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Victor Jara to Guantanamo: The same CIA (33) 

When Leon Panetta revealed that Bush had launched special operations in Pakistan, with special budgets, and that these budgets have fueled primarily by Blackwater mercenaries, some fall from above. Especially with the announcement that they were "recent contracts. But a good look at these very special operations, orchestrated by the CIA had started long ago: from the attacks of September 11, officers were busy in Afghanistan, in the footsteps of Osama bin Laden declared public enemy No. 1. In December 2001, undertook the bombing of Tora Bora, where bin Laden was supposed to hide, which ended in his flight towards Quetta, Pakistan. The Americans, who seem to have ostensibly left spun, however, continued their operations Tracking form of special agents sent there, even if only to reassure the electorate that time. Back on the strange case of a fort lost in the Pakistani border, a mecca for the establishment of the CIA in Afghanistan. Thus in effect at the border between the two countries in a corner, was created one of the largest business centers of the CIA in the middle of an old fort of dried brick, well protected of all eyes. It was Shkin near Angoor Adaa in the Pashtun province of Paktika, just to the Pakistani border. A 65 km away from Wana, where we spotted some time yaa it an ideal base for operations cover-ups or Predators. A fort occupied by American troops, but also by mercenaries hired by the CIA, with the other side of the border, other mercenaries and those troops of Frontier Guards of Pakistan, rather special status (they are also auxiliaries, mercenaries finally!), and trigger happy. Back on one of the places most at the hand of the CIA activity in the world. A place where a curious bear badly licked deposited to his leg, though. The mercenary, the wound clear of these conflicts. That of the company logo bear paw.

From October 19, 2001 already had conventional bombing took place in Afghanistan, north of Kabul, particularly, in areas of training camps of Al-Qaeda, destroyed by U.S. aircraft. And immediately carried elsewhere soon, the Americans realized that the matter was to be taken otherwise. By tracking the terrorists instead of Al-Qaeda in the next step rather than just bombarding their temporary barracks. By using the CIA to monitor the movement of terrorists, assess their capacity for harm and offer or not ... to bomb again their new location, or removed by other means network members. This means agents deposited in the early months of the conflict by aircraft very special. Small twin-engine aircraft, originally manufactured in Spain by EADS-CASA Aviocar (which was built in 1940 Messerchsmitt 109 and Heinkel 111!).

Small planes representing the best possible choice: it is built over 40 years, reliable, cheap labor, cheap as easily findable on the second hand market, retrofitted with input from Winglets, which can be used at any in short, good gear, such as formulating an ad from 1981 that I've found (downstairs in the additional images). An advertisement announcing as French distributor Marcel Dassault Aviation, which has obviously missed the boat with this device, which has not won the French army. At the point that in 2008 the department placed discreetly on the market tendering for this type of device, with a Pilatus worthy of Air America, supposedly for the parachute regiments but in fact to fill the COS , the French secret services in Afghanistan ... the list had been put online in 2008, demonstrating the delay of awareness of the French army on the private U.S. firm, which had the only right thing to do over seven years ago. The list was made clear: the French discovered only in 2008 that Blackwater or DynCorp had selected the same devices. (the scene in Utah, remember the scene of consumption by Pilatus and Cessna of U.S. hostages in Colombia). The list, here (* 1), Herve Morin apparatus which we've never spoken to him so that evoked the "aircraft wheelbarrows, yet ...

Leased aircraft apparently he "manned" the COS (the devices being for the 1st or 13th RPIMa RDP notoriously known as the host COS!) So that the France too ... plays the card of mercenaries, the French Air Force does not train drivers CASA C-212. That is very interesting because the three soldiers who were unfortunately drowned recently in Afghanistan, we had noticed the presence of two members of the COS, precisely. Information came too discreetly in the press. In the USA, the "small plane for a large army" seems to have convinced everyone now. A 6.5 million copies only, not a chance.

