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Is there a common thread between the sexual abuse scandal at Abu Ghraib,  Guantanamo,  the Franklin Cover-up Scandal - Omaha  (1989), Catholic and Protestant clergy sexual abuse, GOP leadership cover-up of the Foley affair, ... Jeff Gannon White House sleepovers, Clinton sexual adventures, Deborah Jeane Palfrey... and ???  more below?  

  • Lawrence Franklin lease of 2441 California St, NW, D.C.
  • Washington Life "the property gained some notoriety when it was rented to Lawrence E. King, Jr., the former executive director of the failed Franklin Community Federal Credit Union, who along with his wife Alice, was accused by Federal regulators of having diverted as much as $40 million from Franklin for personal and business use."

2441 California St. NW

above: down the street from 2441, 2230 California St.   

The neighborhood where the children were sexually abused.
John DeCamp, ''Franklin Cover-Up'' Expose (D.C.'s paedophile ring) 

Regional News
January 20, 1989, Friday, BC cycle 
OMAHA U.S. District Judge William Cambridge named a receiver Friday for some property and all investments belonging to Alice King, who is named in a civil lawsuit stemming from the disgraceful failure of a credit union. 

Lawrence E. King Jr., husband of Alice and codefendant in the suit, leased the Washington house located near Embassy Row until he moved out in early November. Cambridge said the property and money are ''in danger of being lost, removed or materially injured.'' 

Omaha attorney Thomas D. Stalnaker was named receiver of ''all bonds, notes, evidences of debt, checks, drafts, receivables and accounts, shares of stock in corporations'' issued to King or held by another for her.  Cambridge also named Stalnaker receiver of ''all furniture, fixtures and personal property of every kind that has been removed by defendant from property located at 2441 California St. N.W., Washington, D.C., and any and all jewelry in which defendant has an ownership interest in.''   Lawrence E. King Jr., husband of Alice and codefendant in the suit, leased the Washington house located near Embassy Row until he moved out in early November.   Lawrence King is former executive director of the failed Franklin Community Federal Credit Union, from which federal regulators contend almost $40 million is missing.   King allegedly diverted money from Franklin Community for personal and business use, said the $3 million lawsuit filed by the National Credit Union Administration. Mrs. King allegedly participated indirectly, it said.  
Cambridge in November apponted attorney Keith I. Frederick as receiver for assets of Lawrence King.  Allegations of sexual abuse and illegal drug use has surfaced in an investigation of Franklin Community by a special legislative committee.  State Sens. Loren Schmit of Bellwood and Ernest Chambers of Omaha are committee chairman and vice chairman, respectively.  Former CIA Director William Colby was interviewed Friday in Lincoln for a job as legal counsel to the committee. Schmit said five other candidates will be interviewed. 

It is a little over four years since I, John DeCamp, wrote the words you have just read. My closest friend and mentor, Bill Colby, like so many others in the Franklin case, is dead; he was fished out of a river in front of his home, under the most questionable of circumstances, in April 1996. Was he killed because of his involvement in Franklin? I don't know. What I do know, is that Bill Colby was the heart and soul of the Franklin investigation. Although at a certain point he warned me against investigating the case further, it was he who relentlessly pushed to publicly expose what had already been discovered, when everyone else, including, at times, myself, wanted to call it quits. Without him, this book would never have been written.

In the new, final chapter of this second edition, I tell much more about my relationship to Bill Colby, who was, in my estimation, one of the greatest patriots this country has seen, from the time that he served as our country's Deputy Ambassador to South Vietnam (but, in reality, as CIA Station Chief), and recruited a young combat infantry captain named John DeCamp to be one of his chief assistants in Operation Phoenix, right through to his role in trying to blow open the Franklin cover-up. 

I published The Franklin Cover-Up, as much as an insurance policy for myself and my family, as for any other purpose. Colby had pointed to the extreme danger for a person to have secret knowledge about a situation, that others who are affected want to keep out of the public's view. "Some people will go to any lengths to make sure things stay secret," Colby had often repeated to me, "which is why the CIA and the KGB sometimes find their agents dead. Your best interest," he argued, "may well be in publishing what you know and are able to prove, rather than keeping those facts secret. Whether you ever sell a single book or not does not really matter. Putting your information on the public record is what is important. That way, there is no logical reason to harm you or your family, to suppress some truth you have already documented. That is probably your real life insurance policy in something like this Franklin situation," Colby had advised me... 

Now, four years later, without a single dollar spent in advertising or promotion, over 50,000 copies of this book have been sold nationwide. I am convinced that this is why I am alive today, although I did receive a warning in September 1996, through reliable sources, that I am targeted--"just like they got Colby." There have also been innumerable attempts to disbar me. Although I have thus far been able to defeat every one of these attempts, they keep coming; to silence me through disbarment is, for those trying to hide the truth on Franklin, the equivalent of assassinating me.

So, the battle continues, both in the Franklin case per se--about which I include stunning new material which proves the truth of Part I of this book--and in the new cases in which I have become involved. As a result of the first publication of The Franklin Cover-Up, as an attorney, I have become involved in some of the most famous legal cases now occurring in these United States, from cases involving the militia movement, to the Oklahoma City bombing, to the notorious Gordon Kahl shootout with U.S. Marshals, about which documentaries and movies have been made, to appearances before the U.S. Senate on all of these matters, including Ruby Ridge and Waco. I have appeared on all of the national TV networks, and on many national shows, such as Nightline with Ted Koppel, Good Morning America, CNN's Burden of Proof, America's Most Wanted, and others. So, I say, as I dedicate this second edition of The Franklin Cover-Up to my friend and mentor, William Colby: "Thanks, Bill. You were right, so right it terrifies me. I told the truth, just as you instructed. Now, as a result of the publication of the original Franklin Cover-Up, I have ended up in situations, where, once again, the truth must be told on some explosive new issues, whose consequences rival those of Franklin, for the future of this country." 

