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Amazon, WordPress and other have banned Holocaust revisionist books, but that doesn't mean they're not available...MORE

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Clinton Bush Obama death lists...over 300 names suspicious deaths...Clintons by far the worst

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Cultural Marxist goal is to destroy Christian nationalist culture. LGBTQ is just one disengenuously elevate LGBTQ above all other issues as a club against white males...all for Jewish megalomania

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The Yellow Vests movement in France has severely weakoned the (((globalist Jews))) despite government attempts to infiltrate groups with violent actors

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Communism is just Talmudism politicized.. both seek centralized power, abolish the family, state and Christian religion

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9/11 was a false flag attack on America by a cabal consisting of Israel, US, Britain and Saudi Arabia...executed to start Iraq War

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Facebook “fact-checker” defends contract with ChiCom-controlled social media app TikTok

Thursday, December 24, 2020 by: JD Heyes
Tags: Alan Duke, banned, Big Tech, Censored, Censorship, chicoms, China, Communist Chinese, control, coronavirus, covid-19, evil, Facebook, Fact Check, fact checkers, Globalism, Lead Stories, narrative, Orwellian, pandemic, propaganda, rigged, speech police, tech giants, thought police, TikTok, Tyranny, West
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Image: Facebook “fact-checker” defends contract with ChiCom-controlled social media app TikTok

(Natural News) American corporations continue to cozy up to the Chinese Communist government in the hopes of making a few billion more dollars a quarter, even if it means selling out our national security.

One of the latest to do so is a company that works as a “fact checker” for Facebook.

Just The News reports that an American firm is providing consulting services to TikTok, which is owned by the Chinese Communist Party-affiliated ByteDance, which is beginning to raise eyebrows as well as national security concerns in recent weeks as activity by so-called fact-checkers across American social media platforms increases.

We already know that the Chinese government has infiltrated American universities and media outlets, using money and other levers of influence. Now it appears as though the ChiComs are attempting to shape public opinion in their favor using various methods including U.S.-based firms that control narratives online.

Just the News adds:

Lead Stories, which Facebook has contracted as a fact-checker since February 2019, is also involved in consultation work with TikTok, a social media company which allows users to share quick video clips among each other on its app-based platform.

TikTok is owned by ByteDance, a tech company headquartered in Beijing that has been the subject of considerable media attention due to its links with the Chinese Communist Party.

Like a majority of China-based firms, ByteDance is controlled by an internal committee of ChiCom representatives — a company ‘politburo,’ if you will. In addition, the company has a professional tie to China’s internal security bureau as well.

Also, some five dozen managers at ByteDance are said to be members of the communist committee. And the company’s CEO, Zhang Yiming, has “publicly affirmed that ByteDance is a mouthpiece for the CCP in that it is committed to promoting the CCP’s agenda and messaging,” according to a U.S. Justice Department filing earlier this year.

Despite these ChiCom ties, however, Lead Stories co-founder and chief editor Alan Duke defended his firm’s decision to work with TikTok, which has now gone on for months.

His firm is “not actually fact checking for TikTok,” Duke said. Instead, the company is providing “more of a consultation process where we help the company understand the misinformation that may be spreading on their platform.”

Oh, really? And of course, what counts as ‘misinformation’ is any content from any source these left-wing tech lords don’t like — even if it is 100 percent accurate.

Duke also said that his company hasn’t seen any revenues from the consultations yet.

“Any new contract requires time to set up processes from scratch,” he said. “It takes time to hire staffers, etc. It also takes time to invoice and receive payment.”

When he was asked about apparent conflicts of interest in working with the ChiComs Duke denied there was any.

“ByteDance does not give Lead Stories any guidance on what to fact check or what conclusions to reach,” he said. “Lead Stories has no association with the Chinese Communist Party. Any claim otherwise is itself disinformation.” (Related: PepsiCo, IBM, Mars Food, Dow Chemical all infiltrated by CCP loyalists (China Communist Party)… IBM sold early computing machines to the Nazis to process Jews for extermination.)


A report from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s International Cyber Policy Center noted that TikTok “collaborates with public security bureaus across China, including in Xinjiang where it plays an active role in disseminating the party-state’s propaganda on Xinjiang.”

But no…there’s no control of information favorable to the Chinese government and unfavorable to the U.S. going on.

The Chinese have been working to control unfavorable information about the regime for years, an effort that really got ramped up earlier this year to hide the fact that Beijing was responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic that has changed the world (and killed hundreds of thousands). In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Chinese coordinated with certain Western officials on the virus, so they could use it to tighten their grip on their respective populations.

There is a revolt coming thanks to all of this nonsense. Hide and watch it unfold.

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SolarWinds’ Parent Company Owned Data Center Affected By Nashville Christmas Day Bomb Until 2015
The explosion, damaging the area within a block radius, shared a location with a data center owned by SunGard.
Andrew White by ANDREW WHITE December 26, 2020
SolarWinds’ Parent Company Owned Data Center Affected By Nashville Christmas Day Bomb Until 2015
SolarWinds, the company that fell victim to a devastating cyber attack in March, is owned by Silver Lake and Thoma Bravo. Until 2015, Silver Lake owned SunGard, an IT company with a data center virtually in the same location where the Nashville Christmas Day bomb exploded yesterday.
On Christmas morning, police responded to a “shots fired” call and came upon a strange RV that was close to an AT&T building on near Second Avenue and Commerce street. The police did not find any evidence of a shooting, so they called in the bomb squad. About 30 minutes later, the RV exploded after playing a recorded message that said “If you can hear this message, please evacuate now.”

The explosion resulted in three injuries, building damages, and a disruption of AT&T service in the area. The bombing appears to be intentional according to authorities.

“We have mobilized additional resources including our National Disaster Recovery team and are bringing in multiple portable cell sites to assist in the recovery efforts,” said AT&T spokesperson Jim Greer.

National File has learned that the location of the explosion was in the same spot as a data center owned by a company called SunGard, on 200 Commerce Street.

Silver Lake, a $75 billion investment firm with questionable ties to China, bought SunGard in 2005, according to a Blackstone press release.

“Wayne, PA – SunGard (NYSE:SDS) announced today the completion of the acquisition of SunGard Data Systems Inc. by a consortium of private equity investment firms organized by Silver Lake Partners that also includes Bain Capital, The Blackstone Group, Goldman Sachs Capital Partners, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. L.P., Providence Equity Partners and Texas Pacific Group.”

In 2015, SolarWinds was purchased by Silver Lake and Thoma Bravo for $4.5 billion, according to the SolarWinds website.

“AUSTIN, Texas – October 21, 2015 – SolarWinds (NYSE: SWI), a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT management software, today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by leading private equity technology investment firms Silver Lake Partners and Thoma Bravo, LLC. Under the terms of the agreement, SolarWinds stockholders will receive $60.10 per share or approximately $4.5 billion in cash. The agreement was approved by SolarWinds’ Board of Directors following a comprehensive review of strategic alternatives.”

Ten years later, Silver Lake sold SunGard to Fidelity National Information Services Inc. for nearly $11 billion in August 2015.

Silver Lake has recently come under fire for their questionable ties to the communist Chinese, who President Donald Trump suggested may be behind the SolarWinds cyber attack as National File reported.

SolarWinds ties to China are beginning to make their way into public view amid the announcement of the cyber breach that reportedly struck the company in March. SolarWinds board director Kenneth Hao “led the establishment” of a $75 billion investment firm into China, as National File reported.

According to his biography on the Silver Lake website, Kenneth Hao “led the establishment of the firm’s offices in China and Japan and led Silver Lake’s investments in Alibaba Group” from 2008-2011.

Silver Lake also notes that “Hao currently serves as a director on the boards” of several companies, including SolarWinds.


Months before the SolarWinds cyber attack, Thoma Bravo bought JD Power from a mysterious Chinese company called XIO Group for $1.88 billion in 2019, as National File reported.

SolarWinds director Seth Boro, a man who was instrumental in starting the private equity firm known as Thoma Bravo, “currently serves on the board of directors of several software and technology service companies in which certain investment funds advised by Thoma Bravo hold an investment,” according to his biography on the SolarWinds website.

In 2019, Thoma Bravo bought JD Power for $1.88 billion from XIO Group, a mysterious Chinese company based in Hong Kong.

According to the Washington Post, both Thoma Bravo and Silver lake sold hundreds of millions of dollars in SolarWinds shares just days before the announcement of the SolarWinds breach, raising concerns about potential insider trading.

“Silver Lake, a Silicon Valley investor with a history of high-profile tech deals including Airbnb, Dell and Twitter, sold $158 million in shares of SolarWinds on Dec. 7 — six days before news of the breach became public. Thoma Bravo, a San Francisco-based private equity firm, also sold $128 million of its shares in SolarWinds on Dec. 7.

Together, the two investment firms own 70 percent of SolarWinds and control six of the company’s board seats, giving the firms access to key information and making their stock trades subject to federal rules around financial disclosures.”
While the owners of SolarWinds’ connections to China certainly raise eyebrows, the SolarWinds company itself has extensive ties to China as well. SolarWinds partnered with M.Tech in May 2020 to expand business opportunities in China, just weeks after the company had been breached, as National File reported.
“The partnership was extended in order to “enable businesses in China—across all vertical industries such as banking, finance, insurance, manufacturing, education, and other commercial sectors—to solve IT challenges and monitor, manage, and secure their applications, servers, data, infrastructure, and networks across on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments” according to Business Wire.

Along with M.Tech, SolarWinds’ China distribution partners include Westcon Solutions China, Kunlan Solutions (China) Inc, and Beijing KaiYao Co.,Ltd, according to their website.”

Furthermore, National File has confirmed that Dominion Voting Systems does in fact use at least one of SolarWinds’ products.

In Sidney Powell’s Georgia lawsuit, there is evidence that China and Iran had access to DVS servers, according to an analyst in the 305th Military Intelligence battalion, as National File reported.

National File was able to quickly verify that Powell quoted a former member of the 305th in the lawsuit, which declared that “a former electronic intelligence analyst under the 305th Military Intelligence with experience gathering SAM missile system electronic intelligence” told her that “the Dominion software was accessed by agents acting on behalf of China and Iran” to manipulate the election.

Excerpt from Powell's Georgia lawsuit
As America reels from the Christmas Day bombing, the SolarWinds cyber attack, credible evidence of widespread voter fraud, and DNI John Ratcliffe’s confirmation of foreign election interference, the many Americans have more questions than answers.


Jews Turn China Red

The Jewish Origins of Mao’s Communist Regime in China. Mao ZeDong, Yale & Illuminati Skull & Bones

China is also controlled/ruled by the Synagogue of Satan. Mao ZeDong was part of the Illuminati and very likely a Skull and Bonesman. (Jim Willie asserts that Mao ZeDong was Skull and Bones). The evidence are below.

Mao ZeDong, Yale & Illuminati Skull And Bones

by Kris Millegan

The story begins at Yale, where three threads of American social history — espionage, drug smuggling and secret societies … treatise on the Order of Skull and Bones, whose initiates fill the ranks of the global elite. Is Skull and Bones the American branch of the Illuminati? Are national and global events manipulated as part of a grand Hegellian equation, thesis and anti-thesis yielding a New World Order synthesis? The evidence and events surrounding the Order of Skull and Bones will shock you. …
In 1903, Yale Divinity School set up a program of schools and hospitals in China. Mao Zedong was among the staff. During the intrigues of China in the 1930s and ’40s, American intelligence called upon the resources of “Yale in China”, and George Bush’s cousin and fellow “Bonesman” Reuben Holden.
The Jewish Origins of Mao’s Communist Regime in China

by Texe Marrs,

Excerpts from: The Illuminati and Its Triad of Evil

I have just finished months of grueling but exciting research into the shadowy but tremendously important spiritual and temporal (material) connectionbetween three world powers, China, the United States, and Israel. Unbeknown to the average man on the street, Satan’s human agents who comprise the Illuminati elite are actively organizing the Earth’s resources to engineer a final assault on man’s freedom and independence. These three nations are at the center of the Illuminati Plan.
The name Rothschild is legendary in all three of these Illuminist nations, China, the U.S.A. and Israel. The Rothschild Dynasty was founded in the eighteenth century by patriarch Mayer Amschel Bauer in Germany. Bauer changed his family name to “Rothschild” (Red Shield) …
The western media, long owned and controlled by Jewish billionaires tied to the Rothschild trust, have covered up the historical truth that the Khazar European and Russian Jews who invaded Palestine in 1948 massacred many of the resident Palestinians and stole their land, businesses, homes and farms.
The Jewish Origins of Mao’s Communist Regime in China
Another revelation that U.S.A. and western journalists and historians are prohibited from writing about concerns the Jewish origins of Mao Tse Tung’s Red Chinese revolution. In fact, Mao was a stupid and inept Chinese peasant who was schooled by Skull and Bonesmen and initiated into the internationalist Masonic Lodge by socialist Jews from the United States. This was done with the tacit permission of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, a 32nd degree Mason and, later, President Harry S. Truman a 33rd degree Mason.
Mao all along has been a closely-controlled puppet of Jewish revolutionaries—men like Israel Epstein and Sidney Shapiro, who lived in China and had the reins of power over two key areas of Beijing’s Communist Government—the treasury (money) and the media (propaganda). Interestingly, Zionist Jews hold sway over these same two essential instruments of government today in the United States.
Jewish Spies Give U.S.A. Military Secrets to Communist China

The covert Jewish control of Mao and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) explains why convicted Jewish spy Jonathan Pollard, found guilty of stealing thousands of classified documents from the Defense Department where he worked, gave these materials to his masters, the Israeli Mossad operating in the U.S.A. The Israelis, in turn, transferred these valuable military secrets straight to Red Chinese dictators in Beijing.
Pollard, a Jew born in Galveston, Texas, sits in a federal prison today. Recently, when Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu came to America, he visited Pollard in prison and assured the despicable turncoat Israeli spy that the Israeli government was working behind-the-scenes with Obama’s White House to pardon the convicted spy. Meanwhile, Pollard is a national hero in Israel—honored for stealing America’s most precious military secrets which Israel gave to Communist China!
With the election of their puppet, Barack Obama, to the presidency (see my DVD, Rothschild’s Choice) the Jews and Israel now have effective control of the vast wealth and resources of this great nation. The Jewish swindlers placed in power in Washington, D.C. by Obama—Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, Ben Bernanke, and Timothy Geithner, et al—along with their Zionist fanatic associates in Congress—are working nonstop to transfer America’s wealth to Israel and to Red China. The United States is being victimized by “Creative Destruction.” This is unparalleled stealth robbery on a scale never before seen in history.
From a Chinese article on the Jewish birthday party:

Three CPPCC [politburo] members with foreign origins celebrated their 90th birthday together at Jingfeng Hotel, one of the hotels in Beijing appointed for the NPC and CPPCC sessions, on March 8. Israel Epstein, Sidney Shapiro (Sha Boli) and Chen Bidi were born in Poland, the United States and Canada respectively, and they obtained Chinese nationality in 1957 and 1963. As experts who have long been working in the field of foreign publicity, they witnessed China’s revolution and socialist modernization drive.
Sidney Shapiro, an American Jew, was in charge of Communist Red China’s propaganda organ.
Israel Epstein, second from right in front, standing in front of Mao. He later became the minister of appropriations, an extremely powerful position in a practically cashless era. To the right of him is another Jew, also under cover as a journalist. (1944)
Israel Epstein, Mao Tse Tung’s minister of appropriations (Finance), shown here being honored for his service by current Chinese communist leader, Chairman Hu Jin Tao.
Mao in a high-level meeting with several Jews [Frank Coe, Israel Epstein, Elsie Fairfax-Cholmely, and Solomon Adler].
Click on image to goto:

“To you, Sovereign Grand Inspectors General (of the 33rd degree), we say this, that you may repeat it to the brethren of the 32nd , 31st and 30th degrees – The Masonic Religion should be, by all of us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian doctrine. … Yes, Lucifer is God … “

– Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in 1871 (blasphemy)
One of the unheralded and least known facts about Freemasonry and the Masonic Lodge is its Jewish origins and nature. The religion of Judaism, based on the Babylonian Talmud, and the Jewish Cabala (or, Kabala), an alchemical system of magic and deviltry, form the basis for the Scottish Rite’s 33 ritual degree ceremonies.

– Freemasonry is Jewish Magic, Texe Marrs
“Masonry is based on Judaism. Eliminate the teachings of Judaism from the Masonic Ritual and what is left?”
– Jewish Tribune of New York, on October 28, 1927
– “Freemasonry is a Jewish establishment, whose history, grades, official appointments, passwords, and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end.”

– Rabbi Isaac Wise

Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

Richard Wurmbrand – Karl Marx(Jew) And Satan

The late Reverend Richard Wurmbrand spent 14 years as a prisoner of the Communist government in Romania , where he was persecuted for his faith in Jesus Christ. His experience led him to spend further years researching Karl Marx(Jew) and the Communist doctrines he developed. While Communism portrays itself as a noble endeavor for the good of mankind, and claims an Atheistic view, Wurmbrand exposes its true roots, revealing that Karl Marx(Jew) and the fathers of the modern Communist/Socialist movements were inspired by the powers of darkness.

Skull and Bones Kerry Prime Suspect in Syria Attack ?!In "GeoPolitics"
George HW Bush, Skull and Bones, The CIA And Illicit Drug Operations!In "GeoPolitics"
Brzezinski’s Ruse: American Empire is Dead, China And Russia Take OverIn "EndTimes"
April 7, 2016 - Posted by mosesman | GeoPolitics, History | China, Crime, Drugs, Illuminati, Israel, MSM, New_World_Order, Occult, propaganda, Psyop, Satan, Terrorism, US, War, Zionism


National Justice Investigates: American Tax Payers Spend At Least $23 Billion On Israel Every Year

Last September, Donald Trump accidentally upended an entire generation of myths invented by the left and right that purport to explain America’s costly and unpopular military adventures in the Middle East:

“The fact is, we don’t have to be in the Middle East, other than we want to protect Israel. We’ve been very good to Israel. Other than that, we don’t have to be in the Middle East. You know there was a time we needed desperately oil, we don’t need that anymore.”

As Mondoweiss pointed out at the time, the explosive admission went completely unmentioned in the mainstream media, which traditionally hangs on every one of Trump’s words and reacts hysterically.

Categorizing America’s foreign policy catastrophes as done in the service to Israel has until the Trump era always been dismissed by media tastemakers and political gatekeepers as rank anti-Semitism driven by reductionist, simplistic and conspiratorial thinking, even when intelligence officials like Michael Scheuer and foreign policy experts affirm the view.

Trump’s lack of subtlety when remarking on using American blood and treasure to incrementally advance the interests of the Jewish state is one reason why the Israel lobby, which is perpetually paranoid about the public noticing their activities, is not keen on reciprocating his often suffocating love.

Their paranoia is justified. This year Congress made the mistake of combining its $900 billion dollar coronavirus stimulus bill, which suffering people are closely following the development of, with the yearly $1.4 trillion dollar fiscal budget, which is typically ignored.

A deluge of popular anger was provoked by news that we would only be receiving a $600 dollar check under the guise of budget austerity. At the same time, buried deep in the 5,600 monstrosity was a provision setting aside supposed budget constraints to give Israel the equivalent of $5,000 dollars for each of their citizens.

Jews in the media responded to the controversy by calling indignant American tax payers, including actress Alyssa Milano and various left-wing journalists, “fools” and “anti-Semites.” They doubled down by stating that the $500 million dollars provided to Israel was a drop in a $2.3 trillion dollar bucket. They pointed out that other countries, such as Jordan, were receiving foreign aid as well.

But even critics of Israel do not properly calculate the true price Americans pay for a state that — unlike South Korea or Germany — does not provide any economic or military benefits to the homeland. America does not have military bases in Israel, nor does Israel have anything to trade.

The general figure provided for annual US aid to Israel is $3.8 billion, but as former CIA intelligence officer Philip Giraldi has written, this figure excludes our completely artificial $9 billion dollar trade deficit with them, as well as the $8 billion provided in “loan guarantees” that are basically giveaways since the US Treasury pays interest and principal on these loans.

The Black Budget

Covert “black budget” funding to the Jewish state is another topic shrouded in mystery.

In 2015 a public interest group, the Institute For Research: Middle East Policy, sued the CIA for its refusal to comply with a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request demanding records on how much is spent in service of Israel, including in respects to intelligence gathering efforts on American citizens that is then sent to the Mossad.

The Department of Justice fought a ferocious, four year long legal battle to keep this information secret and ultimately won.

Based on publicly available pre-1990 black budget expenses, the CIA is dedicating between $13.2 billion to Israeli interests every year if spending has been tacked to inflation. The number may be even higher under the Trump administration, especially since it has escalated the conflict with Iran.

US Spending To Advance Israel

Rarely discussed is how US foreign aid to Muslim countries is, as Trump has constantly reminded us, nothing more than bribing them into cooperating with Israel. US aid to Israel, by contrast, is unconditional.

All of the nations that that share a border with Israel (Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, and even to certain players in Palestinians and Syria) receive payments from the United States. Were it not for the peculiar, thankless relationship America has with Israel, US tax dollars would not be bankrolling the entire Egyptian military, nor would we be propping up the basket case monarchy in Jordan by handing them 4% of their GDP every year.

The following is a list of expenses — financial, geopolitical, and human — that the American people must shoulder to guarantee the security, stability and geopolitical expansion of 9 million Israelis.

1) Egypt — $2.2 billion a year

The United States’ foreign aid to Egypt, about $1.3 billion which goes to its military and the rest to its economy, is entirely predicated on the country’s military dictators maintaining a close intelligence and diplomatic relationship with Israel. The country’s current leader, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, took power in 2014 in an Israeli-backed coup that deposed the democratically elected Muslim Brotherhood.

Egypt, which was once a regional superpower that fought the Israelis during the Six Days War, restored diplomatic ties with Israel in 1979 under a US brokered deal.

The single-issue relationship was put on display when Senator Rand Paul attempted to cut aid to Egypt during a 2017 Congressional fight. The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), five US Senators and Benjamin Netanyahu himself all intervened to block Paul’s amendment, which was crushed in the Senate by a large majority after Jewish groups penned a letter demanding the aid continue as usual. According to both Netanyahu and AIPAC, America’s payoff to the Egyptian military establishment is the only thing keeping Israel’s formidable neighbor from attacking them.

2) Jordan — $1.5 billion a year

In 1994, Jordan became the second Arab state after Egypt to restore formal ties with Israel.

Prior to 1994, Jordan received a smaller sum of aid from the US, but the country retained relative geopolitical independence, including support for Saddam Hussein during the first Persian Gulf War.

As a state bordering Palestine that for years retained its claim to the West Bank, the Jordanian monarchs have been a useful asset for Israel. The country’s establishment is widely despised by Palestinians, even though the Jordanian public is broadly sympathetic to their plight.

In exchange for breaking solidarity with the Arab world’s boycott of Israel, the United States signed a generous free trade agreement with Jordan, where we prop up their economy by buying 25% of their exports and hand them $1.5 billion a year (close to 4% of their GDP) via USAID.

3) Iraq — $1.1 Billion (Excluding cost of the Iraq war)

The Iraq war, and our continued presence in the country 17 years later, is the product of Jews in Washington primarily loyal to the state of Israel.

This is the opinion of the man who went before the United Nations and went down in history as having sold the weapons of mass destruction lie, former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

In Karen DeYoung’s 2007 biography of Powell, Soldier, he singles out Douglas Feith and Paul Wolfowitz as the real architects of war. In one interview with DeYoung, Powell even refers to Donald Rumsfeld — the Gentile who is usually blamed alongside Dick Cheney for the Iraq debacle — as a man controlled by the “JINSA crowd” in the Defense Department. The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) is an Israel lobbying firm similar to AIPAC.

If JINSA and the “card-carrying Likud members,” as Powell is reported to have remarked once, were not making foreign policy calls in Washington the war would’ve never happened.

It could be argued that the trillions spent on perhaps the most wasteful military conflict in American history was a subsidy to Israel.

4) Saudi Arabia – $1.1 Billion a year

Saudi Arabia, the nation from which 15 out of 19 of the 9/11 hijackers originated, also lobbies the United States government through AIPAC.

The Trump administration was able to secure public Saudi support for Israel by promising $100 billion dollars in modern weapons, including F-35s, to the Gulf state. AIPAC and the Israeli government are both considered to have been the kingmakers in the deal.

The Saudi government, along with another nation that recently established official ties to Israel the, United Arab Emirates, are both state-sponsors of terrorism, including sending American weapons to Al-Qaeda.

The official sect of Islam practiced in Saudi Arabia is Wahhabism, which is the puritanical and violent dogma that inspires both the Islamic State (ISIS) and Al Qaeda.

To understand how deep terrorist ideology has penetrated into Saudi society, a Saudi Royal Air Force pilot being trained to fly the F-35 in a $740 million dollar US-funded Pentagon program killed three American servicemen and injured eight others at the Pensacola Air Station in Florida in a quickly memory holed terrorist attack just last year.

5) Afghanistan – $5.4 Billion a year

As with Iraq, the 2001 war in Afghanistan and our ongoing presence there, is part of a containment strategy of Iran done in the interest of Israel.

According to former National Security Agency analyst Karen Kwiatkowski, the Pentagon’s logic behind the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq was to create a military pincer that would surround Iran. In a 2009 interview, Kwiatkowski stressed that Iran was not a threat to the United States or its interests, but rather only to Israeli regional hegemony.

The Israelis have been using Afghanistan to spy on the Iranian military and engage in various black ops against their country. The Iranians appear to be fighting back, including by restoring ties for their historical nemesis, the Taliban. Israel fears that an unconditional US withdrawal could end up working to the advantage of Iran.

When earlier this year Donald Trump said he wanted to withdraw troops from Afghanistan — a move supported by the overwhelming majority of the American people — JINSA and AIPAC were the sole interest groups to vocalize opposition and began pressuring the Senate to ensure it didn’t happen. The Jewish lobby succeeded, and Rand Paul’s bill last July that would’ve brought our soldiers home was defeated by a bipartisan vote of 60 to 33.

6) Palestine, Lebanon, Syria — Fluctuates

The three nations bordering or occupied by Israel receive aid from the United States in an attempt to present carrots and sticks that prevent factions from fully uniting, but the spigot is turned off and on regularly at the behest of Israel.

Last year, the US State Department cut aid to Lebanon’s military in half after a direct appeal to do so by the Netanyahu government. The complaint was that the Lebanese military was not doing “enough” to undermine Shi’ite military and political power. The US typically funds the Lebanese military as a counter-force to Hezbollah, but after the Shi’ite militia successfully defended Lebanon’s territory from an Israeli invasion in the 2006 war, the group has enjoyed nationalist support across the diverse religious groups in the country.

Hezbollah’s work in defending Christians from ISIS in recent years has also been a political game changer, as traditionally grievances from Christian organizations have been exploited by Israel to leverage against the Palestinian cause.

In Palestine itself, the Palestinian Authority under Mohammad Abbas has enjoyed about half a billion US dollars in aid, both to politically divide him from Hamas controlled Gaza, as well as subsidize the humanitarian costs of Israel’s occupation in the West Bank.

Abbas’ strategy of “negotiating” with Israel through America is in retrospect an abject failure. Illegal settlements in the West Bank have continued uninhibited, and the Palestinians in the territory narrowly avoided the full annexation of their land by Israel. While the annexation project appears to have been put off, experts believe Israel will attempt to do so once Israel has a better foothold in the region.

In Syria, which Wikileaks of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton exposed as nothing more than a regime change operation on behalf of Israel, the United States continues to spend close to a billion dollars every year in “humanitarian” relief.

While the coalition of the Syrian Army, Russia and Iran have largely defeated the ISIS and Al Qaeda rebels, the US is combining its humanitarian aid to anti-Assad areas while attempting to starve the country with crippling sanctions. By providing support to certain regions through USAID, Washington and Israel are artificially extending the conflict between Assad and the anti-government fighters, the latter which would’ve totally surrendered otherwise.

Future Expenses Under Trump’s “Israel-First” Agenda

Donald Trump and Jared Kushner have been able to secure support from multiple Muslim nations for Israel by directly offering big payments and controversial favors as a trade.

Here is what this “diplomacy” will cost Americans.