Small white aircraft, therefore, for Blackwater, without any camouflage, belonging to a private company of mercenaries. These are indeed the CASA C-212 Blackwater who landed the first contingents of special services Afgnanistan, from 2002, instead of military aircraft of the Air Force: first revelation (* 2). Among them, the model N964BW registered, recorded earlier in ... Bolivia. The contract of 5 million dollars for the transportation of special agents had been signed in late 2001, and April 2002 when the small twin-engine CASA began their rotations. Blackwater has been involved in joint operations with the army and the CIA much earlier than hitherto imagined! Twenty people, nor, initially landed in May 2002 with Prince Eric in person ... Shkin. The involvement of Blackwater took place much earlier than has tried to make us believe these months! The problem indeed: Congress knew absolutely nothing.

One aircraft Presidential Airways (was daring as company name!), Copy N964BW had been followed twice flying to Camp Peary, the training center of the CIA (the famous "Farm!" ' ), and had not served to transport the people of Blackwater: it too is undoubtedly one of those famous airplanes of the "renditions flights. The aircraft had actually been sighted in Mildenhall in Suffolk, England, June 2, 2007, at 16H36, the largest U.S. base in the country, and from there we were able to reconstruct the flight from Camp Peary direction ... Malta. On board, four mercenaries equipped with M-16 had been observed by spotters, plus the two crew members, seen in camouflage (* 3). The German magazine Der Spiegel announced in August 2009 as the first destination and the final destination of Casa Blackwater: they were flights departing from Guantanamo to arrive in Kandahar through the steps required by autonomy. A "rendition flight" over (* 4). A spotter by intelligently exotic aircraft: headquartered in Kandahar, he has an American registration (N961BW). For exact routes of CASA, defer to the great interactive map that I had dug up in episode 14 of the saga. For such small planes, they have made sacred journeys! Reijavik saw them spend a good couple of times! And we understand better, and why Negroponte taking as its base of El Aguacate, where one Robert Seldon Lady (born in Honduras!) Had been seen several times down a CASA C-212, which he working ... Italy, Milan, which you also talk about this very soon. Everything is in these episodes, I tell you!

At Blackwater, a mindset typical mercenaries confident reigned. The same is displaying a roundabout Iraq, certainly one of Nisoor. A claim that is not really recommended when it comes to flying a transport plane. Result: November 27, 2004, a CASA, the No. N960BW, crashed into a canyon in Afghanistan, in circumstances quite staggering. The proceedings of the Congress that we learned the day before the accident, a contract for 92 million dollars had been added to the credit of Blackwater, for operations in Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, or Uzbekistan. The previous record was 35 million over two years the firm was on a roll! The crew had they too celebrated the new fabulous contract? To see the circumstances of the accident may be supposed, in fact.

The NTSB report on the incident had been distressing for the firm, in any case, accused of poor maintenance, and the pilot, to be totally irresponsible (* 5). Completely turned on (and certainly in a right-alcoholic), music-hard rock bottom of the headphones, surprised by the bad end of the canyon in which he pledged, he in fact tried to correct the last moment to loseAt the bottom of the canyon, Mount Baba was waiting for him, located at 16 739 feet altitude (5102 m)! The plane was not pressurized, and the pilot had not thought for one moment to use his oxygen mask!

The Congress will also discover that Blackwater during his recruitment, had not even checked his flying license. And that man had already been involved in another crash in 1999. A hothead more! Not having given flight plan, having followed the wrong path, the aircraft was located seven hours later, and first aid could not be achieved within three days. On the ground, crashed a living, had managed to escape the plate. He was found dead of cold and internal injuries, yet wrapped in a sleeping bag where he had found refuge after the report "extensively urinated" (every indication that all aboard had only drunk!). In this report it was stated that other victims were still alive after the impact, and that relief soon arrived on site could save them. The aircraft was in fact only 148 km Bagram! Pitiful, historical, and from start to finish! Blackwater acted as an amateur on the spot! The wife of the deceased (Lt. Col.. McMahon), military also wanted to sue Blackwater: vain. On October 20, 2007, she was dismissed. That says a lot about the legal protections enjoyed by the firm of mercenaries! The argument by counsel for Blackwater was also unstoppable in truth: civil jurisdiction does not apply if the disaster because the firm was under contract to the U.S. government. The scope of immunity, the same as the one developed for the murders disguised agents of Blackwater in Iraq! Ashamed! Despite this setback, the file already loaded Prince grew heavier each day a little more notice, since Bush was in power.