Thus, this new edition contains eight dramatic new chapters (and an epilogue): The Franklin Investigation, and Cover-up, Continue; Four Years Later--Where Are They Now?; Troy Boner Steps Forward; Drugs and the Monarch Project; From Montana to Oklahoma City; The Oklahoma Bombing; The U.S. Justice Department Murder of Gordon Kahl; and In Memoriam: Bill Colby. This concluding chapter will reveal more about Colby's role in Franklin, and his very last instructions to me, two weeks before his death. Finally, the last word on the Franklin cover-up is delivered in the epilogue--not by me, but by the nineteenth-century novelist Herman Melville. Besides his famous Moby Dick, Melville wrote short stories. A high-ranking personage involved in the Franklin case, told me that one of these stories contained the ultimate secret behind the Franklin cover-up. He was right.


When the first printing of what you have just read appeared in May 1992, I was threatened with countless law suits by individuals named in the book. I was told by their attorneys, from some of the most prominent law firms in the state and in the country, that "We will destroy you in court." As it turned out, although there have been numerous attempts to disbar me only one law suit for libel and slander was ever launched as a direct result of the book--and that was a suit I launched and won, as I will relate. My victory in that case was but one of a series of what I call the "mini-miracles"--perhaps a hundred or more unforeseen events since the book first hit the streets, which prove the truth of The Franklin Cover-Up. I have chosen a small sampling of these "mini-miracles" to recount here. 

After this book appeared, attorneys for Franklin-related individuals repeatedly appeared in the printed media (particularly in the Omaha World Herald) and on TV to make statements such as: "This book is the most libelous and slanderous book I have ever read. The individuals who have been slandered in this book will definitely be filing legal actions to stop distribution of this book and against Mr. John DeCamp personally. That is certain. This book will be stopped and Mr. DeCamp will be proved to be a liar and made to pay damages." When reporters who interviewed the lawyers or principals named in the book contacted me for my response to their threats, I had one standard answer: 

"I agree with certain things these people and their attorneys attacking me are saying. I agree that the things described in this book are horrible. If anyone had said these things about me, I agree that I would sue them. I believe if there is anything false in this book or if they believe I have not told the truth in this book, that they should sue me. In fact, I welcome their law suits, because that will help develop the truth. I personally believe I have been most careful and cautious in the way I have handled matters, and only written about those things I can absolutely document." 

So, what happened with those threats? Who sued whom? Who proved what? 

The only major lawsuit for libel and slander arising from this book was my suit against Atlantic Telecast, owner of a television station in Wilmington, North Carolina, WECT (Channel 6). I charged that statements made on a WECT news broadcast on November 12, 1992, attacking me and the book were false. I demanded a retraction and public apology. The first response I received was from WECT's station manager, who informed me that WECT had consulted its attorneys, that the station had thoroughly investigated the matters described in my book, and that WECT was not only not going to apologize, but planned to repeat the attacks. WECT's attorney further advised me that the station had investigated, in part, by talking to U.S. Senator Bob Kerrey from Nebraska, who was running for president of the United States at the time, and who had visited Wilmington, and met with representatives of the TV station. Further investigation, he claimed, was conducted by talking to the new Wilmington police chief, a man named Robert Wadman--the former police chief of Omaha, Nebraska, who had come to Wilmington in the early 1990s! 

After hearing this, I gave a simple demand to WECT: "Rest assured I am ready to prove everything I wrote in my book. I hope you are ready and able to prove your claims made on TV. I give you three weeks for further investigation, and then I will move forward aggressively on my lawsuit against you. At that time, I will seek not only an apology, but substantial monetary damages." Just under three weeks from the date of my ultimatum, attorneys from Atlantic Telecast contacted me and stated that they had done further investigation and acknowledged that now they, not I, were in trouble. Shortly thereafter, a settlement agreement was reached which stipulated: (1) WECT TV would broadcast a retraction and public apology to me on its news broadcasts, and would issue a press release to the same effect; (2) WECT would pay me money damages and other financial benefits; (3) All other details of the settlement, other than those stated above, would be kept confidential for the benefit of the TV station. I accepted the settlement offer, and dismissed my lawsuit. WECT lived up to its part of the settlement, and I have lived up to mine. My lawsuit intersected a fierce political battle between Chief Wadman, upon whom WECT had relied for its information, and his own police department, particularly with an officer named Sgt. Robert Clatty. Sgt. Clatty is the Wilmington Police Department's expert on satanic ritual abuse of children, and is one of North Carolina's recognized experts as well, with published works on the subject. Chief Wadman, on the other hand, claimed that there was no such thing as satanic ritual abuse; he attempted to make it impossible for Sgt. Clatty to carry out his work, and, at one point, suspended him. The publicly waged war between Chief Wadman and his wide array of defenders in Wilmington and across North Carolina, and Wadman' s adversaries, led primarily by Officer Clatty, went as high as the State Legislature. From 1992 until roughly mid-1994, it divided the city of Wilmington, and even the state of North Carolina. The outcome of the war between Chief Wadman and his own force was that in early July 1994, a secret meeting was held with city officials and Wadman's attorney. On July 11, 1994, Wadman resigned as police chief. Although city officials refused to comment on what had transpired in the meeting, Wadman himself admitted in a television interview later that month, that he had been ordered to resign from the Wilmington Police Department. 