1) Morocco –$3 Billion and the Western Sahara

Under Trump’s deal with Morocco, its king Mohammed VI will receive $3 billion dollars in investments courtesy of the US taxpayer through the International Development Finance Corporation (DFC), a government entity created by Donald Trump, in exchange for recognizing Israel.

The more concerning aspect of the deal is Trump’s recognition of the disputed Western Sahara as Moroccan, as well as a deal to sell the Moroccan military billions in American arms to give them a strategic edge over Algeria and Western Saharan natives.

The interests of the Western Saharans are represented by the Polisario Front, a nationalist group seeking independence and self-governance. The Moroccans and Polisario Front have been engaging in intensifying armed battles since November, a month before Trump’s outreach to Mohammed VI. With American recognition of the Western Sahara, the Polisario Fronto will have lost diplomatic leverage and potentially have no choice but to fight the Moroccans — thus initiating a potential conflagration in North Africa if Algeria maintains its pro-Saharan position.

2) Indonesia — $2 Billion

Trump’s DFC is reaching out to Indonesia — the world’s largest Muslim nation — to provide $2 billion in US aid in exchange for normalizing relations with Israel.

The offer appears to have been rejected, with Jakarta announcing that it stands firmly behind the Palestinian cause.

Unlike Morocco, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, Indonesia is a parliamentary democracy. Supporting Israel remains highly taboo among the vast majority of Muslims worldwide, so it remains to be seen if the Indonesian state will end up accepting America’s money.

3) Sudan — $1 Billion and Taken Off State-Supporter of Terrorism List

Sudan is an important flashpoint in Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians. Iran uses Sudan as a transit point for smuggling arms to the Palestinian resistance.

The Israelis and the United States have exploited racial strife between blacks and Arabs in Sudan — funding the black side in Darfur (South Sudan) — during the country’s bloody civil war. The conflict has been winding down, but the Sudanese state and economy remains in dire straits largely due to sanctions over being a state-sponsor of terrorism.

During the 1990s, Sudan was blamed for housing Osama Bin Laden following the 1998 US embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania. Under Trump’s deal, Sudan will be absolved of all blame after paying a fine and receive a billion dollars in debt forgiveness and economic aid in exchange for establishing formal relations with Israel.

4) Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Oman, etc — Unknown

The Saudis have been sinking billions of dollars into fellow Gulf States to encourage them to support Israel since 2018, according to leaks to Arab media.

According to the documents, the Saudis were working on behalf of the US government in this endeavor, promising their neighbors a “generous aid package” from America just for collaborating with the Jewish state.

As written before, the Saudis and UAE are receiving over $120 billion in US weapons — an idea that previously would’ve been a non-starter in Washington due to potentially undermining Israel’s qualitative military edge over Arabs.

By showing loyalty to Israel, Saudi Arabia has been able to secure support in Washington for its barbaric war in Yemen. When the US Congress passed a resolution to end US support for the Saudi war effort, Donald Trump vetoed the bill and, unlike the NDAA, no attempt was made to override this decision.

The full extent of what the US plans to provide Gulf States for their internally unpopular backing for Israel is not yet possible to know.

The Real Cost of Israel

While previous packages of US foreign aid to Muslim countries on behalf of Israel were presented as an objective pursuit for “peace in the Middle East,” the Trump administration’s efforts have directly led to new and bloody conflicts (the Yemen war), and opened up the floodgates for new ones around the world.

All that is certain is that Trump’s concessions and arm’s deals pursuit of recognition for Israel is objectively making the world more dangerous and unstable.

A perfect dollar estimate of how much Israel is costing our country is impossible due to the opaque nature of Washington’s servility to the Zionist state.

In spite of this, we can arrive at a range. The on paper cost of Israel, when we include the “loan guarantee” scam and payments to neighboring countries to advance Israel’s interests, is at least $23.1 billion a year.

This figure excludes speculative figures on the black budget in service to Israel, which if correct, would bring that number to $36.3 billion. It also excludes aid to Palestine and Lebanon (which may return next year), as well as costs related to the proxy conflict with Iran, which almost all foreign policy experts agree is entirely motivated by Israeli — not American — interests.

This number will balloon under Donald Trump’s plan, which is expected to be continued uninhibited under a Joe Biden presidency. Trump’s outreach to the Arab world will put us on the hook for at least an extra $6 billion, which again, is an extremely conservative estimate since we are excluding the shady deals with the Saudis and other Gulf States.

Thus, the $3.8 billion figure that already outrages much of the American public is at the bare minimum about $23 billion per year, but could potentially be closer to $50 billion.

This price of this luxury item in the Middle East is almost half of all American foreign aid, and does not serve any humanitarian purpose (often times, the other way around), much less the interests of the American people. Understanding the outrage this sum would provoke among US voters and taxpayers, groups like JINSA and AIPAC, along with the disproportionately Jewish owned media, ensure that it is never accurately reported.


Solomon Adler (August 6, 1909 — August 4, 1994) worked as U.S. Treasury representative in China during World War II.

He was identified by Whittaker Chambers and Elizabeth Bentley as a Soviet spy and resigned from the Treasury Department in 1950. After several years teaching at Cambridge University in England, he returned to China, where he resided from the 1960s to his death, working as a translator and economic advisor.

From the early 1960s, Adler was also affiliated with the International Liaison Department, an important organ of the Chinese Communist Party organ whose functions include foreign intelligence.[1]

Early life
Solomon Adler was born on 6 August 1909 in Leeds, England. The Adler family was of Jewish ancestry and originally from Karelitz, Belarus, moving to Leeds in 1900. Solomon Adler was the fifth of ten children; the oldest was Saul Adler, who became a well-known Israeli parasitologist.[2] Adler studied economics at Oxford and University College, London. He came to the United States in 1935 to do research.

In 1936, he was hired at the Works Progress Administration's National Research Project but soon moved to the Treasury Department's Division of Monetary Research and Statistics, where he worked with Harry Dexter White for the next several years.[3]

Adler became a naturalized US citizen in 1940. In 1941, he was posted to China, where he remained as Treasury representative until 1948. His reports from China to Treasury secretary Henry Morgenthau Jr., during the war years were widely circulated and played an important role in shaping American wartime economic policy toward China.[4]

In 1949, Adler became the subject of a Loyalty of Government Employees investigation. He resigned before the case was resolved and returned to Britain, where he taught for several years at Cambridge University. When his US passport expired, he was denaturalized and lost his citizenship.[5] Adler moved to China in the early 1960s,[6] working in the lead group of the team translating Mao Zedong's works into English.[7]

Later life
When the United States re-established diplomatic contacts with China in 1971, Adler renewed his US citizenship. He died in Beijing on August 4, 1994, two days before it would have been his 85th birthday.

In 1939, Whittaker Chambers identified Adler to then-Assistant Secretary of State Adolf Berle as a member of an underground Communist group in Washington, DC, the Ware group. Chambers correctly identified Adler as serving in the General Counsel's Office at the Treasury Department, from which, Chambers said, Adler supplied weekly reports to the Communist Party of the United States.[8][9] In 1945, Elizabeth Bentley identified Adler as a member of the Silvermaster group.[10] A 1948 memo written by Anatoly Gorsky, a former NKVD rezident in Washington DC, identified Adler as a Soviet agent designated "Sax."[11] That agent, transliterated "Sachs (Saks)" appears in the Venona decrypts supplying information about the Chinese Communists by both Gorsky and the head of the US Communist Party, Earl Browder.

In addition to his contacts with US espionage groups, while he was serving as Treasury attache in China in 1944, Adler shared a house with Chinese Communist secret agent Chi Ch'ao-ting[12] and State Department officer John Stewart Service, who was arrested the next year in the Amerasia case.

Together with Harry Dexter White, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, and V. Frank Coe, Director of the Treasury's Division of Monetary Research, Adler strongly opposed a gold loan program of $200 million to help the Chinese Nationalists control the inflation that took hold in unoccupied China during World War II. Between 1943 and 1945, prices rose more than 1,000% per year, weakening the Nationalist government. The inflation helped the Communists eventually come to power in China, and in later years White, Coe, and Adler were accused of having deliberately fostered inflation by obstructing the stabilization loan.[13]

A Chinese work published in 1983 stated that from 1963 on Adler worked for China's International Liaison Department, an organ of the Chinese Communist Party whose functions include foreign intelligence.[14] According to historian R. Bruce Craig, Adler's apartment in Beijing was provided by the Liaison Department, indicating that the department was Adler's work unit.[15]

Shambaugh, David (March 2007). "China's 'Quiet Diplomacy': The International Department of the Chinese Communist Party". China: An International Journal. 5 (1): 26–54. doi:10.1142/S0219747207000039.
Solomon Adler: The Chinese Economy (London, Routledge & Paul 1957)
Joan Robinson, Sol Adler: China: an economic perspective, foreword by Harold Wilson (London, Fabian International Bureau 1958)
Sol Adler: A Talk to Comrades of the English Section for the Translation of Volume V of Chairman Mao's Selected
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Rittenberg, Sidney and Amanda Bennett. The Man Who Stayed Behind. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1993.
Weinstein, Allen. Perjury: The Hiss-Chambers Case. New York: Knopf, 1997.


The Israeli Worm peeking from the ass of the SolarWinds Trojan horse


U.S. cyber-security and intelligence agencies know much more than they are revealing about the true nature and extent of the foreign hacking into sensitive U.S. government and private computer networks utilizing a Trojan horse security weakness in the SolarWinds enterprise monitoring suite called Orion IT. Cyber-security experts are concerned that the hackers embedded Trojan horse programs as malicious time-based payloads that could be activated by hackers even after systems are ridden of their security flaws.

Among the compromised systems are those at the National Nuclear Security Administration and the Departments of Treasury, Commerce, and Homeland Security. The hackers were able to use the SolarWinds/Orion flaw to compromise systems running Microsoft, Cisco, Intel, Nvidia, Belkin, and VMware applications. That serves as an important clue as to what intelligence agency both specializes in and would benefit most from having future unfettered access enabled by time-based malicious payloads.

The actual culprit behind the Trojan horse program introduced via SolarWinds may not be the Russian government per se but a group of Russian and other Slavic-speaking hackers working for the most infamous company when it comes to Trojan horse implants, NSO Group of Israel. When it comes to Russian and other Eastern European Israelis, national loyalty is a fungible commodity and is based on who has the greater ability to pay the most for services rendered. The close intelligence relationship between Russia's SVR and Israel's Mossad suggests that there are joint cyber-espionage operations being conducted against third parties, such as the United States, Britain, and Germany.

NSO Group poses enough of a cyber-threat that Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and Cisco, firms that are not usually found on the same side of a legal issue, are suing NSO Group for selling hacking tools that have resulted in major cyber-penetrations of companies and individuals, including journalists, celebrities, government officials, corporate executives, environmental activists, and whistleblowers. Facebook contends that NSO Group made its WhatsApp messaging service vulnerable to hackers and that this represented a violation of the U.S. Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and other federal laws. Rather than bringing federal criminal charges against NSO Group, the Justice Department sat back and avoided any confrontation with NSO Group, which is believed to have the protection of Donald Trump son-in-law and suspected Mossad asset Jared Kushner.

The WhatsApp/Facebook complaint against NSO Group provides details of the Israeli cyber-surveillance threat: "Defendants [NSO Group Technologies Ltd. and Q Cyber Technologies Limited (formerly L.E.G.D. Company Ltd.)] manufactured, distributed, and operated surveillance technology or 'spyware' designed to intercept and extract information and communications from mobile phones and devices. Defendants’ products included 'Pegasus,' a type of spyware known as a remote access trojan. According to Defendants, Pegasus and its variants (collectively, 'Pegasus') were designed to be remotely installed and enable the remote access and control of information—including calls, messages, and location—on mobile devices using the Android, iOS, and BlackBerry operating systems."

In July, NSO Group unsuccessfully argued in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California that it could not be sued because it possessed sovereign immunity. The court rejected that argument and an appeal is currently before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Microsoft, Google, Cisco, Dell, VMWare, GitHub, LinkedIn, and the Internet Association have filed an amicus brief with the Appeals Court arguing against NSO Group's contention that it has sovereign immunity. Another amicus brief against NSO Group's sovereign immunity appeal is expected from various human and civil rights groups, including Access Now, Amnesty International, the Committee to Protect Journalists, Internet Freedom Foundation, Paradigm Initiative, Privacy International, Reporters Without Borders, and Red en Defensa de los Derechos Digitales (R3D). The Electronic Frontier Foundation filed a separate amicus brief in support of the WhatsApp suit against NSO Group. To use a non-legal term, NSO Group has a lot of chutzpah in claiming it has the same sovereign legal rights as a nation-state or a foreign government official. However, considering the fact that a number of former Mossad, Shin Bet, and other Israeli former intelligence officers are among its corporate officers, the Israeli government may have pushed for a sovereign immunity defense.

In its complaint against NSO Group, Microsoft refers to the Israeli firm as nothing more than a "cyber mercenary." It is unfortunate that the Trump administration has given companies like NSO Group a free pass while the pushback against the Israeli surveillance operations are left to Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and others.

Washington Post columnist and Virginia resident Jamal Khashoggi was among the victims of NSO Group's technology. It was NSO-enabled Saudi government tracking of Khashoggi's mobile phone while he was in Istanbul that led to his grisly death in October 2018 at the hands of Saudi intelligence agents. A security flaw in Apple's iPhone led to 36 Al Jazeera reporters being spied upon by Saudi and United Arab Emirates intelligence through their use of NSO spyware. The lawsuit against NSO Group also alleges that the firm's spyware was used by the governments of Mexico and Bahrain against their opponents and journalists. Other NSO customers include Oman, Togo, Rwanda, Belarus, Kazakhstan, India, Pakistan, Thailand, United Kingdom, Ireland, Yemen, Kuwait, Iraq, Turkey, Greece, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Qatar, Kenya, Poland, Latvia, United States, Canada, Uganda, Senegal, Zambia, Brazil, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, France, Spain, Portugal, Brunei, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Netherlands, Egypt, Switzerland, Singapore, South Africa, Liberia, and Morocco.

Corporate news media has been derelict in failing to point to the glaring connections between the SolarWinds/Orion IT hack and the NSO Group being sued by America's high-tech giants for carrying out the very type of computer hacking carried out against U.S. government agencies and firms like Microsoft. Protecting "poor little Israel" from valid criticism and criminal sanctions should have its limits in newsrooms around the world. If the Chinese Huawei telecommunications conglomerate saw even a tenth of the actual proof of security back doors that has been leveled against NSO Group, there might be grounds for exercising caution. However, until now, not a single government agency has been able to provide any proof of Huawei security flaws. Mere mention that Huawei is a Chinese company, with all the bogeyman racist connotations therein, is not applied evenly to Israeli high-tech companies, which have a rich history of employing surveillance weapons against so-called "allies," as well as enemies.


How the election can be corrected after the inauguration


It’s Inauguration Day, which means unless a miracle drops on us immediately, Joe Biden is the 46th President of the United States. Once he’s inaugurated, it’s essentially over for any hopes that President Trump can continue into a second term, right? Hold your horses. There’s another avenue to expose voter fraud that only became available AFTER Biden’s inauguration.

This play is called a writ of quo warranto. Before I talk about that, let’s make something perfectly clear. For the past several weeks I’ve talked about the “MOAB”—the Mother Of All Bombshells—as being the way for a miracle to manifest and finally force mainstream media, Big Tech, Democrats, Establishment Republicans, and the judiciary to pay full attention to the voter fraud that stole the election on behalf of Joe Biden. In retrospect, I was too limiting in how I described God’s sovereignty. If He wills that President Trump is to win, who am I to declare how I believe it will come about?

A writ of quo warranto isn’t necessarily a MOAB because it doesn’t require a new piece of bombshell evidence. It takes the accumulated bombshells, affidavits, videos, and other pieces of evidence and consolidates them into one legal case. There are a few things that make this play completely different from what Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and others have attempted through our corrupt judiciary. With a writ of quo warranto, the clock starts AFTER inauguration because it challenges a sitting government official’s authority to be in office based on actions, such as voter fraud, that aided in that situation.

Leo Donofrio, who I admittedly know very little about, has been talking about this maneuver for a month. On his site, he has been calling on President Trump and his team to prepare to file this writ. He has also laid out the groundwork on which they can challenge the election and “show the receipts,” as he declared on his latest post:


See my previous reports for case law and analysis of the federal quo warranto statute. The bottom line is that SCOTUS has held that an election of any United States official can be challenged based on fraud or error by a writ of quo warranto. And the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals recently held that the proper venue to challenge the election of a sitting President is the D.C. District Court. We have a statute. We have a venue. Bring the receipts, President Trump.

If you don’t bring the receipts by quo warranto, then you will have quit. It’s all in or all out. There’s no other options left. This must be done. You have to give the proper law in the proper venue a chance. If you quit now, it will be broadcast as an admission that there was no fraud, error, or lawlessness by election officials.

As soon as Biden is sworn in, you can file the complaint. The gaslighting of America will only end by counter-punching with a verified complaint showing all of the evidence. Then comes a jury trial.

Furthermore, because of the widespread persecution of politicians who supported an investigation of the election, such as Georgia State Senators Brandon Beach and Burt Jones, alternative standing as interested persons under the quo warranto statute has been created for them to bring quo warranto actions too.

Beach and Jones were both stripped of their committee chairs. Therefore, they now have standing to petition the D.C. District Court to try the case before a jury, because that is the only way they can now prove their innocence and justification.

Simply put, the anti-MAGA conspirators have overplayed their hand in persecuting stop the steal politicians and patriotic citizens. In doing so, they caused very real injuries that need adjudication. These parties now have an interest in quo warranto which is unique and particular to them as opposed to the general public at large. Such particular injuries create unique standing.

Nobody right now is talking about quo warranto other than at this blog. That will change soon. We are a nation of laws. And we have an established means of testing elections. Those means, laws, cases, etc. have existed from the very start of our nation.

On the latest episode of NOQ Report, I broke down my takeaways from Donofrio’s assertions, explored what this could mean if it’s initiated by President Trump or others, and engaged in speculation of how this could all be the proper play we’ve been seeking all along. We’ve watched in utter frustration as mainstream media ignored evidence of voter fraud while Big Tech suppressed it. We’ve seen the expected attacks from Democrats and the semi-shocking betrayals from the Republican Establishment.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve held back on talking about the majority of theories, strategies, and observations that have come my way. It’s not because I ignored them, but most simply didn’t pass the “smell test” of credibility and likelihood. What Donofrio is proposing does pass this smell test. That’s not to say I consider it likely, and I hate to be perceived as a peddler of false hope, but the potential here is actually higher than any of the lawsuits I discussed prior. Those seemed doomed to fail. A writ of quo warranto is as close to ironclad as we’ve seen presented.


The MAGA Counterpunch is Quo Warranto in DC District Court Show The Receipts Of Election Fraud


[UPDATE 1.21.21 9:57 AM: I’m preparing a throughly researched follow up entitled, “John Eastman Was Right; Pence Was Wrong; State Legislatures Have Standing For Quo Warranto Challenge Of Biden’s Election.“]

See my previous reports for case law and analysis of the federal quo warranto statute. The bottom line is that SCOTUS has held that an election of any United States official can be challenged based on fraud or error by a writ of quo warranto. And the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals recently held that the proper venue to challenge the election of a sitting President is the D.C. District Court. We have a statute. We have a venue. Bring the receipts, President Trump.

If you don’t bring the receipts by quo warranto, then you will have quit. It’s all in or all out. There’s no other options left. This must be done. You have to give the proper law in the proper venue a chance. If you quit now, it will be broadcast as an admission that there was no fraud, error, or lawlessness by election officials.

As soon as Biden is sworn in, you can file the complaint. The gaslighting of America will only end by counter-punching with a verified complaint showing all of the evidence. Then comes a jury trial.

Furthermore, because of the widespread persecution of politicians who supported an investigation of the election, such as Georgia State Senators Brandon Beach and Burt Jones, alternative standing as interested persons under the quo warranto statute has been created for them to bring quo warranto actions too.

Beach and Jones were both stripped of their committee chairs. Therefore, they now have standing to petition the D.C. District Court to try the case before a jury, because that is the only way they can now prove their innocence and justification.

Simply put, the anti-MAGA conspirators have overplayed their hand in persecuting stop the steal politicians and patriotic citizens. In doing so, they caused very real injuries that need adjudication. These parties now have an interest in quo warranto which is unique and particular to them as opposed to the general public at large. Such particular injuries create unique standing.

Nobody right now is talking about quo warranto other than at this blog. That will change soon. We are a nation of laws. And we have an established means of testing elections. Those means, laws, cases, etc. have existed from the very start of our nation.

Challenging elections for fraud or error is nothing new or shocking in American Jurisprudence. So why the hysteria now? Because they know we have the receipts. And they know quo warranto is the legal procedure designed by Congress to bring them. Congress enacted the quo warranto statute. It’s their baby. There are literally hundreds of quo warranto cases on election fraud or error, if not thousands, in our national history.

In a recent New York case, a quo warranto action was deemed proper to challenge an election when the voting machine jammed causing just 37 votes to be questioned. Compare that to Coffee County in Georgia, where the local officials refused to verify the Presidential election this year because they could not get a voting machine to give consistent results.

No fraud was even suggested in the New York case, and you don’t even need to prove fraud when simple error can be shown. And there were other voting machine discrepancies in other counties as well. Add to all of this the missing postal service truck filled with ballots; the poll watcher complaints; the election statutes that were violated; late ballots counted for weeks after the election in violation of federal statute 3 U.S.C. § 1. There exists a plethora of election irregularities far beyond the amount of evidence needed to survive a motion for summary judgment.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court actually gave Trump a huge win when it held that election officials provided an illegal definition of indefinitely confined status which resulted in approximately 200,000 illegal votes being cast where the margin of victory was only 20,000 votes. That alone is sufficient to challenge the results in Wisconsin.

The Pennsylvania Legislature asked Mike Pence – on January 5th – for an extension to possibly decertify their electors after they discovered 202,377 more votes may have been counted than were actually cast. Election officials in Pennsylvania certified the results without accounting for the discrepancy. This particular issue alone is enough for Sean Parnell to bring a quo warranto regarding his lead vanishing in the middle of the night.

None of these issues were debunked. They were denied. There’s a difference. And in our system of law, when sworn affidavits are brought, the plaintiff gets their day in court where a jury decides whether allegations have been debunked. Issues of triable fact have been raised by witnesses who have subjected themselves to perjury. They deserve their day in court too. Let the jury decide. That’s how we do it in the USA.

Put Congress at the top of the conspiracy theory pyramid for enacting a federal statute to challenge the validity of federal elections. Under their quo warranto statute anyone who ran for federal office that has the receipts must now bring them to the D.C. District Court where a jury trial on the merits awaits.

In the weeks ahead, I will be publishing more research on strategies and analysis for those who either had an election stolen from them, or who have been persecuted for trying to stop the steal.

All of the cases brought before the election were not quo warranto actions, and therefore such cases faced difficult procedural hurdles. All were also somewhat premature in that quo warranto actions may be instituted only after the contested office is taken over.

I can assure you that Biden and Pelosi and the whole anti-MAGA universe is focused on misdirecting your attention from quo warranto. So far they have done a good job of manipulating attention spans. We need to steer the ship back on course. Defending their bogus attacks is the wrong tactic. The COUNTERPUNCH is quo warranto. We will see you in court.

What you are witnessing now in D.C. is an attempt to criminalize use of the law, research, investigations and discussion. War has been declared on the MAGA movement. Our weapon is the law. Don’t give up on it yet. It may still save us


The Satanic Death Cult Behind the Communist Revolution in America

Henry Makow
Posted on January 22, 2021 by State of the Nation
We are Mental Prisoners of a Satanic Death Cult
The fifth plank of the Communist Manifesto calls for a private (i.e. Rothschild) central bank. Society is under constant attack by these central banks. Sounds crazy but this is the key to understanding current events.
The list below is not meant to be detailed or exhaustive but to provide a list to recognize this attack.
The Satanist (Cabalist) central bankers are extending their credit monopoly into a monopoly over everything. They plan to dispossess humanity and establish a world Communist police state. Communism which calls for the abolishing of private property and inheritance is just a way for the Rothschilds to take everyone’s property.
The Cabalist bankers use Organized Jewry (Zionism) and Masonic shabbos goyim as their instruments. Intelligence agencies do the dirty work.
We suffer from cognitive dissonance. “Everything is fine; nothing to see here,” their media tell us. Those who disagree are smeared as “bigots,” ignored, banned or lose their job. Welcome to 1984.

Treason doth never prosper, what’s the reason? For if it prospers, none dare call it Treason.
John Harington 1561-161

(Updated from April 16, 2019. We need constant reminders.)
by Henry Makow PhD

Cabalist Judaism is Satanism; Satanism is Communism. It is a death cult that enslaves and exploits its members, including Jews.
“Enslavement” sounds abstract. This is what it looks like in living color.

1. Immigration & Migration – To re-engineer humanity as servants, the Protocols state, “we will destroy every collective force but our own.” (16-4) The four legs of human identity (collective force) are race, religion, nation, and family. Migration undermines two of these directly, race and nation, and the other two indirectly. They are a form of gerrymandering to ensure people of European descent become a minority and are disenfranchised.

2. Vaccinations, Chemtrails, Fluoride and Soy. They are inoculating us with diseases, making us comatose and feminizing males. In general, a satanic cult such as Western society has become, controls and exploits its members by corrupting and making them sick. Western society is obsessed with sickness which is a bigger industry than war.

3. Control of information and discourse – Media and higher education now are mind control instruments. Political correctness & censorship punish thought crimes.– Non-Conformity leads to loss of employment.
Gaslighting – political widgets can say anything and be taken seriously. As with 9-11 plane disappearing into Pentagon, the goal is to make us question reality.

4. False flag terror is used to confiscate guns (Christchurch) and to justify war (9-11) or civil strife (Notre Dame) Mass surveillance using CCTV, Internet, and smart devices.

5. Satanism, occultism, violence and sexual depravity in the entertainment industry. Major stars are all Satan worshippers.
Their success isn’t based on talent alone. They have sold their souls to the devil. Increasingly our culture and entertainment reflect that of a satanic cult.


6. Agenda 21; “Climate Change” — comprehensive UN Plan to limit economic development & control the world.

7. The Demonrat Party: Making removing Trump their first priority and lying. 20-plus nobodies running for President.
Buying votes by promising the moon for free. The media constantly gaslighting us re. 9-11, JFK assassination, Syrian gas attacks, and numerous mass shootings (Sandy Hook, Parkland.) The Communist Manifesto calls for state control of communication (#6) – which we effectively have when we realize that media corporations are all controlled by the central bankers.

8. Attack on marriage and family by erasing traditional heterosexual values using pornography, sexual liberation, gender dysphoria, homosexuality and transgenderism. Sexual “liberation” is pure Satanism because it dehumanizes and makes sex an end in itself.
Disregarding female rights by allowing trannies in their bathrooms. Canada issues apology to gays and new “equality” coin. Some say transgenderism is the worship of “the Beast” before his return.

9. Income inequality. The “one percent” In France, Chile, Iraq, and Lebanon, people are in the streets because they can’t make ends meet.

10. Attack on white men and the promotion of miscegenation. Undermining all races but especially people of European descent. This is an ad from the Saturday paper seeking a Journeyman Electrician starting at $71K. They give preferences to anything that isn’t a white male: They “encourage candidates to indicate on their application if they are a woman, Aboriginal person, a person with a disability, or member of a visible minority.” Whatever happened to hiring on the basis of merit and not discriminating against anyone?
In conclusion, the only way out of this morass is to nationalize central banks and disavow debt created out of nothing.

Or for the Masonic Jewish leaders to have a change of heart, and become the benefactors of humanity instead of its deranged cruel jailers.

It’s very simple. Humanity can choose God or Satan. If we choose God, the earth will be heaven. If we choose Satan, it will be a hell.
White people need a national home. This mural removed because it wasn’t diverse.
Related- Is Trump Family Cult Behind Coming Armageddon?
———– Ten Signs Western Society is a Satanic Cult
—————— We have de Facto Communism
First Comment from Peter: “The Zombies are starting to look normal.”

It becomes obvious once one is awake to the agendas. But how many people are? For example, now watching the 9th series of The Walking Dead, a batch of newcomer “survivors” comprises.

