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  • Government Accountability Office  Congressional investigative agency, oversight.
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  • Kohn, Kohn & Colapinto Nationally recognized as the premier U.S. Whistleblower protection law firm
  • Spc Joe Darby tipped off investigators to Iraqi prison abuse
  • Sgt. Greg Ford, Iraq prison abuse whistleblower
  • Time names whistleblowers Persons of the Year, Coleen Rowley, Cynthia Cooper, Sherron Watkins
  • U.S. Office of Special Council safeguard the merit system by protecting federal employees and applicants from prohibited practices, especially reprisal from whistleblowing
  • McCarthy,  exposed secret CIA prisons
  • Adam Kokesh, Iraq Veterans Against the War - served seven months as a Sergeant on a Marine Corps Civil Affairs team in the Fallujah area. He will expose the lies that led the country to war and blow the whistle on the Petreus congressional testimony. Adam can be reached at: adam@ivaw.org
  • RT In an interview broadcast on Current TV’s “Viewpoint” program on Monday, former NSA Technical Director William Binney commented on the government’s policy of blanket surveillance, alongside colleagues Thomas Drake and Kirk Wiebe, the agency's respective former Senior Official and Senior Analyst. The interview comes on the heels of a series of speeches given by Binney, who has quickly become better known for his whistleblowing than his work with the NSA. In their latest appearance this week, though, the three former staffers suggested that America’s spy program is much more dangerous than it seems. In an interview with “Viewpoint” host Eliot Spitzer, Drake said there was a “key decision made shortly after 9/11, which began to rapidly turn the United States of America into the equivalent of a foreign nation for dragnet blanket electronic surveillance.”
  • WMR is pleased to offer a new public service for former members of the US military, federal law enforcement, and intelligence community who refused to "cook the intelligence books," engage in extra-constitutional and illegal activities, and brought to light fraudulent and other illegal activity by the military-intelligence-industrial complex. WMR offers a resume service for individuals who are now seeking employment and offering their specialized training to potential employers.
  • Wayne Madsen Report Another Bush-appointed judge, Jeffrey White, orders Wikileaks.org taken down, Whistleblower site still available at wilileaks.cx and wikileaks.be (Christmas Island and Belgium, respectively).
  • MSNBC GUANTANAMO BAY, Cuba - The Defense Department's former chief prosecutor for terrorism cases appeared Monday at the controversial U.S. detention facility here to argue on behalf of a terrorism suspect that the military justice system has been corrupted by politics and inappropriate influence from senior Pentagon officials. Sitting just feet from the courtroom table where he had once planned to make cases against military detainees, Air Force Col. Morris Davis instead took the witness stand to declare under oath that he felt undue pressure to hurry cases along so that the Bush administration could claim before political elections that the system was working.  His testimony in a small, windowless room -- as a witness for Salim Ahmed Hamdan, an alleged driver for Osama bin Laden -- offered a harsh insider's critique of how senior political officials have allegedly influenced the system created to try suspected terrorists outside existing military and civilian courts"   see NFU page research
  • Chron WASHINGTON — KBR employees working in Iraq stole weapons, artwork and even gold to make spurs for cowboy boots, two former company workers told Senate Democrats on Monday.  Appearing before a Democrats-only panel looking into allegations of contracting abuses in Iraq, the witnesses accused their former co-workers of widespread improper activity ...  Senate Democratic Policy Committee Monday that some of her American colleagues doing construction work in Iraqi palaces and municipal buildings took woodcarvings, tapestries and crystal "and even melted down gold to make spurs for cowboy boots."  
  • Envirnomental News Service  BAY ST. LOUIS, Miss. — Becky Gillette was an unpaid volunteer with the Sierra Club's Mississippi Chapter when she first heard about colleagues waking up in their federally issued trailers with nosebleeds, hacking coughs and headaches. The Federal Emergency Management Agency had distributed thousands of the aluminum trailers to Gulf Coast residents displaced by the 2005 hurricanes. Gillette heard of babies getting sick and pets, including a co-worker's parakeet, dying in the trailers over several weeks from late 2005 through early 2006.  Drawing on her experience as an activist and journalist, Gillette suspected formaldehyde, a colorless gas used in manufacturing. A colleague had Googled the phrase "testing for formaldehyde" and found a company in Boca Raton, Fla., that would supply test kits and analyze the results. She ordered 32 of the $35 kits and tested trailers along the Gulf Coast. The results were stunning: 30 of the 32 trailers registered unsafe levels of formaldehyde.  "We were shocked," Gillette, 52, says. "We knew then we had a major problem."  The tests were the beginning of a two-year odyssey for Gillette that would propel her through dozens of toxic trailers and the halls of Congress to shed light on a controversial fallout from the 2005 storms: dangerously high levels of formaldehyde in FEMA-issued trailers. A regional weekly newspaper dubbed her "the Erin Brockovich of Formaldehyde," after the consumer advocate who inspired a movie starring Julia Roberts. USA Today
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  • NASA Inspector General Robert W. Cobb ..."served as an "observer" to the Columbia Accident Investigation Board, which examined the February 1, 2003, loss of the Space Shuttle Columbia and its crew.."
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  • Scoop.co.nz: Two top Bush administration officials who played an active role in the leak of covert CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson, have been removing from their jobs, career State Department weapons experts who have spoken to investigators during the past two years about the officials role in the leak, according to a half-dozen State Department officials. 
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  • Dr. Alan Sabrosky Wikipedia ... has openly accused Israel of orchestrating the attacks of September 11th, 2001.  Alan Sabrosky (Ph.D., [[University of Michigan], 1976])[citation needed], is a ten-year US Marine Corps veteran and a 1986 graduate of the U. S. Army War College. He is also a writer and consultant specializing in national and international security affairs. In December 1988, he received the Superior Civilian Service Award after more than five years of service at the U.S. Army War College as Director of Studies, Strategic Studies Institute, and holder of the General of the Army Douglas MacArthur Chair of Research. Dr. Sabrosky's teaching and research appointments have included the United States Military Academy, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Middlebury College and Catholic University; while in government service, he held concurrent adjunct professorships at Georgetown University and the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). Dr. Sabrosky has lectured widely on defense and foreign affairs in the United States and abroad.   ...   A representative quote by Dr. Sabrosky is as follows - "What we need to stand up and say is not only did Israel attack the USS Liberty, they did 9/11. They did it. I have had long conversations over the past two weeks with contacts at the Army War College, at it's headquarters, Marine Corps and I made it absolutely clear in both cases that it is 100 percent certain that 9/11 was a Mossad operation. Period." In a later interview he stated: "Americans must understand that they did it. And if they do, Israel is gonna disappear. Israel will flat ass disappear from the face of this earth."[citation needed] Sabrosky has not brought any new evidence (and does not consider that any more is necessary or likely to be forthcoming, other than a possible confession from one of the 9-11 organizers), but rather lent his credentials, both of being part Jewish himself, and of being a Professor and former Vietnam Marine veteran, to the critics of the official US government position on 9-11, and its justification for its wars. He has also provided a comprehensive conceptual framework for evaluating 9-11 in “Demystifying 9-11: Israel and the Tactics of Mistake
  • Susan Landauer A 9/11 Truth activist, CIA asset, and whistleblower with extensive experience in the immoral sanctions and illegal invasion of Iraq ... Wikipedia  Lindauer is the daughter of John Howard Lindauer II, the newspaper publisher and former Republican nominee for Governor of Alaska. Her mother was Jackie Lindauer (1932–1992) who died of cancer in 1992. In 1995 her father married Dorothy Oremus, a Chicago attorney who along with other members of her family owned the largest cement company in the Midwest. Lindauer is also a second cousin of former White House Chief of Staff, Andrew Card.  ...  She graduated from Smith College in 1985. She earned a masters degree in public policy from the London School of Economics. She worked as a temporary reporter at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer for 13 weeks in 1987, and as an editorial writer at the The Everett Herald in Everett, Washington in 1989. She then was a reporter and researcher at U.S. News & World Report in 1990 and 1991. She then worked for Representative Peter DeFazio, D-Oregon (1993) and then Representative Ron Wyden, D-Oregon (1994) before joining the office of Senator Carol Moseley Braun, D-Illinois, where she worked as a press secretary and speech writer.  On January 8, 2003, she delivered a letter to Andrew Card. In her letter, she urged Card to intercede with President George W. Bush to not invade Iraq, and offered to act as a back channel in negotiations. Andrew Card is her second cousin. Her first politically-related contact with former Chief of Staff was around 2001. Lindauer was arrested on March 11, 2004 in Takoma Park, Maryland and charged with "acting as an unregistered agent of a foreign government". The indictment alleged that she accepted US$10,000 from the Iraqi Intelligence Service in 2002. Lindauer denies receiving the money, but confirms taking a trip to Baghdad, claiming it was on behalf of her work as a U.S. asset. She was released on bond on March 13, 2004, to attend an arraignment the following week.  (She was falsely accused of being mentally unstable, but has a mass of records proving otherwise  see video she is focused and articulate)  OpEdNews
  • Sibel Edmonds JustaCitizen in her new memoir, Sibel Edmonds�the most classified woman in U.S. history takes us on a surreal journey that begins with the secretive FBI and down the dark halls of a feckless Congress to a stonewalling judiciary and finally, to the national security whistleblowers movement she spearheaded. Having lived under Middle East dictatorships, Edmonds knows firsthand what can happen when government is allowed to operate in secret. Hers is a sobering perspective that combines painful experience with a rallying cry for the public's right to know and to hold the lawbreakers accountable. With U.S. citizens increasingly stripped of their rights in a calibrated media blackout, Edmonds story is a wake-up call for all Americans who, willingly or unwillingly, traded liberty for illusive security in the wake of 9/11.
  • Charlie Sheen video  and DailyMail.uk Charlie Sheen has provoked outrage with claims that the U.S. government was behind the September 11 terror attacks. Ahead of today's eighth anniversary of the atrocities that killed 3,000, the Hollywood star has insisted there was a cover-up. And he has appealed to President Barack Obama to hold a new investigation into the attacks on the World Trade Centre towers in New York and the Pentagon in Washington DC. Enlarge Actor Charlie Sheen, shown here with ex-wife Denise Richards in 2005, has demanded Barack Obama open a new investigation into 9/11 Sheen, the highest-paid actor on U.S. TV, argues that 'the official 9/11 story is a fraud' and says the commission set up to investigate was a whitewash. He claims the attacks simply served 'as the pretext for the systematic dismantling of our Constitution and Bill of Rights'.
  • Frank Greg Ford -  was a member of the team that discovered the canisters at the Balad airbase and he has stated a British team arrived to take possession of the evidence and later destroyed it. Ford has filed a law suit against the United States government for the retaliation he experienced for his team's discovery.
  • Greg Palast Wikipedia (born June 26, 1952) is a New York Times-bestselling author and a freelance journalist for the British Broadcasting Corporation as well as the British newspaper The Observer. His work frequently focuses on corporate malfeasance but has also been known to work with labor unions and consumer advocacy groups. Notably, he has claimed to have uncovered evidence that Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris, and Florida Elections Unit Chief Clay Roberts, along with the ChoicePoint corporation, rigged the ballots during the US Presidential Election of 2000 and again in 2004 when, he argued, the problems and machinations from 2000 continued, and that challenger John Kerry actually would have won if not for disproportional "spoilage" of Democratic votes.  9/11 Video
  • Jesse Ventura Wikipedia (born July 15, 1951), better known as Jesse Ventura, is an American politician, actor, author, veteran, and former professional wrestler who served as the 38th Governor of Minnesota from 1999 to 2003. Ventura served as a Navy UDT member during the Vietnam War. He later embarked on an 11-year professional wrestling career from 1975 to 1986, taking up the stage name Jesse "The Body" Ventura. Ventura first entered politics as Mayor of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota from 1991 to 1995. He ran as the Reform Party candidate in the Minnesota gubernatorial election of 1998, .... The campaign was successful, and Ventura served from January 4, 1999, to January 6, 2003, without running for a second term. After leaving office, Ventura became a visiting fellow at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government. He has also hosted a number of TV shows and has written several political books. Ventura currently lives in both Dellwood, Minnesota and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.   ...    Ventura became critical of the War in Iraq, arguing that Iraq had no involvement in the 9/11 attacks.   ...   In April and May 2008, Jesse Ventura, in several radio interviews for his new book, Don't Start the Revolution Without Me, began to express concerns about what he described as some of the unanswered questions of the September 11 attacks. His remarks about the possibility that the World Trade Center was demolished with explosives were also repeated in newspaper and television stories following some of the interviews. Ventura was interviewed on the Alex Jones radio show on April 2, 2008 where he said that he felt that many unanswered questions remain, and he believes that World Trade Center Building 7, which was not struck by a plane, collapsed on the afternoon of 9/11 in a manner which resembled a controlled demolition Ventura stated: How could this building just implode into its own footprint five hours later? That's my first question.  The 9/11 Commission didn't even devote one page to that in their big volume of investigation.   ...  Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura Main article: Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura In August 2009, it was announced that Ventura would host TruTV's new show Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura. "Ventura will hunt down answers, plunging viewers into a world of secret meetings, midnight surveillance, shifty characters and dark forces," truTV said in a statement. On the program, which debuted on December 2, 2009, Ventura travels the country, investigating cases and getting input from believers and skeptics before passing judgment on a theory's validity. According to TruTV, the first episode drew 1.6 million viewers, a record for a new series on the network. The second season of the series debuted in October 2010 and aired 8 episodes through December 2010.A third season is in the process of being made and will air sometime in 2012.
  • Michael Springman OpEdNews  How A Visa Bureau Chief In Saudi Arabia Learned To Love Denying Visas To Terrorists  ...  With an employment history of over twenty years with the federal government,1 Springman joined the State Department in 1986 and was assigned to the American Consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 1987.2 His position was chief of the visa bureau section there.3 Before leaving for Jeddah, Springman was contacted by the American ambassador in Saudi Arabia, Walter Cutler, who passed on to Springman rather ominous forewarnings (or friendly advice not to rock the boat) concerning his new position. Cutler, Springman says, "kept talking about visa problems. And how I should do my best to make sure that everything ran smoothly".4 This conversation with Cutler would prove to be the initiation of a fourteen year odyssey for Springman that culminated on September 11, 2001.    ...   So here we have an interesting scenario of young, out of work, Muslim men with no visible skills traveling from other Muslim countries to Saudi Arabia in order to obtain a visa for entry into America rather than obtaining that visa in their native country? Very curious, to say the least. Then came September 11, 2001.   ...   Several weeks after the 9/11 attacks it was reported in the press that of the nineteen hijackers who commandeered aircraft on the morning of September 11, 2001, fifteen had obtained their visas at the American Consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.12 Springman was surprised to read this. He had thought that the CIA operation in Jeddah had been closed down long before the 9/11 attacks, considering he, "had complained to the diplomatic security in Washington"had complained to the General Accounting Office"had complained to the State Department Inspector General's office, and"had complained to the Bureau of Consular Affairs at the State Department."13 It would seem that Langley takes little notice of storm warnings emanating from Foggy Bottom.  more
  • BBC -- The BBC blew the whistle on it own involvement in 9/11 YouTube   BBC Reports Collapse of WTC Building 7 Early-- TWICE   The BBC reported that a number of the 9 11 'hijackers' were still alive after 9 11. (BBC NEWS Middle East Hijack 'suspects' alive and well)
  • NewsWeek  Aangirfan  Newsweek revealed that five of the alleged 9/11 hijackers received training at secure US military bases. (MSNBC) "Terrorists in the September 11 attacks received training at secure US military bases, a Defense Department spokesman admitted in an interview Friday." Three days after the WTC disaster, Newsweek and the Washington Post reported that 3 of the hijackers had listed their address as the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Florida.
  • Steve Pieczenik 9/11 attacks were a Bush inside job    ....   Steve Pieczenik is a critically acclaimed author of psycho-political thrillers and the co-creator of the best-selling Tom Clancy's Op-Center and Tom Clancy's Net Force paperback series.    Trained in psychiatry at Harvard University and international relations at M.I.T., his novels are based on over twenty years experience resolving international crises and hostage situations for the Department of State for four administrations.   StevePieczenik.com  and ... Recruited by Lawrence Eagleburger as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Management, Pieczenik went on to develop, "the basic tenets for psychological warfare, counter terrorism, strategy and tactics for transcultural negotiations for the US State Department, military and intelligence communities and other agencies of the US Government,” while also developing foundational strategies for hostage rescue that were later employed around the world.    ...   Pieczenik also served as a senior policy planner under Secretaries Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance, George Schultz and James Baker and worked on George W. Bush’s election campaign against Al Gore.
  • Tony Shaffer Wikipedia (born 1962) is a U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel who gained fame for his claims about mishandled intelligence before the September 11 attacks and for the censoring of his book, Operation Dark Heart. Shaffer enlisted in the Ohio Army National Guard in 1980 and graduated from Officer Candidate School in 1982. He received his B.A. in political science and environmental studies from Wright State University in 1986   ...  Shaffer has alleged that the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) failed to properly evaluate intelligence on 9/11 hijacker Mohamed Atta. Shaffer's allegations subsequently became known as the Able Danger controversy. In October 2003, according to his later statement to Congress, Shaffer told the 9/11 Commission staff director, Dr. Philip D. Zelikow, that in 2000 a DIA data-mining program known as Able Danger had uncovered two of the three terrorist cells eventually implicated in the September 11 attacks. Shaffer reportedly told Zelikow that DIA leadership declined to share this information with the FBI because military lawyers expressed concerns about the legality of doing so. Shaffer also asserted that he briefed Director of Central Intelligence George Tenet on three separate occasions regarding his unit's activities. The 9/11 Commission Report did not mention Shaffer's allegations, but in 2005 and 2006 the Chairman of the House Select Intelligence Committee, Rep. Curt Weldon, publicized Shaffer's allegations in public statements and hearings.
  • Paul Craig Roberts (born April 3, 1939) is an American economist and a columnist for Creators Syndicate. He served as an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration earning fame as a co-founder of Reaganomics. He is a former editor and columnist for the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and Scripps Howard News Service who has testified before congressional committees on 30 occasions on issues of economic policy. Roberts is a critic of Israel, calling Gaza "the world's largest concentration camp" populated by people who were "driven out of Palestine so that Israel could steal their land." Roberts has been a critic of both Democratic and Republican administrations. Although Roberts praised Ronald Reagan, he has compared supporters of George W. Bush to "brownshirts with the same low intelligence and morals as Hitler's enthusiastic supporters." He has opposed the War on Drugs and the War on Terror stating it has "made widows and orphans of millions of Muslims"  ...  Of the 9/11 Commission Report he wrote in 2006, "One would think that if the report could stand analysis, there would not be a taboo against calling attention to the inadequacy of its explanations." (see Criticisms of the 9/11 Commission Report). He has reported what he says are findings by experts that conclude there is a large energy deficit in the official account of the collapse of the three WTC buildings, and says that this deficit remains unexplained. Roberts comments on the "scientific impossibility" of the official explanation for the events on 9/11 and says those engineers and physicists who accept this theory are wrong. On August 18, 2006, he wrote: I will begin by stating what we know to be a solid incontrovertible scientific fact. We know that it is strictly impossible for any building, much less steel columned buildings, to “pancake” at free fall speed. Therefore, it is a non-controversial fact that the official explanation of the collapse of the WTC buildings is false... Since the damning incontrovertible fact has not been investigated, speculation and “conspiracy theories” have filled the void..
  • Wayne Madsen Wikipedia (born April 25, 1954) is a Washington, D.C.-based investigative journalist, author and columnist specializing in intelligence and international affairs. He is the author of the blog Wayne Madsen Report.  In early 1982 he was stationed at the Coos Head Naval Facility which had an allowance of twelve officers, ninety-five enlisted and 15 civilians. According to Madsen, while Operations Officer at Coos Head he was involved in a sting operation conducted by the FBI and Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) which ultimately ended in the arrest of his commanding officer for pedophilia on 11 September 1982 and he was awarded a Navy Achievement Medal for his involvement and assistance in the investigation.  In 1984, Madsen was loaned to the National Security Agency by the Navy.  Between 1985 and 1989 Madsen held a series of jobs, first working for RCA as a government consultant on contracts for the National Security Agency (NSA). Later he worked for the Navy's Naval Data Automation Command as a civilian employee. After this Madsen briefly established his own consulting firm, then worked for the National Bureau of Standards, and later for the State Department. In 1990 Madsen joined Computer Sciences Corporation, working there from 1990 until 1997,[16] when he joined the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) as a senior fellow. In late January 2005 Madsen left EPIC.  In 2005 Madsen began working as a free-lance journalist. He produces a blog called the Wayne Madsen Report. His articles have appeared in publications such as CorpWatch, CounterPunch, CovertAction Quarterly, In These Times, Multinational Monitor, The American Conservative, The Progressive and The Village Voice. His columns have appeared in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Columbus Dispatch, Houston Chronicle, Philadelphia Inquirer, Miami Herald and the Sacramento Bee. He is a regular on WETA-TVs "White House Chronicle".
  • Danny Jowenko  911BloggerDutch demolition expert Danny Jowenko was killed a car accident in the Netherlands. He was reportedly driving from church when he collided head-on with a tree. There was also a dog in the car who survived. Jowenko is best known in the 9/11 truth community for his analysis of Building 7, which he concluded was a professionally-engineered controlled demolition.  911Blogger
  • Colleen Rowley Coleen Rowley  From the time she was eleven years old, Coleen was determined that she would one day become an FBI agent. In January of 1981, she was appointed a Special Agent with the FBI and initially served in the Omaha, Nebraska and Jackson, Mississippi Divisions In 1984, she was assigned to the New York Office where, for more than 6 years, she worked on Italian organized crime and Sicilian heroin drug investigations. She had the opportunity to further her language proficiency in Italian at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California. She also served three separate temporary duty assignments in the Paris, France Embassy and the Montreal Consulate.  ...   In 1990, Coleen was transferred to Minneapolis where she assumed the duties of Principal Legal Advisor (which later became "Chief Division Counsel"). Her responsibilities entailed oversight of the Freedom of Information, Forfeiture, Victim-Witness and Community Outreach Programs as well as providing regular legal and ethics training to FBI Agents of the Division and some outside police training.    ...    In May of 2002, Coleen brought some of the pre 9/11 lapses in the investigation of Zacarias Moussaoui to light. The 9/11 Commission subsequently described Moussaoui as an “Al Qaeda mistake and missed opportunity,” the investigation of whom may have led to the center of the Al Qaeda plot if it had been pursued in a timely and effective manner.    ...   In June of 2002, Coleen testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee about some of the endemic problems faced by the FBI and the intelligence community.
  • Kurt Sonnenberg  Ground Zero video of thermite-cut beams  
  • Paul Fetzer  Veterans Today  I am the founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, a former Marine Corps officer, a magna cum laude graduate of Princeton and a Ph.D. in the history and the philosophy of science. I have done a great deal of research on the assassination of JFK as well as on 9/11, where I edited the first book from Scholars, THE 9/11 CONSPIRACY (2007), organized and moderated its first conference, “The Science and Politics of 9/11: What’s Controversial, What’s Not”, and produced its first DVD. ... created "The Science and Politics of 9/11" DVD I have participated in hundreds of interviews about 9/11 on radio and television, including a 3.5 hour appearance on television in Athens in December 2006, which was broadcast worldwide by satellite, speaking in New York in 2007 and in 2008, traveling to Buenos Aires for 9/11 presentations in 2008 and 2009, and organizing a London symposium on “Debunking the ‘War on Terror’” in London in 2010.
  • Lee Hamilton Wikipedia  (born April 20, 1931) is a former member of the United States House of Representatives and currently a member of the U.S. Homeland Security Advisory Council. A member of the Democratic Party, Hamilton represented the 9th congressional district of Indiana from 1965 to 1999. Following his departure from Congress he has served on a number of governmental advisory boards, most notably as the vice chairman of the 9/11 Commission.   ...   He was critical of the commission, saying it was "set up to fail" .... On Saturday, August 11, 2012, Hamilton's wife, 82-year-old Nancy Hamilton, died after being run over by her own car, when she arrived at a veterinary clinic where she was taking one of her pets. She had not left the car in park when she got out and walked behind the car to go around to the other side and let her pet out, and it rolled backward and struck her, running her over, causing blunt force trauma  ... suspicious?
  • aagrifan