For many observers, including former CIA, mixing the band of mercenaries from Prince to covert operations, the CIA had simply lost his soul, mixing genres, money, and personal ambitions ( * 6), including the Officer of the company, former Navy Seal himself but also a man of religion, intimately persuaded to make a crusade of modern times. At the very image of the president he served, and to frighten the elders of the CIA. The threat came as the fact that the use of Blackwater was purely political, and allowed Dick Cheney to have at its disposal thugs, killers, without having to go through the verification box binding Congress (* 7). A state within a state, protected by his bodyguard of assassins. Prince and his squad of killers, was much the bond of Dick Cheney to reach the targeted killings that she was forbidden to make the U.S. Congress, Committee on Church requires. We know that later, this practice "manual" murder was shifted to the level of firing rockets from Predator drones, a technical development in Pakistan .... by men of Blackwater.

A phenomenon that continues today, actually. The agency mercenaries, known for its indiscriminate firing on the Iraqi populace, has played a larger role than previously imagined. A role which, once revealed, could lead to Dick Cheney's loss, the use of Blackwater having circumvented and violated the law. Including the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, which prohibits the use of armed civilians recruited by the state, except as authorized by act of Congress. The case had already put to the people of New Orleans, ravaged by Hurricane Katrina, where Blackwater was formed a mat of dollars on the backs of the unfortunate victims. The Bush administration exceeded, had appealed to Blackwater and forget to make him sign some papers, and without requesting an express congressional authorization. They had already acted in off-the-law. Cheney, in Iraq and Afghanistan, had appealed to the gangsters for his dirty work, although it will pay one day, real gang leader.

The man who made the link between Prince and Cheney was the number three at the time of the CIA, Alvin "Buzzy" Krongard (* 8). Just turn of events, Krongard became member of the management of Blackwater as he left the CIA. His brother, Howard "Cookie" Krongard remaining within the administration to oversee the contracts ... Blackwater. Friends and villains, all through the eight years of Bushism. With the recruitment of 2005 Cofer Black, head of the cons-terrorism branch of the CIA, the buckle was fastened, as Cofer Black had promised to bring "the head of bin Laden in an ice bucket" to "his" chair . But that's not all: Cofer had brought with him Robert Richer, the head of the Directorate of Operations of the CIA and Enrique "Ric" Prado, who had spent 25 years working for the agency. The syndrome of attraction for money, collected from people like Alan Premel's successor Carnaby lead to a weakening of the CIA's private key executives at a crucial time. Blackwater did not stop in so good way: the company had also hired Jose Rodriguez (* 9), a major patron of the National Clandestine Service, who joined the company private through a family friend, Rick Prado, a veteran paramilitary operations, with whom he had worked in South America. The goal is the creation of a rival organization to the CIA, intituiée Total Intelligence Solutions.

The CIA, decapitated, now headed by a military rather limited and orders (Michael Hayden, nominated May 8, 2006), saw a competitor using its frameworks to the same missions, sometimes at the service of foreign governments, including the Jordanian government, who had established excellent relationships with particular Krongard. The passage of so many executives in the private agency in this sense was a disaster: Cofer Black held state secrets, and he should have been forbidden by contract to go and exercise their talents elsewhere or not particularly in a band of mercenaries led by a quasi-evangelist. The CIA, with them and thus far 2005 had really lost all sense of reality, focusing on an endless quest for the final sub-contract to a bunch of cowboys mechanical rollers. In this sense, the memo revealed by Panetta was no ambiguity: it was good that Blackwater was involved, and that Krongard "had supplied the weapons" to targeted assassinations. Via the "Other Government Agencies", the specialized division of Blackwater responsibility to link with the CIA. Assassins who traveled by plane, but not just any of the CASA Presidential Airways, Eric Prince.

A character with whom we do not finish tomorrow, we will examine in more detail if you wish, for we see how his family ties were close to GWBush. In point of talking about real mafia, obsessed by religion and values that most conservative and not a single company of mercenaries. We also return on the basis of Shkin, the Mecca of Afghan penetration of the CIA to Pakistan.