2 X trannies, one heavily tattooed white, another Asian with a British accent. (this series twice in another setting has people singing quietly the Marx Brothers Lydia the Tattooed Lady song, no coincidence) 1 X deaf black woman who enjoys all of her group being fluent in sign language.

1 X short-haired tomboy daughter of above whom I thought was her son until they declared her so

1 X nerdy Jewish know-it-all fat guy ham acting like other actors I have seen in other shows (eg Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider (1969), another in Solaris (2002), another in original Lost In Space series). Far out Man. The Zombies themselves are starting to look normal.


Posted on January 23, 2021 by State of the Nation
The Biden-Harris British Pilgrims Society handler, Sir Nigel Knowles, was Harris hubby Doug Emhoff’s boss at DLA Piper Plc.
Sir Nigel Knowles is the longtime chairman of DLA Piper Plc where Emhoff worked until becoming interloper Kalama Harris’ newly-minted husband

Sir Nigel Knowles and Sir Nick Clegg, former Deputy Prime Minister, were knighted on the same day by the Queen (2009).
Sir Nick Clegg effectively runs Facebook today as vice president of global communications (2018)

Baron Richard Allan, took over Facebook’s European operations in 2009; Allan’s grandfather was chief of staff for British intelligence in WWII and was lordified in 2010
Sir Nigel Knowles is a current director of SGO Corporation Limited (formerly Smartmatic Limited) chaired by Privy Councilor Lord Mark Malloch Brown who was lordified in 2006

Lord Mark Malloch-Brown is co-founder of numerous George Soros entities including Open Society Foundation, Quantum Fund, Soros Fund Management (SFM), along with Venezuelans Antonio Mugica Rivero, Robert Alejandro Pinate Martinez, David Anthony Giampaolo and the Young Presidents Organization (YPO) UK (!)

Various DLA Piper entities invested in SGO Smartmatic (2005)

You don’t see a single China-man or China-woman among this Second British Invasion, 1812 v. 2.0, do you?

Now you know, this PROVES the British Pilgrims Society identities of the real foreign puppet masters attempting to takedown the American Republic.

(Hint: Don’t count on the military, they have been rotted from within the ranks by 120 years of “Five Eyes” infiltration. We hope there are still pockets of integrity and patriotism.)

Don’t believe this, look at the $16 billion in military contracts that have been award to British SERCO, QintetiQ, Crown Agents and their SES British loyalist minions.

Christopher Steele was never a “former” MI6 agent. He just confessed to creating the fake pee pee dossier… as a British spy! GCHQ Robert Hannigan tapped Trump Towers. Crown prosecutors Arvinder Sambai and Alison Saunders conspired with Robert Mueller and the FBI in the African embassy, 911, and Trump-Russia “false flag” hoaxes—all meant to cement the British Pilgrims Society takeover

FYI, Leonardo has never been an Italian satellite system. It has always been controlled by the British Admiralty (look up Eurotech Ltd. and SpA). Just look who was given the GSA contract to run the U.S. Navy satellites in the top TOP-SECRET island of Diego Garcia in the British Indian Ocean: British SERCO (the island is also the home address of the .io domain for Bitcoin).

Look where former C.I.A. director George Tenet became a director in 2006 followed by the former vice chairman of the U.S. Chiefs of Staff (2008): British QinetiQ ,which is controlled by the Queen, who knighted Clegg and Knowles that year

Wake up folks and start calling out the British foreign interference in our U.S. elections, 2020 and earlier.

The British have seized control of the White House, just like in the War of 1812 (the first Lord Rothschild-financed war against America)

Note to first time readers of the American Intelligence Media: If you need evidence that any of the statements made above are backed by FACTS, just put the name of the person or event in our search bar and see the reports we have posted on them.


The Democrats’ First Bill of 2021 Is to Lock In Fraudulent Election Maneuvers and Steal Elections in Perpetuity
By Joe Hoft
The fraud in this past election was massive, the worst ever in recorded history, but it is nothing when compared to what the Democrat (Communist) Party has in store for the future of the USA and the world.
In their first act, this Congress led by true communists apparently, is ready to pass a bill allowing all future elections in the USA to be run exactly the same as any communist regime in history.
The Populist Press is reporting the first bill put together by this Pelosi-led Congress will eliminate free and fair elections forever. Fraud will be the mandate and Democrats, the kings of fraud, will win every election henceforth. The bill is labeled by the Communist Democrats – “For the People Act of 2021“.
Below are the key aspects of the bill as noted by the Populist Press:
TRENDING: SHOCKING: The Democrats' First Bill of 2021 Is to Lock In Fraudulent Election Maneuvers and Steal Election in Perpetuity
Democrats introduce their first bill in the House: H.R.1 – The bill that will destroy America. Nationwide mail-in voting, banning restrictions on ballot harvesting, banning voter ID, criminal voters,DC Statehood roadwork, it’s all in here.
1) Internet-only registration with electronic signature submission.
“(a) Requiring Availability Of Internet For Online Registration.—Each State, acting through the chief State election official, shall ensure that the following services are available to the public at any time on the official public websites of the appropriate State and local election officials in the State, in the same manner and subject to the same terms and conditions as the services provided by voter registration agencies under section 7(a):

“(1) Online application for voter registration.

2) Banning the requirement to provide a full SSN for voter registration.

SEC. 1005. PROHIBITING STATE FROM REQUIRING APPLICANTS TO PROVIDE MORE THAN LAST 4 DIGITS OF SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. (a) Form Included With Application For Motor Vehicle Driver’s License.—Section 5(c)(2)(B)(ii) of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (52 U.S.C. 20504(c)(2)(B)(ii)) is amended by striking the semicolon at the end and inserting the following: “, and to the extent that the application requires the applicant to provide a Social Security number, may not require the applicant to provide more than the last 4 digits of such number;”.

3) Nationwide ‘Motor Voter’ registration.

Note that motor voter registration is how thousands of illegal became registered voters in California and Nevada.

(2) DEFINITION.—The term “automatic registration” means a system that registers an individual to vote in elections for Federal office in a State, if eligible, by electronically transferring the information necessary for registration from government agencies to election officials of the State so that, unless the individual affirmatively declines to be registered, the individual will be registered to vote in such elections.

4) 16 year olds required to be registered to vote.

(d) Treatment Of Individuals Under 18 Years Of Age.—A State may not refuse to treat an individual as an eligible individual for purposes of this part on the grounds that the individual is less than 18 years of age at the time a contributing agency receives information with respect to the individual, so long as the individual is at least 16 years of age at such time. Nothing in the previous sentence may be construed to require a State to permit an individual who is under 18 years of age at the time of an election for Federal office to vote in the election.

5) Nationwide same-day registration.

“(1) REGISTRATION.—Each State shall permit any eligible individual on the day of a Federal election and on any day when voting, including early voting, is permitted for a Federal election—

“(A) to register to vote in such election at the polling place using a form that meets the requirements under section 9(b) of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (or, if the individual is already registered to vote, to revise any of the individual’s voter registration information); and

“(B) to cast a vote in such election.

6) Grants ($25M) for using minors in election activities.

(1) IN GENERAL.—The Election Assistance Commission (hereafter in this section referred to as the “Commission”) shall make grants to eligible States to enable such States to carry out a plan to increase the involvement of individuals under 18 years of age in public election activities in the State.

7) More children voters.

“(k) Acceptance Of Applications From Individuals Under 18 Years Of Age.—

“(1) IN GENERAL.—A State may not refuse to accept or process an individual’s application to register to vote in elections for Federal office on the grounds that the individual is under 18 years of age at the time the individual submits the application, so long as the individual is at least 16 years of age at such time.

8) Prohibiting attempts to clean voter rolls of non-residents.

It’s this whole section, but in particular, this part below basically says nobody is allowed to request voter rolls to be cleaned up. ie: making it illegal to do what Tom Fitton was doing.

“(1) REQUIREMENTS FOR CHALLENGES.—No person, other than a State or local election official, shall submit a formal challenge to an individual’s eligibility to register to vote in an election for Federal office or to vote in an election for Federal office unless that challenge is supported by personal knowledge regarding the grounds for ineligibility which is—

9) Murderers and rapists can vote.

(1) NOTIFICATION.—On the date determined under paragraph (2), each State shall notify in writing any individual who has been convicted of a criminal offense under the law of that State that such individual has the right to vote in an election for Federal office pursuant to the Democracy Restoration Act of 2021 and may register to vote in any such election and provide such individual with any materials that are necessary to register to vote in any such election.

10) Mandatory early voting.

Note that I personally like early voting in Florida, but putting it here anyway.

“(1) IN GENERAL.—Each State shall allow individuals to vote in an election for Federal office during an early voting period which occurs prior to the date of the election, in the same manner as voting is allowed on such date.


“(a) Uniform Availability Of Absentee Voting To All Voters.—

“(1) IN GENERAL.—If an individual in a State is eligible to cast a vote in an election for Federal office, the State may not impose any additional conditions or requirements on the eligibility of the individual to cast the vote in such election by absentee ballot by mail.


“(A) PROHIBITING IDENTIFICATION REQUIREMENT AS CONDITION OF OBTAINING BALLOT.—A State may not require an individual to provide any form of identification as a condition of obtaining an absentee ballot, except that nothing in this paragraph may be construed to prevent a State from requiring a signature of the individual or similar affirmation as a condition of obtaining an absentee ballot.

“(B) PROHIBITING REQUIREMENT TO PROVIDE NOTARIZATION OR WITNESS SIGNATURE AS CONDITION OF OBTAINING OR CASTING BALLOT.—A State may not require notarization or witness signature or other formal authentication (other than voter attestation) as a condition of obtaining or casting an absentee ballot.


“(A) shall permit a voter to designate any person to return a voted and sealed absentee ballot to the post office, a ballot drop-off location, tribally designated building, or election office so long as the person designated to return the ballot does not receive any form of compensation based on the number of ballots that the person has returned and no individual, group, or organization provides compensation on this basis; and

“(B) may not put any limit on how many voted and sealed absentee ballots any designated person can return to the post office, a ballot drop off location, tribally designated building, or election office.

12) Banning voter ID.

“(1) IN GENERAL.—Except as provided in subsection (c), if a State has in effect a requirement that an individual present identification as a condition of receiving and casting a ballot in an election for Federal office, the State shall permit the individual to meet the requirement—

“(A) in the case of an individual who desires to vote in person, by presenting the appropriate State or local election official with a sworn written statement, signed by the individual under penalty of perjury, attesting to the individual’s identity and attesting that the individual is eligible to vote in the election; or

13) Roadwork for DC statehood and territory statehood.

The whole subtitle.

Subtitle C—Findings Relating To District Of Columbia Statehood

Subtitle D—Territorial Voting Rights

Subtitle E—Redistricting Reform

(B) ENSURING DIVERSITY.—In appointing the 9 members pursuant to subparagraph (B) of paragraph (1), as well as in designating alternates pursuant to subparagraph (B) of paragraph (3) and in appointing alternates to fill vacancies pursuant to subparagraph (B) of paragraph (4), the first members of the independent redistricting commission shall ensure that the membership is representative of the demographic groups (including racial, ethnic, economic, and gender) and geographic regions of the State, and provides racial, ethnic, and language minorities protected under the Voting Rights Act of 1965 with a meaningful opportunity to participate in the development of the State’s redistricting plan.

I am running out of time and space, but please look at this section:

SEC. 3201. NATIONAL STRATEGY TO PROTECT UNITED STATES DEMOCRATIC INSTITUTIONS. (a) In General.—Not later than one year after the date of the enactment of this Act, the President, acting through the Secretary, in consultation with the Chairman, the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of State, the Attorney General, the Secretary of Education, the Director of National Intelligence, the Chairman of the Federal Election Commission, and the heads of any other appropriate Federal agencies, shall issue a national strategy to protect against cyber attacks, influence operations, disinformation campaigns, and other activities that could undermine the security and integrity of United States democratic institutions.
(b) Considerations.—The national strategy required under subsection (a) shall include consideration of the following:
(1) The threat of a foreign state actor, foreign terrorist organization (as designated pursuant to section 219 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1189)), or a domestic actor carrying out a cyber attack, influence operation, disinformation campaign, or other activity aimed at undermining the security and integrity of United States democratic institutions.
(3) Potential consequences, such as an erosion of public trust or an undermining of the rule of law, that could result from a successful cyber attack, influence operation, disinformation campaign, or other activity aimed at undermining the security and integrity of United States democratic institutions.
literally forming a commission to effectively freeze anyone who says that the election was rigged


The Fifth-Generation War on White People
First They Came for White Southern Males…
Many Americans woke up this week to the crystal-clear realization that we have entered a fifth generation (5G) civil war for control of this county – a culture war, yes, but much more than that. In this short essay, I draw from history to briefly reflect on what this means to me as a more or less normal White guy who is trying to find ways to do more to resist the organized deluge of anti-White propaganda and policies.
Historical Parallels
Perhaps because I have been studying the rise of communism in Europe during the early 1900s, the past week feels eerily similar to my understanding of what it might have felt like to be a German Austrian in the 1910s and 20s, with the obvious difference that we have not recently lost a world war after failing in our attempts to salvage a dying, multicultural empire that has become increasingly hostile to its traditional citizens in order to secure the loyalty of its minority citizens. I believe I have uncovered nuggets of understanding, nonetheless.
I was not present in Austria a century ago, and I cannot really know what my Austrian doppelganger self would have felt thought while experiencing this period. I read a fair amount of history, but even this does not ensure this sort of experiential knowledge, since we self-censor our own diaries and journals. This matters little, however, because with some historical distance, I might see the situation more clearly than I would have if I lived during the time. And if the media and education system were as biased at that time against German-Austrian interests as they are against White American interests in the US today, then it is very likely that my understanding of Austria in the 1920s is better informed than those living them.

Rereading Mein Kampf, for the second time ever and the first time in over 15 years (and the first time I neither understood it nor finished half of it), it seems to me that Hitler felt much the same way that I do now. He was trying to save the Germans in Germany and Austria. I found it strange to admit to my wife that I think the biggest personality difference between Hitler and me is that he seems to have been rather more empathetic than I am. While I have completely lost patience with White Americans who intentionally or ignorantly are willing their own demise, Hitler repeatedly made excuses for those in Austria who were doing the same. He was so soft. But I think I have come to understand that he was trying to organize and inspire a mass of people far less intelligent and knowledgeable than himself, and so he needed to be patient with them. So, I believe that reading Mein Kampf again has made me a nicer, more understanding guy. I would contrast this with the way the Trotsky secured the loyalty of the officers of the Red Army, but that would be too much of a digression.

To the point, which is to use history to inform present action, you might say that Hitler’s plan to secure the future of the German people involved retaking control of the media, which had become a propaganda machine that continually tried to undermine the interests of the German people.

I will pause here to say that I often read articles from the Jacobin – the socialist magazine. And although most socialists would scream at you until their head exploded before they would admit that Hitler was a socialist (but he was, albeit a nationalist, i.e., German, socialist rather than an internationalist socialist), I see them as potential future allies in the fight against globalism. The oligarchy has freaked out about Trump because they see him as a populist who, like Hitler, united working-class Germans from Left and the Right to fight their common extranational and international enemies.

It is clear, however, that we have media problems. I was astounded and enlightened to read Hitler’s discussion of the media and propaganda in Germany prior to the rise of the Nazi Party. The parallels to today are uncanny – even though the media have evolved. It seems to me, at least, that we are in fact closer to the propaganda age of the early 1900s in Europe than we have been at any time in my life. Looking back, it was the Summer of Antifa and the astonishing response of the media and the politicians that caused me, and likely many other Americans, to begin to see parallels to the Russian Revolution and the color revolutions. I then found myself reading about the rise of fascism, first so I might understand the parallels between the Brownshirts and antifa, but then so that I could understand how Germany successfully fended off the communist revolution that killed 12 million civilians – with perhaps 20 million more people during Stalin’s reign. To put that into perspective, that is about half as many people, military and civilian, as died in all of World War II. To take it even further, less than five million Germans are reported to have died during the war. That is, for me at least, an unimaginably large number of deaths and a terrible, terrible tragedy – but the number of Germans who died in WWII was less than one-sixth of the people who died in Russia as a result of the communist revolution and ensuing regime.

Although I am a registered libertarian (just to give you a sense of where I am coming from), I have never more fully appreciated the appeal of national socialism than now. Similarly, I did not vote for Trump in 2016, but I found him more appealing this time around – certainly not because of his rhetoric, or even of his actions, but because of what he came, in the second half of his term, to begin to resist. The ongoing coup has been in place because some people rightly interpreted that Trump was striking a Hitleresque chord among the White Americans who the international bankers and international socialists are trying to undermine politically, psychologically, and economically.

I am not a jackboot-wearing skinhead. I am a normal, middle-aged, gray haired man who, rising from working poverty to the middle class, has experienced something like the American dream. I am respected at work, loved by my family, affable, rational, well-educated, and White. And I am preparing for a war.

I am not preparing for war in the way that most Americans would (fail to) understand it. That is, I am not taking up arms to overthrow a government. I am not joining the military so that I can resist “regimes” that seek to rein in the Jewish oligarchs who pillaged their economy. I am not preparing to wage war against a duly-elected South American government that seeks to abandon the petrodollar so they can remove the yoke of vulture capitalism that has been imposed on a people. Surely not now.

No, I am not gearing up to drop multicultural democratic bombs from a B-2 Stealth bomber or to use a Predator drone to assassinate a scientist from another country because he is successfully resisting the implementation of Greater Israel. The war that I am preparing for is a defensive war to protect my people from an illegitimate government that is unduly influenced by foreign interests and is controlled by hidden oligarchs who use two-party democracy as a veil to pillage my people and others.

Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that I am already fighting the war. As I said above, it is currently a fifth-generation war: an information and propaganda war against the traditional power structure in the US. It started as a war against the hegemony of White Anglo Saxon Protestant Southern Males. Then it evolved into a war against White Anglo Saxon (redundant, I know) Christian males. Once that was secured, it evolved into a war against White Males. As the recent Karen memes and a million articles, books, and television clips (speculation on the last one, since I no longer watch it) demonstrate, the war is now simply against all White people and other non-White people who do not hate White people and/or seek to undermine them at every opportunity.

It would seem, then, that we are fighting a fifth-generation Race War, but it is not that simple. First, there are many allies among Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, and others who share in the struggle against a common, nation-destroying enemy. Secondly, there are even more – many more – White people who still believe that to criticize anti-White policies and propaganda is a form of psychopathology. These people, blinded by stupidity—or more likely by ideology—fail to see the true reasons for and consequences of labeling phrases such as all lives matter as racist. As dumb as cows being corralled for the slaughter, they readily proclaim that it is so wonderful for people of all races and ethnicities to celebrate their people and value their heritage – so long as the celebrants are not White. Natural selection demands that this insanity will end one day: one way or another.

The point is that this is definitely about race, but I for one would like people to be able to articulate an agenda that is far from “all Whites are good and everyone else is evil.” No one in this world believes this, and yet it is the mantra and the scarecrow constantly presented by elites in the media to those who lack the ability or desire to understand. Part of the goal of this essay is to help others better express this position that Whites need to do a much better job of defending ourselves against anti-White propaganda and policies.

From Academia to Media

I think it would be helpful for others to understand that the war that is being thrust on us has its origins in colleges and universities. Since the late 1970s, the influence of Critical Theory has been growing in academia. In college, smart young adults, most of whom have learned to do well in school by regurgitating what their teacher tells them, have for a couple of generations now been ingesting Frankfurt School ideology without being provided the opportunity to criticize it. To do so automatically gets one labeled as anti-Semitic or racist. This indoctrination has allowed critical theory to migrate from liberal arts and social science classrooms out into the rest of the world, where more people can see it.

Universities often get criticized because of all the liberal professors. My experience has been that there are far few liberal professors than people imagine – if liberal is taken in the classical sense, whereby professors introduce students to multiple perspectives and then allow the students to think for themselves. Liberal, in this sense, stands in opposition to both conservative and to leftist professors. There are and have been liberal professors in this sense (“I don’t care what you believe, I just want you to support it with evidence and reasons”), but their influence on young people has been increasingly overshadowed by leftist professors who take a very different approach. Rather than allow students to develop and apply their own moral sentiments, leftist professors profess that there is a right and a wrong; good and evil are real. And it sounds very much like it could have come from Jesus: blessed are the poor and oppressed; woe unto them that are wealthy. Coming primarily from a Jewish perspective rather than a Christian one, this has roughly been retranslated as Black people, Hispanics, and Jews are all oppressed and are therefore good. Non-Jewish White people, who have denigrated Jewish perfidy and parasitism, at least since Hellenistic times, are evil. That is the simple formula of Critical Theory in a nutshell (from someone who wrote a dissertation on the subject). People love their simple moral binaries, and the Left have been dishing it out under the mantra that “everything is political.” As such, universities have been evolving to the point that propaganda, rather than the pursuit of truth, has been the modus operandi. The result has been the creation of a Woke army who has very strong feelings, is very good at group think, but is not particularly knowledgeable or very good at reflecting on the limitations of their own beliefs. (This is, of course a gross overgeneralization, and I am sure there are many exceptions. These should be noted and celebrated.)

Now, however, this way of thinking – everything is political – has made its way into the mainstream media. The child of this view that everything is political is that we must all value social justice. There is no clear picture of what this term actually means or what its realization would look like, and this is intentional of course, because it is an unfalsifiable, pseudo-scientific, religious doctrine that cannot be refuted. That is, it must be taken on faith that ours is an unjust society, that the fault lies with and only with White people, and that the remedy is for Whites to give up their positions of power (to Jews and their surrogates).

Several years ago, to make the news more interactive, the big media agencies adopted opened discussion boards. This did not last long, however, because the anti-White bias was constantly exposed. The comments sections all suddenly disappeared from those corporate news outlets whose larger mission was to subtly construct and maintain an anti-White narrative. This gap was filled by social media. Even more recently, however, censorship has reached formerly unimaginable levels. The case in point is that social media as well as corporate media have fully censored the president of the United States of America. I think this has jolted many people, even those who would never have read what the president said. More people are beginning to wake up.

All of this begs the question why the media would do something so risky. Although I am not privy to those sorts of conversations, a historically informed reading between the lines suggests to me that the media was directed to hazard this extreme censorship because those pulling the strings have concluded that President Trump, likely despite his initial intentions, had come to connect and identify with the one group of people that the Two-Headed Beast of international banking and international socialism needs to undermine if they want to gain full control over the country. That group currently seems to go by the name of American Patriots.

Although still largely hiding behind progressive, well-intentioned, polite and accommodating, but ultimately self-eradicating Whites, the enemy has shown itself a little more clearly in this latest offensive.

Because of this bold gambit, many Americans have, in just the last several weeks, come to believe that there is no political party that represents normal, thinking, middle- and working-class people. In fact, many of those who can trace ancestors back to the founding of this country are surprised to find themselves questioning or denying the legitimacy of our government. They wonder how this has happened so quickly in the United States. They stand in awe at the surrealism of the media’s depiction of “an attempted insurrection” by those who are most loyal to the principles and traditions of our country. They stand, somewhere between dumbstruck and furious, over calls being made to “hold those in leadership positions accountable” who have in the past expressed any support for The President of our country. Has it really come to this? What should I do?
I woke up early this morning to the realization that I need to do more to resist anti-White and antipatriot propaganda and policies. But what can I do? I am not a politician. I am not super-wealthy.
We each have our strengths and weaknesses. I am a rural INTJ with a small social network, but I am somewhat skilled at research and writing. So, I decided to write this essay and send it to Professor MacDonald to see if he would be interested in publishing it. If he does, I will publish it under a pen name because I would very likely lose my job if I published this under my real name. And I enjoy my job. What became clear to me this morning was that whether I want it or not, I am engaged in a 5G Civil War. I can hope that the bullies will stop picking on my people, or I can join the resistance and try to turn back anti-White propaganda and policies by raising awareness and helping others do the same. And I need to talk with people and read more to discover what others are doing. To make sure I can continue the fight, I need to make a backup plan in case I lose my job. I would love to read in the comments what others are doing to prepare themselves for what lies ahead.


ELECTION PSYOP 2020: The Well-Hidden Back Story

State of the Nation

“No one ever is selected by the puppet master to be the POTUS unless they agree to carry out an essential piece of the agenda. Once they sign the contract to become President of the U.S. Corporation, they work for the Federal Reserve not the American People. So, it’s the foreign owners of the FED who always choose the POTUS. However, that does not mean a POTUS, once installed in the Oval Office, cannot go rogue. JFK did just that. So did DJT.”
— Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S Military Officer
The further we get away from Election Day 2020, the easier it is to understand what really happened.
As much as most folks will not want to believe the following irrefutable analysis, the stark reality provided by a deep insider within the U.S. Intelligence Community is exactly what happened.

“Tel Aviv betrayed Trump with a new deal with Biden and so they threw him to the dogs. Sheldon Adelson and the Mafia have no trouble switching sides for the winner by hook or crook. Pence and McConnell also betrayed Trump. It was as though Trump walked as Julius Caesar into the Roman Senate to be stabbed to death. Any deal Trump makes with the system or Deep State will not be kept and they are secretly talking about ending him forever.”
— A dissident but still very connected Deep State intel op offered this cold, dispassionate view of the Big Picture

(Source: What really happened between Trump and Israel vis-à-vis the election?)

With this crucial understanding, it ought to be clear that Donald Trump would never have won the 2016 POTUS election without the direct intervention of Israel—PERIOD.

Yes, he also had a highly secret contingent of military brass Patriots begging him to run in 2015, but that was only to lure him out of his very comfortable life as a private citizen and successful businessman. Who could resist the patriotic call of a powerful group of active and retired flag officers within the U.S. Armed Services who were justifiably horrified at the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency? Even though they were all well-established power-players in the Military-Industrial Complex, they simply could not stomach a stone-cold traitor to the Republic in the White House. Moreover, the Clinton Crime Family dishonored the military way too many times.

The Tel Aviv Connection
The critical point here is that Sheldon Adelson, a primary bagman for the Khazarian Mafia was Trump’s largest campaign donor during the 2016 election cycle. Shelly was used to fund Trump’s campaign with his massive gambling revenues, as he also did in 2020 but to a much smaller degree by purposeful design.

In a talk to an Israeli group in July, 2010, Sheldon Adelson said he wished he had served in the Israeli Army rather the U.S. military–and that he hoped his young son will come back to Israel and “be a sniper for the IDF,” a reference to the Israel Defense Forces. (YouTube video of speech)

As a hardcore Neocon Zionist, Adelson only gave those HUGE donations to Trump on a quid pro quo basis, as is the case with every political campaign. This is why President Trump quite dramatically advanced so many cause célèbres directly associated with Zionist Israel.

Furthermore, it’s why Trump appointed Neocon warmonger and Zionist Iran-hater John Bolton as his National Security Advisor. It’s why he appointed fanatical Christian Zionist Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State. It’s why he appointed “Israel’s bitch” Nikki Haley as the 29th United States Ambassador to the United Nations. It’s especially why Trump was told to choose arch-Zionist Mike Pence as his VP.

KEY POINT: It can be confidently stated that the very day that Trump fired Bolton was the day that his re-election prospects were doomed with finality. Not only did Trump resist Bolton’s efforts to attack Iran, he also refused to invade Syria and overthrow the Maduro administration in Venezuela. See: A Large US Military Convoy Rolled Into Syria On 1st Day Of Biden Presidency

In point of fact, all of President Trump’s most important appointments at the DoJ were foisted on him by his largest [Tel Aviv-connected] campaign donors. These include the disastrous Jeff Sessions and William Barr, as well as the catastrophic Christopher Wray at the FBI. It also includes the three obvious RINOs who Trump was forced to select for the Supreme Court—Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett.

This irrefutable personnel picture of the Trump administration is quite telling as it portrays the fact that each of these key players was not selected by President Trump; they were selected by Zionist kingpins in Chicago and Tel Aviv.

Really, why else would Trump have appointed the highly radioactive Alex Acosta to Secretary of Labor after he unlawfully cut a sweetheart deal with notorious child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein?!?! Mossad agent Epstein was Israel’s inside man making sure every single American VIP, who had any real power and/or major influence, was sufficiently bribable and/or blackmailable to do Israel’s work.


Trump’s engineered election loss
There are actually several reasons why the owners of the Federal Reserve (and Israel) dumped Trump. However, there is one reason that reigns supreme above them all.