 WMR: NSA, DOJ, and courts conspire to cover-up NSA fraud, waste, abuse, and criminal conspiracy at trial   ....March 22-23, 2011 -- SPECIAL REPORT.
In the trial of former National Security Agency (NSA) executive Thomas Drake, federal prosecutors have convinced an agreeable federal judge, Richard D. Bennett, to place under court seal previously-released trial documents because they have been deemed "For Official Use Only" or FOUO. Drake is accused of leaking classified materials to the media and is only the fourth person in U.S. history to be charged with violating the 1917 Espionage Act.

FOUO is not a national security classification and it never has been one, although there were attempts by the Reagan, George H W Bush, and George W. Bush administrations to create a "restricted" or "sensitive but unclassified" (SBU) national security classification immediately below the current lowest national security classification, which is Confidential. Expansion of national security classification categories beyond the current three -- Top Secret, Secret, and Confidential, in addition to Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) special access categories -- but these have been unsuccessful. George W. Bush's creation of a Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) category was rescinded by Executive Order 13556 on November 4, 2010.

Although President Obama rescinded Bush's CUI presidential memorandum, federal prosecutors are trying to argue that CUI continues to exist as a national security classification under the guise of FOUO. The argument demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of the classification scheme used by NSA. However, in past trials, notable that of NSA analyst Kenneth Ford, Jr., jailed after a political show trial waged by DOJ neocons in league with a "shopped" federal judge. In the Ford case, the NSA wanted to cover up the cooking of signals intelligence from Iraq in order to justify the attack on and occupation of Iraq

However, NSA and Justice Department prosecutors are continuing to insist that FOUO is a security classification in the trial of Drake, however, NSA and DOJ decided to go after Drake because the documents he stands accused of passing to The Baltimore Sunpoints to massive misuse of taxpayer's money and contract fraud under the NSA directorships of retired General Michael Hayden and current director General Keith Alexander. Alexander is also the commander of the U.S. Cyber Command. The fraud committed by Hayden, Alexander, and senior NSA officials amounted to hundreds of millions of dollars in wasteful expenditures. In some cases, the waste on certain contractor-supplied intelligence systems were life threatening, as far as troops on the ground were concerned. The fraudulent contract expenditures were part of NSA's massive TRAILBLAZER and GROUNDBREAKER outsourced modernization and restructuring programs.

On March 18, in response to a request from federal prosecutors, Bennett sealed two documents that were previously available on the court's own website. The documents sealed describe the classified contents of several documents seized at Drake's home, however, the documents appear to be unclassified working papers that the government, after the fact, is trying to argue are classified at the levels of Secret and Top Secret.

Drake's federal public defenders have argued in one of the sealed documents that the government's argument that the documents found in Drake's home in flawed due to the fact that the documents could not be construed as classified at Secret or Top Secret merely because they contain the words "FOUO" and "COMINT." COMINT is communications intelligence and by itself does not mean that the document is classified at "Handle Via COMINT Channels Only," a special handling caveat for SCI special access categories. In fact, the National Cryptologic Museum, which is adjacent to NSA headquarters and open to the public, freely uses "COMINT" in its displays. In addition, the commercial International Spy Museum in downtown Washington, DC has held public seminars on issues dealing with, among other tradecraft, "COMINT."

From the sealed DOJ letter arguing that the documents found in Drake's home are classified, it is clear that NSA, which has played fast and loose with the truth in previous trials and administrative actions against its whistleblowing employees, has tried to re-classify previous unclassified "working papers" as being Secret and Top Secret to bolster its case against Drake.

WMR has previously obtained NSA contractor documents that were deemed by the contractor and NSA, itself, as unclassified and the Drake documents appear to fall within the same category. The unclassified documents that were re-classified as Top Secret and Secret have titles such as "Trial and Testing," "Collections Sites," "Volume is Our Friend," "What a Success," "Regular Meetings," "Shoestring Budget," "BAG," "Buy vs. Make," "TT Notes," "Terrorism Threat," "Note Card 1", "Note Card 2," and more intriguing, "9/11 Commission." WMR previously reported that NSA's security directorate, the "Q Group," has engaged in massive surveillance of employees and journalists, including this editor, to plug any leaks on NSA information on the 9/11 attacks. Bennett, in his ruling on March 18, agreed to NSA's and lead federal prosecutor William Welch II's request that previously unclassified court filings be placed under seal.

While NSA and DOJ seek to convict Drake for having unclassified For Official use Only documents in which the terms "FOUO" and "COMINT" appear, WMR has obtained a similar Unclassified For Official Use Only (FOUO) document written by Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), one of the major contractors for the fraud-ridden GROUNDBREAKER program. In the document, from which WMR is providing excerpts, there are clearly many more NSA-unique systems and terms described.

Cover terms for classified NSA systems such as HIGHCASTLE, LOOKINGGLASS, MILENIUM, FAST TRACK, ROTUNDPIPER, and BRASSCOIN are listed, along with "SIGINT" or "Signals Intelligence," an NSA mission term comparable to the "COMINT" acronym found in the working papers confiscated from Drake's home.

The CSC document, maintained by CSC contractors and sub-contractors in their cars, briefcases, and homes, were never indicted by the Justice Department on grounds they violated national security. On the other hand, many at NSA feel that companies like CSC, SAIC, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, and others, should have been indicted for the massive contract fraud carried out under the watches of Hayden and Alexander.

In post-9/11 America, the whistleblowers to fraud, waste, and abuse stand accused of being criminals while the criminals rake in billions of dollars in taxpayers' money and are lauded as critical components of the "intelligence team."

NSA's GROUNDBREAKER and TRAILBLAZER contractors were eager to compile as many NSA systems and sub-systems as possible to cash in on the billions of dollars they could make from the NSA outsourcing work. The database that contained all the NSA systems, projects, and components ripe for outsourcing work was code-named JACKPOT. For CSC, SAIC, and certain NSA officials who spun through the revolving door after retirement and landed high-paying jobs with the contractors, it certainly was a JACKPOT and one that NSA, Q Group, the FBI, Department of Justice, and the White House earnestly want to cover-up in the trial of Thomas Drake.

During Drake's trial, which begins next month in Baltimore, FBI agents are expected to use code words to describe different aspects of the case. One code-word that will most definitely not be heard is JACKPOT, the database of NSA contracts in which contractors and NSA retirees enriched themselves -- criminality that is only met with chirping crickets from the so-called "crime fighting" Department of Justice and FBI.



For Immediate Release
Monday, October 28, 2002

Grassley Seeks Overhaul of FBI's Translation Unit
Iowa Senator Cites High Stakes in War on Terrorism

WASHINGTON - Sen. Chuck Grassley has asked the FBI Director to conduct a top-to-bottom review and to arrange an independent examination of the FBI's translation capabilities given the importance of accurate and timely translations to homeland security and the war on terrorism.

Grassley made his request following a story broadcast last night on CBS' 60 Minutes featuring the testimony of Sibel Edmonds, an FBI whistleblower who lost her job as a translator after raising questions about problems within the translation unit at FBI headquarters in Washington.

Grassley is the ranking member of the Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime and Drugs. He is an outspoken watchdog of the FBI, where he has pushed for numerous reforms since 1996. Here is a copy of Grassley's letter to Mueller.

October 28, 2002

The Honorable Robert Mueller
Federal Bureau of Investigation
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20535

Dear Director Mueller:

I am writing to you about my concern with the Federal Bureau of Investigation's translation capabilities.

I believe it would be prudent for you to arrange for an independent audit and general review of the FBI's translation units, particularly at the Washington Field Office.

A review team with members from the National Security Agency, Central Intelligence Agency, State Department and military branches should conduct a top-to-bottom examination of the FBI's translation units for performance issues such as timeliness, efficiency, accuracy and management.

I make this request for several reasons.

First, the FBI's translation capabilities are crucial to the war on terrorism, particularly preventing attacks. Translations provide essential intelligence to agents investigating suspected terrorists.

Second, numerous reports have documented problems with the FBI's translation capabilities. These reports, by organizations such as the General Accounting Office and the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, highlight shortages in qualified and proficient translators.

Third, I am not entirely confident in information that FBI officials have provided to the Judiciary Committee to the effect that translation issues are no longer a problem. At a June 17, 2002 briefing regarding the case of Sibel Edmonds, FBI officials stated that the bureau was nearly finished with translating existing documents. Am I to believe that the FBI has translated all existing foreign language documents and conducted analysis of the information?

I am also concerned about how long it takes to translate documents and recordings. The FBI in most cases does not know what it's listening to and thus cannot prioritize the translation. So if agents have a recording of terrorists planning an impending attack, the translation may come too late.

I understand that Ms. Edmonds' case remains under investigation by the Justice Department Inspector General. Regardless of that specific case, however, it is clear not only from her information but from other government agencies that the FBI's translation capabilities need improvement.

Translation capabilities depend on more than just sheer numbers. Operating rules, guidelines and protocols for translation practices and accuracy are just as important, if not more so, for the FBI to conduct a successful war on terrorism and to protect the nation from future attacks.

I would appreciate a reply with a statement of your intentions to this regard by Monday, November 25, 2002. Thank you.


Chuck Grassley
Ranking Member
Subcommittee on Crime and Drugs

Here is the complete transcript of the CBS 60 Minutes story from Sunday evening, Oct. 27, 2002:

Copyright 2002 Burrelle's Information Services

CBS News Transcripts
SHOW: 60 Minutes (7:00 PM ET) - CBS
October 27, 2002 Sunday
TYPE: Leads LENGTH: 384 words
HEADLINE: 60 Minutes


CO-HOSTS: Mike Wallace, Morley Safer, Ed Bradley, Steve Kroft, Lesley Stahl


(Footage of Sibel Edmonds sitting at desk; Edmonds walking with Ed Bradley; Senator Charles Grassley and Bradley)

ED BRADLEY: (Voiceover) She lost her job at the FBI when she charged that people she worked with were more interested in budget concerns than in capturing terrorists. Before telling us the details, she told them to, among others, Senator Charles Grassley, who sits on the Judiciary Committee that oversees the FBI.

Did she seem credible to you? Did her story seem credible? Senator CHARLES GRASSLEY (Republican, Iowa): Absolutely, she's credible. And the reason I feel she's very credible is because people within the FBI have corroborated a lot of her story.

(Footage of Edmonds)

BRADLEY: (Voiceover) And her story is our lead story tonight.

(Footage of Strom Thurmond; Alex Sanders)

LESLEY STAHL: (Voiceover) For the first time in half a century, Strom Thurmond, just six weeks shy of 100 years old, will no longer sit in the United States Senate, but one of the two men running to succeed him says don't bet on it.

Mr. ALEX SANDERS: I have to be very careful not to offend Strom Thurmond.

(Footage of Thurmond with woman)

Mr. SANDERS: (Voiceover) If I offended him, you know, six years from now he might run against me. Be careful about that.

(Footage of clock; people walking down the street; aerial view of houses; man playing tennis; Deitra Burrell)

MIKE WALLACE: (Voiceover) Years ago when blacks migrated north, they moved into the cities. But now four out of the five of the blacks migrating South are moving to the suburbs.

Ms. DEITRA BURRELL: My father used to always say, 'Stop asking for a piece of the pie. Make your own damn pie.' And this is us making our own pie.

(Footage of home; Burrell)

Ms. BURRELL: (Voiceover) We're no different from anybody else. We want nice homes. All of us have college degrees here. All of us have white-collar jobs.

Why should we have to settle for anything less?

WALLACE: I'm Mike Wallace.

MORLEY SAFER: I'm Morley Safer.

BRADLEY: I'm Ed Bradley.

STEVE KROFT: I'm Steve Kroft.

STAHL: I'm Lesley Stahl. Those stories and Andy Rooney, tonight on 60 MINUTES.


Copyright 2002 Burrelle's Information Services

CBS News Transcripts

SHOW: 60 Minutes (7:00 PM ET) - CBS

October 27, 2002 Sunday

TYPE: Profile

LENGTH: 2328 words

HEADLINE: Lost in translation; former FBI translator accuses bureau of intentionally not doing its work in translating documents





Lost in Translation is the story of hundreds, if not thousands, of foreign language documents that the FBI neglected to translate before and after September 11th because of problems in its language department, documents that detailed what the FBI heard on wiretaps and learned during interrogations of suspected terrorists. Sibel Edmonds, a translator who worked at the FBI's language division, says the documents weren't translated because the division is riddled with incompetence and corruption. Edmonds was fired after reporting her concerns to FBI officials. She recently told her story behind closed doors to investigators in Congress and to the Justice Department. Tonight she tells her story to us.

(Footage of Edmonds and Bradley; FBI agents carrying boxes out of house; Edmonds and Bradley)

BRADLEY: (Voiceover) Because she is fluent in Turkish and other Middle Eastern languages, Edmonds, a 32-year-old Turkish-American, was hired by the FBI soon after September 11th and given top-secret security clearance to translate some of the reams of documents seized by FBI agents who, for the past year, have been rounding up suspected terrorists across the United States and abroad. Ms. SIBEL EDMONDS: The first two months after the September 11 event, we--the agents out there in--in--in New York, LA, other field offices, they were working around the clock. And I would receive calls from these people saying, 'Would you please prioritize this and--and translate it?'

(Footage of Edmonds sitting at desk; Edmonds and Bradley)

BRADLEY: (Voiceover) But Edmonds says that to her amazement, from the day she started the job, she was told repeatedly by one of her supervisors that there was no urgency; that she should take longer to translate documents so that the department would appear overworked and understaffed. That way, it would receive a larger budget for the next year.

Ms. EDMONDS: We were told by our supervisors that this was the great opportunity for asking for increased budget and asking for more translators. And in order to do that, don't do the work and let the documents pile up so we can show it and say that we need more translators and expand the department.

BRADLEY: So you--you have FBI agents who are in the field relying on your translation work in order to move their cases forward, and your supervisor is saying, 'Slow down. Let the cases pile up'?

Ms. EDMONDS: Correct.

BRADLEY: I mean, how is it possible that the focus wasn't on terrorism, particularly after 9/11?

Ms. EDMONDS: It was not. At least in that department, it was not.

(Footage of Bradley and Edmonds)

BRADLEY: (Voiceover) Edmonds says that the supervisor, in an effort to slow her down, went so far as to erase completed translations from her FBI computer after she'd left work for the day.

Ms. EDMONDS: The next day, I would come to work, turn on my computer and the work would be gone. The translation would be gone. Then I had to start all over again and retranslate the same document. And I went to my supervisor and he said, 'Consider it a lesson and don't talk about it to anybody else and don't mention it.'

BRADLEY: What's the lesson?

Ms. EDMONDS: The lesson was don't work, don't do the translations. Go out and spend two hours lunch breaks, you know. Go and--don't go and get coffee downstairs. Go eight blocks away. Just chat with your friends. But don't do the work because--and this is our chance to increase the number of people here in this department.