In May 1992, shortly after the first edition of this book was published, Monsignor Robert Hupp, who had been the head of Boys Town from the late 1970s through the decade of the 1980s--the critical time in question for the Franklin case, contacted me and asked to have a meeting, at which he specified that witnesses must be present. I anticipated that his purpose was to attack me, and to deny what I had written about Boys Town. I was completely wrong. With two witnesses present, Monsignor Hupp opened our discussion with the simple statement: "John DeCamp, your book stated the game; I hope I can help with some of the names." Monsignor Hupp and I then entered into an in-depth discussion on the entire situation involving Boys Town, Larry King, Peter Citron, the pedophile problem in general, and the entire story of the Franklin cover-up. He verified piece after piece of evidence of the Franklin story for me, and provided guidance on other directions in which to look, to develop further proof of the children's stories of abuse by this country's wealthy and powerful. When I asked Monsignor Hupp how this ever could have happened at Boys Town, he looked at me and told me, so apologetically, "I am like the wife who did not know, and was the last to find out. And when I finally did suspect something and tried to act, the Archbishop [Daniel Sheehan] elected to do nothing about it, when I asked him to help. And then, when I came upon something horribly evil, I found public officials and the Church would do nothing-apparently terrified at the damage it would do to the Church and to the entire city of Omaha," Monsignor Hupp said. 
 A Message to Robert Wadman- ex omaha chief of Police about Murdered Kids and Child abductions by cbdave01  back
  • NowPublic:  A Message to Robert Wadman- ex omaha chief of Police about Murdered Kids and Child abductions by cbdave01 | June 25, 2008 at 11:33 am | 284 views | add comment To: Cc: Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2008 7:12:56 AM Subject: Hey Robbie- its your old friend from Omaha again

    I was very disappointed not to hear anything from you after sending you an email- so I thought I would try again. You see my friend- I have tried to get my parents to take me to court about all of this over and over and over- to no avail- so when I was told that you were eager to take people to court- I figured we could help each other out. I am willing to bet that I can help to make this happen- so lets just say that both of us have had a prayer answered. I just wanted to let you know that the videos are definitely NOT the only thing I am guilty of doing. The communications I have had with the media, politicians, and victim advocacy groups have almost been daily- and now that I am involved with this in such a degree, it has pretty much taken over my life. You see- this time- I know that you dont have the alan and marsha baer foundation money to think about this time- since he is dead he is out of the picture- and so now maybe we can get some real discourse about all of this. I mean- did you really think it was fair to send one of my dearest friends Mark Anderson and the man you all dubbed "The Pied Piper of Porn" to jail for decades while not even giving so much as a real handslap to Alan and his six counts of having sex with minors. I of course have sent eveyone to look at this- and to ask the question WHY? Also- I have also sent everyone on a mission. You see- if they start looking at all that childporn that is being collected in Europe, we all know that they are not only going to see the eatery Stars- (that was down in the old market at the time)- but in many of those child porn and snuff films- they will see the Hollywood bar. You know- the one the city of Omaha immediately tore down when all of these allegations came out. I bet you werent betting on anyone remembering any of this- because Ted Gunderson and all of his friends didnt know anything about all of this. Funny. Last of all- and probably most important- I have told people that the bodies of those children are buried in legit graves in Forestlawn Cememtary off of 48th street in North Omaha. I know you guys thought you were so clever with that- but let me ask you this- now that people know about it and are now looking into it- EXACTLY HOW are you going to go retrieve what you left? IF you dont- you realize you are leaving it open for someone else to go look. And i assure you- in the end- everyone is going to want to see. This is the deal Robbie- you all better deal with this before you draw your last breath- because if you dont- you are going to end up right along with your savior and friend Alan Baer. A man- who- by the way- wont be saving anyone's ass this time. Get your fancy clothes ready- because one way or another- we are going to end up in court. Noreen Goshe is the LEAST OF YOUR WORRIES NOW MY FRIEND. By the way- speaking of Noreen- you attack her one more time- and I return the favor. You do have media where you live dont you? So far- everyone has been really really interested in this- so I bet the people in your home town would find it equally so. Better call your lawyer now. You want to deal with someone- threaten someone- intimidate someone= here I am Robbie. xxx xxx xxxx is my number- feel free to call. Just realize I will record the call and share it with everyone when we are done. Things arent going to go well for all of you with all of this FRIEND. I look forward to hearing from you. David shurter Also Noreen Goshe- you remember- the mother who has been in hell trying to get anwers for her abducted son for 25 yrs now- the one you have been trying to intimidate and harrass over all of this- has nothing to do with this. I am ccing her this email so she can see what I am doing. after i send this- I will be sending this out to everyone else- but I didnt feel you needed to know who they are. Better that be your surprise.

  • Forest Lawn Memorial Park 7909 Mormon Bridge Rd Omaha, NE 68152  (402) 451-1000  Google Maps

"What are you talking about?" I asked him. "Is there some particular story or incident you are talking about in the book that you have more information about? Please explain what you mean," I asked the Monsignor. He then described an incident in 1985, in which a young boy named Shattuck, who lived in Elkhorn, Nebraska, had been sexually abused and then killed. The Monsignor told me that he was certain who had killed the boy, a man he identified as a member of the Catholic clergy in the Omaha Archdiocese. Monsignor Hupp provided precise detail which he said proved beyond any doubt, that the particular individual he named was in fact, the child's murderer. "The Church is plagued by these sexual abuse problems across the country and by the devastating publicity the clergy abuse incidents have caused," Monsignor Hupp explained. "The Church's reaction to these sexual abuse problems is, in most cases, to immediately get the clergy member involved out of the state and, if possible, out of the country, and hopefully into treatment. I know that may not be right, but it is a difficult situation to deal with, and simply moving the priest or the brother out of the state or country has been the traditional approach by the Church in America to addressing the problems. In this case, where an innocent child was murdered and where I know that a member of our clergy has done this, I felt I had a moral obligation overriding all other things, to bring the situation to the attention of the appropriate authorities. And I did," Hupp concluded. The Monsignor then shocked me for the second time that day--and in a way that brought back to me the horrible memories of the Franklin cover-up. He explained that after he determined that the Catholic Archbishop of Omaha was not going to take action on the case he then went to the FBI and to the Omaha law enforcement authorities to provide complete details on the child's murder. 