President Trump fiercely resisted the order from ON HIGH (i.e. Tel Aviv) to attack Iran. He especially neglected to destroy Iran’s much-feared (by Israel) nuclear sites that housed their fictionalized nuclear weapons development program. For the Israeli and American Neocon Zionists, this was Trump’s MORTAL SIN of all mortal sins.

As a consequence of this unforgivable ‘failure’, the Sword of Damocles was held over Trump’s head by the ruling Zionists over four long years. What the American people really witnessed was every conceivable method of coercion and intimidation the Zionists could bring to bear to force Trump’s hand. But in the end, Trump stood firm in his pledge not to start any wars, or at least not any major wars. (The wholesale destruction of Yemen by Saudi Arabia and the U.S. could be rightly considered as breaking that promise even though the Neocon warmongers used KSA proxies.)

At the end of the day, the Hidden Hand* that controls the final outcome of every American POTUS election decided to pull the plug on a second term for Trump. For his refusal to bend to their will to attack Iran and Syria could no longer be tolerated; and especially in light of the very tight time frame needed to roll out the GREAT RESET.

*“The Hidden Hand are the people who have always been the highest hidden authority. It’s a Secret brotherhood that controls a network of secret societies such as (Bavarian) Illuminati, Freemasonry. These secret societies carry out the orders that are passed down to them through various levels of power which the secret societies then pass down even further through so many more levels so that when the order has finally reached a person he has no clue from where the order came or why. The people you see in power are nothing. The only truly powerful family is the British Royal Family [Really Talmudic, Freemason Zionists descended form Babylonian Brotherhood] because of their bloodline. They are the highest authority and control everyone else, they control a network of secret societies that work under them. They are a small fraternity, a few people who have the purest bloodline which goes back to the ancient world. The Hidden Hand is a small secret brotherhood that follows the mystery [Satanic] religions of ancient Egypt and other mystery religions of the ancient world. They control a network of secret societies. They are incredibly well organized. Adam Weishaupt was taught and financed by powerful families who were under the hands of the Hidden Hand. Hidden hand were the ones who, through certain people, had Adam Weishaupt create the Illuminati for certain reasons, some of which are obvious. The Hidden Hand traces its origins back to ancient Egypt, Babylon and Sumeria; therefore, you see Egyptian symbolism everywhere.”
(Source: Exactly who is the Hidden Hand?)

After all, who did not witness Trump’s courageous and continuous resistance to the utterly absurd CORONAhoax? Yet another reason why they permitted Joe Biden to outright steal the election in broad daylight.

Remember, the ultimate consequence for President Trump’s disobedience is not assassination; rather, it’s the insufferable insult of losing to a guy who “doesn’t even know he’s alive”.

This is why TPTB are forever using the mainstream media to add insult to injury. Particularly in view of the overwhelming hard evidence documenting the greatest vote fraud and election theft in world history is this never-ending media assault intolerable for Trump. As a matter of historical fact, no one has ever seen so much salt rubbed in the wound as the 2020 election heist and cover-up have done to the true winner—Donald J. Trump.

Bottom Line: Whereas the Hidden Hand violently assassinated JFK;
they character assassinated DJT… as they will continue to do for the
rest of his natural life. They will ultimately turn him into the Hitler
of the 21st century in order to completely destroy his legacy and
undermine the Patriot Movement. More importantly, the slow-motion
torture show of Trump will send a message to every other head of state
to not even think about ever leaving the New World Order reservation.
Parallels to JFK
Just as John F. Kennedy was shoehorned into the Oval Office by the Jewish Mafia in Chicago, Donald Trump was put into the White House by another branch of the same Khazarian Mafia.

Joe Kennedy had deep connections to the Irish Mafia that ran Chicago’s Democrat political machine and saw to it that JFK won the 1960 election by illicitly taking Illinois. What few politicos knew at that time was that the Jewish Mafia totally controlled the Irish Mafia, as it also controls the Sicilian Mafia in the Windy City.

The key point here is that the Khazarians felt profoundly betrayed by JFK after giving him a victory. That’s because President Kennedy refused to arm Israel with nuclear weapons, which then caused Israel’s Founder and first Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion to go ballistic (and crazy) sealing JFK’s fate. No one ever double-crosses the Khazarian Mafia and gets away with it.

Similarly, President Trump defied Israel’s direct orders to invade Iran but not on pain of death; rather, at the risk of being character assassinated like no other person in history. Just like Adolph Hitler and every single Nazi associate is forever vilified for betraying the Central Banking Cartel, so too will Team Trump be hunted down until they are all neutralized by every means possible.

What few Patriots understand is that, after the Kennedy presidency, every POTUS was forced to sign an ironclad contract — as President/CEO of the U.S. Corporation — which forbade him from prosecuting any previous POTUS for their very real crimes against the American Republic. This is why President Trump suddenly flipped on “locking up Hillary” as both President Bill Clinton and Barack Obama would have been deeply implicated in the Clinton-Obama crime spree(s). So would criminal co-conspirator Vice-President Joe Biden!



In light of these stark presidential realities, President Trump did as much as any mortal could have done to drain the swamp. No, not a single swamp created was ever apprehended or prosecuted, but how could he with Zionist-selected puppets staffing the highest echelons of federal law enforcement. What Trump did do quite effectively was expose so many swamp creatures inside the Beltway so that We the People could see them, once and for all. That can’t be undone—EVER!

By the way, as far as the Democrats, Deep State and the NWO globalist cabal are concerned, this was by far Trump’s greatest crime—he pulled back the veil on their multi-decade crime wave in a way never seen in American history.
Remember, God often writes straight with crooked lines. The presidency of Donald Trump could only have happened with great earthly powers making it happen. Same with John Kennedy. In both cases, however, those formidable “powers and principalities” were exposed as never before. The cat is now out of the bag which is why TPTB prematurely launched THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC, way before its time. They’re so desperate and reckless beyond reason that their historic mistakes and missteps will likely take them all down.

At the end of every era, the forces of light invariably defeat the forces of darkness mostly by shining the light of truth on them. As they scatter, the dark forces then take each other down as they leave the sinking ship scrambling for life boats that also have holes in them.

Moral of the Story: God’s in charge, always and everywhere. So take heart, and pray, and be sure to stay out of the way…because the sh*t is about to hit the fan.

State of the Nation
January 23, 2021

Author’s Note

In truth, this global psychological operation goes way beyond the public annihilation of Donald Trump. As the extremely courageous ex-POTUS often said, TPTB were not after him, they’re after US. The perps at the top of the planetary food chain especially want to forever eliminate the entire Patriot Movement. This is where this extremely complex, AI pre-planned and highly organized psyop is about to get very interesting indeed. A second exposé will soon be published that will flesh out the skeleton of this ongoing communist plot to collapse the American Republic.

Recommended Reading

The Hidden Powers Behind the Destruction of America


Whitney Webb interview ... WEF, Microsoft, Kissinger, Klaus Schwabb, Israel, Russian Jewish Mafia the Great RESET, FireEye, Mandiant, Samanage (formerly SolarWinds),

StateoftheNation ... paraphrased

Whitney Webb interview, present connections to 9-11, Russia Russia hoax ... how Silicon Valley, Chris Krebbs, & CNN are all in on election fraud ... SolarWinds (Samanage) hack ...

And if you look at the people who are we basically have to rely on for telling us about what happened to Solarwinds who's leading the investigation it is literally the most untrustworthy people in technology today coming together including firms like Crowdstrike which of course was controls the same as they now have believed the boss claimed that Wikileaks Publications in 2016 was a Russian government operation and was Russian hackers and things like that that of course was Crowdstrike

Inquitel money which it means he is advising them on their products and the CIA remains a client of FireEye to stay where we just talked about where we we go over this and now it's just because I want people to see that this was something that you were calling out and it is obvious issues with this way to the specials before you play it where I talked about that I think in the election special including Chris Krebbs while it's still early what happens anyway all of this right experts with Mandiant on a cyber security firm said they identified at least three attacks on Tuesday and one on Wednesday they partnered with a seesaw. You can see their site here but if you look at the URL fire Mandiant are and who are they partnered with Microsoft and man yet announced their strategic partnership very good to see that and you know if your they are talking about fire again in case you forgot yours this guy on teenage and all this stuff CEO and executive chairman at FireEye right before joining all these Israeli intelligence lights company and so that's normal and by normal not normal guy here talking about you know he's so he's calling this the most significant cyber security 7 people going to be summer Wright saw that article was talking about some hat that was used to fear Monger I believe right before the election right and all the people there sighting as evidence for this happen how bad it is or all the same people involved in solarwinds I just might Mandiant I buy Microsoft this is why we know this is really defense company honest investigator would recognize this as a valid angle of research and things you know about there's probably honest people to some degree in these institutions that are you looking at this obvious for decades people to do what they want anyway it's right and now they're basically leading a lot of the investigation FireEye has announced as what happened and they dumped a bunch of stock their top Executives and their their main owner Silver Lake Partners much money Baba blah but then they bring in the officer Facebook and Yahoo along with Chris crabs the former head of DHS to see saw that was running that election centre until he was fired by Trump for disagreeing with him about election fraud publicly and being like Alexa never crabs by the way is a former Microsoft executive and I really recommend if you want to know what kind of cybersecurity guardian animus group of volunteers run by of the shadiest former unit 8200 guy who are for free protecting all of the critical infrastructure and were invited into that critical infrastructure by Chris kranjc I'll just bet it by researchers another cyber security firm call Doctor Who was a weird past and then the scene 8200 guy that's running it all who ever they say and be part of the CTI league is part of it and then immediate access to critical infrastructure they're supposed to be protecting I mean it's literally nonsense if you think about it like anyone that's how to protect cybersecurity seti league is like the worst system ever let there be people that you're pointing to set their justifying who gets to come in or also people that have obvious ties to Israeli government obvious that you don't bringing in Israeli companies to search to basically take over us companies and they don't care that almost unbelievable yasso I-10 I'm starting to think they own this is me speculating right I think the intelligence group here especially since fire Ibis covers at this back door had been there they say now since October 2019 in the software I think they got what they wanted out of that back door and we're ready to expose it look how all-encompassing this back door was but remember you know I mean they're exposing were that expensive handle being one example that I talked about a lot in my work and I think they were just ready to they didn't need it anymore set up this new Cyber event probably over there sometime this year from the way things are looking so I'm not going to say when right cuz I I I don't know but they're definitely setting it up and so what does created by fire I and this whole solar winds event is being used to claim that there is going to be much more damaging hack humming and that hack is going to Target specifically Microsoft products which of course are a dick with us in the end not just the us but globally in terms of business whether it's a Microsoft operating system Microsoft cloud Microsoft Office include all the stuff that runs on Windows and of course this is where we realize it was bad to let Bill Gates create Microsoft and then have them team up with the world economic forum and right before words of Klaus Schwab books are in the Great reset control right so you know the fact that Microsoft products are going to be compromised is Microsoft fit in the solar winds so after you know the heck was first reported in the damage was being reported on the reports and updates coming up about the damages in the extent of access and the attack itself Microsoft says the same people that have solarwinds access part of our source code right so they have the new they have the red team hacking tools from sea Islands FireEye and then Microsoft says they've access part of the source source code for unspecified Microsoft products even though we've fixed the solar winds economy is said to come from the cyber-attack which is I can explain that you're next is a set the target mainly banks in the financial system and I think about all the different people that will benefit they've been involved in setting up this alternative great reset economic system whether it's through their patents for mining cryptocurrency with your literal body heat on or being involved in this whole combination right of financial activity the vaccine record in digital identity you know Microsoft definitely is set to benefit from all of that stuff so now they're basically going to phase out their legacy software and a cyber events in the financial system attackers they can blame on any nation-state they find convenience in the new system by saying the old system was obviously not secure so now we have to have a new Financial system with all digital Central Bank controlled cryptocurrencies and we have to have cyber security firms are going to be groups like cybereason and darktrace in all of these deeply linked to intelligence cyber security companies that are basically going to come to dominate the world data there may be different Fashions of them but you know very alarming say we we use the internet think about what's happening did they have access in back doors to all of these things before you can argue before they might owe but more so influence it was obvious potentially have control over the mechanisms of that all seeing that scares me you know and then on top of that if you could touch on the Orion software and the part where you discussed colour this is. Work cell which is the focal point of this issue it sent it in and of itself ask the people using it to alleviate that from any kind of Security checks or virus scans or anything like that or it may not work properly it was a part of a product of this company that was acquired by solar winds in 2019 near the back door was inserted that I don't know how to pronounce it either I am but I think it's called salmon or salmon age maybe I don't know I mean you read this stuff in your life I guess I know how to pronounce that company names you never really know any way they are now they rebranded service desk lady came automatically integrated into the Orion software pretty much at the same time as back door was supposed to be inserted sometime around October 2019 November 2019 but the acquisition was announced in April so say Minaj's people had access to solarwinds you know source code essentially from that date moving on forward and of course based on the initial stuff that came of the investigation they were looking at people that were contractors or subsidiaries of solar winds as the entry point of the back door into the Orion sauce you know because the US intelligence community on January 5th said the hackers were contractors this is subsidiaries but now they want to go look to Eastern Europe because they say that's where Russian intelligence is base and there was one contractor for solarwinds I think in the in the Czech Republic but they don't want to look at Sam and I are at all and if you're looking for like Russian organized crime hackers you look at the people I talked about their tight with salmon eyes for example there's like some Maxwell family connections or whatever well Robert Maxwell was crying of Simeon mobile of each other things right so you know it's important to point out here but a lot of times government in this particular in mind like Robert Maxwell a lot of the people organized crime syndicate they got in bed with intelligence I'm from the earliest days of reading of Israel's intelligence in in the late forties and also with the creation of the CIA and the Russian hacker narrative they're not willing to even go that far as it's clearly a thing a boogie man of straw man they basically created to blame everything on but they're not actually trying to investigate the roots of the Russian involvement or they with you no end up realizing the transnational connections here of which there are a lot of the blame Russia and we're bringing in crowdstrike and there's no credible evidence fashion there in organized criminal power structure right so they're just you know looking for a way to sort of push it into the same game that the Obama Biden faction has been playing all day long and things like that in Baldwin suicide group in the other Israeli connected firms that were over Italy involved in election meddling the Russia gate figure that really cold and whoever Russia's economy was set up basically following the collapse of the Soviet Union which is involved in a one of the main Architects of that was Larry Summers look so sexy associate right very much part of that organized Ryback Santino setting up the Russian oligarchy and of course they're going to have time with you no other governments that are intimately interwoven into that transnational crime group right so you know obviously the mainstream media when they say Russian hackers are not interested in having an honest discussion about the reality of the situation which is basically very much like the event 201 was pre covid-19 and ask that the keynote speeches were delivered by 12 or Galactic Overlord himself as well at but the person he brought on to speak with him was the Prime Minister of Russia orange simulation of of massive hacks you know I just woke her up playing on the same freaking team you know soon transnational concept that this comes together brings us into the mindset of an interesting back to the beginning of the whole idea of this way to reset covid-19 gender going forward so on that note in general how does solar winds samanage semaj of whatever company that isn't in there and what's the weather going on with you know Bill Gates and Johns Hopkins predicting coronavirus before it happens did my team did and then at the other events that take place that are deserving of our attention so this is the year we're going to move on from coronavirus and and segue into other fear-mongering things that are going to require great Resa to mitigate and that brings up there or cyber-attacks but also ecological issues that will bring climate change to the Forefront and what do you know we're already seeing the narrative start the shift from covid-19. Change your maundering about cyberattacks and cybersecurity coming from these people while they're lowering the Nexus pronouncement vitamax mandate in the vaccines for it probably and another interesting thing with the world this year in the way they're going to build trust by ending the cover themselves with the savior's and it was really the lockdown and in the mass and the vaccine that took us called affordable crisis we all have to come together and build a better future so it'll never happen again and they're basically going to do that we're trying to get out of and in really every sector of the economy these are the Predator predatory assholes who ransacked the economy the environment and everything we're supposed to trust in them to rebuild mystery party tracks laid right there right thing to do is to go that is the surface level narrative and I agree with that painting this as if you know suddenly find steps in and like dominoes but we need to see if this is your government playing the to party card to get you not to recognize that they are the ones that made decisions are doing is changing their mind now but shifting not the different left-right Paradigm and that's alarming ink that's easy and you see people already falling into it either myself I'm like oh here we go into these ideas but when I think it's really interesting about all this to get the way the way that this is being built you know that the way that they're they're transitioning this over and they're toppling all these things over its biggest shows you that they can just arbitrarily decide based on nothing I mean you could go back to the point to where cases and deaths for lower based on their narrative their numbers long time ago in the middle of all this going to come back there going to be another one so why are they saying that now was suddenly can I go why was over with nothing changing it is important I think they want to shift because public sentiment do you say they already came out right in death as 2015 I believe I saw the same thing metrics made by crazy people with Niall Ferguson you know people in Ivory Towers in the media they're just there to get you the same you're falling into another trap in my opinion I think that should be quite clear by now but just to wrap up this before we jump onto just whatever else when I get into and it just have time so I know we've only got an hour or so today is really spying part of it really needs to be talked about a little bit here because I think it's incredible that we can beat a point and everything we already discussed and I think there's a clear then you add on the fact that Israel's government has been caught manipulating the US government spying on US government ministration Israel got caught putting or the stingray devices on the White House on the way home now shirt China that are like public knowledge and you can listen to go read about right from the 1980s alone with Israel we have the promise software skin do we have Jonathan Pollard we have an 8-pack Espionage Scandal that resulted in a bunch of people leaving a fax in creating the Washington Institute for near East policy Erwinna a spin-off they would avoid being prosecuted organization right that were supposed to not only the course at that came out and there was an indictment but no charges really especially not against the APAC people they got off scot-free in The Pollard stuff really crazy considered to be the most Israel on involving the Israeli Embassy the US bird Foundation which is supposed to be a national foundation for joint us and Israeli research set up by Congress was used most likely use the funnel collar to a lot of money and one of the main people that facilitated his at Pollard's activities was a top official at the bird foundation and they go on to set up Gemini Israel in Ventures which invests one of their first and best of the people involved in that pot bird Pollard directions to invest almost immediately in one of the first companies with investors also Gemini is real Ventures just to show how all this stuff ends up interconnecting twin daughters Christina Isabel were intimately involved in the Affairs of the front company he used to sell that bugstopper the u.s. National Laboratories including Sandia National Laboratory and continue fire nuclear secrets a lot of this you know goes back to the same as really spymaster wrapping 8 then he was running lean out defense Israeli intelligence agency was him that was focussed on scientific Espionage and it was largely focussed on which involved a sitting president you know basically committing acts of of pedophilia and then Israel Tax Bill Clinton director George Tenet says he'll resign and make a big stink so they don't and then another operative instead so I believe essay considers them still to be the biggest threat to America to buy threat to the US Israel early 2000s and then basically I mean after 9/11 it just gets really crazy and impulsive call Dad you know it's pretty obvious and if you only focus on one and not the other if you know you're really doing a disservice to your audience at this point because we have to be honest about this after 11 to make all of the back door is for the NSA into the higher and higher you Estella Congress into Facebook Microsoft and Google and Apple products so that they spied on the u.s. Previously run by founded by former unit 8200 guys said Kobe Alexander wanted on tons of charges including fraud and like all of this that does money laundering by the US government you know dance the company that used to make the back door for themselves and use it as blackmail when they've just been blackmailing we're doing it at least I used to pretend they weren't so you know I do not care or are not bound by what what they tell us they should be down by your that's very clear. He's around critical us systems a good idea is is not a coincidence time you have Dwayne sister Isabel who comes up in my article has several times and Perez Center for Pisa Innovation with all about getting it sort of like start emissions control before getting all these companies acquired by Aunt major US tech companies as a way to sort of Ensure Israel cyber influence which of course is netanyahu's favourite thing to talk about how he's made his real to Global cyberpower run Israel also has high school for him and says it was actually one of their technology Pioneers one of the main backers of salmon also is is Salesforce it's run by Marc benioff who is the inaugural chair of the world economic Forum at 4th and dustrial Revolution Center which is you know all about making the US and automation Nation or what have you and he partnered with sides to create this orwellian predictive diagnosis and if they determine that your house but mandatory treatment regimens at the AI comes up with for you also means that you could be possibly sick and they quarantine you in a camp what's the weather is openly trying to blend The Tech Community with their intelligence apparatus how do you say that comparing to what happening in this country do you think that the US government is just mimicking what they're doing which is also very alarming or do you think that's his real doing that with us tech companies both ends but I mean Silicon Valley need the u.s. In Israeli government or very lengthy supporters of the startup Nation Central model for Israel with the horses all about the role of the military in creating startups and stuff like that a lot of their biggest proponents are people like dancing or that can help start up to set up startup Nation Central and all of this stuff you know he was a policy advisor to Romney he founded the foreign policy and initiative with Bob Kagan and Bill kristol I'm going back to its foundations of your gun of the paramilitary group who is founder worship Mussolini rules created you know being accused by people like Albert Einstein of being a terrorist in the fascists and icing said don't let Menachem begin to the US right so that's really funny to see it you know I were talking about how we supported in degree in the state to be interconnected and even driving to the same results but you know just needs to show you how that that's where any of my mindset with his old a picture has gone by the title makes that clear the Takeover of this country we're watching it over the years from blackmail of our politicians to the position with the administration of Congress they are even though he had that's the case he's just came out and just what did like 17 or 20 Executive Orders like it just shows you how far away we are even from the illusion of you know so I'm just going to write all these things out you don't need an operation with facilitated by how many thousands of troops and stuff I mean for a long time to move into a system of government that doesn't even have the illusion of being democracy anymore and now we're seeing this militarized form of democracy sacred places of democracy that were desecrated by the insurrectionists and all the stuff that all of this like rhetoric about sacred holy whatever is really into the state and worship him and and that's what you're going back to the things we said after 2016 it's not a surprise that both sides each other as lead them both in scene 2 sadism to blindly trust in the government has ever while the people screwing us over have transcended their political ideology differences right to come together power for themselves and maintain the status quo by basically enslaving all of us a technocracy right and we're fighting each other like we can't unify against the crazy billionaires the world economic Forum that literally think you are rats for Ari buy powerful Silicon Valley Tech the next morning and we'll get control headline in the same capital everyone else will think to themselves will heat they're talking about the Trump people or the Republicans like that's what they think they think that they're talking about liberal democracy vs conservative democracy has today we do not matter to their larger than those and they show that with every action they take and all they depend on is you out there blindly hating your neighbour because they told yourself battle for whether their cities become data :ies or they become the people that make the AI and they have like real job right and sell pizza places like Bangladesh Myanmar and India they're testing so much of this biometric stuff out there first in the vaccine Financial identity combos on has been going on behind the scenes under the guise of slogan is being used to create crazy stuff right now and totally remake into something super are willing and awful the US Healthcare System and then of course will offer it for free and then all the Medicare for all people I guess we'll tear but your medical system will you know and I'll give it to you for free and you'll be cheering because it's socialized medicine but I think it's no coincidence medicare-for-all I'm that you can at least get the big Big 5 National politicians to say the same Progressive National politicians that are saying you're either with us or you're either with us or with the terrorists and critical point are here to see things that incense the right and just drawn up that provide more than ever because why would you at a time like this about sending them to read seeing how many former CIA people were running a congressman in El Dorado said there which is really interesting the idea that this is exactly the way that they use these wedges shoes that they make them there so many other things going on but we have to say that that's not something we should care about but they will use it and now you said think about that out there people who are doing what she's talking about people who only cared about this one thing they will come out with something uses that against you and she said she already and then app going forward you completely locked in with the system that didn't slaves you based on your compliance to that system you know an example in the past where that's happened and I know that there's a but they use our policies against us and it keeps us in control and going forward to it to wrap up for the final however many minutes we have left for you here to disappoint right that's what you kind of just said wait until they were how do you see this going forward what are the next Parts one of the next things you see in me again as always we speculate we're talking about where we see this going but you look pretty damn good track record with guessing what their next move and it's no coincidence but what's really important to take away from fibre polygon write is the intense focus on the financial system we have known because of the great reset right at some point they're going to do a set of the financial system preparing for it this whole time are the old system in force everyone gone to the new system and a cyberattack would check all of those boxes and totally absolved them of responsibility as they seek to build trust over the course of this year I think they want to do that is really naive I mean all these same as I've been pointing out for years now I'm all out of the same entities particularly Microsoft crap and I was coming home to roost I we can't trust Microsoft commercial the National Security State with all of Silicon Valley Bill Gates still has a lot of cold air and he we all know what he's up to you in his agenda I'm in the CEO of Microsoft writes the four words books so you know are we really going to trust these people in The Narrative they're spinning out I think solarwinds the way they said that they're clearly saying there's going to be more and it's going to be way worse than what's solarwinds was and it's really only a matter of time until we see that happening and it's worth pointing out to in January 6th the Insurrection at the Capitol is going to result in the end in some major it compromise at some point sort of trying to link January 6th to Mighty compromise so if there is a cyber-attack we may see some of that come off and perhaps I'll say the Russian hackers behind solar winds are in League with the Russian loving Trump supporters I know that would be a narrative Ms MSNBC for sure right this is this is the narrative that they organize this well-planned Insurrection to capitalize on intelligence and it's just none of it possible play sex is that there were some masked individuals that were actually foreign agents for Russia and he ran right in a little bit foreign domestic Terror they're going to try and Link these domestic terror group with nation-states adversary nation states of the US but also you know because I listen people that did started the US has end of the Dirty War and Siri are all going to be back in power now it's almost like an individual the person in the military that was for was trying to plan a bomb on the 9/11 Memorial and it turns out they claimed he was working with Isis to do it and the bottom it goes lucky for them the FBI informant she was with him salary for a couple of weeks of sitting up a terror plot like that isn't some crazy financial aid almost 30 grandpa said that thing up in a couple of months that right now you know how many people be like yeah I mean you know that hearing that we talked about a lot for American males concern and now it's like now it's come home to roost Victoria nuland is bad for people that have so long been such an important Anti-Imperialist voices Independent Media have fallen Hook Line & Sinker for the s*** it's sad you really need to see what's up what's going on what's going on here it's because it's exactly the kind of things that we're discussing very intensely with these obvious issue with all these things all through it not one side of me you just pointed out that we can scream about this on one side and you some kind of straw man on Trump side but yet they're literally backing and openly fastest country me or not and how convenient that this is the time they choose to demonize a heated broad swath of the u.s. Population of each other in public space conversations anymore Mike what you believe in even the topic you think you have now stop to replace a journal all the news I mean since the 60s what they don't over season this is not a theory it radicalize people and then use those radicals to justify their actions in the same place that they bomb to make those radical right it's the same idea that they're doing here I believe you're right in that regard they're trying to radicalize a faction of this country to then justify their in continual push into this country and that's what this is the Republican party not Maggie Q the Republican party if they're guaranteeing if there's going to be a Civil War at the keep pushing like this they want that I argue people begging the government to majority calling for the government and really it's it's almost never the actual majority this country it's The Fringe that screams the loudest you know yeah especially now that like the media coverage is like Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders mittens and whatever I don't know you're going to have a head full of fear are putting all this to a road test in these assholes who were responsible for pretty much all of the world's ills really I need the Billionaire's responsible for environmental catastrophe for our current economic situation in inequality the plundering of the middle-class you know Wars for oil abroad weapons means I mean all these guys are there dude and we're going to put our trust in him so we can own nothing and be happy where they own it all and where are serfs and have no say do you want your children to live in a world where the elites who would like a lot of them can just take your kid and you don't have any power to do it because they control literally everything and they email the surveillance was wild and he can oppose the state without getting sent off somewhere right of the fraud before they get caught and ensure that they remain in power forever really and that's what they're doing really but I really think it's comfortable with everything that's going to impact everyone I'm worried that already happened I'm worried that's what just happened with this or is this a good Mama to to make sure we all remember that Derek Rose is planning the greater reset make sure you look up the Greater understand that it's going to be simultaneous alongside their presentation of the great reset the point out what solution should actually implemented they don't only benefit the elitists right that's the important part there and to kind of wrap us up here on your point there yet I completely agree we need to stop being so dependant on the systems that they have set up in this is this is what they say there's a lot of convenience ideas here like when your on the URL for you at the moment that you remove these things that's a very small and almost not a good example of how somebody smarter than car but the point is they do that so then you get used to it so then the moment that you act Bill Gates talking about controlled the larger pictures suddenly the biggest owner of Farmland the United States like one of them over to see what it was make sure I don't miss miss state it it was 242000 Acres of Farmland has been gobbling up behind the scenes while everybody's losing over for a while because they can't pay their bills right now and this is why we're going to see this ecological collapse narrative people go bankrupt these are going to be our real estate Barons like I like I've been saying you're going to owe nothing they're going to forget Henry Kissinger who is likes him and all of this stuff and and all these guys need to keep in mind the way we do by the way just remember you made a point about the article about Kissinger allowing Israeli assets to be a Services committee Senator John tower that gave him access to sell the bug, software to Sandia National Laboratory very Persinger is traitorous scum and has the longest prison you know it's at the very least since 1973 when he enabled the current generation of rulers Eric Schmidt powerful man in the world Henry Kissinger worshipers and foreign policies related to understand who the freaking enemy is here it is not the people this is a class war 100% And it's amazing videos like last year including a Ferrari die are the future of our political reality to re-engineer and with the intention to destroy humanity and create the keto class that our data :ies I mean this is like the Matrix all the stuff I guess give them ideas always Hollywood movies because of how it's playing out this is David predictive programing goes back decades and it always has you know but this it's clear that this is happening based on things just like this and you can see that they're building towards any he's involved with GM foods and so on it's about control save us from covid-19 Rahman Santa I mean give me a break dude ranches in record numbers because this is why do we keep going forward with these people because they're controlling the agenda and it is a class where you point out and if they do not if they keep us looking at the other is a problem they will continue to succeed that's why that's so important to stop and to your point about the hell control using that I we need to remember that that's already happening when they wouldn't I'm soaked with me for Medicare for all right now I think that's something we watch out for as here we see the EU such an implement vaccine passport in the very thing that would never happen you crazy conspiracy theorist is already been happening for months and is being rolled out across the world and that is the exact kind of control were talking about using the help that you think is important I don't know why we can't say we act like they have a mandate to rule over us so it's really you know so thank you for being here as always and helping people I mean there's a lot of heavy stuff today to talk about it as I remember people that the reason they were talking about this stuff is not to go look look let's all be upset and sad about the future


1st:   Martial Law is declared by President Lincoln on April 24th, 1863, with General Orders No. 100; under martial law authority, Congress and President Lincoln institute continuous martial law by ordering the states to either conscribe troops and or provide money in support of the North or be recognized as enemies of the nation; this martial law Act of Congress is still in effect today.  This martial law authority gives the President (with or without Congress) the dictatorial authority to do anything that can be done by government in accord with the Constitution of the United States of America.  This conscription act remains in effect to this very day and is the foundation of “Presidential Executive Orders” authority; it was magnified in 1917 with The Trading with the Enemy Act (Public Law 65-91, 65th Congress, Session I, Chapters 105, 106, October 6, 1917). and again in 1933 with the Emergency War Powers Act, which is ratified and enhanced almost every year to this date by Congress.  Today, these Acts address the people of the United States themselves as their enemy.