(Footage of Edmonds sitting at desk; Grassley speaking at podium; Grassley and Bradley)

BRADLEY: (Voiceover) Sibel Edmonds put her concerns about the FBI's language department in writing to her immediate superiors and to a top official at the FBI. Edmonds says for months, she got no response. She then turned for help to the Justice Department's inspector general, which is investigating her claims, and to Senator Charles Grassley because his committee, the Judiciary Committee, has direct oversight of the FBI.

Did she seem credible to you? Did her story seem credible?

Senator CHARLES GRASSLEY (Republican, Iowa): Absolutely, she's credible. And the reason I feel she's very credible is because people within the FBI have corroborated a lot of her story.

(Footage of woman working at computer; Kevin Taskasen speaking with woman; prisoners at Guantanamo Bay; Taskasen; Edmonds and Bradley)

BRADLEY: (Voiceover) The FBI has conceded that some people in the language department are unable to adequately speak English or the language they're supposed to be translating. Kevin Taskasen was assigned to Guantanamo Bay in Cuba to translate interrogations of Turkish-speaking al-Qaida members who had been captured after September 11th. The FBI admits that he was not fully qualified to do the job.

Ms. EDMONDS: He neither passed the English nor the Turkish side of this language proficiency test.

BRADLEY: So that means if, for example, you had a--a terrorist detained at--at Guantanamo who had information about an attack being planned in the future against the United States, that person would not have been in a position to translate that?

Ms. EDMONDS: Correct. He wouldn't.

BRADLEY: I mean, that's hard to imagine.

Ms. EDMONDS: But that's the case.

(Footage of exterior of J. Edgar Hoover FBI Building; recovery effort at World Trade Center bombing in 1993; exterior of FBI Building; recovery effort at World Trade Center bombing in 2001; GAO documents on foreign languages; Grassley and Bradley)

BRADLEY: (Voiceover) Critical shortages of experienced Middle Eastern language translators have plagued the FBI and the rest of the US intelligence community for years. Months before the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993, one of the plotters of the attack was heard on tape having a discussion in Arabic that no one at the time knew was about how to make explosives, and he had a manual that no one at the time knew was about how to blow up buildings. None of it was translated until well after the bombing, and while the FBI has hired more translators since then, officials concede that problems in the language division have hampered the country's efforts to battle terrorism, and according to congressional investigators, may have played a role in the inability to prevent the September 11th attacks. Earlier this year, the General Accounting Office reported that the FBI had expressed concern over the thousands of hours of audiotapes and pages of written material that have not been reviewed or translated because of a lack of qualified linguists.

Sen. GRASSLEY: If--If they got word today that within--in a little while, the Hoover Dam was going to be blown up, and it takes a week or two to get it translated, as was one of the problems in this department, you know, you couldn't intervene to prevent that from happening.

BRADLEY: So you think that this place does need an overhaul essentially?

Sen. GRASSLEY: It needs to be turned upside down.

(Footage of exterior of FBI Building; FBI agent; foreign flags; Bradley)

BRADLEY: (Voiceover) In its rush to hire more foreign language translators after September 11th, the FBI admits it has had difficulty performing background checks to detect translators who may have loyalties to other governments, which could pose a threat to US national security.

Take the case of Jan Dickerson, a Turkish translator who worked with Sibel Edmonds. The FBI has admitted that when Dickerson was hired last November, the bureau didn't know that she had worked for a Turkish organization being investigated by the FBI's own counterintelligence unit, and they didn't know...

(Footage of Turkish Embassy; Edmonds and Bradley)

BRADLEY: (Voiceover) ...she'd had a relationship with a Turkish intelligence officer stationed in Washington who was the target of that investigation. According to Sibel Edmonds, Jan Dickerson tried to recruit her into that organization, and insisted that Dickerson be the only one to translate the FBI's wiretaps of that Turkish official.

What was her reaction when you didn't go along with--with her plan?

Ms. EDMONDS: She got very angry, and later she threatened me and my family's life.

BRADLEY: Threatened you?

Ms. EDMONDS: Correct.

BRADLEY: Did--did you take her threat seriously?

Ms. EDMONDS: Oh, yes. She said, 'Why would you want to place your life and your family's life in danger by translating these tapes?'

(Footage of Edmonds working at desk; State Department building; aerial view of the Pentagon; Edmonds and Bradley)

BRADLEY: (Voiceover) Edmonds says that when she reviewed Dickerson's translations of those tapes, she found that Dickerson had left out information crucial to the FBI's investigation; information that Edmonds says would have revealed that the Turkish intelligence officer had spies working for him inside the US State Department and at the Pentagon.

Ms. EDMONDS: We came across at least 17, 18 translations, communications that were extremely important for--for the ongoing investigations of these indivi--individuals.

BRADLEY: And she had not translated these--these--this information?

Ms. EDMONDS: No, she had marked it as 'not important to be translated.'

BRADLEY: Specifically, what kind of information did she leave out of her translation?

Ms. EDMONDS: Activities to obtain the United States military and intelligence secrets.

(Edmonds working; Edmonds and Bradley)

BRADLEY: (Voiceover) Edmonds says she complained repeatedly to her bosses about what she'd found on the wiretaps and about Jan Dickerson's conduct, but that nobody at the FBI wanted to hear about it. She says not even the assistant special agent in charge.

Ms. EDMONDS: He said, 'Do you realize what you are saying here in your allegations? Are you telling me that our security people are not doing their jobs? Is that what you're telling me? If you insist on this investigation, I'll make sure in no time it will turn around and become an investigation about you.' These were his exact words.

(Footage of FBI letter to Edmonds; Bradley)

BRADLEY: (Voiceover) Sibel Edmonds was fired this past March. The FBI offered no explanation, saying in the letter only that her contract was terminated completely for the government's convenience.

But three months later, the FBI conceded that on at least two occasions, Jan Dickerson had, in fact, left out significant information from her translations. They say it was due to a lack of experience and was not malicious.

(Footage of exterior of home; Chicago Tribune article; Grassley and Bradley)

BRADLEY: (Voiceover) Dickerson recently quit the FBI and now lives in Belgium. She declined to be interviewed, but two months ago, she told the Chicago Tribune that the allegations against her are preposterous and ludicrous. Senator Charles Grassley says he's disturbed by what the Dickerson incident says about internal security at the FBI.

Sen. GRASSLEY: You shouldn't have somebody in your organization that's compromising our national security by not doing the job right, whether it's a lack of skills or whether it's intentional.

BRADLEY: Based on your experience, does the Sibel Edmonds case fall into any pattern of behavior, pattern of conduct on--on the part of the FBI?

Sen. GRASSLEY: The usual pattern. Let me tell you, first of all, the embarrassing information comes out, the FBI reaction is to sweep it under the rug, and then eventually they shoot the messenger.

(Footage of John Roberts leaving building; Roberts and Bradley)

BRADLEY: (Voiceover) Special agent John Roberts, a chief of the FBI's Internal Affairs Department, agrees. And while he is not permitted to discuss the Sibel Edmonds case, for the last 10 years, he has been investigating misconduct by FBI employees and says he is outraged by how little is ever done about it.

Mr. JOHN ROBERTS: I don't know of another person in the FBI who has done the internal investigations that I have and has seen what I have and that knows what has occurred and what has been glossed over and what has, frankly, just disappeared, just vaporized, and no one disciplined for it.

(Footage of Robert Mueller speaking at podium; Roberts; Edmonds working; Roberts and Bradley)

BRADLEY: (Voiceover) Despite a pledge from FBI director Robert Mueller to overhaul the culture of the FBI in light of 9/11, and encourage bureau employees to come forward to report wrongdoing, Roberts says that in the rare instances when employees are disciplined, it's usually low-level employees like Sibel Edmonds who get punished and not their bosses.

Mr. ROBERTS: I think the double standard of discipline will continue no matter who comes in, no matter who tries to change. You--you have a certain--certain group that--that will continue to protect itself. That's just how it is.

BRADLEY: No matter what happens?

Mr. ROBERTS: I would say no matter what happens.

BRADLEY: Have you found cases since 9/11 where people were involved in misconduct and were not, let alone reprimanded, but were even promoted?

Mr. ROBERTS: Oh, yes. Absolutely.

BRADLEY: That's astonishing.


BRADLEY: Because you--you would think that after 9/11, that's a big slap on the face. 'Hello! This is a wake-up call here.'

Mr. ROBERTS: Depends on who you are. If you're in the senior executive level, it may not hurt you. You will be promoted.

BRADLEY: In fact, the supervisor who Sibel Edmonds says told her to slow down her translations was recently promoted. Edmonds has filed a whistle-blower suit to get her job back, but last week, US Attorney General Ashcroft asked the court to dismiss it on grounds it would compromise national security. And also on the grounds of national security, the FBI declined to discuss the specifics of her charges, but it says it takes all such charges seriously and investigates them.


LOAD-DATE: October 28, 2002



Legal / Illinois    top      more
Retired California National Guard Sergeant Frank Greg Ford was a member of the team that discovered the canisters at the Balad airbase and he has stated a British team arrived to take possession of the evidence and later destroyed it. Ford has filed a law suit against the United States government for the retaliation he experienced for his team's discovery.
WMR: A declaration filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California alleges that a U.S. military intelligence team in Iraq in 2003 discovered nerve gas canisters supplied by companies affiliated with the Carlyle Group. Former President George H W Bush was a board member of the Carlyle Group and the nerve agents were supplied to Iraq during the Iran-Iraq War in the 1980s.

Retired California National Guard Sergeant Frank Greg Ford was a member of the team that discovered the canisters at the Balad airbase and he has stated a British team arrived to take possession of the evidence and later destroyed it. Ford has filed a law suit against the United States government for the retaliation he experienced for his team's discovery.

WMR: has previously reported on this case. Click here for .pdf file of court declaration.

Text of suit below:

1. Jeffries Goodwin, CASBN 099310 GOODWIN LAW CORPORATION 101 Parkshore Drive, Suite 100 Folsom, California 95630 Tel: (916) 932-2345 Fax: (916) 932-2346 Attorneys for Plaintiff IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA FRANK GREGORY FORD, Case No.: Plaintiff, DECLARATION OF FRANK GREGORY FORD vs. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA et. al. Defendants. I, FRANK GREGORY FORD, declare as follows: I have served in the United States Coast Guard, the United States Navy and the United States Army. In 2003 I was a credentialed as a counter intelligence non-commissioned officer assigned to Detachment 1, Company A, 223 Military Intelligence Battalion ofthe California National Guard, under the active duty command of the 205th Military Declaration -1 5 10 15 20 25 2 3 4 6 7 8 9 II 12 13 14 16 17 18 19 21 22 23 24 Goodwin Law Corp 101 Park.bore Drive Suite toO Folsom, CA 95630 (916) 93l-l345 Intelligence Brigade commanded by COL. Thomas Papas. I am also a qualified Navy Corpsman and Army Medic. In May of 2002 I was ordered to active duty and in January of 2003, after training I was ordered to Iraq as a counter-intelligence agent. In April of2003, while performing my duties, I personally observed weaponiS of mass destruction (WMD) to wit: ____--', in an Iraqi underground storage bunker, at Balad Air Force Base, with markings indicating that they were manufactured in the. United States ofAmerica. I promptly notified my higher command ofmy findings. For reasons that I do not understand, members ofthe armed forces of the United Kingdom, not the United States, were ordered to remove and destroy the weapons. In May of2003, while at Abu-Ghraib prison, I was asked to care for prisonets, which I did. I personally witnessed and treated many Iraqi prisoners that had been abused and/or tortured by United States personnel. On June 7, 2003, I reported to CPT. Artiga and LTC. Ryan, ofthe 20Sth MI Brigade, headquartered in Building IA of Abu-Ghraib prison that the torture was wrong, counterproductive and that my counterintelligence/interrogation team should be replaced. On June 17,2003 I filed formal charges for torture and abuse against my team an I demanded "Whistleblower" protection. Shortly thereafter, while in a combat zone, my M16 rifle was taken away from me. On June 21, 2003, I was flown out ofIraq, against my will, while strapped td a stretcher. When I arrived in Germany it was discovered that I did not have orders to transport me and that I was not listed as a passenger. I was accompanied in the airplane by CPT. Merle Madera to cover up my non-order status and to monitor my Declaration -2 5 10 15 20 25 2 3 4 6 7 8 9 11 12 13 14 16 17 18 19 21 22 23 24 Goodwin Law Corp 101 Parkshore Drive Suite 100 Folsom, CA 95630 (916) 932-2345 communications. She told me that "you have been kidnapped to shut you up because LTC. Ryan is terrified of what you have to say." From Germany I was sent to Texas were I was again evaluated and then to Fort Lewis, Washington were I was honorably separated from active duty. I strongly believe that I was relieved of my duties, kidnapped and sent home because I disclosed to my chain of command information that they did not want to know and that they were afraid that I would report the information to persons outside the chain of command, because they were not willing to act on the information I gave them inimy typed and registered intelligence reports OR-CUR) and FLASH-FLASH WARNO using the C.H.I.M.S. system. I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the state of California that the foregoing is true and correct. Executed this ~ffiayof February 2012 at Folsom, California.

RT US wants to jail whistleblower for revealing CIA's 'Prime Torturer'
Government wants to jail whistleblower for revealing CIA's 'Prime Torturer' Get short URL  email story to a friend print version Published: 19 October, 2012, 23:09 TAGS: CrimeHuman rightsTerrorismLaw,USACourt John Kiriakou (Image from Twitter/@JohnKiriakou) The former CIA analyst who went public with the US government’s torturing of suspected terrorists has suffered a major setback this week in his attempt to avoid imprisonment amid a federal witch-hunt targeting whistleblowers. John Kiriakou, the 48-year-old counter-terrorism expert once touted by the State Department for his role in capturing dozens of key al-Qaeda operatives, will now have to prove to prosecutors that he thought his admissions of the government’s top-secret water-boarding of prisoners posed no threat to national security. Kiriakou’s federal opponents believe the whistleblower exposed to journalists the identity of two other CIA agents, one of who led the controversial torture program that aimed to bring the accused as close to death as possible to coax confessions. Kiriakou has been the subject of an intense federal investigation following a 2007 televised interview with ABC News where he confirmed that the US government’s interrogation of alleged war criminals involved water-boarding, a drowning-simulation technique that was banned under President Barack Obama two years later. After he went public, Kiriakou was charged in January 2012 under the Espionage Act of 1917, among other crimes, for blowing the whistle on state secrets. Now amid pre-trial hearings being held outside of Washington, DC, US District Judge Leonie Brinkema has ordered that prosecutors will only have to prove that Kiriakou had “reason to believe ”leaking the truth behind the torture method could have caused harm. Defense attorneys for Kiriakou had hoped that the government would be tasked with having to show the former agent had intent to harm America when he went public to the press. Instead, now prosecutors will only need to prove that the former government employee was aware that his consequences had the potential to put the country in danger. The court charges that Kiriakou opened up about water-boarding to three US journalists, believed to be The Washington Post's Julie Tate, freelancer Matt Cole and the New York Times' Scott Shane, and was aware of the impact of his allegations. Prosecutors say Kiriakou revealed to the reporters the identities of two CIA staffers who personally led the torture and interrogation of an al-Qaeda operative captured overseas. Speaking on condition of anonymity, a former government official tells Firedoglake that the CIA was “totally ticked at Kiriakou for acknowledging the use of torture as state policy” and allegedly outing the identity of a covert CIA official“ responsible for ensuring the execution” of the water-boarding program. Kiriakou “outted” to the reporters the identities of the CIA’s “prime torturer” under its Bush-era interrogations, Firedoglake continues, “For that, the CIA is counting on the Justice Department to, at minimum, convict Kiriakou on the charge of leaking an agent’s identity to not only send a message to other agents but also to continue to protect one of their own.” One of those agents, according to a post published this week on Cryptocomb, is Thomas Donahue Fletcher, a Virginia resident in his 60s. All three journalists are expected to fight court-ordered subpoena to be sparred offering testimony. According to Judge Brinkema, Kiriakou was well aware that disclosing state secrets — even if he morally opposed them — was in violation of his contract with the federal government. “Kiriakou was a government employee trained in the classification system who could appreciate the significance of the information he allegedly disclosed,” Brinkema wrote on Tuesday from an Alexandria, Virginia courthouse.“Accordingly, there can be no question that Kiriakou was on clear notice of the illegality of his alleged communications.” Before being targeted by the government, Kiriakou was recognized multiple times by federal agencies including the State Department for his role in ramping-up America’s assault on al-Qaeda in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Kiriakou has been directly linked to assisting in the capture and interrogation of Abu Zubaydah, in turn exposing the US to Khalid Sheikh Mohamed, a Kuwait national who has admitted to orchestrating the 9/11 attacks “from A to Z.” Mohammed is currently imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and is expected to be tried next year before a military court. When Kiriakou went to ABC about the water-boarding of Zubaydah, he explained that the inmate was tortured for around half-a-minute. The next day, Kiriakou said, the prisoner “told his interrogator that Allah had visited him in his cell during the night and told him to cooperate.” A CIA memo unearthed in 2009 confirmed that Zubaydah had in fact been subjected to the interrogation technique at least 83 times in August 2002 before he offered information to US authorities. The administration of President Obama has charged six persons in less than four years with crimes under the Espionage Act, more than any other commander-in-chief before him combined. Kiriakou joins a roster of other alleged traitors that includes former National Security Administration employee Thomas Drake and accused WikiLeaks source Private First Class Bradley Manning. Dean Boyd, a spokesperson for the US Department of Justice, tells Bloomberg that the administration “does not target whistleblowers in leak cases or any other cases,” but that “An individual in authorized possession of classified information has no authority or right to unilaterally determine that it should be made public or otherwise disclose it.” If convicted, Kiriakou could spend upwards of 50 years in prison. "John Kiriakou will become the only CIA agent connected with torture to go to jail, and he's the one who refused to commit it and condemned it publicly,” fellow whistleblower Jesselyn Radack writes of the case.

WMR Obama's secret war on whistleblowers

February 25-26, 2013 --
While President Obama has used the arcane Espionage Act of 1917 to imprison or attempt to jail national security whistleblowers from the CIA, FBI, and National Security Agency, he has used a quieter approach in dealing with whistleblowers from civilian regulatory agencies and the industries they regulate. The industries include the airline, securities, nuclear power, and trucking industries.

On January 15, 2013, WMR reported on Obama's war against civilian whistleblowers in our exclusive report on the reason behind the sudden resignation of Labor Secretary Hilda Solis. We reported: "The Labor scandal is centered around the Labor Department's Administrative Review Board (ARB) and its Chair and Chief Judge Paul Igasaki, appointed by Solis in February, 2010 to the board. The ARB is empowered to 'issue final agency decisions for the Secretary of Labor in cases arising under a wide range of worker protection laws, primarily involving environmental, transportation, and securities whistleblower protection.'"

Igasaki, who has a questionable relationship with the powerful Washington DC law firm of Greenberg Traurig, where disgraced GOP super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff once hung his shingle, has shown an overwhelming bias toward parties represented by Greenberg Traurig and his decisions are almost always against whistleblower suits involving corporate defendants represented by the law firm. Igasaki was previously the deputy CEO of Equal Justice Works, a non-profit public interest organization. Greenberg Traurig is a sizable "Hall of Fame" donor to the non-profit.

WMR previously reported on how Igasaki displayed bias toward Greenberg Traurig- represented parties in aviation security and safety (AIR-21) cases and Wall Street securities fraud cases, known as SOX-504 cases, or Sarbanes-Oxley cases. 