So, what happened as a result of Monsignor Hupp's actions? Apparently, nothing. Each year on the anniversary of the child's murder--now almost ten years--the media talks about the case as still being "under investigation," and street rumors persist about the Catholic clergyman--the one Monsignor Hupp believes killed the child--who was shipped out of state for alcohol treatment right after the murder. In the aftermath of our meeting, Monsignor Hupp ran into his own problems. In September 1992, the Monsignor advised me that he was receiving all kinds of pressure and criticism and was, he feared, being forced to leave Boys Town. Shortly after that discussion, in a controversy that received national press attention on how resources should be used at Boys Town, Monsignor Hupp was removed from his post. He now lives quietly in a home in West Omaha, Nebraska. Monsignor Hupp has shown incredible courage, as he has continued to provide me direction and assistance in the Franklin investigation and related matters. Monsignor Hupp is not some 13-year-old kid whom the cops say they cannot trust or believe. On the contrary, he is one of America' s most famous and nationally honored clergymen; the author of two best sellers; a former Presidential Appointee as Special Ambassador to the United Nations; and the former head of America's most famous child care institution (Boys Town). Monsignor Hupp showed his courage yet again, when he repeated his charges a year later to a British TV team making a documentary on the Franklin cover-up, entitled Conspiracy of Silence. 

In mid-1993, after The Franklin Cover-Up had been circulating for almost a year, the British-based TV station, Yorkshire Television, sent a top-notch team to Nebraska to launch its own investigation of the Franklin case. Yorkshire had a contract with the Discovery Channel to produce a documentary on the case for American television. They spent many months in Nebraska, and also traveled this country from one end to the other, interviewing, filming, and documenting piece-by-piece the Franklin story as I had told it in the book. They spent somewhere between a quarter-million and one-half million dollars investigating the story, deploying probably a thousand times the resources and abilities that I personally had. Over the year that I worked with them, I was amazed at the team's ability to gather new documents and witnesses which kept opening up new and frightening facts about Franklin. They were a crack team. In the final weeks that they were in Nebraska, they expressed their certainty that they would win awards for this documented horror story of government-sanctioned drug-running involving children; government-sanctioned abuse of children; and government protection of some of this country's most powerful businessmen and politicians, who had been the chief actors in the Franklin story. Finally, the big day came. Their documentary was to air nationwide on the Discovery Channel on May 3, 1994. It was advertised in the TV Guide and in newspapers for that day. But no one ever saw that program. At the last minute, and without explanation, it was pulled from the air. 

It was not shown then, and has never been broadcast anywhere since. I have a copy of that program, which arrived anonymously in my mail in late 1995. When I watched this pirated copy, I could see clearly why the program had been suppressed. Conspiracy of Silence proved, beyond doubt, that the essential points I had stressed in the book (and more) were all true. For instance, the team had interviewed Troy Boner. Sometime after that grand jury was over, Troy, guilt-stricken because of his lying over Gary Caradori's death, contacted me and told the truth about what had happened. This is recorded in a remarkable affidavit (see Chapter 20). The Yorkshire TV team spent a small fortune to confirm Troy's charges. They flew Troy to Chicago and paid for a lengthy polygraph (lie detector) test at the Keeler Polygraph Institute. With the results of that test, the Yorkshire team was so convinced that Troy was telling the truth, that they featured him in their documentary. It was only in mid-1996, that I finally pieced together, through sources I am not at liberty to disclose, what happened to stop the broadcast of this documentary. 

1. At the time the Yorkshire TV team and the Discovery Channel were doing the documentary, they had no idea how high up the case would go into Government, and; what major institutions and personalities in this country, would be found to be linked to the Franklin story. Ultimately, the documentary focused on several limited aspects documented in this book, and developed them much more extensively than I ever had the resources or abilities to accomplish. 

2. These areas which the documentary focused on, were: (a) the use and involvement of Boys Town children and personalities in the Franklin Scandal, particularly Peter Citron and Larry King's relationships to Boys Town; (b) the linkage of Franklin to some of this country's top politicians in Washington, and in the U.S. Congress, with particular attention on those who attended parties held by Larry King at his Washington mansion on Embassy Row; (c) the impropriety of these-politicians and businessmen and compromising of these people by Larry King, through drugs and using children for pedophilia. 

3. When the broadcast tape was sent to the United States, Customs officials seized the documentary and held it up as being "pornographic material." Attorneys for Discovery Channel and Yorkshire TV were able to get the documentary released. Then, the lawyers went through the film for months, making this or that change or deletion, so that the documentary ultimately advertised to be shown on the Discovery Channel on May 3, 1994, would survive any claims of libel or slander that any of the individuals identified in the documentary might attempt to bring. The lawyers had cleared the documentary for broadcast. 

4. During the several months that the documentary was being prepared and advertised for showing, major legislation impacting the entire future of the Cable TV industry was being debated on Capitol Hill. Legislation, which the industry opposed, was under debate for placing controls on the industry and the contents of what could be shown. Messages were delivered in no uncertain terms from key politicians involved in the Cable TV battle, that if the Conspiracy of Silence were shown on the Discovery Channel as planned, then the industry would probably lose the debate. An agreement was reached: Conspiracy of Silence was pulled, and with no rights for sale or broadcast by any other program; Yorkshire TV would be reimbursed for the costs of production, the Discovery Channel itself would never be linked to the documentary; and copies of Conspiracy in Silence would be destroyed. Not all copies were destroyed, however, as I and some others received anonymously in the mail a copy of the nearly-finished product. 