2nd:   The District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 created a private corporation (hereinafter “Corp. U.S.”, Trademark name, “United States Government”) owned and operated by the actual government for the purpose of carrying out the business needs of the government through contractual relationships made under martial law.  This Act was authorized under the constitutional authority for Congress to pass any law within the ten mile square of Washington, District of Columbia (link to PDF image file of the full 1871 Act).

3rd:   In said Act, Corp. U.S. adopted their own constitution (United States Constitution), which was identical to the national Constitution (Constitution of the United States of America) except that it was missing the national constitution’s 13th Amendment and the national constitution’s 14th, 15th and 16th amendments are respectively numbered 13th, 14th and 15th amendments in the Corp. U.S. Constitution.  At this point take special notice and remember this Corp. U.S. method of adopting their own Constitution, they will add to it in the same manner in 1913.

4th:   Corp. U.S. began to generate debts via bonds etc., which came due in 1912; but, they could not pay their debts; so, the 7 families that bought up the bonds demanded payment and Corp. U.S. could not pay.  Said families settled the debt for the payments of all of Corp. U.S.’ assets and for all of the assets of the Treasury of the United States of America.

5th:   As 1913 began, Corp. U.S. had no funds to carry out the necessary business needs of the government; so, they went to said families and asked if they could borrow some money.  The families said, “No.” (Corp. U.S. had already demonstrated that they would not repay their debts in full).  The families had foreseen this situation; and, had the year before finalized the creation of a private corporation of the name “Federal Reserve Bank”.  Corp. U.S. formed a relationship with the Federal Reserve Bank; whereby, they could transact their business via note rather than with money.  Notice that this relationship was one made between two private corporations and did not involve government (see: The Clearfield Doctrine); that is where most people error in understanding the Federal Reserve Bank system—again, except by contract with Corp. U.S., it has no government relation at all.  The private contracts that set the whole system up even recognize that; if anything therein proposed is found illegal or impossible to perform it is excluded from the agreements and the remaining elements remain in full force and effect.

6th:   Almost simultaneously with the last fact (also in 1913), Corp. U.S. adopts (as if ratified) their own 16th amendment.  Tax protesters challenge the IRS tax collection system based on this fact; however, when we remember that Corp. U.S. originally created their constitution by simply drafting it and adopting it, there is no difference between that adoption and this—such is the nature of corporate enactments.  You must also note that this amendment has nothing to do with our nation, with our people or with our national Constitution; which already had its own 16th amendment.  The Supreme Court ruled that it did nothing that was not already done other than to make plain and clear the right of the United States (Corp. U.S.) to tax corporations.  We agree; considering that the IRS was created under the authority of Corp. U.S.

7th:   Next (also 1913) Corp. U.S., through Congress, adopts (as if ratified) its 17th amendment.  This amendment is not only not ratified, it is not constitutional; the nation’s Constitution forbids Congress from even discussing the matter of where Senators are elected: which is the subject matter of this amendment.  According to the United States Supreme Court, for Congress to propose such an amendment they would first have to pass an amendment that gave them the authority to discuss the matter.

8th:   Accordingly, in 1914, the Freshman class and all Senators that successfully ran for reelection in 1913 by popular vote were seated in Corp. U.S. Senate capacity only; respectively, the original jurisdiction Senate seats from their respective States remained vacant; because, neither the State Senates nor the State Governors appointed new original jurisdiction Senators to replace them; which is still required by the national Constitution for placement of a national government Senator.

9th:   In 1917, Corp. U.S. enters W.W. I and passes their Trading with the Enemies Act.

10th:   In 1918, President Wilson is reelected by the Electoral College; but, Electoral College elections are required to be confirmed by the constitutionally set Congress; and,where the new Corp. U.S. only Senators were allowed to participate in the Electoral College vote confirmation, the only authority that could possibly have been used for electoral confirmation was limited to corporate only.  Therefore, President Wilson was not confirmed into office for his second term as the President of the United States of America; rather, he was only seated in the Corp. U.S. Presidential capacity as the President of the United States.  Therefore the original jurisdiction government’s seats were vacated because the people didn’t seat any original jurisdiction government officers.  It is important to note here that President Wilson retained his capacity as Commander in Chief of the military. Many people wonder about this fact imagining that such a capacity is bound to the President of the nation; however, When John Adams was President he assigned George Washington to the capacity of Commander in Chief of the military in preparation for an impending war with France.  During this period, Mr. Adams became quite concerned because Mr. Washington became quite ill and passed on his acting military authority through his lead General Mr. Hamilton; and, Mr. Adams was concerned that if war did break out Mr. Hamilton would use that authority as Commander in Chief to create a military dictatorship out of the nation.  Mr. Adams worked extra hard to, and, averted the war through diplomacy; and, the title of Commander in Chief was returned to the President.  (See: John Adams, by David McCullough, this book covers Mr. Adams concerns over this matter quite well.  Mr. Adams was a fascinating man.)

11th:   In 1933, Corp. U.S. is bankrupt; which forced what was called “a banking holiday” to exchange money backed Federal Reserve Notes with “legal tender” Federal Reserve Notes; accordingly, the Trading with the Enemies Act was adjusted to recognize the people of the United States of America as enemies of Corp. U.S.

12th:   In 1935, the Social Security Act was formed to provide Corp. U.S. the “excess capital” needed to at least start paying some of the interest Corp. U.S. owed in the bankruptcy.  Thereafter, if you were to ask the Social Security Administration for a relationship with their program (by filing an S5 form), they would [with the express purpose of generating Beneficiary funds to United States General Trust Fund (GTF) the Social Security Administration] create an entity with a name (that sounds like your name but is spelled with all capital letters) and an account number (Social Security number).  They give you the Social Security card and let you know that the card does not belong to you but you are to hold it for them until they want it back.  If you are willing to accept that responsibility over the card you activate the card by signing it, which gives you the ability to act as the fiduciary for the cards actual owner Corp. U.S. and you can use the card’s name and number to thus, transact business relations for the card’s actual owner.  You are also to note that though the card verifies its agency (you as the single person with authority to control the entity so created) it is not for use as identification.  On review: notice the Social Security Administration was the creator of the entity (cardholder), they offered you the opportunity to serve its Trustee capacity (by lending it actual consciousness and physical capacity), they gave you something (the card) that does not belong to you to hold in trust and they reserved the actual owner of the thing (Corp. U.S.) as the beneficiary of the entity—by definition, this only describes the creation and existence of a Trust.  More importantly: the name they gave this Trust is not your name, the number they gave the Trust is not your number and your lending actual consciousness and physical capacity to this Trust’s Trustee capacity does not limit you or your capacity to separately act in your natural sovereign capacity in any way—what you do, when you do it and how you do it is still totally up to you (see: Corp. U.S’. Myth 9).

13th:   In 1944, under the Bretton Woods Agreement, Corp. U.S. granted the International Monetary Fund (hereinafter, "IMF") drawing account access to the United States Treasury in exchange for the Corp. U.S. President acquiring control over the governors and general managers of the IMF; respectively, making Corp. U.S. a foreign controlled private corporation.

14th:   In 1962, considering the states were forced to carry out their business dealings in terms of Federal Reserve Notes (foreign notes), which is forbidden in the national and State constitutions, out of that necessity, the states began protecting themselves from the people by forming corporations like Corp. U.S.  Accordingly, those newly formed corporate state administrations began adopting Corp. U.S. suggested uniform codes and licensing structures that allowed better and more powerful control over the people, which thing the original jurisdiction governments of this nation had no capacity to do.  Our Constitutions secure that the governments do not govern the people; rather, they govern themselves in accord with the limits of Law as it is derived from the people through the constitutions.  The people govern themselves.  Such is the foundational nature of our Constitutional Republic.

15th:   By 1972, every State government in the union of States had formed such private corporations (hereinafter, “Corp. State”), in accord with the IMF’s admonition; and, the people ceased to seat original jurisdiction government officials in their State government seats.

Now, having stated these historical facts, we ask you not to believe us; rather, prove these facts for yourself.  We then ask you to contact us and share your discovery with us.

When you find there is no error in this historical outline, then remember these simple facts and let no one dissuade you from the truth.

The Bottom Line: when you speak about these private foreign corporations remember that is what they are and stop calling them government.

Further, it is very important that we stop trying to fix them; instead, hold them accountable to the law that already exists [see: “Call to Action”).  Even more important we must reseat our original jurisdiction government and spread the word about the truth.  By reseating our State and national governments in their original jurisdiction nature, we gain the capacity to hold these private foreign corporations accountable.  They owe us a lot of money, in fact they owe us more money than there is available in the world.  In fact, it is impossible for them to pay and that gives us the leverage we need to take back our nation and put things right.  The process is a simple one.  The difficulty is in getting our people to wake up to the truth.  That’s why we ask you to prove the truth for yourself and contact us with your discovery.

That means, you must stop acting and communicating like you are anything other than the sovereign you were created to be.  And, stop referring to Corp. U.S. or the STATE OF 'X' as anything other than the private foreign corporations that they are.  And, finally, stop listening to the Bigfoot Patriot Mythology that is espoused by those that only give these facts lip service.

It’s time to wake up and follow the truth, time to repent and become a moral and honorable society instead of lauding our Piety while we stand guilty of:
a) not knowing the truth;
b) not living the truth;
c) believing God will save us even though we have the tools to know the truth and the ability to use those tools but we refuse to live by the truth and use the tools we have—to save ourselves and thereby remain free.

The biggest problem with that: people tend to get all excited about uniting against the tyranny of Corp. U.S., then while remaining blind to the truth and having no real remedy, they fall prey to patriot mythologists, agent provocateurs and predatory marketers and are convinced to bail out of “the system”, hell bent for a rebellion even scripture says cannot be won with conventional weapons of war.

Would that we could instead follow the admonition of the King of Kings and unite to learn the truth and the law; then peacefully reseat our original jurisdiction government by following the law.  It really is just that simple.

To learn more about how the people are lawfully reseating the original jurisdiction government, follow this link to the “Governor’s Corner” page;
This outline was the first point of Prerequisite Knowledge necessary for understanding Myth 22; to continue on to the second point, follow this link to: “The effect of the District of Columbia Act of 1871”.


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"When you get tired of kicking against the goads."

The Jewish Origins of Mao’s Communist Regime in China. Mao ZeDong, Yale & Illuminati Skull & Bones

China is also controlled/ruled by the Synagogue of Satan. Mao ZeDong was part of the Illuminati and very likely a Skull and Bonesman. (Jim Willie asserts that Mao ZeDong was Skull and Bones). The evidence are below.

Mao ZeDong, Yale & Illuminati Skull And Bones

by Kris Millegan

The story begins at Yale, where three threads of American social history — espionage, drug smuggling and secret societies … treatise on the Order of Skull and Bones, whose initiates fill the ranks of the global elite. Is Skull and Bones the American branch of the Illuminati? Are national and global events manipulated as part of a grand Hegellian equation, thesis and anti-thesis yielding a New World Order synthesis? The evidence and events surrounding the Order of Skull and Bones will shock you. …

In 1903, Yale Divinity School set up a program of schools and hospitals in China. Mao Zedong was among the staff. During the intrigues of China in the 1930s and ’40s, American intelligence called upon the resources of “Yale in China”, and George Bush’s cousin and fellow “Bonesman” Reuben Holden.
The Jewish Origins of Mao’s Communist Regime in China

by Texe Marrs,

Excerpts from: The Illuminati and Its Triad of Evil

I have just finished months of grueling but exciting research into the shadowy but tremendously important spiritual and temporal (material) connectionbetween three world powers, China, the United States, and Israel. Unbeknown to the average man on the street, Satan’s human agents who comprise the Illuminati elite are actively organizing the Earth’s resources to engineer a final assault on man’s freedom and independence. These three nations are at the center of the Illuminati Plan.

The name Rothschild is legendary in all three of these Illuminist nations, China, the U.S.A. and Israel. The Rothschild Dynasty was founded in the eighteenth century by patriarch Mayer Amschel Bauer in Germany. Bauer changed his family name to “Rothschild” (Red Shield) …

The western media, long owned and controlled by Jewish billionaires tied to the Rothschild trust, have covered up the historical truth that the Khazar European and Russian Jews who invaded Palestine in 1948 massacred many of the resident Palestinians and stole their land, businesses, homes and farms.

The Jewish Origins of Mao’s Communist Regime in China

Another revelation that U.S.A. and western journalists and historians are prohibited from writing about concerns the Jewish origins of Mao Tse Tung’s Red Chinese revolution. In fact, Mao was a stupid and inept Chinese peasant who was schooled by Skull and Bonesmen and initiated into the internationalist Masonic Lodge by socialist Jews from the United States. This was done with the tacit permission of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, a 32nd degree Mason and, later, President Harry S. Truman a 33rd degree Mason.

Mao all along has been a closely-controlled puppet of Jewish revolutionaries—men like Israel Epstein and Sidney Shapiro, who lived in China and had the reins of power over two key areas of Beijing’s Communist Government—the treasury (money) and the media (propaganda). Interestingly, Zionist Jews hold sway over these same two essential instruments of government today in the United States.

Jewish Spies Give U.S.A. Military Secrets to Communist China

The covert Jewish control of Mao and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) explains why convicted Jewish spy Jonathan Pollard, found guilty of stealing thousands of classified documents from the Defense Department where he worked, gave these materials to his masters, the Israeli Mossad operating in the U.S.A. The Israelis, in turn, transferred these valuable military secrets straight to Red Chinese dictators in Beijing.

Pollard, a Jew born in Galveston, Texas, sits in a federal prison today. Recently, when Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu came to America, he visited Pollard in prison and assured the despicable turncoat Israeli spy that the Israeli government was working behind-the-scenes with Obama’s White House to pardon the convicted spy. Meanwhile, Pollard is a national hero in Israel—honored for stealing America’s most precious military secrets which Israel gave to Communist China!
With the election of their puppet, Barack Obama, to the presidency (see my DVD, Rothschild’s Choice) the Jews and Israel now have effective control of the vast wealth and resources of this great nation. The Jewish swindlers placed in power in Washington, D.C. by Obama—Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, Ben Bernanke, and Timothy Geithner, et al—along with their Zionist fanatic associates in Congress—are working nonstop to transfer America’s wealth to Israel and to Red China. The United States is being victimized by “Creative Destruction.” This is unparalleled stealth robbery on a scale never before seen in history.
From a Chinese article on the Jewish birthday party:

Three CPPCC [politburo] members with foreign origins celebrated their 90th birthday together at Jingfeng Hotel, one of the hotels in Beijing appointed for the NPC and CPPCC sessions, on March 8. Israel Epstein, Sidney Shapiro (Sha Boli) and Chen Bidi were born in Poland, the United States and Canada respectively, and they obtained Chinese nationality in 1957 and 1963. As experts who have long been working in the field of foreign publicity, they witnessed China’s revolution and socialist modernization drive.
Sidney Shapiro, an American Jew, was in charge of Communist Red China’s propaganda organ.

Israel Epstein, second from right in front, standing in front of Mao. He later became the minister of appropriations, an extremely powerful position in a practically cashless era. To the right of him is another Jew, also under cover as a journalist. (1944)

Israel Epstein, Mao Tse Tung’s minister of appropriations (Finance), shown here being honored for his service by current Chinese communist leader, Chairman Hu Jin Tao.

Mao in a high-level meeting with several Jews [Frank Coe, Israel Epstein, Elsie Fairfax-Cholmely, and Solomon Adler].
Click on image to goto:

“To you, Sovereign Grand Inspectors General (of the 33rd degree), we say this, that you may repeat it to the brethren of the 32nd , 31st and 30th degrees – The Masonic Religion should be, by all of us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian doctrine. … Yes, Lucifer is God … “

– Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in 1871 (blasphemy)

One of the unheralded and least known facts about Freemasonry and the Masonic Lodge is its Jewish origins and nature. The religion of Judaism, based on the Babylonian Talmud, and the Jewish Cabala (or, Kabala), an alchemical system of magic and deviltry, form the basis for the Scottish Rite’s 33 ritual degree ceremonies.

– Freemasonry is Jewish Magic, Texe Marrs

“Masonry is based on Judaism. Eliminate the teachings of Judaism from the Masonic Ritual and what is left?”

– Jewish Tribune of New York, on October 28, 1927
“Freemasonry is a Jewish establishment, whose history, grades, official appointments, passwords, and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end.”

– Rabbi Isaac Wise

Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.
Richard Wurmbrand – Karl Marx(Jew) And Satan

The late Reverend Richard Wurmbrand spent 14 years as a prisoner of the Communist government in Romania , where he was persecuted for his faith in Jesus Christ. His experience led him to spend further years researching Karl Marx(Jew) and the Communist doctrines he developed. While Communism portrays itself as a noble endeavor for the good of mankind, and claims an Atheistic view, Wurmbrand exposes its true roots, revealing that Karl Marx(Jew) and the fathers of the modern Communist/Socialist movements were inspired by the powers of darkness.

Skull and Bones Kerry Prime Suspect in Syria Attack ?!In "GeoPolitics"
George HW Bush, Skull and Bones, The CIA And Illicit Drug Operations!In "GeoPolitics"
Brzezinski’s Ruse: American Empire is Dead, China And Russia Take OverIn "EndTimes"
April 7, 2016 - Posted by mosesman | GeoPolitics, History | China, Crime, Drugs, Illuminati, Israel, MSM, New_World_Order, Occult, propaganda, Psyop, Satan, Terrorism, US, War, Zionism


How DJT Lost the White House, Chapter 1: All the President’s Teams (11/3 – 12/23)
January 27, 2021 33 min read

I am going to refrain from saying too much about mine and Sidney Powell’s relationship. For one thing, over time it became something like I was working for her, helping her get answers to questions. Then, if I recall correctly, she became my lawyer. Whichever it was, in time the relationship became something for which privilege surely applies. One cannot selectively waive privilege, and just share things one wants to share while claiming “privilege” on the others. I know that. But what I can say is that our relationship started with me walking in off the street as a volunteer with information, and so I can talk about that phase of the relationship, but in time it became formal enough I will not be able to say more.

Mayor Giuliani, however, never became my lawyer, and I will not be so constrained in my accounts, as my ultimate purpose (my only real purpose), is to deliver to the public as honest a rendering as I may construct of the events between November 3 and January 6. It seems like a historically worthy thing to do.

For my part, though they thought of me as an entrepreneur, I introduced myself to them as the proprietor of this website, I pointed out that back in 2008 it had won numerous awards for its business investigative journalism, and had also been voted the best journalism regarding corruption within the United States. I may have done other things in life but in addition, I’m a journalist, and I have the rights any journalist has. This means I can investigate what I want to investigate, I don’t have to reveal how I learn things, and if I feel like sharing some of my findings with lawyers like Sidney and Rudy, it is no different than the dozens of other times this website has investigated things and shared its findings with lawyers, or even with law enforcement.

That first meeting with Sidney lasted perhaps 45 minutes. When I arrived at the office, the air had the strange tingle it has when people have just had words. I found Sidney sitting nearly by herself, perhaps an assistant and junior lawyer with her, in a nearly-empty space on one side of the office building. We quickly got to business, and I found Sidney was well-informed, open-minded. and it became clear she was on top of things. In short, she was an equal with whom I could have an intelligent conversation.

Sidney was in touch with people from the earliest days of the creation of these systems, and soon she showed me that her information covered a portion of the narrative about which we had some knowledge but not much (mostly concerning the origin of the machines and their reason for certain design flaws). On the other hand, as we ran through what my side of the table had already teased out of the data in the three days since the election, she showed she understood what we were saying, and we quickly tied things into what she already knew. It was a highly-productive first conversation, and she ended it by telling me that I needed to go to the other side of the office, find Rudy Giuliani, and immediately tell him everything I had just shared with her.

So my cyberbuddy and I went to the other side of the office building, to Rudy’s side, which I understood to be the center of gravity of the operation.

I should explain what I expected to find. I expected to find a command post staffed by lawyers and quants. The quants would be doing the statistical work, driving answers that would feed lawyers being notified of the research into such irregularities as I have walked through previously, and would be availing themselves of whatever remedies the law surely provided. I figured there would be a war-board, with the states in question having boxed out all relevant data, progress, and to-do’s. There would be an information loop, obviously, such that the campaign headquarters in each state would be on a daily conference call to receive updates on progress. Thinking that may be a fair bit for one 76-year-old gentleman to manage, I imagined Rudy might have some strong COO, perhaps a lawyer, or perhaps an executive, who might be keeping assignments on track.

What I found is this:

The place was 20% empty, and another 30% were packing out their desks.

One conference room held a large number of lawyers around a table. At least 3 of them were good. These lawyers were the mules of the operation. They were each assigned one or more states. Yet there were things going on at the state level or below, bubbling up organically, and local lawyers jumping in filing actions. I came to learn that between Rudy’s legal team and the campaign staff there was 0 communication, even though they jointly occupied 2/3 of an office story. And between the campaign staff and the activities of those local groups and their lawyers, there was also 0 communication. I did not know if that was for a legal reason or just the way they operated. In time, I came to realize it was the latter.

The Mediocrity – I am not going to be mean about it. For example, I am not going to reveal the gender or other details about this person (other than to say, imagine a person who is a lawyer and who had once made a career at one of the better-known government agencies). But given how the Mediocrity went out-of-way to be horrible to work with, and because of how stunningly destructive Mediocrity’s behavior was, I am simply to refer to the person as, ”Mediocrity”.

The Commish – Think of Mike, from Breaking Bad. The quintessential cop. Tough, correct, and courteous, but stays poker-faced and dead-eyed at all times. Sits in meetings with his hand casually covering his mouth, saying nothing. When asked something, might open his mouth, and if he does he invariably has something highly intelligent to say. Making one wonder, “Why does he work so hard to keep his opinion to himself?”

The Mayor – Rudy Giuliani. I spent the late 1980’s in a hospital in New York City, and remember occasional Mafia killings outside Brooklyn joints or some mid-town steakhouse (it was always good for business, they’d say). Rudy was US Attorney there and then, breaking up the Mob. I always felt an affinity for him because of that overlap in time and place. And of course, on 9/11, Rudy became “America’s Mayor”. In the years after that we intersected a few times, but he never gave indication of remembering me anytime we crossed paths. His security company handled an issue for me when I was fighting Wall Street. I doubt he remembers, but when he ran for President a dozen years ago and came through Utah, local Republicans called me and asked to introduce Rudy at a gathering in some large Utah home. I studied up on him, drove over, and gave a short introduction on Rudy Giuliani to the crowd, lasting about 30 seconds. Rudy took over, we shook hands, and that was the sum of my contact with Rudy Giuliani in his political days.

I do remember something from the Q&A that day that impressed me. A question on abortion came from the staunchly pro-life crowd. Rudy answered the questioner’s thrust, “No, I’ll never support a law that criminalizes abortion for the woman. Laws on abortion have always been directed at the activities of the doctors, not the mothers. I’ll never put a woman in jail for having an abortion. If that is what you folks are looking for, I’m not your man.” He lost 2/3 of the audience in that moment, but gained the respect of 1/3, among them, myself, if only out of respect for such rare directness from a politician.


So 12 years later, on a Friday afternoon at about 3 PM, I walked into the office space that was being shared by the Trump campaign and by the law firm that was forming up around Rudy Giuliani to investigate, address, and challenge, the election irregularities which were surfacing from the 2020 election.

It was nothing like the outfit that I expected to find (explained above), with data-gathering feeding decision-making feeding information loops to keep a large and geographically distributed workforce operating successfully. Law firms are notoriously poorly-managed businesses, in any case, they truly are, but the law firm-campaign space that had taken shape within that office was a particular shit-show. People wandered vaguely from meeting to meeting. The meetings I saw were run like bull sessions, with no agenda, no format, and no apparent sense of urgency.

Within about 45 minutes I was ushered to a room where I was to have 30 minutes with Rudy. Physically he was more of a grandfather than I remember, a bit less robust, a bit more hunched, and a bit more irascible. I explained to him carefully the outline of what we understood at that point, an outline such as the reader might have after watching this presentation by the MIT Math Ph.D. Dr. Shiva, or the exposition by Seth Keshel, as well as the cascade of stories regarding porous security in election software all referenced above. I feared overwhelming him, so I tried to simplify. As I spoke he occasionally grunted stoically, and it was difficult to judge what was sinking in. After about 10 minutes Rudy started checking his multiple phones for texts, right in front of me as we sat together. Conversing with one of his assistants, sending someone on a side errand, or receiving a report back. It felt rather strange to be talking to a man who was paying so little attention, but the Commish, sitting on the side, motioned for me to continue. After no more than 30 minutes I was ushered out of the office, but told to hang around.

Eventually, I was brought back into a smaller room with Mayor Giuliani, and again asked to explain what I think happened. Realizing I may have overwhelmed him with my earlier explanation, and gotten him lost in the forest for the trees, I broke it down simply and slowly, like one would for one’s 76-year-old Grandfather. Again within 5-10 minutes he was fidgeting, grunting on occasion, sending people on unrelated side errands, checking his multiple phones for texts, and typing responses…. Meanwhile, I tried to stay on track. Yet there was a moment 15 minutes in when I got a whiff of something in that small office…. Medicine? Booze? Just as I was taking a sniff to determine, someone rushed in with some unrelated issue, and I was escorted from the office.