(1) "A brief description of the contract or the acquisition / procurement: Market to order pursuant to section 77 of the Code Desmarchais public. The contract takes effect from the date of notification. It is concluded for a renewable period of 12 months from that date. Be regarded as the first financial year, the period elapsing interlaced date of notification and the day before the anniversary date of the contract included. It will then be renewed annually by express reappointment without quesa overall duration shall not exceed twenty-four (24) consecutive months and nth limit of one (1) renewal. Lot No. 1: Hire an aircraft type Pilatus PC6 B2 in favor of the 13th Parachute Dragoon Regiment (RDP). - Minimum annual amount of 10 000 euros (TTC) - maximum annual amount of 35 500 euros (TTC). Lot 2: Lease of aircraft type or Casa Skyvan in favor of the 13th Parachute Dragoon Regiment (RDP). - Minimum annual amount of 15 000 euros (TTC) - maximum annual amount of 46 000 euros (TTC). Lot No. 3: Hire a bi-turbo aircraft type propeller CASA 212 (version 100, 200 or 300) in favor of the 1st Battalion Parachute Infantry Navy (RPIMa) Bayonne. - Minimum annual amount of 15 000 euros (TTC) - maximum annual amount of 50 000 euros (TTC). Lot No. 4: Rent a bi-turbo aircraft Twin Otter propeller Dhc6au profit of 1 Parachute Regiment Marines (RPIMa) Bayonne. - Minimum annual amount of 15 000 euros (TTC) - maximum annual amount of 50 000 euros (TTC). Lot No. 5: Renting a CASA 212 aircraft type (version 100, 200 or 300) in favor of the School of Airborne Troops in Pau. - Minimum annual amount of 50 000 euros (TTC) - maximum annual amount of 229 500 euros (TTC). Lot No. 6: Renting an aircraft-type Twin Otter DHC6-200 in favor of the School of Airborne Troops in Pau. - Minimum annual amount of 15 000 euros (TTC) - maximum annual amount of 65 000 euros (TTC).


from WayneMadsenReport

January 5, 2010 -- Judge's order to seize COSMIC documents sends Turkey's "Deep State" into crisis

Turkey's "Deep State" of military, intelligence, and law enforcement officers, linked to the CIA and Israel's Mossad through the Ergenekon network of spies and "false flag" operatives, has been shaken over the decision of Ankara Judge Kadir Kayan to order NATO COSMIC Top Secret rooms at the Turkish Special Forces Command's Tactical Mobilization Group in Ankara to be searched by civilian prosecutors and police. "COSMIC" is a NATO classification and the investigation of the shadowy Ergenekon network has turned up evidence that COSMIC documents may contain proof that Turkey's Special Operations forces were planning to assassinate top Turkish political leaders, including Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc. There are also reports that the Turkish military, with the support of the United States and Israel, was planning a military coup against President Abdullah Gul and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The Turkish leaders have been highly critical of Israel's bloody invasion of Gaza, code named "Cast Lead," and Washington's call for increased sanctions on Iran.

The documents seized by prosecutors and police may also show that the CIA's "Gladio" networks, so-called "stay behind networks" established in NATO and neutral countries during the Cold War to coordinate sabotage in the event of a Soviet invasion and occupation, may have continued in Turkey and serves as the core component of Ergenekon.

Some of the seized NATO COSMIC Top Secret documents involve the operations of Gendarmarie Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism Organization (JITEM), which was composed of Turkish special operations forces and police who carried out assassinations of academics, Kurdish politicians, and even fellow military personnel in terrorist attacks that were blamed on the Kurdish Worker's Party (PKK), deemed a "terrorist" organization by Turkey and the United States.

What dark secrets of false flag terrorist attacks and assassinations are contained in Turkish NATO Cosmic documents?

The documents may also reveal the involvement of the CIA, as well as top Turkish military and MIT intelligence personnel in the 1978 assassination of Turkish prosecutor Dogan Oz. Oz was the first prosecutor to investigate the CIA's Gladio operations in Turkey. Since the investigation of the NATO COSMIC Top Secret documents began, prosecutor Mustafa Bilgili and Judge Kayan have received death threats.

WMR has also learned that some of the COSMIC Top Secret documents seized in Turkey point to an American "Deep State" Pentagon counterpart to the Turkish Ergenekon network. Former FBI Turkish translator Sibel Edmonds spoke of this network being uncovered by wiretaps of U.S. political leaders and Turkish lobbyists in the United States.