I said in Chapter 12, "The Omaha Business Community": "As essential to Franklin as [Harold] Andersen's fundraising and publicity were, the credit union could not have functioned for a single day without the complicity of Nebraska's largest bank, FirsTier.... Every dollar that went into Franklin Credit Union--the missing $40 million was no exception-went into its account #153-7-353 at FirsTier." In October 1994, evidence released through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) proved exactly how right I was. These FOIA documents showed that some of the same attorneys who had threatened so loudly to sue me, together with the FirsTier Bank with which they were associated, had reached a financial settlement with the National Credit Union Association (NCUA), in which they agreed to pay the NCUA $10 million in damages for their role in improprieties involving Franklin. The attorneys had to come up with over $6 million, and First Tier itself, over $3 million. Despite the fact that the FirsTier case was the biggest malpractice settlement in the history of Nebraska, and despite the fact that the settlement involved very prominent individuals--including former Republican Governor Charlie Thone and attorney Jay Derr--the story received almost no coverage in the press, that is, before the FOIA material became public. Then the World Herald jumped in with a huge editorial in October, 1994, entitled "Franklin Credit Union Crimes Unfairly Claim New Victims." The World Herald wrote: "Some defendants, including banks and a law firm, have agreed to pay more than $10 million to the NCUA to settle the claims. They admitted no wrongdoing. They said they acted to avoid prolonged litigation. Their position is understandable. Litigation is expensive. Moreover, this particular litigation ran the risk of creating a false impression.... The impression could have taken hold that a wide circle of legal and financial advisers sat on the knowledge that King was looting the credit union.... Such an impression would have been false." 

There was, indeed, "a wide circle of legal and financial advisers" in on the looting of Franklin, just as I had charged, and whom I name in Chapter 12, "The Omaha Business Community." Finally, some of them, at least, had to pay for it. Nor was this the only multi-million dollar scam to be exposed in the wake of the first edition of this book. 

In Chapter 6, I described another big money scheme that intersected the Franklin case--the looting of the Commonwealth Savings Bank, in which I filed a claim on behalf of the Commonwealth victims. To my surprise and joy, I succeeded beyond all my expectations in this case--until a strained interpretation of our state Constitution was put forward by Nebraska's Supreme Court. First, I presented to the Claims Board the Commonwealth story exactly as described in this book, but with even more extensive documentation. The Claims Board agreed and reached a Settlement for some $16,000,000.00 to be paid to the Commonwealth victims. But, the Legislature had to approve this, as did the Governor. So, we took the matter of the settlement--with me as attorney for the Claimants and victims--to the State Legislature. Surprise--in a close but bitter battle, enough Senators stood up to acknowledge the horrible acts that had occurred, and the intense suffering of the Commonwealth victims that resulted. The settlement was approved. Next, we went to the Governor, who signed the legislation for the settlement. Then, the matter was taken to court by certain unnamed individuals (concerned citizens), who claimed that they did not want their tax money used to pay these Commonwealth victims. Nebraska has a unique section in its State Constitution which forbids the state from using any tax dollars for purposes of extending the credit of the state or granting a gift. The result: that which the Claims Board, and the Legislature and the Governor all agreed the Commonwealth Savings Bank victims were entitled to because of the failures of the Government in Commonwealth, was taken away by the Supreme Court of the State of Nebraska. The Court claimed that Nebraska's Constitution forbids paying the money to the victims, because they were only victims of moral wrongdoing, rather than legal wrongdoing. And John DeCamp, who would have become a multi-millionaire out of the case because I had done it on a contingent fee basis, ended up with nothing but the certain knowledge that I had established the truth as I have written in this book with respect to Commonwealth Savings Bank and certain of the personalities who are today so prominent on the national scene-Senator Bobby Kerrey, for example. 

Besides Yorkshire TV, the most notable among the electronic media which became interested in the Franklin story was the TV program, America's Most Wanted (AMW). In several episodes, AMW opened up a whole new dimension on just how high up politically the story went and how wide it reached across the country. For a while, I had great hopes. For example, AMW interviewed Paul Bonacci in prison and broadcast his account of a host of specific details about individuals, places, activities, kidnappings, etc., in which he said he had participated. 

To the shock of AMW (and sometimes, of myself), the incidents Paul Bonacci described, when investigated by AMW, turned out to be exactly as Paul had recounted. For instance, a young boy named "Jimmy" who had been branded by pedophile perpetrators--like you would brand a steer.    source: SIANews, Friends of Liberty