Again I wandered around among the staff, most of whom were professing to know nothing about what was going on, and many others of whom were packing up their desks into bankers’ boxes. I was perplexed and found myself drifting around the convoluted office space. 30 minutes later I was strolling outside some other conference room down the hall when I heard Rudy’s familiar voice saying, “…don’t understand a goddamn thing this guy’s saying…” drifting out of a doorway. Startled, I looked around the corner, and there was Rudy talking to whatever group of staffers happened to be sitting worshipfully in that conference room to which he had moved.

Several staffers pulled me aside in a hallway. What Mayor Giuliani is going to need, one told me, is a one page summary. Very simplified.. A one-pager.

Another piped up, And bulletpoints. The Mayor likes bulletpoints!

Another added, but with graphs and data.

But no more than one page! Repeated the first.

At the risk of sounding snobbish, I was insulted at Mediocrity and these 20-something staffers giving me advice on how to write, and such asinine advice at that. I told them I would get them something by the end of the weekend. 48 hours. I requested one favor: any other requests that came from them should be orchestrated through one of their people, who would call one person whom I would designate among my colleagues, and that way we would have structure, and keep track of deliverables as we sought to accommodate their needs so that it would not all turn into a shit-show.

Then I left and drove back to DC. Within a few hours, I learned that there were three different open requests from three different people on Rudy’s team to various of my colleagues. One of Rudy’s people was only going to handle passing requests of this type, one only wanted to handle passing on requests of that type… And the shit-show began.

I do not want to claim that everybody in that large but melting office space was incompetent. As I said, there were three smart, competent, skillful lawyers (a fourth if one counted a Constitutional law scholar who was in-and-out). And there was a supermodel pretty 21-year-old acting as a senior assistant (at first I thought, “That’s not a good look on you, Rudy”, but it turned out she was extremely competent and professional, perhaps the most of anyone there). Yet the atmosphere was one of despair, staffers were wondering around in the dark, and the meetings seemed like sophomore bull sessions rather than anything organized and disciplined.

From occasional contacts with several of those staffers over the weeks that followed, I learned what had happened just before I arrived that first day. Rudy had declared, “You can never prove election fraud in a courtroom!” and had insisted that it was not going to be part of their legal strategy. The strategy was going to be to challenge things on procedural grounds: “This county in this state had one set of rules, this other county in that same state used a different set of rules, that violates the Equal Protection Clause of the 14 Amendment.”

So I was correct: just before I arrived there had been a blow-up between Rudy and Sidney Powell, ending with Rudy shouting at Sidney and sending her away in front of an office of dozens of people. And declaring that none of this was going to be about election fraud, and putting his mule-lawyers to work on procedural filings.

Later, a member of Rudy’s team told me that initially, Rudy had not even wanted to do that much. He had wanted to make three more-or-less token challenges in three states, then call it a day. Sidney’s insistence that he was missing the Big Picture had caused Rudy ultimately to relent and allow a more aggressive posture to be taken. But still, nothing was to be about election fraud and the possibility of a mass rigging of the election. Rudy could tolerate hearing about a couple of hundred dead people in Philadelphia voting, but he did not want to hear about anything more sophisticated than that.

That Friday afternoon, November 6, the first time I arrived there just days after the election, I had, in fact, stumbled in on Sidney just as she was recovering from that exchange. And Sidney had sent me to talk to Rudy because she needed someone else to explain what she was herself just realizing: a new form of election fraud had emerged that was not about hundreds of dead people voting in some city but was about the possibility of several hundreds of thousands of votes being injected into each of several certain locations. Rudy had just not been processing any of it from her, and probably did no better from me, and that was why he kept trying to talk with me about how Joe Frazier (1944- 2011) was still voting in Philadelphia.

Over that weekend, Sidney sent a brilliant female junior attorney over to sit with me and a few of the dolphin-speakers (a name I use for the cyber-heads who enjoy geeking-out to each other in technical acronyms). That junior lawyer had anticipated staying 30 minutes, but after an hour and a half she went into the next room and called Sidney. I overheard her tell Sidney that we had the goods, or at least a well-developed understanding of what had gone on in various states, and even specific counties.

From that point forward our relationship with Sidney was perfect. As we researched and discovered things, we brought them to her and her staff, and they would listen closely, patiently, and ask intelligent questions. And they began incorporating the material into their pleadings.

That being the case, I will say no more about how Sidney and I worked.


Mark Twain once ended a long letter to a friend by writing, “If I’d had more time I would have written you a shorter letter.” In those two days after meeting the Mayor in his offices, I had time, and by Sunday afternoon I was putting the finishing touches on the most simplified one-page account that I could possibly create. My aim was to pare the story down until this time the Mayor could not lose the forest for the trees, and the Mayor would grasp the entire narrative in one succinct one-page bullet point read. At that point, once he understood the Big Picture, we could begin diving in on each of the sub-claims: data would be gathered, affidavits taken, and so on. But to begin with, Rudy needed to read and absorb a one-page briefing (in fact it was about 80% of a page), into which I had distilled the research of about a half-dozen different people who had been working down a half-dozen different alleys. It was as pure a distillate as could be achieved if I say so myself. I included a second page of one graph, concerning one state, backing up a claim made in that one-page narrative: once Rudy grasped that, I figured, once we agreed where we were, I would then supplement with additional graphs for each of the other relevant states. Affidavits that were being gathered would be adduced to document each of the other points made. And so on and so forth. But this time we were going to crawl, walk, run.

Sunday evening I got a phone call at 11 PM, telling me Mayor Giuliani and his entourage were dining in such-and-such a Georgetown restaurant, and would I mind bringing what I had written over to them. I got dressed and went, but when I arrived his security told me to sit in the bar and wait. I did for 45 minutes until someone came out of the Mayor’s private dining room to tell me the Mayor asked that I not come back to his table (security was concerned about me, apparently), but asked me to simply send into the private dining room the paper I had written. I sent it in, then left.

Later, people in that room told me what happened when my paper arrived.

First, in the 90 minutes between 11:30 PM and 1 AM, Mayor Giuliani imbibed three triple scotches on ice. Those relating this story could not vouch for what he had drunk before 11:30.

Second, in front of everyone, Rudy took my paper and read it for perhaps 45 seconds, then put it aside saying, “I’ll get to this later.”

Third, the Mediocrity was at the table. The Mediocrity picked up the one-pager Rudy had set down, and holding it between fingers like it was a turd, announced with a laugh, “Can you believe Byrne worked all weekend and this is all he wrote?”

Nine hours later, Monday morning at 10 AM, Rudy Giuliani took the stage at a joint press conference held with Sidney Powell and Jenna Ellison. Rudy was meant to give a synopsis of where things stood, and then introduce Sidney Powell, who was going to discuss the possibility of mass election fraud on a scale no one was yet comprehending. That it was not about a couple hundred dead people voting here, or a few hundred illegals voting there, but about something deeper, systemic….. Unprecedented.

Instead of sticking to the plan, Rudy Giuliani got carried away, and huffed and puffed his way around the stage for 40 minutes about how many hundreds of dead people had voted here and how illegal people had voted there….. And Joe Frazier still voted! As he worked himself up like Grandpa, repeating all the same points he had been making for days, hair die ran down both sides of his face, unnoticed.

Nine hours earlier, he had had nine shots of whiskey in under 90 minutes.


Another story that came to me from those times within Rudy’s offices: One Pennsylvania lawyer, a female, had taken on the job of a filing in Pennsylvania. She received a message from opposing Kirkland & Ellis counsel that was so threatening, so unprofessional, that Kirkland later had to withdraw from the case INSERT CLIPe. Shaken, the female Pennsylvania lawyer turned in a draft filing but withdrew her representation. Rudy had had to find a firm, overnight, that would finish the Pennsylvania filing. He finally found a lawyer in Texas with election experience who finished it and got it filed in Pennsylvania. It made no mention of election fraud and was instead focused on the procedural Equal Protection arguments. Rudy only read it on his way traveling to the Pennsylvania court where he was to defend it: upon reading it, he apparently told his companions, This is the worst piece of shit filing I’ve ever had to stand up in a courtroom and defend. He went into that Pennsylvania courtroom and was destroyed.

Somewhere in that interaction in the courthouse, the Judge said, But you are not alleging election fraud? And Rudy said, That’s right your Honor, we are not. TTHAT QUOTE WAS FROM MEMORY. COULD SOME READER PLEASE DOCUMENT THE QUOTE FOR ME AND LEAVE AS A LINK IN COMMENTS?


We got a call from Rudy’s team that we needed to have a set of computer forensic specialists down in Georgia the following morning. They would be provided access to a set of voting machines they could “exploit”. The licensed and certified computer forensic people in question demanded answers, such as, Where are the machines? What kinds of machines are they? Tampering and playing around with election equipment being a federal felony, under what legal authority will we be operating? Will there be law enforcement there to review and document all actions taken, for any chain-of-evidence questions that might later arise?

The response from Rudy’s team was, “We’ve got all that covered. Get down to Georgia, stat!”

With misgivings, I caused the requisite people to fly into Georgia from various locations. They were driven to a precinct where, it turned out, someone had indeed vaguely promised that access would be given to machines…. But that person was not there that day. Or had changed his mind. The dolphin-speakers sat around then were driven to another precinct where, this time, they were told there would be someone with a court order granting them access to certain machines. No such person was there, but a group of hostile county employees was. Again they sat around waiting for Rudy’s lawyers to arrange paperwork, but nothing arrived. After hours of waiting in the parking lot, in the early evening, they drove away, and as they sat at a traffic light a half-mile down the street they saw 17 police cars, lightbars flashing, go rolling by to the building they had just left. My cyber-buddies quickly and safely returned to their respective homes.


Over the next month and a half, a number of my colleagues interacted with Rudy from time to time, afternoons and evenings, and weekends. Nearly all mentioned two things: the inordinate amount of attention he was paying to his daily podcast, and his drinking. His own staffers were bringing it up to us. Something was clear to all who were around him: almost every evening, and many early afternoons, Rudy was shit-faced. That, and his podcasts, were the only guarantees in Rudy’s life.


Let me move on, and instead, describe what I have only previously hinted at. In the days after the election people were getting in contact from all over the country. Often, there were networks of people in various states, self-organizing and diving in on various aspects of the rig: what people had experienced in polling stations, what they had been told, what polling observers had experienced. These people sent delegations to find me. Soon there were witnesses to various events flying in, along with the “leaders” of networks who had found me. I was deluged with offers of assistance: volunteers from all over the country, many with backgrounds in law enforcement and military, were getting in touch through the grapevine and asking to be allowed to help in any way. It felt like anyone with half a brain could see the Rig, the telling patterns. None wanted to be paid, though at the expense of DeepCapture I would fly people to see other people and put them up in hotels to get debriefed.

So in that first week after the election, I was fashioning … exactly what I expected to find in Rudy’s office. An “operation,” of some kind. We had the cyber-guys already, and quants, before November 3. But by a few days after the election, we had so many witnesses and whistleblowers and people with relevant stories seeking us out, and so many were flying to DC to find me, that we had to set up operations in hotels scattered around the city. From our volunteers with a background as military officers, we found our debriefers and created a system where they were privately and professionally meeting with the whistleblowers and witnesses, listening to their stories, and crafting summaries. These were being fed up into a chain of analysts, who were jockeying those pieces together with information coming together from our cyber guys, and other sources, and building a picture of increasing granularity of what had happened on November 3-4.

Somewhere in the months before the election General (ret.) Michael Flynn and I had met telephonically. We had known of each other for many years, as there is a strange connection between us, a deceased man who had played a role in both of our lives decades past. Conversing with Mike was like meeting and speaking with another entrepreneur: we finished each other’s sentences and saw what needed to be done almost without conversing. At some point, he arrived on the scene, and I told him in detail about this assemblage of talents that had come together in various ways: the cyber guys, the quants, the flow of witnesses and affiants into our circle, our structure of multiple debriefers, our information flow back up to a circle of analysts putting everything together. I had rough-hewn the whole structure expecting Mike’s eventual arrival, with the understanding that when he arrived I would be handing the keys to it over to him. Mike seemed to be pleased with the steps that had been taken thus far, within a week of the election.

I received a request from him to relocate the top of that structure to a location far away from DC, far away from any city, in fact. The information flow that was springing into existence was to come up those networks from around the country, through the capillaries of the debriefers and report writers, and into a central analytic station. I thought of that as “the liver”. Mere yards away, there would be an office full of lawyers acting as the legal intake for the information we were pulling up. In short, the structure I had built by instinct, he wanted to be plugged into the lawyers who would be playing the legal chess. We agreed that both Sidney and Rudy would get all output from this structure.

I moved the structure to the location he requested. There was a team of lawyers in place there. However, around them, there were a variety of people with no discernible roles and who gave me the creeps. One ex-Agency female, a large, loud woman, and not a lawyer, suddenly became quite the unbidden organizer. Another participant, a cocky English man with a military background, suddenly announced that he was the gatekeeper between this room and that. It all began giving me quite a nasty feeling. But after only two days I got word from Flynn: things having been stood up and roughed-out as we had agreed (as had seemed obvious to both of us, with barely a need to converse), Flynn called and told me he wanted to fly in and take over, and have me go back to DC to start speaking to the public. We agreed we would cross paths for 30 minutes in a certain location as we switched places

I got ready to leave. I told the cocky British man that I needed him to pass on three key messages to someone I was not going to have a chance to see before leaving. He agreed. I said each one simply, and he nodded curtly after each. When I was done I asked him if he understood. He said casually, “Yep. Got ’em all.”

“OK, repeat them back to me,” I told him. He stared at me, unblinking. “You say you got them, so repeat them to me.” He could come up with nothing. He had not actually listened to a word. I told him to get a pen and paper and make three notes. He did so begrudgingly.

For some reason, I was supposed to take the ex-Agency woman back to DC with me. We drove to the location at which Mike Flynn was arriving. Once there, the female slipped off to the side and told someone that she had learned something that meant she had to stay behind. Flynn arrived, and we had 30 minutes on a tarmac together. We caught up, synched up. I told him that I had misgivings about a British guy who was at the camp, and about the ex-Agency woman who was hovering around me. Then I left.

The next day, back in DC, I received the word: the ex-Agency woman had made up a lie to get permission to stay, but it had all unraveled on her. It had something to do with something I had asked her to do or had asked her not to do, or some research, or something: whatever it was, it was a fabrication (barely a word had passed between us), designed to get herself turned around and reassigned to stay in that operation in the countryside. She was confronted, blubbered, and spilled the beans: she was actually working for someone else, and was supposed to stay down in that operation in the countryside, spying and reporting back. They also confronted the cocky British guy, and though I think he never broke, I am told he was definitely implicated in the minds of everyone there. Security walked both characters off of the premises. After their departure, a device of some kind was found wired in one of the key rooms on the premises.


Now, this is not to say that all time was being wasted. The structure of information flow I described, the one that had self-organized (and perhaps I had rough-hewn), was taken over by a three-star General who had led a career in Military Intelligence, and he made it far better. Soon it was spitting out refined analyses that began informing and filling up the briefs Sidney Powell was writing. We made sure that everything that was provided was also provided to Rudy.

That is the background to presentations such as the ones I have been referencing. Again, for an excellent example, watch Seth Keshel, here. Seth is a former Army Captain (Intelligence) and played a key role in that structure I just described. Seth is a quirky guy, a poly-sci junky, certainly on the spectrum, and just all about the precinct math. That link goes to a 21-minute video that provides an excellent example of the kinds of work that was being done within the structure that had self-organized, been rough-hewn by me, then received great refinement from Mike Flynn. For a good understanding of the type of work that was being done, you should watch at least a portion of this.

If this video does not play click here:

Still, back in DC, rejoined with my cyber-colleagues, we became aware of a disconnect we could not seem to fix. The Mediocrity had evolved into our point of contact with Rudy’s team, and nothing seemed to flow well. On November 26, Thanksgiving Day, we were all sitting together in a restaurant in DC, and discussing their problems. Sitting there eating our turkey dinner, they gave me quite an earful. How the Mediocrity was super-controlling about information, plans, access. How the Mediocrity seemed to think they were peons, were telling them, “Go here, go there,” with no explanatory information, no sense of “Hey teammates, this is what is going on, and we are going to work on it together!” I had trouble believing the stories they were telling me. Among them were some horrible ones concerning the Mediocrity’s proclivity for hitting on people of the opposite gender, and possibly the same gender, in ways that were embarrassing to all present (the Mediocrity had asked one of my colleagues to meet one evening, and when the Mediocrity’s hotel door opened the Mediocrity was in underwear, waiting). But now it was boiling over, they said, because they had received an order that they were all to be in Antrim, Michigan in two days. Again, Mediocrity would answer no questions about where exactly they were going, what machines they were expecting to find, under whose authority would they be opening machines and imaging hard drives, even how long would they be there, should they arrange their own rental cars, etc. None of it was explained. The Mediocrity had just sent word to be in such-and-such a place in Michigan, stat!

Then, life being as it is, we looked up, and damned if there wasn’t the Mediocrity strolling through the restaurant not far from our table. We caught each other’s eye, and soon Mediocrity was coming towards us. Thinking it was a nice opportunity to pour oil on troubled waters, I received Mediocrity gracefully, intending to converse in front of my colleagues civilly, and get things back on track.

Soon, the talk turned to Michigan, and I was asked would I be able to get the right people there at the appointed hour. Thinking I might use it as a moment of management development, I gently suggested, “You know, when we get requests like these, it would be good to be better informed. My colleagues want to know things like, ‘Exactly where will they be going? Are the people there going to be cooperative? What kinds of machines might we be exploiting? What legal authority is enabling them to image one of these voting machine hard drives? Are people going to be staying overnight? Will there be rental cars provided?’ You know, just the basics before people get thrown on another mission like what happened in Georgia.”

“Look,” the Mediocrity said, standing over us at late Thanksgiving Dinner. “First, what is your corporate structure?”

We all looked at each other, male and female, 75, Weaponized Autism and others, not previously having given the matter much thought. We were just a bunch of people who had found each other and were trying to expose what looked like a world-historic election fraud together. Finally I said, “Our corporate structure is that we’re the Bad News Bears. I’m team coach.”

“Ok Patrick,” Mediocrity continued. “Here’s what’s going on. I’ve told you where you need to be in Michigan on Saturday. Be there. Or tell us you cannot, and we’ll find someone who can.”

In my astonishment I began to respond, and to my further astonishment, the Mediocrity began speaking over me. “I’m telling you where you need your team to be. If you can’t handle it-“

I used something I had not used in a couple decades, something I had seen an economist professor friend do to another professor, a Lefty, who had continuously interrupted him (as Lefties are want to do in place of having good arguments). I just started speaking, “Well it may sound like I was finished speaking but I actually wasn’t and while you might think you are going to speak over me actually I am just going to continue talking like this until you shut up and I did not care if it takes all night because I know that it may have sounded like I was finished but actually I wasn’t and……” and so on and so forth. Without a break. For about 15 seconds until the Mediocrity got that I was serious, and was just going to continue speaking like that until the Mediocrity shut up. Which eventually the Mediocrity did, looking somewhat astonished, having evidently gotten away with such behavior in decades of federal employment.

At which point I politely said, “Where in the fuck do you get off? We don’t work for you. We are volunteers here offering to help you do things you have no clue how to do. Go find someone else anytime you want. The way you people work in this city is astonishing. If you ever try to work at a modern company like Google, or Facebook, your ass will be fired in a New York minute. You suck.”

I surprised myself, because I do not normally speak that way to people, but I did that time. Perhaps it was three weeks of frustration boiling over. I told Mediocrity that conversations with Mediocrity were constant games of narcissist deflection, how amateurish Mediocrity was, how anyone walking around saying things like “Either you do this or I find someone who will!” and “Failure is not an option!” is a mediocrity who may have learned management within government but who if ever moved to the private sector would get fired by noon. When making such requests of my colleagues, any competent person would provide relevant information. Fill them in on the mission, let them brainstorm, they’ll likely be able to contribute….

I saw Mediocrity was crestfallen, and realizing I had overdone it, I gently escorted Mediocrity away from the table. I tried to soothe things over a bit, and put a nice façade on things, and not leave Mediocrity embarrassed. As we parted, Mediocrity turned to me and said, “Don’t worry. I’ll be with the President. I’ll make sure you get full credit for all of this.”

Exasperated, I returned to my seat and friends. Minutes later we saw that Mediocrity had, in fact, been part of a larger party, and walking out with that party was none other than Mayor Giuliani. I quickly sidled up to him. It was about 10:30 PM, his step seemed unsteady, and I went to his elbow like one would escorting an unsteady Grandpa to his taxi. We tried speaking, but he was indistinct. Finally I told him, “Sir, this is not working out well with your colleagues. May I respectfully request a way that I might contact you directly, so we can keep things on better track?” The Mayor pulled out his cell phone and had me take his number.

In that weeks that followed I called and texted that number on at least a half-a-dozen occasions. Not once did Mayor Giuliani ever respond to me.


Over these weeks I got to know a number of excellent White House staffers. Smart young men and women in their late twenties, generally. Some (but not all) were Trump enthusiasts. They filled me in on details here and there, snippets of what was happening behind the scenes among the campaign, Rudy, and the White House. One evening, once we were close enough, I let down my hair and said, “This is a shit-show. Is this …. normal?” One of the staffers (and mind you, a pro-Trump one) said, “This is it. This is the Trump White House. This is how everything has run for four years.”


The Bad News Bears got where they needed to be in Michigan, when they needed to be there. The Mediocrity was there, along with other lawyers and staff from Rudy’s team. They went to the precinct in which they were expected, and like Georgia, it was a bust. The machines were not what we had been led to expect. No real authorities were there, or law enforcement, or warrants: just a mildly cooperative 75 year old lady working in a public building that had acted as a voting precinct.

While the Mediocrity hung around chatting up county workers of the opposite sex, the dolphin-speakers went to work. It turned out the 75 year old lady who ran the place had a story about how, on the day after the election, some people from “County” had shown up and instructed her to insert her card and re-run her machine using some different inputs. What she was saying did not make sense, and it was clear that they had taken advantage of an elderly woman who probably does not send her own texts. Finally she mentioned that, unbeknownst to County, she had kept both the paper audit trail of the original run, and the re-run, and had stored them in a closet. Our geeks got excited, and had her bring them out: they unrolled them on a long carpet, and in a few minutes of study, they began finding things. Alarming things.

The Bad News Bears finally got Mediocrity to break away from Coffee-Klatch With The Deputies, and pointed out what they were finding in the paper audit rolls. Finally they suggested, “You are a lawyer, right? Don’t you think you should be getting some affidavits here?” Startled, “Oh yes, of course,” scrambled Mediocrity, and did so, getting affidavits from the 75 year old lady and one or two other employees who had useful information.

Those learnings and those affidavits were fed to a Michigan lawyer who was pursuing an own election fraud case in Michigan. Days later a judge read it, and found it alarming enough he gave a court order for a formal exploitation of the Antrim County voting machines. The Bad News Bears returned to Antrim County and this time, with a proper court order in their pocket, they were able to image hard drives, and returned to base camp with those images. By working in staggered shifts around the clock, over the next four days they performed a month’s worth of work, first breaking the security on the imaged hard drives, then reconstructing the files, then analyzing them. That was all fed up through the system, and emerged about a week later as an eye-opening report that created a national stir, known as the Antrim County Computer Forensics Report.

Other telling things were happening nationally. Some concerned federal employees had been tracking events in a Western state, and were sure they knew how vote flipping was being done there. The problem is, the relevant judge (a Democrat), when asked to allow inspection, would insist on stalling for a couple days, thus giving time for the opposition to go in and do a “smash-down” (a hacker’s term for fixing the evidence after-the-fact, in anticipation of an audit, and making sure everything ticks and ties correctly). But they made a mistake in one location, and their smash-down failed. The data that turned up was so telling, so indicative of fraud, that the lawyers went back to the judge arguing it provided grounds for a far more sweeping order that would let them examine machines across the state. The judge agreed in principle, but suggested that the precinct needed to have its data verified again before he could use its discrepancies to justify such a sweeping order. The concerned federal employees put the location in question under observation, and sure enough, that night there were three cars in the precinct parking lot. They were redoing their smash-down so that this time it would work. The license plates on those cars tracked back to a left-wing union which shows up repeatedly in the background of events of recent months. But in the morning the data was fixed, and no further orders were coming out of that judge.

However, unbeknownst to all, the scientists in question had recovered enough material both to document the original, and the smash-down.


Meanwhile, back in DC, I was hearing odd things out of Rudy-World. I was hearing that he was getting paid $20,000/week, and there were those claiming he was just mailing things in for that paycheck. However, later it was claimed that he was working for free, and the $20,000/day bill had been a billing error from an uninformed assistant.

More importantly, from others in Rudy-world I began hearing the number “$207 million”. The claim was that the Republican Party had raised $207 million to “stop the steal”. In one version it grew past $300 million. In one version of the staff rumor, the finger on the button for those millions was a high-level woman at the Republican National Committee. In another version, it was all jointly managed by that RNC woman and the Commish, and they were keeping an eye to the future. In almost everyone’s version of the story, $100 million had been set aside for future legal defense. But whoever was in charge, they were sitting on all the money, and I can promise, I never saw one penny of it being spent in any way to “stop the steal”.

So whatever Republican loyalists around the country coughed up those hundreds of millions, in donations of $10 and $20…. They were all fleeced. It was a big joke: there was a pot of hundreds of millions of dollars given by Republican rank-and-file to Republican Bigshots to help reverse-engineer and unscramble whatever had happened on November 3, and not a penny was going to any activity related to doing so. It was all being held by people at the top licking their lips.


In Georgia, there was a faction that had been in touch with me from days after the election. This was an interesting network of people with law enforcement and quasi-law-enforcement backgrounds. Since November 4 they had been reverse-engineering the Rig there. They had put people and locations under observation, had been filming varieties of activities through telephotos. They mapped and tracked numerous parties involved, and even tracked the organizers down to a small element, a Leninist cadre, who were staying in a motel together and managing shenanigans around the state. For their own reasons this network helping me needed to stay in the shadows, yet as the weeks rolled by they were providing good information helping us reconstruct what had happened in Georgia.

The fight there became increasingly surreal. A young man got involved who was both a staffer for a Senator, and dating the daughter of the governor, then his car exploded in an accident (see “BIZARRE EXPLOSION CRASH IN GEORGIA – KILLS HARRISON DEAL” December 5, 2020). It was on a 4-lane highway, it got struck on the side by another car…then it blew up. The engine was thrown 75 yards. Videos of the accident (most of which seem to have been removed from the internet) show a car burning in a fireball: it was quite an ornery car accident.

Then the Georgia Bureau of Investigation got involved. Three days later, the officer conducting the investigation committed suicide.

A technologist named Jovan Pulitzer (inventor of the ubiquitous QR-code) went public regarding his technologically-oriented investigations into the Georgia election. The best short video of Jovan explaining his work is here:


Over those weeks, Rudy managed to schedule a few hearings in a few states. His plan had evolved to getting enough evidence in front of state legislatures that they would go off automatic pilot and begin making hard decisions. Most of these hearings were unofficial, conducted out of rented hotel spaces. His star witness was the Colonel from military intelligence with whom I had been working since August, who was brought to these different states to report and synthesize the information that the Bad News Bears were surfacing. He did an able and convincing job, but we all began to wonder: What’s the strategy here? Is there a strategy? Rudy’s strategy (if there is one) just seems to be a long march through the courts. Taking cases to the states and appellate levels. Imagining he is going to win by running the tables through the court system. Or getting state politicians to do something brave. But that was not going to work, as the courts are ponderous anywhere, especially disinclined to get involved in election matters, and were already setting court dates out past January 20. And politicians do not do brave things. Yet Rudy just kept plodding along, with an occasional hearing, a daily podcast. It did not make any sense.


One activity that began bearing fruit was our investigations into foreign involvement in the election. This will be the subject of a piece of its own.