Igasaki's conflict-of-interest with DC power law firm attracting more media attention

WMR has now learned that the same pattern of judicial favoritism toward Greenberg Traurig clients has been displayed by Igasaki in nuclear power industry whistleblower cases. In 25 cases brought before Igasaki's ARB under the Energy Reorganization Act, there were 9 dismissals and 11 remands to U.S. District Court. Of the 9 dismissals, six involved clients represented by Greenberg Traurig, including Xcel Energy, Florida Power & Light, Siemens Generation Service, Nextera Energy Resources, Westinghouse Savannah River Company, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

In every case where Greenberg posed a conflict-of-interest for Igasaki, there was a 100 percent certainty he would have the case dismissed. 

WMR has been informed that Igasaki's conflict-of-interest is just beginning to attract the interest of the corporate media now that the perception of misconduct has reached into the nuclear industry. Previously-established conflicts involving the aviation and securities industries went largely ignored. Investigators are also now beginning to look at how the Igasaki-Greenberg Traurig relationship has affected decisions involving the trucking industry, which is also under tje purview of the Labor Department's ARB.


January 14-15, 2013 --Solis resigned over Labor Department conflict of interest scandal

On January 9, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis issued the following statement to Labor Department employees:

"This afternoon, I submitted my resignation to President Obama. Growing up in a large Mexican-American family in La Puente, California, I never imagined that I would have the opportunity to serve in a president's Cabinet, let alone in the service of such an incredible leader."

Solis, a former congresswoman from California, resigned not because she thought President Obama should have the chance to appoint a new Labor Secretary in his second term but because of an internal Inspector General report that discovered a massive influence-peddling network within her department. 

The Labor scandal is centered around the Labor Department's Administrative Review Board (ARB) and its Chair and Chief Judge Paul Igasaki, appointed by Solis in February, 2010 to the board. The ARB is empowered to "issue final agency decisions for the Secretary of Labor in cases arising under a wide range of worker protection laws, primarily involving environmental, transportation, and securities whistleblower protection." Igasaki was previously the deputy CEO of Equal Justice Works, a non-profit public interest organization. Greenberg Traurig is a "Hall of Fame" donor to the non-profit.

But Equal Justice Works receives sizable donations from one of Washington's most powerful law firms, Greenberg Traurig, which once counted convicted GOP super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff among its ranks. Igasaki's current relationship with his old non-profit is unclear and some Labor sources believe he may only be on leave from the organization while serving in his four-year term as head of the ARB. Igasaki has heard a number of cases pitting Greenberg Traurig corporate clients against whistleblowers. In an overwhelming number of cases involving his one-time benefactor, Igasaki has not only failed to recuse himself but has found in favor of Greenberg Traurig clients in almost all of them.

Hilda Solis bids Washington and a major scandal farewell.

For example, in 30 aviation safety whistleblower cases, known as AIR-21 cases, brought before Igasaki's panel from March 26, 2010 to September 27, 2012, 12 were dismissed and 9 of those involved aviation companies represented by Greenberg Traurig. In all 9 conflicted cases, the Greenberg client won over the whistleblower plaintiff. In 8 of the 9 cases, Igasaki chaired the ARB hearing. The Labor Department ARB is empowered to hear aviation security whistleblower cases pursuant to the federal aviation safety statute.

The 9 AIR-21 whistleblower cases dismissed involved Greenberg clients United, Airborne Express (now ABX Air), Spirit, Netjets, Delta, Bell Helicopter, Northwest, United Parcel, and Atlas Air. When the Labor Department Inspector General realized the gravity of the ARB's conflict-of-interest in dismissing cases that could put the flying public in danger of death or severe injuries. One of the cases involved a drunk pilot.

Solis, who under the law is represented by the ARB, saw the writing on the wall and decided to resign as Secretary in a hasty 4 pm resignation that it was hoped the media would largely ignore. And ignore is what the media did, except for reporting on the praise for Solis's tenure at Labor, such as the following pabulum from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi:

"Secretary Hilda Solis has established an extraordinary record as an unflinching advocate for American workers, a dedicated leader for the equality of women in the workplace, a critical voice for Democrats in Congress, and a bold leader in President Obama’s administration."

Igasaki's pattern in ruling in favor of Greenberg clients was also evident in securities whistleblower cases, known as Sarbanes-Oxley 504 (SOX-504) cases, brought before the ARB. From February 16, 2010 to October 31, 2012, 57 SOX-504 cases were brought before the ARB. In 27 cases involving a Greenberg client, the case was dismissed. Igasaki personally sat in on 22 of the SOX-504 cases that were dismissed in favor of his friends at Greenberg Traurig.

In cases of fraud, the Inspector General, who is supposedly independent of the federal department or agency over which he or she has jurisdiction, is supposed to make criminal referrals to the Justice Department in cases of influence peddling and bribery. There is no indication that the Labor Department IG has made such a referral. On January 21, when President Obama is sworn in at the U.S. Capitol, his view to the right of the inaugural stand will include the Frances Perkins Labor Department building. He will likely look away if he has any idea of the scandals within that building that have placed the American flying public and Wall Street investors in jeopardy.


MyFoxLA  Christopher Jordan Dorner  Manifesto
From: Christopher Jordan Dorner /7648 To: America Subj: Last resort Regarding CF# 07-004281 I know most of you who personally know me are in disbelief to hear from media reports that I am suspected of committing such horrendous murders and have taken drastic and shocking actions in the last couple of days. You are saying to yourself that this is completely out of character of the man you knew who always wore a smile wherever he was seen. I know I will be vilified by the LAPD and the media. Unfortunately, this is a necessary evil that I do not enjoy but must partake and complete for substantial change to occur within the LAPD and reclaim my name. The department has not changed since the Rampart and Rodney King days. It has gotten worse. The consent decree should never have been lifted. The only thing that has evolved from the consent decree is those officers involved in the Rampart scandal and Rodney King incidents have since promoted to supervisor, commanders, and command staff, and executive positions. The question is, what would you do to clear your name? Name; A word or set of words by which a person, animal, place, or thing is known, addressed, or referred to. Name Synonyms; reputation, title, appellation, denomination, repute. A name is more than just a noun, verb, or adjective. It's your life, your legacy, your journey, sacrifices, and everything you've worked hard for every day of your life as and adolescent, young adult and adult. Don't let anybody tarnish it when you know you've live up to your own set of ethics and personal ethos. In 8/07 I reported an officer (Ofcr. ****/now a Sergeant), for kicking a suspect (excessive force) during a Use of Force while I was assigned as a patrol officer at LAPD's Harbor Division. While cuffing the suspect, (****), **** kicked the suspect twice in the chest and once in the face. The kick to the face left a visible injury on the left cheek below the eye. Unfortunately after reporting it to supervisors and investigated by PSB (internal affairs investigator Det. ****), nothing was done. I had broken their supposed "Blue Line". Unfortunately, It's not JUST US, it's JUSTICE!!! In fact, 10 months later on 6/25/08, after already successfully completing probation, acquiring a basic Post Certificate, and Intermediate Post Certificate, I was relieved of duty by the LAPD while assigned to patrol at Southwest division. It is clear as day that the department retaliated toward me for reporting **** for kicking Mr. ****. The department stated that I had lied and made up the report that **** had kicked the suspect. I later went to a Board of Rights (department hearing for decision of continued employment) from 10/08 to 1/09. During this BOR hearing a video was played for the BOR panel where **** stated that he was indeed kicked by Officer **** (video sent to multiple news agencies). In addition to **** stating he was kicked, his father ****, also stated that his son had stated he was kicked by an officer when he was arrested after being released from custody. This was all presented for the department at the BOR hearing. They still found me guilty and terminated me. What they didn't mention was that the BOR panel made up of Capt. ****, Capt. ****, and City Attorney **** had a significant problem from the time the board was assembled. Capt. **** was a personal friend of **** from when he was her supervisor at Harbor station. That is a clear conflict of interest and I made my argument for his removal early and was denied. The advocate for the LAPD BOR was Sgt. ****. **** also had a conflict of interest as she was **** friend and former partner from Harbor division where they both worked patrol together. I made my argument for her removal when I discovered her relation to **** and it was denied. During the BOR, the department attempted to label me unsuccessfully as a bully. They stated that I had bullied a recruit, ****, in the academy when in reality and unfounded disposition from the official 1.28 formal complaint investigation found that I was the one who stood up for **** when other recruits sang nazi hitler youth songs about burning Jewish ghettos in WWII Germany where his father was a survivor of a concentration camp. How [EXPLETIVE] dare you attempt to label me with such a nasty vile word. I ask that all earnest journalist investigating this story ask Ofcr. **** about the incident when Ofcr. **** began singing a nazi youth song about burning jewish ghettos. The internal affairs investigation in the academy involving **** was spurned by a complaint that I had initiated toward two fellow recruit/offifcers. While assigned patrol footbeat in Hollywood Division, Officers **** and **** (both current LAPD officers) decided that they would voice their personal feelings about the black community. While traveling back to the station in a 12 passenger van I heard **** refer to another individual as a n*****. I wasn't sure if I heard correctly as there were many conversations in the van that was compiled of at least 8 officers and he was sitting in the very rear and me in the very front. Even with the multiple conversations and ambient noise I heard Officer **** call an indivdual a n***** again. Now that I had confirmed it, I told **** not to use that word again. I explained that it was a well-known offensive word that should not be used by anyone. He replied, "I'll say it when I want". Officer ****, a friend of his, also stated that he would say n***** when he wanted. At that point I jumped over my front passenger seat and two other officers where I placed my hands around ****s' neck and squeezed. I stated to ****, "Don't [EXPLETIVE] say that". At that point there was pushing and shoving and we were separated by several other officers. What I should have done, was put a Winchester Ranger SXT 9mm 147 grain bullet in his skull and Officer ****'s skull. The Situation would have been resolved effective, immediately. The sad thing about this incident was that when Detective **** from internal affairs investigated this incident only (1) officer (unknown) in the van other than myself had statements constistent with what actually happened. The other six officers all stated they heard nothing and saw nothing. Shame on every one of you. Shame on Detective **** (same ethnicity as ****) for creating a separate 1.28 formal complaint against me (**** complaint) in retaliation for initiating the complaint against **** and ****. Don't retaliate against honest officers for breaking your so-called blue line. I hope your son ****, who I knew, is a better officer than you, Detective ****. The saddest part of this ordeal was that Officer **** and **** were only given 22 day suspensions and are still LAPD officers to this day. That day, the LAPD stated that it is acceptable for fellow officers to call black officers n*****s to their face and you will receive a slap on the wrist. Even sadder is that during that 22 day suspension **** and **** received is that the LAPPL (Los Angeles Police Protective League) paid the officers their salaries while they were suspended. When I took a two-day suspension for an accidental discharge, I took my suspension and never applied for a league salary. Its called integrity. Journalist, I want you to investigate every location I resided in growing up. Find any incidents where I was ever accused of being a bully. You won't, because it doesn't exist. It's not in my DNA. Never was. I was the only black kid in each of my elementary school classes from first grade to seventh grade in junior high and any instances where I was disciplined for fighting was in response to fellow students provoking common childhood schoolyard fights, or calling me a n***** or other derogatory racial names. I grew up in neighborhoods where blacks make up less than 1%. My first recollection of racism was in the first grade at Norwalk Christian elementary school in Norwalk, CA. A fellow student, **** if I can recall, called me a n***** on the playground. My response was swift and non-lethal. I struck him fast and hard with a punch an kick. He cried and reported it to a teacher. The teacher reported it to the principal. The principal swatted **** for using a derogatory word toward me. He then for some unknown reason swatted me for striking **** in response to him calling me a n*****. He stated as good Christians we are to turn the other cheek as Jesus did. Problem is, I'm not a [EXPLETIVE] Christian and that old book, made of fiction and limited non-fiction, called the bible, never once stated Jesus was called a n*****. How dare you swat me for standing up for my rights for demanding that I be treated as an equal human being. That day I made a life decision that i will not tolerate racial derogatory terms spoken to me. Unfortunately I was swatted multiple times for the same exact reason up until junior high. Terminating me for telling the truth of a Caucasian officer kicking a mentally ill man is disgusting. Don't ever call me a [EXPLETIVE] bully. I want all journalist to utilize every source you have that specializes in collections for your reports. With the discovery and evidence available you will see the truth. Unfortunately, I will not be alive to see my name cleared. That's what this is about, my name. A man is nothing without his name. Below is a list of locations where I resided from childhood to adulthood. Cerritos, CA. Pico Rivera, CA. La Palma, CA. Thousand Oaks, CA. Cedar City, UT. Pensacola, FL. Enid, OK. Yorba Linda, CA. Las Vegas, NV. During the BOR an officer named, Sgt. ****, from Los Angeles Port Police testified on behalf of the LAPD. **** stated for the BOR that he arrived at the location of the UOF shortly before I cuffed the suspect. He also stated that he assisted in cuffing the suspect and that's old the BOR he told me to fix my tie. All of those statements were LIES!!! ****, you arrived at the UOF location up to 30 seconds after I had cuffed Mr.****. All you did was help me lift the suspect to his feet as it was difficult for me to do by myself because of his heavy weight. You did not tell me to fix my tie as the BOR members and everyone else in the room know you lied because the photographic evidence from the UOF scene where ****'s injuries were photographed clearly shows me wearing a class B uniform on that day. A class B uniform is a short sleeved uniform blouse. A short sleeved uniform blouse for the LAPD does not have a tie included. This is not Super Troopers uniform, you jackass. Why did you feel the need to embellish and lie about your involvement in the UOF? Are you ashamed that you could not get hired on by any other department other than port police? Do you have delusions of grandeur? What you did was perjury, exactly what **** did when she stated she did not kick ****. What they failed to mention in the BOR was **** own use of force history during her career on the LAPD. She has admitted that she has a lengthy use of force record and has been flagged several times by risk management. She has a very well known nickname, Chupacabra, which she was very proud to flaunt around the division. She found it very funny and entertaining to draw blood from suspects and arrestees. At one point she even intentionally ripped the flesh off the arm of a woman we had arrested for battery (sprayed her neighbor with a garden water hose). Knowing the woman had thin elastic skin, she performed and Indian burn to the woman's arm after cuffing her. That woman was in her mid-70's, a mother and grandmother, and was angry at her tenants who failed to pay rent on time. Something I can completely understand and I am sure many have wanted to do toward tenants who do not pay their rent. **** was also demoted from a senior lead officer rank/position for performance issues. During my two months of working patrol with ****, I found her as a woman who was very angry that she had been pulled from patrol for a short time because of a domestic violence report made by Long Beach Police Department because of an incident involving her active LAPD officer boyfriend, ****, and herself. **** is the same officer investigated for witness tampering. She also was visibly angry on a daily basis that she was going to have to file for bankruptcy because her ex-husband, a former LAPD officer and not ****, who had left the department, state, and was nowhere to be found had left her with a tax bill and debt that she was unable to pay because of a lack of financial means. ****, you are a POS and you lied right to the BOR panel when **** asked you if you kicked ****. You destroyed my life and name because of your actions. Time is up. The time is now to confess to Chief Beck. I ask that all journalist investigating this story submit request for FOIA with the LAPD to gain access to the BOR transcripts which occurred from 10/08 to 2/09. There, you will see that a video was played for the BOR members of Mr. **** who suffers from Schizophrenia and Dementia stating that he was kicked by a female officer. That video evidence supports my claim that **** kicked him twice in the upper body and once in the face. I would like all journalist to also request copies of all reports that I had written while employed by LAPD. Whether in the academy, or during my 3 years as a police officer. There are DR#'s attached to each report (investigative report) that I have ever written so they all exist. A FOIA request will most likely be needed to access these at Parker center or at the Personnel/Records. Judge my writin/grammar skills for yourself. The department attempted to paint me as an officer who could not write reports. Even though Sgt. **** a training officer who trained me stated for the BOR panel that there was nothing wrong with my report writing and that I was better than all rookie/probationer officers he has ever trained. Officer **** stated the same but refused to testify as he did not want to "get involved" with the BOR's. Contact Sgt. **** ,(now a Captain at Lompoc PD), Sgt. ****, and Sgt. ****. All will state that my report writing was impeccable. I will tell you this, I always type my reports because I have messy handwriting/penmanship. I never had a single kickback/redlined report at Southwest division and Sgt. **** and Sgt. **** can testify to that. I never received an UNSATISFACTORY on any day or week. The same can be said within the U.S. Naval Reserves. All commanders will state that my report writing was always clear, concise, and impeccable. Even search my AAR (after action reports),chits, Memorandum's, IIR's (Intelligence Information Reports) which were written in the Navy. All were pristine. I had worked patrol at LAPD's Harbor Division from 2/06 until 7/06 when I was involuntarily recalled back to active duty (US Navy) for a 12 month mobilization/deployment to Centcom in support of OIF/OEF. I returned back to LAPD's Harbor division on 7/07 and immediately returned to patrol. I worked at Harbor division until 11/07 where I then transferred to Southwest Division. I worked At Southwest division until 6/25/08 when I was relieved of duty. I have exhausted all available means at obtaining my name back. I have attempted all legal court efforts within appeals at the Superior Courts and California Appellate courts. This is my last resort. The LAPD has suppressed the truth and it has now lead to deadly consequences. The LAPD's actions have cost me my law enforcement career that began on 2/7/05 and ended on 1/2/09. They cost me my Naval career which started on 4/02 and ends on 2/13. I had a TS/SCI clearance(Top Secret Sensitive Compartmentalized Information clearance) up until shortly after my termination with LAPD. This is the highest clearance a service member can attain other than a Yankee White TS/SCI which is only granted for those working with and around the President/Vice President of the United States. I lost my position as a Commanding Officer of a Naval Security Forces reserve unit at NAS Fallon because of the LAPD. I've lost a relationship with my mother and sister because of the LAPD. I've lost a relationship with close friends because of the LAPD. In essence, I've lost everything because the LAPD took my name and new I was INNOCENT!!! ****, ****, **** , and **** all new I was innocent but decided to terminate me so they could continue Ofcr. ****. I know about the meeting between all of you where **** attorney, ****, confessed that she kicked **** (excessive force). Your day has come. I'm not an aspiring rapper, I'm not a gang member, I'm not a dope dealer, I don't have multiple babies momma's. I am an American by choice, I am a son, I am a brother, I am a military service member, I am a man who has lost complete faith in the system, when the system betrayed, slandered, and libeled me. I lived a good life and though not a religious man I always stuck to my own personal code of ethics, ethos and always stuck to my shoreline and true North. I didn't need the US Navy to instill Honor, Courage, and Commitment in me but I thank them for re-enforcing it. It's in my DNA. Luckily I don't have to live everyday like most of you. Concerned if the misconduct you were apart of is going to be discovered. Looking over your shoulder, scurrying at every phone call from internal affairs or from the Captains office wondering if that is the day PSB comes after you for the suspects you struck when they were cuffed months/years ago or that $500 you pocketed from the narcotics dealer, or when the other guys on your watch beat a transient nearly to death and you never reported the UOF to the supervisor. No, I don't have that concern, I stood up for what was right but unfortunately have dealt with the reprocussions of doing the right thing and now losing my name and everything I ever stood for. You [EXPLETIVE]s knew **** was guilty of kicking (excessive force) **** and you did nothing but get rid of what you saw as the problem, the whistleblower. **** himself stated on video tape ( provided for the BOR and in transcripts) he was kicked and even his father stated that his son said he was kicked by **** when he was released from custody. The video was played for the entire BOR to hear. You're going to see what a whistleblower can do when you take everything from him especially his NAME!!! Look what you did to Sgt. **** (now lieutenant) when he exposed the truth of your lying, racism, and PSB cover-ups to frame and convict an innocent man. You can not police yourselves and the consent decree was unsuccessful. Sgt. ****, I met you on the range several times as a recruit and as an officer. You're a good man and I saw it in your eyes an actions. Self Preservation is no longer important to me. I do not fear death as I died long ago on 1/2/09. I was told by my mother that sometimes bad things happen to good people. I refuse to accept that. From 2/05 to 1/09 I saw some of the most vile things humans can inflict on others as a police officer in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, it wasn't in the streets of LA. It was in the confounds of LAPD police stations and shops (cruisers). The enemy combatants in LA are not the citizens and suspects, it's the police officers. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. How ironic that you utilize a fixed glass structure as your command HQ. You use as a luminous building to symbolize that you are transparent, have nothing to hide, or suppress when in essence, concealing, omitting, and obscuring is your forte. Chief ****, this is when you need to have that come to Jesus talk with Sgt. **** and everyone else who was involved in the conspiracy to have me terminated for doing the right thing. you also need to speak with her attorney, ****, and his conversation with the BOR members and her confession of guilt in kicking Mr. ****. I'll be waiting for a PUBLIC response at a press conference. When the truth comes out, the killing stops. Why didn't you charge me with filing a false police report when I came forward stating that **** kicked Mr. ****? You file criminal charges against every other officer who is accused and terminated for filing a false police report. You didn't because you knew I was innocent and a criminal court would find me innocent and expose your department for suppressing the truth and retaliation, that's why. The attacks will stop when the department states the truth about my innocence, PUBLICLY!!! I will not accept any type of currency/goods in exchange for the attacks to stop, nor do i want it. I want my name back, period. There is no negotiation. I am not the state department who states they do not negotiate with terrorist, because anybody with a Secret or TS/SCI has seen IIR's on SIPR and knows that the US state department always negotiates by using CF countries or independent sovereign/neutral country to mediate and compromising. This department has not changed from the Daryl Gates and Mark Fuhrman days. Those officers are still employed and have all promoted to Command staff and supervisory positions. I will correct this error. Are you aware that an officer (a rookie/probationer at the time) seen on the Rodney King videotape striking Mr. King multiple times with a baton on 3/3/91 is still employed by the LAPD and is now a Captain on the police department? Captain **** is now the commanding officer of a LAPD police station (West LA division). As a commanding officer, he is now responsible for over 200 officers. Do you trust him to enforce department policy and investigate use of force investigations on arrestees by his officers? Are you aware **** has since promoted to Sergeant after kicking Mr. **** in the face. Oh, you Violated a citizens civil rights? We will promote you. Same as LAPD did with the officers from Metro involved in the May Day melee at MacArthur Park. They promoted them to Sergeant (a supervisor role). No one is saying you can't be prejudiced or a bigot. We are all human and hold prejudices. If you state that you don't have prejudices, your lying! But, when you act on it and victimize innocent citizens and fellow innocen officers, than that is a concern. For you officers who do the job in the name of JUSTICE, those of you who lost honest officers to this event, look at the name of those on the BOR and the investigating officers from PSB and **** and ask them, how come you couldn't tell the truth? Why did you terminate an honest officer and cover for a dishonest officer who victimized a mentally ill citizen. Sometimes humans feel a need to prove they are the dominant race of a species and they inadvertently take kindness for weakness from another individual. You chose wrong. Terminating officers because they expose a culture of lying, racism (from the academy), and excessive use of force will immediately change. PSB can not police their own and that has been proven. The blue line will forever be severed and a cultural change will be implanted. You have awoken a sleeping giant. I am here to change and make policy. The culture of LAPD versus the community and honest/good officers needs to and will change. I am here to correct and calibrate your morale compasses to true north. Those Caucasian officers who join South Bureau divisions (77th,SW,SE, an Harbor) with the sole intent to victimize minorities who are uneducated, and unaware of criminal law, civil law, and civil rights. You prefer the South bureau because a use of force/deadly force is likely and the individual you use UOF on will likely not report it. You are a high value target. Those Black officers in supervisory ranks and pay grades who stay in south bureau (even though you live in the valley or OC) for the sole intent of getting retribution toward subordinate caucasians officers for the pain and hostile work environment their elders inflicted on you as probationers (P-1′s) and novice P-2's. You are a high value target. You perpetuated the cycle of racism in the department as well. You breed a new generation of bigoted caucasian officer when you belittle them and treat them unfairly. Those Hispanic officers who victimize their own ethnicity because they are new immigrants to this country and are unaware of their civil rights. You call them wetbacks to their face and demean them in front of fellow officers of different ethnicities so that you will receive some sort of acceptance from your colleagues. I'm not impressed. Most likely, your parents or grandparents were immigrants at one time, but you have forgotten that. You are a high value target. Those lesbian officers in supervising positions who go to work, day in day out, with the sole intent of attempting to prove your misandrist authority (not feminism) to degrade male officers. You are a high value target. Those Asian officers who stand by and observe everything I previously mentioned other officers participate in on a daily basis but you say nothing, stand for nothing and protect nothing. Why? Because of your usual saying, " I……don't like conflict". You are a high value target as well. Those of you who "go along to get along" have no backbone and destroy the foundation of courage. You are the enablers of those who are guilty of misconduct. You are just as guilty as those who break the code of ethics and oath you swore. Citizens/non-combatants, do not render medical aid to downed officers/enemy combatants. They would not do the same for you. They will let you bleed out just so they can brag to other officers that they had a 187 caper the other day and can't wait to accrue the overtime in future court subpoenas. As they always say, "that's the paramedics job…not mine". Let the balance of loss of life take place. Sometimes a reset needs to occur. It is endless the amount of times per week officers arrest an individual, label him a suspect-arrestee-defendant and then before arraignment or trial realize that he is innocent based on evidence. You know what they say when they realize an innocent man just had his life turned upside down?. "I guess he should have stayed at home that day he was discovered walking down the street and matching the suspects description. Oh well, he appeared to be a dirtbag anyways". Meanwhile the falsely accused is left to pick up his life, get a new, family, friends, and sense of self worth. Don't honor these fallen officers/dirtbags. When your family members die, they just see you as extra overtime at a crime scene and at a perimeter. Why would you value their lives when they clearly don't value yours or your family members lives? I've heard many officers who state they see dead victims as ATV's, Waverunners, RV's and new clothes for their kids. Why would you shed a tear for them when they in return crack a smile for your loss because of the impending extra money they will receive in their next paycheck for sitting at your loved ones crime scene of 6 hours because of the overtime they will accrue. They take photos of your loved ones recently deceased bodies with their cellphones and play a game of who has the most graphic dead body of the night with officers from other divisions. This isn't just the 20 something year old officers, this is the 50 year old officers with significant time on the job as well who participate. You allow an officer, ****, to attempt to hack into my credit union account and still remain on the job even when Det. **** shows the evidence that the IP address (provided by LAPFCU) that attempted to hack into my account and change my username and password leads directly to her residence. You even allow this visibly disgusting looking officer to stay on the job when she perjures (lies) in court (Clark County Family Court) to the judge's face and denies hacking into my personal credit union online account when I attempted to get my restraint order extended. Det. **** provided the evidence and you still do nothing. How do you know when a police officer is lying??? When he begins his sentence with, "based on my experience and training". No one grows up and wants to be a cop killer. It was against everything I've ever was. As a young police explorer I found my calling in life. But, As a young police officer I found that the violent suspects on the street are not the only people you have to watch. It is the officer who was hired on to the department (pre-2000) before polygraphs were standard for all new hires and a substantial vetting in a backround investigation. To those children of the officers who are eradicated, your parent was not the individual you thought they were. As you get older,you will see the evidence that your parent was a tyrant who loss their ethos and instead followed the path of moral corruptness. They conspired to hide and suppress the truth of misconduct on others behalf's. Your parent will have a name and plaque on the fallen officers memorial in D.C. But, In all honesty, your parents name will be a reminder to other officers to maintain the oath they swore and to stay along the shoreline that has guided them from childhood to that of a local, state, or federal law enforcement officer. Your lack of ethics and conspiring to wrong a just individual are over. Suppressing the truth will leave to deadly consequences for you and your family. There will be an element of surprise where you work, live, eat, and sleep. I will utilize ISR at your home, workplace, and all locations in between. I will utilize OSINT to discover your residences, spouses workplaces, and children's schools. IMINT to coordinate and plan attacks on your fixed locations. Its amazing whats on NIPR. HUMINT will be utilized to collect personal schedules of targets. I never had the opportunity to have a family of my own, I'm terminating yours. ****, ****, ****, and BOR members Look your wives/husbands and surviving children directly in the face and tell them the truth as to why your children are dead. Never allow a LAPPL union attorney to be a retired LAPD Captain,(****). He doesn't work for you, your interest, or your name. He works for the department, period. His job is to protect the department from civil lawsuits being filed and their best interest which is the almighty dollar. His loyalty is to the department, not his client. Even when he knowingly knows your innocent and the BOR also knows your innocent after **** stated on videotape that he was kicked and **** attorney confessed to the BOR off the record that she kicked ****. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants-TJ. This quote is not directed toward the US government which I fully support 100%. This is toward the LAPD who can not monitor itself. The consent decree should not have been lifted, ever. I know your TTP's, (techniques, tactics, and procedures). Any threat assessments you generate will be useless. This is simple, I know your TTP's and PPR's. I will mitigate any of your attempts at preservation. ORM is my friend. I will mitigate all risks, threats and hazards. I assure you that Incident Command Posts will be target rich environments. KMA-367 license plate frames are great target indicators and make target selection even easier. I will conduct DA operations to destroy, exploit and seize designated targets. If unsuccessful or unable to meet objectives in these initial small-scale offensive actions, I will reassess my BDA and re-attack until objectives are met. I have nothing to lose. My personal casualty means nothing. Just alike AAF's, ACM's, and AIF's, you can not prevail against an enemy combatant who has no fear of death. An enemy who embraces death is a lose, lose situation for their enemy combatants. Hopefully you analyst have done your homework. You are aware that I have always been the top shot, highest score, an expert in rifle qualifications in every unit I've been in. I will utilize every bit of small arms training, demolition, ordnance, and survival training I've been given. Do you know why we are unsuccessful in asymmetrical and guerrilla warfare in CENTCOM theatre of operations? I'll tell you. It's not the inefficiency of our combatant commanders, planning, readiness or training of troops. Much like the Vietnam war, ACM, AAF, foreign fighters, Jihadist, and JAM have nothing to lose. They embrace death as it is a way of life. I simply don't fear it. I am the walking exigent circumstance you created. The Violence of action will be HIGH. I am the reason TAC alert was established. I will bring unconventional and asymmetrical warfare to those in LAPD uniform whether on or off duty. ISR is my strength and your weakness. You will now live the life of the prey. Your RD's and homes away from work will be my AO and battle space. I will utilize every tool within INT collections that I learned from NMITC in Dam Neck. You have misjudged a sleeping giant. There is no conventional threat assessment for me. JAM, New Ba'ath party, 1920 rev BGE, ACM, AAF, AQAP, AQIM and AQIZ have nothing on me. Do not deploy airships or gunships. SA-7 Manpads will be waiting. As you know I also own Barrett .50′s so your APC are defunct and futile. You better have all your officers radio/phone muster (code 1) on or off duty every hour, on the hour. Do not attempt to shadow or conduct any type of ISR on me. I have the inventory listing of all UC vehicles at Piper Tech and the home addresses of any INT analyst at JRIC and detachment locations. My POA is always POI and always true. This will be a war of attrition and a Pyrrhic and Camdean Victory for myself. You may have the resources and manpower but you are reactive and predictable in your op plans and TTP's. I have the strength and benefits of being unpredictable, unconventional, and unforgiving. Do not waste your time with briefs and tabletops. The ex-LAPD officer named as a suspect in the slaying of a college basketball coach and her fiance in Irvine wrote about committing the slaying in an online manifest Read more: http://www.myfoxla.com/story/21019027/murder-suspect-chris-dorners-online-manifesto-about-slayings#ixzz2KEjylmQX


