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  • Stephen Francis, originator of ... UIUC BA Sociology, 71, retired IT professional, retired semi-professional musician (35 yrs), Family inspiration, Vaccine damaged, Baby Boomer, Cold War nukes, Vietnam War era hippy/fugitive, JFK, 9/11, Some topics to consider: Trump/Nationalism/Populism, Covid tyranny, the war on White Christian Nationalists?, Communist revolution in America, studied Cultural Marxism (Antifa, LGBT, BLM), Weimar/Nazi Germany, Fabianism, AntiSemitism, The Great Reset, WEF, Hochul, Globalism/Populism ... UIUC Vice Chancellor, Opportunity.

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  • Introduction: Big Tech, Big Pharma, CDC et al, Democratic Party, and the MSM, by fascistic means, censor almost all reports/research that doesn't fit their collective narrative. If you don't know the exact title of any of the below reports they are nearly impossible to find by searching Google, but some are getting through. This report attempts to list only a small portion of them...MORE

  •, political divide (stolen election, CM, Covid-19), nonviolence, not a doctor?,  presentation/discussions, UIUC vice-chancellor, poster/sign

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  • 200m refuse vax at some level, Zuckerberg/FBI/Hunter Biden, Megan Kelly, NBC/SiriusXM did an FU bomb on Fauci, Fauci resigned, Google censorship changes on masks, Covid mandate lawsuit settlement for $10m, multiple lawsuits in the works, CDC admits mistakes, only a tiny number of moms vaxed their young children, recruiting in the armed services is a major problem because of vax mandate, courts ruled against student vax mandates,

  • Report sources: This site focuses on the Most Prestigious Medical Organizations (MPMO) in the world in order to appeal to those adhering to the mainstream (establishment) side of events. They include Lancet, World Health Organization, Journal of Pediatrics, CDC, New England Journal of Medicine, British Medical Journal, National Academy of Sciences, and many more. Any content, whether from the establishment or alternative news sources, is backed up by references to the MPMO where possible.  ... MORE

  • The Politics of Covid-19 and Hunter Biden
  • .Republican Attorneys General Sue Biden for Colluding with Big Tech to censor Hunter Biden's "Laptop from Hell" and Covid
  • Missouri, Louisiana, AG, under the guise of 'misinformation', DGB, Laptop was Russian disinfo campaign, violated constitutional rights to free speech. Psaki admitted collusion, Surgeeon General included on Covid. ... Flip it: Trump was colluding with Big Tech to censor ProChoice free speech. Fed courts sided with AG, discovery ok.
  • Lawsuit Uncovers Sprawling Network Of Federal/Social Media Collusion To Censor Americans During Pandemic




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