  • Search term notes from Franklin Coverup pdf: notes: 1985, .......         child abuse, ebook by Happytribe, Columbine -antidepressant drub cover-up, Troy Boner - FBI - Ted Gunderson.  ( Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr, William Colby, Ronald Roskins - AID, all related Larry King affair).   Nebraska legislature investigative committee, single-engine plane crash that killed Gary Caradori and his son.  Wealthiest businessmen of Omaha Nebraska.  Alisha Owen guilty of perjury, Douglas County, she told grand jury she was sexually abused as a juvenile by the chief of police and Larry King, and witnessed others being abused by the publisher of the Omaha World-Herald, said she was forced to courier drugs.  Paul Bonacci also charged with perjury.  Lawrence E. King, Jr., was an officer in the National Black Republican Council, he sang the national anthem at the 1984 and 1988 GOP national conventions. Nearly $40 million missing from Franklin Community Credit Union, revelations that Franklin's officers and prominent Republican Nebraskans had flown children from city to city to be abused.  Most unaware of case, locals told its closed, Larry King served jail sentence for misappropriation of funds, after guilty plea, officials said no evidence of drug peddling, child abuse, satanic activity, all just a carefully crafted hoax. Legislative investigation started 1988 ended 1991, main investigator: the late Gary Caradori.  Committee chairman Senator Loran Schmit, case leads to drug-trafficking, money laundering, pornography, kidnapping and sale of children.  Caradori wrote to Nebraska Secretary of State Alan Beerman about threats.   Phone taps.  Caradori and his son died in plane crash July 11 in Lee County, Illinois.  Early the next day FBI subpoened all his records.  Days Inn Lakefront Motel ... no records of his stay.  June 21, 1991 case shut down, Bonacci charges dropped.  First alarm: 1985: Washington County, DSS, case: Sean, Sally, Steve McArthur in foster care with Jarrett and Barbara Webb, Fort Calhoun, child abuse complaint, Webb worked for Omaha Public Power District and was board member of FCFCU, Barbara is Larry King's cousin.  As many as nine children in the home, sexual abuse.  Attorney Gary Randal, brother Casey Randal was in orbit of Franklin Credit.  State suspended Webb's foster care license 1986, Prosecutor Patrick Tripp did not file sexual abuse charges against Webb, called them liars. Julie Walters a youth care worker noted Webb attitude.  Polygraph tests showed Webb children telling truth.  Pat Tripp 'good friends' with Deward Finch and Kent Miller named by Nelly and Kimberly.  Also in Walter's report: Nelly and Kimberly found porn tapes under Webb's bed showing teenage sexual activity, said King supplied tapes.  Parties, boys from Boystown in summer of 84, sexual activity. More Julie Walters' report turned over to law enforcement agencies 1986, and DSS logs available. Margo Georgiu and daughter Brenda Parker file complaint against Rusty Nelson 'possible child pornography', Larry King, 'the boss', opulent apartment, nude photographs, Nelson homosexual,  King influential in Republican Party.  Loretta Smith, hospitalized at Richard Young Hospital, photographed nude, devil worship, Nelly and Kimberly Webb, nude modeling of children, North Omaha Girls Club, killed if refused to participate, drugged, Webb girls reported to police but nothing done.  Fort Calhoun Schools, Mr. Finch did nothing about child porn reports, Loretta Isabel Smith mentioned Larry King.  Gary West, King's Wirt Street house,  parties.  Loretta Smith's hospital reports: witnessed child homicides, cult activities, Ray, got high, parties, ten men in their mid thirties, Loretta only nine years old, would be killed it they told of activities, drugged, decapitation, id Larry King, Mr. Finch, Ace, King Horse, Jerry Lucifer, Mike, Loretta called police, said she was raped, cannablism, Foster Care Review Board said Smith testimony highly credible, significant details, Webb, Georgiu corroboration.  Dennis Carlson NFCRB, officers kept Wadman away from investigation, fearing he was protecting King's activities, Investigator Carmean and Investigator Hoch lost all interest in the case, transferred out, pulled out. Wadman tried to get Carmean declard crazy,  Omaha Public Safety Directo Pitmon Fox (cousin of Larry King) said Carmean needed mental health evaluation, Officer Bill Skoleski died of heart attack also kept file on Larry King.  Radio station KKAR said child abuse attention prurient, inappropriate, Wadman said all investigations were 'dead end'.  Wadman said he barely knew King, suitcase release.  Legislative Franklin committee counsel include: John Stevens Berry, Robert Creager, and Wadman's attorney Kent Whinnery, investigation goes nowhere.  Cover-up.  NFCRB received child abuse reports and frustrated that nothing was done, Director Carol Sitt, 1988 spoke with Nebraska's Republican governor Kay Orr, she said 'do whatever is necessary' to secure investigation, wrote to Attorney General Robert Spire, had detailed abuse by victims, received call from Kirsten Hallberg, added Uta Halee Girls Village report on Larry King, turned files over to Spire, nothing happened for months, Stitt and Dennis Carlson demanded meeting with Howland, Nov 22, 1988, nothing, contacted governor again, Thomas Vlahoulis put on case, part time, nothing done.  Sitt went to Douglas County.  Val Peter, Boys Town, FBI intimidation of Loretta Smith, Senator Loran Schmit asked Carol Sitt what effect the gross mishandling of her case might have on Loretta Smith, all cover-up. 1983, Copple family, Commonwealth Savings ante up assets to redeem depositor losses, Bob Kerry governor, and State Security Savings, Bill Wright, used powers of state government to loot State Security's depositors, cesspool headed by Kerry.  Commonwealth case parallels Franklin case, cast of characters overlap, John Queen, Robert Kirchner, get fed contract to analyze Franklin Credit Union, Kopf legal counsel Commonwealth legislative committee, while Larry King out of town, Alisha Owen indicted, Kopf appointed federal judge.  Nov 4, 1988, FBI, National Fed Credit Union, shut down Franklin Credit, $40 mil missing, secret set of books, Sen. Ernie Chambers, and Sen. Loran Schmit main investigators, Schmit knew of King behaviors, King at Republican national conventions, Sen. Haberman said King was rising star, Maureen Reagan, parties, Schmit wanted probe of Franklin, legitimate investigation started, Chambers announced investigation into child abuse, sexual abuse, Stitt, Carlson, Williams presented evidence.  