced in all the legal proceedings up to this point. I believe that is the case, but we have to believe that justice is out there somewhere or life is no longer as precious as we think.

james fetzer, cultural marxism, sandy hook, trial, hoax

Cultural Marxism

As aforementioned, CM is the most insidious and hidden political form in our culture. Its most obvious face now is the domination of the airwaves by the MSM, the ever-tightening web of mass-surveillance and communication devices that spew out personal data to government and corporate computer systems under the control of Leftist Jewish or Crypto Jewish overlords and operatives. In Adorno's 'Authoritarian Personality', one of the most defining books on CM, it's main take-away message conveys the belief that anyone who disagrees or works against the CM agenda is mentally ill. They claim this with no evidence as if none is needed for it to be true. Just a proclamation is sufficient. And logic is also counterproductive in the world of CM. With this we now we enter the world of Jewish supremacism, the ultimate and deepest rationale for Jewish thought. There are many strains, including the concept that the Jewish people collectively are their own god, or that the state is Israel itself is a 'god' to be worshiped. What they accomplish could be of divine nature. What we are entering is a new phase in the battle.



It is far beyond the scope of this piece to delve very deeply into Jewish supremacism and the future but important points must be mentioned. There is a whole new concept facing humanity that is directly related to CM and Jewish supremacism. It's called transhumanism (H+). It's the enhancement of human beings with fantastical technologies that have the potential to create the next evolutionary being beyond what is thought of as 'human', thus the term 'transhuman'. Jews are at the forefront of this effort. Hundreds of $millions are being invested in about 200 specifically named fields in this endeavor. It includes everything from robotics to nanotechnology and its application in the construction of brain-computer interfaces that operate at the molecular level.

In brief, there is a direct transhumanist connection to CV. Genetics is a critical component of H+ in that the altering of DNA is necessary for new forms of life to be created. It is a highly complex field that requires the best minds and $billions in investments of which Israel is no stranger. Israel's Institute of Biological Research creates harmful and beneficial new forms of virus-related technologies. The knowledge gained could easily cross over into the H+ world. Again, this is all suppressed by the MSM and the elite. The US gives Israel $3.8 billion per year that possibly finances our own demise.

In the context of CM, which ultimately aspires to put Jews in charge of the world, transhumanist technological changes are the method for this most radical of revolutions. It is brazenly claimed that those who master this concept will become 'gods' in that secular scientists will create new forms of life. This is completely consistent with Jewish supremacism, in that they are the 'Chosen People'. CM is just a step in the process. It is the 'necessary' step in removing obstacles (White Christian male nationalists) to their quest. They may be making products and technologies that we may not even be able to detect because of our humanness.

Of course, none of this is depicted in this manner in the MSM, only flowery and benevolent sounding passages are spread to the goy masses. At our peril, we chose not to be fully informed of all their developments.

So, back to 2020. The Russiagate and Impeachment hoaxes (Jew coups) failed, but is the coronavirus 'plandemic' their next move? I think yes. It looks like they are willing to sacrifice the lives or livelihood of hundreds of millions of people in the pursuit of political power. There just isn't any smoking gun at this point (but lots of smoke), so more research is needed. Every day now, MSM lies about the coronavirus are being exposed, Just recently it was revealed that nearly 80% of the people supposedly dying of CV had pre-existing conditions and that most patients were of advanced age.

We are possibly under a constant attack from an enemy that adjusts to current conditions in order to keep the CV hoax running? It was first spread in wet markets in Wuhan. Could the same techniques be used anywhere? We will just have to find out. Israel and the US have a long sordid history of bioterrorism. See NewsFollowUp, JamesFetzer and many other outlets on the latest developments. The ongoing Communist revolutionists will not give up.

CM's roots are in Fabianism or the slow, gradual strangling of individuality. It was the product of the dominating Jewish upper class of Britain in the late 19th century. It called for a cultural attempt at adopting economic Marxist principles. It was the precursor to Socialism and Communism. It's centralized state control. It requires the destruction of the family, the church and civil rights with a false promise of a utopian dream come true. It calls for open borders and globalism. Again, what is suppressed is that it's also about combating anti-Semitism which is a huge clue to its origins.

It is no accident that Socialism has crept into American politics. The Democrat's free giveaways are classic communist (carrot stick) ploys that actually still work as exemplified in the success of Bernie Sanders and AOC's abilities to sway the Democratic Party's platform. The surprise election of Donald Trump precipitated this occurrence. His election forced their hand. Deposing Trump is there highest priority. Trump is an obstacle to Jewish power that must be removed by any means, including a global pandemic?

Communism (as is CM) is a Jewish construct. At least one hundred million people were murdered by starvation and disease by Communists in the 20th Century mostly because they refused or couldn't comply with Communist rules. Gun control and the suppression of free speech were absolutely enforced by Jewish communists. CM may have a softer execution, but its aims are the same, that being revolutionary change and the removal of obstacles. As a high-profile obstacle to their plans, Jims' case has profound implications for our future.

In closing, I found this comment on the internet and would like to pass it along:

"This is a spell, so ugly, it can only be neutralized by the power the People of this nation invest into the First and Second Amendments. These Amendments are lifesaving, nation saving tools and Law to stand up against a criminal regime which has infiltrated our government infrastructure and is now working to achieve destabilization, destruction, and finally a total take-over of the United States of America. It is an invasion of an enemy and a real reason for American individuals to embrace the First and Second Amendment and use them for what as they were intended - as weapons to protect this nation against our enemies foreign and domestic."

Hopefully, Jim Fetzer’s legal team will be able to take the obvious and corrupt actions of the Deep State to a fair resolution with the appeals process. The duplicitous and careless tactics of the plaintiff’s lawyers and Judge Remington hopefully will prove to be their undoing.

Steve Francis


Stephen was born in California in 1950. Due to a rough childhood, he volunteered for the draft in 1969 at the height of the Vietnam War. Fortunately, he met certain people in California who turned his direction to antiwar activism while in the military at Fort Hood, Killeen, Texas. He was an active antiwar demonstrator and went AWOL upon receiving orders to go to Vietnam. He lived in barracks with drug-addicted zombie returnees from Vietnam that were not even human beings anymore. Very tragic and educational. He turned himself in the first time where he was jailed for nearly six months for disobeying direct orders at the gates of Ft Ord California on Veteran's Day 1969. He eventually fled to Canada. Upon return to the US, he resumed a normal life, had a family and earned a BA in Sociology at the University of Illinois in 1987. He then worked in IT and accounting software consulting for the next 15 years. He was also a nightclub musician, playing the electric fiddle and keyboards. He played on numerous artists' recordings in Nashville and was hired to tour Europe with a country band. He also toured across America in a Harley Davidson sponsored event for the 9/11 First Responders in 2002. He is now retired and a full-time gardener, bitcoin investor, and political activist. He is the founder of It was created in 2003 upon studying the causes of 9/11. It became apparent that there were striking similarities to the beginnings of the Vietnam War and 9/11 in terms of the machinations of the elite. As his research progressed it became obvious that a certain group Jews were and remain at the center of all major nefarious world events including the Holocaust Hoax, JFK assassination, and 9/11. That belief continues to this day. Jim Fetzer has been a strong influence on his activism.



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