Help Spread Bradley Manning's Words Across the Internet
March 12, 2013
By Micah Lee Follow @micahflee

Today Freedom of the Press Foundation released an audio recording of Bradley Manning's statement to the military court. By releasing this audio recording, we wish to make sure that the voice of this generation's most prolific whistleblower can be heard—literally—by the world. Please spread his words as far as you can: on your blog, in your videos, on Twitter and onFacebook.

Scroll down to listen to and share Manning's full statement as well as excerpts that may be of particular public interest. Transcript courtesy Alexa O'Brien.

Bradley Manning's Full Statement



<audio controls preload="auto" autobuffer> 
<source src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/pressfreedom/bradley_manning_statement/full_statement.mp3" />
<source src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/pressfreedom/bradley_manning_statement/full_statement.ogg" />
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Excerpt 1: Motive in releasing war logs



<audio controls preload="auto" autobuffer>
<source src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/pressfreedom/bradley_manning_statement/excerpt1.mp3" />
<source src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/pressfreedom/bradley_manning_statement/excerpt1.ogg" />
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During this time a blizzard bombarded the mid-atlantic, and I spent a significant period of time essentially stuck in my aunt's house in Maryland. I began to think about what I knew and the information I still had in my possession. For me, the SigActs represented the on the ground reality of both the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I felt that we were risking so much for people that seemed unwilling to cooperate with us, leading to frustration and anger on both sides. I began to become depressed with the situation that we found ourselves increasingly mired in year after year. The SigActs documented this in great detail and provide a context of what we were seeing on the ground.

In attempting to conduct counter-terrorism or CT and counter-insurgency COIN operations we became obsessed with capturing and killing human targets on lists and not being suspicious of and avoiding cooperation with our Host Nation partners, and ignoring the second and third order effects of accomplishing short-term goals and missions. I believe that if the general public, especially the American public, had access to the information contained within the CIDNE-I and CIDNE-A tables this could spark a domestic debate on the role of the military and our foreign policy in general as [missed word] as it related to Iraq and Afghanistan.

I also believed the detailed analysis of the data over a long period of time by different sectors of society might cause society to reevaluate the need or even the desire to even to engage in counterterrorism and counterinsurgency operations that ignore the complex dynamics of the people living in the effected environment everyday.

Excerpt 2: Contacting media outlets



<audio controls preload="auto" autobuffer>
<source src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/pressfreedom/bradley_manning_statement/excerpt2.mp3" />
<source src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/pressfreedom/bradley_manning_statement/excerpt2.ogg" />
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At my aunt's house I debated what I should do with the SigActs—in particular whether I should hold on to them—or expose them through a press agency. At this point I decided that it made sense to try to expose the SigAct tables to an American newspaper. I first called my local news paper, The Washington Post, and spoke with a woman saying that she was a reporter. I asked her if the Washington Post would be interested in receiving information that would have enormous value to the American public.

Although we spoke for about five minutes concerning the general nature of what I possessed, I do not believe she took me seriously. She informed me that the Washington Post would possibly be interested, but that such decisions were made only after seeing the information I was referring to and after consideration by senior editors.

I then decided to contact [missed word] the most popular newspaper, The New York Times. I called the public editor number on The New York Times website. The phone rang and was answered by a machine. I went through the menu to the section for news tips. I was routed to an answering machine. I left a message stating I had access to information about Iraq and Afghanistan that I believed was very important. However, despite leaving my Skype phone number and personal email address, I never received a reply from The New York Times.

I also briefly considered dropping into the office for the Political Commentary blog, Politico, however the weather conditions during my leave hampered my efforts to travel. After these failed efforts I had ultimately decided to submit the materials to the WLO. I was not sure if the WLO would actually publish these SigAct tables [missed a few words]. I was concerned that they might not be noticed by the American media. However, based upon what I read about the WLO through my research described above, this seemed to be the best medium for publishing this information to the world within my reach.

Excerpt 3: Using Tor to submit documents to Wikileaks



<audio controls preload="auto" autobuffer>
<source src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/pressfreedom/bradley_manning_statement/excerpt3.mp3" />
<source src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/pressfreedom/bradley_manning_statement/excerpt3.ogg" />
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On 3 February 2010, I visited the WLO website on my computer and clicked on the submit documents link. Next I found the submit your information online link and elected to submit the SigActs via the onion router or Tor anonymizing network by special link. Tor is a system intended to provide anonymity online. The software routes internet traffic through a network of servers and other Tor clients in order to conceal the user's location and identity.

I was familiar with Tor and had it previously installed on a computer to anonymously monitor the social media website of militia groups operating within central Iraq. I followed the prompts and attached the compressed data files of CIDNE-I and CIDNE-A SigActs. I attached a text file I drafted while preparing to provide the documents to the Washington Post. It provided rough guidelines saying: "It's already been sanitized of any source identifying information. You might need to sit on this information – perhaps 90 to 100 days to figure out how best to release such a large amount of data and to protect its source. This is possibly one of the more significant documents of our time removing the fog of war and revealing the true nature of twenty-first century asymmetric warfare. Have a good day."

Excerpt 4: Manning's reaction when he found the Apache helicopter video



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<source src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/pressfreedom/bradley_manning_statement/excerpt4.mp3" />
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During the mid-February 2010 time frame the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division targeting analysts, then Specialist Jihrleah W. Showman discussed a video that Ms. Showman had found on the T-drive.

The video depicted several individuals being engaged by an aerial weapons team. At first I did not consider the video very special, as I have viewed countless other war porn type videos depicting combat. However, the recording of audio comments by the aerial weapons team crew and the second engagement in the video of an unarmed bongo truck troubled me.

As Showman and a few other analysts and officers in the T-SCIF commented on the video and debated whether the crew violated the rules of engagement or ROE in the second engagement, I shied away from this debate, instead conducting some research on the event. I wanted to learn what happened and whether there was any background to the events of the day that the event occurred, 12 July 2007.

Using Google I searched for the event by its date by its general location. I found several new accounts involving two Reuters employees who were killed during the aerial weapon team engagement. Another story explained that Reuters had requested for a copy of the video under the Freedom of Information Act or FOIA. Reuters wanted to view the video in order to understand what had happened and to improve their safety practices in combat zones. A spokesperson for Reuters was quoted saying that the video might help avoid the reoccurrence of the tragedy and believed there was a compelling need for the immediate release of the video.

Despite the submission of the FOIA request, the news account explained that CENTCOM replied to Reuters stating that they could not give a time frame for considering a FOIA request and that the video might no longer exist. Another story I found written a year later said that even though Reuters was still pursuing their request. They still did not receive a formal response or written determination in accordance with FOIA.

The fact neither CENTCOM or Multi National Forces Iraq or MNF-I would not voluntarily release the video troubled me further. It was clear to me that the event happened because the aerial weapons team mistakenly identified Reuters employees as a potential threat and that the people in the bongo truck were merely attempting to assist the wounded. The people in the van were not a threat but merely "good samaritans". The most alarming aspect of the video to me, however, was the seemly delightful bloodlust they appeared to have.

The dehumanized the individuals they were engaging and seemed to not value human life by referring to them as quote "dead bastards" unquote and congratulating each other on the ability to kill in large numbers. At one point in the video there is an individual on the ground attempting to crawl to safety. The individual is seriously wounded. Instead of calling for medical attention to the location, one of the aerial weapons team crew members verbally asks for the wounded person to pick up a weapon so that he can have a reason to engage. For me, this seems similar to a child torturing ants with a magnifying glass.

While saddened by the aerial weapons team crew's lack of concern about human life, I was disturbed by the response of the discovery of injured children at the scene. In the video, you can see that the bongo truck driving up to assist the wounded individual. In response the aerial weapons team crew – as soon as the individuals are a threat, they repeatedly request for authorization to fire on the bongo truck and once granted they engage the vehicle at least six times.