Senator Remmers, King common thread, Boystown, Stitt described coverup, received Walters report.  Wadman and Spire offer weak protest, Legislative Committee hired Jerry Lowe, Kirk Naylor, Special Counsel, detailed King's Nicaragua / CIA / White House connections, Wadman implicated.  investigation caution.  Caradori finds victims who would talk, videotaped, contained detailed allegations of sexual abuse, drug usage, pornography and other crimes by prominent Omaha citizens, including Larry King, Rusty Nelson, Deward Finch, but tapes became target of speculation, denunciation, rumor, doubt.  Alisha Owen cooperated, said involved, mentioned Alan Baer, Harold Andersen, Robert Waldman, she described flights to other states, testified on video tape, about 1983 Twin Towers events, Mark Powers, Alfie Allen, 14 yr old boys, Troy Boner, oral sex, fellatio, Gene Mahoney, Peter Citron, Kansas City, Pasadena, Los Angeles, private flights, Dixon and Dixon, Jackie Compton, Bob Kerry, Tom McKinney.  Caradori filed backup report, Troy Boner witness.  Schmit had tapes released, Dec 1989, Associated Press reported statements to be credible, but no move to prosecutions.  DeCamp public memo included prominent perpetrators.  DeCamp recommends Schmit go to FBI, regional head Nick O'Hara, who said Wadman was his closest personal friend, all unknown to DeCamp, O'Hara acted like investigating them.  Art Bell, Jim Bohannon, Caradori's tapes publicly surfaced, Omaha World Herald wrote articles to discredit witnesses, safety of witnesses a concern, Sen. Jerry Chizek chairman of Legislature's Judiciary Committee inquisitive, tight with Douglas County Sheriff Dick Roth, secret meeting, Judge Corrigan, DeCamp, auto body repair shop, focus on witness protection, Roth believed validity of tapes, said O'Hara - Wadman - FBI close, meeting resulted in no action. World Herald, pressure to repudiate.  Loretta Smith contacted DeCamp who said he believed her, Kathy Rutledge of the Lincoln Journal called DeCamp, threatening, John Goc, threatening DeCamp disbarment, ... then bar investigation of DeCamp, Open Phone America, World Herald Bob Dorr questions DeCamp about Franklin secret information, answered Dorr's questions in DeCamp memo, bar investigation terminated, Lincoln Journal corrected false first false story, DeCamp filed slander and defamation lawsuit against Journal, still in courts. Harold Andersen editor World Harold, most powerful and rich public personalities are central figures in Franklin investigation, truth is a defense in lawsuits, DeCamp memo causes firestorm statewide, Kansas City Star article.  Agreement for Citron to sue DeCamp,  then Citron charged with sex crimes with male minors, the victims poured out info, Citron pleaded guilty, World Herald still condemning DeCamp memo, suppressed Franklin and Commonwealth, State Security stories, 'The Portland Laugher, The Todd Cruz Caller, World Herald accused  Sen. Schmit for Legislative Franklin Committee leaks.  Robert Fenner of NCUA gave DeCamp details of Franklin secret accounts, DeCamp: "I believe he wanted-through me-to throw cold water on the questions that were heating up in Omaha, about the role of Franklin monies in the Iran-Contra money laundering schemes".  DeCamp shared this with Schmit. Paul Bonacci: 1990 Caradori discovered fourth victim witness, Bonacci, corrobated earlier tapes, victim of King, Baer, Citron, had some knowledge of Wadman, Harld Andersen, Judge Carlson, hundreds of 'trips' 15-20 to Washington D.C., other cities, OPD Mike Hoch might prosecute Bonacci.  Baer 'milk run' $20 for oral sex, threats on Bonacci's life, said probably Wadman who got Alisha Owen pregnant, Alan Baer 'scavenger hunts', bizarre sexual satanic disturbing stuff, Hunter Thompson.  Cover-up phase, Gary Caradori death, Douglas County grand jury convened July 1990, DeCamp memo, World Herald story "Grand Jury Says Abuse Stories 'Carefully Crafted Hoax'.  Grand Jury cleared Franklin of child abuse.  Never subpoenaed King, indicted Baer, Citron already had been indicted, indicted Owen and Bonacci, said Owen abused but not by the people and in the way she said.  Troy Boner and Danny King recanted, Nelly Webb gave more details on trips, Loretta Smith, said no evidence of connection to King, Andersen threats, rumormongers, hoax terms, Grand Jury says it's all hoax.  DeCamp, Schmit, Chambers, Casey came under attack from Grand Jury.  Karen Ormiston passed lie-detector tests about validity of Caradori tapes.  Caradori's evidence, Fuel records of planes that Owen, receipts, ignored by grand jury, tapes still exist.  KETV Channel 7 poll said 10-1 viewer dissatisfaction in grand jury report. Citron was World Herald society columnist, WH defended grand jury.  Grand Jury guided by prosecutor Samuel Van Pelt, and foreman Michael Flannigan.  Nebraska, worst laws on grand jury system. Nebraska Attorney General said these poor laws should exempt grand juries from responsibility of their errors.  amazing.  evidence of jury rigged, Lincoln Journal letter about Van Pelt cover-up of state police SWAT team death of farmer and political activist Arthur Kirk, World Herald defended Van Pelt.  Bonacci, Owen, and 'Jane Doe' charged that Van Pelt intimidated them into recanting their testimony, grand jury setup, told them how and what to say...Cosentino letter to Chambers, selective accusatorial questions, not looking for evidence, polish the text, King not called because he would 'plead the fifth'. Public outcry forced Douglas County prosecutor Ronald Staskiewicz appointed County Assistant Attorney Robert Sigler (Smiley) , continued the cover-up, two witnesses actually placed him in the Franklin case.  Scandal Scooper, The Water is Warmer 500 affiliates, Bonacci named Sigler as 'trip' participant. KAM air, Kansas City, Sioux City, Iowa, Joe Caniglia, Alan Baer, Robert Sigler.  Sigler was Charlie Rogers' (former Larry King lover) attorney, Rogers died of suicide, grand jury dismissed all this.  Bonacci  a big problem because he didn't recant. the grand jury had to call him a liar, but said he diagnosed with having mulitple personalities, but how can he be convicted of perjury? Dr. Berverly Mead hired, said he can't lie, just changes stories, and could tell truth depending on which personality he's in. Mead said Bonacci telling truth about sexual abuse at Southfork Ranch.  Westwood One, 40,000 interviews, and in Rosenthal questioins he was being truthful about abuse by Andersen, King, Baer and others.  