Mike, Sidney, myself, and others developed a Solution-in-a-Can. It was really the solution we had started within in mid-November, but redone by a top-notch lawyer and a 3-star General. Under various orders signed previously by both Obama and by Trump, if an election had foreign entanglement, the President had a broad spectrum of powers. There was indisputable evidence of foreign involvement on countless fronts, but we were asking that only a narrow set of his powers be invoked: based on the information that had been turned up, the President should use his powers under the requisite Executive Orders to send US Marshalls and the National Guard into the five problematic counties, open up the paper ballot backups, and recount them on livestreamed TV. If there were no big discrepancies, Trump would concede. If there were big discrepancies, such as half-a-million vote discrepancies that we suspected might fall out, then more aggressive courses of action could be countenanced, such as re-rerunning the election in those counties or states. The recount of the five counties could be easily done in under a week, and if it justified further action, the entire resolution could still be achieved on a Constitutional timeline.

It was either that, or an election whose integrity was doubted by 47% of the electorate had to be choked down.

General Flynn drafted a beautiful operational plan for such a mission. One signature from the President and the whole thing would be set in motion. The teams created from the right military and National Guard Units, the precise directives to each… The most expansive version of the plan had recounting to be conducted in 17 counties around the nation, Democrat and Republican, so no one could claim that targets were cherry-picked (beyond the Problematic 6). That most expansive version of the plan envisioned paper ballot recounting, plus imaging of hard drives of these voting machines for further forensic analysis (but not “seizing” the machines: they were to be left in place, and just have their hard drives imaged). An uber-expansive version of the plan would have had the paper ballots not just recounted, but forensically audited (but we thought that was too much to ask for with the possible exception of Georgia). However, in a pinch, we could hit just the Problematic 6 counties, and even simply recount the boxes of paper ballots, and have a preliminary answer in 2-3 days, thus ending a great deal of national drama. Mike and Sidney had the legal research, the draft finding, the general’s Execution Checklist that would, upon Presidential signature, make everything run like a Swiss watch.

And yet, things slid and slid. Rudy went off to organize a hearing in a hotel room and wanting one of our people there to speak…. Days spent waiting for warrants that never came…. Absolutely no sense that there was anyone with a plan, let alone executing one . We saw the Constitutional deadlines beginning to loom…

The days turned into weeks. December came, then mid-December. Yes we had matters spinning in various states, yes we had cyber-teams inspecting packet traffic and finding foreign interactions, yes we were finding that every new voter in Nevada had his or her registration transmitted to Pakistan ISI, yes we were finding vote counting machines with wireless cards in rooms with smart thermostats that had been breached from overseas, yes we were learning why voting rolls were kept live overseas….. But Mike Flynn and I had a sense that our side was chasing its tail. That the other side was just running out the clock. And Rudy’s approach would surely allow that.

At one point I learned how the President was staying involved. Periodically, the Mediocrity and Rudy Giuliani were going over to the White House to brief him. Really, no kidding: the person who was so bad my colleagues had declared they would quit rather than work another moment with that person, and the 76 year old guy who had trouble sending an email and was spending at least his evenings sloshed, were the ones explaining to the President the cyber-crime of all time and what his options were. At first I thought it was a sick joke, but I confirmed it. The Mayor and the Mediocrity were the ultimate point-people on the mission of addressing this world-historic event.

Flynn and I felt sick. A frequent subject of mutter between us ran along the lines, “Why the fuck are we doing this?” The president’s children were off, uninvolved, pep-rallying, or planning retirements. We could detect no discernible strategy out of the President’s team, no marching orders, just an organization wandering around in circles and melting as it did so. A Mediocrity who was so bad, we had had to make special arrangements such that the Mediocrity did not have contact with our Bad News Bears, or they were going to flee. And the whole mess was led by a 76 year old gentleman, a man beloved by all including myself, but who six weeks into what might be the most sophisticated cyber-theft in all of history, still could not have a coherent conversation beyond, Did you hear that 211 dead people in Philadelphia voted? Dead people?!?!? And they voted! Joe Frazier’s father voted! Have you heard?!?

And then we would remember why were doing it: America’s brand is “elections”. It is what we do. We had a national election that appears to have been compromised in a remarkably precise yet strategic way, it shows the hand of foreign involvement, it may be part of a Chinese psyop to take over our country, and there might never be a free, non-goon election in America again. That’s why we were not supposed to quit, we often reminded each other.

And that is why, a few days before Christmas, General Mike Flynn, Sidney Powell, and I decided it was time to take a chance. By hook or by crook we were going to Jedi-Mind-Trick our way into the White House, maneuver our way to the Oval Office, and grab the President’s attention ourselves. With no invitation.



Sir Nigel Graham Knowles. Lead Trustee of The Prince’s Trust, SGO Smartmatic (Dominion), longtime chairman of DLA Piper, British Pilgrims Society handler for the pretenders Biden and Harris. Conspires with all “Big Four” public accounting firms to hide the conspiracy to takeover the American Republic by the British Empire.

Sir Nigel Graham Knowles. (Compiled Feb. 09, 2021). Biography and Timeline. Anonymous Patriots.

Knowles groomed Kamala Harris’ husband Doug Emhoff at DLA Piper for the Pilgrims Society – now folks, start saying “Pilgrims Society” – the name that cannot be named!

Knowles conspires with major auditors to hide his global treachery on behalf of The Prince’s Trust, including PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte, BDO, Ernst & Young and KPMG

Knowles runs The Prince’s Trust, including in America, and does the bidding of the Crown and the Privy Council, directed by the Pilgrims Society

Therefore, Knowles is the British imperial handler of the Pretenders in the White House

Knowles’ hidden family helped cement the treasonous intelligence sharing “special relationship” at the end of WWII

Jane Sullivan Roberts, wife of Knight of Malta Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., is a personnel recruiter for DLA Piper controlled by Knowles

The so-called “great reset” should really be named “Build Back British”

Knowles’ DLA Piper employed Peter Comey, brother of FBI James B. Comey

Knowles was a founding director of SGO Smartmatic that controls all election systems, including Dominion, worldwide – the various company names (Smartmatic, Hart InterCivic, Sequoia, Premier, Diebold, ES&S) are a shell game since they all have common Optech software

Knowles’ family reaches back to the beginnings of mass communications, propaganda, Victorian satanic spiritism-scientism, fascist banking and resource stripping, and vaccines as a weapon of war in the mid-1800s

You may want to return to this post. We will be adding more judicially-recognizable source material for each topic discussed below.

Feb. 03, 2021—We believe that Sir Nigel Graham Knowles is now pulling the strings in Washington, D.C. on behalf of the British Pilgrims Society and The Prince’s Trust.

The evidence shows that Sir Nigel and The Prince’s Trust have conspired with numerous international audit and accounting firms to hide his criminal conduct.

These firms include the “Big Four” — Deloitte, KPMG, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young.

SIR NIGEL G. KNOWLES BIOGRAPHY & TIMELINESir Nigel Graham Knowles. (Compiled Feb. 09, 2021). Biography and Timeline. Anonymous Patriots.

Fig. 2—Sir Nigel Graham Knowles. (Compiled Feb. 09, 2021). Biography and Timeline. Anonymous Patriots.

SIR NIGEL G. KNOWLES FAMILY TREESir Nigel Graham Knowles. (Feb. 04, 2021). Family Tree. Anonymous Patriots.

Fig. 3—Sir Nigel Graham Knowles. (Feb. 04, 2021). Family Tree. Anonymous Patriots.

Sir Nigel-directed companies include DLA Piper (auditor: Deloitte), SERCO/SGO Smartmatic (auditor: KPMG), Prince’s Trust America/QintetiQ (auditor: PricewaterhouseCoopers), Wellcome Trust/DLA Piper (auditor: Deloitte), Investec (auditor: Ernst & Young, director Lord Mark Malloch-Brown).

In other words, the “Big Four” audit firms are conspiring with Sir Nigel Knowles, Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, The Pilgrims Society and The Prince’s Trust in open treason and espionage against the United States Republic.

The Prince’s Trust “Roll of Patrons” include Barclay’s Bank, Dell, Apple, Google, HSBC, Accenture, CapGemini, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Marriott, BAE, Clear Channel, Ricoh, American Airlines, Allianz, Amazon, AT&T, Baillie Gifford, Bloomberg, Boeing, DLA Piper, Facebook, HP, Joules (John Podesta), NBC, Qualcomm, NTT Data, Oracle, Rolls Royce, RBC, TikTok and Worldpay.

The Pilgrims Society—who borrowed the Mayflower Pilgrims name to confuse Americans–was founded in London in 1902 to promote the “special relationship” (their term) between Britain and the United States.

The Pilgrims Society has organized various subsidiary activities to confuse the unsuspecting and keep the focus off of them, but rest assured, they are the mother lode, operating from the London office of the Privy Council. Those names include the English-Speaking Society, Royal Over-Seas League, Atlantic Council, Club of Rome, Bilderberg Group, Davos World Economic Forum, Trilateral Commission, Aspen Institute, United Nations, Council on Foreign Relations among them.

American taxpayers provide substantial funding for this treachery via USAID, OPIC (renamed U.S. International Development Finance Corporation [DFC]), U.S. Export–Import Bank and similar unaccounted-for money laundering schemes for political insiders using British offshore banks.

The Pilgrims Society founders included Lord Rothschild, Lord Rosebery (inheritor of N.M. Rothschild & Sons, former Prime Minister), Prince Albert (Edward VII), Cecil Rhodes posthumously, Queen Victoria posthumously, Lord Burnham (Daily Telegraph), Lord Pirbright (Henry de Worms), Henry Wellcome (Wellcome Trust), Lord Northcliffe (Daily Mail), Winston Churchill, Sir Harry Brittain, Guglielmo Marconi, John Buchan, W.T. Stead and many more.

They were formed to carry out Cecil Rhodes’ 200-year dream for the world to be controlled by an imperial corporatist new world order controlled by London and Washington, D.C. British Privy Councilor Rhodes insisted that America had to be brought back into the British Empire for his scheme of English-speaking hegemony to work. The Pilgrims laid out a 24-step strategy to achieve this—a strategy still being carried out today.

Here are eleven notable Pilgrims Society’s strategies:

Increase the power of the President and diminish the powers of Congress.
Supreme Court revised to embrace judges agreeable to absorption by Britain and hostile to the Senate.
Supreme Court precedent must disempower the Senate.
Use propaganda to attack Senators and Congressmen who oppose absorption by Britain.
Allow America to win some disputes with Britain to appear independent.
Use treaties to fuse American and British interests.
Exchange naval officers
Pamper the wives and daughters of prominent Americans in London.
Lavish Americans with titles, knighthoods, etc.
Lavish honors to any American who favors (British) “peace”
Americans suspicious of British propaganda about “peace” should be ostracized in propaganda.
The Prince’s Trust was founded by a young Prince Charles on the Jun. 22, 1976. In 1999, it received a royal charter and Sir Nigel Knowles was his chief founding trustee.

If you are still disbelieving these facts, know that Jane Sullivan Roberts, wife of Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., is employed by DLA Piper for executive recruitment, and Sir Nigel was the DLA Piper chairman when Jane Roberts took on DLA Piper as a client. This allowed John Roberts to use his wife as his gopher.



British SERCO and QinetiQ have over $16 billion in mostly U.S. Navy contracts, including with Navy SpaceWars.

British SERCO runs the U.S. Patent Office since 2006.

British QintetiQ manages U.S. Army inventory tracking worldwide.

Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. is a Knight of Malta.

Henry Kissinger is a knight, as is Rudy Giuliani. Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch and his gushing wife were just wined and dined in London by Lord Rothschild.

Conservative Senators and Congressmen who oppose American military expansionism are pilloried in the British and American press.

The Pretender Joe Biden just issued 25 Executive Orders in the last week of January 2021.

Sir Nigel G. Knowles is a director with Lord Mark Malloch-Brown of SGO Smartmatic/Dominion (common OpTech DNA) election rigging machines.

Sir Nicholas W.P. Clegg and Baron Richard B. Allan run Facebook communications globally.

… we’re only getting warmed up. The evidence is overwhelming.

The hard evidence to support the following assertions can be found in the Sir Nigel Graham Knowles biography and timeline here or in Fig. 2 above.


Sir Nigel’s mockingbird public biographies never mention his wife, who we have discovered is Lady Sally Knowles (née Rich).

Unlike the voluminous Wikipedia entries of most corruptocrats, Sir Nigel’s is a meager one page. It boasts his chairmanship of DLA Piper–arguably the most corrupt British-based law firm on the planet.

FBI James Comey’s brother Peter worked for DLA Piper from 2011-2018, as did Kamala Harris’ husband Douglas C. Emhoff from 2017-2021.


Americans deserve to know the man behind the Pretenders Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and behind the corporate lobbyists on K-Street in Washington, D.C.

So our miners went digging.

For weeks we turned up nothing. Whenever this happens for prominent people, it always means that corrupt archivists, genealogists and historians are hiding the person from public knowledge. Always.

Sir Nigel’s heritage was no exception.

Sir Nigel G. Knowles is hiding that his father and middle-name sake godfather were both British H.M. Air Vice Marshals who were also knights in charge of helping implement the “special relationship” with America whereby MI6, MI5 and GCHQ.

On Jun. 05, 1946, British intelligence assumed control of American intelligence with the cooperation of J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI.

They then dictated the formation and organization of the C.I.A. and NSA by embedding the “special relationship” takeover euphemism in every aspect of global communications and surveillance.

Many American companies cooperated to develop this surveillance blanket over the world, including IBM, AT&T, RCA, NBC, CBC, ABC, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Carnegie Foundation, to name just a few.

Nigel assumed the Knowles family name from his mother: Dame Barbara Isabel Daphne Knowles Harvey.

Dame Barbara was married to H.M. Air Vice Marshal Sir George David Harvey. They had four children, two have the last name of Harvey, and two are marked “PRIVATE” in

H.M. Air Vice Marshal by Air Vice Marshal Henry Rudolph Graham and is likely Sir Nigel’s middle-name sake: Sir Nigel Graham Knowles.

These two H.M. air vice marshals between 1956-1962 (Harvey-1956-58, Graham 1958-62) were evidently in charge of implementing major portions of the newly-minted “special relationship” in 1946 between Britain and American spies.

It is now well known that a primary ways the British aristocracy keeps control through the generations is to keep deep, dark family secrets in order to maintain their power and wealth. They have learned that these secrets are loyalty insurance. The fact that Sir Nigel hides his family heritage begs the question: What is he hiding?

Now, H.M. Air Vice Marshal Sir George David Harvey’s son, King of K-Street Sir Nigel Graham Knowles, has been ordered to finish the job in the British takeover of the American Republic.

Sir Nigel’s maternal aunt was Jean Elsie Frances Tilley (née Knowles).

The Tilley and Knowles families are deeply embedded in the emergence of the Pilgrims Society and its hegemony over wireless and wired communications technology, propaganda, media, banking, big chemical and pharma (toxic vaccines), education and intelligence (the spy and public deception business).


Sir James Thomas Knowles (1831-1908)—Sir Nigel’s maternal great grandfather was an architect, founder of the Metaphysical Society, editor of the Contemporary Review and The Nineteenth Century. While exploring all sorts of spiritualism and the occult, he was closely associated with Pilgrims Society founders like T. Huxley, Lord Balfour and W.T. Stead with whom he had much in common in the world of spiritualism, séance, remote writing and use of mediums to speak with the dead. W.T. Stead’s staff assistant was Rev. Dr. Hugh “Sinclair” Moore, the pedophile baby daddy of Oracle’s Larry Ellison and founder of the First Church of Psycho-Science.

See AFI. (Oct. 15, 2020). Oracle’s Larry Ellison hides the dark arts Psycho-Science cult that groomed him with deep ties to Pilgrims Society strategist spiritualist W.T. Stead – the Father of Tabloid Journalism. Americans for Innovation.


Sir John Anthony Cecil Tilley (1869-1952)—Sir Nigel’s maternal great uncle, took “Cecil” after his spiritual hero Cecil Rhodes. He edited the Cambridge Review and was British Ambassador to Brazil (1921-25) and Japan (1926-31). He was vice chairman of the (Royal) Over-Seas League that was a sister organization to the Pilgrims Society and English-Speaking Society. These relationships cement his deep associations with Lord Rothschild, J.P. Morgan, Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Thomas J. Watson (IBM), David Sarnoff (RCA/NBC), Lord Northcliffe (Daily Mail), Lord Burnham (Daily Telegraph), David Sarnoff (RCA, NBC), Guglielmo Marconi and Sir Evelyn Wrench, among others.

Note: Sir Evelyn Wrench, founder of the (Royal) Over-Seas League was a delegate at the Pilgrims-organized First Imperial Press Conference, 1909 where the Empire Press Union was formed as well as British MI6, MI5 and GC&CS renamed GCHQ were organized using newspapermen from around the planet as agents and provocateurs for endless wars… in the name of “peace.” Such is the nature of propaganda, claim “peace” when you intend war. Why, because war is profitable for the bankers and corporations who you represent.

Tilley’s ambassadorships between WWI and WWII are curious since America ended up at war with Japan, just as the British Pilgrims Society wanted. And, his chairmanship of the (Royal) Over-Seas League shows he was a principle instrument of British Pilgrims Society global hegemony to takeover American while controlling global trade and banking.


Sir Nigel Graham Knowles was groomed to be the King of “K” Street. It’s a step up for him since he was formerly the High Sheriff of Greater London. Ironically, the Sheriff of Washington D.C. is the President.

We hope the reader appreciates the massive effort undertaken this last month to uncover the truth about Sir Nigel Knowles.


Sir Nigel wants you to think he is just a humble Yorkshire lad who studied at a Tier 3 university law school, then catapulted himself by sheer genius to run The Prince’s Trust, DLA Piper and Smartmatic voting machines allied with Lord Mark Malloch-Brown. Malloch-Brown was the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations and a director of various George Soros companies.


Sir Nigel was evidently groomed for his new role as The King of “K” Street.

To get there, he was protected by the “Big Four” accounting firms KPMG, Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young.

The coup d’état proves that these “Big Four” accounting firms are all engaged in treason and sedition.

Like Enron brought down Arthur Anderson, Sir Nigel’s espionage should bring down those public accounting firms that the American public has always been led to believe they can trust.

Maybe Sir Nigel, The King of “K” Street, can hide behind the Queen’s skirts and avoid prosecution, but can his public auditing firms who have defrauded us so systemically?

We the People are coming for you.

(See 18 U.S. Code § 2381. Treason and 10 U.S. Code § 894 – Art. 94. Mutiny or sedition.)

* * *

Described above is abject immorality.

Morality must win the day.

“Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”

The Gospel of St. Matthew 4:17.

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How Leader Technologies' Miller Act Notice check will help create true Free Speech in our American Republic

Fig. 4—Mr. President: Turn the Tables on Censorship; Write the Miller Act Notice check immediately! By writing the check for the Leader Technologies’ Miller Act, and acquiring a global master license on social networking, President Trump, with the stroke of a pen, can turn the tables all Big Tech, Media, Bank and Pharma censorship and propaganda. It will initiate a second American Revolution to give the citizen control of the media for the first time since the early days of the American Republic, before the Rothschild Bank of England hooked its claws back in to the fledgling Republic. Click here to download the PDF (check your Downloads folder after clicking).
James P. Chandler, III Andrew W. Marshall
Leader Technologies, Inc. sent their FIRST AMENDED MILLER ACT NOTICEto President Trump It is a contract demand for the U.S. Treasury to pay them for the federal government’s 18-year theft of their social networking inventions. These inventions were stolen by Major General James E. Freeze (US Army, ret.) and Leader’s patent attorney James P. Chandler, III, on behalf of Andrew W. Marshall and the Department of Defense Office of Net Assessment, and the Pilgrims Society who steal and weaponize inventions for continuous war making and enrichment of fascist insider military-industrial corporations.

Patriots are encouraged to help get this First Amended Miller Act Notice to President Trump and past the Praetorian Guard. See American Intelligence Media republish of the Leader Miller Act Notice.

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Another Zionist Joins the Biden Team

Neuberger will make our cyber secure?

It does not require any particularly perspicacity to realize that the President Joe Biden Administration has been loaded with Zionists who not only believe in their own vision for Greater Israel but also in some cases have strong and enduring ties to the Israeli government itself. The new Secretary of State Tony Blinken comes from an American Jewish family that has well established ties to Israel. Blinken’s paternal grandfather was one of the founders of an organization that eventually evolved into the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). Blinken said at his Senate confirmation hearing that the new administration would “consult with Israel” before any possible return to the 2015 nuclear deal and he also made clear that there will be “additional conditions for Iran,” an odd position to take since it was the U.S. that withdrew from the agreement and introduced a harsh sanctions regime even though Iran was in compliance. More recently, Blinken claimed that Iran is weeks away from having the enriched uranium needed to make a nuclear weapon. Strangely enough, or perhaps not, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been making the same claim since the 1980s.

Joe Biden himself proclaims proudly that he is a Zionist and Vice President Kamala Harris has spoken at AIPAC gatherings, pledging her unconditional support for the Jewish state. Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer has proclaimed himself “shomer” or protector of Israel in the Senate while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said that the “If this Capitol crumbled to the ground, the one thing that would remain would be our commitment to our aid, I don’t even call it our aid, our cooperation with Israel. That’s fundamental to who we are.” The House Majority Leader, the second ranking Democrat, Steny Hoyer has proudly led numerous Congressional delegations to Israel.

One has to suspect that many White House and Congressional friends of Israel are opportunists, knowledgeable of the fact that Zionism is career enhancing and equally aware that getting on the wrong side of “The Lobby” is a political death wish. Many politically astute senior officials meanwhile wind up by design in positions in the Department of State, CIA and National Security Council where they will be able to narrow foreign policy options in favor of the Jewish state. Under George W. Bush, folks like Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Doug Feith and Scooter Libby worked hard to infiltrate the Pentagon and White House and, having succeeded, the disastrous Iraq War was the result.

One might also recall the concurrent purge of the so-called “Arabists” in the State Department in the 1950s which has led to a domination of key foreign and national security positions relating to the Middle East by American Jews ever since. Indeed, the shift in priorities at State Department has been dramatic, with Foggy Bottom now housing an office of the Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism, allegedly because anti-Semitism is surging worldwide, apparently having nothing to do with how Israel and its supporters behave. The incumbent, Elan Carr, has recently been elevated to the rank of Ambassador-at-large and his office, as well as the Biden Administration, now insists that criticism of Israel is ipso facto anti-Semitism. So much for free speech in the new world order.

Once upon a time it was considered unwise to appoint senior officials who had personal ties to other countries lest it create a conflict of interest that would not ultimately be beneficial to either nation. In his often-cited Farewell Address of 1796, George Washington famously warned that “…permanent, inveterate antipathies against particular Nations, and passionate attachments for others should be excluded; and that in place of them just and amicable feelings towards all should be cultivated. The Nation, which indulges towards another an habitual hatred, or an habitual fondness, is in some degree a slave. It is a slave to its animosity or to its affection, either of which is sufficient to lead it astray from its duty and its interest.”

If Washington were to see the foreign policy ruined by the Israel-centric federal government that has prevailed since the time of Ronald Reagan he would surely be at a loss to understand how that could possibly have developed. Donald Trump even intensified the pander by giving the Israelis gifts that they had not asked for and Joe Biden looks like he will do more of the same. When it comes to Israel, no concession or gift is ever enough.

The FBI, in the past, routinely denied security clearances to appointed officials who had close and enduring ties to other countries that were not part of NATO. Under Donald Trump, it was reported that his son-in-law Jared Kushner had been denied a top-level clearance in part due to his family’s close personal connection with Israel, to include its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is regarded as a family friend. Donald Trump ignored the recommendation and used his own authority to grant Kushner the clearance anyway.

The latest friend of Israel to rise to the top as Biden completes his appointments is one Anne Neuberger, who recently was named senior director for cyber policy on the National Security Council. Neuberger has spent the last decade at the National Security Agency, the Pentagon’s cyber spying arm, where she was recently appointed head of the newly created cybersecurity directorate. Her husband Yehuda meanwhile is chair of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Baltimore executive council. He reportedly lobbied ardent Zionist Senator Ben Cardin to oppose the 2015 Iran nuclear deal the Obama White House had negotiated. Cardin did vote against it in spite of it being strongly supported by his party leader President Barack Obama.

There is, not surprisingly, an additional back story to the tale. It goes something like this: NBC news published on January 27th an article claiming that a family foundation connected to Neuberger has donated $500,000 to AIPAC, which is the largest of the hundreds of Jewish organizations that are dedicated to advancing Israeli interests in the United States. AIPAC had in 2019 an annual budget of $133 million, assets of $157 million and 476 employees. It lobbies Congress heavily and is successful to the point where it actually writes legislation favorable to the Jewish State.

The NBC article stated that: “The daughter of billionaire investor George Karfunkel, Neuberger is an officer of a foundation named for her and her husband, the Yehuda and Anne Neuberger Foundation. The foundation was created 12 years ago to ‘carry out the charitable and religious purposes of the Associated Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore,’ according to its tax records… From 2012 through 2018 — the last year for which tax records for the foundation are available — the Neuberger foundation donated $559,000 to AIPAC, tax record show. In a separate part of the forms, the foundation reports spending that exact amounts of its AIPAC donations under the category of spending for lobbying ‘to influence a legislative body’ or ‘to influence public opinion…’”

The article also observes that “[Israel] operates in its own interest and aggressively spies on the U.S., including using cyber capabilities.” It also cites “A cross section of current and former intelligence officials and foreign policy experts — none of whom were willing to be named — [who] said the donations created an appearance problem. They noted that Israel, whose companies build and sell spying gear to regimes abroad and whose intelligence agencies hack foreign governments around the world, has a big stake in American cyber policy.”

The Neuberger foundation also contributes money to the neocon dominated Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), which, like AIPAC, colludes directly with the Israeli Embassy in Washington. FDD should be registered as a foreign agent, but no Israel connected entity has ever been forced to comply. To be sure, Neuberger’s involvement with the foundation and her participation in the money contribution to AIPAC should have been an element in her security clearance process, but that process may have been either modified for political reasons or the information was not made available. The NBC report observes that “A spokeswoman for the National Security Council declined to answer detailed questions about the matter, saying, ‘As a senior NSC employee, Ms. Neuberger will abide by the Executive Order on Ethics Commitments By Executive Branch Personnel.’ It’s not clear Neuberger would have been required to disclose contributions by her family foundation as part of her ethics or security clearance reviews — so it’s not known whether the Biden team vetted the donations. Although the donations are listed in public tax filings available on the web, some effort is required to find them.”

The supporters of Neuberger are incorrect in that the contributions made in her name to AIPAC, which most in Washington regard as a front for the Israeli government, would have most definitely been relevant to her clearance process. Under normal rules, it would disqualify her from having a top level clearance, but, as should be noted, we are dealing here with Israel. Neuberger’s appointment as head of U.S. cybersecurity while donating hundreds of thousands to the lobbying arm of a foreign government that recently welcomed to great fanfare a citizen of theirs, Jonathan Pollard, who spied on the U.S., as a hero is unacceptable. One might also add that Israel is regarded as the most active “friendly” government in respect to its spying on the United States, often using sayanim American Jews as their “agents,” and its well documented history of stealing U.S. high technology is extensive. It also has highly developed cyber capabilities of its own which it has recently used against American government targets, to include the White House.

The final twist to the Neuberger story is that complaints from Jewish groups and individuals began to pour into NBC after it released the story, some concerned that a wonderful organization like AIPAC was being impugned. AIPAC denounced the piece directly, claiming that its “Charges of dual loyalty are anti-Semitic and insult millions of Americans—Jewish & non-Jewish—who stand by our ally Israel.” The news network then surrendered, pulling and archiving the story after claiming that it had not met its usual standards due to its use of anonymous sources and failure to give Neuberger adequate time to respond. NBC did not contest the AIPAC claim that Israel is an actual American ally, which is itself a lie, nor to the compelling evidence that some American Jews certainly do demonstrate either dual or singular loyalty that favors Israel.

But my favorite contribution in support of Neuberger comes from President Barack Obama’s U.S. Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro, who appears to be in line for a Biden senior foreign policy appointment. He tweeted: “I don’t know Anne Neuberger, but the ‘charge’ against her — that she’s not fit for national security work because her family foundation supported political work that is fully protected under the Constitution — is offensive and belied by her stellar career. Glad she is serving.”