Shortly after the second engagement, a mechanized infantry unit arrives at the scene. Within minutes, the aerial weapons team crew learns that children were in the van and despite the injuries the crew exhibits no remorse. Instead, they downplay the significance of their actions, saying quote "Well, it's their fault for bringing their kids into a battle" unquote.

The aerial weapons team crew members sound like they lack sympathy for the children or the parents. Later in a particularly disturbing manner, the aerial weapons team verbalizes enjoyment at the sight of one of the ground vehicles driving over a body – or one of the bodies. As I continued my research, I found an article discussing the book, The Good Soldiers, written by Washington Post writer David Finkel.

In Mr. Finkel book, he writes about the aerial weapons team attack. As, I read an online excerpt in Google Books, I followed Mr. Finkel's account of the event belonging to the video. I quickly realize that Mr. Finkel was quoting, I feel in verbatim, the audio communications of the aerial weapons team crew.

It is clear to me that Mr. Finkel obtained access and a copy of the video during his tenue as an embedded journalist. I was aghast at Mr. Finkel's portrayal of the incident. Reading his account, one would believe the engagement was somehow justified as "payback" for an earlier attack that lead to the death of a soldier. Mr. Finkel ends his account by discussing how a soldier finds an individual still alive from the attack. He writes that the soldier finds him and sees him gesture with his two forefingers together, a common method in the Middle East to communicate that they are friendly. However, instead of assisting him, the soldier makes an obscene gesture extending his middle finger.

The individual apparently dies shortly thereafter. Reading this, I can only think of how this person was simply trying to help others, and then he quickly finds he needs help as well. To make matter worse, in the last moments of his life, he continues to express his friendly gesture – only to find himself receiving this well known gesture of unfriendliness. For me it's all a big mess, and I am left wondering what these things mean, and how it all fits together. It burdens me emotionally.

I saved a copy of the video on my workstation. I searched for and found the rules of engagement, the rules of engagement annexes, and a flow chart from the 2007 time period – as well as an unclassified Rules of Engagement smart card from 2006. On 15 February 2010 I burned these documents onto a CD-RW, the same time I burned the 10 Reykjavik 13 cable onto a CD-RW. At the time, I placed the video and rules for engagement information onto my personal laptop in my CHU. I planned to keep this information there until I redeployed in Summer 2010. I planned on providing this to the Reuters office in London to assist them in preventing events such as this in the future.

However, after the WLO published 10 Reykjavik 13 I altered my plans. I decided to provide the video and the rules of engagement to them so that Reuters would have this information before I re-deployed from Iraq. On about 21 February 2010, I described above, I used the WLO submission form and uploaded the documents. The WLO released the video on 5 April 2010. After the release, I was concern about the impact of the video and how it would been received by the general public.

I hoped that the public would be as alarmed as me about the conduct of the aerial weapons team crew members. I wanted the American public to know that not everyone in Iraq and Afghanistan are targets that needed to be neutralized, but rather people who were struggling to live in the pressure cooker environment of what we call asymmetric warfare. After the release I was encouraged by the response in the media and general public, who observed the aerial weapons team video. As I hoped, others were just as troubled – if not more troubled that me by what they saw.

Excerpt 5: On reporting that Iraqi detainees did nothing wrong



<audio controls preload="auto" autobuffer>
<source src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/pressfreedom/bradley_manning_statement/excerpt5.mp3" />
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On 27 February 2010, a report was received from a subordinate battalion. The report described an event in which the Federal Police or FP detained 15 individuals for printing anti-Iraqi literature. On 2 March 2010, I received instructions from an S3 section officer in the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division Tactical Operation Center or TOC to investigate the matter, and figure out who the quote "bad guys" unquote were and how significant this event was for the Federal Police.

Over the course of my research I found that none of the individuals had previous ties to anti-Iraqi actions or suspected terrorist militia groups. A few hours later, I received several [playlist?] from the scene – from this subordinate battalion. They were accidentally sent to an officer on a different team on the S2 section and she forwarded them to me.

These photos included picture of the individuals, pallets of unprinted paper and seized copies of the final printed material or the printed document; and a high resolution photo of the printed material itself. I printed up one [missed word] copy of a high resolution photo – I laminated it for ease of use and transfer. I then walked to the TOC and delivered the laminated copy to our category two interpreter.

She reviewed the information and about a half and hour later delivered a rough written transcript in English to the S2 section. I read the transcript and followed up with her, asking her for her take on the content. She said it was easy for her to transcribe verbatim, since I blew up the photograph and laminated it. She said the general nature of the document was benign. The document, as I had sensed as well, was merely a scholarly critique of the then current Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

It detailed corruption within the cabinet of al-Maliki's government and the financial impact of his corruption on the Iraqi people. After discovering this discrepancy between the Federal Police's report and the interpreter's transcript, I forwarded this discovery to the top OIC and the battle NCOIC. The top OIC and the overhearing battle captain informed me that they didn't need or want to know this information anymore. They told me to quote "drop it" unquote and to just assist them and the Federal Police in finding out, where more of these print shops creating quote "anti-Iraqi literature" unquote.

I couldn't believe what I heard and I returned to the T-SCIF and complained to the other analysts and my section NCOIC about what happened. Some were sympathetic, but no one wanted to do anything about it.

I am the type of person who likes to know how things work. And, as an analyst, this means I always want to figure out the truth. Unlike other analysts in my section or other sections within the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, I was not satisfied with just scratching the surface and producing canned or cookie cutter assessments. I wanted to know why something was the way it was, and what we could to correct or mitigate a situation.

I knew that if I continued to assist the Baghdad Federal Police in identifying the political opponents of Prime Minister al-Maliki, those people would be arrested and in the custody of the Special Unit of the Baghdad Federal Police and very likely tortured and not seen again for a very long time – if ever.

Instead of assisting the Special Unit of the Baghdad Federal Police, I decided to take the information and expose it to the WLO, in the hope that before the upcoming 7 March 2010 election, they could generate some immediate press on the issue and prevent this unit of the Federal Police from continuing to crack down in political opponents of al-Maliki.

Excerpt 6: Motives in releasing cables



<audio controls preload="auto" autobuffer>
<source src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/pressfreedom/bradley_manning_statement/excerpt6.mp3" />
<source src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/pressfreedom/bradley_manning_statement/excerpt6.ogg" />
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I read more of the diplomatic cables published on the Department of State Net Centric Diplomacy. With my insatiable curiosity and interest in geopolitics I became fascinated with them. I read not only the cables on Iraq, but also about countries and events that I found interesting

The more I read, the more I was fascinated with the way that we dealt with other nations and organizations. I also began to think the documented backdoor deals and seemingly criminal activity that didn't seem characteristic of the de facto leader of the free world.

Excerpt 7: Assessing sensitivity diplomatic cables



<audio controls preload="auto" autobuffer>
<source src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/pressfreedom/bradley_manning_statement/excerpt7.mp3" />
<source src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/pressfreedom/bradley_manning_statement/excerpt7.ogg" />
You are using a browser that doesn't support HTML5 audio.


Up to this point,during the deployment, I had issues I struggled with and difficulty at work. Of the documents release, the cables were the only one I was not absolutely certain couldn't harm the United States. I conducted research on the cables published on the Net Centric Diplomacy, as well as how Department of State cables worked in general.

In particular, I wanted to know how each cable was published on SIRPnet via the Net Centric Diplomacy. As part of my open source research, I found a document published by the Department of State on its official website.

The document provided guidance on caption markings for individual cables and handling instructions for their distribution. I quickly learned the caption markings clearly detailed the sensitivity of the Department of State cables. For example, NODIS or No Distribution was used for messages at the highest sensitivity and were only distributed to the authorized recipients.

The SIPDIS or SIPRnet distribution caption was applied only to recording of other information messages that were deemed appropriate for a release for a wide number of individuals. According to the Department of State guidance for a cable to have the SIPDIS [missed word] caption, it could not include other captions that were intended to limit distribution.

The SIPDIS caption was only for information that could only be shared with anyone with access to SIPRnet. I was aware that thousands of military personel, DoD, Department of State, and other civilian agencies had easy access to the tables. The fact that the SIPDIS caption was only for wide distribution made sense to me, given that the vast majority of the Net Centric Diplomacy Cables were not classified.

The more I read the cables, the more I came to the conclusion that this was the type of information that should become public. I once read a and used a quote on open diplomacy written after the First World War and how the world would be a better place if states would avoid making secret pacts and deals with and against each other.

I thought these cables were a prime example of a need for a more open diplomacy. Given all of the Department of State cables that I read, the fact that most of the cables were unclassified, and that all the cables have a SIPDIS caption.

I believe that the public release of these cables would not damage the United States, however, I did believe that the cables might be embarrassing, since they represented very honest opinions and statements behind the backs of other nations and organizations.

William McNeilly Engineering Technician Weapons Engineer Submariner for UK's Trident II D5 Strategic Weapons System ... statement on disatrous safety situation

RT.com / RobEdwards Typepad ...