Concerned Citizens for Responsible Government, investigated Kerry, Commonwealth Savings, State Security collapse, Ak Sar Ben, ConAgra CEO Mike Harper defended, Union Pacific Railroad chairman Michael Walsh, CEO Walter Scott of Peter Kiewit and Sons. Eugene Mahoney king of Ak Sar Ben 1991, investigated by Caradori. Washington connection, picture of King and Maureen Reagan, Southfork Ranch, July 5 1989 Washington Times Craig Spence, found dead in Boston hotel room 1989.  NAMBLA North American Man Boy Love Association, "sex before eight is too late" slogan, Bonacci testified being transported by NAMBLA, John Gosch Sr. hold poster of kidnapped son. Jill Cutshall, Norfold Nebraska kidnapped, Bonacci provided leads, Italian weekly Avvenimenti printed expose on Franklin Scandal, authors visited Nebraska 1991, Rev. James Bevel (MLK friend) led child abuse picket line 1991.  Omaha business community: Sen. Schmit warned investigation committee of rough road, Chambers represented black district of north Omaha, King not alone.  power structure, Bill Fitzgerald, Commercial Savings and Loan,  Ken Power of US West, Lyn Wallin Ziegenbein of Kiewit Foundation,  Harold Andersen all defended Larry King, despite warnings of Julie Walters Boystown social worker.  French Cafe, Sheila Calder (witness), partly owned by King, named a center of sexual abuse.  Ak Sar Ben (freemasonic social org centered on race track and fairgrounds in Omaha) closed ranks around Alan Baer, big Omaha company boards, same people, Mike Harper, ConAgra was king, 1990, pagan rituals.  ConAgra, Harper, board: Fitzgerald, Lauritzen, Rismiller, Scott, Kiewit, Skutt, Walsh, Yanney. poured millions into Franklin Credit Union, deposits contributions, supported King, advice, Consumer Services Organization, Barbara Moore employed by Sue Scott, Mutual of Omaha placed funds in Franklin.  Franklin small board: King, Webb, Hart Jr. named child abusers, Advisory Board: Andersen, Daub, Dodge II, Wallin, Kutak, Rock, Huie law firm, Thomas, Jamrog, Nesbitt, Hinton, Lamberty, Marvin, McAuley, Miller, Rothery, Wolforth, Zeilinger, Albert, Amato, Ambrose, Barker III, Bradford, Erickson, Healy.  Washington connection: Chamber,  Schmit, investigation would lead to highest levels of Republican party, Omaha biz community distances itself from King. King rising Republican star, but, heart attack, quintuple-bypass surgery, Don and Mike Show,  Feb 7 1990 King whisked away to fed psychiatric facility, to not embarrass Bush administration, or ask him for help.  Webb sister sexually exploited in Texas, Southfork, Bonacci at Southfork to provide sexual favors, DeCamp witnessed, backroom, Brazilian legation to the OAS, King contact Craig Spence, call boy ring, Spence night time tours of White House, Donald Gregg, CIA blackmail ops, Dream Boys, Man to Man,  Bodies by God.  Spence suicide said linked to Iran-Contra, World Herald said some Franklin money went to Contras.  James Allen Flannery, WH,  Stitt: CIA, FBI, homosexual financing, not Contras, S&L CIA financing of covert ops, Congress found out in investigation of failed S&L's, Houston Post, Pete Brewton, Amazon books 'The Mafia, CIA and George Bush', Silverado Savings & Loan, Neil Bush sat on board, allege dealt with Larry King, Oliver North, Tom Harvey, Mary Jane Harvey, Jamaica, Switzerland, Spain, Citizens for America, King bring North to Nebraska, CFA, David Carmen, Hugel, smoking was one of his trademarks, Council for Minority Americans, CIA, King sought ambassadorial appointment, Jamaica, Iran-Contra activities, North, multiple secret bank accounts, Credit Suisse, National Endowment for Democracy, Violeta Chamorro, You're Have a Heart Attack, Nicaragua elections, George Bush at King's party, 'people have been dying', World Herald discredits story, Nelly Patterson Webb, 1986, told Julie Walters, Washington, Chicago, Brent, Brandt Thomas - Boystown resident who moved in with LK, Bush, Chicago party, Brandt, Sorenon told Vlahoulis that both Kimberly and Nelly brought up the name of George Bush and indicated that they had both met him. Ronald Roskens, Roskins, AID, fired as chancellor of UofN (sexual activities), King member of 'chancellor's advisory committee', Bush letter of praise, Harold Andersen, Hill & Knowlton and Harold Andersen, Robert Keith Gray, CEO, Reagan campaign, expert CIA homosexual blackmail ops.  221
  • BushBlowJob "WASHINGTON -- Photographer Russell E. "Rusty" Nelson was recently arrested two days after journalist Hunter Thompson reportedly committed suicide four weeks ago on February 10, according to two phone interviews with attorney John DeCamp last week.  Nelson was allegedly employed by a former Republican Party activist to take pictures of current or retired U.S. House-Senate members and other prominent government officials engaging in sexual criminality by receiving or committing sodomy and other sex acts on children during the Reagan-Bush 41 administrations.  Hunter Thompsonís death and the news blackout of Rusty Nelsonís simultaneous arrest raise questions that someone may be attempting to limit Nelsonís freedom or threaten him, since according to testimony, both men had allegedly witnessed homosexual prostitution and pedophile criminal acts in a suppressed but far-reaching child sex-ring probe closely linked to Senate and House members--but also former President George H. W. Bush.
  • Catholic priest previously convicted of child molestation has pleaded guilty to sexually abusing two teenage brothers in the 1990s.  Louis Rogge, 76, of Joliet pleaded guilty Thursday to two counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse.
  • Yahoo  Police smashed a global Internet pedophile ring, rescuing 31 children and rounding up more than 700 suspects worldwide ... Some 200 suspects are based in Britain, the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Center said. The ring was traced to an Internet chat room called "Kids the Light of Our Lives" that featured images of children being subjected to horrific sexual abuse.  The investigation involves agencies from 35 countries and lasted 10 months.  The host of the Web site, Timothy David Martyn Cox, 27, of Buxhall, who used the online identity "Son of God," admitted to nine counts of possessing and distributing indecent images, authorities said
  • Nebraska sodomy laws: Protection... from the sexual depravity of moral perverts is as essential as the protection of human life from the homicidal tendency of assassins.  Common Law of England, sodomy a capital offense, life imprisonment, but... fellatio not a crime against nature, and did not violate sodomy law.  Carnal copulation prohibited, but law didn't cover cunninlingus, needed 'fixing'.   


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