Shapiro’s claim that a senior national security official’s supporting a lobby that exists to obtain favors for a foreign country is a “free speech” issue is curious. One also wonders about Shapiro’s ultimate loyalty, recalling how he left his ambassadorial post to live in Israel, where he presumably now holds dual-citizenship. He subsequently told an American Jewish audience that Israel is “this miracle, this gift, this jewel” and worked as a senior officer in an Israeli national security think tank, representing it in testimony before Congress, which should have required him to register as a foreign agent. But he didn’t do so and got away with it because it was Israel, of course. And now he is giving advice on a critical United States national security issue in which he is dead wrong. That is the fundamental problem. We Americans are, at our peril, never allowed to challenge the extent of someone’s devotion to a foreign country if that country just happens to be Israel.

Philip M. Giraldi, Ph.D., is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, a 501(c)3 tax deductible educational foundation (Federal ID Number #52-1739023) that seeks a more interests-based U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. Website is address is P.O. Box 2157, Purcellville VA 20134 and its email is


PROOF: Black Lives Matters is nothing but a gaggle of “establishment-controlled bourgeois bulls**tters”

Posted on February 15, 2021 by State of the Nation
Judas and the Black Messiah exposes Black Lives Matters for the establishment-controlled bourgeois bulls**tters that they are

Michael McCaffrey is a writer and cultural critic who lives in Los Angeles. His work can be read at RT, Counterpunch and at his website He is also the host of the popular cinema podcast Looking California and Feeling Minnesota.

© IMDB/Keysha Benedetto

The Black Panthers “the greatest threat to the internal security of the country” because, among other reasons, their free breakfast program for kids wasn’t just for black kids, but for all kids.

In response, Hoover unleashed COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program) and its dirty tactics on the Black Panthers, just as he had done previously to Malcolm X and Martin Luther King and other leftists.

As highlighted in the film, the Black Panthers and Hampton were seen as direct threats to the power structure of the US, because they worked to bring all poor and working-class people together, be they black, Native American, Latino, and even Confederate flag-waving whites, against a common enemy, the ruling class, which subjugated and abused them.

Hampton, Malcolm X, and MLK weren’t targeted by COINTELPRO’s massive surveillance and infiltration operation and ultimately assassinated under extremely suspicious circumstances because they were standing up just for black people, but because they were trying to bring all people together to fight against the corrupt and criminal political power exploiting the poor and working class in America and across the globe.

In comparison to the towering revolutionaries of Hampton, King, and Malcolm X, Black Lives Matter are shameless courtesans to the establishment.

The FBI obviously doesn’t see BLM as a threat; hell, it is such a collection of useful idiots, you wonder if the feds started it in the first place? The power structure’s greatest fear is that poor and working class black and white people will stop directing their anger at each other and start directing it at Washington, Silicon Valley, and Wall Street. BLM is a critical tool to thwart that impulse and keep the proletariat separated by race – conveniently divided and conquered.

This is how something as innocuous as ‘All Lives Matter’ is transformed into a racial slur instead of a rousing rallying cry. BLM gives away its establishment protection game by so aggressively making enemies out of potential allies, proving it would rather separate people than bring them together for a clear common cause – stopping police brutality.

There are other signs that BLM is the establishment’s controlled opposition.

For example, when a protest by QAnon clowns at the Capitol building turned into a riot, it was immediately labeled an ‘insurrection’ and false stories about it were propagated throughout the mainstream media, with the feds hunting down the perpetrators. But these same feds and media supported BLM’s “mostly peaceful protests” that attacked police stations and government buildings, took over portions of major cities like Portland and Seattle and turned others into looted, chaotic, burning madhouses for months.

Another example is highlighted in the film when Hampton belittles the idea of a school name change as some kind of substantial victory. BLM specializes in this sort of self-righteous symbolism, empty sloganeering (‘Defund the Police’), and toothless grandstanding that intentionally doesn’t address the actual conditions under which poor people suffer. It is all style over substance, as BLM would rather bring down statues than hunger, homelessness, or homicide rates.

What makes Judas and the Black Messiah so poignantly tragic is that it shows that the FBI, which the left now adores, has always been the front line for American fascism, and its victory over genuine dissent has been spectacular.

This is why we now have vapid, race-hustling, racial grievance grifters like Al Sharpton instead of intellectual giants like Malcolm X and MLK. And why we got the ‘hope and change’ charlatanry of Barack Obama, a maintenance man for the status quo who dutifully bails out Wall Street while Main Street crumbles, instead of the revolutionary Fred Hampton. And why we are fed the lap dog of Black Lives Matter play-acting at defiance, while being whole-heartedly embraced by the corporate and political power structure, instead of the bulldog of the Black Panthers putting genuine fear into the establishment.

The Black Lives Matter contingent think they’re Fred Hampton, but they’re frauds, phonies, shills, and sellouts, just like Bill O’Neal. And that’s why I recommend Judas and the Black Messiah… not just for the standout performances of Kaluuya and Stanfield, but because it rightfully exposes those bourgeois BLM bulls**tters.


Jews and Communism ... deleted Wikipedia page

Jews and Communism

                                            Other pages on this website: List of Jewish CommunistsList of Jewish social movements
Download the book Culture of Critique, by Kevin MacDonald, PhD, banned from Amazon

A near majority of Jews dominated the top ten to twenty leaders of the Russian Bolshevik Party's first twenty years and the Soviet Union's secret police was "one of the most Jewish" of all of its institutions. In Austria, the leaders of the Austromarxism movement were "virtually all" Jewish and Jews played a "central role" in the failed November 1918 coup d'état led by Egon Kisch and his Red Guards. During the German Revolution of 1918–1919 in the Weimar Republic, the Communist uprisings included Spartacus League members Rosa LuxemburgLeo Jogiches, and Paul Levi, and Jews held indisputable prominence in its undertaking. The Bavarian Soviet Republic was headed by Eugen Leviné and had in it a minimum of seven other Jewish commissars. In the 1930s Jews controlled a "high proportion of the most sensitive positions" in HungaryRomania, and Poland, including the Party apparatus, state administration, and especially the Agitprop, foreign service, and secret police. During the Cold War, Jews, mostly from Eastern Europe, accounted for 40–50% of the American Communist Party's membership, and counter to the denial of American Jewish publicists, Jews played a "disproportionately important role" in Soviet and world Communism until the early 1950s.


1918 Revolution

Leon Trotsky

British historian Lionel Kochan notes: "By far the most significant Jewish Marxist party was the Bund. [...] It far exceeded other Russian social democratic parties in size and influence."[1] In June 1917, the number of Jewish Bolsheviks present at the First All-Russian Congress of Soviets was a minimum of 31 percent, in addition 37 percent of Unified Social Democrats were Jews.[2] In the 23 October 1917 Bolshevik Central Committee meeting that discussed and voted on a "armed insurrection", 5 of the 12 participants were Jews. Leon TrotskyGrigory Zinoviev, and Grigory Sokolnikov consisted the three of the seven Politbureau members responsible for directing the October Revolution.[2] According to the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia: "Whatever the racial antecedents of their top man, the first Soviet commissariats were largely staffed with Jews. The Jewish position in the Communist movement was well understood in Russia. The White Armies which opposed the Bolshevik government linked Jews and Bolsheviks as common enemies."[3] Historian Arkady Vaksberg observes: "There is no getting around the fact that the first violins in the orchestra of death of the tsar and his family were four Jews — Yankel YurovskyShaia GoloshchekinLev Sosnovsky, and Pinkus Vainer (Petr Voikov). The concert master and conductor was Yakov Sverdlov."[4]

Bolshevik party

The All-Russian Central Executive Committee (VtsIK) formed during the Second All-Russian Congress of Soviets contained 101 members of which 62 were Bolsheviks and included 23 Jews, 20 Russians, 5 Ukrainians, 5 Poles, 4 Balts, 3 Georgians, and 2 Armenians. According to Nahum Rafalkes-Nir, former head of Poale Zion, during the discussion of Bolshevik takeover of the congress all 15 speakers who participated as official representatives were Jews while historian Yuri Slezkine says that it was likely 14. Kamenev and Sverdlov were the first two VtsIK chairmen which lead the Soviet state. Sverdlov also served at the Party's chief administrator. The first Bolsheviks in charge of Moscow and Petrograd were Kamenev and Zinoviev. Zinoview also served as the chairman of the Communist International.[2] Historian Albert Lindemann notes “it seems beyond serious debate that in the first twenty years of the Bolshevik Party the top ten to twenty leaders included close to a majority of Jews. Of the seven ‘major figures’ listed in The Makers of the Russian Revolution, four are of Jewish origin.”[5]

Serving between 1916 and 1917 as United States Ambassador to RussiaDavid R. Francis, noted that: "The Bolshevik leaders here, most of whom are Jews and 90 percent of whom are returned exiles, care little for Russia or any other country but are internationalists and they are trying to start a worldwide social revolution."[6] Between March and June 1919, Captain Montgomery Schuyler, a US military intelligence officer, reported: "It is probably unwise to say this loudly in the United States, but the Bolshevik movement is and has been since its beginning guided and controlled by Russian Jews [...] More than 300 Jews are (Bolshevik) commissars. Of this number 264 had come from the United States since the downfall of the Imperial government" A United States Senate subcomittee commented in the Congressional Record that by December 1919, 371 members of the 388 member Bolshevik central government led by Zinoniev were Jews.[7]

Yakov Sverdlov

Between 1917 and 1919, Jewish Bolshevik party leaders included Grigory ZinovievMoisei UritskyLev KamenevYakov SverdlovGrigory Sokolnikov, and Leon TrotskyLev Kamenev was of mixed ethnic Russian and Jewish parentage.[8][9] Vladimir Lenin's maternal grandfather was Jewish.[10] Lenin's Plan for Monumental Propaganda, established in April 1918,[11] was headed by Nathan Altman, a Jew, who was responsible for designing the first Soviet flag, state emblem, official seals, and postage stamps.[12] Among the 23 council members between 1923 and 1930, five were Jewish.[8] In April 1917, Petrograd Soviet's governing bureau had 24 members of which 10 (41.7 percent) were Jews.[2]

Soviet Central Committee

Grigory Zinoviev

Between 1919 and 1921, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union was a consistent one-fourth Jewish. In 1918, Jews comprised 54 percent of "leading" Party officials in Petrograd, 45 percent of city and provincial Party officials, and 36 percent of Northern District commissars. In 1919, Jews represented three of the five members in Petrograd's trade union council presiduium, and in 1920 were 13 out of the 36 members of Petrograd Soviet's Executive Committee. In 1923, Jews in Moscow held 29 percent of the Party's "leading cadres" and 45 percent of the provincial social security administration. Moscow's Party organization was 13.5 percent Jewish, three times the general Jewish population percent.[2] According to the 1922 party census, there were 19,564 Jewish Bolsheviks, comprising 5.21% of the total.[8] In 1922, an estimated 40 percent of the top leadership of the Soviet Army was Jewish.[2] In the mid-1920s, of the 417 members of the Central Executive Committee, the party Central Committee, the Presidium of the Executive of the Soviets of the USSR and the Russian Republic, the People's Commissars, 6% were ethnic Jews.[8] In 1929, among members of the Central Executive Committee of the Congress of Soviets there were 402 ethnic Russians, 95 Ukrainians, 55 Jews, 26 Latvians, 13 Poles, and 12 Germans – Jewish representation had declined from 60 members in 1927.[13]

Secret police

In 1918, Jews in the Cheka Soviet secret police constituted 65.5 percent of "responsible officials", 3.7 percent in officials in Moscow, 4.3 percent of commissars, and 8.6 percent of senior officials. Jews constituted 19.1 percent of central apparatus investigators and made up 50 percent (6 out of 12) of the investigators in the department responsible for quelling counter-revolution efforts. In 1923, the "leading" officials of the OGPU, the Cheka's successor, was 15.5 percent Jewish and 50 percent of the Collegium's Secretariat members were Jews. In 1920, 9.1 percent of all members of provincial Cheka offices was Jewish. Russians made up the majority of members, with Latvians being the most overrepresented group.[14] In Ukraine, the leadership of the Cheka was "overwhelmingly Jewish" and in early 1919 the "Cheka organizations in Kiev were 75 percent Jewish".[15] Jewish scholar Zvi Gitelman observed: "The high visibility of Jews in the Bolshevik regime was dramatized by the large numbers of Jews in the Cheka [...] From the Jewish point of view it was no doubt the lure of immediate physical power which attracted many Jewish youths [...] Whatever the reasons, Jews were heavily represented in the secret police [...] Since the Cheka was the most hated and feared organ of the Bolshevik government, anti-Jewish feelings increased in direct proportion to Cheka terror."[16]

Genrikh Yagoda

The NKVD, OGPU's successor, was "one of the most Jewish of all Soviet institutions."[17] By 1934, Jews were the most numerous in the “leading cadres” with 37 Jews compared to 30 Russians, 7 Latvians, 5 Ukrainians, 4 Poles, 3 Georgians, 3 Belorussians, 2 Germans, and 5 assorted others. Jews were in charge of twelve key NKVD departments and directorates which included the police, Gulag labor camps, counterintelligence, surveillance, and economic wrecking. Genrikh Yagoda, also a Jew, served as the People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs.[18] In January 1937, the top 111 NKVD officials was composed of 42 Jews, 35 Russians, 8 Latvians, and 26 others. At the time Jews still lead twelve of twenty NKVD directorates and held seven of the ten departments that made up the Main Directorate for State Security, including the departments of Protection of Government Officials, Counterintelligence, Secret-Political, Special Army Surveillance, Foreign Intelligence, Records, and Prisons. Spying in Western Europe and in the United States and foreign service was "an almost exclusively Jewish specialty." Jews lead the Gulag since its founding in 1930 until near the end of the Great Purge in late November 1938.[19]

Great Purge

Between 1936 and 1940, after the rapprochement with Nazi Germany and during the Great Purge, Stalin had largely eliminated Jews from senior party, government, diplomatic, security and military positions.[20] The majority of Jews were "not directly affected by the Great Terror, and of those who were, most suffered as members of the political elite."[21] Between 1937 and 1938, an estimated 1 percent of all Jews in the Soviet Union were arrested for political crimes in contrast to 16 percent of all Poles and 30 percent of all Latvians.[22] In 1939, Stalin directed incoming Foreign Minister Vyacheslav Molotov to "purge the ministry of Jews".[23] Although some scholars believe that this decision was taken for primarily domestic reasons,[23] others argue it may have been a signal to Nazi Germany that the USSR was ready for non-aggression talks.[24][25] By early 1939, the Jewish proportion of people in the Gulag was "about 15.7 percent lower than their share of the total population."[22] According to historian Yakov Etinger, many Soviet state purges of the 1930s were antisemitic in nature, and a more intense policy developed toward the end of World War II.[26] Slezkine disputes this stating that "Jews were the only large Soviet nationality [...] that was not targeted for a purge during the Great Terror."[27] Stalin in 1952 allegedly said privately that "every Jew is a potential spy for the United States".[28]

Hungary, Romania, and Poland

In HungaryRomania, and Poland, Jews were in charge of a "high proportion of the most sensitive positions in the Party apparatus, state administration, and especially the Agitprop, foreign service, and secret police." The regimes in the countries "resembled the Soviet Union of the 1920s insofar as they combined the ruling core of the old Communist underground, which was heavily Jewish, with a large pool of upwardly mobile Jewish professionals".[29]

In Hungary, Jews were "overrepresented in both socialist intellectuals and in communist militants."[30] Jewish scholar Howard Sachar notes that the Hungarian Soviet Republic existed "for 135 days [in 1919]" and that "Hungary was ruled by a Communist dictatorship. Its party boss, Béla Kun, was a Jew. So were 31 of the 49 commissars in Kun’s regime."[31] According to Hungarian historian István Deák, Jews "held a near monopoly on political power in Hungary during the 133 days of the Soviet Republic in 1919 and again from, roughly, 1947 to 1953, and then again from 1955 to the fall of 1956" and that "political personalities of Jewish origin played a decisive role in 20th-century Hungary".[32] Jewish scholar Louis Rapoport credits Kun as being a "cruel tyrant" and that he later served as "Stalin’s chief of terror in the Crimea."[33] Jews constituted "95 percent of the leading figures" of Kun’s regime.[34] Tibor Szamuely lead all paramilitary efforts and Otto Korvin-Klein operated as the chief political prosecutor. A disproportionate number of Jews were judges, prosecutors, propagandists, and leaders of the youth and women wings.[35] The rule of Kun's regime in 1919 became one of the major reasons many Hungarians backed the Final Solution in 1944, despite most Jews being unassociated with them.[32] Amongst those of Jewish origin that ruled Hungary between late 1940s and early 1950s were Mátyás RákosiErno GeroMihály Farkas, and József Révai.[36]

In Poland, 7 out of 10 of the original Communist leadership was composed of Jews. During the 1930s, they composed between 22 to 26 percent of the overall Communist Party of Poland (KPP) membership, 51 percent of the youth wing (1930), about 65 percent of all Communists in Warsaw (1937), 75 percent of the propaganda wing, 90 percent of the International Red Aid (MOPR), and the majority of Central Committee members.[30] The proportion of Jews in the KPP was never lower than 22 percent countrywide, peaking at 35 percent in 1930. The Communist Party of West Belarus and the Communist Party of Western Ukraine had similar percentages. Jews accounted for 54 percent of the field leadership of the KPP in 1935 and 75 percent of the party's propagandists. Jews held the majority of the seats on the Central Committees of the Communist Workers Party of Poland (KPRP) and the KPP.[37] Of all Polish political parties the Communist movement most vehemently rejected antisemitism and frequently suggested similar solutions to issues facing Jews as the Bund, the Zionists, and Jewish religious parties did.[38] Jewish Communists claimed that "of the highest number of votes the Communists ever polled in Poland, i.e., of the 266,528 votes collected on several lists of front organizations at the Sejm elections of 1928, two-fifths were cast by Jews". Despite significant Jewish presence in the Polish Communist movement they had little support in the wider Polish Jewish community and about 5 percent of all Jewish voters supported the Communist movement.[37] Nonetheless Jewish participation in the Polish Communist movement led to the allegation of Zydokomuna which had claimed the existence of a Judeo-Communist conspiracy and had become prevalent in interwar Poland, especially after the death of Józef Pilsudski.[39]

Weimar Republic

Rosa Luxemburg

During the German Revolution of 1918–1919, the Communist uprisings included Spartacus League members Rosa LuxemburgLeo Jogiches, and Paul Levi. The Bavarian Soviet Republic was headed by Eugen Leviné and had in it a minimum of seven other Jewish commissars which included Ernst Toller and Gustav Landauer.[40] Sarah Gordan notes: "The prominence of Jews in the revolution and early Weimar Republic is indisputable, and this was a very serious contributing cause for increased anti-Semitism in post-war years. It is clear then that the stereotype of Jews as socialists and communists led many Germans to distrust the Jewish minority as a whole and to brand Jews as enemies of the German nation."[41] According to Encyclopaedia Judaica: "In some countries Jews became the leading element in the legal and illegal Communist parties and in some cases were even instructed by the Communist International to change their Jewish-sounding names and pose as non-Jews, in order not to confirm right-wing propaganda that presented Communism as an alien, Jewish conspiracy."[42]


The leaders of the Austromarxism movement were "virtually all" Jewish and included Rudolf HilferdingOtto BauerMax AdlerGustav Eckstein, and Friedrich Adler.[41] On 12 November 1918, Jews played a "central role" in the failed coup d'état led by Egon Kisch and his Red Guards.[43]

United States

During the 1930s, in the United States, Jews, largely immigrants from Eastern Europe, accounted for about 40 to 50 percent of Communist Party membership and at least a comparable proportion of the Party's leaders, journalists, theorists, and organizers.[30] Historian Norman Cantor notes that: "During the heyday of the Cold War, American Jewish publicists spent a lot of time denying that — as 1930s anti-Semites claimed — Jews played a disproportionately important role in Soviet and world Communism. The truth is until the early 1950s Jews did play such a role."[44]

Further reading

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Just as Cultural Marxism began in the Jewish intellectual community in Nazi Frankfurt Germany, the GREAT RESET also began in this period...with Jewish Nazis.and the Fourth Reich...IG Farben was a Jewish war machine manufacturing plant ...Paul Warburg was on the BoD....see GlobalJusticeEcology..Klaus Schwab was a kingpin in the acquistion of nuclear weapons for Israel via South Africa... we are in the grips of a one hundred year plot by Jews to take over the world....and the CCP is a willing accomplice.



We pick up the story with Klaus Schwab's father Eugen, a manager for a Swiss-German company, Escher-Wyss in Schwab's home town of Ravensburg. The allegations are revealing:

In the pre-war years of the 1930s leading up to the German annexation of Poland, Ravensburg’s Escher-Wyss factory, now managed directly by Klaus Schwab’s father, Eugen Schwab, continued to be the biggest employer in Ravensburg. Not only was the factory a major employer in the town, but Hitler’s own Nazi party awarded the Escher-Wyss Ravensburg branch the title of “National Socialist Model Company” while Schwab was at the helm. The Nazis were potentially wooing the Swiss company for cooperation in the coming war, and their advances were eventually reciprocated.

Ravensburg was an anomaly in wartime Germany, as it was never targeted by any Allied airstrikes. The presence of the Red Cross, and a rumoured agreement with various companies including Escher-Wyss, saw the allied forces publicly agree to not target the Southern German town. It was not classified as a significant military target throughout the war and, for that reason, the town still maintains many of its original features. However, much darker things were afoot in Ravensburg once the war began.

Eugen Schwab continued to manage the “National Socialist Model Company” for Escher-Wyss, and the Swiss company would aid the Nazi Wermacht produce significant weapons of war as well as more basic armaments. The Escher-Wyss company was a leader in large turbine technology for hydroelectric dams and power plants, but they also manufactured parts for German fighter planes. They were also intimately involved in much more sinister projects happening behind the scenes which, if completed, could have changed the outcome of World War II.

From this point, the article traces how some of Escher-Wyss's hydro-turbine technology made it into the Nazi atom-bomb project via the Norsk heavy water production plant in Norway. Here the article goes a bit awry claiming that heavy water was vital for the production of plutonium for that project. As I've outlined in my book Reich of the Black Sun, the German project, while it knew of the possibility of plutonium, also knew that its production could only be accomplished in a reactor, and that it would be a long and difficult project. It thus concentrated on the less complicated project of uranium isotope separation and enrichment for a uranium-fueled bomb. But in either case heavy water could be used both as a neutron moderator in a reactor, and more importantly, as a source of deuterium fuel for a "boosted fission" bomb, which is what I've been arguing in my various books about the Nazi atom bomb project.

And Schwab's father headed a firm in Ravensbruck with ties to that project. Let that sink in a moment. As such, Schwab's father was also allegedly involved in another infamous Nazi practice:

Back in the Escher-Wyss factory in Ravensburg, Eugen Schwab had been busy putting forced labourers to work at his model Nazi company. During the years of World War II, nearly 3,600 forced labourers worked in Ravensburg, including at Escher Wyss. According to the city archivist in Ravensburg, Andrea Schmuder, the Escher-Wyss machine factory in Ravensburg employed between 198 and 203 civil workers and POWs during the war. Karl Schweizer, a local Lindau historian, states that Escher-Wyss maintained a small special camp for forced labourers on the factory premises.

The use of masses of forced labourers in Ravensburg made it necessary to setup one of the largest recorded Nazi forced labour camps in the workshop of a former carpenter’s at Ziegelstrasse 16. At one time, the camp in question accommodated 125 French prisoners of war who were later redistributed to other camps in 1942. The French workers were replaced by 150 Russian prisoners of war who, it was rumoured, were treated the worst out of all the POWs. One such prisoner was Zina Jakuschewa, whose work card and work book are held by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Those documents identify her as a non-Jewish forced labourer assigned to Ravensburg, Germany, during 1943 and 1944.

This of course does not implicate Klaus Schwab himself in any of these practices nor does it implicate him in any way with sympathy for the practice nor the ideology behind it. It does, however, raise a yellow flag of caution, and perhaps should provide a context in which to view his own statements to the effect that "you vill not own property und you vill be happy!" This, plus the fact that Schwab seems to have pursued academic studies of mechanical engineering in relationship to macroeconomics of credit and export, might indicate at least some filial interest in his father's wartime experiences, since after his studies and a stint in the USA at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government, he went to work for his father's old company.

The atom bomb connection would continue at Escher-Wyss (now Sulzer-Escher-Wyss) after the war, as it became involved in South Africa's effort to acquire the bomb:

Escher-Wyss had been involved with manufacturing and installing nuclear technology at least as early as 1962, as shown by this patent for a “heat exchange arrangement for a nuclear power plant” and this patent from 1966 for a “nuclear reactor gas-turbine plant with emergency cooling”. After Schwab left Sulzer Escher-Wyss, Sulzer would also help to develop special turbocompressors for uranium enrichment to yield reactor fuels.

When Klaus Schwab joined Sulzer Escher-Wyss in 1967 and started the reorganisation of the company to be a technology corporation, the involvement of Sulzer Escher-Wyss in the darker aspects of the global nuclear arms race became immediately more pronounced. Before Klaus became involved, Escher-Wyss had often concentrated on helping design and build parts for civilian uses of nuclear technology, e.g. nuclear power generation. Yet, with the arrival of the eager Mr. Schwab also came the company’s participation in the illegal proliferation of nuclear weapons technology. By 1969, the incorporation of Escher Wyss into Sulzer was fully completed and they would be rebranded into Sulzer AG, dropping the historic name Escher-Wyss from their name.

It was eventually revealed, thanks to a review and report carried out by the Swiss authorities and a man named Peter Hug, that Sulzer Escher-Wyss began secretly procuring and building key parts for nuclear weapons during the 1960s. The company, while Schwab was on the board, also began playing a critical key role in the development of South Africa’s illegal nuclear weapons programme during the darkest years of the apartheid regime. Klaus Schwab was a leading figure in the founding of a company culture which helped Pretoria build six nuclear weapons and partially assemble a seventh. (Boldface emphasis added)

This now ratchets up the suspicion meter considerably, when placed into context of what else is known about the South African project. In 1973 the New York Times book division published a book by Barbara Rogers and Zdenek Cervenka titled The Nuclear Axis: The Secret Collaboration between West Germany and South Africa, a title which says it all... almost. The authors detail how a Luftwaffe general in the Bundeswehr, himself a holdover from World War II, and several German firms including Degussa(which was also involved in the wartime Nazi atom bomb effort), were involved in aiding South Africa to acquire the atom bomb, which in the opinion of many (including this author) it did. The arrangement was a "tidy" one: in exchange for South African uranium, Germany would supply the technology to enrich it and the engineering to turn it into a bomb. South Africa became the front behind which postwar Germany acquired nuclear weapons technology, for the South African bomb was in effect a German one...

... and an Israeli one, because the third partner in this picture was Israel itself, lending technical assistance as well in return for a steady supply of uranium from the project. The arrangement was a rather nifty one, given that all three states were in some measure and for very different reasons each a pariah state, and each viewed its national security was being jeopardized without nuclear weapons.

But now we find Schwab himself - Dr. Ernst Stavro Blohfeld and SPECTRE - squatting in the middle of that West German-South African atom bomb effort.

The implications here are inescapable, and the article's author, Johnny Vedmore, doesn't shrink from mentioning them:

In the case of Klaus Schwab himself, it appears that he has helped to launder relics of the Nazi era, i.e. its nuclear ambitions and its population control ambitions, so as to ensure the continuity of a deeper agenda. While serving in a leadership capacity at Sulzer Escher Wyss, the company sought to aid the nuclear ambitions of the South African regime, then the most Nazi adjacent government in the world, preserving Escher Wyss’ own Nazi era legacy. Then, through the World Economic Forum, Schwab has helped to rehabilitate eugenics-influenced population control policies during the post-World War II era, a time when the revelations of Nazi atrocities quickly brought the pseudo-science into great disrepute. Is there any reason to believe that Klaus Schwab, as he exists today, has changed in anyway? Or is he still the public face of a decades-long effort to ensure the survival of a very old agenda?

The last question that should be asked about the real motivations behind the actions of Herr Schwab, may be the most important for the future of humanity: Is Klaus Schwab trying to create the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or is he trying to create the Fourth Reich?

For my part, readers can already guess the answer, for I've been trying for years to warn people about a post-war "Nazi International," an "extra-territorial state" hiding behind a complex tapestry of corporations, funds, foundations, think tanks, and a bewildering labyrinth of interconnections, all still firmly in the grasp of a hideous ideology.

See you on the flip side...






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