My name is William McNeilly. I am an Engineering Technician Weapons Engineer Submariner for
the UK's Trident II D5 Strategic Weapons System. I sent this report on the 05/05/15 to every major
newspaper, freelance journalists, and whistle-blower I could find. It is now the 11/05/15. I’ve had
zero acknowledgement from anyone. The penalty for releasing this will be life prison if I’m lucky.
I’m supposed to be being watched for Top Secret Clearance yet after sending a report containing
information about how close the Nuclear Weapon System is to a disaster, I’ve made 3 flights and
returned to the UK with still no acknowledgement from anyone. The worst fear for me isn’t prison
or being assassinated, it’s the fear of sacrificing everything I have just to warn the public and yet
never be heard. My leave expires today, I will be haunted down for not turning up. When I’m found
I will confess and will no longer be able to keep trying to warn the public. Please release this
information in whichever way you can. This is bigger than me, it’s bigger than all of us. We are so
close to a nuclear disaster it is shocking, and yet everybody is accepting the risk to the public. If we
don’t act now lives could be lost for generations.
This is document will enlighten you to the shockingly extreme conditions that our nuclear weapons
system is in right now, and has been in the past. It describes different threats and events that have
happened and are threats that are highly likely to happen; each one individually should raise
maximum concern. I need you to publish this document or send it to someone who will; please, for
the safety of the people.
This will jump between things like food hygiene and a flooded toilets, till describing the complete
lack of security, floods, and a blazing inferno in the Missile Compartment etc. My aim is to paint
an overall picture of what I've seen, and to break down the false images of a perfect system that
most people envisage exists.
I gathered the information by: Listening to O Group meetings, reading documents, conversation,
briefs, listening in to conversations and seeing with my own eyes. O Group meetings are meetings
that discuss the incidents onboard and plan all boat evolutions. They are held in the Navigation
centre, which is a Top Secret compartment. My Top Secret clearance is only in the pending position.
I shouldn't have been able to gain entrance to that compartment, but part of my job is Strategic
Weapon System navigation, so they gave me access for training purposes. At the beginning of patrol
I was kicked out of the Navigation centre when O Group were about to begin, but I found a way to
stay. There's a computer down the back that I worked on. Out of sight, out of mind. I could hear
everything, and no-one told me to leave when I was there.
This contains references to CB8890: The instructions for the safety and security of the Trident II D5
strategic weapon system. I'm sure all the Strategic Weapon System (SWS) personnel are scratching
their heads and wondering how I'm writing this on my personnel laptop and referencing a book,
which is contained within a safe in the Missile Control Centre (MCC). The MCC is the
compartment used to control the launch of the nuclear missiles. It can only be accessed by people
on the access list, and no personnel electronics are allowed. I was on the access list but how could I
have gotten a copy of every single chapter on to my phone? A hidden camera? No. Smuggled the
book out then filmed it? No. What I did was walk into a room were no recording devices are
allowed. I sat down; took my Samsung Galaxy SII (white) out of my pocket, and recorded the entire
book word for word. I held the phone still, about a foot in front of my face and anyone who looked
at the screen or used common sense, would've seen I was recording. There were other SWS
personnel in the room; in the video you can see a SWS JR about 3 feet in front of me talking to
another SWS JR sitting right beside me. You probably think that's impossible but I've got the
evidence to prove it. The complete lack of concern for security worries me. The fact is it would've
been even easier for me to cause a nuclear catastrophe than to gather that information, and
gathering that information was actually quite simple, due to the amount of ignorance.
We are at war, with a new kind of enemy. The terrorists have infiltrated every nation on our planet.
Our nuclear weapons are a target that's wide open to attack. You don't have to be Alexander the
Great to see we must adapt our strategies. The cold war is over; are we still in situation where we
must invest billions upon billions into a system that puts our citizens at risk? NO! We must adapt to
the evolving world in order to survive!
Here's an example of how little people outside of the Trident Program know about the Trident
Program: I was part of a squad that had went through basic training, and had almost finished our
phase 2 weapons engineering training before we knew we would be joining the SWS department
(Strategic Weapons System). We came into contact with a lot of instructors and there was only one
person who knew anything besides the names of the Vanguard class submarines (Trident). The only
reason he knew was because he served on them. There is a strict need to know policy for the HMS
Vanguard class submarines; Regardless of military rank or political authority.
I had envisioned a system with strict security and safety. I didn't see how wrong I was until I arrived
at HMS Neptune, (Faslane) and started doing the dry phase of the submarine qualification (SMQ
Dry). My class sat in a room that overlooked the submarines. We all looked at the defences and
contemplated how any enemy might take one out. We thought of multiple ways that one could be
taking out but they all required military grade equipment. I still thought it was as safe as it gets; no
alarms bells were ringing in my head until the first boat visit.
In the classroom we were told to take all electronic devices out of our pockets, and warned that we
might be searched. We headed down to the final access gate to the Green Area; the last security
check point. Unless you count the Quarter Masters; (QM) I've walked past them so many times
without showing ID that I don't consider them a line of defence. I'll explain those situations later on.
At the gate the guard barely looked at my pass, which was a paper sticker with my face on it;
mounted onto a piece cardboard. The whole group throw their passes into the security office
without the security officer examining them or even showing an interest in having a look to see if
their faces matched the pictures. It's harder to get into most nightclubs than it is to get into the
Green Area. There's still the pin code system to get through the gate! Oh wait, No there's not, it's
broke, and anyone standing there that has thrown their security pass in or NOT, will get buzzed
through. If you have a Green area pass or any old green card you can just show it to them from
about 3 metres away (if the boat's on the first berths; if not 1 metre) then get Buzzed Through!!
That's the toughest part of the security!! There are some security guards that will expect you to put
the pass to the window so they can inspect it, however the vast majority of them don't.
We approached the QM's box to get our security brief then headed down the boat. No search at all.
It wasn't because we're Royal Navy personnel, it was because that's the standard procedures. 100's
of contractors go down the boat when it's alongside. Their equipment isn't searched and they are not
pat down. All it takes is someone to bring a bomb onboard to commit the worst terrorist attack the
UK and the world has ever seen. A perfect example of how pure the security is, is when I first got
my Green Area Pass I was assigned to a boat which was in the ship lift. It was a rainy dark winter’s
morning. The bus took us down to the gate and about 10 people were about to gain access to the
Green Area at once. We All throw our Green Area North (GAN) passes into a pile in the box;
without showing any ID. Then we all got buzzed through. Anyone without an ID or a GAN pass
could've easily gotten through in the group. This was not a onetime occurrence, it happens every
morning. Sometimes when it was windy and raining I kept my face looking in the complete
opposite direction from the guard so they couldn't see my face; I was still buzzed through. Anyone
can catch that bus from the Yellow Area (normal base area/ area before Red Area). IDs are checked
on the way into the Red Area (Area before Green Area) on the bus; by a guy who just walks up and
down barely looking. I've gotten through a few times by just showing my pale white room key;
looks nothing like a Green Area Pass. Also if you just walk into the Red Area from the Yellow area
most of the time they will look at in your ID from about 4 metres away then till you to go on
through the road part (especially if it's raining).
At a Base security brief we were told that thousands of Royal Navy IDs go missing every year. A
terrorist can use them, or create counterfeits with them and easily gain access down the submarine.
Considering most of the guards barely look at them from a few metres (couple of feet if they’re the
rare ones) away the fakes wouldn't have to be too perfect. I've shown a room card or nothing, at
least once at every check point.
I had gotten into the Green Area in a cluster of about 10 people and then I found out I needed to go
to the boat that's in the ship lift. I was in a group of six personnel that was going to do BSS on the
boat. Which is basically walking around every compartment onboard learning about the boat. We
went through the ship lift, past the QM, down to MC (Missile Compartment) 2 deck, set our bags
just feet away from the missiles and no-one had stopped us. Keep in mind, this was our first time on
the boat. No-one in the crew knew who we were but they still didn't stop us. I done the same thing
every morning, for the next four days. I went through into the Red Area without my ID being
checked for facial resemblance, through into the Green Area in a cluster of people, then walked
straight down to MC 2 deck and sat my unchecked bag beside the missile. I done it for almost a
week before we a QM stopped me to see if I was on the access list. He told me that I should be
handing my ID into the QMs box so they know who's on board if there's an emergency. One QM for
one night done his job, all the whole time I was there. Accessing a boat which isn't in the ship lift is
just as easy. People very rarely get stopped by the QMs unless they're in groups or look like their
You can carry anything through the security check points without it being checked! When I helped
with storing ship; I brought things of all shapes through and none of it was checked. Before sailing I
brought my own stuff onboard in a huge grip bad; it wasn't checked. There were 31 BSQ's + ships
staff + civilians = over 180 people bringing huge unchecked bags onboard.
If you've been through airport security after 9/11 you'll have seen how thorough the security is
nowadays. If airport security and Nuclear weapon security were both compared to prisons, the
airport would be Alcatraz and Base security would be house arrest.
Jumping back to my first time down the boat (SMQ Dry). I was far from impressed with the
security and I was about to be extremely disappointed in the conditions of the equipment. We went
to the control room; the instructor said don't touch anything. A crew member responded by saying
“it doesn't matter none of it works anyway, you can touch what you want.” Everyone laughed. They
also complained in the Missile Control Centre (MCC) about how their equipment is “F**KED!”.
There were a lot of red tags on equipment in most of the compartments we went into. I highly
suspected a lot of them were for defect rectification, rather than standard maintenance Tagouts.
Seeing the condition of the security and equipment made me more than concerned, for the safety of
the people. It was at that point I realised I needed to gather as much safety and security information
as I could. My intentions at that point were to make the changes by reporting through the chain of
In SMQ dry I learnt that HMS Vanguard is in the worst of the worst condition. Countless times it
tried to sail but had to come back in; forcing the other boats to do extended patrols. In one of the
lessons the instructor mentioned they found a problem with one of the nuclear reactors on one of the
boats. He said all boats might need to get their reactors replaced. The instructor didn't give away
much information. I knew I had to get assigned to a boat and go on patrol as soon as possible in
order to gather this information. Fast Track to a Leading Engineer was the answer. If I got fast
tracked I would be on the first available boat after training. I worked hard day and night, and at the
end of the 10 week course I had the achieved the highest test result on average out of a 20plus
people on the SMQ course. At the end of SMQ dry training No-one received fast track. However
the achievement went onto my JPA record. There was just one course left, one last shot.. The
Trident Training Facility (TTF). At the end the course I was told I had more SWS (Strategic
Weapons System) knowledge than most of the supervisors onboard. It was a nice compliment but I
doubt it. I was awarded Fast Track to Leading Engineering Technician and received an award for
best student.
Just weeks after passing out of training I had a draft for HMS Victorious. My work mates started
calling me a terrorist robot because I remembered everything and I have a Northern Ireland accent.
This reputation would have undoubtedly made it difficult for me to gather information. I needed to
create distance between them, and create a new persona; I aimed for mixture of dumbness and
eagerness to learn for simple curios reasons. Within days of being on patrol I was no longer the
terrorist robot, soaking up all the information for terrorist reasons. Playing dumb came easy for me,
I've been doing it and been it most of life. It makes people open up and explain a lot more. If
someone assumes you know something they might leave that part out of the conversation, meaning
you've just lost information which might have been valuable. It also helps with getting out of certain
situations. I watched a lot of Columbo when I was a kid.
Stores Ship – The crew was getting ready to sail; I was assisting with storing the supplies on the
boat. This day gave a good indication as to how the patrol was going to be; disorganised and a risk
to health. Nobody took charge of storing ship. Most of the crew that was supposed to be helping us
left early, there was food on the ground, food thrown in skip/bin, with wrappers busted and people
throwing food at personnel on the casing and a lot of food to still waiting to get brought onboard.
We had started in the morning and it wasn't until the night that the PO came out to take charge. He
ordered us to bring onboard the meat which was laying on the floor and in the bin for a good part of
the day. There was meat which had dirt on it because the wrapper was busted; it was still brought
onboard for us to eat on patrol. The firefighting equipment was brought on broad at the last minute
and stowed away in a rush by BSQs (non-submarine qualified personnel); most of them didn't know
where to put the gear. If the suits were stored incorrectly it could dramatically affect the response
time to an incident. I also don't like the idea of removing a lot of the firefighting equipment from
the submarine whilst in harbour. Their reasoning is, it's for re-entering the submarine from the
casing if there's a fire. How about having sets onboard and sets at the fire dump for re-entry, so the
other PPI Gold teams have the option of getting dressed anywhere onboard or from the casing. I
said that to a PO and his response was “it's a good point, they probably don't do it for money
reasons.” Considering the Billions that's poured into these submarines, I doubt and hope it's not for
money reasons.
Day one of patrol - It was a dark, rainy and windy morning I made it through the Gate to the Red
Area with my helmet on and looking down so the guard couldn't see my face; he never asked me to
look up. I made it through the Green Area checkpoint by keeping my face away from the guards, I
didn't show my ID, and I never handed any ID in. I got buzzed straight through with the others. A
roll call was done for the BSQ's (Basic Submarine Qualification). It turns out there were too many
people onboard and a bunch of people weren't actually supposed to be there. A few of them got
asked to leave but they still kept too many. Which meant there would always be two people sharing
one bed (Hot Bunking) because they didn't have the space. They also set up new beds, one of which
blocked a major hydraulic isolation and another two blocked the Port & Starboard DC switch
boards. Three things that we need to gain access to in an emergency. The risk was recognised after
about a week , and two the beds at the switchboards were taken down. There were 31 BSQs on the
boat. 31 extra people to get in the way of the damage control teams in an emergency. 31 people to
distract watch keepers with their task books.
Initial dive – On the first dive there was loud continuous bang being heard by everyone. It was
down the forward starboard side. The next day in the junior rates mess, I heard people complaining
amongst themselves about it being ignored. After all patrol objective No.1 is to remain undetected
except by forces allocated in direct support. They suspected it might have been the fore-planes. The
fore-planes is a control surface that is used to alter the depth of the submarine. There were jokes
about the fore-planes being defective throughout the entire submarine. They joked about getting
them stuck in dive mode. The aft-planes on full rise would compensate, if that did happen.
However would you feel safe having a plane fly over our cities that had a problem with getting
stuck in dive mode? When the boat was on index they shut off from diving and stayed on the
surface for safety concerns due to the fore-planes. We need to dive whilst on patrol to remain
undetected; the safety concerns were as always, dismissed. We are down to two boats that are
available for patrol. Both of which have major defects. Question is what does it take for us to stop
the Continuous At Sea Deterrent CASD? CASD forces there to be one submarine at sea on patrol
all time.
A problem occurred with the Main Hydraulic Plant. I stood at the laundry where the mechanical
engineers (ME's) hangout; to gather information. Somehow sea water was getting into it. The
amount of actual hydraulic oil in the plant had fallen to 35% the rest was sea water. An ET ME SM
called the officers plans to deal with the situation “stupid”. Weeks had past and the problem was
still there. I then heard a Leading ME say there's an estimated 4-5 hundred Litres of sea water in the
main hydraulic rep tank. The problem was there until the end of the patrol. Hydraulics is used to
open the muzzle hatches. This defect stopped them from doing a Battle Readiness Test (BRT) which
proves that the muzzle hatches could have opened whilst on patrol, and that if we needed to we
could've launched.
Throughout the patrol there were constant problems with both distillers. One distiller didn't work at
all; the other one would produce half of the recommended output until it would also stop working,
at random times. The distillers are used to turn sea water into freshwater. You would expect one of
the “most advanced submarines on the planet” to be able to provide fresh water.
I could sometimes here alarms on the missiles Control and Monitoring Position (CAMP) while
lying in bed. I later found out that I would've been hearing them more frequently if they didn't mute
the console; just to avoid listening to the alarms. This is the position that monitors the condition of
the missiles, and they muted the alarms. One of the watch keepers told me and laughed about how
they would deal with any issues; they would deviate from set procedures because the procedures
can be “long and winding.” He said “sometimes you just know that you can adjust a valve slightly
and that would solve the problem. Following the procedures might take you down a long and
winding path.” You might think that's no big deal, just an engineer using his engineering skills; if he
was caught doing this kind of action on an American submarine it would cost him his job and
possibly his freedom. If you work on the Strategic Weapon System you must follow the procedures,
mistakes can be catastrophic.
CAMP for obvious reasons is a position that requires constant manning. This is another rule that
isn't followed. This time it's not always the CAMP watch keepers fault. During the captains rounds
period for example, they're forced to clean a massive compartment. This draws them away from the
monitoring screen and if the alarms have been muted … Most of the time they sit talking in a tea
area; the screens aren't visible from this position. Sometimes the MC patrol and CAMP watch
keeper completely disregard the rule of constant manning. I was in the Missile Control Centre when
I heard a pipe saying “could the CAMP watch keeper please report to CAMP.” They got caught out
that time.
There were 31 BSQs (Unqualified submariners) running around and distracting people that are in
these crucial monitoring positions such as the nuclear reactors Main Control Desk (MCD), the
nuclear missiles Control and Monitoring Position (CAMP), the control room Panel etc. These are
positions which require permanent manning and permanent attention. However those rules aren't
followed. When I was doing my BSQ I could see the lack of attention they were paying. It was only
a matter of time before a mistake was made, and of course a mistake was made.
A mistake was made on the Panel in the control room. A small mistake from this position can cause
a disaster. The fixed firefighting system Weapon Stowage Compartment (WSC) fog spray was
accidentally activated by the control room panel operator. None of the electrical isolations that are
required to be made were made; creating a high risk of fire in a compartment which contains
torpedoes. It sprayed seawater over everything in the compartment; torpedoes, lights, torpedo
monitoring panel; everything. I was called down to help with the clean up by the coxswain; the
place was flooded. Lucky there was no fire, this time. The coxswain exclaimed “I wonder why
anyone wants to work here, everything is dangerous; one little thing and we're all f**ked!” He also
expressed concern about water spraying on electrics. Someone then said “lucky it's your last patrol
then.” We all laughed. The general consensus is there's no set person for senior survivor. However
the coxswain in an emergency sub sunk situation is the expert in escape, and I've read
documentation that says he is the senior survivor. Hearing those words come from his mouth means
a lot. As far as I know the control room panel operator got away with it. People were saying things
like “we all make mistakes” and “he's completely shaken up about it”. It confuses me how someone
could make an almost disastrous mistake and get away with it that easily. Anyone who turns up late
for a shift gets a MAA and a day’s wages deducted. Almost kill everyone and its aww poor guy he's
shaken up.
That wasn't the only mistake made by the control room panel operator during my patrol. The panel
also accidentally shutdown the hydraulic pumps. Momentarily we lost all main hydraulics before
the emergency pump kicked in. There may have been all incidents that I didn't hear about. All it
takes is for them press one wrong button in that position to cause a disaster.
A Fire Control Supervisor seen my interest in submarine disasters, so he gave me a book that
contained detailed information about Submarine accidents. A lot of submarines have been lost due
to simple accidents. If one simple mistake is made it can be all other. You can find some of the
information online but most of it is covered up. It's only a matter of time before one of the Trident
submarines are lost. HMS Vanguard a Trident submarine makes an appearance in the book for the
deep depth incident. The submarine exceeded 300 meters (safe depth is 65meters). They under
estimated the weight of the submarine and didn't have enough speed for the Aft-planes to create
raise. The further the submarine descended the more the weight of the submarine increased due to
pressure. The rate of weight increase was greater than the rate that they were pumping out water.
The submarine was extremely close to being lost.
There was another incident on HMS Vanguard that did not appear in this book. Possibly due to the
date of the book or the fact the tried to cover it up, but everyone who serves on the Trident
submarines knows that it was HMS Vanguard that crashed into the French submarine. I was talking
to a Chief who was on the submarine at the time. He said they told him if he told anybody about it
he'd faced a prison sentence. However there was an atmosphere in the room were people felt like
telling their stories of near misses, plus he knew that we knew it was HMS Vanguard. He said “We
thought, this it we're all going to die. I was laughing my ass at the time; I think it must have been
the nerves.” He went on to explain what happened. The French submarine had took a massive
chunk out of the front of HMS Vanguard and grazed down the side of the boat. The High Pressured
Air (HPA) bottle groups were hanging off and banging against the pressure hull. They had to return
to base port slowly, because if one of HPA bottle groups exploded it would've created a chain
reaction and sent the submarine plummeting to the bottom. Luckily the boat made it back safely for
repair. There was a massive cover up of the incident. For the first time the no personal electronic
devices with a camera rule was enforced.
The HMS Vanguard crash didn't appear in that submarine disaster book but there's a book it will be
in. I was talking to a SWS Navigation supervisor. He told that HMS Vanguard has had so many
crazy incidents that they've got their own book filled with them. He said he's read it himself, and
some of the of things that's happened on that boat are insane. A lot of people think the boat is cursed
and try to avoid being drafted to it, but maybe it's blessed, after all It has survived all of these
incidents and yet somehow it's still classed as operational. It won't be long now before HMS
Vanguard makes its way to America.
In another conversation with the SWS Navigation Supervisor, I got him to tell me about his
experiences onboard. He has experienced 4 floods and fires onboard. He told me the worst was a
flood in the DC equipment space. The whole back section was submerged in electrified water, from
the 10 kW motor generators. He said they were lucky they didn't follow the normal emergency
operating procedure for that incident. Due to where the flood was coming from if they had followed
the normal procedure the submarine would've been lost. He also explained in detail the time he was
the attack BA for a fire back aft. When he got back Aft he couldn't see a thing yet the fire was just a
small one that was out before he got there. He explained how the new safety culture has created a
relaxation of heaves; we no longer have heaves/drills with a blind folded EBS. This means most
people aren't prepared to be blinded by smoke, which is what happens in a real incident on a
Fire in the Missile compartment, in harbour – One morning I standing in the Missile Control Centre
waiting for a heave/drill. The fire control chief started to tell everyone about the time they had a
scheduled heave for 10am and a real incident happened before the safeguard rule pipe was made
(SGRIF). After the safeguard rule is enforced the pipe's for fires etc, so they don't have to say “for
exercise”; it injects realism. The pipe for the fire on Missile Compartment 4 Deck was made.
Everyone was waiting on the safeguard rule so they assumed the person making the pipe had
forgotten to make the safeguard pipe first. They thought it was an exercise and he laughed at how
they were “tabs out” and in no real concern. He said once they arrived there they shit themselves. 4
deck was filled with smoke. There were reports of smoke on 1 deck before it reached 2 deck and 3
deck because the smoke was so thick it had created a smoke cloud that travelled up sides then down
through those decks. The chief said if it had been at sea there would've been about 50 dead bodies
on 3 deck because of the amount of people struggling to find an EBS coupling in order to breath.
There were then jokes about how people struggle and fight to find an EBS coupling during a
heave/drill let alone a disaster with no ability to see. Plus take into account there were 31 BSQ's on
this patrol, getting in the way. Some of the BSQs would've been useful but most of the BSQs have
never experienced it before and undoubtedly would have gotten in the way. They would've been
using EBS couplings and blocking the path of experienced personnel; this happened a lot during
heaves/drills. The chief said they used all the SFU 90 fire extinguishers that could reach the fire,
and they were running out a portable extinguishers. The fire control junior rate said “did you not
consider using N2 drench?” The chief replied “we were less than minutes away from N2 drenching
the compartment.” He said they finally got the fire out after using almost every portable
extinguisher onboard.
The fire was caused by the ships toilet roll being stacked from deck to deck-head they whole way
along 4 deck (right beside the missiles and firing units). They reckon it was the heat from the cables
that caused the fire. Now a days due to environmental concerns we don't ditch gash/rubbish at sea.
In numerous compartments on the boat you'll find plastic bags filled with rubbish sitting on top,
underneath and beside electrical cables and equipment that generates heat. I made my concerns
clear to a leading hand, a chief and a warrant officer. I said “There's Plastic bags filled with
cardboard touching cables and equipment that generate heat.” I reminded them of the time the toilet
rolls went on fire. The first responded by agreeing then laughing because I said plastic and
cardboard are both great materials for starting a fire. The second agreed but said there's nothing we
can do about. The third one agreed but then explained the operational advantage of not ditching
rubbish; the enemy might find our rubbish on the seabed. Well.. It's not funny, I can at least try to do
something about it, and I think a fire on a nuclear submarine is a bigger threat to the safety of the
people, than some Russian boat detecting our rubbish. It's only a matter of time before they cause a
fire. Most people that I talked to who were leading hand and above had experienced a fire of some
kind on board. The Warrant Officer had experienced multiple fires. A few times he mentioned how
the belts in the fan room are just waiting for a fire. He said we'll all shit ourselves when the
submarine fills with smoke in a matter of seconds. He's probably the hardest working most switched
on guy I've ever meet, but even he can't stop the inevitability of a fire.
CB8890 (0214) - If the HE charge is exposed to excessive heat without burning, it may become
more sensitive and could cook to (non-nuclear) detonation, releasing radioactive materials and
aerosols over a wide area.
(0219) - The chief potential hazard associated with a live missile is the accidental ignition of the
first, second or third stage rocket motor propellant. If this were to happen in the missile tube with
the muzzle hatch shut and locked., the pressure hull and bulkheads of the MC would burst within a
matter of seconds. In addition the missile contains a number of subsidiary propulsive and ordnance
items that could cause damage to the missile and/or release toxic gases into the MC if initiated
prematurely. In some cases, this could also result in ignition or detonation of one of the rocket
There was a leak coming through the roof in the junior rates mess beside electrics. I asked them
“are you going to isolate it?” They replied “It's happened before, we didn't make any isolations last
time and there was no fire.” Even though water was travelling through the lights they didn't feel it
was necessary. It took over 8 hours to stop the leak. It then returned on a few other occasions.
In the riders mess there was an extension cable attached to an extension cable, with clothes touching
them and sometimes wet towels were hung above them. Anyone who has passed out of nursery can
spot that hazard straight away. All personal electronic devices needed to be PAT Tested to see if it
was safe for use. This rule was never properly enforced. There was only one guy onboard who PAT
Tested the equipment. Two people in my mess got caught on week 7. I personally never got mine
PAT Tested so I could see how sloppy their enforcement was. I never got caught the whole patrol,
even though I'd sit in the JRs mess with an unmarked plug on display for all of them to see.
CAMP isn't the only place where alarms are ignored. In the Missile Control Centre there is a CAMP
Fault alarm that appears quite frequently. Due to it appearing frequently if the alarm is sounded
most of the time people won't even bother looking at the screen because they assume it's that same
fault. I heard there was a problem with the Starboard TG. I then found a letter in the bin telling the
Aft engineers “Starboard TG combined emergency trip stop valve. Don't follow standard operating
procedures (SOPs). Open it a little instead of fully so that indications are correct on the Propulsion
Service Panel (PSP).” Basically they avoided the standard operating procedures so they didn't have
any alarms on their panel. There was a problem with one of the TGs. We only have two TGs
onboard. We need them to generate electricity from the reactor. If we lost both TGs we would've
been down to using the battery. Problem with that is there was also a problem with one of the MGs
(motor generators). One MG was dysfunctional. They had problems with it before and when it went
faulty instead getting a new one, they “fixed it” and sent the same one back. Which obviously hasn't
been fixed properly. There was a lot of problems of the electrical generation equipment. Losing
power could result in losing the submarine.
A good communication system is said to be the most important thing onboard. Yet we have an old
speaker system that no one understands most of the time. Take into consideration that during most
emergences they talk through a breathing mask and you have a disaster waiting to happen.
If you've never seen a missile compartment before you probably have a picture of a glistening high
tech piece of equipment in your head. Before Captains rounds or a VIP visit it is pretty glistening
but during most of the patrol it's far from it. Missile Compartment 4 deck turns into a gym. There
are people sweating their asses of between the missiles, people rowing between a blanket of s**t
because the sewage system is defective, sometimes the s**t sprays onto the fwd starboard missile
tubes and there's also a lot of rubbish stored near the missile tubes. Not an image you would expect
of the “most advanced weapon system on the planet”.
There were a few incidents of people in the gym dropping weights near the nuclear weapon's firing
units. I heard one person joke about how he accidentally throw a weight and it nearly hit a missiles
firing unit. A person was caught using a Bluetooth speaker to play music on MC 4 deck. The
captain found out and a warning issued over Full Main Broadcast (FMB) all personal electronics
would be banned if anyone else was caught using Bluetooth in the Missile Compartment.
This is a quote from CB8890 (0430) - With live missiles embarked, the only portable radios
authorised for use in the MC / AMS 2 are Cromwell Radios and Fire Fighter helmets with built in
communications (FFHBC).
E. Electronic equipment in the MC other than that required for safety and security must not
be operating.
Personnel Electronics should be banned yet the policy isn't enforced. You can bring whatever
electronic devices you want onboard: laptops, phones, pads etc. Almost everyone onboard sleeps on
a level of the Missile Compartment. They use their own personal electronics right beside the
Simple rules like no e-cigs and no shaving are also not obeyed. With the ventilation constantly
circulating air around the submarine it is possible for the hairs to be picked up and cause short
circuits. In the Missile Control Centre a Power Alert Alarm kept appearing and disappearing. A
possible cause is something like dust or hair creating a short.
I was working in the senior rates mess for a week. I heard them complain about the atmosphere not
being in spec. For a while everyone was sleepy and then there were times people couldn't sleep.
Too high or to low O2 or CO2 levels can cause this. Around the time of Captains rounds people
were complaining about being sleepy all the time. It could've been because of the extra work but a
lot of people were saying it was the atmosphere. Most people onboard were using a cleaning
solution which was supposed to be banned onboard. People were also mixing the cleaning agents
together to create a super cleaning agent. Someone told me they made a cocktail of cleaning
products which evaporated instantly when they added hot water. I had a headache that lasted for the
whole cleaning period; it went away shortly afterwards. We had to start cleaning again for the VIP
visit. The person I was cleaning with brought a bucket which had the banned substance in it, and
within a few minutes my headache was back. I told him it was banned but he just cracked on. The
product had a distinct smell, and it didn't take long before it was picked up. The medical assistant
walked past and recognised the smell. He said “said that smells like Terry's chocolate orange, you
know that's banned.” then walked off. Yet again the rules weren't being followed.
I was in the Navigation centre listening in to a conversation between the Navigation supervisor and
a Sub LT. They started talking and joking about how there's a complete lack of concern for Top
Secret information. They shared their experiences; the Sub Lt talked about someone she knew
who'd just leave Top Secret information laying on his bed for anyone to see. When the guys in the
Navigation centre got used to seeing me, they let me see Top Secret information such as: PBNZs
and the current location. There were also times were the Navigation supervisor and the JR would
leave the compartment. One time the supervisor was of somewhere and the JR was cleaning the
outside the compartment; I was only in the compartment for about 5 minutes with the PBNZ folder
and Top Secret laptop nearby. It would've been easy for me to gather the PBNZ information. To the
right buyer this information would sell for millions. However I wasn't interested in it. Releasing that
information would show the positions the submarine would travel to on patrol. Any enemy could
use it to help them find the submarine. It is possible for a foreign enemy to eliminate one of our
submarines and get away with it. The information I have released in this document has been
carefully selected. I would never release information that I haven't considered the implications of.
An idiot may say that releasing information about how open to attack we are will invite terrorism
and create an increased risk to security. The truth is the threat already exists. I can sit on my ass
hoping they don't find out about how ridiculous the security is or I can let our Government and
people know so they can make a change. I tried to make the changes from within. I expressed my
concerns too many times without any action being taking.
The reason the Navigation supervisor let me see the information was they knew there was a chance
that I would come back as a Navigation supervisor on my next patrol. However I don't have that
level of security clearance yet. There was another incident more disturbing. I was with seven other
new SWS personnel on that patrol. None of us have DV security clearance, none of us had our bags
checked, all us got to see inside the missile and a few of us got to climb inside a nuclear missile
which could have had up to 12 nuclear warheads on it. At the end of patrol we remove the missile
inverters. In order to get parts of our task books signed of we had to witness the removal. After the
removal was complete I was asked “do you want to have a look inside?” I climbed the ladder, put
half my body inside the missile and had a look around. They pointed out explosives and said “when
you’re doing this procedure don't touch them.” If any of us were terrorist we would've been given
the perfect opportunity to send nuclear warheads crashing down on the UK. A Vanguard class
submarine can carry up 12 warheads on each missile and has 16 missile tubes which means there
could be up to 192 nuclear warheads on a single boat at one time. Due to Nuclear agreements the
number would most likely be around 48 nuclear warheads; still enough to poison our atmosphere.
CB8890 (0215) - If RB containment is breached, several radioactive and/or toxic materials may be
exposed to the atmosphere. These include plutonium, uranium, lithium compounds, tritium gas and
beryllium. If mixed with water, fumes or toxic gases will be generated. When installed in a Trident
II D5 missile, RBs clustered around the Third Stage Rocket Motor are at risk from a rocket motor
propellant fire.
(0216) - The RB could become physically damaged due to collision or fire in peacetime and in war
could be subjected to splinter attack or the effects of detonation from enemy projectiles. This type
of damage could also result from a successful terrorist attack.
(0217) - An accident or enemy action may cause rupture of the RB, burning or possible detonation
of the HE and release of radioactive contamination.
The port team removing the inverters from inside the missile, had removed them at almost twice the
speed of the starboard team. When the port team started to work on the starboard missiles, the
starboard team called them cowboys, they laughed about how much of a rushed job they done. I
didn't get to observe how the port team removed them so fast, but I did get to observe the starboard
team for two missiles. Even the starboard team wasn't following the correct procedures. Normal
reader worker routine was completely ignored; the worker carried out the operation from memory
instead of doing it by the book. They also joked about how the Americans do it. They said the
Americans lay on top of each other and if one hand goes out of site from the other person there will
be a lot of shouting their head off. I think that's better than letting a bunch of non-security cleared
people climb inside for nosey.
luckily none of us were terrorists. However the rate at which people are getting pushed through the
system because of man power shortages is scary. SWS is so short on man power it's unbelievable
and people are getting pushed through at an alarming rate. There are leading hands doing the jobs
chiefs used to do. There is a SWS leading hand who still hasn't got his DV clearance and he's in the
position of a launcher supervisor. If I ignored the threat and stuck with my job I'd be on course to be
a leader in the SWS department with a matter of months. 30% of my entire SWS task book got
signed of inside 10 minutes without me talking over or performing any of it. This is a task book that
has a limit of 18months, 12 months for fast track. A guy that was in my squad completed his task
book alongside in less than three months. He is now fully qualified to watch-keeper who may have
to carry out emergency operating procedures in the MCC as a fire-control JR even though he has
never been on a patrol, and hasn't even completed BSS or BSQ. BSS being the complete basic
understanding of the boat. It's just a matter of time before we're infiltrated by a psychopath or a
terrorist; with this amount of people getting pushed through.
Some of the personalities onboard are already alarming. Probably the most worrying is the SWS
Junior Rate whose hobby is killing small animals. He also expressed his interest in watching dark
porn, like crush porn. Which is basically women stomping kittens to death while a guy masturbates.
I have no idea how that guy isn't mentally discharged.
There's other people onboard that should be raising suspicion in people's minds, especially after that
guy went on a shooting rampage on the A-Boat. One guy specifically. I don't want to name any
names in this report, so for now I'll just refer to him as pole. During the morning of captains rounds
pole physically attacked someone because they started cleaning too early. It happened in front of my
bunk. The poor guy was verbally assaulted by pole, and when he asked pole “Who do you think
you're talking too?” Pole jumped out of his bed and attacked the guy. After the fight pole threatened
to kill the guy. I witness Pole get aggressive with five different people; he threatened to kill two of
them. I was one of the people, but he never lived up to his promises of attacking me.
Pole also snapped at a leading hand on the last day of patrol. Pole was promised early departure on
the first boat transfer because of his situation at home, but command decided his situation at home
wasn't as demanding of early release as some of the other guys in the crew. Pole took a position in
the queue for food ahead of the personnel who were next on watch. A SWS leading hand said to him
“you're not even next on, get behind me.” Pole snapped at a leading hand in the dinner line, he
called him a “F**KING C**T”, then stood behind him like a demented pit bull ready to attack. The
leading hand said “what's your problem? Get to the f**king back, now!” but Pole didn't move until
one of the JRs escorted him to the back. After my breakfast I went up to see what the leading hands
response would be. With my usual dumb curious look I asked him “What happened in the dinner
line”. He responded “He tried to get in front of me, even though he's not even next on watch”. I said
“He shouted at you, didn't he?” His reaction was “he's just on edge because he never got the boat
transfer”. That was that. If threatening everyone, attacking someone and calling a leader a
F**KING C**T whilst looking at them like your about to kill him, doesn't make you a suspected as
a threat to other personnel then I really don't know what does.
It appeared most people had breaking points at some point on patrol. There was one guy who
presented a prime example of how someone could go from saying things like “back to back patrols
won't bother me” and “patrols aren't that bad.” Till completely losing it over a missed placed pair
of flip flops. This guy smoked electric cigarettes which are banned onboard. His supply ran low and
that's when he became aggressive. After losing his flip flops he went berserk, he was throwing
things everywhere, looking for them. He shouted “everyone on this boat is a bunch of f**king
re***ds.” he punched lockers and went on shouting and banging for over ten minutes. Not once did
the CAMP watch keeper come over to see what the banging on his compartment was. When
someone trying to sleep said “what's your problem?” he responded by verbally assaulting him. He
told him “get back in your f**king bed now you...” If this is how people react to a lost flip flop after
a tiny adjustment to their nicotine intake, then what else are people capable of doing once the
electric cigarette ban is properly enforced? If the Captain was to catch anyone with electrical
cigarettes he would have most likely enforced the ban.
I heard the Launcher and Fire-control Supervisors whispering to each other in the MCC. The Firecontrol
supervisor spilled coffee on the missiles Data entry subsystem keyboard. It set of an alarm.
That's all the information I gathered on that incident because they were trying to cover it up so the
Weapons Engineering Officer (WEO) wouldn't find out what happened.
One of the BSQ's told me he was contemplating leaving after his first patrol. He went to see the
coxswain; the coxswain took him into his office. The coxswain recommended he should leave; he
said “it doesn't get any better. You might as well leave now before you waste your life here.”
A hydraulic leak was found on a missile's valve.
During a battery clean the BSQ's were sent down to help out. Afterwards one of them was
complaining about how his fingers went numb, but little sympathy was felt by everyone because he
nearly blinded someone by throwing a rag at his face. The rag just missed his eye, but that was
enough to irritate it enough for him to require medical assistance from the doctor. This incident
highlights the lack of concern for safety. There was no safety brief, the appropriate PPE wasn't worn
and a careless action was performed.
When to raise a nuclear weapons safety for a radiation alarm – The SWS Navigation Supervisor
role during a missile radiation alarm is, Command Advisor. In order to learn what I need to as
Command Advisor the Navigation Supervisor asked me to watch him during a heave/drill. One
thing I picked up on was people I different ideas of when the nuclear weapon safety alert should be
raised. Most people think you alert inboard straight away; whilst some people think you don't alert
inboard until the radiation alarm has been confirmed as an actual leak and not a faulty alarm.
On my BSQ board I was asked “what would you do if The Sun or someone like that got your
number, and asked about the problems with the reactors or humidity, stuff like that.” I told them “I
would just hang up.” The reactor situation is something I've been trying to gather information on for
over a year now, but nobody wants to talk about it. If I pushed too hard for information people
would've become very suspicious; which they probably already were since they asked me that
question on a BSQ board. I felt I couldn't say “So what's the problem with the reactors then?” I did
ask them about the humidity problem though, because I had seen how bad it was. Forward dome
and 1 deck WT flat were the worst; there was water dripping from the roof onto all sorts of
electrics. They told me that there's a problem with the system and the condensation levels are 15%
higher than they should be at. I then told them “There's a pump in AMS1 that sprays water on an
electrical distribution box.” One of them said “that's a bit of a design flaw.” They laughed and
changed the subject.
At one point on my board I was told the best way to take down a submarine. He said “nobody ever
things of it, but if they targeted that it would take out the whole submarine.” I'm not going say how
on here, that's information nobody should talk about. A lot of people have had conversations with
me about how easy it would be to take down the submarine. It's disturbing to know that the people
serving on these boats are aware of many ways to destroy them from within. One of the biggest
threats we face is suicidal attack from within. There have been suicides onboard, and on an A-boat
we had a shooter kill his own work colleagues. There were some people that I served with on that
patrol, who showed clear psychopathic tendencies. The odds favour destruction, if no action is
N2 bottle group pressures dropped below 3625 psi, the stated required minimum. N2 drench is used
to extinguish fires in the missile tube or in a compartment:
CB8890 (0438) - In the event of a fire within the MC or AMS 2 that cannot be brought under
control by conventional firefighting methods, the MC/AMS2 can be nitrogen drenched using the
procedures contained in DC documentation.
(0441) - Nitrogen bottle group pressures must be maintained above a minimum of 3625 psi in order
to safeguard the nitrogen drench facility.
The reaction to the N2 drench falling below these levels was, there's nothing we can do whilst we're
the on patrol SSBN. The cause of the leakage was still unknown when we got back from patrol. The
last time I seen the pressure it was over 100 psi below the ordered minimum. I listened in to a
conversation between the port and starboard crew CAMP watch keepers. The Starboard crew Camp
watch keeper said “We had a problem with ours on Vanguard, and they found a massive hole on the
back of one of the Missile Gas reducing stations.”
I went to Camp to learn about their EOP (Emergency Operating Procedure) actions for a missile
emergency. Two Camp watch keepers and a MC patrol were in the tea area, near CAMP. They
wanted to know what I knew about their EOPs for a missile emergency. I told them what the book
says they do. They disagreed with me; they were all convinced that it doesn't say in the (EOP) book
for a missile emergency in harbour, they need to check the Tam 73 fixed radiation monitor. One of
them said “I bet it doesn't say that, we never do that.” I said “Okay £20 it says that.” I could see in
his eyes he started to worry that he might be wrong, but that didn't last for long and he accepted the
bet. I got the book out, and proved them wrong. Maybe they don't check it but this was about what
their EOP book says they do for a missile emergency. This is a book they should know word for
word. Their list of actions isn't even that long. It was shocking how none of them new what the
book said.
There were 2 prank 999 phone calls whilst on patrol. A 999 phone call sets of an alarm in the
control and the whole boat has to carry out phase 1 damage control checks.
A CB8890 exam was coming up; to test people’s knowledge on the safety and security of SWS. I
was asked “Have you read CB8890?” Instead of saying yes, I have read it twice and I have a copy
of it on my phone.” I said “I read through it quickly once and I skipped the annexes.” Playing dumb
worked out again. One of them began to tell me how to read the book. He said “no one fully reads
the book, they just know which parts are going to be questions, and they learn them.” I Launcher
supervisor disagreed, he said “everyone should know that book, especially SWS.” I agree with the
Launcher supervisor; it's a book containing information about the safety and security of SWS and
we're SWS. The exam was a totally farce. They told everyone most of the answers, and any answers
people didn't know they just copied from the person beside them. I was in the MCC and I seen the
launcher supervisor ringing up people who had missed the exam. He asked them “pick a number
between 27 and 30.” The number they picked was their test result.
I could've got the code for the WEO's trigger safe. I was standing just a couple of metres behind
him when he opened the safe. I didn't pay attention to the combination but the point is they seem to
forget I'm not DV security cleared.
After I was asked “what do you do if you find the Firing Unit or Jettison Panel key?” They told me
the correct procedure and what they actually do. They told me about a few occasions where this has
happened. If someone gets their hand on both keys, they can jettison a missile. Jettisoning without
following the proper procedure to list the boat or turning off power to the Variable Energy Eject
Panel (VEEP) would send the missile out of the tube at full force and it will fall back down onto the
submarine. What they actually did when they found the key was they handed them back to the
person who left it laying around. The normal reporting routine was aborted.
There was an excessive amount of Trouble Failure Report's (TFRs) being filed in SWS department;
due to operator and defective equipment. An example of one of the operator errors: They allowed a
trainee to carry out a procedure he had never seen done before. It was a simple procedure, all he had
to do was click Yes when he was told to click Yes, but he clicked No.
CB8890 (0207) - Authorised personnel work to carefully controlled and documented working
There's a board with a list of SWS defects on it in the MCC. It is very close to being full.
When we were passing in as a fully qualified submariners they told us we couldn't drink the shot of
Rum with the dolphin metal/badge in the glass. Considering everything that was happening around
us it made me feel like Harry Houdini getting forced to wear an extra pair of socks encase his feet
get cold during a stunt.
The other crews WEO came on our boat after the patrol. People mocked him behind his back; they
didn't like him because he showed keenness to do his job properly. There's an attitude common to
most people onboard; they show hostility to anyone who works too hard.
Final tests - At the end of a patrol tests are done to see if the weapons system could have performed
a successful launch. These tests let us know if we really were providing the UKs strategic nuclear
deterrent / CASD. It had reached the end of my three month patrol. It was time to do WP 186
missile compensation test. The test was carried out 3 times and it failed, 3 times. Basically the test
showed that the missile compensation system wouldn't have compensated for the changes in weight
of the submarine during missile launches. Which means the missiles would've been launched on an
unstable platform, if they decided to launch. Another test was the Battle Readiness Test (BRT)
which proves that the muzzle hatches could've opened whilst on patrol; if they needed to launch,
they could've launched. The BRT was cancelled due to the main hydraulic system containing mostly
sea water instead of actual hydraulic oil. Basically they're endangering the public and spending
Billions upon Billions of tax payers money for a system so broken it can't even do the tests that
prove it works.
Five minutes before leaving the boat for leave I walked into the JRs toilets; the whole deck was
flooded in a couple inches of brown water. I tried the senior rates and it was the same. This summed
the system up.
A Back aft ME told me he was going to tell his family about everything that happens onboard. I said
“like what?” He said he was going tell them about how everything onboard is nothing like you
expect it to be, everything is broken. He was on the exact same wave length as me. We'd both
witnessed a lot, but the amount events we didn't see is what's scary. I know most people know the
Trident programme is a disaster waiting to happen, but they never tell the public. I've heard of
people getting caught selling information and people writing stuff on Facebook, but I've never heard
of anybody trying to alert the public.
A lot to lose – One of the main reasons nobody tries to talk about it is they've a lot to lose. A SWS
submariner in the Royal Navy gets paid quite a lot of money. They're handing out £50,000 bonuses,
to keep people in the job. It's a good career for education and work experience. There's been more
than a few people go into 6 figure jobs afterwards. There's a lot of stories about people getting
caught talking about information. People have been caught and punished for putting information of
Facebook, so there is a general feeling that you wouldn't get to say much before being silenced.
You’re guaranteed to lose everything, if you talk. Career, money, everything you own, your
freedom, possibly your life, contact with family and friends. It's a lot to lose especially if you think
there's a good chance you won't get much information if any out before your caught, and of course
there's good chance any information you do get out will be covered up.
After rising from the depths I knew I had gained enough information to eliminate the biggest threat
the UK faces. I also gained the knowledge that my desire to serve the people no matter what, wasn't
some fantasy. I will sacrifice everything, for the people I serve. I may be losing a great job, the
money, the freedom, and possibly my life, but it's no longer the fight for those things that drives me;
I'm driven by a Vision of a Better World! There's still one thing that does bring a few tears to my
eyes. That's knowing this might cause my family and friends any kind of emotional pain. Knowing
that my Mum cooked a little too much food for dinner tonight... I can't finish describing this. Don't
feel bad! I'm here through my own choice; I could've kept my career, I could've sold the information
and made millions.. I had choices; its own choice to walk this path and do what is right for the
greater good of the people. A Vision of a better World!
If I die it wasn't suicide. I'm willing to sacrifice everything, but I would never use my own hand to
take my life. If I'm killed and this report is made public, there will be a high chance of a violent
revolution. I'm not seeking violence.
There's still a good chance of me receiving a pardon from the Prime minister. I only released
selected information, I'm not selling the information to the paper or a foreign government, I will be
handing myself in to the police and my desires to serve the people are same as the Prime Ministers.
I also believe it's in the Prime Ministers best interest to release me. Prosecuting someone for
alerting the people and the Government to a major threat isn't a good image for someone who serves
the people.
I'm realising this information in this way because it's the only way I can to be sure it gets out. I
raised my concerns about the safety and security of the weapon system through the chain of
command on multiple occasions. My concern couldn't have been any clearer. Multiple times I
complained to people of various ranks about being able to walk straight down to the Missile
Compartment with a bag on my back which wasn't checked. With the only security being lazy
security guards that don't check IDs properly. Another example: I mentioned to a Leading Hand, a
Chief and a Warrant officer about how storing rubbish in plastic bags next equipment and wiring
that generates heat will cause a repeat of the blazing inferno on 4 deck. I raised concerns for a lot of
things, and not once did someone even attempt to make a change. I seen two paths in front of me.
Ignore the threat or risk everything I have to inform the Government and the people.
I was listening in to a conversation in the senior rates mess about the VIPs we get on board at the
end of patrol. One of the Chiefs brought up the time he meet the Prime minister, David Cameron.
He was treated like every other VIP that comes onboard in the sense he was kept in the dark. Every
time a VIP comes on board the boat becomes a Ghost town, all off watch personnel are to be out of
site. No-one can say anything bad about Trident. The focus is always maintained on why we need
I strongly believe that the Prime Minister and most people that defended Trident had no idea about
how dire the situation is. This is not the time to judge on what they did when they didn't know; it's
about what they do now that they know.

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